[The vampires are congregated at Marcel's apartment, where they are all drinking and talking. Gia stands against the wall with her eyes closed, and catches a dart thrown by a fellow vampire before it can hit her in the face. When she opens her eyes, she laughs in victory and holds out her hand to the vampire]

GIA: [smirks] Pay up!

[The vampire hands her a $100 bill. Across the room, Josh is checking a message on a dating app on his phone, on which his username is NoLaYolo019. Marcel walks over and hands him a drink]

MARCEL: Any prospects?
JOSH: Well, since you asked... Yeah, there's this one guy. We've been messaging so far, but... I think I like him. Like, really like him.
MARCEL: So, what's the problem?
JOSH: Oh, I don't know... I might have left a few things out of the old profile. For example, what has two thumbs and drinks blood to survive? Oh, right! This guy. [He gives Marcel a double-thumbs-up]

[He rolls his eyes and gives Marcel a double-thumbs up, which makes Marcel laughs. After a moment, Marcel is about to take a sip of his drink when someone is suddenly thrown through the windows. When everyone gets up to investigate, they find it's one of their fellow vampires, who appears to have had his throat ripped out by a werewolf. Suddenly, werewolves with moonlight rings swarm the loft, led by Oliver and another werewolf named Aiden. Gia furiously glares at the and approaches the wolves who have crashed their party]

GIA: The hell is wrong with you people? We didn't do anything!
AIDEN: [unimpressed] This is nothing your kind hasn't done to us. Learn your history.
MARCEL: I don't know who the hell you are, but we had a deal. Vampires stay out of the Quarter? Everybody's cool.
AIDEN: That's not good enough anymore.
MARCEL: Oh yeah? Says who? You? Or that witch you all answer to now? Lenore, right? Never thought I'd see the day-- proud werewolves on a witch's leash. I hope those rings you're wearing are worth it.

[Aiden smirks and nods toward the wolves behind him. One of the werewolves grabs another one of the vampires and bites into his neck. A third werewolf goes after Josh, and Josh uses all of his strength to keep him from biting him as well]

AIDEN: That's enough!

[Josh manages to push the werewolf off of him before he can be bitten, and looks flustered as he glances over at Aiden]

AIDEN: Your privileges here have been revoked. Permanently. So, when we come back, you need to be gone. Because next time? I won't call them off.

[Marcel glares at Aiden, who remains unbothered]

AIDEN: Consider this a warning, Marcel. It's the only one you're gonna get.



[Vincent/Finn, who is still "undercover" as a psychology adviser at Cami's school, is sitting in a chair, while Cami, who is looking out the window, talks to him. While she speaks, we see a montage of an All Hallows Eve party on the streets below]

CAMI: This is a city of death. Fires, floods... to say nothing of the violence we do to each other. We may laissez les bon temps rouler, but really, we've turned life here into one big party to distract ourselves from a single, unavoidable truth-- we're all going to die.
VINCENT/FINN: Is that what you're afraid of?
CAMI: [defensively] Who says I'm afraid of anything?
VINCENT/FINN: Cami, we've been meeting like this for weeks now, and you're still dodging my questions. Now, how do you expect your patients to open up to you when you won't open up yourself?
CAMI: I'm open! What do you want me to be open about? My dead uncle? My dead brother?
VINCENT/FINN: How about the living? I mean, you're highly intelligent, you are charming, and you're beautiful. I mean, surely you must have friends? Boyfriends?

[Cami chuckles and shakes her head]

VINCENT/FINN: [scoffs] You really mean to tell me that there's no one that warrants discussion here?
CAMI: [shrugs] I'm attracted to the wrong kind of guy. I know, tale as old as time.
VINCENT/FINN: Well, Cami, that's your tale! And, part of the therapeutic process is in the telling of it!
CAMI: [sighs] There was this one guy. Smart, loyal, abs for days... But, I was his rebound girl, if I'm gonna be honest with myself. And, he was also... well, you know, unique in ways that mean I should probably stay away from him.
VINCENT/FINN: [smiles] Unique?
CAMI: Just trust me on this one. We're not compatible.
VINCENT/FINN: Now, you said one guy. Am I to assume there are more?
CAMI: [shrugs] There was... this other guy. Also unique. I mean, nothing ever happened between us. He just got under my skin, I guess. Manipulative mother, abusive father. And under all that anger, and mistrust, and cruelty, there was goodness in him. And, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't pretend it wasn't there.
VINCENT/FINN: You cared for him. You wanted to save him. So, what happened?

[Cami remains silent for a moment before she quietly responds to his question]

CAMI: Some people don't wanna be saved.


[The Crescent wolves who are staying at the compound are congregated in the courtyard when Elijah enters the room]

Elijah: Brother! Niklaus!

[At the sound of Elijah's voice, Hayley walks into the room to see what is going on]

HAYLEY: You do realize that literally everyone in here has supernatural hearing, right?
Elijah: Where is my brother?
HAYLEY: [sarcastically] I'll check his calendar... Wait, no. Not his wife, so...
Elijah: [annoyed] Hayley, this city is under siege by an army of beasts following my deranged mother's every command. Now, considering it was your people who just declared war on my kind, now's not the best time for your particular brand of sass.
HAYLEY: [unamused] Klaus left a while ago. If you want to find him, I can't help you. If only there was a magical device that people used to call people? I don't know, I'm out of ideas. Good luck.

[She turns and walks away, but stops and turns back at the last moment]

HAYLEY: Oh! One more thing, Elijah-- those "beasts" that you're referring to? They may be under Esther's control, but, like you said, they're my people. So, if you hurt them, your bitch mother will be the least of your problems.

[She turns to leave. Elijah stands and stares as she walks away, looking unhappy]


[The All Hallows Eve party is still raging on in the streets as Cami exits Vincent's office. She calls Davina, who answers it]

CAMI: Finally, you pick up your phone! I've been trying to get a hold of you for days! Way to leave a girl hanging.

[The scene cuts back and forth between Cami in the Quarter and Davina, who is standing on the porch of a cabin out near the Bayou]

DAVINA: I know, I should have called you back. I didn't want you to worry. I just... things are complicated.

[She watches while Mikael trains with a wooden staff out in the yard]

CAMI: Yeah, well, word on the streets-- and, by streets, I mean Josh-- is that you've gone totally MIA. Seriously, are you okay? Where are you?
DAVINA: I'm fine. I'll be back soon, I promise. And... thanks for calling. It's good to hear your voice.

[She hangs up on Cami and returns to the cabin]

CAMI: Davina? Davina?

[She sighs and checks her phone to see that the call has disconnected. Behind her, Klaus is standing and smirking]

Klaus: Well, that was rather rude!

[Cami turns quickly and gapes at him in shock, which makes him smirk in amusement]

Klaus: Well, it's a pleasure to see you, too, Camille!
CAMI: Don't...Don't do that crooked-smile thing, okay? I haven't see you for months, and now you're... appearing out of the blue? What do you want?
Klaus: Well, I have a rather long list of people I need to track down and deal with, and at the top of that list is a certain runaway witch.
CAMI: Maybe she doesn't want to be found.
Klaus: And for good reason. Had I magically resurrected the insane, vampire-hunting father of my sworn enemy, I'd be hiding too!
CAMI: [stunned] Wait, what?
Klaus: Oh, haven't you heard? Mikael the Destroyer, back from the dead. And, by all accounts, under the complete control of your little friend, Davina.
CAMI: [worried] Well, you heard her, clearly. She didn't say where she was!
Klaus: Oh, on the contrary, love. You just had to know how to listen. For instance, I heard cicadas, and I heard tans, but the real giveaway was the church bells. Did you know Davina's family owns a little cabin in Terrebonne Parish? It's been abandoned for years! But, a brief glimpse at a map showed its just a mile from the loveliest little chapel.
CAMI: [sighs] So, what's the plan?
Klaus: Well, the way I see it, if Davina wants to use Mikael to kill me, we just have two options. One, you reason with her. Two? Well, I don't think you'd like two very much.
CAMI: [considers this for a moment] Fine. Let's go

[The two begin to walk down the street and head off to Davina's cabin]


[Lenore/Esther and Kaleb/Kol are in the greenhouse of the Lycée, where they are holding their hands over a map to do a locator spell. Esther is chanting the spell, while Kol just pretends to mouth the words while he tries to check his phone]

ESTHER: Où tu fuis, a pouvoir la trouver. Yonn souri nan zeb--

[She notices Kol's distraction and claps loudly to snap him out of it]

ESTHER: Kol! Concentrate. [Kol rolls his eyes and puts his phone away] Unless you've finally heard from our missing Davina Claire.

[She takes a rose and plucks several petals from it before dropping them in a glass bowl of water]

KOL: Well, it's only a matter of time. I mean, look at this face! How long can she possibly resist?
ESTHER: Given your progress, I'd say indefinitely.

[She pricks her pinky with the end of a dagger and drips her blood into the bowl with the rose petals]

ESTHER: No matter. I'll find her. [She holds up the bowl] Now, focus. Conjure her in your mind.

[Kol sighs and closes his eyes as Esther speaks the incantation]

ESTHER: [chants] Ma te ak san sou ki à lumière la fille--

[Suddenly, the bowl shatters in her hands, startling both Esther and Kol. The bloody water and rose petals spill all over the map]

ESTHER: She's somehow blocked our locator spell.
KOL: Not entirely my fault, then.

[Just then, Vincent/Finn enters the room and joins them with an annoyed demeanor]

FINN: Considering your sole task was keeping track of a teenager, you might want to draw a little less attention to your absolute failure to do so.  
KOL: Oh, you're one to talk about failure! Have you got that human girl to bare her soul to you, yet? Or are you too busy playing captain to a pack of mangy dogs to have any success as a fake headshrinker?
FINN: [annoyed] You know what your problem is?
KOL: Oh, I would love to listen--
ESTHER: [frustrated] Boys.

[Finn and Kol break up their fight, and each look guilty as they turn their attention back to their mother]

ESTHER: Now, if I'm right, Davina has the white oak stake. Find the girl, Kol, and get it back.


[Mikael is outside, standing with his wooden staff with his eyes closed, as though he is meditating. He is clearly still healing from his battle against the werewolves in Alive and Kicking. After a moment, Davina comes out to join him]

DAVINA: You don't look so good. Those bites--
MIKAEL: Werewolf venom is to be purged by force, not acquiesced to.
DAVINA: And what is that? A Viking bumper sticker?
MIKAEL: [ignores her] Exactly how much longer are we going to be hiding here? Like cowards?
DAVINA: Elijah saw you. If he knows you're here, then Klaus does, too. So, I'm sorry, but until I unlink him from my friends, you're stuck here with me.
MIKAEL: Confrontation is inevitable, child. Your fear will prove to be our greatest disadvantage.
DAVINA: I'm not afraid.
MIKAEL: Well, you should be. You are weak.
DAVINA: But I'm still in charge.

[She holds up her wrist and shows him her bracelet]

DAVINA: By the way, I spelled it while you were...purging. It won't come off again.
MIKAEL: Ah, yes. Your magic. How well did that serve you when the wolves attacked? Hmm? Magic can only ever fight half your battles. Remember that.

[Mikael turns to go back to his training. Davina calls after him]

DAVINA: Okay. Fine. You're so tough? Teach me.
MIKAEL: Teach you what?
DAVINA: How to be strong.

[Mikael smirks, visibly impressed by her nerve]


[The vampires, including Gia, Marcel, and Josh, are all meeting to discuss what to do with the werewolves' ultimatum]

GIA: We don't wanna run.
MARCEL: I know, and I respect that. But, believe me, there's a big difference between wanting to fight and knowing how to win.
GIA: So, show us! You've kicked their ass before, I'm guessing you didn't do it alone.  

[Josh, looking apprehensive, raises his hand as if to ask permission to speak]

JOSH: Umm, yeah, not that I don't dig the whole Karate Kid vibe that we got going on here, but-- how are we supposed to learn to defend ourselves from an army of super-wolves in, like, one day?

[Marcel has no answer. Suddenly, someone vamp-speeds through the room and snaps the necks of two of the male vampires. When the rest of them realize it's Elijah, Marcel rolls his eyes and sighs before looking over at a very nervous Josh]

Elijah: Lesson one-- always be on your guard.

[Marcel and Gia stare at Elijah. Elijah smirks]


[Vincent/Finn is conferring with Oliver, Aiden, and several other werewolf leaders in front of the lycée]

VINCENT/FINN: Well, I trust our message was well received.
OLIVER: Loud and clear. Those vampires should be gone by tomorrow.
VINCENT/FINN: In my experience, one can never be too careful with these creatures, though. We'll greet them with superior numbers.

[He turns to another werewolf to give him an order]

VINCENT/FINN: Would you bring me the recruits, now, Sam?

[Sam leaves to do as he's told, and Finn returns to Oliver and Aiden]

VINCENT/FINN: Oliver, Aiden-- I have a task for you.

[A group of young children in their early teens are led out to join the leaders. Aiden's eyes widen in shock and confusion when he sees a young, dark-haired boy in the crowd]

AIDEN: What's going on here?
VINCENT/FINN: Tonight is Luna Sanguinis-- a blood moon. Now, one thousand years ago, your people marked this celestial event with a rite of passage. Electing not to shrink from their nature, but to embrace it with pride by slaying a human being and activating their curse.

[Aiden gasps quietly in horror when he realizes what Vincent/Finn is trying to do]

VINCENT/FINN: Tonight, as unturned wolves, you will kill with the singular purpose of unleashing that warrior that lives within you.
AIDEN: [angry] They're just a bunch of kids!
VINCENT/FINN: Aiden, we can no longer afford to hide our children from the horrors of war.

[He puts his arm around the dark-haired boy's shoulders. Oliver and Aiden look horrified]

VINCENT/FINN: From now on, you're either with us, or you're against us.

[Vincent/Finn turns to address the young untriggered wolves]

VINCENT/FINN: Come with me!

[Vincent/Finn leads the children away, and Oliver and Aiden stare at them in shock as they leave]


[Mikael is carving a symbol into another wooden staff he has made from a tree branch when Davina comes outside to join him]

DAVINA: What's that?
MIKAEL: The crest of our clan. A reminder that we always carry the honor of our ancestors before we go to battle.

[He flings the knife into the wooden swing on which he's sitting before standing and throwing the staff at Davina, who just barely catches it]

DAVINA: I wasn't ready!
MIKAEL: First lesson-- always be on your guard.

[Davina takes note of the weight of the staff in her hands for a moment]

DAVINA: It's heavy.
MIKAEL: [impatiently] I was half your age the first time my father gave me the staff. I would have torn every muscle rather than let him see me strain. And, had I-- [He attacks her, and she barely blocks his blow] -- He would have corrected me.
DAVINA: [pants] No offense, but your dad sounds like a jerkwad.
MIKAEL: Mothers love their children. Fathers make them strong.

[He attacks her again, and though she struggles, she manages to continue blocking him]

DAVINA: My mother tried to sacrifice me, and my dad took off when I was born, so...

[She starts to fight back, but Mikael easily dodges her strikes]

MIKAEL: You're anticipating. Do not let me see your move before you make it.

[He strikes at her staff, knocking her off-balance and causing her to twist her ankle as she falls. She whimpers in pain]

MIKAEL: [impatiently] Get up.
DAVINA: [groans] I can't. I hurt my ankle.
MIKAEL: The ability to end your pain is a warrior's true weapon. Master that, and nothing holds power over you. [Davina glares at him] Now, on your feet. [Davina winces] I said, On. Your. Feet.

[Davina continues to glare at him, but does grab her staff to use it to help her pull herself up on her feet. She leans against the staff for support. Mikael looks mildly impressed]

MIKAEL: Good. Perhaps you've actually learned something today.


[Cami sits alone at a table with a cocktail, staring off into space, when Klaus walks in and finds her]

Klaus: "Wait in the car," you said. "I'll be right back," you said!

[Cami ignores him and takes a big gulp of her drink]

Klaus: [sighs impatiently] Did I not sufficiently explain to you the urgency of this endeavor?
CAMI: You're the one who hijacked my afternoon to drive me along to this revenge fantasy of yours! Excuse me if I need a drink to take off the edge before the killing begins.
Klaus: So, that's your plan, is it? Ply me with alcohol and prattle on until I'm convinced to leave Davina and Mikael alone to plot my death?
CAMI: No. My plan is to listen. Come on, Klaus. You could have eavesdropped on that phone call and vanished before I even knew you were there. So, let's just get to the part you really want me to play.

[Klaus stares at her blankly, and Cami sighs before she continues]

CAMI: Therapist, stenographer, drinking buddy. Call it whatever you want, I know why I'm here. To give you the one thing you've never had-- someone to hear your side.

[Klaus gapes at her, shocked that she would offer such a thing. He then quietly sits down across from Cami at the table]

CAMI: So. You want to kill your father? Fine! Let's talk.

[She smiles at him, and Klaus smiles back before grabbing her drink and taking a sip]


[Davina is inside, sitting in a chair, as she gingerly removes her boot to find that her ankle is swollen and bruising. She whimpers in pain as she gently touches the top of her foot, and, seeing no other options, picks up her phone and dials a number]

DAVINA: [on the phone] Hi. Um, I'm sorry, I know I haven't called in a while.

[She has called Kaleb/Kol, who is still hanging out in the greenhouse of the Lycée]

KALEB/KOL: Don't be silly, love. Are you alright? Where are ya?
DAVINA: Um... I'll text you the address. And maybe a list of some things you can bring me?
KALEB/KOL: Alright, I'll be right there.

[He hangs up and smiles triumphantly]


[In Marcel's living room, Elijah is helping to teach Gia how to fight like a vampire. She goes to punch his chest, but he blocks it]

Elijah: As a devout feminist, I refuse to say that you hit like a girl.

[He lets go of her, and she spins around in frustration]

Elijah: Let's try this again, shall we?
GIA: [pouts] Tell me again why I don't get to be outside with everybody else. You know, with the nice teacher?

[Elijah begins to roll up his sleeves and take off his tie to better move around]

Elijah: You are my responsibility.
GIA: [smiles] ...Says the feminist.
Elijah: [chuckles] Fighting is rhythm. There is a music, there is a meter, there is a pattern. Let that rhythm beat within you.

[He stands defensively and nods at her]

Elijah: Again.

[Gia puts up her fists and starts to fight him, but he easily blocks her blows. The two spin and continue practicing]

Elijah: Legato. [They fight] Ostinato. [They fight] Crescendo.

[Gia manages to hit him, but he blocks the majority of it]

Elijah: And then, once you've established your cadence--

[Gia spins out of his grip, kicks him, and presses him against the wall while he's distracted]

GIA: [smiles] --You change the key.
Elijah: [panting] Very nice.

[He grabs her arm and presses her hand against his chest]

Elijah: Now-- the head, or the heart? [Gia hesitates] None of this matters if you cannot make the kill.
GIA: What if I can't do it?

[She lets go of him, but he grabs her arm and puts it back where it was]

Elijah: You will. To survive. Now-- the head, or the heart?

[Gia looks terrified, but she shoves her hand into Elijah's chest and grabs his heart. Elijah winces in pain but looks at her proudly. Suddenly, Hayley enters the apartment and is horrified at what she sees]

HAYLEY: [confused] Elijah?

[Gia and Elijah both look startled and mildly embarrassed. Gia takes her hand out of his chest and lets go of him. Hayley looks slightly jealous, but she plays it cool and approaches them while Elijah heals]

HAYLEY: We need to talk.

[Aiden follows Hayley into the loft. Gia looks as though she's about to lunge for him, but Elijah holds her back]

HAYLEY: We're not here for a fight. Just hear him out.
Elijah: [unimpressed] Speak. I suggest you be succinct.
AIDEN: [sighs] Please. I need your help.

[After the break, Elijah, Gia, Hayley, and Aiden have been joined by Oliver, Josh, and Marcel. The werewolves explain their dilemma]

AIDEN: The witch wants soldiers. So now, it's either join up, or pay the price.
Elijah: I've known my brother Finn to be merciless, but I'll admit, this exceeds even my expectations.
HAYLEY: They're just kids. Marcel, you know the Quarter like the back of your hand. If anyone can get them out of here, it's you.
MARCEL: Oh? And take 'em where?
OLIVER: There's still wolves deep in the Bayou. Ones that didn't take a ring. They can look after them.
MARCEL: The ones that never sold out, you mean.
OLIVER: You wanna look at it like that, that's fine. We did what we had to do.
MARCEL: [sighs] Your wolves have been fighting us for decades. Why trust us now?
AIDEN: [hesitates] One of the recruits is my little brother. [Josh looks shocked] There's no way I'm sending him to war.

[Marcel looks over at Elijah, who sighs]

Elijah: Tell us what you need.


[Klaus is getting drunk on scotch and telling Cami what she wants to know]

Klaus: My mother's intentions are far less savage than my father's. She'd prefer to place us all in new bodies, thereby reuniting our family in some bizarre coven of extremely dysfunctional witches.
CAMI: So, what, are you just gonna kill her, too?
Klaus: If only I could. But, therein lies my predicament-- if I kill her, she'll just jump into another body. If I somehow manage to thwart that nasty little inconvenience, she'll rejoin the bloody witch ancestors and haunt me from beyond. But, right now, Mikael has the white oak stake. He needs to die first.
CAMI: And, how are you going to do that unarmed?

[Klaus smiles and reaches inside his inner jacket pocket]

Klaus: I've taken precautions.

[He pulls out Papa Tunde's blade and shows it to her]

CAMI: [sarcastically] Oh, goody, Papa Tunde's Mystical-Knife-of-Ludicrous-Torment. Glad that's still around.
Klaus: You know, my parents dedicated their lives to making me feel weak and afraid. I've killed them once already. I can do it again.

[He stands to his feet as though he's about to leave, but Cami stops him by grabbing his arm]

CAMI: Klaus, wait. I get it. The hurt your parents have inflicted on you for a thousand years. I understand what you're fighting against. The real question is what are you fighting for?

[Klaus looks at her, confused and surprised by this response once again]

CAMI: [matter-of-factly] Ask me to dance.
Klaus: [skeptically] You want to dance?
CAMI: No. I... never want to dance. I'm actually really bad at it. But, I'm trying to make a point-- there's more to life than the pain they made you feel. A cold beer, a slow song, a good friend... There are good things, Klaus. [She takes his hand] And you need to see that, too.

[Klaus looks as though he's about to cry. Cami puts her free hand on his shoulder, and he puts his own hand on her waist as the two begin to dance. They stare at each other, their faces close]

CAMI: There's no real peace in revenge.

[Klaus' face slowly creeps closer to Cami's, as though he's going to kiss her, but he simply moves his face so its resting against hers. Cami looks overwhelmed as he puts his face close to hers again before he spins her quickly. Cami smiles for a brief moment, but when she turns back toward him, Klaus has vanished. She looks sad and disappointed]


[Kaleb/Kol has arrived to the cabin with the things she asked for, and is taking a lot at Davina's injured ankle. He rolls up her jeans to get a better look]

KALEB/KOL: [examines her ankle] Yeah, I've heard about this! I've never actually seen it firsthand. It appears someone has knocked you head over heels, quite literally! [Davina giggles] And I thought I'd have that honor!
DAVINA: [smiles] Hmm.

[Kol uses his fingers to scoop up an herbal poultice that he's made in a bowl and spreads it over Davina's injured foot]

DAVINA: [wrinkles her nose] Ugh, it smells like--
KALEB/KOL: --The wrong end of something quite dead? Yeah. It's just a little something I picked up from a shaman bloke in Uganda. [He finishes treating her ankle] There you go!

[Davina sighs in relief and tries to stand up]

DAVINA: Wow, the pain is just--

[She stumbles on her numb foot, but Kaleb/Kol catches her before she can hit the floor]

KALEB/KOL: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

[He sits her down on the bench next to him]

KALEB/KOL: It's magic, alright? It's not a miracle.

[He sets her ankle on the chair so it can rest before nodding toward the vials, herbs, and parchments with magical writing sitting on the table]

KALEB/KOL: That's quite the spell you've got going here! [Davina chuckles] I mean, not to pry, but I figured you had your secrets after our last date ended in a werewolf bar brawl.
DAVINA: [smiles] Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
KALEB/KOL: Aw, it's alright. I've never really liked dull girls, anyway. That said, what exactly is going on here?

[Davina opens her mouth to speak, but can't find the words]

KALEB/KOL: You're still not the trusting sort.
DAVINA: [sighs] Do you trust me?
KALEB/KOL: [jokingly] Are you slicked? Those sad eyes might fool some people, but not me. I know what you're after.

[Davina looks at him in confusion and fear, but he's only teasing her]

KALEB/KOL: You've got a lecherous heart, Davina Claire! [Davina bursts out laughing] I won't be used, not for my body, nor my medicinal herbs!
DAVINA: [giggles] Hmm.
KALEB/KOL: We can hold hands, that's it! [He looks at her for a moment] Whatever it is you're up to, well, you can tell me when you're good and ready.

[He brushes a lock of her hair behind her ear, and Davina stares at him, smiling]


[Marcel, Elijah, Josh, Gia, Hayley, Aiden, and Oliver are organizing their plan for the evening. Josh stares at Aiden awkwardly as he talks]

AIDEN: Alright, the kids are being held in the City of the Dead until we bring them through the Quarter to St. Anne's Church. Now, meanwhile, Vincent is holding a meeting with a few humans in-the-know. The ones who have been...reluctant to fall in line with his new leadership.
Elijah: [stunned] He's going to use the children to kill any opposition.
AIDEN: [nods] Activate their curse, send a message to anyone who's thinking about going against him. It's two birds, one... bloodbath.
MARCEL: Okay, so, we'll hit them while the kids are on the move.
Elijah: Aiden, make certain you and Oliver escort the children. We'll handle the rest.
OLIVER: Wait, wait, wait, wait-- Esther and her psycho son are already giving me the stink-eye. If these kids go missing on my watch, I'm as good as dead.  
Elijah: You wanted to help your people and make amends for the past. This is your chance.


[Kaleb/Kol has just put a sleeping Davina in her bed. When he's sure she's asleep, he closes her bedroom door and starts to sneak through her things in search of the white oak stake. He passes an ajar door and sees that dozens of candles are lit inside. He slowly opens the door and peers inside, and when he determines it to be empty, he walks inside and starts to look around. He opens and shuts several drawers before finally finding the stake. Just as he grabs it, Mikael appears and twists his arm behind him]

MIKAEL: What have we here? A liar and a thief?
KALEB/KOL: [groans] I'm just looking about!
MIKAEL: [shouts] Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right here?
KALEB/KOL: The bracelet. The one she uses to control you. I'm a witch. I know the magic to turn it off. You'll be free to do whatever you want, provided you promise not to harm me.

[Mikael considers this offer for a moment before roughly letting him go. Kaleb/Kol winces in pain and rubs his hand where Mikael gripped it]

KALEB/KOL: I take it we have a deal?

[Mikael stares at him, visibly conflicted]


[The All Hallows Eve party is still raging on in the streets of the Quarter. Everyone is in costumes as Aiden, Oliver, and the other werewolf leaders walk the werewolf children toward St. Anne's Church. Aiden's brother, Nick, looks very nervous]

[Gia holds a drink in her hand and pretends to drunkenly run into one of the werewolf leaders, who stops to start a fight with her. Gia shoves him backward, where Marcel catches him and snaps his neck. Marcel meets Aiden's eye before he and Gia run away, allowing Aiden and Oliver to "chase" after them in the name of tracking them down. Before they leave, Aiden points to Oliver]

AIDEN: You take the kids. [He turns to address two other leaders] Split up and find them!

[After they leave, Oliver approaches the crowd of werewolf children and speaks to them as quietly as possible]

OLIVER: Listen up, listen up. We gotta go, don't ask questions. Just move! [He claps] Come on!

[Oliver leads the children through the Quarter. He stops short and looks around anxiously when he doesn't immediately see any familiar faces, but he quickly sighs in relief when he hears Hayley's voice]

HAYLEY: [whispers] Ollie, this way!

[Oliver and the kids follow her through an alley and into Rousseau's, where Josh is waiting for them. He opens a door hidden behind a cupboard in the kitchen]

JOSH: [to the children] Go ahead.

[He turns back to Oliver and Hayley]

JOSH: It's a passageway from the Prohibition days. It'll take us pretty much anywhere we want to go.

[Josh crouches down and enters the passage, as Hayley follows behind him. Oliver watches them as they close the door and looks nervous]


[Oliver has just arrived in a parking garage where Elijah is waiting for him]

Elijah: Where are they?
OLIVER: They should be right behind me. Any minute now.

[Hayley leads the children through the tunnels, and puts a finger to her lips to remind them to stay quiet. Josh leads with a flashlight, and when they come up upon a metal gate, he breaks it down. Gia arrives and meets up with Josh]

JOSH: Hey, where's Marcel?
GIA: Uh, he's getting the getaway car.
HAYLEY: Hey! Big-mouth! Shut it! There are werewolves everywhere.

[In the parking garage, Elijah and Oliver are waiting when they hear a noise]

OLIVER: Here we go. About time.

[Suddenly, they're surrounded by a large group of werewolves]

WEREWOLF 1: Don't bother trying to run. We've got you surrounded.
OLIVER: [laughs] What, you don't think that we would be dumb enough to bring 'em here, do you?
Elijah: Yes, I so do apologize for any inconvenience. The little ones you seek are elsewhere. [He smiles] Which, I suppose, leaves you here with me.
WEREWOLF 1: You're the ones that don't seem to understand! We're not looking for the kids. The witch wants you.

[Elijah, anticipating a fight, starts to take off his jacket as he steps toward the werewolf]

Elijah: Listen to me very carefully-- I told a good friend that I'd do my very best to spare the lives of her people. You leave right now? I will honor that. [He smiles patronizingly] Stay, and the situation becomes irrefutably awkward.

[The werewolf's lip twitches as he braces himself for a fight. The rest of the wolves do the same. Elijah turns to Oliver, rolling his eyes when he realizes the other wolves intend to fight]

Elijah: Very well. [He turns to Oliver] You should probably leave.

[Elijah throws his jacket and his tie aside]

OLIVER: [sighs] Either I'm in, or I'm out, right?

[Elijah nods in understanding, and he and Oliver stand back to back in preparation for the oncoming violence]


[Josh has just led the werewolf children to Marcel, who is waiting with the ambulance they're using as a getaway vehicle. Marcel quickly hops out of the front seat and gestures toward the children to get in the back]

MARCEL: Let's go! Move!

[The children pile into the back of the ambulance, as Marcel helps them up. Nick, Aiden's little brother, is about to get in when Aiden arrives]

AIDEN: Nick!
NICK: [smiles] Aiden! You made it!

[The two hug]

AIDEN: Of course I did! I told you I'd be here, didn't I? [He pats Nick on the head and gestures for the ambulance] Go.

[Marcel and Hayley close up the ambulance. Aiden and Josh give each other a look before Aiden walks over to Marcel]

AIDEN: Thank you. [He looks at Hayley] Both of you.
HAYLEY: We're both fighting for the same thing, you know. Just trying to save the ones that we love.

[Aiden smiles at her. Marcel claps Aiden kindly on the shoulder before going to get in the driver's seat of the ambulance as Hayley joins him. Aiden takes one last look at Nick through the back window before they leave]


[Oliver and Elijah have just finished taking out all of the werewolves. They're both covered in blood, and Oliver has ripped one of the werewolves' arms off]

OLIVER: [pants] Well, I guess this is all they got.
Elijah: [looks around] So it would seem.

[Suddenly, Elijah screams out in pain as his muscles seize up. Oliver looks around in alarm and sees that Vincent/Finn has arrived and is casting a pain infliction spell on Elijah]

FINN: Actually, I am just getting started.

[He balls his hand into a fist and Elijah falls to his knees in agony. When Oliver lunges for him, Finn uses telekinesis to throw him backwards against a car. He falls to the floor, unconscious. Elijah takes advantage of Finn's distraction and vamp-speeds toward him and grabs him in a choke-hold against a car]

Elijah: Perhaps your next body will last longer than this one, brother.

[Elijah is about to snap his neck when suddenly, a regular wooden stake impales him from behind. Elijah gasps and moans in pain. Behind him, Lenore/Esther is standing, having telekinetically staked him. She holds out her hand and twists it, which twists the stake until Elijah falls neutralized to the ground. Oliver has just awoken and is watching in horror]


[Kaleb/Kol is leaning over Davina's sleeping form, about to de-spell her bracelet for Mikael, when she suddenly wakes up and sees him leaning overhead. Kaleb/Kol quickly grabs her phone from on top of the bed to cover for himself]

KALEB/KOL: Your phone is chock full of texts. Who's Cami?

[Davina looks at her phone and sees multiple texts from Cami. They read: "I really need you to answer me!" "HE KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE!"]

DAVINA: [scared] Come with me. Now.

[She takes Kaleb/Kol's hand and leads him out of the room]

[Outside, Klaus has just arrived at the cabin. He walks up onto the porch and looks through the windows. Because Davina and Kaleb/Kol are doing a spell inside, he can't see anything]

DAVINA: [chanting] Keschede sede ni canun. Keschede senu ni...
KOL: [chanting] Excede canun infernum da ba nunc canun. Senon canu ni...

[Klaus walks across the porch and looks into another window. Although Klaus can't see anything, Mikael is standing inside, watching him and gripping the white oak stake in his hand. When Klaus goes to look around in the yard, he sees a staff with the crest of his family's clan carved on it and grabs it before angrily throwing it through the window like a javelin. When Davina and Kaleb/Kol duck, Davina's head hits the edge of a trunk and she's knocked unconscious]

Klaus: [shouts] Enough games, Davina! Send out my father! Let's finish this.

[Kaleb/Kol is checking on Davina when Mikael grabs him in a choke-hold]

MIKAEL: Release me! Or I will kill you right now!

[Mikael drops Kaleb/Kol onto the floor]

Klaus: [from outside] DAVINA! Is this not why you brought him for? I'm not afraid!

[Kaleb/Kol grabs Davina's wrist and touches the bracelet]

KALEB/KOL: [chants] Dinti tu e sedo per un dayen un trahen ble doce mozore. Un frantue e sedo per un dayen un trahen ble do sedo per.

[Davina's bracelet starts to glow, and Mikael closes his eyes, feeling the power of the curse lifting]

[Klaus is waiting outside when he hears the sound of the door creaking open. Mikael walks out onto the porch and smirks]

MIKAEL: Hello, boy.

[Klaus tries to remain strong, but he can't help but look slightly scared]

MIKAEL: You seem rather impatient. Are you so eager to meet your end?
Klaus: I'm only eager to stand over your burning corpse again. Only this time, I intend to enjoy it more.

[Mikael walks down the stairs of the front porch and approaches him]

MIKAEL: I've traveled all the way back from hell for this moment.
Klaus: [smiles] Well, then, I'd hate to keep you waiting!

[He lunges for Mikael, and the two begin fighting. Though they both manage most of each others' blows, Mikael clearly has the upper hand. He eventually kicks Klaus down onto the ground, and then kicks him again so that he's laying flat on his back. He grabs Klaus in a choke-hold and is about to stake him when Klaus kicks him backward, allowing him to rise to his feet. He stomps on Mikael's hand before he can grab the stake, which is laying on the ground between them, and the two begin to fight again]

[Mikael once again knocks Klaus flat on the ground, and holds him in a choke-hold as he tries to stake him, while Klaus desperately tries to keep the stake from piercing his skin. Eventually, Mikael manages to stab him in the shoulder. Klaus screams in pain and grabs Papa Tunde's blade from his jacket before stabbing Mikael in the chest with it. Mikael screams out in pain and falls to the ground as the knife begins to embed itself in Mikael's chest. Klaus pulls the stake out of his shoulder and rises to his feet]


[After the break, Klaus, still with the stake in hand, stares at Mikael's body lying still on the ground, completely incapacitated by the pain inflicted by the cursed blade. Suddenly, Cami appears out of nowhere and runs toward him as fast as she can, panting and trying to catch her breath]

CAMI: [frantically] Where is she? If something happened to her, Klaus, I swear to God--
Klaus: Davina's fine. She'll wake with a spectacular headache, but given her intentions for me, she should count herself lucky.

[Cami sighs in relief, and Klaus smiles]

Klaus: [jokingly] 'Course, if you drop dead of a heart attack, I may have to kill her on general principle.
CAMI: [still breathless] You're the one that ditched me at the bar! I had to hitch-hike and then run on the backroads of the Bayou!
Klaus: [amused] Well, your perseverance is duly noted.
CAMI: [annoyed] Oh, shut up! I'm so mad at you, I can hardly speak. But, I am here, and it is to tell you-- not to bargain with you, and not to shame you, but to tell you-- under no circumstances will you hurt that girl, do you understand me?

[Klaus opens his mouth to say something snarky, but when he sees just how frustrated Cami is, he reconsiders his position]

Klaus: You have my word.

[Cami, relieved, rushes to Klaus and gives him a hug. Klaus looks surprised. When they break apart, Cami sees Mikael laying on the floor]

CAMI: Is that Mikael? Is he...?
Klaus: He's still alive... in complete and utter agony. I decided to take your advice and keep him that way.

[Cami looks surprised and slightly horrified]


[Josh is sitting at the bar, looking at his dating app messages from someone named MordorInTheFirst. The message reads, "Tonight, 10PM, Bywater Tavern/" Josh sighs nervously and drinks his beer. After a moment, Aiden enters the bar and sits down next to him]

JOSH: [surprised] I didn't think you were gonna show.
AIDEN: [shrugs awkwardly] I didn't think you were a vampire.
JOSH: Ditto, on the whole leader-of-a-werewolf army-thing...

[They pause and share an awkward silence]

JOSH: P.S? [He holds up his phone] These pictures don't really do you justice. You're way hotter in person. [He smiles] You know, when you're not murdering people.

[Aiden shifts uncomfortably in his seat]

AIDEN: I shouldn't have come.
JOSH: Yeah... but you did. Why?
AIDEN: I guess I hoped seeing you might make me feel a little less... I don't know. Alone?  

[Josh seems pleased by this answer and smiles before speaking]

JOSH: Okay, look. Maybe for tonight, we could pretend things are different. I'm not a vampire, you're not a wolf, the city isn't about to implode...?

[They both chuckle, and Aiden rolls his eyes playfully]

JOSH: [hopefully] We can just, I don't know... be ourselves?
AIDEN: [smiles and nods] I'd like that.

[Josh smiles back at him, and Aiden gestures to the bartender for a drink]


[After their mission, Hayley, Marcel, and Gia have returned to Marcel's apartment, where he pours the girls drinks. Hayley accepts one and smiles]

HAYLEY: Well, we did it! I never thought I'd see the day when "we" meant us.

[She laughs happily]

MARCEL: Well, you're a vampire now. First rule is never say never, 'cause never ain't that long. And, what we did today was the right thing. But, you know it's gonna make things worse between your people and mine.

[Hayley notices Gia staring out the window and calls out to her]

HAYLEY: There's a life lesson for you, baby vamp. It always gets worse before it gets better.

[Hayley grabs a second drink and walks over to sit next to Gia on the window seat. She hands Gia a drink, but Gia still looks worried]

GIA: We left Elijah out there.
HAYLEY: [sighs] Look, I worry about a lot of things where Elijah's concerned. But, trust me-- he can take care of himself.

[Hayley smiles at Gia, who smiles weakly back]


[Klaus loads Mikael's body into the trunk of his SUV. He closes the trunk door and sighs before walking around the vehicle to go home. Inside the trunk, Mikael regains consciousness and fights the pain from the dagger. He groans in agony as he reaches into his chest and finally pulls the blade out]


[Elijah awakens to find that he is in one of the crypts. He's suspended by his wrists, which are bound by chains, just as Lenore was bound in Transcript|Every Mother's Son. He looks around the room, taking note of the dozens of lit candles surrounding him, before he sees Lenore/Esther sitting nearby. She smiles at him]

Elijah: [growls] What do you want?

[Esther stands to her feet and walks over to him so she can look him in the eye]

ESTHER: I only want us to be a family again, Elijah.

[She holds his chin in her hand and looks at him sadly]

ESTHER: But-- I'm so sorry-- in order for that to happen, you must be purified.

[She turns and walks away, leaving him bound in the crypt]


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