LANDON: Previously on Legacies…
ALARIC: Yesterday, we were confronted by a dragon.
HOPE: Why do you want this so badly? What’s so special about it?
ALARIC: And then a gargoyle came to life.
KALEB: None of this started happening until you showed up and stole their knife, which is exactly what the other monsters came here to do.
MG: Kaleb, I saw you feed on her.
KALEB: Yeah, ‘cause you gotta know who you stand with.
JED: Foster kid. I’ve been looking for you.
RAFAEL: Jed, right?
JED: We just want to initiate you into the pack. You don’t have a choice.
HOPE: Landon told me he didn’t know why he stole the knife. But then, he lied about having it, so I don’t know what to believe.
ALARIC: Whoever wields it has the power to save the world… Or end all life as we know it. It’s hard to say.
DORIAN: I’ll call if I have any problems.

Dorian’s Cabin

[Outside of Dorian's cabin, long vines with feather-like leaves crawl toward the front door, twisting around the doorknob so it can be opened. More vines creep through the screen-covered porch and use themselves to open the interior door as well, threading itself into the lock to unlock it]

[The scene cuts to inside the cabin, where the knife is laying on a chest across the room. A mysterious woman wearing a shiny green cloak slowly enters the room and makes a bee-line for the knife. However, when she reaches out to grab it, her hand is stopped by a mystical barrier. Confused, the woman turns around to assess her current situation and she becomes furious when she sees that Dorian has trapped her in a magical circle using flowers and herbs. Lowering the hood of her cloak, the woman, whose red hair and pale-skinned body is entwined with vines and other foliage to create a dress, glares at Dorian as he pulls out his phone and dials a number]

DRYAD: You deceived me.

[Dorian's eyes widen in shock as he puts the phone to his ear, and when his comrade answers the call, he finally speaks]

DORIAN: Ric? I got one that talks...


Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[That morning, the students have gathered in the grand hall for an assembly where Alaric, standing at the podium at the front of the room, addresses them while Emma stands to his right]

ALARIC: Given recent events, some students have expressed concern that I am not allowing you to have a say in the decisions that affect your future…

[Alaric looks at Josie and Lizzie, who are sitting in the front row as usual, and who smile shyly at him]

ALARIC: And I agree. If you are expected to abide by this school’s policies, it’s only fair that you have a voice in how those rules are made.

[Lizzie holds her hand palm-up toward Josie, who gives her a low-five before the two return their attention to their father's speech]

ALARIC: So, I am forming an honor council. One vampire, one witch, and one werewolf—each elected by their peers, along with Emma, whose vote will represent the younger students.

[MG, sitting in one of the front rows, excitedly turns to look back at his fellow vampires, only to hear them whispering about him amongst themselves]

STUDENT: MG is such a narc.

[MG's smile falls and he looks at them forlornly before turning to face the front again]

ALARIC: Now, I have to go off-campus. In the meantime, I expect you to make good decisions and to vote wisely. That’s all. You’re dismissed.

[Alaric turns and grabs a duffel bag sitting on a nearby chair before heading out to the front of the school. Meanwhile, all the other students begin murmuring amongst themselves while they get ready to head to their respective classes]

Salvatore Boarding School (Front Gate)

[The scene cuts to the front entrance, where Alaric is walking toward his SUV. Just then, Rafael appears behind him and jogs to catch up with him]

RAFAEL: Hi, Dr. Saltzman?

[Alaric initially ignores Rafael's summons, but the young werewolf continues to rush toward him so they can talk]

RAFAEL: Dr. Saltzman! Dr. Saltzman!

[Alaric finally turns to face Rafael, albeit it with an impatient look on his face, which does not escape Rafael's notice. The young werewolf quickly gets to the point of their conversation]

RAFAEL: Um, is there a decision coming about if Landon can stay here?

[Alaric starts walking toward his SUV again while Rafael jogs behind him]

ALARIC: We are running tests on him to figure out once and for all if he’s supernatural.
RAFAEL: What if the results aren’t clear?
ALARIC: Then I’ll have a decision to make.

[Rafael stops jogging and makes his pitch]

RAFAEL: Well, can the honor council decide?

[Alaric stops walking and turns to face Rafael, who seems to be nervous about this request, though he stands his ground]

RAFAEL: Isn’t that the point? You know, that we have, like, a say in stuff like this…?

[Alaric considers this request for a brief moment before nodding his head in agreement]

ALARIC: If it comes to that, and we determine he’s not a danger… then yes.

[This answer clearly pleases Rafael, who smiles and bounces on the balls of his feet happily]

RAFAEL: Thanks! You’re not gonna regret this.

[Alaric, eager to get to Dorian's cabin to help him question their newest creature, continues walking toward the car, only for MG to appear in front of him with a bright expression on his face]

MG: Dr. Saltzman! Hey! Hi! Um, do you have a minute to talk about Kaleb?
ALARIC: I’m late, MG.
MG: It’s really important—

[Alaric finally stops walking and sighs, giving MG an urgent look]

ALARIC: Thirty seconds.

[MG looks both relieved, anxious, and hyper all at once]

MG: Okay, thank you. ‘Cause when I told Lizzie about how Kaleb was feeding on the girls at the high school, I didn’t think that my big mouth would get him sent to vampire-prison.
ALARIC: Your “big mouth” had nothing to do with it. Kaleb’s locked up because he needs to dry out. When young vampires feed on humans, they become a threat not only to innocent people, but themselves.

[Alaric smirks smugly and pats MG on the shoulder before walking past him toward his SUV, and MG pauses to process this response]

MG: That’s cool…

[Not wanting to squander his opportunity to get himself out of trouble with his peers, MG rushes to catch up with Alaric as he heads toward his vehicle]

MG: But, um, I was wondering… Maybe you could show him some leniency so that the-the vamps won’t be so pissed at me?

[Alaric smirks at MG again]

ALARIC: Trust me, the punishment fits the crime.

[Alaric turns to load up his car before he adds to this statement]

ALARIC: Unless, of course, you think I’m wrong, in which case you can feel free to bring it up at the honor council meeting. I’ve got to go.
MG: O-okay. Yeah.

[MG walks away forlornly, and Alaric has just opened the driver's door to the SUV when suddenly, Hope appears on the other side of it and holds up her right hand, telekinetically slamming the door shut once again]

HOPE: Are you kidding me?

[Alaric can't help but laugh at all the confrontations he's just endured]

ALARIC: Am I under assault today?

[Unlike Alaric, Hope is not at all amused by her assignment for the day]

HOPE: You get to interrogate a tree nymph, and I have to run Landon’s 23andMe?

[Alaric sighs impatiently before he replies]

ALARIC: First of all, it’s a dryad, not a tree nymph. Second of all, I need a witch to run the testing spells.

[Hope gives him a hard look]

HOPE: Get Emma to do it.

[Alaric impatiently explains his reasoning, ready to get going to Dorian's cabin]

ALARIC: She can supervise, but she’s busy managing the school in my I’m sure unbearable absence.

[Alaric smirks smugly]

ALARIC: Plus, if Landon can convince you that he belongs, he can convince anybody.
HOPE: You’re enjoying this.

[Alaric smiles patronizingly and nods]


[Hope nods sarcastically and glares at him]

ALARIC: I left you instructions in my office. Try not to kill him.

[Without any further ado, Alaric gets into his SUV and takes off for the cabin]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie’s Room)

[Josie and Lizzie are in their dorm room, where Lizzie, wearing a stark white business suit with a cloak-esque jacket that compliments her newly-dyed platinum blonde hair, is standing in front Josie, who is laying on her side on the floor while she works on Lizzie's campaign posters. The poster is inspired by Hillary Clinton's "I'M WITH HER" propaganda from the 2016 United States presidential election. After a moment, Lizzie sighs impatiently]

LIZZIE: [sighs] Josie, focus.

[Josie looks up at Lizzie and gives her a look that seems to say, "I'm focusing." Lizzie then turns back toward the full length mirror in front of her and examines her outfit for a moment before flicking her wrist, using magic to change the color of her suit in the mirror from white to lavender, although in reality it is still white. After scrutinizing her appearance for another moment, she groans in frustration]

LIZZIE: None of this is working.

[Josie, still looking at the poster, tries to keep her own frustration out of her voice when she replies]

JOSIE: You know, you’re not gonna lose the election over an outfit.
LIZZIE: I’m not worried about losing the election—I’m worried about what I’m going to wear to my victory rally!

[Josie, still looking at the poster, rolls her eyes, though Lizzie is too preoccupied to see it]

LIZZIE: The outfit makes the speech.

[Not a fan of the lavender color, Lizzie flicks her wrist again to magically change her suit's color to a bubblegum pink shade. She hums, seemingly liking the color scheme, before turning toward Josie for her opinion]

LIZZIE: How do I look?

[Josie looks up at her twin with a measured expression]

JOSIE: Maybe you should wear something that shows your fellow witches you’re gonna take this seriously. It’s a big responsibility.

[Lizzie almost looks offended by the implication that she's not taking it seriously and walks over to Josie]

LIZZIE: That is why I am perfect for the job.

[Lizzie emphasizes her point by putting her hand over her heart before sitting down on the trunk in front of her bed]

LIZZIE: I’m a taste-maker, an influencer. People don’t really know what they want until I tell them that they want it. They need me.

[Josie, not wanting to argue with Lizzie about this, simply nods and looks back down at her posters]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric's Office)

[Hope is sitting at Alaric's desk, staring at a wooden stand full of test tubes, when the door opens. Landon appears in the doorway and looks shocked when he sees Hope waiting for him, addressing her with an incredulous tone of voice]

LANDON: What are you doing here?

[Hope stands to her feet and maintains a neutral, emotionless expression]

HOPE: Dr. Saltzman wanted me to administer your tests…

[She looks down at the desk, where there is a file labeled "LANDON KIRBY" sitting next to the test tube stand, along with a rubber tourniquet and several syringes]

HOPE: Starting with some weird mystical blood analysis.

[Landon, appalled, immediately objects to this news]


[Hope narrows her eyes at him in annoyance]

HOPE: Excuse me?

[Landon emphatically reiterates his stance on this]

LANDON: No! These tests determine whether or not I get to stay at the school, right?

[Hope begrudgingly nods to confirm this question, which only makes Landon more exasperated]

LANDON: There’s no way I’m putting my future in your hands. You’re biased!

[Hope scoffs in frustration]

HOPE: I’m not biased!

[Hope exhales and shrugs]

HOPE: Besides, neither of us has a choice. Believe me, this is not how I would choose to spend my day, either.

[This statement seems to only prove Landon's argument]

LANDON: See? Biased.

[Landon turns and walks toward the door, forcing Hope to convince him to stay]

HOPE: Landon—

[Landon stops and turns back to face Hope, whose expression is serious]

HOPE: The last thing you told me was that you wanted to find answers about who or what you are. I want those answers, too. So, let’s just get through this.

[Landon swallows anxiously but seems to agree with Hope's request]

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[Penelope is holding court with her witch cohorts, all of whom are drinking iced cappuccinos, on the staircase in the great hall, where she's trying to convince them to vote with her in the Honor Council election]

PENELOPE: Lizzie Saltzman only cares about Lizzie Saltzman. If your interests don’t line up with hers, you’re witch non grata. I personally believe that you deserve a better candidate.

[Josie, lured by the sound of Penelope's voice, walks into the grand hall with a scowl before addressing her ex-girlfriend]

JOSIE: So, you’re running for honor council just to spite her?

[The witches sitting around Penelope can see that the two witches need privacy and stand to their feet to walk away while Penelope stands and faces Josie]

JOSIE: That’s low, Penelope, even for you.

[Penelope smirks at Josie with a knowing expression]

PENELOPE: You used to like it when I went low.

[The memories of their time together when they dated hits Josie with yet another pang of regret as she glares at Penelope angrily]

JOSIE: You know what I mean. You don’t even like extracurricular activities, let alone anything that involves a moral compass.

[Penelope scoffs at her hypocrisy and walks up the steps toward her before grabbing one of the "I'M WITH HER" posters with Lizzie's face on it and holding it up to emphasize her point]

PENELOPE: Oh, and your one-witch ethics committee is okay with double plagiarism?

[Josie, unable to deny that Lizzie is not exactly her first choice in witch representatives either, looks at Penelope blankly and snatches the poster out of Penelope's hands]

JOSIE: It’s not like Hope was an option.

[With renewed intentions to support her sister, Josie gives Penelope a hard look]

JOSIE: Bow out now, or I will crush you.
PENELOPE: Oh, honey—you crush on me.

[Penelope's expression turns from mocking to serious as she pushes Josie to admit the truth]

PENELOPE: And deep down, you know I’m right. Your sister’s unfit for office.

[Penelope walks away, leaving Josie to contemplate their conversation]

Dorian’s Cabin

[Dorian, who is sitting in his armchair, begins to speak to the dryad, who looks bored as she stands next to a wooden chair and end table, which Dorian left for her in the middle of the circle within the boundary spell]

DORIAN: We figured out the pattern. The monsters come one at a time. I already had to kill a crazy wraith-thing, just to find one of you who could communicate about why you want this knife so bad.

[The dryad looks at Dorian, visibly appalled by his accusations, and Dorian begins to lose his patience]

DORIAN: So, it’s time to talk.

[The dryad looks at Dorian incredulously]

DRYAD: Why would I talk to evil creatures who kill?

[Before Dorian can respond, both are distracted by the sound of the front door opening and closing. After a moment, Alaric walks into the room, though he's distracted by the book in his hands]

ALARIC: Uh, anything yet?

[Dorian looks at the dryad warily]

DORIAN: Just some light judgement…

[When Alaric finally looks up from his book, he sees the dryad and stares at her in awe]

ALARIC: You’re a dryad, right? Living spirit of a tree?

[The dryad seems surprised that Alaric knows what she is and nods silently. Alaric looks back down at the open book in his hands]

ALARIC: Uh, it says here that, uh, dryads were gentle creatures who lived among humans...

[The dryad, intrigued, walks toward Alaric as far as the boundary spell will allow and looks at him curiously. Alaric looks her in the eyes to make sure she understands that he's telling the truth]

ALARIC: Well, we’re not your enemy. We’re just looking for answers.

[Despite her curiosity, the dryad is not convinced that she isn't being set up]

DRYAD: Humans are known to lie.

[Dorian, losing his patience with the creature, rolls his eyes]

DORIAN: So are monsters.

[The dryad, offended, gives Dorian a scathing look before turning back to Alaric, whom she clearly prefers over his friend. She thinks for a moment before she speaks]

DRYAD: There is a man I cherish named Oliver. If you bring him to me, I will believe that you are trustworthy--

[The dryad turns to quickly glare at Dorian]

DRYAD: -Or what passes for it among your species.

[The dryad turns back to face Alaric]

DRYAD: Only then will I answer your questions.

[Dorian, appalled, immediately scoffs at this demand]

DORIAN: Whoa! We’re not negotiating, right, Ric?

[Dorian looks over to Alaric for backup, only to find that his intention to learn more about why these legendary creatures have returned and what they have to do with the mystical knife seem to outweigh his suspicion toward the dryad and is in agreement with this deal. Alaric gulps anxiously sets his book down before he turns to the dryad for more answers]

ALARIC: Uh, what should we tell this Oliver?

[The dryad's hands, which are covered in vines and twigs, reach up to yank a necklace from around her neck, holding it up to reveal that it is a simple chain with a just as simple golden ring hanging from it]

DRYAD: Show him this ring. It belonged to him. He will come with you.

[Alaric takes the necklace she is offering]

DRYAD: I will give no further answers until he does.

[Dorian, still suspicious, looks at her blankly]

DORIAN: What if we don’t take the deal?

[The dryad dramatically sits down in the wooden chair next to her and crosses her legs to emphasize her point]

DRYAD: Trees are patient. Humans are not.

[Alaric turns to look at Dorian, an expression that silently states, "Well, let's find Oliver," much to Dorian's displeasure. The dryad looks out the window and daydreams]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[The Salvatore School werewolf pack are in the gym, where they're hanging out in small groups. Some are exercising, others are simply talking to each other, while others still are sparring. In the center of the room is Jed, who is fighting against one of the other wolves. When the wolf swings a punch toward Jed, he easily blocks it before yanking his arm behind him and throwing him across the room, where he knocks over a nearby sawhorse. Looking bored, Jed glances around at his packmates]

JED: All right—I got a medieval history paper due at two o’clock. Who’s on that?

[Rafael, one of the few wolves who aren't in their gym clothes, and who is leaning against the wall opposite of Jed, raises his hand to volunteer]

RAFAEL: I’ll do it.

[Rafael walks toward Jed to talk privately]

RAFAEL: But I need a favor.

[Jed scoffs incredulously at his newest recruit]

JED: You’ve been in the pack for five minutes and you want a favor from your alpha?
RAFAEL: You’re obviously gonna be elected to the honor council.

[Jed rolls his eyes, already knowing where Rafael is going with this]

RAFAEL: If it comes down to it, will you do what you can to keep Landon in?

[Jed sneers at Rafael sarcastically]

JED: That’s a great idea, foster kid. I’ll bring that up at the first meeting… So I can make sure your boy gets the boot.

[Rafael, hurt and angry by this unnecessarily cruel response, tries to plead his case]

RAFAEL: Why? I joined the pack! Yo, I’m following all the stupid rules that—

[Jed cuts Rafael off to make it clear that he is not going to budge on this point]

JED: Well, consider that punishment for not respecting my authority when you got here. The rule is this—what the alpha says, goes. And I say Landon goes.

[Jed gives Rafael a look of feigned empathy before clapping him on the arm and walking away, leaving Rafael furious in the middle of the gym]

Dorian’s Cabin

[The dryad continues to sit in the wooden chair in the middle of the magical circle while Alaric brings some light into the room by opening the curtains in front of the windows. After a moment, the dryad, curious, asks Alaric a question]

DRYAD: What magic have you employed to search for my Oliver?
ALARIC: It’s a new spell called Google.

[The dryad frowns, offended]

DRYAD: You’re mocking me.

[Alaric can't help but chuckle in response]

ALARIC: Yeah, but just a little bit.

[The dryad sighs and closes her eyes]

DRYAD: Will you open the window? I would like to feel the breeze.

[Alaric looks apprehensively toward the window]

ALARIC: Until I know the full extent of your power, I’d rather not.

[As Alaric walks back over to face the dryad, she looks at him with another offended expression, making it clear that she is tiring of their suspicion]

DRYAD: You do not need to fear that I will deceive you. Unlike humans, dryads do not lie. We choose not to harm.

[Alaric acknowledges her point as he sits down in a chair across from her]

ALARIC: Well, in the human world, sometimes telling the truth can do more harm than good.

[The two stare at each other for a long moment before Alaric speaks up again]

ALARIC: So, who’s this Oliver that Dorian went to go find?

[The expression on the dryad's face softens at the memory of her beloved]

DRYAD: Oliver never lied. He was not like the other men who would come into the forest to chop down trees so that their houses could be bigger than other houses. He played music. He would lean against the trees and feel happiness. We fell in love.

[Alaric, who can appreciate her pain at his loss, looks at her with concern before carefully bringing up a forgotten point]

ALARIC: You should know… he might not be around anymore. It’s been... a while since those days you remember.

[The dryad is undeterred by this warning]

DRYAD: Oliver made a great sacrifice—he became a vampire so we might be together forever. We decided to meet at the clearing where we fell in love so we could run away. But, circumstance got in the way.

[Alaric nods in understanding and sighs]


[After a moment, the dryad looks up to make eye contact with Alaric, a sympathetic expression on her face]

DRYAD: I feel your pain. You’ve also lost a great love.

[Alaric, somewhat alarmed by the fact that the nymph has the supernatural power of empathy, awkwardly makes a joke]

ALARIC: A psychic tree? Check.
DRYAD: Is your humor helpful in avoiding your pain?

[Alaric takes a deep breath and exhales]

ALARIC: Not really, no…

[The dryad looks at him critically, reading more about him from his emotions]

DRYAD: You carry more than one loss.

[This reminder of his former loves, Isobel, Jenna, and Jo, causes Alaric to struggle to hold back his emotions]

ALARIC: Several, including the mother of my children.

[Alaric pauses for a moment before speaking again, his voice still thick with grief, and the dryad seems genuinely touched that he is sharing such private details of his life with her]

ALARIC: But there’s happiness there, too. I see it in their smiles, in their laughter. I still see her sometimes.

[The dryad smiles, clearly making a connection with Alaric, and the two sit in silence for a moment. Suddenly, Dorian returns from his errand and looks at them with a conflicted expression]

DORIAN: Good news, bad news. Our pal Bonnie did her witch thing on the ring—some sort of combo summoning spell and astral projection. So...

[Dorian pauses awkwardly as a young looking man with blond hair walks into the cabin, looking confused]

OLIVER: Can someone please tell me what’s going on here?

[The dryad, excited to be reunited with her lost love, rises to her feet to greet him]

DRYAD: Oliver?

[The dryad gets as close to him as the boundary spell will allow, but her smile falls when Oliver frowns in confusion]

OLIVER: I’m sorry, do I know you?

[Alaric, feeling pain on the dryad's behalf, gulps anxiously before turning toward Dorian]

ALARIC: I’m guessing that’s the bad news.

[Dorian nods awkwardly]


Salvatore Boarding School (Backyard)

[In the school's yard, Hope is testing Landon to see if he has any supernatural powers. She's tied a handkerchief to a high tree branch and is watching Landon as he tries to jump and catch it. After a half-dozen tries, Landon begins to grunt from exertion as he tries and fails to grab the handkerchief, and Hope makes an unimpressed face when it becomes very clear that he has no superhuman agility to speak of]

[The next test involves Landon doing a handstand. After a few false starts, Landon finally manages to stay upright and remarks excitedly]

LANDON: Hey, I’m doing it! Now what?

[Hope, looking bored, pushes the start button on an old-fashioned timer in her hand]

HOPE: Hold it for ten minutes.

[She holds out the timer, though Landon's back is toward her, so he cannot see it]

LANDON: Agh! What?

[Just then, Landon loses his balance and falls flat on his back, failing this version of the test as well]

[The next test, to determine if Landon has superhuman strength, involves him trying to lift a huge tree trunk off the ground. Though he's able to get one end a few inches off the ground, he's unable to pick up the whole thing, no matter how many positions and tactics he uses to do so. After a few moments, Hope, embarrassed for him, calls it]

HOPE: You can stop. You failed. You have no supernatural strength.
LANDON: What’s next?

[Hope looks at Landon incredulously]

HOPE: Next? You failed the vertical climb, the long jump, and you straight-up refused to swim across the lake…

[Landon scoffs, offended by her tone of voice, and pants for breath, clearly worn out for the tests]

LANDON: Yeah, well, excuse the foster kid for never having swim lessons.

[Landon takes a step closer to Hope with a determined look on his face]

LANDON: Look, I might suck at-at… everything, apparently… but I only have to pass one test to stay, so I’m not giving up yet.

[Just then, Emma, watching them curiously, walks across the yard toward the pair to see what they've been doing]

EMMA: How’s it going?

[Hope looks over at Landon and holds up her timer]

HOPE: Landon was about to run sprints to the lake and back.

[Hope starts the timer, and Landon, without even questioning her orders, begins to sprint toward the lake. Once he's out of earshot, Emma turns to look at Hope with a curious expression]

EMMA: What are you testing for, exactly?

[Hope smirks, satisfied with the thought of getting a little revenge on Landon]

HOPE: His ability to get away from me as quickly as possible. If he’s gonna stay in this school, it’s a must.

[Emma gives Hope a look, though it's clear she is a little amused as well]

EMMA: Did you run the lineage spell that I left you?

[Hope nods in confirmation]

HOPE: Yeah, first thing. Zero magic in his bloodline.

[This seems to surprise Emma, who hums and pauses to think for a moment]

EMMA: Hmmm…

[Her interest piqued, Hope looks at Emma curiously]

HOPE: Hmm…?
EMMA: Most humans have some trace of magical blood in their veins from a far-flung ancestor.

[Hope seems both concerned and intrigued by this response]

HOPE: So what does that mean?

[Emma looks at Hope with a serious expression]

EMMA: We need to learn more about Landon’s past.

Salvatore Boarding School (Lake)

[Hope and Landon are sitting on the dock overlooking the lake by the school. Hope has placed a glass orb on Landon's jacket, which he set next to them, and she demonstrates how the magical object works]

HOPE: What’s your name?
LANDON: Landon Kirby.

[The glass orb glows bright blue, and Hope gestures toward it]

HOPE: See? That’s the truth. Now, lie. What’s your favorite food?

[Landon, remembering his time living in the woods with Rafael, chuckles]

LANDON: Rabbit.

[They both look over at the orb, which is now glowing bright red]

LANDON: So, it’s a supernatural lie detector.

[Hope smiles fakely at him in response]

HOPE: Pretty much your worst nightmare.

[Landon takes the insult in stride and stares Hope in the eyes with a defiant expression]

LANDON: Bring it on, Hope.
HOPE: Where were you born?
LANDON: I don’t know.

[They both look at the orb, which is glowing blue, indicating that Landon is, in fact, telling the truth]

HOPE: Who are your parents?
LANDON: My mom’s name is Seylah. That’s pretty much all I know. She gave me up for adoption when I was young.

[The orb continues to glow blue]

HOPE: And your dad?
LANDON: Never met him.

[The orb remains the same blue color, and Hope, losing her patience, decides to change the subject]

HOPE: Why can’t you be compelled?

[Landon laughs nervously]

LANDON: I have no idea. A couple days ago, I didn’t even know what compulsion was.

[When the orb keeps glowing blue, Hope gets to the point of her interrogation]

HOPE: Why’d you take the knife?

[Landon, who has been calm this whole time, finally starts to get a little defensive with his answers]

LANDON: I don’t know. I remember doing it, but I don’t remember why.

[Hope sighs in frustration when she sees that the orb has still not changed color]

HOPE: It’s not good enough. If we can’t figure out what you are, then you can’t stay at this school.

[Landon looks overwhelmed by this reminder]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie’s Room)

[Lizzie is standing in front of a mirror in her room, where she's practicing her acceptance speech for the honor council election. Lizzie dramatically holds back her fake tears as she speaks, reading her words off of a small stack of cue cards in her hands]

LIZZIE: This is such an honor. It’s so nice to know that you all love me as much as I thought you did.

[Lizzie fans herself with her cards to hold back her feigned tears. Josie, standing behind her with a clipboard in hand, has clearly had enough with Lizzie's self-absorption today and interrupts her to change the subject back to the election itself]

JOSIE: Hey, Lizzie? Before you go too far down the road of victory speeches...

[Lizzie turns to face Josie as they discuss tactics]

JOSIE: I talked to Serena and her goth coven. She said that they would vote for you, but they just wanted to make sure that you would allow time off for pagan holidays.

[Lizzie points at her in agreement and nods before turning to sit down on the trunk at the end of her bed]

LIZZIE: Right.

[Josie, taking that as a "yes," jots down the note on her clipboard, just as Rafael appears in the doorway. Both sisters smile happily when they see him]

JOSIE: Hey, Raf.

[Rafael smiles nervously]

RAFAEL: Hey, Jo.

[Lizzie, clearly trying to make a good impression, smiles widely and gestures around the room]

LIZZIE: Welcome to the winner’s circle!

[Josie hugs the clipboard to her chest and walks toward him]

JOSIE: How’s it going with Jackass Jed? I mean, do you need any more advice on how to deal with Cro-Magnon alphas?

[Rafael looks over Josie's shoulder toward Lizzie, who is pleased to be the object of his attention for once]

RAFAEL: That’s actually why I’m here.

[Rafael gently puts his hand on Josie's hip as he sneaks past her to go talk to Lizzie. He smiles awkwardly at Lizzie as he approaches her, and Josie tries her best to conceal her disappointment that he isn't there to speak to her]

RAFAEL: Lizzie, hey. You got a sec?

[Lizzie, visibly nervous, lets her mouth get the best of her again]

LIZZIE: I have a lot of secs.

[She freezes and blushes in embarrassment when she realize it sounds like she said "I have a lot of sex" rather than being a testament to her having plenty of time to spare for him. Rafael looks down at the floor as Lizzie tries her best to recover from this misstep]

LIZZIE: I mean “time.”

[Rafael takes a deep breath before making his request]

RAFAEL: The honor council might get to decide if Landon can stay. Emma won’t say how she’s gonna vote, but I talked to MG, and he’s the only vampire running, and he’s on board. And, because everybody knows that you’re gonna get the witch vote—

[Lizzie is overwhelmed with happiness, both because Rafael is talking to her as well as the fact that he acknowledged her as the presumptive winner of the witch seat on the honor council. She immediately cuts him off to reassure him about the vote]

LIZZIE: Say no more. I know how much Landon means to you, and I would be happy to help.

[Rafael, expecting to have to work a lot harder to get her vote, breathes a sigh of relief]

RAFAEL: I mean, all right… Thank you! Seriously.

[Rafael turns to leave, and Lizzie, realizing she has an excuse to ask for a favor in return, decides to go for it, though it's obvious by the shaky tone of voice that she's nervous to do so. Meanwhile, Josie is trying her best to look as though she's not paying attention to them, crouching in front of a small bookshelf in front of their fireplace]

LIZZIE: Oh, if-if you would, um... be happy to be my date to my birthday party on Friday...?

[Josie is so taken aback by this request that she drops all the books she was holding onto the floor, momentarily distracting Lizzie and Rafael, who turn to look at her. Josie, embarrassed, holds her clipboard up in front of her face to hide the fact that she's blushing, and Lizzie, clearly thinking this is weird, turns back to Rafael to find that he's frowning suspiciously. He pauses to think for a moment before he speaks]

RAFAEL: Are you... blackmailing me?

[Lizzie's eyes widen when she realizes he thinks she has ulterior motives and she laughs anxiously to try to reassure him that her intentions are pure]

LIZZIE: No, silly! I’m black-tie-ing you. It’s totally different.

[Lizzie smiles innocently at him, and though Rafael notices Josie's conflicted expression as she stands behind her twin, he ultimately decides he's willing to go to the party with her if it means keeping Landon at school]

[Rafael, still apprehensive about this, nods in agreement, not wanting to let his lack of feelings for Lizzie get in the way of keeping Landon at the school. He smiles fakely as he walks past Lizzie toward the door]

RAFAEL: Sure... Whatever.

[Lizzie gasps quietly in excitement as she watches him leave their room, with Josie smiling weakly at him as he passes her to walk out the door. Once he's gone, Lizzie giggles happily and rushes over to hug Josie, too overwhelmed with her happiness that Rafael will be her date to realize that Josie is faking being happy for her]

Salvatore Boarding School (Cellar)

[MG has just vamp-sped down to the cellar, where he stops just outside of Kaleb's cell. Kaleb is seated on the floor, leaning against the wall beside the door. MG tries to play it cool as he greets his incarcerated friend]

MG: What up, Kaleb?

[It is clear by the sound of Kaleb's voice that he is not at all pleased to see him]

KALEB: The hell you want, man?
MG: I, uh… I-I copped this from the kitchen...

[MG holds out one of the school's blood bags, passing his hand through the bars of the cell door to hang it to Kaleb]

MG: I though you might be hungry.

[Kaleb rolls his eyes and scoffs]

KALEB: Not for bunny blood.

[MG sighs, not wanting to get into an argument with him]

MG: It’s the only blood in the school, man…

[Kaleb shrugs nonchalantly]

KALEB: Then hunger strike it is, I guess.

[They both remain silent for a long moment before MG finally speaks up with an apologetic tone of voice]

MG: I’m sorry that you’re in here, but let me make it up to you. Dr. Saltzman is starting an honor council, and if I get elected I can change things around here, starting with getting you out of this cell.

[Kaleb hums, his voice flat when he responds, indicating all is not yet forgiven between Kaleb and MG]

KALEB: Mmm. You’d do that for me?

[MG looks slightly offended that Kaleb would think otherwise]

MG: Yeah, of course!

[Kaleb nods, though his voice is still flat and emotionless]

KALEB: Well, all right. Send the vamps my way. I’ll get ‘em in line.

[MG bounces on his heels excitedly as he replies appreciatively]

MG: Thanks, man. Hey, you won’t regret this!

[Kaleb smirks weakly as MG rushes back upstairs, indicating he has an ulterior motive]

KALEB: Okay...

Salvatore Boarding School (Montage)

[In the GYMNASIUM, Rafael is walking purposefully toward where Jed and the other wolves, still in their gym clothes, are standing. They're already making plans for how they will renovate when Jed wins the werewolf seat on the honor council]

JED: We’ll blow out these walls, get a full-sized basketball court in here. They haven’t touched this place since—

[Rafael confronts Jed with a steely, determined expression on his face]

RAFAEL: We need to talk, Jed.

[Jed turns to face Rafael, and it's clear that he's already annoyed by his presence]

JED: We already did.
RAFAEL: Just hear me out. I’ve got the vampires and the witches, but I need one more faction to make sure. It’d be nice to know I could count on my own pack.

[The other werewolves smirk smugly behind Jed, who once again feels its necessary to make a power play]

JED: Yeah, see, that’s the thing, Raf… They’re not your pack. They’re mine.

[Jed turns back to the girls standing behind him, not seeing that Rafael was obviously prepared for this answer]

RAFAEL: Thought you might say that.

[Rafael walks away, and Jed returns to the previous conversation that he was having with the other wolves]

JED: All right...

[However, though Jed seems to think the conversation is over, Rafael was only walking off so he could set his backpack on the ground where it would be out of their way. Once he's ready, he turns back toward the alpha, intent to stand his ground for his brother]

RAFAEL: I’ve actually been studying all those books you make other people read for you… Like Intro to Lycanthropy...

[Jed rolls his eyes and turns back around to face Rafael, who is smirking smugly]

RAFAEL: An alpha has to face a challenger one-on-one. I didn’t want to do things this way… But if what the alpha says goes…

[Rafael's eyes glow bright gold in warning]

RAFAEL: I gotta be the alpha.

[Jed's eyes blaze gold as well before he rears back and hits Rafael in the jaw with a right cross, which barely phases the newly-triggered werewolf. Rafael strikes back with a kick to the stomach and a left cross before Jed knees him hard in the gut and tries to tackle him. Rafael groans loudly as he pushes back against Jed's body and steers them toward the back wall]


[Meanwhile, MG is in the LIBRARY, where he is vamp-speeding around so quickly that he can barely be seen. He stops only to slap pins with his face and "VOTE MG" printed on them to the shirts of all of the vampires present, and hangs up posters that read "FREE KALEB," thinking that they will get his fellow vampires to vote for him in the election. After a moment, he stops to take a breath, smiling proudly at his work]

[Back in the GYMNASIUM, Jed has just elbowed Rafael in the abdomen and follows it up with a right and left cross in succession, the last one causing Rafael to spit a mouthful of blood on the ground]

[In the GRAND HALL, Josie is walking down the stairs when she suddenly sees two witches defacing Lizzie's posters; they have changed the slogan so that instead of "I'M WITH HER," the posters say "I'M WITH HERPES," and small pink dots have been scribbled all over Lizzie's face. Furious, Josie rushes around and pulls down all of the vandalized posters before her twin can see them]

[In the GYMNASIUM, Jed has just tackled Rafael to the floor, but he quickly gets back onto his feet and clenches his fist tightly, indicating that he's no longer going to hold anything back in this fight]

[In one of the UPSTAIRS HALLWAYS, MG continues to vamp-speed around, putting up dozens more "FREE KALEB" signs ahead of the honor council election, high-fiving a half-dozen of his classmates as he does so]

[Down on the FIRST FLOOR, Josie is smiling as she walks down the hallway with one of her fellow witches and discusses the election]

FEMALE WITCH: I’ll vote for Lizzie… But I want to borrow that pink sweater she has.

[Josie nods, thinking this is a reasonable request, and reaches into her bag. She then pulls the sweater out and hands it to the witch, who adds another request]


[Josie holds out her hand, and the two clasp hands to seal their agreement. Josie's smile falls when she sees Penelope standing near the staircase, raising her eyebrows at Josie as if to remind her of their earlier conversation]

[Back in the GYMNASIUM, the fight has turned in Rafael's favor, as he has lifted Jed off the ground and thrown him backward into the wall. Before he can even stand up, Rafael grabs him by the front of the shirt and hits him with multiple successive right crosses until Jed falls face-first onto the ground and is knocked unconscious, his nose bleeding onto the wood floor. Rafael, clearly exhausted, walks through the crowd of shocked werewolves with a busted lip and cut forehead for his troubles. As he heads out the door, he leaves the pack he now leads with a final statement]

RAFAEL: The polls are now open.

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[As the older students file into the grand hall, Penelope stands at the bottom of the staircase, where she has a red ballot laying flat on her palm. She blows on the ballot, causing it to flutter into the air and fly into the gilded gold ballot box. She smirks smugly when it's done, and Josie, who is getting seated in the front row next to an excited Lizzie, looks worried by the sight of her. As Penelope takes her own seat, Emma walks toward the ballot box to begin the ceremony]

EMMA: All right. Voting is now closed.

[Emma and the students all break into a round of applause as she prepares to reveal the honor council members]

EMMA: Let’s get started.

[Emma looks at the ballot box, which lights up from within and vibrates for a long moment before spitting a piece of parchment into the air. She catches it in her hand as it flutters toward the ground and reads it aloud]

EMMA: The werewolf representative will be ...Rafael.

[All of the werewolves stand, applaud, and cheer for their new alpha, who is seated in the front row of their section and who smiles weakly, his face still bruised and cut from his battle with Jed earlier. In the witch section, Josie rolls her eyes and mutters under her breath]

JOSIE: So much for not wanting anything to do with the pack…

[Lizzie is too busy fantasizing to consider the stuggle Rafael went through to lead their pack]

LIZZIE: I’ve always wanted to be part of a power couple...

[After a moment, Emma calls for them to resume the ceremony]

EMMA: All right, settle down.

[The crowd quiets down, much to Emma's appreciation]

EMMA: Thank you. Next up…

[The ballot box glows and rattles for a second time before spitting out the next representative. MG, knowing that it is the vampires' turn, bounces in his seat excitedly]

EMMA: The vampire representative will be…

[MG stands to his feet and buttons his jacket as he awaits his name being called]

EMMA: ...Kaleb.

[As with the werewolves, the vampires all stand, cheer, and laugh excitedly, only for MG's smiling expression to become sad and forlorn. He sits down in his seat while the vampires around him start whooting and dancing, and once again, Emma gives them a moment to congratulate their representative before calling on them to quiet down]

EMMA: All right, guys, settle down.

[Once the crowd is silent again, Emma nods in appreciation]

EMMA: Thank you.

[Lizzie wastes no time preening in anticipation for the announcement of the witch representative, turning to Josie excitedly]

LIZZIE: Showtime. How do I look?

[The box rattles, glows, and spits out its last piece of parchment as Josie straightens Lizzie's side-ponytail and tie]

EMMA: And the witch representative will be…

[The twins smile at each other affectionately as Emma reads off the final representative]

EMMA: ...Josie.

[Lizzie's smile immediately falls and turns into a look of horror and betrayal as she stares at her sister. Josie, completely stunned by this turn of events, looks backward at Penelope, who winks and points at her with a finger-gun. Emma, not realizing what has just occurred, wraps up the ceremony]

EMMA: Thank you all for voting, and congratulations to our newly-elected representatives.

[Josie's expression is horrified as she gapes at Emma, realizing that Penelope had campaigned for Josie to beat Lizzie and not herself]

Dorian’s Cabin

[Inside the cabin, Oliver is sitting on the chair across from the dryad, where he's examining the twined gold ring on the chain she had procured from around her neck. She looks at her former lover as though she doesn't understand what is happening]

DRYAD: There were so many in that grove. Do you not remember any of us?

[When Oliver's expression remains blank, Alaric, feeling badly for the dryad, tries to plead her case]

ALARIC: But she knew you. She knows your name, that you’re a vampire...

[Oliver looks just as confused as the others by this turn of events]

OLIVER: I’m not sure what’s going on here, but we’ve never met before.

[The dryad stares at him with a heartbroken expression, and when Oliver stands to leave, she, too, stands to her feet to try to stir up any suppressed memories he may have of her]

DRYAD: In the forest, there was a clearing next to the river. The bed would blossom with daffodils every spring.

[Oliver smiles at the reminder, but not for the reason she initially believes]

OLIVER: Yeah, I walk there every day. It’s where I proposed to my wife.

[This news hits Alaric with a pang of sympathy for the dryad, and he looks down at the floor as the dryad gasps quietly at the news]

DRYAD: You are married…

[Oliver, not realizing why she asked this question or why she's upset by this news, continues to smile]

OLIVER: Yeah...

[Oliver then frowns in confusion]

OLIVER: Why did you ask me about the clearing?

[The dryad, realizing that something larger is at play here, pauses for a long moment, blinking back her tears before she makes her decision on how to proceed]

DRYAD: I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I thought you were someone else.

[Alaric, whose eyes look wet as well, seems genuinely saddened by the heartbreaking scene in front of him as she lets Oliver return to his life]

Salvatore Boarding School (Lake)

[Hope is standing on the dock with a preoccupied expression when suddenly, Landon, carrying the orb and his jacket, walks over to confront her]

LANDON: You said you would help me get answers!

[Hope's expression is bitter as she replies to him]

HOPE: I didn’t even want to do this. Don’t blame me because you’re not special.

[Landon, realizing there is more to her coldness than meets the eye, tries to get her to admit the truth]

LANDON: I apologized for lying to you. I explained why I took the knife. Why are you still so mad at me?

[Just then, Hope's frustration gets the best of her]

HOPE: I’m not mad! I couldn’t care less.

[Landon looks down at the orb in his hand, which is glowing bright red, revealing that Hope actually does care much more than she's letting on]

HOPE: Fine. It’s easier to be mad.
HOPE: Because it is!

[Landon, too, is starting to lose his patience with this situation]

LANDON: Or maybe it’s because you feel like if you stop being mad, you’re letting your guard down… And the legendary Hope Mikaelson couldn’t possibly do that.

[Hope glares at Landon angrily]

HOPE: When I let my guard down, people disappoint me.

[Landon looks down at the orb again, which is glowing blue, indicating that Hope is now telling the truth. Wanting to end this conflict once and for all, Landon takes a moment to contemplate their situation before opening up to her about his role in what has happened the last few days]

LANDON: Growing up in the foster care system… every time I got sent someplace new, I’d hope that this would be the right place. You know, like, uhhh, “click your heels three times,” “no place like home”-kind of stuff. Just somewhere I actually belonged. But it never was, you know? And you can only hold out hope for so long and-and be hurt by so many people before it starts to seem impossible to trust someone new—especially when they lie to you.

[Landon takes a deep breath and stares Hope in the eyes as he continues]

LANDON: So, for the last time, I’m sorry. I broke your trust. I don’t want to do it again.

[Landon holds the orb out to Hope, which is glowing blue, showing her that he is genuine in his apology. Hope seems genuinely touched by his words, but is still too hurt to do more than take the offered orb]

HOPE: Thank you.

[Landon starts to put on his jacket as he talks to Hope]

LANDON: But, if this goes the wrong way, can you just… make sure that Raf doesn’t, um, follow me this time? As much as I want to stay here… he needs to.

[Hope looks both surprised and impressed by how mature he is being about losing his foster brother]

LANDON: He finally found a home he deserves. I’m not gonna take that away from him.

[Hope watches sadly as Landon turns and walks away]

Salvatore Boarding School (Backyard)

[Landon walks toward the school, anxiously buttoning the cuffs of his jacket, when he's suddenly confronted by a furious-looking Jed, who has the hood of his jacket to cover up the scrape on his cheek from his fight earlier in the day. Landon, knowing this conversation will mean nothing good, grimaces in anticipation of what is to come]

LANDON: Oh… Hey, Jed.

[Jed, still embarrassed from having the pack leadership taken from him by Rafael, scowls at him angrily]

JED: You don’t belong here.

[Landon, overwhelmed and exhausted, can't help but chuckle nervously]

LANDON: Yeah, everyone keeps saying that...
JED: Everything was fine before you and Rafael showed up.

[Jed takes a step toward Landon, who realizes that they're about to fight]

LANDON: Wait! Wait!

[When Jed swings his arm toward him, Landon, in a surprising twist, manages to grab him by the forearm and flip him onto his back, demonstrating an intuitive fighting skill that surprises both himself and Jed. Jed, now flat on his back in the grass, musters up the strength to kick Landon so hard in the abdomen that he flies backward and tumbles down the nearby hill]

[Landon rolls all the way to the bottom of the hill, landing on his back just as Jed leaps the same distance with his werewolf agility. The wolf stalks toward Landon, grabbing him by the front of the shirt and punching him with such force that his nose and mouth instantly become bloodied. He ends the fight with one last kick to the abdomen, causing Landon to spit a mouthful of blood onto the grass before the former alpha walks away]

Salvatore Boarding School (Landon & Rafael’s Room)

[Hope has brought Landon back to his room and bandaged him up before tucking him into bed. Rafael, having just heard about what happened to his brother, scowls furiously at the damage his former alpha has done to Landon]

RAFAEL: I’m gonna tear Jed apart.
HOPE: No, you’re really not.
RAFAEL: He’s gonna pay for what he did. He could’ve killed him.

[Hope, over the macho-man act, grits her teeth to emphasize her argument]

HOPE: You wanna do something to help him? Take a walk to the herb garden and get me some hazelwood root.

[Still furious, Rafael turns to leave without another word. Landon, who is so exhausted he's acting almost dopey, looks at Hope curiously]

LANDON: What does hazelwood root do?

[Hope shrugs nonchalantly before sitting down on the bed next to Landon]

HOPE: Make him cool off before he realizes that I made it up.

[Even now, Landon feels the need to justify Rafael's actions]

LANDON: Raf’s had a rough couple of weeks.

[Hope gives Landon a stern look]'

HOPE: Look who’s talking.

[Hope brushes a lock of hair out of Landon's eyes, taking note of the bandage on the laceration on his forehead]

HOPE: Guess we can cross “supernatural healing” off the list.

[Both Hope and Landon chuckle weakly at the joke before Hope's expression turns serious]

HOPE: I’m sorry this happened to you. Jed’s one of those rare cases where his bite is actually worse than his bark.

[Landon gives Hope a knowing look]

LANDON: I’ve dealt with bullies before.
HOPE: Not like this. I know how badly you want to stay here, but this school is full of people like Jed. Some of us are nicer, some of us have more control… but all of us are capable of doing what he did. Do you honestly think that you’re safe here?

[Landon stands his ground with regards to this argument]

LANDON: Yes, I do.

[Hope's eyes narrow as though she's sensing something off, but instead of addressing it, she simply smiles weakly and stands to her feet]

HOPE: You should rest.

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie’s Room)

[Lizzie, dressed all in black as though she's in mourning, is sitting cross-legged on the floor, clutching a singing bowl and a striker in her hands as she uses all of her energy to keep herself from breaking down into tears. Josie, feeling horrible for her twin, sits on her bed and looks at her with concern before finally speaking up]


[At the sound of Josie's voice, Lizzie immediately squeezes her eyes shut and cuts her off]


[Despite this obvious plea to stop talking, Josie continues to offer her support]

JOSIE: --get you anything?
LIZZIE: I said “shhh.

[Lizzie takes a deep breath and releases it slowly before she speeks again]

LIZZIE: I’m trying to rise above it—so let me freaking rise.

[Josie, still wanting to help, gingerly stands up and moves so that she's kneeling in front of Lizzie, who is still trying to control her breathing]

JOSIE: Okay, I don’t know why Penelope had them vote for me. It doesn’t make any sense.

[Lizzie closes her eyes and sets the singing bowl on the floor in front of her]

LIZZIE: What’s done is done, Jo.

[Josie thinks about it for a brief moment before trying to figure out a way to make things right]

JOSIE: Well, I can step down, and then they’d have to go with the runner-up.

[This does nothing to improve Lizzie's mood]

LIZZIE: Great minds think alike. I already asked Emma if we could do that.

[Josie frowns, assuming this means that she was denied]

JOSIE: And Emma said no? Well, then we can ask Dad—

[Lizzie swallows thickly before she speaks in a quiet voice]

LIZZIE: She said yes… except it turns out I wasn’t the runner-up, either.

Salvatore Boarding School (Cellar)

[The scene cuts down to the basement, where Kaleb is smirking smugly while seated on the floor next to the steel-bar door when MG approaches his cell]

KALEB: Let me guess… There’s been a mistake. I won the popular vote, but not the electoral college.

[MG, still glum from losing his council seat to him, shakes his head]

MG: No. You won fair and square… besides the part where you stabbed me in the back.

[Kaleb stands to his feet and makes a mocking face]

KALEB: Oooh, doesn’t feel too good, does it?
MG: Emma sent me to come and get you.
KALEB: Okay...

[MG opens the cell door, looking apologetic despite all that has happened between them]

MG: I only wanted to be elected so I could fix things between us.

[Kaleb smiles cheerfully]

KALEB: You did! We’re even now.

Dorian’s Cabin / Salvatore Boarding School

[At the school, Hope is in ALARIC'S OFFICE, where she's using the phone on his desk to call Alaric at DORIAN'S CABIN to get an update on the day's events]

HOPE: [on the phone] How’s the interrogation going?
ALARIC: She’s not talking. But I think I figured out why no one remembers dragons, gargoyles, or dryads existing. I mean, whatever happened to these creatures, it erased all memory of them. It’s like they never existed in the first place.

[Hope nods to herself as she processes this information]

HOPE: I guess that explains a lot...

[Alaric can't help but chuckle at Hope's glum tone of voice]

ALARIC: Well, don’t sound so excited. It’s only a massive piece of the puzzle that explains why these creatures only exist in legends and myths.
HOPE: Sorry. I’m just having a day.

[Hope takes a deep breath before making her pitch]

HOPE: Listen, I want a seat on the council. I’m a tribrid, the only one of my kind. No one can represent my interests but me.

[Alaric frowns in concern]

ALARIC: Is this about Landon? Because you can’t let this get personal…
HOPE: The political is personal. I learned that in Advanced Civics... taught by you.

[Alaric laughs despite the dour mood of the day]

ALARIC: That’s cheating. But I trust you’ll make the right call.

[Hope hangs up the phone, followed by Alaric. Back at DORIAN'S CABIN, Alaric returns to the living room to find Dorian staring at the despondent dryad, looking both bored and impatient]

DORIAN: It’s been hours. She’s not gonna tell us anything.

[Alaric silently walks over to the window and opens it, letting the breeze in as she requested earlier in the day. When she feels the wind, she sighs deeply, comforted by the nature around them]

DRYAD: Oh, that feels nice. Thank you, Alaric.

[Alaric sits down in a chair opposite the dryad and looks at her with a sympathetic expression]

ALARIC: From somebody who has lost exactly what you lost today… I’m sorry.

[The dryad, overwhelmed with emotion at how sincere Alaric is about her pain, looks her human acquaintance in the eyes]

DRYAD: I will honor our deal. What do you wish to know?

[Alaric looks at Dorian, who seems to be surprised by this reaction from their hostage]

Salvatore Boarding School (Ballroom)

[Hope has just opened the sliding doors to the ballroom behind the grand hall, where Emma, Josie, Kaleb, and Rafael are waiting]

HOPE: Sorry I’m late.

[Hope takes a seat at the head of the table, and the others share a confused look before Kaleb remarks on her presence]

KALEB: Hold up—who voted for her?

[Hope shrugs and settles into her seat]

HOPE: I ran unopposed.

[Kaleb rolls his eyes, but Emma seems supportive of her joining the council. After a moment, she telekinetically raises an old-fashioned golden scale into the air]

EMMA: Cassitore.

[The scale balances itself in the air above the table as the five deliberate on the night's decision]

EMMA: We’re here to discuss if Landon should be allowed to stay at the school.

[Emma picks up a small stone with the Salvatore School "S" printed on it]

EMMA: My vote, on behalf of the lower school, is to err on the side of inclusion. We exist to help kids like him…

[Emma gently sets the weight down on one side of the balance to represent her vote before giving a knowing look to Rafael]

EMMA: Which is what I’m going to go do now. I have a search party looking for Jed. As you’ve all seen, violence leads to more violence. If you’ll excuse me…

[Emma, frowning in concern, turns to walk out of the room. After a long silence, Kaleb finally speaks up]

KALEB: All right, who wants to start?

[The four stare at each other anxiously before Hope finally speaks]

HOPE: Landon has to go.

[Josie and Kaleb are pleasantly surprised by this decision, but it's obvious by the scowl on Rafael's face that he's feeling betrayed. After the break, Kaleb is the first to speak up following her opening vote]

KALEB: Never thought I’d be saying this, but... Hope’s right. Humans refuse to make a place for us in their world. We start letting them in? It’s only a matter of time before they take this place from us, too.

[Kaleb picks up one of the S stones and places it on the opposite side of the scales still floating above the table, causing the two dishes to balance out due to each side getting a vote]

KALEB: Landon goes.

[Without further ado, Rafael jumps straight into his own argument]

RAFAEL: Landon is my brother. He’s the only reason I’m alive. He can’t go back to human life knowing that magic and dragons exist. We took his whole crappy life from him. It’d be awful selfish of us to not give him one to replace it.

[Rafael silently picks up one of the stones and places it in the dish alongside Emma's, once again weighing the "Landon stays" side lower than the "Landon goes" side]

RAFAEL: That’s two-one.

[Hope stares at Rafael with a sympathetic but stern expression in hopes of getting through to him]

HOPE: It doesn’t matter how much we want him to stay. Look at what one mad wolf did to him!
HOPE: Earlier, I asked him if he felt safe here... He said “yes.”


[Hope has just left Landon's room after asking him if he felt safe at the Salvatore School, when he stated that he did. Once she shuts the door, she pulls the orb out of her pocket and frowns grimly when she sees that it is glowing bright red, marking the first true lie he's told that day]


HOPE: He was lying. This place is dangerous for him, and even he knows it.

[Rafael glares at Hope defensively]

RAFAEL: I will protect him.
HOPE: And where were you an hour ago?

[Rafael, knowing he has no response, remains silent, lending support to Hope's argument]

HOPE: That’s the point. If he stays, it’s on all of us. It is all of our responsibility to protect him. Can we honestly say we believe every one of us can handle that kind of responsibility?

[Kaleb, Josie, and Hope all look grim, and even Rafael shakes his head weakly. Hope picks up her stone and sets it on the other side, balancing the scales once again. Everyone turns to their witch representative for the final tie-breaking vote]

KALEB: Looks like it’s on you, Josie.

Dorian’s Cabin

[Dorian has a notebook and a pen and is scribbling down notes as the dryad tells the story of how she died and returned to the world while Alaric, standing with the knife clutched in his right hand, listens silently]

DRYAD: The night I was to leave with Oliver, something attacked me, and I woke up in an endless darkness. I could feel the presence of others, but not see or hear them. I was there for so long, and then, just as suddenly, I found myself not far from here, with an urge to possess that knife.

[Alaric frowns in concern and holds up the knife]

ALARIC: Why? What is this?

[When the dryad speaks again, her voice takes on a tone of urgency as though she's running out of time]

DRYAD: I do not know—only that I must have it.

[The dryad walks away from Alaric and Dorian as though she's holding herself back]

DRYAD: It’s like something… something pressing inside me, telling me to take it.

[Dorian is starting to lose patience with her]

DORIAN: Take it where?
DRYAD: There is a dark pit beneath the earth, locked away…

[The dryad's vision seems to go unfocused, and the way she's speaking seems to suggest that she's acting simply on instinct and that her control over her thoughts and actions are waning quickly. While she talks, she unconsciously uses her right index fingernail to carve a symbol into a puddle of wax that melted on the top of the end table next to her. The symbol resembles a seven-pointed Aquarian star, only with two rectangular ends]

DRYAD: I can see it. I can feel it. I am meant to take the knife there. If I do, I will find peace and finally be free.
ALARIC: And who told you to do this?
DRYAD: A voice in my mind. It is still there. I tried to fight it, but I am not strong enough.

[Suddenly, the dryad uses her powers of nature manipulation to cause a gust of wind to blow through the window, scattering the flower petals and herbs that are binding her within the circle. Her eyes are wild and wide as they glance at Alaric and Dorian, and she looks genuinely remorseful for what she's about to do, implying that she has lost control over her actions]

DRYAD: I’m sorry. I have no choice.

[Alaric, correctly sensing that an attack is imminent, calls out to Dorian]

ALARIC: Watch out!

[As soon as Alaric finishes saying his warning, the dryad extends a vine from her hand that wraps itself around Dorian's right ankle and begins pulling him toward her. Just as Alaric is reaching into his bag for the axe he stashed there in case of just this exact scenario, the dryad reaches out her other arm and extends another vine that is wrapped tighly around his right wrist, preventing him from moving it]

ALARIC: Dorian, the knife!

[The dryad extends a third vine from her abdomen that reaches across the room and grabs the knife from the table where Alaric left it at the start of the commotion. It looks as though Dorian is about to reach as far as he can to snatch the knife, but at the last moment, it's revealed that he actually grabbed a crossbow he had hidden out of sight, shooting a bolt right into her chest. Gasping in pain, the dryad's vines all retract themselves back into her body as she falls to her knees on the floor]

[Though both Alaric and Dorian seem to know they had no other choice, it's clear that they are devastated by this turn of events, evidenced by the fact that, instead of rushing to secure the knife, Alaric rushed to her side to try to comfort her. The wound seems to have snapped her out of whatever supernatural urge was forcing her to steal the knife, because she seems almost at peace with her fate as she looks up at Alaric]

DRYAD: Take me to the daffodils.

[A tear falls down the dryad's cheek as Dorian kneels to look her in the eyes. She looks pleadingly at Alaric and Dorian in turn]

DRYAD: Take me home. Take me, please.

[Dorian looks overwhelmed by what is happening]

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[The set of scales is still floating magically in the air as Hope, Rafael, and Kaleb stare at Josie, who looks apprehensive and overwhelmed by all of the attention. When Josie reaches out to take her stone, Rafael tries to appeal to Josie as a friend]

RAFAEL: Josie, please.

[Josie pauses for a moment before she finally speaks, and it's clear that she is conflicted about her decision]

JOSIE: Since Landon walked through those doors, my sister, my father, and I have almost died. We don’t really know what Landon is, so we can’t really say if we know if he’s dangerous or not...

[Hope and Kaleb seem to know where her argument is going, and Rafael opens his mouth as though he wants to interject, forcing Josie to beat him to the punch]

JOSIE: Raf, this isn’t about who is friends with who or who you like. This school is family, and I’m not putting my family in danger again.

[Josie swallows anxiously and puts her stone into the "Landon goes" dish, and Rafael, furious, stands to his feet and violently throws his chair behind him. Kaleb vamp-speeds to his feet as Hope tries to verbally talk him down]

HOPE: Raf!

[Kaleb moves so his face is only inches away from Rafael's, and for a moment, it looks as though the two are about to get into a brawl]

JOSIE: Raf, stop.

[Rafael's eyes blaze with rage as he looks back and forth between Hope and Josie, making it clear that he feels betrayed by them, before he laughs darkly and backs up toward the door]

RAFAEL: You know what? I’m done with both y’all.

[Rafael rushes through the sliding doors, leaving a guilty-looking Hope and Josie with Kaleb, who seems satisfied that the vote went his way]

Mystic Falls Woods

[Dorian has brought the dryad to the daffodil field in the woods as she requested, where he gently lays her down in the grass among the flowers]

DORIAN: Watch your head.

[Dorian looks down at the dryad sadly, squeezing her hand to comfort her for a moment, which seems to genuinely touch her]

DRYAD: I was wrong about you, Dorian. You kept your word. Not all humans lie.

[Dorian smiles weakly]

DORIAN: It’s okay. I wish more monsters were like you.
DRYAD: I remembered something else. That black pit, that awful place… it is called Malivore...

[Dorian, surprised and grateful for the information, nods at her with a weak smile]

DORIAN: Malivore. Thank you.

[The dryad smiles back and opens her mouth as though she's about to say something, but Dorian speaks first]

DORIAN: I-I’m sorry this happened...

[Dorian's smile falls when he sees that she has silently gone still and died before he could finish his apology. Blinking back tears, Dorian gently covers her body with her silky green cloak before standing to his feet and grabbing his shovel. He is just about to start digging her grave when he hears a rustling noise in the grass. When he turns to look and the dryad, he stares in awe to find that her body is being incorporated into the field; her spirit turns her body to a tree trunk while her vines extend from her body and push themselves into the earth as roots. Dorian remains awestruck through this metamorphosis and gasps when he sees her final form-- a willow tree that appears to be centuries old]

Salvatore Boarding School (Landon & Rafael's Room)

[Landon has slowly gotten to his feet, where he's standing in front of the room's full length mirror and examining the wounds he sustained in his battle against Jed, wincing when he touches the bandage on his ribs]

[After a moment, Landon sits down on the bed and pulls his notebook out of his jacket pocket. He opens the notebook to find a photograph of Landon and his mother Seylah when he was a baby. The back of the photo is inscribed "Seylah & Landon," and in the photo, Seylah is holding a newborn Landon outside in a wooded area. Rafael walks into the room with a sullen expression; when Landon looks at him questioningly, Rafael simply sighs and shakes his head, revealing that the honor council voted against letting him stay]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Lizzie, still clearly torn up about the fact that she lost the election, is in the gymnasium, where she's taking out her frustrations by hitting and kicking a large punching bag. She's startled when she suddenly hears a female voice calling out to her from the shadows]

PENELOPE: It’s sweet of you not to want to hurt the punching bag.

[Lizzie, realizing that it's Penelope trying to rub it in that she beat her, doesn't even look up from what she's doing to respond to her]

LIZZIE: You want to take its place?

[Penelope holds up her hands in a mocking non-threatening gesture as she walks toward Lizzie, who continues beating the punching bag as hard as she can]

PENELOPE: Don’t blame me. It’s the rest of the witches who knew how bad you’d be at the job.

[After a moment, Lizzie is unable to ignore Penelope any more and stops her workout so she can stand and look her in the eye]

LIZZIE: What did I ever do to make you hate me so much?

[Penelope scoffs as though this response proves her point]

PENELOPE: It’s not about you.

[Lizzie frowns in confusion, which only gives Penelope more ammunition]

PENELOPE: Shocking, I know.

[Penelope stares at Lizzie as she continues to walk toward her until the two are within arm's reach of each other to make sure Lizzie understands what she's trying to say]

PENELOPE: It’s about how you treat Josie.

[Lizzie scoffs as though Penelope is being ridiculous and enunciates every word of her response to make certain her meaning is clear]

LIZZIE: I love Josie.

[Penelope looks at her skeptically]

PENELOPE: Did you think to ask her if she wanted to run for the council before you assumed you’d win?

[The truthfulness of this accusation stops Lizzie in her tracks, and though she opens her mouth to speak, she realizes there's nothing she can say as a rebuttal, allowing Penelope to continue her argument]

PENELOPE: You’ve left her with no room for herself. She spends all of her energy taking care of you.

[The more Penelope talks, the more emotional she sounds, suggesting she has been holding in this rant for quite a while]

PENELOPE: She doesn’t have time for a relationship because you are a black hole of time, and energy, and love... Just sucking it all up, not giving any of it back...

[Lizzie is so affected by Penelope's rant that she begins hyperventilating as her mind runs wild with this information, so Penelope ends the stand-off]

PENELOPE: Oh, she won’t ever burn your world down… So I will do it for her.

[Penelope chuckles darkly under her breath and smirks before walking away. Once Lizzie is alone in the gym, she becomes so overwhelmed that she bursts into tears. Her emotions quickly become too much for her to handle, and she gasps as she turns on her heel toward the punching bag. The soles of her sneakers start to glow as she siphons magic from the school and thrusts her arm forward with a cry]

LIZZIE: Dissulta!

[The punching bag is sliced in half, causing pounds of sand to fall onto the mat below it and making a huge mess. Exhausted and emotionally numb, Lizzie pinches the bridge of her nose as she tries to regain control over herself]

Mystic Falls Bus Stop

[Hope is walking Landon to the bus stop so he can safely set off to his destination. As the two cross the street toward the bench, they talk about the day's events]

LANDON: Thanks for walking me.
HOPE: [nods] Yeah…
LANDON: I had to go before Rafael tried to follow me again.

[Hope clearly feels bad about how this happened and tries to make Landon feel better]

HOPE: We didn’t take the vote lightly. It was close.

[Though Landon takes on a joking tone of voice, it's clear that he is very serious about what he's saying]

LANDON: Yeah, I don’t really need to hear about that. I’m in enough pain as it is.

[Hope internally debates whether to tell him the next part before awkwardly blurting it out]

HOPE: I voted no.

[This revelation seems to take Landon aback]

LANDON: Yeah, didn’t need to know that...

[After thinking about it for a moment, Landon's curiosity gets the better of him]

LANDON: Why, exactly?

[Hope sits down on the bench at the bus stop, and Landon sits next to her]

HOPE: Remember when you asked me to make sure that Raf didn’t follow you? You did it ‘cause you care about him. Because you wanted to do what was right for him, even though it was hard.

[Landon's lips quirk in the corners at this compliment]

LANDON: Is that way of admitting you care about me?

[Hope smiles sweetly and shrugs]

HOPE: Maybe I’m a little biased.

[Hope hands Landon his bus ticket in an envelope, and when he opens it, he's shocked to see his destination]

LANDON: New Orleans?
HOPE: I have a family friend there that’s expecting you. I asked him to help you find your birth mom.

[Landon is genuinely shocked by this news]

HOPE: I couldn’t get you the answers that you wanted, but he can… With this.

[Hope holds out a bag with a folder labelled "LANDON KIRBY"]

HOPE: I put the results of your lineage spell in there.

[Hope, nervous about saying goodbye to Landon, begins to ramble nervously]

HOPE: And, um, some money... And a sandwich... I hope you like ham.

[Landon smiles kindly at Hope, grateful for what she's just done for him]

LANDON: Thank you.
HOPE: Yeah…

[Hope and Landon stare at each other in silence for a moment before Hope remembers her last surprise]

HOPE: Oh, and, um… and this.

[Hope pulls out a leather wrist cuff with a glowing blue stone that seems to be the same substance as the lie detector orb and fastens it around his wrist, much to Landon's confusion]

LANDON: What is this?
HOPE: Think of it like a “click your heels together three times” kind of thing. If you ever need me, just press it, and my bracelet will lead me to you.

[Hope points at her own wrist, where she has a similar leather wrist cuff, only hers looks like it has a compass built into it so she can locate him. Once again, the two stare longingly at each other, only for Hope to awkwardly break away]

HOPE: I should go.

[Landon, happy to end things on good terms, tries to play it cool]


[Hope, not sure how to best say goodbye, continues to awkwardly ramble]

HOPE: Bye. Bye, Landon.

[Hope starts to walk across the street, but before she can, her bracelet lights up and the compass aspect spins until the pointer is aimed back at Landon. When Hope turns to give him a look, Landon shrugs sheepishly]

LANDON: I wanted to see if it worked.

[Hope smiles a wide, genuine smile before running back toward Landon just as the bus begins to pull up, cupping his face with her hands as the two begin to passionately make out in front of the bus. The two kiss for several long moments until Hope moves her hands down to around his ribs, squeezing his bruised rib a little too hard and causing him to groan in pain]


[Hope immediately lets go and makes an apologetic sound]

HOPE: Ooh…

[Landon, not wanting her to stop kissing him, tries to fight through the pain for a little more romance]

LANDON: It’s good, it’s okay—

[The two continue to kiss, with Hope taking brief breaks to apologize]

HOPE: Sorry! Sorry!
LANDON: It’s worth it. It’s worth it.
HOPE: Oh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Okay.

[The camera zooms out so that all that can be seen is the silhouettes of Hope and Landon as they kiss in front of the bus' headlights]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Rafael has just stormed into the gymnasium to blow off some steam, just as Lizzie had done earlier, and is startled when he finds her in tears on the mat in the middle of the room, the punching bag laying in pieces next to her while sand covers every flat surface. Thinking she wants privacy, Rafael immediately tries to leave her to it]

RAFAEL: I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone.

[Rafael turns to leave, but Lizzie stands to her feet and calls him back]

LIZZIE: No, wait.

[Rafael reluctantly stops and turns around, and Lizzie wastes no time apologizing for what happened with his brother]

LIZZIE: I’m sorry… about Landon. I thought that Josie would vote with you. I don’t know what happened… other than that, apparently, I’m the worst person in the world.

[Lizzie's eyes fill with tears once again as she tries to make herself feel better]

LIZZIE: You don’t have to be my date to the party.

[Rafael shakes his head in disagreement]

RAFAEL: No. You’re not the one who broke our deal. I’ll keep my word.

[Rafael turns to leave, but after a moment, Lizzie gets the courage to run after him. She grabs him by the arm and spins him so that the two begin kissing. Rafael seems into it for a moment until he realizes what he's doing and stops, looking at Lizzie with a confused expression]

RAFAEL: What are you doing?

[Lizzie, not wanting to ruin a good thing and in the mood for something reckless and impulsive, shushes him with her kisses]

LIZZIE: Just don’t think about it.

[Rafael begins kissing Lizzie again, and the two make out passionately before he picks her up, wrapping his arms around her as he lifts her up so her legs can wrap around his waist. He slowly carries them both to the mat, where he gently lays Lizzie down and the two have sex. While in the throes of passion, Rafael takes her hand in his own, lacing their fingers together before pinning them at Lizzie's side]

Ending Montage

[Landon is on the bus to New Orleans, where he pulls out the photograph of him as a baby with his mother and looks at it closely for a moment before sitting back and thinking about the start of his new adventure in New Orleans. The camera zooms into the photo, taking note of the fact that Landon's mother Seylah was wearing a necklace with a pendant that is the same seven-pointed star symbol that the dryad carved into the wax on the dusty table. As he stares at the photo, the dryad's voice is heard in voiceover repeating the last words of the dryad before her death]

DRYAD: That black pit, that awful place… it’s called Malivore.


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