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These are the last words said by characters in The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies prior to their deaths. (This does not include sentences by ghosts). This only includes the last words said at the end of their life before their true death, excluding those said by humans prior to being killed and turned into vampires. The last words are separated by supernatural species: vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, supernatural hunters and humans.


Character Last words Details
Grayson Gilbert
"I love you..."
He died in a car accident. His last words were mumbled as he drowned. ("The Departed")
103-Body Count-Mr Tanner
William Tanner
"Salvatore! What the hell? We've got a game to play!"
He called Stefan to play and Damon killed him. ("Friday Night Bites")
Stefan and Zach 1x05
Zach Salvatore
"No! No! Get out of here. Run! Run!"
Damon killed him after he escaped from his cell. ("You're Undead to Me")
Trudie Peterson
"I don't understand. I did what you told me. I did my part!"
Mystery Man killed her. ("A Few Good Men")
Mystery Man
"I'm done now."
He was compelled by Isobel Flemming to tell Elena to stop looking for her.He killed himself. ("A Few Good Men")
Samantha Gibbons
"No. It's just me."
Damon asked her if she has any family and killed her after she responded negatively so he can enter the house. ("Let The Right One In")
Giuseppe Salvatore
"Get away from me."
Stefan killed him by accident. ("Blood Brothers")
2x02 Brave New World-Carter-Caroline
"Hey, is everything okay? What?"
Caroline fed on him. ("Brave New World")
Aimee Bradley
"Hey Stefan, I can't find Matt. Oh my god Elena! You look so pretty. I love that dress. You look gorge. Oh, thanks."
She approached Katherine. (thinking it was Elena and complimented her necklace) Katherine snapped her spine in the middle of the dance floor. ("Masquerade")
"Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can't."
She was compelled by Katherine to kill Tyler if Matt fails.Tyler killed her by accident. ("Masquerade")
Jessica Cohen
"Are You gonna hurt me? Please don't."
Damon compelled her not to move. After a short talk, during which he confided in her about his conflicted feelings, saying that he painfully misses being human but believes that it is his nature to kill and it tears him up inside. He then pretended to release her, saying she could go, but instead killed her after all giving in to what he believed to be his real nature. ("The Descent")
Thomas Fell
"It's all right, dear, the vampires are all dead."
He and his wife were killed by Stefan. ("The Dinner Party")
Honoria Fell
"Please, Johnathan. I'm worried. Thomas!"
She and her husband were killed by Stefan. ("The Dinner Party")
John Gilbert
"Take care of each other. Please."
He gave his life so Elena would have hers. ("The Sun Also Rises")
Normal 1242
Andie Star
"Damon? I can't move Damon. He told me that I can't move."
Stefan compelled her to kill herself. ("The Birthday")
Bill killed
Bill Forbes
"This is life. This is what it means to be human."
Bill was at the hospital after Tyler accidentally attacked him during their lessons to help Tyler break his sire bond. At some point Alaric (possessed by his dark alter-ego) stabbed him, but since he had vampire blood in his system he awoke in transition. Due to his dislike of vampires, he decided not to complete his transition to become one. ("Bringing Out The Dead")
Pastor Young
"Friends. We are the beginning."
Pastor Young releases the gas hose from the back of his stove. The Council is in the house with him. He lights the lighter. The Council members scream with fear. The kitchen is set ablaze. ("Growing Pains")
Carol is drowned by Klaus
Carol Lockwood
"Klaus please, don't hurt him. He's my son, he's all I have."
Klaus Drowned her in the town fountain. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
Atticus Shane
He died from his injuries on Silas' island, ("Stand By Me")
Silas cuts Rudy's throat 2 TVD 5x01
Rudy Hopkins
"Maybe when we're done here."
Slias came up on the stage and asked to speak. Rudy thinking he was Stefan told him later however Silas slit his throat and compelled the whole town to watch calmly. Then he asked them to find Katherine Pierce for him. ("I Know What You Did Last Summer")
Megan King
"Elena, please help me!"
Elena and Caroline are on the phone talking to Megan. Suddenly Megan falls to the ground beside them, and they whirl around toward it. ("I Know What You Did Last Summer")
"Let me die."
Amara killed herself. Her last words were a request to Damon. ("Death and the Maiden")
Aaron Whitmore
"So what do you do. Did you kill them?"
After trying to leave his life behind at Whitmore. Aaron encounters Enzo and Damon. The latter kills him. ("The Devil Inside")
Wes Maxfield death
Wes Maxfield
" I didn't do this to you! You are this. I simply held up the mirror."
Damon killed him since he inflected him with the Ripper serum. ("Gone Girl")
Tom Avery
"I don't think I've ever eaten so much in my life."
After leaving the diner, Caroline takes Tom to a vehicle in an underground parking lot. Enzo comes behind him and snaps his neck before Caroline can protect him. ("Rescue Me")
Tim 6 TO 1x04
"It was Klaus. He made me do it. I didn't even know what I was doing until I made you drink."
Klaus compelled him to drink poisonous water and to make Davina do the same. Tim died while Davina was saved by a protection spell. ("The Casket Girls")
"What the hell?"
She was killed by Enzo because Stefan wouldn't admit the truth about his great niece by Zach. ("I Alone")
Elizabeth Forbes
"I'll take that drink now"
Damon and Liz were talking on her bed after a long day. Liz told Damon that she would like the drink that he offered her earlier that day. Damon leaves to fetch the drink when Liz falls asleep, unable to wake her he takes her to the hospital. Stefan teaches Caroline to give Liz dreams of their favorite memories together, which happens to be Liz teaching a young Caroline to ride her bike. Liz later passes away surrounded by family and friends. ("Stay")
Normal TheOriginals205-1090Elijah-Tatia
Tatia is explaining that she did not know what Esther planned to do with the blood she gave when Elijah notices the blood dripping from her hand. Elijah tells her that he will not hurt her, however, he gives into the blood-lust and feeds on her till she dies. Her last words were "Elijah" before screaming. ("Red Door")
"We have a lot of fruit."
Gunshot wound; killed by Henry Wattles. ("Hell Is Other People")
Young Girl
Gunshot wound; killed by Henry Wattles. ("Hell Is Other People")
Deserter #1
"If you turn around and go right now, you will find none. All we want is to go home."
Gunshot wound; killed by Damon Salvatore. ("Hell Is Other People")
"Okay, there you go. Need a refill?"
She and at least one more woman were drained of blood by Ambrose. ("I Went to the Woods")
"Hey, buddy, you okay?"
Smashed; killed by Ambrose. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")
"Hey, Sully? We got to turn on the lights."
Drained of blood; killed by Ambrose. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")
Penny Ares
"A vampire. I know."
Gunshot wound; killed by Matt Donovan. ("Kill 'Em All")
801-Last Words-Cindy
And me?
Drained of blood; killed by Lorenzo St. John. "Hello, Brother"
801-Last Words-Buck
Help... help me!
Dismemberment; killed by Sybil. "Hello, Brother"
801-Last Words-Virginia
Virginia St. John
It has come for them.
Blood Loss; killed by herself. "Hello, Brother"
801-Last Words-Artist
Hmm. You're very astute. Not many people in these parts get it.
Dismemberment; killed by Sybil. "Hello, Brother"
802-Last Words-Businessman
Why bring sand to the beach? Kidding, right? Kidding.
Drowned; killed by Sybil. "Today Will Be Different"
Sarah Nelson
Stabbed; killed by Sybil. "Today Will Be Different"
803-Last Words-Bridal Clerk
Bridal Clerk
You're welcome. I'll be right back.
Drained of blood; killed by Damon Salvatore. "You Decided That I Was Worth Saving"
804-Last Words-Lou
I murdered one of those wives I told you about. Made it look like an accident.
Burned; compelled by Damon Salvatore. "An Eternity of Misery"
804-Last Words-Georgie
Georgina Dowling
What...? What are you doing? What's happening to me?! No! No!
Broken Neck; killed by Seline. Georgie was being dragged by an unknown force. "An Eternity of Misery"
806-Last Words-State Cop
State Cop
Thanks for your time. Sorry to bother you folks.
Killed by Sybil. "Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell"
Stefan Salvatore
Goodbye brother.
Stefan sacrificed his life to permanently kill Katherine Pierce. He was human and wanted to give Damon the chance to spend his life with and grow old with Elena. Both he and Katherine were consumed by hellfire. ("I Was Feeling Epic")
Will Kinney
"You can't stop what's coming."
Will kidnaps children to sacrifice to the Hollow. In order to save the children Klaus snaps his neck.
"That could have gone better"
Following his release from Malivore, Kurutta works with the Salvatore School Group to protect Landon Kirby from the Oni. Unbeknownst to him at some point, Landon becomes possessed by the Oni and when left alone with Kurutta, slits his throat. He is buried by Alaric and Hope (Since When Do You Speak Japanese?).
"I'm getting out while the getting's good. I'm going to try and make something of my life this go-round. [...] Back to the Ice Dream Palace. You know, I'm going to make manager this time."
Following his resurrection and freedom from the Necromancer, Chad suddenly and without warning retched blood, collapsed, and died. (We're Not Worthy).

Character Last words Details
107-Last Words-Vicki
Vicki Donovan
"I gotta get out of here, J. I just--I can't live at home with Matt. He just doesn't get it. Come with me. If you come with me, we can be together forever..."
While she and Jeremy were making out, she told him that she has to leave and asked him to come with her. She accidentally bit his lip, and upon tasting his blood, lost control of her blood-lust and attacked him. Stefan, Damon, and Elena came to help him, and during the struggle, Stefan was forced to stake her. ("Haunted")
Lexi Branson
During the episode Damon informed Lexi that he had a diabolical master plan, but he wouldn't tell her what it was. He set her up as the killer of a young teenage boy, resulting in her being dosed with vervain by the police force. As the deputies were dragging her away, she tried to escape, and Sheriff Liz Forbes shot her several times with wooden bullets to no effect. Before Lexi could reach the sheriff, Damon interceded and staked her. As she died, she asked, "Why?" ("162 Candles")
Logan Fell
"Oh, you're not a very smart one either. 'Cause you have no idea who you're talking to."
Alaric was introduced to Logan as Jenna's friend. Logan asked him why didn't he punch him or provoke him, to which Alaric replied that he's not a violent person. Logan told him that he's not a smart one, either. Alaric asked him why, so Logan replied, "'Cause you have no idea who you're talking to." Alaric staked him right afterward. ("The Turning Point")
"No. You're gonna have to kill me."
Stefan and Damon stopped him from hurting Elena. They questioned and tortured him. He told them about the Gilbert journals, but when they asked who else was working with him, he told them that they were going to have to kill him. ("Unpleasantville")
Ben McKittrick
"Is that all you got?"
Stefan confronted him near the tomb. Ben attacked him, but Stefan knocked him down easily. Ben retorted, "Is that all you got?", to which Stefan replied "No. I got this," before setting him on fire with a flamethrower. ("Fool Me Once")
"Let it be Frederick. You heard what Pearl said."
Pearl forbade the other tomb vampires from leaving the house. Frederick wanted to leave, but Harper tried to stop him. He said that Pearl banned them from going, and to let it go. Later, they attacked Stefan and Damon in their house, where Stefan killed Bethanne in self-defense. ("There Goes the Neighborhood")
1x17 Let The Right One In-Stefan-Frederick
"This is for Bethanne. And this is for the tomb."
Frederick kidnapped Stefan while he was hunting in the woods one stormy afternoon. After Damon, Alaric and Elena rescued him, Frederick attacked Stefan out in the woods. He stabbed him a couple of times with a tree branch, informing him that those stabbings were for Bethanne and for the time they spent in the tomb. However, Elena stabbed him with a dart full of vervain and took advantage of him being incapacitated to feed Stefan her blood to heal him. Afterward, Stefan had the strength and the anger to stake Frederick to death over and over. ("Let The Right One In")
"What's going on?"
Alaric and Damon were trying to find Isobel. They found an apartment in which they believed Isobel was living, but when they got there, they found Henry in it. He told them that John Gilbert was helping him adapt. Suddenly, his phone rang, but Damon told Henry to give him the phone. Damon didn't answer immediately, so Henry asked him if he was going answer. When he asked what was going on, he realized something was up and attacked Alaric, but Alaric staked him to death. ("Blood Brothers")
"This was never my home, Miss Pearl. I was just a soldier who was left to die. You saved me. I'm coming with you."
Harper and Pearl were preparing to leave the town after Pearl was threatened by John. Pearl reminded him that he didn't need to come with her if he didn't want to, but he told her that since she saved him after he was left to die, he wanted to stay with her. At that moment, John burst in and shot both him and Pearl with a stake-shooting crossbow. ("Blood Brothers")
"You know, you don't have to come with us if you don't want to. Let me help you with these."
Pearl and Harper were preparing to leave the town after she was threatened by John. Pearl reminded Harper that he didn't have to come with her if he didn't want to, but Harper told her that since she saved him after he was left to die, he wanted to stay with her. She decided to help him with his luggage, and while they were distracted, John burst in and shot them both in the heart with a stake-shooting crossbow. ("Blood Brothers")
"Please... no."
After John activated the Gilbert device, she was taken into the basement of the Gilbert medical building to be burned with the other vampires. John saw her and staked her, despite her begging him not to do it. ("Founder's Day")
"I beg your forgiveness."
After he and Rose caught Elena, they wanted to trade her for their freedom from Klaus, so they called Elijah. Trevor informed him that he was truly sorry and begged for his forgiveness. Elijah said that it was granted, but decapitated him soon after. ("Rose (Episode)")
"But that would kill me forever."
Elijah compelled him to tell Damon (who was on the phone with Slater) that they needed the moonstone in order to break the Sun and the Moon curse. Afterward, Elijah compelled him to stake himself in the heart, which he did, despite Slater knowing that it would kill him forever. ("The Sacrifice")
Cody Webber
"We were gonna bring her to you for Klaus. She's the doppelgänger. I don't know how she exists, but she does. Klaus would want to see her. [...] No."
He and two other men came to Slater's old apartment to take the Petrova doppelgänger and bring her back to Klaus. Elijah showed up and asked them if anybody knew that they were there. After he replied in the negative, Elijah killed him. ("The Sacrifice")
"On the count of three. One, two..."
After she was bitten by a werewolf, she became incredibly sick. Knowing that Rose was suffering, Damon created a dream for her to help ease her pain. In it, they talked about her human life, and after she pointed out that she wasn't afraid anymore, she challenged Damon to a race, which she believed she would win due to her speed and age. She and Damon agreed to count to three, but on the count of two, Damon staked her in the heart to end her misery. ("The Descent")
TVD - 2.17 - Know Thy Enemy.avi snapshot 31.34 -2011.05.12 15.09.07-
Isobel Flemming
"I'm so sorry, Elena... that I was such a disappointment to you."
Isobel was compelled by Klaus to find Elena and take her to the cemetery. Once there, when Klaus' witches were in possession of Katherine and Alaric (the latter of whom he planned to use as a vessel), Klaus' main witch Maddox gave Isobel the order to kill herself, which she did by ripping off her daylight necklace. ("Know Thy Enemy")
Jenna Sommers
"It's alright, Elena. I know what I have to do."
Klaus turned Jenna into a vampire and sacrificed her to break the curse. Elena urged her to fight back against him, but Jenna allowed herself to be sacrificed in order to ensure Elena's safety. ("The Sun Also Rises")
TheVampireDiaries CW 3x09 Homecoming21-1-
"Your impulse, Niklaus. It has and will forever be the one thing that keeps you from truly being great. [...] Katherine?".
"Freya, I'm so sorry. I love yo-"
The gang had a plan to kill Klaus using Mikael and his stake. Mikael threatened to kill Elena if Klaus did not confront him. At some point, Elena freed herself by revealing that she was in fact, Katherine. Mikael was surprised, and he gasped, "Katherine?" which were his last words before Klaus took the stake and killed Mikael. ("Homecoming")
Klaus killed him in order to get his ashes as part of his plan to kill Dahlia. ("Night Has A Thousand Eyes")
Sage and Troy
"Troy, help me!" "What is happening to me?"
They both died after Finn's death. They came to the Salvatore boarding house to kill Stefan and Damon because they killed her true love. Suddenly, they both fell and died. ("The Murder of One")
Alaric Saltzman
"What's happening?"
Alaric and Damon were fighting after Alaric had been turned into a vampire-hating/hunting Enhanced Original by Esther Mikaelson. After Damon asked him if that was all he had, Alaric responded with "Not quite." Moments later, Elena drowned after the truck she and Matt were in was run off the road by Rebekah, and because Alaric's life-force was tied to Elena's, he died along with her. He appeared as a ghost to tell Jeremy that he would always look after him. ("The Departed")
The.Vampire.Diaries.S04E16.HDTV .x264-LOL 1637302
"Hey, buddy. I think there's something wrong with me. I need help."
He was dying from a werewolf bite so Damon mercy killed him. ("Bring It On")
"Sorry about the sting. Now, which arm is it? Is it left, or right? I'll just chop off both to be safe."
Kol wanted to chop Jeremy's arm where he has his Hunter's mark so they couldn't get to Silas and the cure. Elena helped Jeremy to kill Kol to complete his Hunter's Mark by staking him with the white oak stake. ("A View to a Kill")
Elena kills Jesse
"Wasn't bad enough that you lock me up and poke me full of needles. Now I wanna feed on the girl I like?"
He was inflected with a ripper virus so Elena killed him to save Damon. ("Dead Man on Campus")
Nadia Petrova
"My mother's name is Katherine. I'm looking for her. She is a liar, and a murderer. She manipulates, she betrays. She'll do anything to survive."
Nadia was on her death bed after being bitten by Tyler Lockwood. Katherine entered the room to say goodbye to her daughter. Katherine and Nadia exchanged conversation before Nadia started to repeat words she spoke in the 15th century while searching for her mother. Katherine gave Nadia a dream of the perfect day they should have had together before Nadia then passed away. ("Gone Girl")
Kieran O'Connell
"Don't fight it, Cami. In death, we are whole again."
Kieran was suffering a hex that was cast on him and he began to lose his mind. Klaus killed him before he could kill his niece Cami.
Thierry Vanchure
"As planned, Josh took care of Davina. I made sure the other Harvest girls got out in the clear."
Elijah killed him to warn Marcel to stop his fight. Instead, it ignited more.
"Who the hell are you?"
Diego was dying from his werewolf bite when he saw Mikael approach. Mikael fed on him until he was dead.
TO221 Giadeathbycklaus
"I can't stop myself."
Gia was compelled to take of her daylight ring by Klaus as Elijah watched as punishment for daggering him, she burnt to death.("Fire with Fire")
"What is happening? What is happening!?"
Ivy is taken to Mystics falls Anti-Vampire Border By Tripp with few other vampires. ("The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get")
Tripp Cooke
"What's happening to me?"
Tripp was taken to Mystics falls Anti-Vampire Border in exchange for Liz Forbes. ("Do You Remember the First Time?")
Colin Phelps
"You wanna help me? Help me die."
Damon Extracts his heart. ("Prayer For the Dying")
"Why are you telling me this?"
Freya destroyed her body since she was being possessed by her mother Esther.
Normal TO306 2572Min
Shen Min
"I'd... Rather... Die!"
Shen Min committed suicide by removing his daylight ring when Elijah tried to compel him to reveal information about the prophecy.
TO304 2665
"A desperate ploy! A lie!"
Mohinder was killed by Tristan de Martel after losing a battle with Marcel Gerard at the Strix ball.
TO307 2970
"I told you. She took my daylight ring and ran."
When Klaus demanded to know where Cami went. Anton tried to explain what happened. Klaus in his anger breaks a picture frame. And uses a piece of wood from the frame to stake him.
"Goodbye, Ric."
Florence died in the human body of Josette Laughlin after the resurrection with the Phoenix Stone.The body could not handle the spirit of a vampire and thus died. ("Best Served Cold")
Lillian Salvatore
"Damon. I'm truly sorry..."
When Damon, Stefan and Valerie's plan to unlink and kill Julian went awry due to Mary Louise, Lily was forced to choose between saving Damon or Valerie after they were taken hostage by Julian. Assuming that they were still linked, Lily staked herself, hoping to kill both herself and Julian, much to her dismay, Mary Louise had already unlinked them. ("Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me")
"Do you really think it's wise... to brazenly attack me in front of all my friends?"
Julian was staked by Stefan while Valerie cloaked them. ("Postcards from the Edge")
TO314 Ayadeathbyhayley
"End it, Elijah! Or I'll take that gun and kill you just to finally be free."
After unlinking Klaus' sireline but failing to unlink herself from Elijah, Elijah comes to kill Aya with the last of the white oak, however, cannot bring himself to carry out the action. Hayley stakes Aya as revenge for the Strix killing Jackson.
"And you're lunch."
Shot with wooden stake by Matt Donovan and killed with wooden bullet by Penny Ares. ("I Would for You")
"Touch it and die. Actually, why don't you die anyway?"
Shot with wooden stake by Rayna Cruz. ("I Would for You")
Gaspar Death
Gaspar Cortez
"There's no shortage of vampires who loathe you. Over the years, we've found ways of staying connected. The world evolved, and those connections became simpler... Stronger and instantaneous. It started as a rumor on a private message board. Now I've confirmed the truth for everyone. So go ahead. Kill me. But I will die filled with joy. (Laughs) Your sired are coming, Niklaus. They will destroy everything you love. And then they will use the white oak to kill you. And at last, you will get the retribution you deserve."
Gaspar arrived to New Orleans after learning that the sire bond was broken. With the intent of finding the last white oak bullet and killing Klaus, he was decapitated by Klaus.
"Don't leave me alone"
He died as a result of the Bite of Lucien Castle.
Camille dead 319
Camille O'Connell
"I was never naive enough to think that I was your light but there is light in you. All of that anger, the cycle of abuse that Mikael began, you can end it. You have to. So you can be the light for your little girl. For Hope."
After Lucien forced his way into her apartment the previous night, Camille awakes to have been bitten by Lucien. She knows that she only has hours remaining and goes to the Mikaelsons for help. Although trying everything they can, including the blood of baby Hope, they cannot find a cure for Camille. Camille dies later that night at the Abattoir, surrounded by her friends.
"Sorry, babe."
Stabbed; killed by the members of The Armory. ("Kill 'Em All")
"Ashlynn! Help me!"
Gunshot wound with wooden bullet; killed by Alaric Saltzman. ("Kill 'Em All")
Violet Fell
"What does that mean?"
Staked; killed by Stefan Salvatore. ("Nostalgia's a Bitch")
Lucien Deceased 320
Lucien Castle
You can kill me, but the prophecy still stands. You cannot outrun it.
After stealing the magic needed from the Ancestors, Freya used the magic to reverse the spell used to create Lucien. After the spell was reversed and Lucien was an ordinary vampire, Klaus killed him by removing his heart.
Lorenzo St. John
"Nonsense. I'm sure you're brilliant at it."
Enzo was killed by Stefan Salvatore who had his humanity turned off at the time. Stefan ripped out his heart. ("You Made a Choice to Be Good")
August Müller
"I don't want any trouble Klaus."
After August kills a lot of innocent Werewolves. Klaus ripped his heart out.
Hayley Marshall-Kenner
Hayley sacrifices herself by throwing herself into the sunlight to save Hope
Greta Sienna
"Give that to me!"
Greta was killed by Hayley to save Hope. Hayley grabbed Greta's arm. And together they burned in the sunlight.
Joshua Rosza
"But now, you are my family."
After saving Marcel from a group of vampires. Joshua is injected in the heart with a deadly dose of Werewolf venom.
"You betrayed us."
Emmett and his followers are set up by Elijah and Antoinette for their crimes and trying to kill Hope. Hope uses her magic to kill Emmett and the group of vampires.
Niklaus Mikaelson
"I don't deserve the love you've given me, brother. But I am so grateful."
Niklaus was staked by Elijah in order to free Hope of the Hollow.
Elijah Mikaelson
"It's been a glorious ride, Niklaus. And my greatest honor."
Elijah was staked by Klaus in order to free Hope of the Hollow.

Character Last words Details
Richard Lockwood
"What are you doing here?"
He was taken to be burned with the vampires by mistake. He saw Damon and asked him why is he there. Damon said that he's vampire. At that moment, a tomb vampire (Charlie) snapped his neck. ("Founder's Day")
Mason Lockwood
"Just help Tyler. Don't let this happen to him. I love her."
Damon caught him and tortured him. ("Plan B")
"I can smell you ."
He broke in Gilbert Family Lake House and chased Elena. She escaped through the front door and Stefan ripped his heart. ("Crying Wolf")
"Morning, sunshine. I saw this movie once, some torture porn flick. Anyway, they had this collar device that was really cool, so I just modified it some with some wooden nails, and when I pull..."
He kidnapped and tortured Damon. Elijah came and killed him. ("Crying Wolf")
Normal 0274
"Everything I did... I was just trying to help Tyler. I didn't want him to be alone!"
Klaus used her during the sacrifice. ("The Sun Also Rises")
Hayley 012
"Ollie, it's all over now. No! No! Oh! Ollie!"
She's smothered to death by Oliver since he admitted to her he was behind the terror attack in the bayou.
Normal TheOriginals206-2084
"You're the Alpha. Our people are not meant to be slaves! You can free them."
Oliver was about to be an dead man due to the hex the witches. He used his last breathe to convince Jackson to being the alpha again.
Normal TheOriginals207-1817Ansel-Klaus
"No. No Klaus. I know you. You are not capable of this."
Between conversation with Klaus, Ansel figures out that Hope is still alive. As Klaus is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his daughter safe, he kills Ansel with his own sword.
"Why are you doing this to me?"
To get the Mikaelson family to turn against each other. Dahlia uses her witch powers to torture and to rip out Aidens heart.
The Originals Season 3 Episode 10 A Ghost Along the Mississippi Tristan kills Jackson
Jackson Kenner
"When I first saw you I broke. You broke me, and nothing has been the same since I just wanted to let you know that it was all real. Every moment, every touch, every word."
Tristan de Martel rips his heart out. ("A Ghost Along the Mississippi")
803-Last Words-Tyler
Tyler Lockwood
Damon, wait!
Blood loss; deceased (after Damon Salvatore bit him). "You Decided That I Was Worth Saving"
"You can't help them. The Hollow wants power. The kind that only comes from sacrifice. Those kids will die so it can get stronger. And it will feed. And it will rise. And we will all bow before it. The great beast. Even you. My only mercy is I won't be here to see it."
Lara was one of the Hollow's followers. When she realized that others and herself were in danger, she apologizes for her involvement and stabs herself with a knife.

Character Last words Details
"Emily's grimoire, her spellbook. If you know how she closed the tomb the reversal process will be in her book. You can open that tomb. No. I'm telling you the truth."
After Bree betrayed Damon by calling Lee, Damon killed her. ("Bloodlines")
Sheila Bennett
"Oh, I'm fine. You don't need to coddle me, baby. I'll be fine."
After she opened the tomb she was exhausted and she died soon. ("Fool Me Once")
Luka Martin
"Elena's fighting me. She's stronger than me. What?"
He and his father did a spell to find Elijah's body inside Salvatore Boarding House. He found Katherine and he tried to kill her (because his father told him to), but Damon showed up and burned him. ("The House Guest")
Jonas Martin
"Only Elijah can do that (give him his daughter back)..."
After his son's death, he wanted to take Elena, but she and Katherine switched places. Katherine killed him. ("The House Guest")
"Which one are you trying to save? The blond, or the wolf? Did you really think Klaus would leave them unprotected?"
Damon tried to save Caroline and Tyler. Maddox was in his way. He fought him and Matt shot him. ("The Last Day")
Greta Martin
"It's working."
During the sacrifice, Damon snapped her neck. ("The Sun Also Rises")
"She's the doppelgänger. She's supposed to be dead, and that's why Klaus can't make hybrids, isn't it?"
She tortured Stefan to find out what he was hiding. Katherine killed her. ("Disturbing Behavior")
"How foolish of you, to risk your lives in defense of those who will kill you. But if that is your choice."
"Let me share with you the glorious freedom that I have found... in death! Elijah!"
She just turned Alaric into an original vampire. She came outside as Matt and Jeremy held her on gunshot. She did a spell to shot each other. Alaric ripped her heart out. She appeared later as a ghost to tell Bonnie to finish what she started. ("Do Not Go Gentle") Esther was brought back to deal with her sister Dahlia. After witnessing her kids fighting against their aunt and almost dying. Esther lunges herself forward and wraps the long chain that connects her manacles around Dahlia's neck and chokes her with it. Esther then calls for Klaus and Elijah. Klaus then kills them both.
Episode-17-season 4-Because-the-Night-Aja-Caroline
"Spirits. Take her soul. Free her from Darkness!"
Caroline killed Aja to stop Bonnie's exorcism that was going to kill her.
"Look at you. You're a mess. The safe was the easy part, wasn't it? Being forgotten about, that's the real torture, isn't it?"
Stefan killed him. ("Death and the Maiden")
TVD 1541
"That's what the Travelers want. I don't question my orders."
Katherine expelled his spirit from Matt.
"Try not to sound so impressed, but yes, Katherine Pierce has permanent control of Elena Gilbert's body. Now, about that payment we discussed..."
Katherine ripped out her heart because she didn't want any loose ends.
"I'm not healing. I'm not a vampire anymore"
She was Markos' guinea pig for the effects that the doppelgänger blood would have.
"I did!"
She was killed by Luke and Liv.
Screenshot 35
"You know, I was wondering the same thing. You evacuated the town, yet you stayed behind to lecture us on our civic duties? Or you're up to something."
Damon and Elena blew up the Grill which he and the other Travelers were in.
"True love prevails...The universe be damned."
After the deaths of Silas and Amara, she has decided that she should kill herself to be with Silas. Her last words are meant for Katherine. ("Death and the Maiden")
TVD 1633
Katherine Pierce
"I guess this is how... Our love story ends."
Katherine, passengered into Elena's body, arrives at the Salvatore boarding house to see her dying daughter. She says her goodbyes to each of the Mystic Falls Gang before being stabbed by the Traveler Knife by Stefan. ("Gone Girl")
Lucas Parker
"What's wrong, are you afraid to play chicken with someone that might actually beat you?"
Luke interrupts the merge between Kai and Jo. Luke explains to Kai that although they are not twins, they are the same age and are from the same bloodline, and that he would do anything to protect his sister. Luke forces Kai to merge with him. Kai wins and Luke dies.
The Coven grieving the loss of Jane-Anne To 1x01
Jane-Anne Deveraux
"Rot in hell, monster."
Jane-Anne used magic to confirm Hayley Marshall's pregnancy, while doing this she also linked Hayley and Sophie together. This broke Marcel's 'no magic in the quarter' rule. Jane-Anne's throat was slit while Klaus, Marcel and the nightwalkers watched.
Katie 13 TO 1x03
"Die, you son of a bitch!"
Marcel was about to sentence her boyfriend to The Garden (his prison for vampires who turned on him) so Katie attempted to save Thierry, but got her neck snapped by Klaus.
"Dark objects don't come with an off-switch! The curse took root in Sophie, she's linked to your devil child. It's just a matter of time!"
Klaus was about to kill Agnes by snapping her neck for hurting Hayley. Elijah, however, had promised Sophie he would not allow Klaus to kill Agnes, however he did not promise her he would not kill her. Elijah entered the church and told Agnes that nobody hurts his family, he then snapped her neck.
Sophie Deveraux
"Stop... please..."
Sophie was killed as a result of blood loss. She was killed by her niece, Monique Deveraux, for not having faith in the harvest.
"I'm sorry, Rebekah, but you didn't leave me much choice. I told you-- there's no escape. I had to turn to the only people I knew I could trust And I told them that they had to deal with you. My only regret is that I didn't stop you before you killed one of our own!"
When Rebekah entered the locked room of the Dowager Fauline Cottage with Cassie, members of the Kindred followed. They were about to beat up Rebekah when Freya stepped in and killed them. Cassie revealed herself to be a member of the Kindred and Freya killed her. Telling her she was smart but choose the wrong path.
Papa Tunde Death
Papa Tunde
"In the name of the witches of the French Quarter, it is my honor."
He offered himself up to Celeste so the coven would ultimately get Monique back from the dead.
Marcel 10 TO 1x05
"And that is?"
She was killed in a ambush lead by Marcel in order to get the Harvest girls back to life.
TO115 Célestedeathbyelijah
Celeste Dubois
"Non. Mon cheri, non. Tout est possible. Ce n'est pas fini."
Céleste in her french tongue declared her mission wasn't over. However Elijah stabbed her for the all things she put his family through.
Celeste was originally drowned by Klaus Mikaelson.
Monique Deveraux
"You fools! To come against us in our place of power in our strongest hour. You don't face three. You face us all."
Monique along with her coven was going kill Hope. She would have succeeded if Marcel hadn't shown up with the Devil Star.
"She'll go through with it. The ancestors promised her her life."
Before the attempted offering of Hope. She and Monique made an agreement to kill Genevieve in order to get their friend Cassie back. Abigail was impaled by an fence post.
The Originals S01E22 mkv4069
"This isn't the end. They won't stop. As long as that child lives, the witches of New Orleans will never stop coming for it. Esther will never stop coming for it. It has been decreed. Your baby will be consecrated among her ancestors. She will not live. They're coming for me. I can feel it. I failed them. Please, understand that I just wanted to live. Tell Klaus, I'm sorry."
She was killed by Hayley but not before she told her and Elijah that Hope is going end up dead living in the city.
Screenshot from 2015-02-17 15-18-08
"I'm not scared"
Kol had been experiencing bleeding all day when performing magic, and after unsuccessful attempts to lift the hex by both Davina and Rebekah, Kol left the cemetery where he had been dancing with Davina, saying he wanted to die alone. However, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah arrived saying he cannot escape Always and Forever. He died later surrounded by his girlfriend and family.
Normal TO306 1151Eva
Eva Sinclair
"We could have had everything! You chose this. It's on you! Goodbye Vince"
Eva was going to kill Marcel and Vincent in her mindscape, but was stabbed by a child manifestation of Rebekah.
Dahlia and Josephine
Josephine LaRue
"May I, then? One last tune?"
Josephine meets a woman playing the violin in the street, she tells the women that her technique is exquisite. The woman asks Josephine does she play, Josephine explains that she has not played in a while. The woman blows into Josephine's hands and they are healed, Josephine realizes the woman is infact Dahlia. Dahlia tells Josephine she needs her to deliver a message, after turning down help in return for Josephine's life, Dahlia allows her to play one last time before slitting her throat and leaving her bleeding to death in the street. ("Night Has A Thousand Eyes")
Dahlia and Esther 6
"Now, Esther, say goodbye to the last of your children."
Dahlia was killing the remaining of her nieces and nephews, but Esther stopped her which allows Klaus to stab them.
Josette Laughlin
"Oh god, that's a tough act to follow. Here it goes-- Alaric Saltzman, you are..."
Jo was killed at her own wedding by Kai who escaped the 1903 prison world.
Olivia Parker
"You once told me that I gave you a second chance, and you promised me that you wouldn't waste it. I love you. Let me do this for you. Don't waste it..."
After her oldest brother destroyed Alaric's wedding with Jo. Liv was caught in the crossfire and was slowly dying as a result. She asked Tyler to mercy kill her as he knew from reactivating his werewolf gene. Tyler reluctantly obliged.
Joshua Parker
"Where's my daughter. Liv! Liv!"
After Kai killed Jo and then himself to become an vampire-witch hybrid. Joshua called out to his only surviving daughter frantically before dying from his injuries.
Elijah kills Ariane
"You found it. Which means you've come to kill me. We both know I have no more answers to give you, and you cannot allow me to live with what I've seen. The things you keep hidden. I am released."
After realizing that the weapon She had foreseen was in fact the knight Klaus had carved for Rebekah a millennium ago, Elijah kills Ariane as she had seen too much into his history.
Madison death
"And now you will help me. Free me from my perpetual servitude to the Strix."
Madison was drained of blood by Aurora de Martel as a reward for bringing her the wooden knight that could kill the Mikaelsons. ("Dead Angels")
Van Nyguen Deceased
Van Nguyen
I can't. If I had a chance at it, it's gone now.
After failing to bring back Davina's spirit from the Ancestral Plane, Van is confronted by Kol Mikaelson. Kol explains that Davina was the only thing stopping him from being his old self, he then kills Van by biting him.("Where Nothing Stays Buried")
"My father he's here. It's so beautiful."
After Ivy is poisoned and given Vampire blood. She decides not to complete the transition and joins her father in the afterlife. ("There in the Disappearing Light")

Character Last words Details
Ray Sutton
He was turned unsuccessfully into a hybrid. He attacked Damon, but later Stefan killed him. ("The Hybrid")
"I'd rather die than be a vampire."
She was turned unsuccessfully into a hybrid. Klaus killed her. ("The Hybrid")
"Might want to invite me in, Elena."
After Alaric fell she called the paramedic. Tony said that he can help him if she invites him in. Jeremy shot him and then decapitated him. ("The New Deal")
"Is everything ok?"
She was in Klaus' Mansion while Klaus was talking with Stefan. She enter the room and asked Klaus if everything was okay and Stefan decapitated her. ("Our Town")
"You've got your family back. Finally. You gonna open them? What business"
After Klaus retrieved his coffins Daniel asked him is he going to open them. Klaus said that he still has some unfinished business to attend to which he asked what business. Then Elijah ripped his heart out. ("The Ties That Bind")
"I'm sorry, I will never fail you again."
He was running away from Klaus with the help of Hayley and Tyler but he got cut and Klaus told him that his exiting is to service Klaus and to please Klaus, and he said "I'm sorry, I will never fail you again." Then he was told he was free to go and when he moved to do so he was killed by Jeremy. ("We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes")
Dean is killed
He was talking to Klaus on the phone after he told him what to do, and he said "Understood". He entered the Mystic Grill but was killed by Connor after falling in his trap. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
Nate 3
"Yeah, I got it. I'll keep him fat and happy. You should send two more for protection. (Glances at Connor) Make that three."
Nate was decapitated when he was acting like Connor's prison guard. ("The Five")
Adrian is killed
He was taken in front of Kimberley when they were waiting for him to take Klaus to kill him, but instead Klaus ripped out Adrian's heart, with his last words being calling Kim's name in tears. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
Kim is killed
"I don't know."
Klaus asked her if she knew where Tyler was. She replied that she didn't know, so Klaus killed her. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
"I said get away!"
He was sired to Hope who Hayley was pregnant with. He let her escaped Tyler and paid the price by letting Tyler kill him.
Damon kills Kai
Malachai Parker
"I mean, you'd think he'd at least flip a coin. Heads, he picks you, tails, he picks-"
After confronting and fatally wounding Bonnie Bennett, Kai is confronted by Damon. Kai, aware that Bonnie's injuries are fatal, alerts Damon to the possibility that he could let Bonnie die and get Elena back and nobody would know. Damon tells Bonnie goodbye and it appears he has left, however, Damon returns moments later and decapitates a distracted Kai. ("I'm Thinking Of You All The While")
"To be fair, you are nothing if I take your magic."
Malcolm came across a homeless man scavenging in Mystic Falls and muttered to himself that 'anyone caught trespassing is food'. Malcolm fed off the man until he died, upon turning around to see Bonnie. He asks who Bonnie is and she tells him she's 'the town witch' before using magic to incapacitate him. Malcolm says that she can't hurt him if he takes her magic and begins to siphon her magic. At that moment, Damon rips Malcolm's heart from his chest from behind. ("Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take")
"Hmmm. Yeah, that's a... That's a pretty good idea. Yeah. Yeah, I'll probably do that."
Valerie apologized to Oscar and then rips his heart to prevent finding Julian. ("Age of Innocence")
Mary Lou & Nora death
Nora Hildegard & Mary Louise
"I love you."
Nora and Mary Louise, following their three years held captive at the Armory, were on the run from Rayna Cruz and in possession of her sword and the phoenix stone after she threw it through their car window. Mary Louise was severely weak after ingesting the blood of Rayna, which is toxic to witches, for three years. Nora states that she is marked and has just earned an eternity on the run from Rayna and eventual death. Fearing for the death of her wife, Mary Louise vows to use the last of her power to siphon the magic from the phoenix stone and end Rayna's power, after Nora cries that Mary Louise is too weak and it will kill her, Mary Louise remarks that she is dead soon anyway but will not Nora die. Nora remarks that there is no life for her without Mary Louise and too begins to siphon the magic from the phoenix stone, while Mary Louise chants, Nora recites Mary Louise's favorite poem to her. They veer of the road and eventually the phoenix stone explodes, killing them both instantly. ("Days of Future Past")
Beau (in Lewis' body)
"Of course you don't recognize me in this body. It's me... Beau."
He was in Rayna's list. Damon ripped his heart after Bonnie didn't let Enzo stake him. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Character Last words Details
Elena kills Connor
Connor Jordan
"Look at you. So worried about your brother. You're the biggest monster he'll ever meet.
Elena killed him since he was causing trouble for the Mystic Falls supernatural community. ("The Killer")
Galen Vaughn
"Good luck to you, Lass. You've all brought this upon yourselves. May you rot in it!"
Rebekah ties him up and leaves him alone in the tomb to starve to death. ("Stand By Me")
Vicente Cruz
"I know. It's his doing, not yours. Never forget that. Remember everything I taught you. Use it. Carry on my legacy. And know that I'll be with you every step of the way.!"
Julian compels Rayna to kill her father. ("This Woman's Work")
Rayna Cruz
"Do you think I could ever forgive you for the things you did to me? Now neither will Bonnie. When she wakes, she'll be just like me, full of hatred for you and your kind and unable to rest until you've been wiped from this earth."
Rayna had agreed to give up her last life in order to help Bonnie Bennett to survive. After all the vampires on her list had been eliminated with the help of the Armory, Rayna called upon a shaman to perform the ritual. The ritual was performed and along with her life force, her supernatural abilities were transferred to Bonnie. She stabbed herself shortly after. ("Kill 'Em All")


Character Last words Details
Seline & Sybil
"We can do better, we'll work together."
"What are you doing to us?!"
Incinerated; killed by Cade. ("Nostalgia's a Bitch")


Character Last words Details
814-Body Count-Cade
"Go to Hell."
Stabbed; killed by Stefan Salvatore. ("It's Been a Hell of a Ride")


Character Last words Details
Unnamed Dryad
"I was wrong about you... Dorian. You kept your word. Not all humans lie. [...] I remembered something else. That black pit, that awful place, it is called Malivore."
Shot in the chest with an arrow; killed by Dorian Williams ("Malivore (Episode)")


Character Last words Details
Unnamed Oneiroi
"You know what you need to do to end this. Bring me the urn. [...] You know where it is."
Stabbed in the eyes with an arrow and dissipated into smoke; killed by Hope Mikaelson ("What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?")


Character Last words Details
Unnamed Sphinx
"Don't worry. It will all be painfully clear soon enough. Now that the boy is away from Malivore's grasp, my work here is done. Until we meet again."
Sliced his own throat and turned into sand; killed by himself ("It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough")


Character Last words Details
LGC208-141~Hooded Figure-Simulandon-Ryan's Consciousness
Ryan Clarke
"But before I die, I wanted to tell you that you're wrong. I don't hate you. And that the truth spell you cast on me is still working, obviously. The snow melted. I'm assuming that means the Krampus is dead? [...] In that case, I have a clean run to the portal. At least I can enjoy the last ten minutes of my life. [...] I think I'm jealous of you, Hope. Because you're just as screwed up as I am, but your friends still love you. Guess I always wanted to believe my father could do the same. [...] Merry Christmas, Hope. [...] Don't worry, Dad. I'll be home for Christmas."
Decapitation of Simulandon's body; killed by the Necromancer ("This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent")


Character Last words Details
"Don't worry. You're next. Your boyfriend's smarter than he looks."
Poisoned by ingesting Devil's Ivy; indirectly killed by Landon Kirby ("What Cupid Problem?")


Character Last words Details
Ethan Machado
"I'm not going anywhere. I made a promise, and I'm gonna keep it. I'm Rescue Guy."
Natural causes. Reached the expiration of his Pukwudgie powers that were in turn tied to his lifespan. ("This Can Only End in Blood")


Character Last words Details
"And what do you find me guilty of?"
Stabbed with the Red Oak Spear; killed by Cleo Sowande, and indirectly by Hope Mikaelson. ("This Can Only End in Blood")

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