Luc Benoit was a character who appeared in the third book of The Originals novel series. He was a young blond-haired human who was turned into vampire by Rebekah Mikaelson, one of the Original vampires and a member of the Mikaelson Family.


Luc Benoit had been born in the New World. He had all the restless curiosity of an explorer, and the casual confidence of a boy who had been raised to believe he could tackle any challenge that came his way. Wolves, bears, and whip-fast alligators had prowled the bayou around him, so he had never bothered with learning to fear the unknown.

Before being turned, Luc had fallen in with a gang of privateers, bullying the British along the northern coasts, and when that work was done he had simply kept on tormenting others for profit. He had become exactly the kind of shiftless troublemaker that Klaus was rounding up now to form his ludicrous "army," and in fact Klaus had already recruited him when Rebekah had first met him. She'd had no choice but to make Luc a vampire herself, saving him from a fate tied to Klaus' endless, futile attempts at self-destruction. Since Klaus had only ever managed to destroy everyone around him, emerging unscathed again and again, Rebekah saw that Luc was far too handsome to end up dead.

The Originals Novels Series

The Resurrection

Luc was hanging with Rebekah somewhere in the countryside of New Orleans.

It is also revealed that he has been working with Alejandra Vargas, Tomás Vargas and other humans to get rid of the vampire race despite being one himself. For this betrayal, Rebekah stakes him in the heart and is heartbroken.


Luc was an adventurous young man and is shown to be very romantic towards Rebekah. He then showed his true colors to her and this side of him is shown to be manipulative and traitorous.

Physical Appearance

Luc was young, blond-haired and was described as very handsome by Rebekah.



  • Luc was the French form of Luke, which is the English form of the Greek name Loukas, meaning "from Luciana".
  • Benoit is the French form of Benedict and is pronounced ben-WAH.

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