I do require your help if you are a worthy man.
Nimue to Chad in We're Not Worthy

Nimue, better known as the Lady of the Lake, appeared on the first episode of the third season of Legacies.

Early History

Not much is known about Nimue's early history. However, she knew of the Green Knight prior to his corruption and witnessed the fall of Camelot that ushered in the Dark Ages. She would later curse the knight so that as he approached Excalibur, he would move slower the closer he got. She was bound by duty to find someone worthy to take the sword and prevent the knight from reclaiming its power. However, before she was able to fulfill her task, she encountered Malivore. Both she and the knight were absorbed within him and held in darkness.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Three

In We're Not Worthy, Nimue rises from Malivore and encountered Chad in the Salvatore crypt. The mud that once covered her form falls from her and she greets Chad who introduces himself. She requires his help, that is, if he's a worthy man. The Malivore portal begins to bubble again and it catches her attention. With a worried look, she tells Chad that they must go, now.

Nimue sets off on her own, searching for a sword that she sensed was in a field. She and Chad parted ways. At the field, she finds Wade with Excalibur. Josie's covered in mud and it magically falls off from her, leaving her spotless. She introduces herself to the Salvatore students. She's the Lady of the Lake and protector of Excalibur, the enchanted blade of kings. She wants the sword that Wade borrowed from Dr. Saltzman. Lizzie mistakes her for the new Malivore "monster" and declares that they will not negotiate with her. Nimue, however, pleads for her to give her the blade, for if it's monsters they fear, a true monster is magically bound to her by the sword's power and he pursues the sword as she does. If Lizzie will entrust Excalibur to her, then she shall take it to the protected isle of Avalon. Should she hesitate, this world will be plunged into darkness. Kaleb laughs at her and Nimue remains confused at their idle behavior. Their time, however, is cut short and the Green Knight approaches. As it lets out a fearsome roar, Lizzie suggests that MG turn the sword over to her. But it's too late. The sword forces itself from MG's hands and into a nearby boulder. The sky overhead rapidly changes and thunder rolls in the distance. Ominous red clouds darken the morning sun. The challenge has begun and only the worthy shall win.

Kaleb questions her about the monster that seeks the sword. She explains that it's the Green Knight. Once noble and now a monster, his body and soul corrupted and decayed as a result of the power he became unworthy to wield. His thirst for more made him a scourge upon mankind. Josie asks her why the monster is moving so slow. She tells her that she placed a curse upon him eons ago. As the Green Knight approaches Excalibur, he will move more slowly with each step he takes. However, he will reach it, eventually. To prove her point, she explains that the last time the Green Knight wielded Excalibur, Camelot fell and the Dark Ages began. MG asks her how to defeat the knight. As the knight that last wielded the sword, he is Excalibur's rightful owner. Though only a worthy challenger - a champion - may defeat him. She is bound by duty to find one, but if he, or any of the other students do not believe themselves capable of it, and they value their lives, she suggests now is the time to run. The majority of the students flee the field. Nimue watches as Jed attempts to attack the Green Knight but fails, miserably. She explains that a worthy champion must wield Excalibur. Only its power can fell the knight.

Lizzie suggests that either MG or Kaleb take the sword and vamps it away. This is not a viable option. Nimue explains that the Green Knight will follow his challenger to the ends of the Earth, carving a swath of death and destruction in its path. She continues to watch as the remaining students contemplate who's worthy and will be able to draw Excalibur from the stone. Josie and Lizzie are first to try, but fail. Lizzie pleads for anything else to help them, but all Nimue tells her is that only a worthy champion can wield Excalibur. Everyone else attempts to draw the sword but none are worthy. Nimue is confused, almost angry. She believes that they've misled her in their ability to vanquish monsters. Josie confesses that they usually are, but their main champion is busy. MG rallies the others, Hope may not come and the only way they'll do it is together. Nimue believes there to be no hope and that they will not succeed, unless the blood of kings runs through one of their veins. That is the very definition of being worthy. Regardless, of their definition, Excalibur has been tainted and now their world will pay the price. MG still believes they're worthy, all they have to do is prove it. Nimue concludes that it's a rousing sentiment, but she is not the one they have to convince.

As MG and the others attempt to prove their worthiness and stop, or at the very least, slow down the Green Knight, Nimue stands idly by and watches. Rafael joins the group and unknowingly pulls Excalibur from the stone, unabated. Nimue kneels before him, proclaiming that the worthy one has finally arrived. Rafael defeats the Green Knight, stabbing the monster through the chest with Excalibur. Rafael turns to her and asks her to stand. She does as instructed and he tries to return the sword back to her. She refuses the sword. It's now rightfully his and that he is a descendant of Arthur. She asks him to do better with it than his ancestors did, and should he succeed, she will never need to return. She takes a step back from Rafael, and her arms, then her body, turns into water and she disappears.


Physical Appearance

She is a medium height, light-blue-skinned woman with striking gills on her neck. She has light blonde hair and chilling light-blue irises of the eyes, the color that extends throughout the sclera. She wears a petite golden crown and clothes befitting a noble woman of the 5th or 6th century.

Powers and Abilities

Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, is a Supernatural being with largely unknown abilities but possesses some affinities for magic. Whether through her own means or through Excalibur, she's linked to the sword and possesses some form of preception of Excalibur's location, as she was able to sense the sword in a nearby field after she was released from Malivore. This is implied when she told Josie that she cursed the Green Knight so that he'd become slower as he approached Excalibur. She can also transform her being into pure water and, on two occasions, was able to remove mud from herself and Josie, through unknown magical means.


Nimue possesses no known weaknesses, though she is bound to the Green Knight through the power of the sword, Excalibur.


  • Nimue and the Green Knight (Enemies/She protected Excalibur)
  • Nimue and Rafael (Protector/Wielder of Excalibur)


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