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Ley lines are described as supernatural cracks of power in the earth’s makeup created by rare occurrences and the presence of strong supernatural beings. The area that happens to be on a ley line can become permanently marked when the surrounding atmosphere overloads with Power which only grows stronger as more supernatural beings and events on it reoccur over time. Once an area is marked, the raw power acts as a beacon to supernatural beings, drawing them to the area in which the ley lines are strongest, skilled users of Power are the more conscious of it's visibility.


Ley lines in the Novels are described as cracks that look like raw power veins in the earth. They can only be seen by supernatural beings with Power and cannot be found physically as they are completely incorporeal and spiritual.

Ley lines also act as a source of power which can be channeled. The level of power one town's ley lines can give is obscure, but Fell's Church was strong enough to power and draw vampires, The Old Ones, Kitsune and Guardians. Elena once drew on them for power to destroy all the malach in the town as well as the restore the purity of the town through her Wings of Purification.

Known Ley Lines

Fell's church is one example of a marked ley line and attracted various supernatural creatures such as the Salvatore Brothers, Katherine von Swartzschild, Klaus, Shinichi, Misao, Inari and even The Celestial Court.


  • Ley lines are first mentioned in Midnight.
  • Bonnie McCullough, despite being a powerful psychic and witch, never saw the ley lines in her town until she studied the use of her abilities, even then it took time before she could see the lines of power.
  • Elena Gilbert states that a ley line cannot be seen without channeling power to the eyes.

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