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Growing up in the foster system every time I got sent someplace new, I'd hope that this would be the right place. You know, like, uh, "click your heels three times," "no place like home" kind of stuff. Just somewhere I actually belonged. But it never was. You know, and you can only hold out hope for so long and-and be hurt by so many people before its starts to seems impossible to trust someone new.
Landon to Hope in Malivore

Landon Kirby is a main character on Legacies. He appeared in the twelfth episode of the fifth season on The Originals and the first episode of Legacies.

Phoenixes are a rare, supernatural species that was once thought not to exist. Furthermore, it remains unknown whether or not if the species is a preexisting species or was created specifically by Malivore, Landon's father, since Landon is the only known phoenix. This ambiguity results from Malivore's ability to consume numerous supernaturals as well as gaining the ability to reproduce due to the humans that were thrown into the dimension over time.

Early History[]

Not much is known except his biological mother is Seylah Chelon, a human that worked for Triad Industries. Landon was conceived when his mother was consumed by Malivore and subsequently impregnated, making Malivore itself Landon's biological father. After she gave him up for adoption, Landon went through the foster care system. While with one foster family at a young age, he would be punished by being forced to sit within a small closet; as a result, he developed claustrophobia which has persisted throughout his adolescence. Eventually, he was fostered by Hector and Maria Gonzales who would go on to foster Rafael Waithe.

Throughout The Originals Series[]

Season Five[]

In The Tale of Two Wolves, he delivers Hope and Elijah their order at Mystic Grill. He talks to Hope briefly and goes back to work after having multiple objects thrown at him by Connor. Before Hope and Elijah leave, he sees that Connor and his friends are a few dollars short and is mocked about his lousy service.

Later, he arrives at the town square where the band is playing and a few couples are dancing. Hope comes up to him and they begin to dance, and she tells him she can only be out so long before she has to go back to the boarding school.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In This is the Part Where You Run, he is walking with Rafael towards a church in Atlanta. He tells Rafael he doesn't need to bother since he isn't even Catholic, but Rafael reassures him. When Hector and Maria tell Landon to go outside, he at first rejects this, but Rafael tells him he'll be fine. He goes outside and starts to listening to music while writing. He sees an SUV pull up, where it reveals Hope Mikaelson and Alaric Saltzman getting out of the car. They are both surprised to see each other again and he watches as they start putting chains on Rafael so he won't attack anyone while he is a werewolf.

The next day, he accompanies Hope, Ric and Rafael back to the boarding school to talk things through about what happened the previous night. He is told about the supernatural and about Rafael being a werewolf, and clarifies that Rafael isn't a killer. When Ric brings in MG to compel Landon's memories of learning the supernatural away, MG fails in doing so and they wonder why he can't be compelled. He is then placed in a werewolf transitional cell until they can find a way to compel the memories away, thinking it could be vervain.

While he sits in the cell, he remembers a few minor memories of him being put in a closet when he was younger and is visited by Hope. She talks to him and when she tells him she has to leave again, he seems hurt by this. Later, he is dragged by an invisible force and appears at the party the students are throwing. He is reunited with Rafael and Josie Saltzman explains that she had used a summoning spell to bring him to the party. He tells Rafael that he wants to leave this place, and tries to get Rafael to stay since he will feel better being around people like him. When he offers to get drinks, he instead tries to leave, but is stopped by a transformed Hope, and she goes back into her regular form. She talks to him more and he is put into the cell again, but this time she performs a spell to see the sky and they kiss.

The next day, he is compelled by MG to forget what he saw and he says his goodbyes to Rafael, and leaves the school. While on the bus, he opens up his jacket and it reveals the medieval knife that he almost touched earlier at the school, revealing that the compulsion didn't work again.

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, he is found in an abandoned shack and is trying to explain to Rafael what happened with the knife. Before he can say more, he is magically attacked by Hope who threatens to hurt him. He tells them that he can't explain it, but the knife was influencing him to take it and not tell the truth about it. When they go outside, the girl is silently demanding the knife to be given to her, but Landon refuses to give it to her, making her breathe fire. When Hope defending them against the dragon, Landon and Rafael head towards the car while.

When Alaric and Hope make their back towards the car, they see that Rafael and Landon had taken off again, but Landon left a letter for Hope apologizing for what had happened between them.

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, he and Rafael are in the woods taking care of themselves. They try eating an animal, but Landon gets an idea of getting money in town to get real food.

Landon decides to con several people out of money by betting that Rafael could climb and jump down a building in 20 seconds or less. They're in disbelief, though with the clocking ticking, Rafael uses is supernatural reflexes to do just that. They win the money of the onlookers when Rafael finishes climbing up a building in 20 seconds. Another man approaches them offering them triple if Rafael could repeat the process in 10 seconds.

Having completed the con, they eat burgers as Landon counts the money they won. On one of the last bills it reads "run or die wolf" and tells Rafael that they should move. Before he can explain to Rafael why, they are both shot in the necks by a dart gun and knocked out with tranquilizers.

When they come to, the man Landon saw earlier with a fedora has an arrow to the heart and Jeremy Gilbert appears. He tells them he knows Ric and Landon explains to Rafael about the bill with the message he saw earlier. They then go back to the school and he spots Hope in the hallway, but she frowns and walks away, leaving Landon looking as she leaves.

In Hope is Not the Goal, he is talking with Rafael in his room and is reluctant at being part of the group that goes to Mystic Falls High School to see if they can find any clues about Sasha and Dana. He walks with Hope down the senior hallway and explains to her about the one locker he wasn't stuffed in and the toilet he was put in. Hope stops him with talking and when he tries to tell her it's going to be hard for her to fit in, a cheerleader, Cheryl, shows up and asks Hope if he is bothering her. She tells her he is and she walks off, leaving Landon alone.

When Kaleb tries to run off and is stopped by Lizzie, Landon tells them Kaleb isn't lying as he can see Dana come out of the woods. When they put her on the bus, she starts literally puking out her organs until she's drained, laying dead. When the group shows that they think Landon might be responsible for the monsters showing up ever since he appeared, he walks away.

Inside the school, he goes to the bathroom and sees that Connor is staring at him, and he proceeds to walk out of the bathroom. He notices that Connor is following him and turns around to confront him, punching him in the process. He looks at his fist to see that part of his skin on it and that the monster, the arachne, is underneath instead. He comes out of the school and shows the group the skin he had on his fist.

Afterwards, he watches with astonishment and shock when Hope, Josie, and Lizzie defeat the arachne.

Later that night, he is sitting near the dock at the lake throwing rocks. Hope comes up and sits next to him, trying to talk to him. He tells her that she basically ridiculed him today and she is now normal, leaving her to contemplate her thoughts.

In Malivore, he is being put through tests by Hope to determine if he has any supernatural lineage, but he fails in those tests. Hope then puts him through a test with an orb that will glow blue if he is telling the truth. He tells her that he doesn't know much about his biological parents, except his mother is Seylah. He also tells her he doesn't know much else about his birthplace, why he took the knife and how he can't be compelled. He confronts her later when he couldn't find answers and he sees that Hope is telling the truth when she says that she is afraid to let her guard down. He tells her about going through the foster care system and holding out hope for so long until you can't no longer. He apologizes to her again that he broke her trust and that he doesn't want to do it again, and the orb is seen glowing blue, showing he's being truthful. He asks her to make sure Rafael doesn't follow him if the voting doesn't go his way, as he wants him to stay since he now has a home he deserves, and Landon then walks away. He walks and is confronted by Jed, who tells him he doesn't belong and everything was fine until he and Rafael got there. He then shows a skill that surprises himself by flipping Jed on his back. Jed then starts beating and kicking Landon until he spits a mouthful of blood, leaving him injured. He is then in brought into his room and bandaged up by Hope in bed. After a quick chuckle and having Rafael leave the room, Hope asks him if he feels safe at the school even after Jed, and he tells her he does, which is later revealed to be a lie as the orb glowed red. She then stands up and tells Landon to rest up while the voting is done. He stands up to examine his wounds and takes out a notebook, which has a picture of him as a baby and his mother. After Rafael walks in and shows that the vote didn't go their way, and he gets his things packed up. He and Hope walk to the bus stop and asks why she voted "no" when she reveals to him her decision. She gives him a bus ticket to New Orleans and that a family friend is expecting him, as he will help Landon find his birth mom. She gives a bracelet that will lead her to him when he presses the button. As they say goodbye and she starts walking away, he presses the button and they begin kissing.

In Maybe I Should Start From The End, he begins visiting a coffee shop in Lawrence, Kansas, and it is revealed Seylah owns the shop. He reveals the photo to her and she takes him back to her place. He gives her dog a piece of his sandwich and starts looking around the house, seeing an artifact that sparks his interest, beginning to pick it up, until Seylah tells him not to. She then reveals she drugged his sandwich and he passes out, pressing the button on his bracelet to signal for Hope to come for him. He later wakes up and is questioned by Seylah, who doesn't believe him to be her son at first. The lights then go off and she tells him to be quiet, and he is still strapped to the chair. He looks around and sees a shadow creature walking down the stairs slowly and appear in front of him, baring it's fangs at him, until it is killed by Seylah. She then takes him to a motel and they begin conversing about his some of his life. He then reunites with Hope and Alaric, and talks to Hope more while Alaric goes to talk to Seylah. As they make out, Alaric comes in and they all are interrupted when a merman shows up from in the bathtub. They leave and Landon is then told about being conceived in Malivore. They decide to follow the merman to the location he needs to go to deliver the Anubian urn. They watch the merman blow up and are thrown back too from the force of the explosion. After Seylah jumps in Malivore and erases their memories of her, except Hope, they head back to the school, with Landon joining as well. Hope then asks Landon to be her boyfriend and they kiss.

In What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?, he is seen with the other students when Alaric tells them about the latest creature that can come in their dreams, and is looking for Hope as well. He runs into Hope, asking her if he can help in any way, and sees that she's avoiding him. In a classroom listening to MG, Landon drifts off to sleep and in the dream he is taking the exam with the rest of the students. In the dream he asks the teacher if he should be taking the exams as he's only been there a day and she tells him he has to as he can't stay if he doesn't. After breaking a pencil and stands up, the classroom laughs at him as his pants are not there. Afterwards, the Night Hag appears and tells Landon to bring the second object home, waking up in the process, surprising the rest of the class. He comes to Alaric and Hope to talk about the creature and they begin to make their plan on how to draw the Hag out of their dreams to rid themselves of it. After learning of the creature's true identity, Landon, MG, Kaleb, Rafael and Hope plan to capture the Oneiros. As they fall asleep, Landon is in a classroom and it begins to enclose as the Oneiros appears to him, telling him he knows what it wants and Landon tells it to show it's true form, which it does. After fooling the creature, the group wakes up and they watch as Hope kills the Oneiros. He plays the guitar with MG and Kaleb in a room celebrating their success against the creature. He sees Hope and goes to talk to her, telling her he can tell she's been avoiding him and that he will fight for her.

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, Landon is sitting next to Rafael talking until Hope appears, acting more cheerful and happy than she has ever been. Later, Landon is cooking in the kitchen with Hope and he starts to suspect something off with her when she suggests taking the urn and going on a road trip. When she touches the switch, it electrocutes her and he kills the slug that popped out. They go to Dorian and Landon suggests the slugs are like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Faculty, etc, and they are controlling their hosts, which also targets their inhibitions. They all use flashlights to see where the trails of the slugs have gone to and who they've possessed, and they go to where the talent show is being held, with all the audience and performers being taken over. They listen to a controlled Rafael revealing his feelings to Hope in poetry and all the controlled people run after them to get the urn, until they lock them in. He and Hope then interrogate Lizzie until they see she isn't being controlled due to her electric bracelet. After the slugs are stopped, Landon asks Rafael about the poetry and is reassured they are good, and upstairs in his room, he gets his guitar and sings to Hope.

In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, flashbacks reveal what happened to Landon when he went with Rafael and MG to look for MG's father. They arrive in Sterling Springs and Landon notices Terrance's sign to vote him for mayor and the three walk up to the Greasley House. He meets MG's mother and listens as mother and son talk about Terrance. While parked somewhere, he talks to Rafael about trying to let MG talk to his father. They arrive at the church and watch as MG reunites with his father. Much later, Landon chains up Rafael to a tree considering the full moon and has him admit his feelings for Hope. He then watches as Rafael goes through the painful transformation and asks if he can help him, but hears growling off in the distance. MG then appears and places the blame on Terrance rejecting him on Landon, pushing him to the ground. While trying to apologize, MG punches him and they see that MG is craving the blood on his hand. He then speeds to Landon and bites him in the neck, draining him until he drops dead. Much later, Alaric, Kaleb, Hope, Rafael and MG go to Landon's body and watch as his body bursts into flames. They then see him rise from the ashes, similar to the legend of the Phoenix.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, he and Hope are laying in bed until she starts talking in her sleep, unknowingly sending him across the room, knocking him into the paint supplies. He tries to talk to Alaric about Hope, but he at first mistakes it about what happened with MG, but he notices the paint and Landon tells him what happened. While the school prepares for the Miss Mystic Pageant, Landon helps with separating the animals and talking to Hope while doing so. Landon thinks she's having issues due to them and their relationship. He then notices that she's staring at Roman, who is revealed to him as her ex-boyfriend. He then listens as Roman tells Hope that Alaric had asked him for some recruiting work. He shows mild jealousy and goes off to hide more of the rats. He is later practicing the dancing routine for the pageant and talks to Hope more about Roman. They begin arguing and is told to stay while Lizzie takes Hope outside before she causes more magical damage. As Lizzie and Hope walk back up to the school, Landon walks to her and apologizes for what happened. He then notices the statue near them and they conclude that it looks like MG's mother. He theorizes that the possible suspect has to be someone who shaped up the same day. He suspects Roman and goes off to ask him some questions. Roman tells him the truth and says while he doesn't have to trust him, but trust Hope, walking away while Landon silently thinks what Roman said.

During the night, Landon is drinking some booze until Penelope grabs it from him. He talks to her about coming back from the dead in a burst of flames and how he's jealous of Roman. She spits out the booze and mentions the hypocrisy of the school, and how honest Hope is. He later shows up dressed for the pageant and before their names are announced, he reveals to Hope what Penelope told him about his mother, asking her if it's true. Before Hope can reply, he tells her he can't be there and walks off. He walks outside and hears something, thinking it's Hope, until he sees Nia and her snake hair. Before Nia can do anything, MG rings a spell and sedates her. He asks Landon if they are cool, with Landon saying they're even, handing him a bottle. He later confronts Alaric about Hope knowing of meeting his mom and says yes. He calls him a liar, visibly upset, and walks off, saying he can't deal with it at the moment. He walks near the school gate and talks to MG's mom, saying he just needed some air. She tazes him and brings him to Triad Industries. He is gagged and tied to a chair, seeing Clarke walk up to him.

In I'll Tell You a Story, he is still tied up next to the pit before Clarke comes down to talk and untie him. He is skeptical and doesn't want to help unlock Malivore, but Clarke says he'll tell him a story about his father, leaving Landon speechless. He is given the photo he had of himself as a baby with Seylah holding him, wondering where Clarke got it. He tells Clarke he knows his mom got pregnant by one of the monsters in Malivore, and Clarke starts telling him the story of the creation of Malivore. He asks if Malivore ate his father, but Clarke tells no, his father is the "Eater of the Dark", leaving Landon shocked. He ponders how a mud monster could be his father, and is told Malivore evolved. Clarke tells him how Malivore tried countless times with creating the perfect child, until he finally could with Landon. Landon is still skeptical about believing Malivore is his father, but Clarke tells him he was there and calls him "little brother", revealing Malivore is also his father. He tells him the pit is what is left of their father and that only his blood can release him with the three artifacts. He asks Landon which of the artifacts shown in the pictures is the last to release their father. Landon wonders why if he's the reason that their father is a pit, then how come he wants to release him. Clarke tells him he was on the wrong side and Landon is the only one that can set him free. He ponders what Clarke tells him and asks him what he chooses. Landon chooses the picture of a chalice, and both of them leave the building to find the artifact.

In There's Always a Loophole, he and Clarke arrive at a warehouse owned by Triad to find the last artifact, with Landon asking where since there's so many items as is. He grabs an item and gives to Clarke, who drops it on the floor, breaking it in the process. He knew he had picked out a fake and asks Landon to check his pockets as he unconsciously found the previous two artifacts that way. He puts his hand in a pocket and pulls out an ancient looking dagger. Landon worries about the next monster coming and asks why Clarke still need him. Clarke tells him he doesn't, but their father does, as he is the perfect son to create the bloodline and Malivore's host. They then hear a horse neighing, and the Headless Horseman appears. Before the horseman grabs the dagger, Landon takes it and is picked up by the horseman, riding off towards the pit. At Triad Industries, Landon is holding the dagger while the horseman is trying to take it to the throw into the pit. He injuries Landon, shoves him against a wall and throws the dagger, but Hope intervenes before anything can happen. He watches Hope battle the horseman and tries to give her any tips that could help her defeat him. He throws the head of the horseman to her, and Hope impales it, effectively killing the horseman in the process. They then kiss, with Hope declaring her love for him, until Clarke interrupts them, throwing the knife into the pit. Landon then grabs the horseman's bone whip, breaking Clarke's neck and tries to think of a way to stop his father from rising. Hope then thinks of a way and kisses him, and breaks his neck so she can stop Malivore from rising. He then rises from the ashes and grabs the cell phone, telling Alaric he doesn't know what happened. As he waits for Alaric and no memory of Hope, he looks down and sees the pit dried up, wondering what happened.

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Landon is trying to deal with being left behind whilst the whole of the Salvatore School return home for summer break. He is also trying to get answers about himself, and repeatedly drowns himself in the river behind the Salvatore estate. Before he dies and is resurrected, he has intermittent visions of Hope, but has no recollection of who or what they mean. This is a process Landon repeats and he is eventually confronted by Josie, who questions what he is doing and remarks that he may not have an infinite number of lives and could be permanently dead soon.


Landon and Josie sit together

As the summer moves on, Landon and Josie enjoy their summer together as the two grow closer. Lizzie jokes that Penelope's heart would explode if she were to see the two together, but Josie insists that they are just friends — a notion that Lizzie finds hard to believe. When Rafael goes missing, Landon enlists Josie's help to track him using a locator spell. The locator spell eventually shows Landon to be in the woods, but when Landon gets there, he is gone. Josie tells Landon that perhaps Rafael just wants to be alone, and the two eventually kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Hope has escaped from Malivore. They are unaware that Hope has witnessed the kiss from a far. Hope begins to cry, heartbroken by what she is witnessing.

In This Year Will Be Different, Landon has grown in popularity at the school as everyone falsely believes him to be the one responsible for killing Malivore. He is awarded a medal by the new Headmaster, Professor Vardemus, who thanks him for what he did.

Landon and Josie eventually agree to go on their first official date later that night. However it does not go too well, and Josie walks off feeling uncomfortable and awkward. Landon questions Josie's enjoyment, but she simply admits that they had a bad date and sometimes it happens. She suggests that they go their separate ways for the night and everything will perhaps be alright in the morning. Landon agrees, but is upset at the ordeal and goes to sit on a bench in the Town Square. He is wearing headphones so does not hear when the creature Hope is tracking down creeps up behind him. The creature is thrown back by Hope, however so does not injure him. He cannot hear the fight that ensues behind him but turns just as the creature is killed, somewhat recognizing Hope as the girl from his vision, but he does not say anything.

Instead, he approaches her whilst she is sat on a bench in the square and introduces himself. The two talk about their relationship problems, with Hope ironically expressing her heartbreak as the guy she loves does not know she exists. Landon also expresses concern over his relationship with Josie and wishes Hope well in the future before leaving to fix his relationship. He apologizes to Josie in her room for their awkward date and calls her his girlfriend before the two make out for an extended period of time.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, the Salvatore Stallions prepare for their annual rite of passage, the annual charity football game against the Timberwolves. Landon is surprisingly selected by Professor Vardemus to be the quarterback, much to everyone's dismay.

When they arrive on the football pitch, Landon and Hope bump into one another, an interaction that Josie watches from afar. Josie asks Landon if they know each other, and he replies that they shared a milkshake once. Josie is confused by this, but after Landon leaves, she sarcastically asks Hope if the two are having another milkshake moment. Landon becomes intrigued by Hope on the field, but eventually injures her accidentally. This gives her an opportunity to leave the game in search of Rafael, but Landon follows her. He follows her inside the Salvatore School, where he finds her looking through Rafael's things in his room. He questions her, and when he tries to run, she freezes him with magic; hereby revealing to him that she is a witch. She tells Landon that she is looking for Rafael, and he tells her that he is going with her.

The two venture into the woods, where they are confronted by the shunka. Landon panics, but Hope is able to soothe him when she tells him to turn around as she turns into a wolf. Landon is utterly confused by this and the prospect of witch-werewolves. Hope is able to distract the shunka long enough for Landon to save Rafael, the two kill the shunka not long after, but Hope is nowhere to be seen. Landon is later saying helping Rafael adjust to being human again.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Landon becomes furious when he realizes that Alaric is purposefully ignoring his calls. He and Rafael visit the high school with hopes of confronting him, however Rafael is unknowingly possessed by the oni and begins acting aggressively towards Landon. Hope arrives in time to separate Landon and Rafael before the former is attacked, locking Rafael in a separate part of the school. Landon and Hope are able to lock him in Alaric's trunk, to which they later show Alaric.

Whilst showing Alaric, Josie and Kurutta arrive just before Rafael is able to break free of the trunk. Josie explains that Kurutta has come looking for the oni, but also to protect Landon. Tensions further begin to rise when Josie notices that Landon and Hope were together when Rafael became aggressive.

Josie locks Landon and Kurutta in Alaric's office with a boundary spell for his safety. However, Landon suggests that they let the oni possess him and then kill him with Kurutta's Sword, essentially killing the oni but not Landon himself. Josie is shocked by this but tells Landon it is a bad idea.

Hope arrives shortly after, reiterating that Landon's plan is stupid as the sword may be powerful enough to kill a phoenix and they should find another way. She tells Landon that the monsters returning from Malivore is not his fault, but actually hers, much to his relief. She reveals that the two of them were in love, which surprises Landon. The conversation is cut short between the two, however, as Landon — who is revealed to be possessed by the oni — throws Hope into a filing cabinet before fleeing the scene. It is later revealed that he killed Kurutta in the meantime.

In the Town Square, Lizzie is eating ice cream when she notices Landon walking through with Kurutta's sword. She asks what he is doing with the sword, but when she does not get a response, she decides to approach. She realizes that he is possessed by the oni and kills him with the sword. He later returns from the dead to find he has been moved to the woods by Hope. He questions why he always sees her face when he comes back, however she dismisses him.

Later in his room, he plays his guitar before Josie walks in. The two have a brief conversation before they start to kiss, however Landon stops when Josie tries to take off her shirt, telling her "not now, but soon."

In Screw Endgame, Landon begins worrying when Rafael tells him that Josie thinks the two of them will have sex after the 80s Decade Dance. He at first does not believe Rafael, but eventually comes to terms with it when Josie tells him that they don't have to worry about Alaric as he is busy. Landon spends the majority of the day thinking of things that he needs to do to prepare for his night ahead with Josie, including talking with — and asking for advice — from Dorian.

Later, Landon meets with Josie so the two can walk to the dance together. There is some tension, and Josie tells Landon that they do not have to dance if he doesn't want to. This relieves Landon, as he thinks it is a metaphor for having sex, however he soon realizes that it isn't, and Josie still wants to have sex. At the dance, the two begin talking and kissing, when Landon asks if she wants to "dance" somewhere else, hinting at having sex. The two take it to the bedroom, however Landon leaves to find a condom shortly after. When he is gone, Josie digs out Penelope Park's journal, in which she finds a song Landon had written for Hope. When Landon returns, Josie tells him that she no longer wants to have sex and if the two could wait.


The croatoan attacks Landon and Lizzie

In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Landon is forced to hang out with Lizzie as she tries to protect him from the croatoan. Lizzie is left confused when Landon asks if Hope is single, however he explains that he is asking for Rafael, not himself. He reveals that he and Josie did not have sex, which relieves Lizzie, as all is not lost between him and Hope. Lizzie and Landon are chased by the croatoan for the majority of the day, however eventually realize that it is actually after Lizzie, not Landon. They're eventually able to trap the monster with help from Hope and Rafael.


Landon questions why Hope didn't tell him about her.

Rafael and Landon are in the woods later when Josie casts the spell that returns everyone's memories of Hope. The rush knocks Landon out, as he fully recalls Hope. He is shocked, but does not say anything until the croatoan attacks him and begins dragging him to the portal. Hope steps in to save him, and Landon asks why she never told him about her, however she shuts him down, asking to talk about it later. MG arrives giving Hops the charm that could kill the monster. After Hope kills the monster, she tries to make amends with Landon who walks off upset.

That night, Landon sits with Josie by the lake to talk after everyone has their memories back. Josie asks what he will do about Hope, and if the two of them are still together. Landon is unable to answer, however, and tells her that he needs time to think.

In It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Landon and Josie formulate a plan to create a physical copy of Landon in an effort to close the Malivore portal. The copy is dubbed "Simulandon", and contains Landon's memories, subconsciousness and emotions. Instantly after being created, Simulandon runs to find Hope, who is boarding a bus to New Orleans. He tells Hope that he loves her, and she — believing this to be the real Landon — tells him that she loves him. The real Landon arrives with Josie shortly after and explains the situation.

Throughout the day, Lizzie formulates a plan to close the Malivore portal using Simulandon. Landon watches from afar as Simulandon and Hope spend more time together, whilst his confusion over who he will choose increases. Confused with the whole situation, Landon attempts to kill himself to ensure that the sphinx does not take him to the portal instead, however he is stopped by Rafael. Rafael convinces him that he is not safe at the Salvatore School, and the two decide to leave together. Landon writes a note in his journal with the pen given to him by Penelope Park, aware that Josie will be able to read the note in Penelope's journal. In his note, he tells Josie goodbye and tells her that he believes she is safer without him.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Landon hands Rafael a birthday present. When he opens the present, it is a map, and Landon reveals that he had Josie do a lineage spell to find Rafael's parents. Landon tells Rafael that the people who raised him weren't his birth parents and they are on the way to find them.

They eventually arrive on Walt's farm, but Rafael changes his mind about wanting to meet his parents. Before they can leave, Walt confronts them, revealing he knows Rafael is a werewolf. Landon watches as Walt explains Rafael's history, including information about his mother. Later that day, Landon attempts to leave under the guise of getting air, but is stopped by Lizzie, who asks him to come back to the school. Before he can refuse, however, Sebastian snaps his neck and the two load him into the trunk of their car.

Arriving back at the Salvatore School, Landon bumps into Hope. They agree that they should talk, however Landon tells her that there is one conversation he needs to have before they talk. With this, he visits Josie in her room and tells her that the two of them cannot be together as he loves Hope. Whilst he breaks things off with her, he tells her that he did not regret the time the two spent together. After this, he tells Hope that he loves her and the two kiss under the mistletoe.

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, Landon is asked to show and see if Sebastian can fit in well with all three factions at the school. As the two talk, Landon has a somewhat awkward talk with Josie until Hope walks up. Later, he and Sebastian head to the gym where the werewolves are and play a game of dodgeball. Afterwards, when the students are eating, Alyssa Chang purposefully cuts her hand, sending many of the factions in a frenzy, ready to face off against each other. Landon notices MG staring at the blood on the floor and looks at him as Sebastian calms him down. They go to the abandoned mill to see how he does with the witches and watches as Alyssa uses a small sphere to see if he's telling the truth. When the witches cast a pain infliction spell on him, Sebastian flings Landon across the room. He talks to Sebastian in the gymnasium and listens as he relays his past at being given away by his parents to pirates at a young age. He talks to Alaric about Sebastian and despite screwing up, some people just need a chance to get things right, walking away afterwards. He and Josie are then decorating Hope's side of the dorm room to make it feel more like her again. After Hope is surprised and happy by this, she gives them both a hug.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, he is sparring with Hope so he can gain some self-defense training. He tells Hope to talk to Alyssa and afterwards, he goes up to her asking how it went with talking to Alyssa. Being affected by the Qareen, she tells him his advice was useless like him, leaving wondering what's wrong with her. He then talks to Wade about what's happening with the others and the Qareen, which seems to be the likely candidate that's causing the discourse. While helping, he keeps dealing with insults from Hope and Lizzie, and after Wade walks away, he goes to him and tells him he believes in him. They both hear cheering and people yelling Wade's name. They walk down the stairs and while Wade tries to summon his fairy powers, the Qareen appears. Since a fairy's powers come from belief, Landon says he believes and begins fighting the creature, albeit with little results. This belief allows Wade to summon his wings and defeat the creature. Afterwards, he is training with a punching bag in the gym and Hope comes in to talk to him. She tells him she's not going to train him as she's afraid he'll get hurt or die in the process. He tells her he'll find someone else to train him instead, turning back to the punching bag, upset about what Hope said.

In What Cupid Problem?, he is jumping on a trampoline, trying to activate his phoenix powers, and talks to Wade as he does this. He asks if Wade has the key to the roof and as he packs up, he sees a winged man flying around. He then attacks the winged man before he shoots Kaleb with an arrow, and talks to Hope in the gym after she cuts Cupid's wings. He is left to keep an eye on Cupid as she goes to find some research about the ascendant and Cupid. He talks about his relationship issues with Hope and then panics when Cupid escapes through the ceiling window. He then gathers Wade, Druscilla, Kaleb, Pedro and Jed to go after Cupid before Hope finds out. They arrive at a bar and walk in on Cupid feeding on an unknown man, leaving them all disgusted. Landon tries to aim the arrows at Cupid, but fails to and Hope arrives to aim most of the arrows at him, thinking he is killed. It's revealed that he isn't dead and looks through a book to figure out which of the Erotes he actually is. They then leave and Landon arrives at the school in time before Pothos eats Hope's heart. He stabs the epic love arrow into himself and urges Pothos to eat his heart instead. Landon's heart is then extracted and eaten, until afterwards it's revealed he ate Devil's Ivy to poison Pothos. Later, Landon resurrects again from the ashes in a shower and talks to Hope about the Devil's Ivy, and they kiss. Near the stairs, the two make out and it's shown that Landon can levitate, until they both drop to the floor.


Landon tries to figure out how he levitated the previous night.

In You Can't Save Them All, Landon's not slept the whole night and works on a board with possible theories about how he levitated. As he explains to Hope, she notices the brace on his arm. He tells her that he only jumped from the top of the garage because he had to see if he could make himself do it again. His current working theory is the spike of adrenaline when they kissed caused something to happen, but so far, he's not been able to reproduce the effects. He notices that she's upset. She explains that she had a dream he was hurt and she couldn't save him. Landon references the prophecy but doesn't believe he's the "hero who rises". Hope reminds him that there was in fact a golden arrow in the inventory of their stolen arsenal. Hope wonders if it the one thing that can kill a phoenix. He trusts that if it is, then she'll be there to save the day. Hope feels like a failure and wants to talk to Alaric, but Landon reminds her what she previously told him - that astral projecting into a prison world is dangerous.

As Hope continues to try and fix the ascendant, Landon brings her tea — a flightless co-hero being useful. Hope's not made any progress, but Dorian brings in a "Prison World expert". Unbeknownst to them all, this expert is the now forgotten Malachai Parker under the false name of "Joshua" and the Saltzmans are not in the newly created 2028 Prison World, but an older, and far more dangerous.

Out of options, Hope prepares an astral projection spell, though Landon believes it's too dangerous. Dorian however comes in with good news. He tells them both that "Joshua" has found out about a rare flower that grows near the falls. The extract makes people tell you their deepest secrets. If they give that to Alyssa, then they can get her to tell them where the ascendant is. He asks Landon to come with him and he does.

Before they even leave the boarding school, Dorian, revealed to have been compelled by Kai, cold-cocks him to the floor. He drags Landon out into the woods and plans to kill Landon with the golden arrow. He tries to convince Dorian to fight the compulsion, as a mysterious hooded figure shoots the golden arrow. However, before the arrow hits him, Dorian turns and is shot by the arrow instead. Landon tries to comfort Dorian as he lays on the ground bleeding out.


Landon is able to save Dorian by flying him to the school.

When Josie and Hope go near the woods, they don't see anyone come out. Josie, however, spots Landon flying through the air with flaming wings and Dorian in his arms, saving him. With Dorian off to the hospital, he and Hope lay in bed together. Hope thought she had lost him today, but Landon tells her that she made the right choice, six lives over his one. Landon's not sure if he could have done that, because Hope is a hero and makes choices that they can't. Hope asks him to tell her what it's like to fly, but she falls asleep in his arms.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, as Landon was going to the morning assembly about the recent events regarding Josie, he asked Rafael if he wants to sit near him and Hope. Right after that he sees Hope and smiles to her, but she just leaves. While Landon was looking at Hope, Rafael took of without a warning.

Some time later when he goes looking for Rafael, he find him near a forest standing next to a lot of blood. Rafael told Landon he was having flashes about what happened to him and Landon told him everything is going to be fine. They take some blood from where they found it hoping it would help Rafael. Landon speaks with Professor Vardemus using astral projection and he tells the boys about "plat en argent" (French for silver plate), which can show them whose blood the found.

Later Landon confronts Hope about her being weird lately and they rapidly sort it out. As plan B in case Josie wins the merge, Hope links Landon's life to Lizzie's. During the merge, Landon finds Raf standing at the end of the bridge and talks him out of suicide, but not before dying because of Lizzie. When he rises from the ashes, he assures Rafael he will do everything he can to help him and then they hug. Unfortunately, Rafael was under The Necromancer's control and stabbed Landon with the golden arrow.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Rafael explains to Alaric that he killed Landon with the golden arrow under the control of the Necromancer. When Alaric strikes a deal with the Necromancer—who promises to bring Landon back from death—he and Rafael are concerned when Landon does not return from death.

In We're Not Worthy, Landon is at Mystic Falls Cemetery, publicly narrating a letter to Hope about his reluctance to return from death. Landon notices a light in the distance but, as he begins to walk towards it, he is pulled back by the Necromancer who tells him that he isn't going anywhere.

The Necromancer brings him forcefully to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, where only Rafael is able to see him, much to the Necromancer's surprise. The Necromancer explains to Alaric and Rafael that he can only return someone from death if the spirit or host is willing, and Landon is not willing to return, therefore he cannot gain access to the dark magic promised to him until Landon returns.

Rafael talks with Landon, and Landon tells him that he will not return and complete the Necromancer's bargain, therefore allowing him access to the magic. Landon believes that by preventing the Necromancer from accessing the power, he is protecting all of the Salvatore students and his friends. Rafael tells Landon that he shouldn't be a hero, but Landon is reluctant to accept the narrative. After a short while, Landon tells Rafael that him remaining a ghost could be useful for them, given he would be able to cheat in exams.

Rafael struggles convincing Landon to return, but eventually shows him Hope's body, explaining that she has not returned from her slumber; he further explains that Alaric believes she will not return until Landon does. This is enough to convince Landon to accept the Necromancer's terms, and he returns to his body, allowing Hope to awaken moments later. Landon and Hope talk, and Hope tells Landon that she could sense that he wasn't alive, despite not physically seeing it for herself.

In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck,


Landon struggles with the writing of his musical.

In Salvatore: The Musical!, Landon struggles with the writing process for his musical, "Salvatore: The Musical!", which is to debut at the Salvatore School. He clashes with Hope over the contents of the musical, when she remarks that she will not help him with a script largely based on her Family and their interactions with the Mystic Falls Gang. Tensions further rise between the two given the current situation regarding their relationship.

The musical is a hit for Landon and the other students involved and the audience seems receptive of the piece. Hope, however, refuses to watch the piece and stays in her room throughout. Eventually, Hope is convinced to join the musical and plays the part of Elena Gilbert. Landon witnesses this and the two reconnect with one another, both realizing that they have said and done ridiculous things to break their relationship and trust.

With the musical over, Landon and Hope talk down by the docks and both apologize to one another for their behavior. Their talks continue and they officially begin dating one another once more.

In Hold on Tight, Landon is among those to agree to help Alaric with the school's battle against the Necromancer and his newfound evil plans. Tensions briefly rise between Hope and Landon when Landon agrees to help, given his human status, but Hope eventually backs down realizing that she must allow Landon to make his own decisions.

As the two investigate at Mystic Falls High, Hope finds herself unable to cross the boundary between the school and its grounds given a boundary spell has been enforced by the Necromancer. Landon suggests that he go on alone, but Hope is reluctant to agree. Remembering again what they had discussed, and the fact that they have no other choice, Hope agrees to allow Landon to proceed alone.

Inside the school, Landon finds himself faced with the Necromancer and his newest ally, Malivore. The Necromancer makes a quick exit, ordering Malivore to destroy Landon as he sees fit. Landon, however, believes that he has found a loophole in the Necromancer's orders, given his orders weren't specific. Landon, drawing upon the idea that Malivore does not want to be controlled, asks if the two can work together and make a deal. Malivore agrees, and the two set out in their plans to defeat the Necromancer.


Landon and Malivore talk.

Landon and Malivore find the Necromancer on the field of Mystic Falls High and begin attacking immediately, punching the Necromancer half way across the field. Immediately, the Necromancer realizes that the two are working in harmony with one another and becomes afraid. Moments later, however, the dragon from earlier appears and scorches Landon and Malivore, and the two appear dead. Hope arrives during this event and is furious at the sight of Landon's death and decapitates the Necromancer immediately.

Moments later, however, Hope is surprised when Landon resurrects and the Necromancer continues talking and walking despite being decapitated; with this, she realizes that they’re stuck in a Prison World. When asked, Landon tells Hope that he trusts her in their efforts to find a way out of the Prison World, and the two jump into the Malivore pit and are transported back to Mystic Falls.

In This is What It Takes, Hope arrives at the Salvatore Boarding School to find out what happened to Landon. Everyone is reluctant to appreciate Hope's concern, given they cannot remember who Landon is, but eventually Hope is able to convince them to help her.

Hope tries several methods of finding Landon but is unable to do so, and must finally accept that Landon is gone and will never return. Unbeknownst to Hope, Landon is not gone, but finds himself wondering around in the darkness. The only exit in sight appears to be a door, through which Landon walks through, but finds himself transported to an unknown destination.

In To Whom It May Concern, Landon wanders through the darkness within Malivore until he comes upon a door. Following through the door, he finds patrons within a small replica of an ice cream parlor. The Necromancer greets him, surprised to see him also trapped within Malivore.

Landon waits for the final patron to leave, who attempts to tip the Necromancer for him to sing a song. The Necromancer demands the hippie women to leave and there will be no singing. With no further distraction, the two can talk. The Necromancer explains that there's a constant stream of human debris passing through his makeshift prison as he was consumed by Malivore after being left in the prison world. This ice cream parlor is his own personal hell, built to torture him. Landon wonders why he just doesn't leave, but he shows him the shackles around his wrists. They're enchanted and the spell will only release him when he does the thing he would never do. Unable to leave, he passes the time by getting gossip from the various customers that pass through. Speaking of which, he inquires about why he is trapped and why Hope left him. He laughs him off, believing that Hope will find a way to save him, but the Necromancer suggests that Hope isn't looking for him given how the perception of time is different in Malivore and that perhaps she's already moved on. Seeking a way out himself, the Necromancer shows Landon a key that opens a door out of the darkness. Another thing to torture him with because he can't leave due to the shackles. The Necromancer suggests that they work together. If he helps release him from the shackles, then he'll aid him in escaping Malivore.

Landon eventually agrees to the Necromancer's deal and they talk about all the possibilities of things that he has and hasn't done. This is the Necromancer's dilemma-there is nothing he wouldn't do. The room darkens and the Necromancer explains to him that this is Malivore's illusion of time passing and another form of punishment. He even comments on the locked freezer and Malivore's attempts at driving him insane. Despite his outburst, Landon notices the singing tip jar on the bar and he figures out his solution to the shackles. Malivore wants him to sing and humiliate himself but the Necromancer tells him that he can forget it, that he'll never do it. However, the Necromancer realizes that he must sing to get free. With no other choice he does so and the shackles fall from his wrists. Despite having promised Landon to help, the Necromancer approaches him and knocks him out.

Coming too, Landon realizes that the Necromancer has shackled him to each other and believes that the door doesn't exist and if it does, he's not wasting his time searching through the darkness. Even if he does escape, the door leads back to the prison world, where Malivore roams free. Instead he has another idea and believes that Hope, and her endless love for Landon, will be his ticket to freedom.

To pass the time, they leave the parlor and sit out in the darkness next to the door and they talk. Landon continues to try to figure out how to escape. Landon figures out that the door is the locked freezer and the two fight over the key and to get back inside the parlor. The Necromancer is able to get the upper hand over Landon, sings and releases the shackle once again. As the Necromancer opens the freezer, ready to escape, he decides to fight for himself as no one else will. He wraps the shackles around the Necromancer and drags him to the floor, beating him unconscious. The shackles release from around his wrist and he makes his escape through the freezer.

Back in the prison world, Landon writes a letter revealing that he is still alive in the hopes that Hope, or someone, will find it. He hangs it on the gates of the Salvatore Boarding School and remarks that he's taking responsibility for finding his own way out of the prison world. He's no longer waiting to be saved and will find his own way back.

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Following the events of To Whom It May Concern Landon is released to wander the prison world. Eventually, he is found by Malivore and taken as his vessel. Between Long Time, No See and I Was Made To Love You, Landon is replaced by a Golem by Cleo Sowande and made to believe him to be the real one until his destruction. Meanwhile, Landon is continued to be used by Malivore as his vessel and disguises himself as a Hunter until he assumes Landon's life in One Day You Will Understand. Hope and others learn that Malivore has taken control of Landon as his vessel in Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It? and holds him prisoner at the Salvatore School. Landon's fate remains unknown.

In You Have to Pick One This Time, Landon appears to Alaric in the nick of time and Kaleb attacks him instead of Alaric. Alaric is surprised to see him in the darkness. Landon is fine as he's not technically in the flesh but has found them because this place was lighting up the darkness like a beacon. He saw them in trouble and just jumped in. Alaric embraces him in a hug. Landon questions how long he has been gone.

With Malivore distracted, he, Alaric, and Kaleb catch up on missing events. Kaleb begins to tell him more, but Landon doesn't want him to continue. Anything he knows, Malivore will know. He believes that everyone puts themselves in danger because of him. Alaric tells him it's not his fault. It's Malivore. Landon believes that as long as he's the only viable vessel, this only ends in two ways. He either dies, or Hope becomes a tribrid. He wants them to avoid the latter. Alaric reminds him that if his body dies, then that would be closing the last door in or out of Malivore. He would be trapped. He knows and asks Alaric to promise him to do it.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, Landon wanders the darkness until he approaches Cleo. She's being mentally tortured and pleas with Malivore to stop and she'll give him want he wants. Landon explains he can make it stop because he's not Malivore, but they need to get her out of there.

Landon and Cleo talk. He's curious about what Malivore wants from her and she explains that Malivore wants to know how to kill the tribrid. Landon cuts her off, not wanting to learn anything that would help Malivore. Cleo attempts to focus on other topics of conversation. For Malivore need only concentrate on what he wishes to know, and she can inspire him to realize it. She believes the longer she is here, the more likely she will fail. Changing topics, Landon asks if she's ever been in love, to which she tells him about Leonardo DaVinci. The stronger her feelings are for someone, the more powerfully she inspires them. For Leonardo, he helped change the world, advancing art and science profoundly. Landon shudders to think what becoming the tribrid will do to change Hope and to the supernatural world. He believes she would be an immortal, unstoppable force of nature and the daughter of one of history's most ruthless killers. Cleo unintentionally inspires a solution to kill the tribrid.

Cleo pleads with Landon to not to leave her, but he tells her that if she's figured out a way to kill the tribrid, then she needs to get away from him and get out of Malivore. He explains that there are doors back to their world, she just has to find one. She's a muse and should inspire herself for a change. They exchange goodbyes and walk opposite ways from one another in the darkness.

In See You On The Other Side, trapped in the Darkness, Landon beats on a closet door, a personal prison created for him by Malivore. A bright light appears and the door disappears. Cleo has arrived to save him.

Landon thanks Cleo for coming to rescue him in the Darkness. Landon questions how he can trust her, and that she's not Malivore. Cleo assures him that Malivore is not focused on either of them at the moment. He now has the idea on how to kill Hope because he tricked Cleo. They need to get out of the darkness, but for her they need not move. She's wondered how Malivore has created things within the Darkness. This place exists inside of him and thus made of him. She dips her hand into the floor, pulling out Malivore mud, and explains that she'll make them a doorway out.

Cleo continues with her plan on making a doorway out of Malivore. Landon asks if he can help, but the process is more difficult than Cleo first believes. Despite her quip, she offers him some Malivore mud, instructing him to help her make a handle. As she hands him the mud, a tendril shoots up from the darkness and grabs Landon, but Cleo uses her magic to stop it. Landon is confused as to what it was, but Cleo believes that someone is attempting to summon him.

While Landon waits for Cleo to finish the door, Malivore gives him back control over his body, not wanting to face Hope.

Hope is ready to stab Malivore with her blood sword when Landon is given back control. Hope questions if it really is him, and he quips back if she said that to all the Landons. She knows it's him, and embraces him in a kiss, citing she needed more proof. Landon, however, can't stay. He is happy to see her and he has control of his body for the moment. He shares Malivore's memories and knows she's already a tribrid. They both know she has to end it.

Hope walks away from Landon. She can't go through with killing him. He doesn't believe that considering she made a sword of her blood to kill Malivore. She can't look into his eyes to kill Malivore and this is what he's counting on. Landon is still his puppet and this is what she must do. They've been fighting this fate since they first figured out who they were, but he believes they will win, at least a moral victory, if they stand together. Hope accepts her fate and tells him that she's going to miss the way he makes her laugh. Landon reciprocates, stating he's going to miss all of it, but wouldn't trade a second of it. Hope will always love him and he will love her forever. They embrace in a final kiss goodbye as Hope stabs Landon through the heart with her blood sword. Hope's blood sword dissolves in flames as it disappears from Landon's chest. Landon collapses on the ground.

In Limbo, the Necromancer plucks a coin from the Ferryman, gaining his attention. The Necromancer offers him the coin, but he doesn't accept. Angry, he throws the coin in the distance, but Landon approaches him, catching it. The Necromancer is surprised to see his former foe and glad that Hope completed her transition. He tells Landon to chin up, they've figured their way out of worse situations.

In You're A Long Way From Home, in Limbo, Landon confronts the Necromancer. He believes all this is a trick, though the Necromancer isn't lying, pointing to the Ferryman and explaining who he is. He is the true Ferryman who controls passage to the shores of peace of never-ending bliss and free from the turmoil of existence. Landon questions why he's not in Peace, but the Necromancer quips that some of his questionable life choices preclude him from receiving that particular reward. Landon mocks his predicament, relieved even, because it's something that he can't scheme his way out of. Landon turns to leave and approaches the Ferryman. He gives the Ferryman his name, believing he's destined for Peace. The Ferryman holds his hand up to Landon, drawing one finger up to shake 'no'. The Ferryman denies him passage, which greatly amuses the Necromancer. They're in the same boat, as it were.

Landon leaves the docks and wanders Limbo with the Necromancer following behind. He's determined to find another way out of Limbo, or at the least to get away from him. The Necromancer claims that the only way to Peace is on the Ferryman's boat, and the only people allowed on are the ones who give the Ferryman a coin. Landon stops, intrigued about the coin, but the Necromancer doesn't know how to come by one of these special coins. All the good people seem to already have one and all the bad people don't. Landon claims he's not a bad person, but the Necromancer points out that he doesn't have a coin. Though he has betrayed him in the past, he claims he's not the Necromancer anymore. Landon isn't convinced, but the Necromancer promises not to go to peace without him by his side. Oscar appears behind him and tells Landon that he should listen to him. Theodore, he calls him, was the best, smartest, and most compassionate man he ever knew.

Oscar tells Landon that it was the Necromancer that convinced him that they shouldn't be afraid of dark magic and that they could use it for good. He became his acolyte and helped him to begin to build his powers of necromancy. That is, until they realized that to reach his full potential, he would have to sacrifice something dear to him. Landon equates him to Chad, but the Necromancer brushes that point off, citing that his mind is muddled for dying and coming back so many times. Oscar is sure he's the one who figured out how to do that. Landon interjects again, the Necromancer had killed Oscar for more power. Oscar was okay with it because he believed that the Necromancer was going to bring him back as well as his Cordelia, too, along with his parents. His life was a small sacrifice, because with that power he could change the world. The Necromancer inquires about him. He died ages ago and questions why he never moved on to Peace. Oscar, however, never received one of those coins and believed he wasn't as good a man as he thought. Oscar wanted to stay, anyways, just to see how it all turned out, but after a while, he realized it must not have worked. Landon asks to talk to the Necromancer alone, as he believes he knows how to get one of those coins.

Landon and the Necromancer watch as the Ferryman grants passage to and takes Oscar into Peace. The Necromancer admits that he deserves it more than he does. This revelation, however, grants him a coin. He believes it to be a mistake and didn't let anything go. Landon tells him it's because he finally did something good and helped Oscar find Peace. This means he can go to Peace too, though true to his word, he gives the coin to Landon. He made a promise and won't go there without him. The Necromancer is granted another coin. He exclaims that he knew it. Self-sacrifice is always the answer and declares that he has won against the Ferryman. He apologizes to Landon, claiming that he's still a work in progress. Alaric appears behind them, asking if they have room for a third despite still being in a coma.

In You Will Remember Me, Landon, Alaric, and the Necromancer enjoys a milkshake in the Salvatore Crypt, still stuck in Limbo. Alaric reviews the rules over limbo with them, and that the only way to get to Peace is if they have a coin, which the only way to get is if he does something good, like reconciling with someone from their past. Landon has a theory that the whole point of Limbo is to atone for the mistakes of your life. Once they've done that, the boat to Peace awaits. The rules of Limbo are funny and the Necromancer questions how they can hold and taste their milkshakes. To Alaric though, that doesn't even matter. After the Necromancer made his way into Limbo, he discovered that it's teeming with scores of lost souls and if Landon's theory is correct, they have numerous people they can help to get coins. Now that they know the rules they can cheat the system. Once they get themselves a third coin, they can leave Limbo, but they can steal the boat and return to the world of the living. Landon questions if something is wrong, if Hope is okay.

Attempting find someone Alaric can make peace with to receive a coin, Landon appears with Vera Lilien, though she isn't particularly happy to see Alaric. Turning to Landon, she questions how he can help her.

Alaric fumbles his way through his "apology". Eventually, Vera chastises him, asking why he's even bothering with apologizing if he clearly doesn't think he's done anything wrong. Landon believes her point. During their argument, Vera actually forgives Lizzie and gains a coin for Peace. She asks Landon directions for the boat to Peace and Landon points her back the way they originally came. Alaric is mad that Landon took her side, but he walks off to try and find someone else.

Landon returns to the Salvatore School, admiring a photo of him and Hope. Alaric finds him, though he apologizes. Alaric tells him there's no need as the Necromancer pointed out that he is the person he needs to talk to. Landon doesn't understand. He didn't know what he'd get him into when Hope brought him to the school, but he allowed him to stay. Landon explains that his school was his home, the only one he really had. He gave up everything, including his life, for it. Landon doesn't regret it. He was ready to move on to Peace until he showed it. Landon, however, wants to find his way back to Hope to help her. Alaric explains in order to do that, he has to give everything up all over again. Landon believes he thought he had already done enough that his and Hope's choice mattered even though they couldn't do it together. They fought their fate for so long and they fulfilled it. He tells Alaric he has no idea what he's supposed to do now. Alaric tells him he's sorry and pulls him into a hug, gaining his coin to Peace.

In I Can't Be the One to Stop You, he, Alaric, and the Necromancer make their way back to the Ferryman on the dock. Alaric plans to jump the Ferryman as soon as they get on board the boat and get back home. The Necromancer wonders if they can detour and drop him off in Peace, but quickly foregoes the comment. Approaching the Ferryman, he stretches out a hand, seeing what they've come to offer. They each present their coins to him and, in turn, he places each of the coins into three separate jars, pointing to each of them as he did so. Landon's jar however, is much smaller than Alaric and the Necromancer's and he figures they owe more than one coin.

Landon appears to Alaric and the Necromancer drinking and complaining about the jar. He tells them they have work to do. All those people in town are potential coins. All they have to do is help them let go of whatever is keeping them from passing over. He believes it comes down to one of three things, usually: parents, sex, and God. They need to figure out their damage and then it's a spiritual jackpot. With renewed spirit, the three of them spread out, determined to go home.

Landon enters the Salvatore Crypt to find the Necromancer wallowing in self-pity, having stuck out with helping lost souls for coins. He thinks Landon is there to gloat, and he shows him his jar, full of coins. He assumes this is proof that he's a far better person than he is. Being honest with him, the Necromancer never thought he had a chance at Peace. Never. Even when he was on that dock yelling at the Ferryman. He knew deep down that he was right. Except for one brief moment when he and Landon first got their coins. In that second, he thought it was possible. It's a shame to lose him in a place like this, for all the souls he's already helped. Landon dumps half of his coins into the Necromancer's jar, telling him he's not going anywhere yet. Alaric enters the crypt. This is taking far too long and they've got to find another way out of Limbo. Landon questions if there's even another way out, but he has someone with him that can help. The sphinx steps out from behind him. What an unforeseeable surprise.

In The Story of My Life, he, Alaric, and the Necromancer are given a new riddle by the sphinx. "If you pray twice a day beneath a false face, you'll be as blue in the face as I am. Who am I?" As they attempt to decipher the riddle, they come up short. The Necromancer berates himself for allowing Alaric to talk him into giving up all their coins for this mumbo jumbo. This is now the second time the sphinx has betrayed him. Alaric reminds him that he was trying to bring about the end of the world the first time. Landon, however, believes the riddle is true, though perhaps not exactly how they expect it to be. While Landon attempts to promote teamwork to figure out the riddle, the Necromancer is too angry with Alaric and decides to take a nap.

He and Alaric continue to try and figure out the sphinx's riddle, though Alaric becomes frustrated and decides to give up. Landon attempts to rally him, as this is his plan. The Necromancer believes that Alaric is a gullible moron who's doomed them to remain in Limbo forever. Alaric, more or less, agrees with him and believes this is the fate he deserves. Landon empathizes with him, bouncing around from one foster home to the next. He believed that if no one ever wanted him to stay, then there was something wrong with him. That is until Rafael changed that for him. With the three of them here, their sins don't define them unless they let them. He promises them that they're just one good moment away from believing it. Attempting to join hands, the Necromancer is struck with inspiration. The hands and face of a clock. The riddle is referring to the clock tower in the Town Square.

Within the clock tower, Alaric, Landon and the Necromancer, make their way into an underground bar. Believing that the sphinx has never lied to them, someone here must know their way out of Limbo. At the bar they met a blue-faced man, a jinni. Alaric tells the jinni to hold the drinks as they're going to need three wishes instead.

In Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, Landon sits alone at a table while Alaric and the Necromancer drink and dance with other lost souls in the jinni's bar. Alaric wants to toast to themselves for getting themselves out of Limbo, though Landon is less optimistic. Relating to a D&D campaign he played called Falcon's Landing, jinnis, depending on the mythology, are difficult to work with. The jinni appears before the three of them, introducing himself as Zied. He has a contract for the three of them to sign to get their three wishes, one wish for each of them. Zied explains that granting three wishes is a bit of a myth and that the number is entirely up to the discretion of the jinni. Three wishes between the three of them, he believes should be plenty, that is if they use them right. Landon already knows that Zied doesn't want them to use the wishes right and the one from his campaign was a total con man and the three wishes likely come at a heavier cost. The Necromancer reminds him that they don't have any coins, but that's not what Zied is after. After reading the contract, Alaric learns he wants their souls. Three wishes for three souls.

The Necromancer doesn't agree to the terms, believing the sphinx has screwed them over. He questions Alaric if the contract says anything about why Zied wants their souls, but it only states that it's "perpetually binding" once they all sign it. The Necromancer refuses. Landon, however, believes they should take the deal despite his earlier comments on Falcon's Landing. Landon believes that if they had been simple, clear, and concise, they might have made it out of the Landing alive. The Necromancer isn't so sure. He can recoup coins, but his very soul, as questionable as that is, is not something he's willing to risk. Landon offers a counter offer; they will use their wishes first and should they fail, then he can go last to wish himself to Peace. Zied agrees to the new terms and accepts the signed contract. The Necromancer immediately distrusts Zied for his willingness, believing that he's in league with the sphinx. Alaric, however, believes that he means if souls can just wish themselves back to Peace, then he wonders why this place is so packed. Zied explains that they all want to go back and that is what keeps them trapped here in Limbo. Not the coins, but, perhaps, the fear of the unknown. When push comes to shove, even when Peace is at their very fingertips, it's always something else. People wish for the world and the worldly comforts they know. That's the trap.

After using the first wish, Landon and the Necromancer awake in Mystic Falls Cemetery. Landon's wish seems to have worked, although Alaric is nowhere to be found.

He and the Necromancer make their way to the Salvatore School, though the former is wary, still believing that the jinni deceived them. Landon isn't so wary. Before knocking on the front door, Zied appears to them, startling them both. He explains that once a wish commences, he is tethered to it, though wanted to warn them about something. He quips about warning them about not bringing Alaric back, but Zied clarifies that he was unaware of his complication and his soul remains back at the bar. Per their contract, he has granted his wish exactly; "Bring the three of us back to life." Zied does not know why he lingers in Limbo. Landon thinks that he's just trying to get them to burn through another wish, but they won't be fooled. Regardless, Zied offers them his warning. If they're supposedly dead and their friends see him, only for them to eventually fail and use their second wish, this encounter could alter their perception of reality. Every mind is different, but he has seen it drive people mad. With his warning given, he vanishes back to Limbo. Pedro and the Pukwudgie open the front doors, though no one is there. Landon and the Necromancer hid behind the shrubbery; Landon can't risk driving someone mad.

Despite this, Landon comes up with another plan. He appears to and wakes Wade, wearing a sheet covering. He's a ghost. He explains that unfinished business has kept him from passing beyond the spectral plane and needs to find Dr. Saltzman. Wade doesn't believe he's a real ghost, otherwise, he'd know where Alaric is. Wade believes this is still a dream as he's dreamed of Landon coming back to the school. Considering he's not doing his therapy appointments with Emma anymore, he also assumes this must be his subconscious trying to make sense of all the traumatic stuff that they've faced lately. Landon assumes that he's talking about his death, but Wade corrects him, as he's not dead. He wants Wade to tell him everything.

He and the Necromancer make their way to Mystic Falls Hospital, finding Alaric in a coma. The Necromancer is less thrilled as he's not dead, meaning he's still trapped in Limbo and their wish was wasted. He attempts to fix Alaric with a defibrillator, though Landon stops him. Alaric's heart is not the problem. The Necromancer continues to yell, though Landon gets him to stop. They can't let people know they're alive, should they reset the wish. Though before they can continue, the Ferryman has found them and walks clear through the locked door. Wielding his scythe, he dragged them back to Limbo.

Back in the bar, Alaric fights Zied, repeatedly punching him, though surprised to see Landon and the Necromancer back in Limbo. Alaric is furious that Zied never sent him back, though the Necromancer explained that he technically didn't have to, because he's technically not dead. They come to the conclusion that they wasted their first wish. They want to know what game Zied is playing and he offers them all a drink, wanting to explain everything.

The Necromancer, getting frustrated, wants to go ahead and wish himself to Peace, though Landon reminds him he still has the third wish. Based on what they now know, Alaric's wish has a lot to accomplish. It's got to bring their souls back from Limbo, put them back into their bodies, two of which are dead, one of which is alive, and somehow has to bypass the Ferryman's powers so we don't just end up back in Limbo. Alaric has also noticed that Landon seemed pretty shaken up after they returned and questions what else has happened back in the real world. Landon holds on to the secrets and tells him that it can wait. Alaric decides to finish his drink and tasks the two of them to talk to the other patrons, to see if they can figure out how to beat Zied's game.

Landon and the Necromancer returned from speaking with a kraken and believe they've managed to gather some useful intel. No one's ever beat the jinni. In fact the kraken is still playing the game and has been pondering its third and final wish for decades. Landon admits that he was wrong about the jinni and he's using their desperation against them. However, Alaric has already made the second wish as Landon notices the Necromancer's eye has changed colors. He wished for him to become "the Necromancer" once again.

Back at the Salvatore crypt, the Necromancer fights his impulses as Alaric explains his plan, which is for the Necromancer to bring them back to life and for him to use the final wish to get him to Peace. The Necromancer commands them to leave as he needs to concentrate. Outside, Alaric confronts him about the secrets he's keeping. Lanon decides to explain why he's keeping them, rather than tell him. He admits that he was afraid of what he'd do. Not that it matters, as he still screwed things up. Alaric reminds him that he came clean about Hope and since then everything that has followed has been a series of increasingly risky, desperate moves. Ultimately, Landon tells him that the secret is not just about Hope, but Lizzie and Josie as well. The Necromancer emerges from the crypt back to his former self. His problem is solved, and just the beginning of theirs. Though he's grateful to be back, he won't be resurrecting them. He'd rather use the final wish to punish them. However, Landon comes clean and explains that if he wanted to torture them, then he would send them back home.

The Necromancer laughs at the surprising new developments to Alaric's life in the mortal world. One daughter is an undead hybrid, the other has left, while Hope has turned into a villain like her father. Landon reasons that if the Necromancer returns them, they'll be heading back into their worst nightmare, plus he gets to keep his wish to break his contract with Zied. Alaric can't believe that Landon has kept this from him, though believed that if the Necromancer could change, so could he. However, the Necromancer believes one thing that Limbo has taught them. It's that we are who we've always been. The Necromancer decides to return Alaric and keep Landon in Limbo. The Necromancer believes that it's perfect. Alaric goes back and fails everybody again, but racked with guilt all the while, knowing that Landon's genuinely decent soul is trapped in Limbo with him, forever. Alaric doesn't like it but Landon wants him to prove them both wrong, to work with his students and save Hope. With his final words, the Necromancer returns Alaric to the mortal world.

With Alaric gone, he's dragged back to the bar by the Necromancer who offers him to Zied for his salvation army. Zied reminds him that he'll be joining Landon too unless he wishes himself to Peace. However, the Necromancer wishes himself to be free of his contract. That is just what Zied expected and Landon assumes that Alaric screwed him over on his way out. Alaric had wished for him to become the Necromancer again, but that his powers only be capable of returning him and Landon back to life. He also specified that if he wished for anything other than Peace, their third and final wish would be rendered null and void and his servitude begins at midnight.

As the clock draws near, he and the Necromancer drink at the bar, though the latter is a bit more confident. Though he's doomed to spend eternity in Limbo, by the Necromancer's side, he can still help people, getting them to Peace. The Necromancer he vows to make his afterlife hell and, likewise, Landon, vows to get him to Peace.

In The Only Way Out is Through, Landon has a booth set up to help trapped souls to get to peace, as per his service to Zied. The Necromancer sits atop the booth, complaining about their new insufferable overlord. Landon tries to compromise with him. If they help Zied get to peace, then they'll be free of him. The Necromancer has a counterpoint, believing that maybe it's better to not let things go and to hold on to the past. He proclaims to the passerbyers that forgiveness is for suckers. Landon realizes that he's trying to get them fired. The only way to get out of a terrible job is to suck at it. Besides, they're already dead and he believes there's nothing worse Zied can do to them.

The Necromancer and Landon are reprimanded for cleaning duty by Zied, such as cleaning up after a cyclops. Elvis enters Zied's bar, limping. He's been mugged while walking down Mulberry Street, carrying a satchel full of coins. The Necromancer believes that Zied will be angry, but he already knows about the bandit still his coins. Regardless, he thanks Elvis for the valuable information. Landon already knows he's scheming something and whatever he's thinking, tells him no. He's already made their lives worse once today. The Necromancer thinks differently. Their enemy has an enemy and can use him to find another way.

The Necromancer stands on Mulberry Street, dramatically acting if he has a large bag of coins for Zied. Landon appears, wondering if he's laying it on a bit thick. Landon however actually has a bag of coins, though true to his word, they're partners. The first rule is you don't leave each other behind. Though he still thinks this is a bad idea. He makes the Necromancer a deal. If the bandit is worse than Zied, then they find another way and he accepts. Darts fly out of the darkness, striking them both in the neck and a van pulls up in front of them. Coving them in black hoods, people pull them into the van.

In I Wouldn't Be Standing Here If It Weren't For You, Landon and the Necromancer are tied up in a warehouse. Landon manages to get out of his bindings, but the Necromancer believes his plan is working perfectly. He wanted an audience with their kidnapper, and now they'll get that. Landon reminds him about their deal, particularly if their kidnapper is worse than the jinni. The Necromancer believes it impossible, however, Limbo is full of monsters. He's not forcing Landon to stay and tells him to leave if he wants to. He doesn't want to stay under servitude. Before Landon can drag him out, their kidnapper enters the warehouse and introduces herself as Seylah. The Necromancer attempts to gain her good graces and introduces Landon; however, he explains that she is his mother.

Walking through the woods, Seylah explains that she felt like she was in the darkness forever. However, she saw a bright light that enveloped everything and ran for it. The next thing she knew, I was in Limo, like so many of the monsters in Malivore. At first she thought she was back in the real world, but she figured it out when the sun never came up. Landon's not judging her choices, but wonders if that's when she decided to become a professional thief. He wants to understand her. Seylah goes on to explain that the first thing she did when she got into Limbo was go looking for a drink. That's when she saw what Zied was doing. She knew she had to disrupt his supply chain because he doesn't deserve peace. Every coin she could take from him is one minute longer he has to stay here. With her story finished, Landon explains that the white light she saw was Malivore dying while he was possessing his body after his girlfriend, Hope, had to stab him with a sword made from her own blood. Instead of explaining that more, he questions how long she knew he was in Limbo. Truthfully, she's known for a while and when the opportunity presented itself, she took it. She thought, even if he didn't remember her, she could get to know him if they could work together. She didn't realize that his memories had been returned to him. He explains that his friend, Josie, found a spell and brought them all back. Seylah believed it to be the perfect goodbye and that he wouldn't have to remember to feel sad that his mother left him. In the end, she believes that she couldn't even protect him from that. Landon interrupts her, telling her that she's a good person, deserving of peace. Seylah believes that if he's stuck in Limbo it has something to do with her. Landon doesn't feel stuck though and asks if she wants to see where he works.

Landon helps a woman and she's granted a coin to Peace. Seylah is impressed, and quips that Zied will turn green when he finds out his top earner has gone into business for himself. Though he's technically in breach of Zied's contract, helping people is more important. Most people want to get to Peace, they just need help figuring out how and he'd rather the coins go to a more worthy cause. He passes along a jar to his mother, but she declines him. It's not enough because she's tried to cross over several times, but no matter how many coins she offers the Ferryman, somehow it's never enough. She assumes it's because of the life she's lived, but Landon thinks it's because she just hasn't gotten an actual coin of her own yet. He offers to sit and talk with her as one more client.

Seylah sits with him, though she believes it's a waste of time. He hates the idea of her being here and assumes that her unresolved stuff is going to be about him. She has no illusions on whether or not she was a good person or a good mother. Landon understands that she was doing the best she could in the worst situation. Seylah stops him and explains that she ran. She told herself that she was protecting him, but she was also protecting herself just as much. She was never a good fit for motherhood, but she was a mother all the same. She's not going to Peace because she doesn't believe she deserves it. So it doesn't matter what she says, she's not getting a coin. Instead she wants to create new memories with him, like they can get ice cream or something. Before they do, Landon has something to say. All she has to do is listen. He's not going to tell her that he forgives her because he's not the person she needs it from. The other reason he's not going to say it is because he's not mad. Like her, he's had to make unthinkable sacrifices and he gets it now. She was loving him in the only way she could and she was protecting him. If she's not ready to go to Peace, he can respect that and he'll enjoy spending time with her. He wants her to know that he's good and happy. He's known incredible love and friendship and adventure his whole life, and she's not damaged him. Hearing Landon's affirmation, she gains her coin to Peace.

Landon walks with his mother as they make their way to the Ferryman and talk about Hope. She comments that it sounds like they really loved each other. Landon confirms this, even if it was only meant to be for a time, because destiny keeps pulling them in different directions. It was everything. Seylah offers that sometimes good things aren't with them as long as they want. Landon questions if she's sure about Peace, but, as he pointed out, they only get the coins when they're ready. She thought what she was missing was absolution, but turns out what she needed was to know that it was safe to let go. To know that he'd be okay. She couldn't leave without that. She pulls him into a hug and he tells her that she's a good mom. She comments better late than never and tells him that she's never not been proud that he was her son. Seylah approaches the Ferryman and presents him with her coin. The Ferryman accepts her coin and points towards his boat.

Landon watches as his mother boards the Ferryman's boat and ferries her across the lake, making her way towards Peace. They wave goodbye as she fades away in the distance. When he turns to leave, Hope appears before him. Surprised to see her, he rushes towards her and they embrace in a tight hug.

In Into the Woods, Hope embraces Landon, though he doesn't understand how she's in Limbo. She explains that she got into a fight, though that surprises Landon as he didn't think anything could hurt her bad enough to send her to Limbo. She reassures him that she's not dead and will heal, but she fought a god. This is new information to Landon as he's missed a lot since being in Limbo. Before they can continue their conversation, the Ferryman climbs back on to the dock after having ferried Seylah to Peace. Landon explains that he controls Limbo, including who does and doesn't belong here and for how long. Since she is immortal, he doesn't think he'll allow her to remain. Hope is already familiar with him, having met when she transitioned into the tribrid. However, then he didn't mind her sticking around; now is a different situation. Wielding his scythe, he motions towards Hope.

The Ferryman raises his scythe, though Hope refuses to dive into the river to leave Limbo. Landon corrects her, believing that the Ferryman intends to stab her. Regardless, Hope threatens to break every one of his bones and makes her way towards him. Landon gets between them, explaining there's no beating the Ferryman. Hope mistakes this for him being on the Ferryman's side, but he isn't. He explains that using her fists is what got her into this situation and, knowing her, assumes that she fought the god all on her own. She corrects him, citing that Lizzie helped. Landon continues. People come to Limbo to learn a lesson, not to repeat the same mistakes. She questions if what she's planning is a mistake then it won't work and confronts the Ferryman. Landon doesn't stop her as it depends on whatever she's planning. The Ferryman raises the scythe intending to strike Hop; however, she grabs the scythe, taking it from him. Spinning around, she strikes the Ferryman with his own scythe and he vanishes into smoke. Hope intends to change the rules of Limbo and asks if he's with her. Asking what she had in mind, she tells him that she wants to find a way to bring him back with her so that she won't have to fight alone.

As they make their way back to the school, Landon tells her that he doesn't know where the scythe sent him. Afterall, the Ferryman is death and they probably don't have long before he comes back. Hope makes her way to her buried weapons stash since Limbo mirrors their world. If the Ferryman uses the scythe to send their souls to where he wants them, then she would prefer him not to get it back and she'd prefer something she's a bit more familiar with. Landon questions why she stole the weapons in the first place. Hope reluctantly tells him about what happened when she had to kill him and her humanity shut off. However, Alaric had already filled him in when she put him into a coma. She thought he would have been mad, after everything he had to give up. Landon, however, is always on her side and he'd do it all again. She assumes that he was involved in bring Dr. Saltzman back to life, but it was more of a team effort.

Landon brings Hope to the warehouse, knife in hand. Landon tells her to put it away as he and the Necromancer have a rapport. Hope finds being a peace facilitator odd since he's the Necromancer again, though he points out that wasn't by his choice. As they make their way through the warehouse, they find a bloody pentagram. The Necromancer makes his entrance, surprised to find Hope Mikaelson in Limbo. Landon begins to explain what's going on, but it doesn't matter to the Necromancer, though he's glad she's here and grabs her and embraces her in a hug. He finds the situation poetic. Two lovebirds reunited in death. Landon expresses that they would like to remain united and why they need him. However, the Necromancer wants to tear them apart by his hand. He pushes Landon into the pentagram and he's surrounded by the Necromancer's dark magic and he vanishes.

Alive again, Landon appears outside of Alaric's office window. He overhears Alaric conversation with Professor Vardemus; however, before he can react, the Ferryman appears behind him and drags him back to Limbo.

Hope returns to the dock, finding that the Ferryman has also returned. She's also brought his scythe back as a peace offering and even apologizes to him, noting that she can be intense when it comes to saving Landon. However that won't be a problem now and she's ready to return. The Ferryman turns and faces her with Landon in his grip. She doesn't understand why he's back in Limbo. The Ferryman reaches out towards Hope and she offers that if he wants his scythe back he's going to have to release Landon. Landon, however, points out that he doesn't believe he needs it. Hope also points out that he thought the Necromancer would send him back home, though Landon confirms he did just that. As they argue, Landon forces the Ferryman's grip to release him. He tells her that he doesn't know why the Ferryman has brought him back to Limbo because it didn't work that way with Dr. Saltzman. However, he was at the school and he knows what's going on. He's also figured out the lesson they're supposed to learn. Hope refuses to listen if that lesson is anything but them leaving Limbo together. If he's decided to give up, she wants him to stay out of her way until she can figure out how to bring them both back. Hope breaks the scythe and tosses it into the lake and vamps away leaving him and the Ferryman on the dock. The Ferryman snarls at Landon. In kind, he tells the Ferryman to let him talk to her.

Landon finds Hope in the Salvatore School library going through several grimoires. She reminds him that she told him to stay away, but he wonders if she's going to ask about what he saw in the real world. If he's going to try and convince her otherwise, she doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that their friends are in need of her help. Hope doesn't want to hear it. The last time she helped, she died, became the tribrid, killed Malivore and became a monster herself. Just as fate deemed it. Landon believes that's the lesson she's come here to learn. He tells her that she has to go back without him. She doesn't accept that. He knows he's asking a lot, but when he was at the school he overhead Dr. Saltzman and Professor Vardemus' conversation. They believe that Ken is going to return to the school for her. For a god, she believes him to be dumb because she believes he can't kill her. Regardless, the school is preparing to fight him, again, for her. Hope comments that they'll lose and Landon believes this too, unless she's there to fight with them. Hope believes that even if she's there, some of their friends will die which means more death, grief, loss, that she'll have to carry with her for the rest of my life. Landon reiterates that she thought she was fated to die. Hope points out that she did, but Landon reminds her that she's still here, The Ferryman wouldn't be trying to send her back if she weren't. That is the fate she has to accept; to be the one that lives. Landon pulls out the blade of the scythe and asks her to help him one last time.

Hope wonders if this is Landon's fate; convincing people to move on. He muses that it's to Peace and not the real world. Hope points out that means he's always going to be the one left behind. Landon claims it as a moral victory, at least. They always thought their fates were so similar. She has always been told what she was destined to be in her entire life and he's always had to wonder. He wishes the answer was being with her, but if it can't be, then at least he knows where he belongs. He'll also know she won't be alone where she is. He's good with that. Hope gives him one condition; it's his turn to stab her. Landon doesn't think he can, but like when they stepped into the Malivore pit, they'll do it together. They embrace in a final kiss as they push the Ferryman's scythe into Hope and she vanishes.

Landon comes back to the dock. All of Limbo can hear the Necromancer shouting at the Ferryman. He's surprised to see Landon and considers it a consolation for whisking Seylah off to Peace. Misery loves company, but Landon also has a bone to pick with the Ferryman. He tells the Ferryman that he's done what he's asked and Hope's back at home. Now he wants to know why he can't be there with her and why he broke his own rules. The Ferryman pulls out Zied's contract from his cloak and the Necromancer snatches from him. The contract has been altered and has sent Zied to Peace. The Ferryman now holds the rights to their souls in perpetuity. The Necromancer tells Landon to read the fine print. The Ferryman only has claim to Landon's soul. The Necromancer laughs as Landon balls the contract up and throws it to the Ferryman's feet.

In By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be, Landon sits at Zied's bar and places a coin on the countertop, needing a drink. The Necromancer greets Landon on the other side, telling him to take a load over and to tell him his worries. Landon questions why he's here. The Necromancer is simply filling a void since Zied went to Peace. Someone has to take over his operation. A monster named Dave hands over a bag of coins, prompting Landon to inquire what he's doing. The Necromancer explains that it's not just monsters, everyone is getting him coins because he promised to send them back to life if they did well at it. Landon's confused, because he can't send them back to life. He reaches over and grips Landon's shirt, telling him to keep his voice down. The locals don't need to know that bit of gossip. Landon quips that he doesn't even want to go to Peace and questions why he wants the coins. The Necromancer doesn't have a good reason. Everyone else wants coins, he just wants to have the most. He's prepared for Landon's judgment, but he doesn't see him coming up with a better plan to spend eternity. Landon is frustrated because his soul was traded to someone who literally can't tell him what he's supposed to be doing. Speaking of, the Necromancer points out that the Ferryman has come to fetch him and muses that he's sure he'll explain everything, one finger wag at a time. Annoyed, Landon turns and asks if he needs something. The Ferryman takes his beer and growls out a 'yes', much to everyone's shock. The Ferryman wants him to come have a drink with him.

The Ferryman brings Landon back to the dock. Considering he's still shocked from his speaking, he changes form into that of a woman–her true form, or at least it used to be. She muses that ferrying souls for a few millennia takes quite a toll on one's skin care routine. Landon is further confused and wants to know what's happening. She thought they could chat and get to know one another. She formally introduces herself as Lynn and points towards Peace, telling him it was once home. Or as some like to call it, Valhalla. Landon questions if that makes her god. Lynn explains that they didn't know it at the time. They thought they were normal and it wasn't until they met humans that they actually understood that they were different. Landon tells her it's a lot to take in, but Lynn is sure that he needs to hear the entire story and she needs his help.

Lynn continues with her story about herself and the gods to Landon, though he doesn't have much to say, other than he's sorry. Lynn admits that she did it to herself, but now she's ready to quit. Hang up the robes for good. Even though she's cursed, there's always a loophole. Landon already knows this, well. The loophole in her curse is that she can stop ferrying souls and go home if she can find someone willing to take her place. However, in all the centuries, she's never met anyone willing to do it for the right reasons, at least. That is until she met him.

Lynn comments on how quiet he is, considering it's coming from someone who hasn't spoken in centuries. Landon questions why she chose him. Lynn explains that he reminds her of who she used to be. She started off wanting to help as many people as possible. She even broke the rules and sent a few people back to life. You only get away with that once. Nature has a way of restoring the balance and there was a cost to breaking the rules. And she paid for it. Her heart went numb. She explains it as if that part of her died. She tried to keep caring about all the souls, but after a while, she heard so many sob stories. Everyone has their reasons. Everyone has an excuse. It was overwhelming and because of that, she developed the system of coins, taking emotion out of the equation. She thought if she could quantify a person's worthiness, it would make things simple. However, that just made her cynical and over the centuries, she lost her way. She became that gangly skeleton and resigned herself to the fact that nothing would ever change. She would never feel the way she once did. That all changed when she saw him give up his own chance at Peace to help others. He opened up his little stand, and he helped more people, including his mom. He is good at the job and, because he had a life that anyone else would have used as an excuse for cruelty or self-pity. He's a miracle. He was taking the weird, unfair hand he had been dealt, and he's doing good with it. The world doesn't need more people like her who've grown numb. They need people like him who will find a new, better way to do things. She asks him if he wants the job.

Landon rejoins the Necromancer in the bar. The gall of the Ferryman to try and pass along her curse and an eternity of servitude. Landon quips that he would have tried to con him the same if he could. The Necromancer doesn't deny this, but admits he would have tried for a better, more convincing cover story and not a naked attempt to appeal to his guilt complex. He wonders how he told her off, but Landon tells him that he didn't. He's the new ferryman. The Necromancer believes he's here for his first conquest and to send him off to Peace. He refuses to go. Landon concurs that the Necromancer can't exist in Peace because he doesn't belong there. However, he made a promise to someone that does and Landon places his hand on the Necromancer's. A blue light shines from his hand and the dark magic that corrupted him dissipates. He's his former self–Ted. Landon tells him that if he decides to cross over, he'll remain this way forever. Ted wonders how he knew this would work, transforming him back. Landon, being honest, doesn't know how long this will last and they rush to the boat.

In This Can Only End in Blood, Landon stands behind Zied's bar, cleaning the counter top. A corpse of a man places a rather large jar barely filled with coins on the countertop, groaning. Landon tells him "No", as he's trying to do things a little differently. Instead of things attached to monetary value, he decides to use something personal, something from his past that he needs to let go to move on. The corpse reaches into his pocket and places a pocket watch on the countertop. Inside, it has a picture of a woman. Landon accepts and tells him that it will work. He'll meet him down at the dock, one last beach to take. Kaleb approaches him, hoping that his boat makes other stops. He has to get back to school and back to life.

Kaleb ushers out the last of the monsters from the bar. They have the place to themselves, so no one's going to get jealous when he sends him back. Landon confesses it isn't an option for them. What Kaleb is asking him to do can only be done once. Kaleb doesn't understand. He's taken over the Ferryman's role. He explains what Lynn had told him. Breaking the rules of Limbo has a price. Kaleb is fine with that and agrees to pay whatever it is, but it's not up to him to pay the price. Should he change the delicate balance between life and death, a part of him will change–his emotions, his empathy–will start to fade. Until something he doesn't actually know. Knowing this, he can't ask Landon to pay this if it means losing his soul. He won't ask him to do that. Landon argues he's doing it for everyone and that Cleo needs him. The school needs a dragon to help win the fight. He's saying if they only get one shot at this, then he's making it count. Jed and MG rush into Zied's bar, the pair have been looking for Kaleb and are surprised to see Landon. Kaleb assumes they must be losing if both of them are dead. Landon tells the three of them things are about to get better, at least for them.

Having paid the price and returned his friends, Landon sits at the bar and shares a drink with the soldier. He tells the soldier that he didn't forget to send him to Peace, only that he just got a little sidetracked and some old friends needed his help. He couldn't say no. The way he sees it, he's upheld his end of the deal, and agrees to send him off now. Before the two can leave, Ethan walks into the bar, realizing he's dead.

In Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?, Ethan joins Landon at the Zied's bar. Landon asks if he can get him something else, but Ethan quips that it depends on what he has to offer and further asks what this place is. Landon explains that it's a sort of filling station for lost souls for which he's in charge of now. Ethan clarifies, meaning he was more general. Landon elaborates that he's in Limbo and recently died. However, he tells him not to worry because of the sacrifice he made for their friends, he should have him on the boat to Peace in no time. Landon is sure he'll see it for himself when they figure out what's holding him back. Ethan already knows. He doesn't want to go to Peace and wants to go back to life. He was just getting good at living. Landon breaks the news that it's not an option. Ethan is confused considering he brought the other back, but Landon explains that there was a price. Though the details are fuzzy, he does know that Nature won't let him do it again. Ethan doesn't understand what he's supposed to do now, but he's the only one that knows for sure. Landon assures him that he'll be by his side, here to help him figure it out. Before he can continue, Landon disappears in a quick flash of light.

Landon appears behind Hope, claiming it's been a minute since he's been summoned and quips that she's become incredibly powerful. Hope can say the same about him, as he's the new "Ferryman" now. They've come a long way from milkshakes in the square. He asks what she needs. Hope comes clean and tells him that she needs to see her father and Landon quips that it's a "big" ask. Hope believes that her father is in Limbo, which the Necromancer said that he can't find Peace until she does. However, being honest, she believes she's the opposite of peaceful. Landon doesn't actually know that and Limbo's is kind of a big place. Hope doesn't understand, as the new ferryman, she believes it should be easier to find him than it was for him to send their friends back. Landon tells her that what he did came at a cost, one that being on the mortal plane is making him realize is steeper than he thought. Hope wants to know what the cost was and Landon tells her that he doesn't feel anything. At least not things he should–everything's muted and dull on this plane of existence. She asks about his feelings for her, specifically, but he doesn't answer. Based on her experience, she understands that the cost was his humanity. Landon doesn't believe it to be that simple. He knows that he loves her and that's about the only thing he's sure of. He wants to give this to her and asks why she needs to see her dad and wonders if it's worth losing yet another piece of him. On a surface level, she needs to figure out where his final resting place should be because the school is no longer an option. But going deeper, she just feels like she's screwed up so much recently. She believes if she can get this one thing right, then maybe she could fix everything else that's been broken. However, she tells Landon that it's not worth losing him again, not even a piece. She asks him to forget that she even asked; however, since he's here, she asks for something else. He nods and she embraces him in a hug until he disappears in her arms.

Landon returns to Limbo, finding the bar empty except for Ethan. When he disappeared, Ethan decided to hop behind the bar and take over. He listened to what the lost souls had to say, the same way that Landon listened to him. Most seemed to have solid breakthroughs and explained that they'll be back to talk about what those are with him. Ethan hopes he didn't overstep, but Landon tells him he did great. Bringing their past conversation up, Landon reminds him that he deserves Peace. Ethan isn't sure he wants to go. His life taught him that there's no shame in being the sidekick and he prefers "Rescue Guy." For Landon, that's perfect timing because he needs help tracking someone down.

Ethan returns to the bar informing him that word on the street, that the guy they're looking for has already left. Landon is disappointed. Ethan thought this was a good thing, but Landon was hoping that he could help a friend with something they really needed since the only way to contact Peace is to actually be at Peace. That isn't an option for him. That gives Landon another idea, though. Again, he asks Ethan how he wants to spend his eternity.

Later, Landon reappears to Hope at the lake dock asking for a sign and apologizes for interrupting. Likewise, she apologizes for sending him on a fool's errand, but wonders if he's had any luck. Landon tilts his head no, but offers his hand as compromise. She joins him as he leads her away from the dock.

Landon brings Hope to the Old Mill, he's making her nervous with all of the suspense. First things first. Landon tells her that her father found Peace, which is great news, but also it's not. It means that he's not able to bring him to her, but he got to thinking. He's a metaphysical miracle and with their two brilliant, magical minds combined, they should be able to get her what she really needs. Landon has set up a screen, but Hope doesn't need to see Star Wars again, but Landon has something cooler. He recalls their Matrix marathon and their whole spine is not actually a spoon debate. He asks for her hand, which she gives, and he covers it with his other hand. Landon's hands begin to glow and the screen flashes to life with significant moments between her and Klaus. Hope is amazed and wonders how he's doing this, but all he tells her is that the screen is not a spoon. Ethan eventually appears on screen and greets her from Peace. He tells Landon that he believes this is what he wanted and hopes this works. He also thanks him because he was right–Peace is incredible–and he disappears. Hope wants him to come back, but Landon tells her to wait. Klaus appears to her from the screen. He muses what a gift it is to be able to leave her one last message. He tells her to carry it with her in the years to come. He wants her to know this–she will make mistakes in her life. That comes with being a Mikaelson. She will go through hard times, for no one with her power always knows how to use it properly. She will find love and lose it, for such is the burden of immortality. However, the most important thing about her life is for her to live it. She is his peace. He may regret a lot of things, but he doesn't regret a single moment he spent with her. He tells her how much he loves her, always and forever and disappears. With tears in her eyes, she turns to and thanks Landon.

The following day, he reappears to Hope wondering if she's talking about him or her dad. Hope admits to both, she guesses, and Landon offers her a milkshake–Peanut Butter Blast with whipped cream on the bottom. It's nice to know that some things don't change, especially when everything else seems to. She asks if he's happy. He tells her that happiness is an emotion, so that's a tricky one to answer. However, he knows where he belongs when he's in Limbo. All he's ever wanted is a home. Hope tells him to not be a stranger. Caressing her cheek, he tells her that for as much as they've both changed, that's one thing they could never be. She'll always love him and he tells her that she'll forever know where to find him. They embrace in another hug and she tells him that it's time for one more goodbye and asks if he'll wait with her for another minute. The dead can wait, after all, and he takes his place beside her. Opening her father's urn and casting a spell, her father's ashes fly up into the air and out over into the lake.


Landon is shown to be a sweet guy and a little bit shy. He is shown to be respectful, but is often bullied by Connor and his friends. He can be seen as a loner and has a sort of resentment towards the Salvatore Boarding School students because he thinks they are rich kids.

Landon spent his childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home. Due to an abusive foster family, at a young age Landon developed claustrophobia - having been forced to sit within a small closet for undetermined periods of time. Even in adolescence, he does not respond well to small spaces, such as when he was held in the werewolf transformation space at the boarding school and was even tormented by the Night Hag within his dreams. He exhibits well-developed positive traits - intelligence, loyalty, resilience, thoughtfulness, easy-going affable charm - despite upbringing and a history of abuse.[5]


Simulandon was a direct copy of Landon created by Josie Saltzman using Emma Tig's prism. As a direct copy of Landon's subconscious, Simulandon retained all memories and feelings from Landon, therefore was seen by Josie as a true reflection of what Landon really felt. Simulandon felt an overarching attraction to Hope Mikaelson, which Josie saw as proof that Landon truly loved Hope, not her.

Whilst Simulandon was aware of his role in the closing of the Malivore portal, he contested it strongly, having developed a like for life and a connection to Hope. He explained to Hope that whilst Landon was a coward, he was not; this allowed him to express how he felt about Hope. By the end of It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Simulandon had developed such an attachment to Hope, that he sacrificed himself to keep her safe, allowing Ryan Clarke to take over his body.

Physical Appearance[]

He has short, curly black hair and green eyes. He is a little taller than Hope, but not by much and has a slim build. He wears the light blue Mystic Grill shirt during work hours, and dark colored clothing when not working. He also has a large shaped tattoo on his lower right arm.

Powers and Abilities[]

In The Originals, Landon was originally human and possessed no powers or abilities. In Legacies his "human" status was retconned.

Landon possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a Phoenix. Ryan Clarke stated that Malivore wanted to reproduce biologically and "to have a son who was part human [...] who could live forever and continue the species". It remains unknown if this "human part" affects his supernatural abilities. As of Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Landon's phoenix part has been killed with the Golden Arrow and is a mortal human.

  • Self-Resurrection: Phoenixes, such as Landon, have the ability to resurrect from the dead. The body will spontaneously self-combust only for the phoenix to be reborn from the ashes, fully restored. It is unknown whether or not if there is a limited number of times a phoenix can resurrect before they perish permanently. Furthermore, there does not seem to be a set amount of time that it takes for a phoenix to resurrect. After his first death, Landon took around a day to resurrect, however further resurrections have since been faster.
  • Levitation: Phoenixes seemingly possess some form of levitation - allowing them to float a few feet up off the ground. While embracing and kissing Hope, Landon seemingly caused both himself and Hope to rise off of the ground and remained mid-air for a few seconds before the pair fell back down to the ground.
    • Flight: Phoenixes can produce wings of fire from their backs that enable them to fly.


In The Originals, Landon had the typical weaknesses of a human.

Landon had the typical weaknesses of a Phoenix. As of Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, he's now a mortal, and has all the typical weaknesses of a human.

  • Mortality: Despite their mystical attributes, phoenixes share similar mortal weaknesses as human and supernatural beings that can result in immediate death, such as blood loss and a broken neck. However, they are spared from death as they can self-resurrect.
    • The Golden Arrow: The sphinx's prophecy revealed that a phoenix can be felled by the Golden Arrow. The exact understanding of the arrow's mystical attributes remain unknown, however, in Goodbyes Sure Do Suck the Golden Arrow successfully killed the phoenix part of Landon and left him human and mortal, killing Landon in the process.


Rafael Waithe[]

1x03 We're Being Punked, Pedro-Landon-Rafael

Despite Landon and Rafael having only been foster brothers for a year or two they have grown close to that of actual brothers.[6] Landon was the first to discover the supernatural world by being there for Rafael when he first turned into a werewolf. Despite Landon going against his new school by taking a supernatural knife, Rafael still ran away with him and defected from the Salvatore Boarding School. Despite the uncertainty of Landon's supernatural status, he was eventually allowed to stay at the Salvatore Boarding School and the two became roommates. Their brotherly relationship however was challenged with Rafael developing feelings for Hope, who was Landon's girlfriend at the time. Rafael was more troubled than Landon. Therefore, he tried to distance himself from Hope in order not to complicate things. Landon's momentarily death in The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do traumatized Rafael, so much so that caused him to suffer from lunar psychosis. While stuck in his werewolf form for the duration of the summer, Landon took care of Rafael, while simultaneously trying to search for a cure. With Hope's return from Malivore, having reversed the effects of the ring she gave him, the brothers have been happily reunited. Rafael, however continues to suffer from lunar psychosis and his extended time as a wolf has not helped, to which Landon is worried about as he's more aggressive with his werewolf nature. After everyone's memories of Hope are returned in That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Rafael decides to again distance himself from Hope because of her past with Landon. In a final attempt to ensure Landon's safety, Rafael asks the sphinx how to protect Landon from Malivore. He's told that he must get him out of Mystic Fall if he wished to keep him from Malivore. Again, he and Landon leave the boarding school and make their way to North Carolina. Landon's found out information about Rafael's biological parents; together, they meet Rafael's father, Walt.

Hope Mikaelson[]

Main article: Hope and Landon

Landon and Hope are first seen interacting at Landon's former workplace in Mystic Falls. Already familiar with each other, they quickly developed a deeper connection and grew to be friends with romantic tension. However, they lose contact for two years after Landon moves away from Mystic Falls with his foster family and Hope returns to New Orleans.

They eventually reconnect when Landon's foster brother, Rafael, turns into a werewolf and Landon is brought to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. During his short time at the school, they grow close again and even share a "goodbye kiss" before Landon is compelled to forget the existence of both the school, and supernatural creatures. However, their bond is fractured when Landon instead steals a supernatural knife and lies about losing his memories — something which Hope has a hard time forgiving him for, even after it starts to seem that his actions were influenced by mind-control, which in turn upsets Landon. They eventually repair their relationship and shortly after, start an official relationship after Hope asks him to be her boyfriend. Their relationship ends momentarily when Hope essentially erases herself from existence by jumping into Malivore. After her return and some time apart due to Landon forgetting Hope and moving on while Hope refuses to reveal her identity, they quickly resume their romantic relationship after the memories of Hope return.

The two have often had a tumultuous relationship, and this has been tested by both inside and outside forces. Their relationship has always grown stronger as a result of this, however. They share mutual admiration and care deeply for each other which is evident from their willingness to go great lengths to ensure the other's safety and happiness — sometimes with the price of their own well-being.

Josie Saltzman[]


When Landon first comes to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, the two have very little interaction. Even at the Honor Council meeting, Josie voted for him to leave the school, believing that it was for the better; however, when he returns she welcomes him back, though not without Landon casually reminding her of how she voted. After Hope is absorbed by Malivore and all memories of her were erased, they began their friendship, beginning with her witnessing him drown himself. After the incident, they decided that they should both stop worrying about dying and start living. Throughout the summer of 2028, they became close friends that eventually developed into a romantic relationship that culminated in their first kiss.

With a new semester beginning, Landon becomes the popular guy for "defeating Malivore" and begins getting attention from other girls, sparking Josie's jealousy. Though spending the summer together as friends, they eventually go on their first date which ends awkwardly, as they went out for sushi, though Josie's allergic to seaweed. Josie reveals that she is worried about their relationship due to her codependency and her need to "fix" things, but Landon points out that she hasn't been in a relationship where what she wanted mattered. They officially become a couple as Landon refers to himself as her boyfriend.

However, with the return of everyone's memories of Hope, Landon eventually comes to the decision that he loves Hope and breaks up with Josie. Despite their breakup, Landon wants to remain friends and Josie accepts.

Other Relationships[]

  • Landon and Seylah Chelon (Biological Mother/Former Allies)
  • Landon and Ryan Clarke (Half-brothers via Malivore/Enemies)
  • Landon and Alaric (Former Teacher-Student/Allies/Former Enemies)
  • Landon and Lizzie (Friends/Former Classmates/Allies/Lizzie killed him once to save him)
  • Landon and MG (Friends/Former Classmates/Allies/MG killed him once)
  • Landon and Kaleb (Friends/Former Classmates/Allies/Former Frenemies)
  • Landon and Wade (Friends/Former Classmates/Allies)
  • Landon and Jed (Allies/Former Enemies)
  • Landon and Dorian (Former Teacher-student/Allies)
  • Landon and Cleo (Friends/Allies/Former Enemies)
  • Landon and Ethan (Friends/Allies)


The Originals[]

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Episode Absences[]

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  • Landon is an English name and traditionally is a last name from places in England that have the same name. It means "long hill" or "ridge".[7]
  • Kirby is a common given name and surname. The surname originally comes from a place meaning "church settlement" in Old Norse.[8][9]


  • "The newbie's name is Landon, and he's described as a thoughtful, romantic kid desperate to escape his broken home and the small southern town in which it stands. Despite being human, Landon apparently has a shady past — and investigating it could lead him into the dangerous world of the supernatural. And Landon isn't appearing until close to to the end of the show's final season, so with that Hope-centric spinoff still on the table, it's entirely possible that Landon's story won't finish on The Originals."[10]
  • Landon is described as "a thoughtful, compassionate and self-aware kid from the wrong side of the tracks who catches Hope's attention when she witnesses him being bullied by his affluent classmates."[11]
  • Landon and Rayna Cruz both had a similar power; they both had the ability to be revived after their dead body bursts into flames and they rise fully healed and alive from the ashes. However Rayna could only revive a certain amount of times. It is currently unknown how many times Landon can resurrect.
  • Landon does not do well with and is afraid of small spaces, alluding to he's claustrophobic.[12][13] According to "Simulandon", his subconscious made manifest, he is also afraid of bugs with wings, doors on hinges, and of needles.[14]
  • Landon is allergic to avocados.[15]


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  1. Seylah has been off the grid for eighteen years, with the current timeline 2028, after she was released from Malivore. It remains unknown when in 2010 she was released or how far along pregnant she was (whether or not she gave birth in 2010 or 2011); however, in There's Always a Loophole, Landon states that he's 17, as of April, 2028.
  2. In The Originals The Tale of Two Wolves, Landon was originally introduced as human. However, as early as Legacies This is the Part Where You Run, his "human" status was questioned and as of The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, his previous status of human was retconned and changed to "supernatural".
  3. In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, it's revealed that the phoenix part of Landon has died as a result of the Golden Arrow and is now human.
  4. As of I'll Tell You a Story, Ryan reveals that Landon's father is Malivore and that he found a way to reproduce biologically, "to have a son who was part human [...] who could live forever and continue the species". It remains unknown if the human part is due specifically of this mother, Seylah Chelon, who gave birth to him or from the humans that were thrown in too and absorbed enough of their genetic material. Additionally, it remains unknown where the "phoenix" portion of his species came from, whether or not it was a construct of Malivore's creation from the various species he absorbed or a per-existing species prior to Landon's birth.
  5. See his full psychological assessment.
  6. Rafael mentioned how he was orphaned when he was 10 and how he spent the next 7 years jumping from foster care to foster care before gaining Landon as a bother. Considering that Raf is currently 17-18 due to his birthday in This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, they have been foster brothers for two year, at tops.
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