You never said "thank you".
— Krystal to Damon in Postcards from the Edge

Krystal was a vampire who was turned by Julian and was part of his army that resided in Mystic Falls. She has a one night stand with Damon Salvatore after he tries to get over Elena Gilbert's supposed "death."

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Seven


Krystal first appeared in Postcards from the Edge, part of Julian's vampire army in Mystic Falls, where she was in an alley behind the Mystic Grill, passing drinks to fellow vampires that were cheering during a fighting contest. When Damon Salvatore volunteered to fight, Krystal showed a lot of sympathy for him and held high regards that he would survive. She watched as Damon fights against Sampson during the second round. Just as Sampson was able to gain the upper hand in beating Damon down, and about to snap his head off, Krystal decided to disobey Julian's rules and saved Damon's life by throwing a wooden stake in the ring without any of the vampires seeing. This gave Damon the chance to shove the stake into Sampson's chest, in which Julian was furious. Neither Damon or Julian realized that Krystal was responsible when she quietly walked away from the alley. She later followed Damon back to the Lockwood Mansion, and the two kiss each other before starting to sleep together.


In This Woman's Work, Bonnie finds out about Damon's one night stand and tells him not feel guilty over it as Elena wanted him to live his live unaware that wasn't the reason he was so guilt stricken.


In I Would for You, she and four unnamed vampires confront Matt and Penny, who had just finished off by killing their friend Shawn. Angered by this, Krystal saw them as killers and tells them that she and her friends were going to kill them for making the worse mistake. Before she was about to kill the two and avenge Shawn, Rayna shows up and kills the four vampires first. Krystal turned around to face her, but her efforts came too late when Rayna shoots her.


Physical Appearance

Krystal was a beautiful young woman with long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wore black clothing, such as a black jacket and jeans. She also wore a necklace that looked like a upside down triangle and worn her daylight ring on her right thumb.


Season Seven


  • Krystal is a variation of Crystal and is an American name. The meaning of the name is "a clear, brilliant glass".[1]




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