Mad Maude is the ninth volume of The Vampire Diaries Digital Comic and the fifteenth and sixteenth issues in the series.[1]


Part 1: Stefan's playmate from the turn of the 19th century has escaped captivity and she's interested in only one thing—revenge! Will Katherine or Elena bear the brunt of her fury?

Part 2: Maude's arrival in Mystic Falls in the fall of 2013 has added complications to the already stormy relationship between Elena and Katherine. Whose philosophy will prevail as they end Stefan's former lover's reign of terror?


"I would write... Dear Diary"

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  • Maude Kilbourne was trapped in an underground cave for a hundred years.
  • Mystic Grill and Fell's Church ruins are visited.
  • Elena confirms that Katherine (who is Human) is one of her only living relatives.
  • Damon is able to compel Maude because he is stronger than her for feeding on humans.


  • Art by: Dennis Calero
  • Colored by: Dennis Calero
  • Cover by: Dennis Calero
  • Page Count: 23
  • Age Rating: 15+ Only



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