My name is Ligeia De La Poer. I must make this record with care, but also in haste. For these are undoubtedly the last words I shall ever set down.
Ligeia writes in her diary in Through a Glass, Darkly

Ligeia De La Poer was a human that only appeared in The Vampire Diaries digital comic Through a Glass, Darkly.

Early History

Ligeia was born on a full Flower moon in her parents wagon, many miles east of Mystic Falls. Her parents claimed that she kept the light of that moon and shown it on them ever after. They worked hard when they stopped and so would she, or sometimes she'd go to school. Eventually they came to Mystic Falls and life was good. She made friends, she felt safe and loved. According to her mother, her light never shown as bright as it did in Mystic Falls.

When she was eighteen, the Wheelwright's son proposed to her. However, she did not know him, except by sight, so she declined his offer as kindly as she could. People were jealous and men committed violence in her name, whether in love or lust, she did not know in her innocence. Gossip told her that the sheriff's arrival is what saved him; he survived a beating, but she never saw him afterward.

After that incident, Mystic Falls changed for her. Eyes of the menfolk were always upon her. By day, they spoke in low voices, but after dark, they spoke openly. She knew their boasts were lies, but gossip spread. She did not know what she had done to deserve it, and hoped that it would all pass. She, however, was unprepared for the accusations that followed. She was accused of sleeping with another woman's husband after gossip spread of two men having "conquered" her. They called her "liar" and "homewrecker" and much worse. They could not prove the suppositions and that made them hate her more.

After meeting with a witch, the townswomen confronted her. Her mother tried to protect her, she knew she had done nothing wrong and had nothing to fear. She joined them in the Town Square and gazed into the enchanted mirror given to them by the witch. Alas, she only saw herself - she was no monster. She was sure they would see that too. However, she saw their faces, their true selves. They were so filled with anger, with lust, with jealousy, and hatred. She lived, it seemed, among a madding crowd of monster. They could never admit to what they saw in the looking glass. It was better to brand her a monster then admit their truth. The dragged her to the Salvatore house and buried her alive within its walls. She begged them for a candle to spend her last moments in the light. With the fading light of the candle, she recorded the events that transpired to her eventual death. The air grew stale and she grew weak and weary. In her final moments, she knew no fear. She had committed no sin and was true to herself.

Throughout the Digital Comic Series

In Through a Glass, Darkly, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore find Ligeia's corpse in the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House. Beside her, her diary recounts her last words she ever set.


Physical Appearance


The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic


  • Ligeia is derived from Greek, meaning "clear-voiced, shrill, whistling".[2]
  • De La Poer is likely Irish, excusivel through 'De Paor', though its origins are not certain. It may come from the Old French, 'povre', meaning poor.[3]



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