Pearl! Open this door or I swear to God I will bust through and rip your head off.

Let The Right One In is the seventeenth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and the seventeenth episode of the series overall.


STEFAN, DAMON, ALARIC AND ELENA AGAINST TOMB VAMPIRES - When Stefan and Damon make a dangerous new enemy, Stefan suddenly finds himself in a perilous situation. Damon and Elena try to convince Alaric to work with them to help Stefan. Matt is hopeful that his mom, Kelly, may be back to stay. After her car breaks down in a storm, Caroline makes a horrific discovery that shocks everyone in town.



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  • Antagonists: Tomb Vampires.
  • This episode marks the first time that Stefan drinks Elena's blood, and the first time the audience sees him "falling off the wagon" and succumbing to his human blood addiction after decades of living solely on animal blood.
  • Vicki Donovan's body is found in the woods by Caroline in this episode.
  • This episode features the first team-up between Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman. After this episode, the two begin to actually develop a friendship despite their history.
  • This is the episode which inspired the continuous Twitter petition for Damon and Elena to kiss in the rain, which was finally seen in Do You Remember the First Time?.
    • According to Nina Dobrev, she got sick because of the rain scene in this episode.
  • Reality Check: When Caroline is talking to Matt on the phone during the big storm, she mentions Route 5. The actual Virginia Route 5 is not near where Mystic Falls is purported to be.


Body Count


  • Tyler was last seen in Fool Me Once.
  • Alaric was last seen in A Few Good Men.
  • This episode was the first demonstration of many that what happens when Stefan becomes out of control while drinking human blood.
    • This will become an on-and-off issue for several more seasons until he finally begins to control his cravings by exclusively feeding on bagged blood in Season Four.

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  • This episode had about 3.48 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.68 million more than the previous episode.


Anna: "The first rule about vampires: don't believe anything you read."

Elena: "I can't believe you made a deal with her."
Damon: "No, it was more like a helpful exchange of information. It's not like I had a choice. She's scary. Besides, she's gonna help me get Katherine back."
Elena: "Of course. (She laughs sarcastically) Damon gets what he wants as usual, no matter who he hurts in the process."

Damon: "Hunting party?"
Stefan: "That guy did a number on me last night when he stabbed me. I've got to get my strength back up."
Damon: "I have two liters of soccer mom in the fridge... No?"
Stefan: "We'll talk when I get back."
Damon: "Alright, give my regards to the squirrels."

Anna: "Do you even know why we turn other people? It's not to give someone a one-way ticket out of loner-hood, okay? Once, we need someone to do our dirty work; two, revenge; three, boredom... but, you know, that never turns out well. And then, you know, there's the obvious one-- you love someone so much that you would do anything to spend all eternity with them."

Elena: "Damon, now's not the time to be the Lone Ranger."
Damon: "Fine, Elena, you can drive the get-away car. You're not going in the house."
Elena: "You can't stop me. It's Stefan we're talking about here. You don't understand."
Damon: "Oh, I understand, I understand. He's the reason you live, his love lifts you up where you belong. I get it."
Elena: "Can you just not joke around for two seconds?"
Damon: "I can't protect you Elena. I don't know how many vampires there are in there. (He snaps his fingers) That's how long it takes you to get your head ripped off. I have to be able to get in and get out. I can't be distracted with your safety. Or this will end up a bloodbath that none of us walk away from, including Stefan."

Stefan: "Please run."
Elena: "Stefan... my wrist... Here, take my wrist. You need more blood."
Stefan: "Don't, Elena run... run."
Elena: "No. I trust you."

Mayor Lockwood: "They found Vicki Donovan."
Tyler: "Are you serious? Where was she?"
Mayor Lockwood: "A storm unearthed the grave off County Road. They just brought her body down to the morgue."
Jeremy: "Wait... she's dead?"

Stefan: "Elena."
Elena: "Yeah?"
Stefan: "What you did today... coming to help me? You could have been killed."
Elena: "I know."
Stefan: "And what I did, I'm sorry that... I'm sorry that you had to see it."
Elena: "I've just never... You were like this other person."

Damon: (To Alaric) "That was fun. Hey, don't look at me like that. I know you hate me. Guess what, everyone hates me. But you can't deny we were badass. (Alaric punches him and walks away, and Damon looks up at the shocked bartender) Happens."



Last.fm_play.png "Let Me Take You Out" – Class Actress
Last.fm_play.png "I Was Wrong" – The Morning Benders
Last.fm_play.png "Resignation Studies" – The Silent League
Last.fm_play.png "Young Men Dead" – The Black Angels
Last.fm_play.png "Boy" – Lights On

Last.fm_play.png "Young Lovers (Sam Sparrow Mix)" – Love Grenades
Last.fm_play.png "East" – Systems Officer
Last.fm_play.png "Conscience Killer" – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Last.fm_play.png "All You Wanted" – Sounds Under Radio


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