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Kol was a bloody loon. I loved it!

This is the antagonistic relationship between the Original VampireKol Mikaelson and the Upgraded Original VampireLucien Castle.


1002, France

Kol threatens Lucien

Kol and Lucien first met when the Mikaelsons slaughtered a caravan of nobles. Upon discussing whether to take the nobles' spots and pretend to be them to sneak into a nearby castle, they discovered Lucien hiding. He revealed he was a servant of the castle and after hearing their possible plan, offered to help them with their ruse. The Mikaelsons voted on if they should let Lucien live or die. Kol eagerly voted to murder Lucien. However, Niklaus had the deciding vote and decided to let Lucien live. Lucien led them into the castle, trying to teach them how to dress and behave like nobles. After fixing Kol's hair, Kol threatened that if Lucien ever touched him again, he'd tear off his arm. With Lucien's help, their plan succeeded and the Original Vampires managed to live in the castle, pretending to be noblemen.

Throughout The Originals Series

In For the Next Millennium, Lucien reminisced with Klaus about the old days over a drink and talked about Kol, saying that he was a loon but Lucien loved that about him. Later, he confirmed that when Finn died and his sireline died with him, vampires grew concerned, and it was Kol's later death that confirmed that when an Original died, their sireline died with them.

In Alone with Everybody,


  • Kol initially saw Lucien as nothing more than dessert, wanting to feed on him and kill him.
  • Lucien looked back on Kol as a "loon" but claimed to have loved that about him.




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