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I heard the remarkable story of Malivore, created to wipe the scourge of the supernatural off the face of this Earth. Malivore consumed us, erased us. It was permanent death. And it was in Malivore that we were left to perish.

Malivore, also known as Eater of the Dark, is a golem who appeared in the fifteenth episode of the first season and the main antagonist of Legacies. Malivore was created from black magic, capable of consuming supernaturals and humans; however, the original three species that were instrumental in its creation can not be harmed by it. The golem consumes its targets into a dark, purgatorial-like, "hell" dimension designed to cleanse the earth of "monsters". Once contained within Malivore, the creatures' existence is wiped from the collective conscience and mainly remembered as myths and folklore. When Malivore was contained and returned to its natural state, a black pit, it retained Malivore's properties capable of consuming supernatural and human beings.

The black pit that acts as a portal was located in what is now known as Fort Valley, Georgia. After Hope's sacrifice of diving into the portal in her attempt to stop him from rising, the portal was seemingly destroyed; however, a diminished portal appeared in the Town Square of Mystic Falls, Virginia. After the portal was closed a second time, the Necromancer recreated the portal in the Salvatore crypt using Ryan Clarke's corpse. The portal was closed for a third time when Hope and Landon used the portal to escape from the 2029 prison world. Despite being closed, Hope and Alaric assumed another portal has opened since monsters were still targeting students at the school. In fact, Malivore had taken control of his vessel, Landon Kirby, and escaped the prison world and continued to pose as Landon to get close to Cleo Sowande.

Early History

Around a millennia ago, in certain parts of the world, there were monsters. And in one region there was no monster more terrifying than dragons. No other supernatural faction was any match for dragons on their own, so an unholy alliance was formed. A witch, a werewolf, and a vampire, the "Triad", combined their blood, using black magic to create a golem capable of consuming the dragons. The spell, however, also made it unable to harm witches, werewolves, or vampires. When the dragons, in human form, returned to collect the treasure from all the villages they had attacked, Malivore was waiting for them; it took them and consumed them, swallowing them into an endless space inside itself.

With each monster's DNA it absorbed, it evolved and became sentient and truly alive. Once the region was cleared of all the monsters, the Triad wanted to return him to mud and since they were the ones who created him, only they could destroy him by wiping away the symbol on his forehead. However, Malivore betrayed his creators and made a deal with all the humans he'd saved. The humans set the creature free to wander the earth and continue consuming, erasing all memory that the monsters ever existed. But over time, he realized he was alone and fashioned beings like him; his children. However, the beings that were created were imperfect and flawed and none of them had his powers. They all had weaknesses and all were sterile, unable to reproduce, and continue his legacy. Malivore was created to be the only one of his kind and was never intended to be a species or have a bloodline of his own.

In 1308, Mutsu Province, Japan, Malivore encountered Kurutta, host to an oni that could not fully control his faculties. Kurutta attacked Malivore with his sword but proved ineffective. Malivore then consumed him and the oni.

In 1464, by the Niger River in what is now Nigeria in West Africa, Malivore approached a magical village, searching for something special. He threatened to destroy the village, but the village's muse offered herself in exchange to spare the village. He accepted, though the muse's granddaughter offered herself in her place. Malivore accepted and Cleo left with him as his servant, forced to create monsters to satiate his hunger. Eventually, she was inspired to create his "perfect vessel", the Vitruvian Man. He, however, could not let such power go and denied Cleo her freedom. He pledged to rid the world of the creatures that created him: witches, vampires, and werewolves. Then, he would create a superior species of his own making to take their place. Cleo, however, could control this newly created vessel and bound him to his cave and gained her freedom. Despite Cleo's claims, the vessel failed to hold him and he was freed once more to roam the earth.

One of his children, however, the being that would become known as Ryan Clarke would eventually betray his creator. He told the descendants of his original worshipers, a secret society, of his attempts to create a lineage, how he was violating Nature by trying to birth a new species. Ryan led them to Malivore and witches, who used black magic and three artifacts, trapped him and dissolved him, returning him to his natural state — a black pit. The three locks keep Malivore bound, unable to take form, while the pit retains the same properties as Malivore. Within a few years, the secret society grew into a business; Triad Industries — keeping the world safe from all the things that go bump in the night. Eventually, the power corrupted them, and "monsters" became whoever they didn't like. Ryan believed that revenge on Malivore would feel sweeter, but it didn't, so he returned himself to Malivore but there was only darkness. As Ryan yelled and screamed, Malivore would not answer him. He let Ryan sit in silence, punishing him for decades until he released his son. Ryan would come to learn that as more humans were thrown into the pit, Malivore absorbed enough of their genetic material to be able to reproduce. When Triad betrayed Seylah Chelon, Malivore had mercy on her and sent her back carrying their son. Afterward, he sent Ryan back to find Landon because he is of Malivore's blood and the only one who could set him free.

Throughout Legacies Series

In Malivore, one of the creatures sent back from Malivore in an attempt to retrieve the knife was a dryad. Dorian Williams and Alaric Saltzman made a deal with her and she told them about Malivore.

In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, the Necromancer was the latest in a string of monsters to come for the knife. Initially, he worked with Hope to learn what happened to his legacy and why he wasn't remembered, but in the end, he screwed them over and returned the knife to Malivore, destroying it in the process.

In Maybe I Should Start From The End, Landon's mother, Seylah Chelon, revealed more information about Malivore and the organization that guards its portal. Hope, Alaric and Landon, track another monster, what Alaric called a "Mer-Man", to Triad Industries, where it attempted to return Seylah's Anubian urn. Upon entering the compound, the creature set off a bomb and was destroyed upon impact. The urn survived, however, and was taken back to the Boarding School by Hope, unaware of why she retained memories of Seylah while Landon and Alaric did not.

In There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True, Ablah returned from Malivore to grant Lizzie Saltzman's deepest desires. At first, Lizzie abused her wishes, first wishing that Hope Mikaelson never attended the school, second, that her parents never opened the school, and later that Hope was never born. After realizing the danger of such wishes, Lizzie used her fourth wish to recall her previous ones by wishing that Ablah never ended up trapped in Malivore, and thus they never met. It is unknown how this wish worked, and if the memories of Ablah returned to the world.

In I'll Tell You a Story, Ryan Clarke recounts the creation of his father, Malivore, to his half brother Landon. Dragons ravaged the land and a witch, werewolf, and vampire formed a triad. With black magic, Malivore was born. Eventually, Ryan was created and he was a part of the plot that bound Malivore back to his original form.

In There's Always a Loophole, the third and final artifact is needed to free Malivore, and Landon falsely leads Ryan to a fake artifact so that the golem won't be free. After Ryan points out that Landon found the other two artifacts without knowing it, he tells him to look in his pocket and Landon pulls out the actual artifact, an ancient-looking knife, which glows in the process. While Landon and Ryan await the next monster, Ryan explains to him that while Landon is the perfect son to make a bloodline, he's just a host for Malivore, a meat suit so he can procreate his species. After the Headless Horseman shows up, Landon runs towards the knife and is taken with it to Malivore. He tries to fight off the Horseman until Hope shows up and defeats him. Ryan then shows up and throws the artifact into the pit, thereby releasing Malivore. Hope notices that Ryan isn't trying to stop her from stopping his father from rising, and she performs a spell on him, which makes him mimic her movements. They then both jump into Malivore, causing the golem to not rise and erasing Hope from everyone's memories.

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Ryan and Hope wander in the darkness that is Malivore. Every so often, typically after Hope performs magic, Malivore attempts to expel her. Her blood and magic is toxic to him. However, each and every time he tries to do so, Ryan grabs hold of her and attempts to escape Malivore with her. As much as he wants Hope to leave, he wants to keep torturing Ryan. Eventually, Hope leaves Ryan behind to suffer in Malivore's darkness.

Ryan, however, pleads with his father. He cannot suffer anymore and begs for one final chance to serve him, to send him back. He'll be the bad guy. At least, if he can't trust him to raise him from perdition, trust that he will destroy Hope Mikaelson, the only things that can destroy him. Hearing his plea, Malivore releases Ryan.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, though delayed, Josie's and Landon's original plan — to use Simulandon, pumped full with Hope's blood — has come full circle. Their efforts were unknowingly completed by the Necromancer, who beheaded Simulandon, of which Ryan Clarke's consciousness resided in and tossed his severed head into the portal. The Malivore portal has since seemingly been permanently closed.

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, the portal to Malivore is reconstituted by the Necromancer using Ryan Clarke's corpse. With a new portal, he's able to continue to release monsters, though the Necromancer can influence the monsters to his whims over Malivore's.

In Hold on Tight, with the Necromancer's blood sacrifice complete, Malivore is successfully raised. However, with the spell having been rewritten, he no longer serves the Triad, but the Necromancer - the omega symbol now on his forehead. The Necromancer commands him as his newest acolyte, to listen well and end Landon Kirby as he sees fit. However, he should savor this as this will be his last act of free will. Once he's finished with the task he shall then return to him so that his eternity of misery can begin. Malivore bows in response to the command and the Necromancer leaves. Landon attempts to fight back, punching him. Malivore begins to consume him but Landon convinces him that he can help. There's always a loophole and the Necromancer has basically given him free regine on how he can end Landon. Landon realizes that he was created to be a vessel. He proposes that Malivore can use him to destroy the Necromancer and free himself in the process. There's no symbol on his forehead that binds him to the Necromancer. Malivore accepts and takes control of Landon.

On the football field, Malivore confronts the Necromancer, who is unaware of the bargain that's been struck between him and Landon. The Necromancer is impressed with Landon's resilience and comments that he's just in time to witness the end of his world. Malivore isn't in talking and uppercuts him across the football field. The Necromancer is surprised and as he approaches him, Malivore reveals that this is not his world and he is not Landon. The Necromancer makes the horrible realization that it is Malivore before him, using Landon as a vessel. The Necromancer attempts to cut a deal with him, but he isn't interested. Without warning, they're both enveloped by a bright light. Malivore doesn't care what just occurred and is just interested in the Necromancer's death. Before that can happen, however, the Necromancer summons his zombie dragon and incinerates him and his vessel, Landon.

Bound to the newly created prison world, Malivore is brought back and eventually finds the Necromancer wandering through the woods. The Necromancer mistakes Malivore to still be under his control, however he realizes that his symbol is no longer on his forehead. Malivore is free from the Necromancer's influence and sets out to consume him.

Elsewhere, Hope and Landon escape the prison world via the Malivore pit in the Salvatore Crypt. Upon their release, the pit is seemingly destroyed just as it was before when Hope dove into the pit the first time.

In Long Time, No See, Malivore has taken Landon as his vessel while trapped within the prison world. To disguise himself, he's fashioned clothing and weapons from various monsters, assuming a role of "Hunter", though still searching for a way out of the prison world. Roaming the woods, he comes across his letter.

However, when a door opens to the prison world, he takes the opportunity to leave, though watches Hope from afar, learning that an imposter has also assumed Landon's identity.

In Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?, as the Hunter, he stalks Hope and Lizzie from a tree as they hunt for what they suspect to be a new Malivore portal. Coming up empty handed, they turn and leave, unaware of his presence.

In All's Well That Ends Well, Hunter Landon confronts Cleo in the woods. Sneaking up behind her, he startles her as he blows a green powder into her face, knocking her unconscious.

He ties her up against a tree, but is confronted by Hope in werewolf form. She tackles him to the ground, knocking his spear from his hands. Hope tackles him again, but manages to shove her off of him. Hope quickly recovers, transforms back into her human form and clothes herself. Telekinetically grabbing his spear from the ground, she prepares another attack. Still disguised, Malivore turns and runs from her, not wanting to confront her again.

Later that night, he reappears in Hope’s room at the school and cuts a piece of her hair as she and the imposter Landon sleep next to one another.

In I Was Made To Love You, he, as “Landon” appears and saves Hope from Cleo, who was about to burn her alive with a spell. Alaric appears with a crossbow, but Hope tells him that she can handle this. She's not having a good day and gives him a warning. He reveals her missing necklace. Hope asks the Hunter to remove their mask and he does so, revealing who he really is, or at least his vessel.

In One Day You Will Understand, Malivore continues the charade of "Landon". Any differences that Hope, or anyone else, may pick up on, he explains as a result of spending him in the prison world. Hope decides to give him his space, but is never too far from his side. On their way back from Mystic Falls High with the artifact, they're attacked by the Vitruvian Man. Together, they take it down, but the artifact is destroyed in the process. Eventually, Malivore decides to break it off with Hope. Nothing has changed between her and "Landon" and tells her that they're doomed--they exist to destroy each other. After breaking up with her, he heads off out of Mystic Falls and runs into Cleo. He partners with her, deciding they will look for another way to defeat Malivore.

In Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It?, Malivore, still in control of his vessel, breaks into a museum with Cleo to retrieve a heart she created from Malivore mud. Back at their motel, Cleo hoped to use the mud to locate the Malivore portal that was sending monsters and close it using a vial of Hope's blood. When Cleo's spell seemingly fails, she decides to try another approach and inspire Landon. Their situation becomes complicated with the arrival of Hope and the now human and newly resurrected Ryan Clarke. With Cleo gone to talk with Hope, Malivore is forced to attack Ryan after his cover is blown. With time running short, he attempts to coerce Cleo into leaving with him, but she refuses. Out of options, he's forced to consume her. Caught consuming her, Alaric attacks "Landon" with tranquilizer darts. Hope quickly pieces together that Landon has been taken over by Malivore and, together, they bring him back to the Salvatore School and chains him to the gymnasium floor, trapped within a cage.


At first, Malivore didn't have a personality, only an insatiable hunger to consume the supernatural creatures that it encountered; with the only exception to not to harm werewolves, witches, and vampires. As time went on with Malivore absorbing the creatures, it started evolving and becoming sentient. It eventually turned on its creators before they could dissolve Malivore effectively, and was heralded as a "god" for doing away with the creatures that harmed humans. Malivore also became lonely and desired a companion, but eventually rejected the creations it had made, one of which came to be known as Ryan Clarke.

While it was dissolved, when Malivore had also consumed humans, it also wanted to create the perfect son to continue its legacy. According to Ryan, Malivore showed sympathy to Seylah for what Triad had done to her.

Physical Appearance

Malivore is a towering golem that is described as a "mud monster" in appearance. He has a high brow line and two darkened, hollowed holes where eyes should be. The most distinguishing mark on him is the Triad's symbol on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Malivore possesses a unique set of powers and abilities as the first golem.


Malivore has a unique set of weaknesses as the first golem.

Beings Trapped Within Malivore



Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • Malivore is not a given name, though the Latin prefix, mal is a combining form meaning "bad", "wrongful", "ill" or "evil", while the suffix vore means "to eat" or to devour."[2][3] Therefore, as Ryan previously called it, it means in rough translation to be "Eater of the Dark".



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  1. In I'll Tell You a Story, Ryan tells Landon that Malivore fashioned beings like him and called them his children. To date, none of his children, except for Ryan, have been seen, nor is it known how many he created.

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