Luke Judy is an American child actor who portrays Young Stefan in the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries.


Luke Judy was born in Florida and began acting in Orlando at age 4. He and his family moved to Los Angeles on a trial period to pursue his and his sister Savannah Judy's acting careers. They have lived there since August 2013. He has booked several commercials and most recently one for Panda Express. His first television role was Aiden on TLC Presents (2013). Luke was then cast as a young version of Oliver on the DisneyXD show Mighty Med (2013) for the episode "Growing Pains". He is also Ricky McClane on Llama Cop (2014). His biggest role is starring in Guys Reading Poems (2016) along with Alexander Dreymon.


Season Seven


  • He has an older sister named Savannah, who is also an actress.
  • Even though Sawyer Bell was the first to be shown technically Luke was the first as his flashback scene showed Stefan at younger age an season later.



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