Klaus Mikaelson. Sire to a thousand years' worth of angry faces. How does it feel to be this hated? Go on. Look at them. I said, look at them! They're all yours, after all.

Lucien's Army was an army made by Lucien Castle to serve him, and after breaking their sireline, helped enact vengeance on their sire, Klaus Mikaelson. After Lucien was killed, Marcel Gerard took over the group once he became an Upgraded Original Vampire.


Lucien Castle was the first vampire ever turned by Klaus Mikaelson and after being abandoned and compelled to be Klaus for a century, Lucien devoted his immortal life to exacting vengeance on his sire. Lucien spent much time devoted to the brewing tension between the different sirelines, making sure he surrounded himself with a force of vampires capable of at least holding their own against other factions like The Strix. After learning about the prophecy that the Mikaelsons would fall and their sirelines would burn with them, Lucien forged an alliance with Tristan de Martel and The Strix, planning to seal the Original Vampires somewhere safe where they couldn't be harmed, ensuring the survival of the sirelines.

Lucien went to New Orleans with many of his vampire followers to help in his plans. He made sure his penthouse was protected so that only members of Klaus's sireline could enter his home, throwing lavish parties for the members of his army to enjoy feeding indiscriminately. Under the pretense of he and his army coming to protect Klaus, he put his plans into motion.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Three

In For the Next Millennium, Lucien brought Klaus to a party at his penthouse where his followers were enjoying themselves feeding on humans.

In A Walk on the Wild Side,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In Out of the Easy,

In An Old Friend Calls,

In The Bloody Crown,

Season Four

In Gather Up the Killers, many members of Lucien's followers had stayed in New Orleans. They also wanted to see Klaus' suffering while being locked up and wanted to know why members of the Strix were around and figured Elijah is still alive somewhere. They eventually witness Klaus and watched as he bit Alistair.


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Season Three

Season Four

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