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I heard the remarkable story of Malivore, created to wipe the scourge of the supernatural off the face of this Earth. Malivore consumed us, erased us. It was permanent death. And it was in Malivore that we were left to perish.

Malivore is a dark, purgatorial-like, hell dimension designed to hold supernatural spirits in an effort to cleanse the earth of supernatural beings. Once contained in Malivore, the creatures existence are wiped form the collective conscience. Humans, however, can also be consumed by Malivore and all memories of them are too erased.


"When all three locks return home, Malivore is free to open its jaws of death once again"
The Necromancer about Malivore

Nothing much is known about Malivore's history, other than it was created to hold the spirits of supernatural beings after death, in an effort to cleanse the Earth. It is not known how exactly Malivore was created, though there is a portal, a black pit, located in Fort Valley, Georgia. The pit is filled with tar-like substance that can consume any living being that makes contact with it, sending it to Malivore.

Decades ago, Malivore was contained. Three locks were created to seal Malivore shut. Should the three locks be returned to Malivore, it will be free to open and release the species trapped within. The supernatural knife and anubian urn are two of the three locks that can open Malivore.

At an unknown point in time, an intelligence organization, Triad Industries, was founded to keep the supernatural world a secret and found the portal to Malivore. Whenever a "monster" went bump in the night and risked exposing the supernatural, they were dispatched to contain the creature and send it to Malivore.

Throughout Legacies

In Malivore, one of the creatures sent back from Malivore in an attempt to retrieve the knife was a dryad. Dorian Williams and Alaric Saltzman made a deal with her and she told them about Malivore.

In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, the Necromancer was the latest in a string of monsters to come for the knife. Initially, he worked with Hope to learn what happened to his legacy and why he wasn't remembered, but in the end, he screwed them over and returned the knife back to Malivore destroying it in the process.

In Maybe I Should Start From The End, Landon's mother, Seylah Chelon, revealed more information about Malivore and the organization that guards its portal. Hope, Alaric and Landon, track another monster, what Alaric called a "Mer-Man", to Triad Industries, where it attempted to return Seylah's anubian urn. Upon entering the compound, the creature set off a bomb and was destroyed upon impact. The urn survived, however, and was taken back to the Boarding School by Hope, unaware of why she retained memories of Seylah while Landon and Alaric did not.

In There's A World Where Your Dreams Came True, Ablah returned from Malivore to grant Lizzie Saltzman's deepest desires. At first, Lizzie abused her wishes, first wishing that Hope Mikaelson never attended the school, second, that her parents never opened the school, and later that Hope was never born. After realizing the danger of such wishes, Lizzie used her fourth wish to recall her previous ones by wishing that Ablah never ended up trapped in Malivore, and thus they never met. It is unknown how this wish worked, and if the memories of Ablah returned to the world.


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