Lily Leroux was a character of The Originals novel series. She was a witch and the daughter of Ysabelle Dalliencourt and Abelard Leroux, niece of Sofia Lescheres, cousin of Vivianne Lescheres-Mikaelson and the mother of Marguerite Leroux. She was also in charge of the New Orleans witches during 1766.

Lily was a member of the Leroux Family and the Dalliencourt Family.

The Originals Novel Series

The Loss

Lily took her mother's place as leader of the New Orleans witches after a hurricane razed the city to its foundations. Before her mother's passing, she suspected that her mother nursed an odd soft spot for the Mikaelsons (Eljiah, Niklaus, and Rebekah). Living in the Bayou, Lily began to shut down any talk of retaliation by reminding the Mikaelsons that the witches’ own hands were responsible for their current misery. She believed that the Mikaelsons and the vampires were a complete threat to her and her kin, and intended to make sure they paid for their sins and tyranny.

However she lost her life when it became known she went against Klaus and cost him his bride.


Lily harbored a grudge against vampires for what happened to the witches and wanted vengeance against them and the Mikaelsons for their tyranny against her kin. She has shown to be crazed and determined in her cause and mission, even lying about her daughter. She was also deceitful as she tricked Klaus into resurrecting her cousin Vivianne so she could act as a door for the undead witches.

After becoming a mort-vivant herself, she was more crazed and savage into completing what she had set out to do, which instead caused her downfall.

Physical Appearance

She is said to resemble her mother more, with her auburn hair being her most recognizable feature. Her features are said to resemble her father, but that is the only thing that has been said about Abelard.

Elijah had also mentioned that Lily was chubby legged when she was a child.

Powers and Abilities

Lily possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch before turning into a mort-vivant.


Lily had the typical weaknesses of a standard witch before turning into a mort-vivant.



  • Lily is an English baby name and means "lily flower" or "pure". The flower lily is a symbol of innocence, purity beauty, which is ironic as Lily is the antagonist of the book. It could be a form of Lilian, Lillia, Leanna, Liana, Liliana, Lillian or Lilliana.
  • Leroux is a French name and means "the red-haired one", which could possibly be a reference to her auburn hair. Leroux is a also a last name of a famous author named Gaston Leroux, who wrote Phantom of the Opera.

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