He's crazed? Kurutta. Oh, I think that's his name. Also, another word for "crazed." He's a demon hunter? Looking for an Oni, which is like a demon-ghost-monster kind of a thing. [...] Uh, he said he followed his sword here, and it glows around Jintsu-riki? Oh, oh, supernaturals.
Josie translates for Kurutta in Since When Do You Speak Japanese?

Kurutta was a demon hunter who first appeared on the fourth episode of the second season on Legacies.

Early History

Little is known about Kurutta's early history other than what he revealed to Josie Saltzman about hunting the oni. At some point in his life, he was tasked with hunting the oni and gifted a sword imbued with dark magic. He traveled around for a while tracking down the oni and eventually came face-to-face, but was unable to kill the oni when it possessed a child. Instead, he took the oni into himself and vowed never to touch another person again.

Sometime later in the Mutsu Province, 1308, Kurutta came face-to-face with another creature, Malivore. He tried attacking Malivore, but was unable to inflict damage and was consumed shortly after.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Two

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Kurutta is expelled from Malivore and finds himself in Mystic Falls, however the oni has escaped. He looks around for the oni and eventually finds himself at the gates of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. He attempts to communicate with Dorian Williams but is unable as he only speaks Japanese. Josie arrives later and is able to translate. Kurutta tells her that his sword is drawn to supernaturals and has brought him to the Salvatore School — she is not surprised at this. Kurutta explains he is searching for an oni that could be anywhere.

Josie takes Kurutta to Mystic Falls High School after the oni is trapped by Landon and Hope, however a fight ensues and the oni is able to knock him to the floor. Josie places him and Landon in Alaric's office under a boundary spell as protection from the oni. Not long after, the oni possesses Landon and kills Kurutta. He is buried in the woods by Hope and Alaric besides his sword.


He was a brave and honorable man. He confronted the oni multiple times to save others from harm. He has no experience in the English language and doesn't understand what some are saying to him. He did go into details that were not needed as Josie translated for him, and urged him to stop. His honorable side showed when he couldn't strike a child down due to the oni's possession of said child.

Physical Appearance

He wore a dark green samurai kimono and ronin type armor of various colors. He had a mustache and slight stubble on his chin. He had brown eyes and black hair, wearing it up in a top knot.

Powers and Abilities

Kurutta did not have any explicit supernatural abilities. However, he did show an ability to resist the control of the oni. He was able to resist the oni's control for numerous years until his consumption by Malivore.


Season Two


  • Kurutta is Japanese and means to "go mad".[1]


  • His sword guided him towards supernatural creatures.



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