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We're going to need all the allies we can get. Vincent, Sofya, Klaus, even Rebekah. Or else we are going to lose this fight before it even starts.
Marcel to Josh in Phantomesque

Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard is a main character on The Originals. He was initially made out to be the main antagonist of the series during the early episodes of the first season before it was revealed that he is actually a caring vampire with no ill intention, who was simply trying to protect Davina Claire, a young witch whose imposing hatred toward her coven served to help enforce his rule in the French Quarter. Marcel is the adoptive son and former protégé of Niklaus Mikaelson, who turned him into a vampire. He is therefore by extension the adoptive brother of Hope Mikaelson and father figure and protector of Davina Claire. He is also a close friend and confidante of Josh. In the episode Give 'Em Hell Kid, he became an Upgraded Original Vampire after taking Lucien's serum, and in The Bloody Crown, took over as New Orleans' ruler, effectively succeeding the Mikaelsons.

Marcel was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1810 to a female slave and her owner, the Governor of Louisiana. Despite being the Governor's son, he was enslaved and worked on the plantation until he happened to meet Klaus during his half-brother's funeral. Marcel caught Klaus' eye after he threw an apple at a slave overseer after being whipped. Klaus, impressed with his defiance, and feeling as though the two were kindred spirits, decided to adopt the boy into his family as his ward. Marcel's mother had chosen not to name him until she was sure he would survive the fever but ended up succumbing to it herself before she could choose a name for him. Klaus then gave him the name Marcellus, meaning "little warrior", which has been shortened to Marcel.

He then lived with the Mikaelson Family for the majority of the next century until he was enlisted in the Army during World War I and was deployed to France until the war ended in late 1918. He returned home and continued living with the Mikaelsons; Klaus and his siblings Elijah, Rebekah, and Kol at their compound. Marcel and Rebekah, taking a chance at love decided to summon Mikael, the Original Vampire vampire-hunter, who arrived in town to the terror of his children, who dreaded their father completely. As was the norm, the Mikaelson children fled New Orleans after his arrival, a long cat-and-mouse game they played with their father. Following the Mikaelsons' absence and the subsequent power vacuum in the city's supernatural community, Marcel to eventually rose to be the leader of the vampire faction continuing to build up their numbers by carefully turning humans into his kind. The vampires quickly became more powerful. This made his vampire faction reign supreme over witches, humans, and werewolves during the next few decades until Marcel ultimately became the de facto King of New Orleans.

During Marcel's rule, he enforced a system of rules of his creation within the French Quarter, by which all supernatural residents must abide. At the beginning of the series, Marcel found himself at war with Klaus, who was trying to reclaim the French Quarter. He was trying to maintain order within the city, which meant dealing with the witches, who continued their pursuit of Davina after the Harvest ritual he and his army interrupted. He also began to rekindle his romance with Rebekah. Marcel and Rebekah sided together to take down Klaus once and for all so that they could finally be together, but their plan failed. Klaus killed many of Marcel's minions, forcing Marcel to ultimately choose to step down from the throne in order to save the rest of his people.

Soon after, Klaus asked Marcel to join him in ruling New Orleans and Marcel agrees to become the co-vampire King of New Orleans at his side. Rebekah ended their relationship and continued her own pursuit to defeat Klaus. Later, Davina learned of the secrets Marcel had been keeping from her and lost her trust in him. It was around that time that Davina's powers began to grow out of control and began to endanger the people of New Orleans, leaving them no other choice but to go through with the Harvest ritual to stop the plague of earthquakes, windstorms, torrential rain and wildfires that were intended to consume the town. Marcel went to desperate lengths to protect her as he loves her like his own daughter, but the event could not be avoided and Davina eventually agreed to go along with it for the sake of the town's citizens. She was thankful that she had Marcel in her life, and it is clear that Marcel would do anything for her. Davina was then killed by Sophie Deveraux, but despite properly completing the ritual, Davina and the other three witches sacrificed as offerings to the Ancestors were not resurrected as they were intended to be, causing Marcel great anguish for her loss. Marcel deeply grieved Davina's death and avoided ruling the French Quarter for some time.

Camille came back into the picture after he avoided pursuing a relationship with her due to Father Kieran telling him to stay away from her. They grew closer as he told her of his dark past and provided her comfort as her uncle Kieran was cursed with a hex. Marcel was also banished from the French Quarter by Elijah due to Rebekah and his great betrayal from 1919. Marcel also left Davina in Genevieve's care in order to protect her. Marcel had began his plan to reclaim the French Quarter with Thierry, Diego, and many other vampires by his side leading to an all out war: Marcel's Army vs. Klaus, Elijah and the Crescent Wolf Pack. The war was interrupted due to Hayley Marshall (who was then pregnant with hers and Klaus' baby daughter) being kidnapped by the witches, as well as the witches' allies Francesca Correa and her brothers, who revealed they were not actually human, but untriggered werewolves descended from a member of the former Guerrera Pack. Once in possession of the moonlight rings they had stolen from Hayley and the Crescents, Francesca and their brothers triggered their curses and used the rings to control their transformation, allowing them to bite all of the vampires in Marcel's Army and leave them for dead. Marcel, who was also bitten himself by Klaus, was running out of time to save himself and his people. He then rescued his newly-born adoptive sister, hoping to use her as leverage to get Klaus to heal them all with his blood, but when he returned to the compound, the vampires were already dead. Regardless, Klaus forgave Marcel for his actions in gratitude for him saving Hope and decided to heal Marcel with his blood.

It had been revealed in the series that Marcel is the one who drove the werewolves out of the French Quarter in the 1990s, and was also the man who hired Brynne Deveraux (not knowing she was actually possessed by Celeste Dubois) to place the original Crescent Curse on the Crescent Wolf Clan. Despite the strife between the vampires and the werewolves, Marcel was said to have been friends with Hayley's mother and father, and when he found them dead and found the young baby Hayley in her cradle, he arranged for Father Kieran to find her an adoptive family and get her out of town, purposely excluding her from her family's curse due to his rule against hurting children. As he later told Hayley, he could have kept her to gain leverage over the wolves, but ultimately chose to ensure she had a good life. When Mikael was resurrected by Davina in From a Cradle to a Grave, he killed all of Marcel's vampire army while they were dying of werewolf bites, with the exception of Joshua Rosza, who had previously been healed by Davina. In the second season, Josh and Marcel began rebuilding their decimated vampire community by choosing the best candidates for vampirism and turning them to increase their numbers. Their first recruit was Gia, with whom both men, and especially Marcel, developed a close friendship.

Marcel and Josh were later joined by Elijah in leading the new vampire community in the neighborhood of Algiers, and they formed close alliances with both hybrids Klaus and Hayley, but also the Crescent Wolf Clan, bringing peace to the supernatural community at large for the first time in centuries. The vampires, hybrids, and werewolves all banded together to fight against the Mikaelson children's resurrected witch mother Esther and brother Finn, along with their similarly resurrected Original vampire father Mikael and their powerful, ancient, and immortal witch aunt Dahlia, who sought Klaus and Hayley's daughter and Marcel's adopted sister Hope for her own coven.

As of the end of Season Two and the beginning of Season Three, Marcel had a tenuous and strained relationship with Klaus and was leading the supernatural community at large once again alongside Davina, the new Regent of the nine covens of New Orleans. When the ancient vampire society known as The Strix arrives in New Orleans, they approached Marcel and offered him a place among their ranks as a war was brewing between the three remaining sirelines of vampires. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Marcel is initiated into the Strix with Hayley's help as a way to determine their plans towards Klaus and the other Originals. After Tristan de Martel was disposed of, Marcel became the leader of the Strix.

With Davina's death in season three, Marcel declared war on the Mikaelsons and became the Beast of prophecy when Elijah killed him. He nearly destroyed the entire family, had it not been for Freya's intervention, and maintained peace in New Orleans for five years, albeit while keeping Klaus hostage and daggered with Papa Tunde's Blade. In season four Marcel would again join forces with Klaus and his revived family in order to stop the Hollow. With the Hollow defeated, he is currently in New York City with Rebekah.

Early History[]


Marcel was a slave of and the second born son of the Governor. In 1820, during the Governor's first son Emil's funeral, Klaus sees him being whipped. After Marcel throws an apple back at the man whipping him, showing his bravery, Klaus kills the man before he can retaliate. When Klaus asks the boy his name, he tells him that his mother wouldn't give him one until he turned 10 years old out of fear of him dying of fever; but his mother died before she could name him. Klaus names the boy Marcellus, meaning little warrior. Klaus then took in Marcel and raised him like a son. After being attracted to Rebekah since childhood and finally falling under his feelings, Klaus gave him a choice: to undagger Rebekah and live out their days together until Marcel grows old or be turned into a vampire. He chooses to become a vampire like he always wanted, though he never stopped loving Rebekah and Klaus' actions later caused Marcel to turn against him.


Marcellus had grown closer to the kinder Elijah who was teaching him to play the piano. Elijah also taught Marcellus to read, using Shakespeare as practice. Marcellus idolized Elijah, however, Klaus feeling jealous, un-daggered Kol Mikaelson, a vicious Original whose bloodthirsty appetites exceeded Klaus' and frightened Marcellus with his antics. One night, Marcel was forced to watch as Kol compelled people to act out Hamlet, even making them kill each other for real. Kol even went so far as to feed Marcel his blood, happily saying that he'd turn him since that's what his brothers really wanted. Klaus, realizing how dangerous Kol was to Marcel after he was scared by the "act", daggered Kol once again. Marcellus later spoke to Elijah about his progress on a book only for Elijah to shun him, the latter saying he was bored of him and called him a scavenger to Klaus, in reality Elijah only said these things to allow Klaus and Marcel to once again bond, but Marcel not knowing this took a dislike to Elijah and has never liked him since.

Marcel had grown close to Rebekah over the years, training in the art of fencing with her since he was a boy. Finally able to best her in a duel, Marcel began romantically pursuing Rebekah and she seemed to be reciprocating his feelings. However, despite Marcel's pleas to let him and Rebekah be together, Klaus did not approve of the relationship and forbid it. Marcel was persistent though and tried again, kissing Rebekah who shared his feelings. Klaus suddenly interrupted, furious and seeing their relationship as a betrayal. To punish them, Klaus daggered Rebekah in front of Marcel.

Later that year, Marcel was shot by the governor, his own father, while trying to free some slaves. The dying Marcel asked Klaus to turn him and against Klaus' wishes, he did so. Later, in a deleted scene of Season One, Marcel then compelled his father to carve out his own heart with a knife even though Klaus warned that this would not bring him peace from his father's abuse of him.

After Rebekah had been daggered for 52 years, Klaus removed it from her heart. Awakened, Rebekah asked for Marcel, worried for him and Klaus sadistically revealed that he had given Marcel the choice between a human life with Rebekah or a vampire life that didn't include her. Much to Rebekah's horror, she learned of Marcel's choice to become a vampire instead of having a life with her. Marcel entered the room, seemingly cold and unfeeling toward her revival.

After a series of thefts throughout New Orleans during the holiday season, the mayor asked Klaus to get to the bottom of it. Klaus had Marcel dig further into it and Marcel believed that Kol was responsible. He and Klaus tracked Kol to the Dowager Fauline Cottage where Kol was in the middle of stealing a rare paragon diamond. Marcel and Klaus forced Kol to turn the diamond over to them and with one of Klaus' witches, trapped Kol's allies in the house. Later, Marcel attended the Originals' Christmas party with Rebekah and after Klaus learned of Kol's treacherous intentions to steal the diamond back, Marcel witnessed Klaus dagger Kol as Rebekah betrayed Kol, despite promising not to tell Klaus what Kol was up to when catching him searching for the diamond in Klaus' room.

Marcel enlisted to fight in World War I much to Klaus' anger, believing Marcel was spiting him for not letting him be with Rebekah. Marcel refused to listen to Klaus' claims that he had more of a duty to his family than his country and departed, fighting in France. While in the trenches, Marcel grew as a leader of his regiment, a group nicknamed "The Brotherhood of the Damned". Klaus arrived, trying to entice Marcel to come back home by trying to appease his vampire nature. Marcel continued to refuse him, believing he needed to be there for his men. Klaus scoffed at him, not seeing him as the leader he was turning into. When his friend Joe Dalton was wounded in battle, he asked Marcel to turn him into a vampire along with all the squad, so they'd have enough strength to defeat their enemies. Marcel did so, leading his vampire troops to victory.

Marcel returned home to New Orleans after fighting in World War I. He was welcomed back with open arms by Klaus, but was treated more coldly by Rebekah due to their past. Shortly after he returned home, he aided Klaus in the conflict between Klaus and the new leader of the New Orleans witch coven, Papa Tunde. However, when Marcel and Rebekah grew closer again, unable to deny their feelings for each other, they desperately searched for a way to be free to do as they wished, without Klaus trying to control them. They decided that they would scare Klaus away using the Originals' father, Mikael, who had been hunting Klaus for nearly a millennium. With the help of the a witch, Genevieve, Marcel and Rebekah summoned Mikael.

Months later, though, he still hadn't shown himself. Klaus, meanwhile, great more comfortable with their relationship and actually publicly declared his newfound approval of it. Marcel and Rebekah were delighted by his change of heart. However, things soon took a turn for the worse when Mikael finally arrived in New Orleans. Mikael brutally beat Marcel and crucified him to a post in a play, as a message to Klaus. Rebekah and Klaus tried to rescue Marcel from Mikael's violence but were unsuccessful as they were forced to flee, leaving Marcel behind. The Originals believed that Marcel had been killed in Mikael's purge of New Orleans, but Marcel had survived Mikael's massacre and slowly established a leadership role in the French Quarter, using the skills and lessons that Klaus had taught him.

Marcel killed what he thought was the remaining Guerrera Family along with Joe Dalton.

Marcel supposedly studied law in the 1950s.

When there was infighting among the werewolves in New Orleans, which led to the death of some of the leaders of the Crescent Wolf Clan, the Labonairs. Marcel, who had been on good terms with the deceased husband and wife, went to their home soon after their murder to find their baby daughter still in her crib. Marcel considered using her for leverage but having a code of keeping kids out of trouble, took her to his friend Father Kieran instead, to give her a new life out of harm's way. Not long after, the Crescent Wolf Clan tried to take over New Orleans, Marcel was forced to have a witch place a curse on them in order to subdue his enemies without being forced into utterly and violently slaughtering them.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

Season Four[]

In The Originals, when Klaus arrives in New Orleans, he presents himself to Marcel, who used to be his fun-loving, charming protégé. Even though Klaus built the town, his father, Mikael, ran him out of it over a hundred years ago and now Marcel rules it. He's persuaded the humans to look the other way, chased away the werewolves and locked down the witches with some kind of secret. Later, he kills Jane-Anne for performing magic without his permission.

As Klaus goes to meet Sophie, Jane-Anne's sister, she tells Klaus if she talks, she'll be killed like her sister. Unbeknownst to Klaus, Marcel has some of his men follow Klaus to find out what he's planning.

Meanwhile, Klaus is roaming the New Orleans streets and back-alley bars when he sees one of Marcel's day walkers. He asks the daywalker where Marcel is. When he refuses to say, Klaus threatens to feed on him.

Marcel appears and tells him in no uncertain terms that nobody, and he means nobody, especially Klaus, hurts his men. He demands to know why Marcel was having him followed and also wants to know what he's been up to in his, Klaus', town. In response to Klaus' question, Marcel takes him up on a balcony and shows him the view of New Orleans. He says the town is growing and he has complete control over all the witches. Klaus, seeing the power that Marcel wields, wants to know how he's doing it. Marcel refuses to tell him. As Klaus and Marcel look on, Marcel sees a girl, the bartender from one of the bars. Marcel jumps to the ground to greet her and begins flirting with her.

Klaus confronts Marcel and demands to know what the deal is with the witches. Marcel says it's his secret and HIS town, so he won't tell him. Basically it's none of Klaus' business, which obviously Klaus doesn't agree with. Klaus tells Marcel that New Orleans WAS his town. Marcel mocks Klaus, asking him if he's jealous. He reminds Klaus that he ran from the town, then he comes back and brags about how the vampires rule and how he controls all the witches. Marcel tells him that he'll let him stay in HIS town, as long as he understands that Marcel is the King. So Klaus better show him some respect. Marcel does not seem concerned that Klaus is an Original. The other vampires gather and surround Marcel. Klaus flashes over to one of Marcel's many vampires and bites him in the neck. Then Klaus, his mouth dripping with blood, tells him that his vampire friend will die before the weekend is over. After all, a werewolf bite is death to a vampire. Klaus informs Marcel that he's broken one of HIS rules and he can't be killed. "I'm immortal. Who has the power now, friend?" asks Klaus.

Later, Klaus goes to see Marcel and tells him that he's really not his enemy. Klaus, as a peace offering, gives Marcel some of his blood so Marcel can give it to the man he bit. Klaus' blood will heal him and it will be "as though it never happened." Klaus says the French Quarter is Marcel's home and if he is welcome, he would like to stay for awhile.

Throughout The Originals Series[]

In Always and Forever, Elijah had been watching Marcel, who had become vampire king of New Orleans in Klaus' absence. Elijah is appalled by how Marcel's crew kills people in public. He is also mystified by Marcel's mysterious control over the town's witches, who aren't allowed to practice magic under penalty of death. When Sophie, Jane-Anne's sister, comes to collect her body and put it in a cemetery so she can be at peace, Marcel takes it away from her and says that Sophie must cooperate in order to put her sister to rest.

In a meeting between Marcel and Klaus, Marcel says that New Orleans is his town, which sets Klaus off. He goes on a rant about how he made him the man he is, but Marcel explains that when Klaus ran away, he took over.

When Marcel says he knows how to deal with Klaus, Elijah comes in to talk to him. Marcel won't explain how he controls the witches, but Elijah explains that the blood of a hybrid will cure the fatality of a werewolf bite. He bargains that Marcel needs to let the witches bury Jane-Anne and gets her body for the witches to prove his loyalty to them and the agreement he has made with them.

In House of the Rising Son, three months later, Marcel only lets a selected few of his vampires wear daylight rings. The rest are night-walkers and they like to host a huge party at Marcel's place every night, invite the tourists and feed on them at midnight. But the tourists get healed, compelled and sent on their way. One of Marcel's followers comes to give him news of some killings of the local vampires. There was no evidence of who. The next day, Marcel and Klaus are in a bar. Camille is studying and Marcel is "pining" over her. Camille is going to leave when Klaus stops her. She's taking abnormal psychology in college. Klaus brings her over to their table and kind of flirts, but still tries to help Marcel win points with her. He says that his friend has been depressed because he can't keep his mind off a girl. Klaus' "friend" thinks this girl is a queen. Klaus of course thinks he should "cut his losses", but he needs Camille's opinion. She thinks that if he's a nice guy that maybe one day he'd get a chance. Marcel, being bold, asks her out for 9 o'clock that evening. She says she'd think about it, then leaves. Klaus says that either he's lost his touch, or maybe Marcel had.

Marcel and Klaus go to take care of a human/newbie vampire problem. They arrive to a parking garage to find a man and a woman in the back of a van. He tells them about wanting blood and becoming a vampire, but only one of them gets to live. He tosses a coin and whichever one gets it, gets to live. The girl grabs the coin and at first Marcel acts smug, but then snaps the girls neck. He says to let her die in the cold because he doesn't have a thing for people who betray their friends. Then he leaves. Marcel finds Rebekah on the balcony and greets her. Marcel recalls the last time he saw her (when Mikael was burning the city down and they fled). She left without even looking for him. He seems bitter and hurt by it. Rebekah says she thought he was dead and accuses Marcel of being afraid of Klaus. Marcel denies it and says that he's not afraid of anything. Rebekah tells him that if she finds out he knew about Elijah's disappearance, she would kill him herself.

Klaus is at the bar drinking when Marcel comes in with a sour look. Klaus teases that he knows that face; woman problems. Marcel calls Klaus a dick for not telling him Rebekah was in town. Klaus says he thought it would be more fun this way. Marcel gets a call about the wolf and orders it to be killed. Marcel and Camille are on a date at the bar. Rebekah comes barging in, demanding to know where Elijah is. Marcel knows that Rebekah won't kill him, but she will kill Camille. Marcel caves and takes Rebekah to see Elijah. He has him hidden in Davina's attic. Davina throws Rebekah against the walls with her magic and out the window. Marcel has Rebekah in her old room. He lets Rebekah know he's in charge and everything in New Orleans is his. He also warns her to not ever touch "Cami" again. Marcel goes to talk to Davina who seems upset and is drawing. Marcel tells her that the Mikaelsons are in New Orleans to stay. She doesn't like that and he asks her for a favor. he wants her to find out how to kill an Original.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Marcel is getting fitted for a tuxedo for the gala. Currently, there are ten dead vampires so far. Klaus walks in while Marcel and Thierry are trying to establish who might have done it. Klaus asks for his brother Elijah back and Marcel asks Klaus to take a walk with him. Marcel is hosting a party and he isn't willing to give Elijah back just yet, as a show of his power and control. Klaus and Marcel listen to Thierry play the saxophone. Marcel is convinced that nothing would mess up his town and his rule. Klaus proceeds to get into Marcel's head talking about traps and flirts with the idea of riling the witches up.

At the ball, Marcel sees that Rebekah has invited Cami. Marcel goes to Cami, apologizing for not inviting her himself. Then he says he's not going to leave her all by herself, while she looked so beautiful. Marcel and Cami almost share a kiss when Diego interrupts to tell him about what happened with Thierry. Marcel grabs Thierry by the throat, but his men calm him down and remind him where they are. Marcel thereafter sentences Thierry to 100 years in the Garden. Katie is walking up the street trying to save Thierry. Katie is hurting Marcel by Davina's help-through magic. Klaus then comes in to help snapping Katie's neck. Indebted, Marcel thanks him.

Marcel is torturing Thierry and leaves him to rot in the Garden. Klaus and Marcel are on a bench talking about Camille. Klaus apologizes for Thierry's disloyalty. Marcel then agrees to give Elijah back to Klaus. Marcel heads back to the tower to a visibly pleased Davina, but the young witch doesn't want to give Elijah back. Marcel is stunned by this. Afterwards, Marcel intercepts Rebekah who was walking down the street. Unpleased by the Cami stunt, Marcel gives her a dressing down in a manner that can almost be equated to threats.

In Girl in New Orleans, Davina asks him for the night out and after reminding her that she's to be up in the attic for her safety, she shows him she can take care of herself by boiling his blood to which he expresses pride in her and tells her she has to be with Cami who's his friend. He tells his nightwalkers to watch over those two from respected posts. Later, he shows concern when Davina is missing and Cami tells him she snuck out to meet a guy. He shows up at the church, unaware that Klaus paid Davina a visit and asks her what happened when he sees the broken glass everywhere. Davina doesn't tell him about Klaus and reminds him that she lives in the church.

In Sinners and Saints, Marcel is told by Kieran O'Connell that he has to move Davina because he's concerned the witches will eventually catch up with her. It is revealed that eight months ago, prior to the series events, Marcel has been friends with benefits with Sophie and learned about the Harvest from her. He shows up with his army at the cemetery where the ritual takes place and kills all guilty witches, noticing that Davina is the only survivor of the four sacrificed witches and takes her away to safety, which is how their relationship began. In the present, Marcel is concerned about Davina, who feigns a panic attack about "something bad coming" at Elijah's instructions. She then faints and Marcel carries her up to her room. He's later confronted by Klaus who he distracted by dead witches in the bayou and is surprised to see Elijah who's un-daggered.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Marcel grows suspicious of Klaus and discovers he lied about where he lives. After a conversation with Josh, he goes to Thierry in the Garden because Thierry is the only one he trusts. Marcel listens as Thierry tells him that he believes Klaus drained the nightwalker's blood to compel him. Also, he tells Marcel that Klaus has to have a inside man. After hooking up with Rebekah, Marcel realizes that the Originals. are staying at his old plantation. He presumably kidnaps Hayley at the end of the episode, as he is last seen facing Hayley at the door before she disappears.

In Bloodletting, Marcel holds a fight club for his nightwalkers to impress him to get a daylight ring early seeing there's a waiting list. After one nightwalker wins, Klaus speeds in and breaks her neck which gets Marcel's attention. Angered, he asks Klaus what his problem is and Klaus accuses him of kidnapping Hayley. Marcel tells him he didn't and detects she's someone special to Klaus. He lets Sabine use her magic to track Hayley which she does to the bayou. Marcel then gets his nightwalkers inside, and inside the nightwalker bar he confronts Josh about being a spy for Klaus. He sacks him and takes him to Davina to get the compulsion wipe. At the end of the episode, he meets up with Tyler who gives him useful information on Klaus.

In The River in Reverse, Marcel meets with Tyler and his lair. Marcel tells his walkers that if they stay around they are signing up for battle. Tyler is filling the vampires in on Klaus' past of becoming a hybrid. Rebekah walks in and interrupts them. She finishes the story for Tyler. Rebekah agrees with Tyler and doesn't want the baby to be born. She is on team Marcel. She snaps Tyler's neck, turns out Rebekah doesn't want to hurt the baby, just Klaus. Marcel and Rebekah take Tyler to their dungeon. Rebekah asks where they are putting Klaus and Marcel has him a spot all by himself. He plans on keeping Klaus in there for 52 years. Rebekah is planning everything out but she feels a little guilty I think, but she says she regrets not doing this sooner.

In the city, Klaus goes to Marcel's. It's empty but then Marcel shows up. Klaus gets to the point and tells Marcel that he wants his dagger back, then Rebekah shows up. Marcel whistles for his boys and then they become surround. Klaus is very cocky and starting to get pissed. Now Klaus gets the point and is getting ready to fight. He first makes a speech, trying to get an ally. Klaus throws a coin saying whoever gets the coin will live, no one goes for it. Klaus is on his own and the battle begins. They chain his arms and they all start ganging up on him. Rebekah watches as they all beat and stab Klaus. Klaus goes into Hybrid mode just as Rebekah was going to stab him with the dagger. He takes them all out after that. Rebekah stops Marcel from fighting and tells him to pick up the coin so that Klaus doesn't kill him. Marcel yells and stops the fight, he then picks up Klaus' coin. Marcel pledges his allegiance to Klaus and tells him that he can have his kingdom.

Later, Marcel is watching as the surviving vampires burn the dead fighters. Klaus comes and gloats a bit, but Marcel turns the tables. Klaus wants Marcel's house. Marcel tells him he can have it all but he will never have loyalty from anyone. Marcel tells him to enjoy his kingdom.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Marcel and Rebekah made a deal to "trick" Klaus into believing their loyalty. Rebekah wants Marcel to stay safe. Klaus makes a long speech as new king. He introduces Hayley to the Vampires, He warns them about protecting Hayley. He also tells them he isn't going to use the baby's blood for hybrids. To prove his point, he wants the vampires to kill every werewolf in the French Quarter. Marcel asks Klaus if he compelled her to date him, he doesn't deny it. Cami thinks that her feeling for Marcel were compelled as well but Klaus points out that whatever she felt was true, he had nothing to do with that. Cami shows Klaus what she's been figuring out on her own and he compels Cami once again to forget about the vampires and she leaves.

Marcel and Klaus are still in Klaus' new study, chatting about the "humans" while Klaus looks at the picture of he and Marcel from back in the day that Cami found. Marcel warns him about loyalty and the humans, he tells Klaus that it's his show now but he just felt like he should warn him. Klaus tells Marcel about all of his indiscretions, Marcel takes everything in stride. Marcel thanks him for the honesty and tells Klaus that his meeting with the humans is in an hour. Meanwhile, at Camille's she has left post it notes all over her house reminding her not to trust Klaus. She even had a tape recorder in her purse to tape their conversations.

Marcel goes to tell Davina that she's moving. He's not mad at her, Klaus comes in and has a little chat with Davina. She's not happy. Klaus leaves and tells Marcel that they have a meeting to go to downstairs. Father Kieran is waiting on them with the "humans". The mayor steps up as well as the chief of police, they tell them they can co-exist peacefully as long as they listen to the humans. Klaus laughs at them and tells them that that's not going to work for him. At the bar, Klaus and Marcel are having drinks until Klaus gets a call from the humans and they do not agree to his terms, then they get ambushed by wooden bullets and sunshine. Marcel is pissed that he lost more of his friends. Marcel wants Klaus to step up as a leader. Klaus is proud that Marcel finally said something. Klaus asks what he should do and Marcel wants to kill them all.

They call a meeting for Father Kieran and the other human then they start taking out the humans one by one. Father Kieran is the only one left and Klaus isn't sure what to do with him yet. Marcel stops him from doing anything rash so brings up Cami and uses that to save Father.

While having a toast, Klaus calls Marcel out on his acting. Marcel tells him that he has to earn his friendship. Klaus tells Marcel that the main reason for this whole taking over New Orleans was mainly the witches idea, he doesn't want his baby to have a father like he had. Marcel isn't buying the story fully. Klaus admits that he was jealous, he saw what Marcel had built and he wanted it. Marcel tells him that he learned a lot from him and wants to know what now? Klaus tells Marcel that Marcel has the love of the people and that he can't win over everyone without Marcel. He wants them to rule side by side as equals, as brothers. Marcel toast to it and Klaus seems quite pleased. Marcel and Rebekah meet in the Garden and he tells her about Klaus wanting him to rule with him. Rebekah is pissed and hurt because he chose Klaus over her again. He has a pretty good reason, he wants to help the people. Rebekah warns him to remember how Klaus truly is.

In The Casket Girls, Marcel is first seen with Rebekah and he tries to speak with her, but she pushes him away saying that he doesn't have any right to touch her since he sided with Klaus. Then he gets a call from Klaus who informs him that Davina has escaped and he goes to him to find out what happened. When Elijah arrives, he asks him what did he told her in the attic and admits he is not sure that he didn't take her. When they start looking for Davina he makes deal with Elijah to ensure that Davina would be safe from Klaus once they find her. When Davina comes to Klaus and Marcel to get back Tim, she attacks him and blames him for betraying her. When Klaus poisons Davina it is revealed that Marcel made a deal with a Sabine to protect Davina. Rebekah brings Davina back and gives her to Marcel who takes care of her.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Marcel tries to make peace with Davina but she is furious with him and doesn't want to see him. Davina attacks him but suddenly starts coughing out dirt, making him even more worried about her. When they try to figure out what is wrong with her Marcel continues to blame Klaus for hurting Davina and killing Tim. Once they learning that the only way to stop Davina from destroying the entire city, they must complete the harvest Marcel takes Davina with him and hides her.

He still tries to make peace with her and explains that he cares about her and he was the one who asked the witch to protect her from death and if he would have known he would have saved Tim too. He apologizes for using Davina as tool but promises that now he just wants to keep her safe. When Rebekah tells him that it is hopeless to help Davina and Davina agrees to complete the Harvest. Marcel takes her to the harvest ritual. When the Harvest goes wrong and Davina doesn't come back to life, he is devastated and blames it on Klaus saying that he had everything under control until he came to the New Orleans. When Klaus tries to pull him out of his misery, Marcel says that he doesn't care about anything else and Klaus is just not able to understand his grief. Klaus says he does, because he mourned him for years after he escaped New Orleans and hugs him.

In Dance Back from the Grave, Marcel is still angered by Davina's sacrifice and failed resurrection. He initially refuses to help Klaus to investigate sacrificed vampires in the Cauldron. Marcel chooses to to drink and relive past memories with Camille. They are interrupted by Papa Tunde who attacks Marcel. Klaus arrives to help but is also overcome by Papa Tunde. Thanks to the actions of Elijah and Hayley, Papa Tunde is chased off.

In Crescent City, Marcel and Rebekah grow concerned with the reemergence of Genevieve.

In Long Way Back From Hell, a distraught Elijah turns to Marcel and Hayley for help when one of his decisions puts Klaus and Rebekah's lives in danger.

In Le Grand Guignol, are a series of flashbacks to 1919. Klaus opens up to Camille and reveals details of the devastating secret Rebekah and Marcel were trying to keep from him.

In Farewell to Storyville, Marcel comforts Rebekah as Klaus tries to kill her. He tries to get Cami to help a resurrected Davina after the latter is suffering from PTSD. When Rebekah is freed he says he can't run from New Orleans as it is his home and Klaus and Elijah took it as if the owned him and he wants the city back, and the two say farewell on good terms. Marcel tries to confront Klaus and want's it over. Klaus does nothing but Elijah exiles Marcel from the French Quarter threatening him to never return.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Marcel is still in exile on the other side of New Orleans tries to enlist Thierry to take back the city. He then encourages Josh to get Davina to practice magic again for her own protection, which Josh does. He later sleeps with Cami after she was almost killed after Kieran had a psychotic episode and they had been drinking, with Marcel taking a dream web he realized a witch was using to spy on Cami. Thierry joins Marcel to retake the city.

In The Big Uneasy, Marcel and Thierry proceed with their plans despite failing to recruit Diego. At the witch's feast, he sends his gift in the form of compelled humans to slash their wrists to trick the vampires in to breaking their peace treaty, promising there will be no peace. In retaliation, Elijah attempts to kill Marcel despite the latter's smug personality, and Elijah decides to rip Thierry's heart out and let Marcel live with the guilt as punishment. The vampires then decide to side with Marcel.

In An Unblinking Death, Marcel wants to come help Cami with Father Kieran but she refuses as Klaus will kill him. He calls Klaus and asks him to help Cami since he cannot go to her. He is then confronted by Hayley for bombing her pack which he denies. He tells her that he knew her family and how they had many enemies, even among other werewolves. He says someone betrayed and killed her parents while they were laying low, and he arrived only to find a baby Hayley alive. He reveals he had Kieran get her out of town as she was an innocent baby, despite how she could have been useful leverage from being the last Labonair. He tries to get Hayley to leave town as he may have to become the bad guy to get Klaus out of town but she refuses. Klaus later calls to say he knew Marcel did not bomb the wolves, told him Kieran died, and he had 24 hours to come help Cami and to bury his friend until his exile is re-instated. He reveals he had Josh lift the key Kieran had to protect Cami as people would come for it.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Marcel returns to the Quarter to bury Kieran and help Cami. She realizes he knew about the key and asks him to leave. Later he tells Cami the key leads to something that could be used against the supernaturals in New Orleans, and was trying to keep her safe. After Cami locates the box for the key, he assumes someone got to it as the box is empty. Cami reveals there was a secret code in the box her brother learned from Kieran as her brother was meant to take Kieran's place in the Faction one day before his death. She will not tell Marcel what it says as it is her responsibility now. After talking to Klaus about their past, he states he and his vampires will fight Klaus out of town until they are dead which Klaus acknowledges.

In The Battle of New Orleans, Marcel is seen interrogating Jackson and Oliver, asking them what Klaus is planning. They tell him and he gathers all the vampires in order to defeat Klaus and get the Originals out. He plans on luring Klaus out so Elijah will be alone in facing off against his army. Marcel successfully lures Klaus out of the compound and they fight in the street, despite being weaker than an Original, Marcel initially has the upper hand though is soon overpowered and is bitten by Klaus. Marcel tells Klaus he got the explosives from Francesca. He later goes back to the compound and finds most of his vampires have been bitten by the Correas and sees Diego slowly dying.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Marcel ends up breaking one of his rules by killing Monique Deveraux, though this was to save Hope Mikaelson. Marcel apologizes to Klaus for bringing Mikael to town all those years ago. Marcel allows Klaus to compel him to forget Hope is alive in exchange for vials of Klaus' blood, more valuable than ever due to the werewolves having full access to their powers which includes their lethal bite.

In Rebirth, with most of the vampires being exiled from the Quarter by the werewolves, Marcel began rebuilding a vampire community from scratch. Later, he helped Klaus with removing the moonlight rings and overthrowing Francesca's werewolves.

In Alive and Kicking, Marcel is shown recruiting new vampires for his community with Josh. Elijah comes to Marcel for aid in looking for the white oak stake. A flashback is shown and we see that young Marcel and Elijah are very close with each other, having a teacher-student relationship. Klaus becomes jealous and releases Kol, who at the time was daggered. Kol tries to teach Marcel Shakespeare, using compelled people and killing them in front of Marcel's eyes with the intent on turning Marcel and teaching him how to be a vampire. Elijah comes to Marcel's aide with Klaus. Klaus chooses to protect Marcel by daggering Kol. Elijah, noticing how much Klaus cares for Marcel decides to tell Marcel he is bored of him, in an attempt to distance himself, so Klaus could continue mentoring him in hopes it would help Klaus become a better man. In the present time, Marcel finds out Davina has the white oak stake and tries to convince Davina to give it up to no avail. Marcel and Elijah work together to find Davina and try to recover it, which leads to them discovering of Mikael's return. Later, Marcel gives Elijah the new recruit - Gia as a student in hopes that Elijah will join his vampire community.

In Every Mother's Son, Marcel watched his community grow and then met with Elijah, who told him that he needed the help of a witch. Marcel initially suggested Davina but after her actions with Mikael, Elijah didn't want Davina's help. He pointed out that Marcel had another witch, since Gia now had a daylight ring. Marcel pointed him in the direction of a witch named Lenore and had him take Gia with him. Later, Gia asked Marcel why he wanted her to be mentored by Elijah and Marcel explained that they needed to convince Elijah that he should join their vampire community since Klaus was siding with the wolves, they needed an Original on their side. Marcel elaborated that Elijah was the type of person who needed to fix broken things. Gia returned sometime later, telling Marcel that she had convinced Elijah to help her and Marcel happily relished that their community would have Elijah on their side.

In Live and Let Die, Marcel and his vampires are hanging out in his loft. He asks Josh if he has any luck on that dating site he's on. Josh tells him there's one guy, but doubts it will work since he has to keep his vampire status a secret. Suddenly the werewolves come and bring a dead vampire with them. They tell the vampire army they're not welcome in the city anymore when Marcel reminds about their old deal. The werewolves then leave telling them its going be their only warning. After that, they have a meeting to discuss their plans. Gia wants to fight to stay in the city and Josh is skeptic on how to beat the werewolf army since they now have the Moonlight Ring. Elijah then comes in and offers the army vampire fighting lessons. Which Marcel agrees to.

Aiden comes to the loft again to ask for help since Finn wants werewolf child solders in the war and he doesn't want to risk his brother's safety. Because of his rule on kids, Marcel agrees to help. After the successful rescue mission, Marcel goes back to his loft with Hayley and Gia to celebrate.

In Red Door, Hayley tells Marcel that the werewolf kids they rescue are in a safe house far north of the city. He's satisfied that those kids are safe. He then goes with Hayley to help her find the missing Elijah and Oliver. However that's put on hold when they learn Mikael has Cami. They help Klaus fight off Mikael when they get to their location. Outnumbered Mikael fled and he confronts Davina mad that she resurrected him. He unknowingly meets Kol in his host body. When Marcel leaves Davina alone to check on Cami she makes a quick getaway with Kol.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Marcel has resumed the search for Elijah and doesn't get any updates. Hayley then prospered to Gia and Marcel they help her recuse Oliver from the witches. Marcel is concerned and tells her she cannot take all of wolves by herself, but she tells him she have Jackson. He goes to Father Kieran's secret apartment to tell Cami that her adviser is the host of Finn Mikaelson. Cami is shocked and Marcel tells her to get a new adviser. Determined Cami tells him she has a plan. Marcel doesn't want Cami to her plan, but changes his mind with Hayley's call. Outside of Rousseau's Marcel and Gia spy on Cami's date with Finn to make sure it goes well. Gia defends Marcel from a werewolf getting bitten in the process. Marcel then kills the wolf. He then takes Gia back to his loft and gives her Klaus' blood. He then gets a call from Cami telling him she'll use Finn's feelings as an advantage.

In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Marcel is part of a plan to trap Finn after that's successful. He then takes Kol offscreen in Davina's Room.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, he admits to Davina he was the one who turned Kol and the White Oak Stake over to Klaus. She's angry at him for doing that, but Marcel tells her he has best interest at heart as he's sure Kol would use her. Marcel then leaves his Loft with Josh and Davina inside of it. At The Abattoir he interrogates Kol. When Davina arrives to fight Klaus to free Kol. Marcel tries to stop her, but gets his neck magically broken. After he recovers and learns of Esther plan for Cami He along with Kol and Cami convinced Davina that she's the bigger enemy right now than Klaus.

In The Map of Moments, he helps Cami not to be possessed by Rebekah.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, along-with his vampire army, he gets stuck in the Abattoir when Finn casts a boundary spell on it.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Marcel remembers his time in WW1 as he's trapped in The Abattoir. Affected by his werewolf bite he sees hallucinations of Joe Dalton. After they're freed the vampires successfully make it back to his loft where he's given Klaus' blood. Unfortunately Finn kidnapped every vampire.

In Sanctuary, Finn discovers during his interrogation that Marcel was compelled to forget about Hope's survival.

In The Devil is Damned, Marcel goes to The Bayou to warn Hayley that Finn knows about Hope. He then tells her he's also is in a predicament if he doesn't get her blood to Finn he's going kill every vampire by the hour. However, Finn releases the hungry vampires to attack the wolves. He helps Hayley and Jackson get things under control.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Marcel attends Hayley and Jackson's wedding with Gia as his plus one. He notices Rebekah in her host body.

In They All Asked For You, he helps Rebekah when she couldn't use magic against the Tremé Coven. In his loft he calls Ruben, a seer, to find out who exactly Rebekah's witch is. However both get drugged as Ruben prepares to kill her for revenge thinking she's Eva. After recovering from a snapped neck Marcel attempts to make a move against Ruben, but Rebekah stops him. Later as they look over Eva's file Marcel mentions to Rebekah he thinks it's good she took over her body clearly horrified towards her crimes against kid witches and warlocks.

In Save My Soul, Marcel protects Rebekah against witches such as Josephine LaRue when they want her more specifically Eva for the most recent attack on two teenagers that she killed.

In Exquisite Corpse, he found that Davina was kidnapped by Eva after he learns of her criminal past from Vincent and is reunited with her once she and the other kidnapped victims are saved from Eva.

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Marcel helps Elijah with Josephine magically make St. James Infirmary a safe house for Hope from Dahlia as Marcel claims it was a neutral ground for witches and vampires in the city decades ago.

In When the Levee Breaks, Marcel tries to convince Davina to help them dagger Klaus, when she tells Marcel that while he helped save her from Eva, he wasn't there for her when Kol died, and that's when she needed him the most, even if he didn't like Kol. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for protection, and she'll decide if it gets used. During the night, she is with Josh to say farewell as he is planning to leave the city with Aiden, however the two of them come across Aiden's body. Unaware that Dahlia killed him, they believe that he was murdered by Klaus for his betrayal, and they mourn him together before Davina makes her way to Algiers, where Marcel is. Marcel comforts Davina as she cries, and she hands over the gold dagger, allowing Elijah to use it to put down Klaus at the end of the episode.

In City Beneath The Sea, Marcel still helps the Originals against Dahlia.

In Fire with Fire, Marcel talks to Elijah about Davina. On how they need her help to bring back Kol. And to stop Dahlia. When Rebekah notices Klaus isn't in his coffin where he was laying there daggered. They kinda start to panic. He is later ambushed by Klaus in his loft. He wakes up sometime later hanging upside down from a rope on the ceiling. Klaus is stabbing Marcel to drain him of his blood. So he can compel him. Klaus compels him to stop Rebekah with her spell to trick Dahlia into thinking they have baby Hope. Marcel also has shackles to hold Rebekah as his prisoner. Klaus compels Marcel again to kill Eva's body if Rebekah tries to escape. Rebekah realizes Klaus wants this to happen. So Rebekah's spirit can return to her body. Marcel doesn't want to hurt Rebekah. So she takes a knife and stabs herself in the neck.

In Ashes to Ashes, he calms down an angry Davina as she was tricked into resurrecting Esther instead of Kol. On his behalf he got her to use a locator spell on Dahlia.

In For the Next Millennium, Marcel had transformed the church into a fighting gym for his vampires. He would often spar with Elijah when Elijah needed to blow off steam. Later, he asked Davina for help in creating daylight rings for his vampires but she refused, saying that as new Regent of the witches, she couldn't risk looking like a vampire sympathizer. Cami and Vincent met him at his gym and questioned him on the recent murders in the city where it looked like compulsion was involved. Marcel denied any of his vampires being responsible, reminding him that he wasn't the only vampire in the city. Later, while sparring with Vincent, he chastised him for not being there for Davina to help lead the witches.

In You Hung the Moon, after Davina was attacked by another witch, Marcel told her that a show of force was needed. However, when a massacre took place that included the witch who attacked her, Marcel scolded Davina for her actions.

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Marcel discussed their current situation with his vampires; saying that with the serial killer running around, they would have to stop feeding off tourists and locals for the time being. He told Josh to get into contact with the hospitals and blood banks to help compensate their needs. Their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Aya, who had told Marcel she had an offer for him. Marcel reacted defensively, telling some of his men to remove her from the building. Aya, being three times Marcel's age, easily subdued his vampires before Marcel joined the fray. He put up a fight but was no match for Aya who relentlessly beat him down. She was impressed by his resolve and proposed that they take the conversation some place more private, where he wouldn't be trying to defend his pride in front of his men. Aya slashed him with a blade on her finger that was coated with a toxin of her own making. Marcel passed out from its effects and woke up in a large house.

Marcel was awoken by Aya dumping water on him and she explained that she and her friends could help Marcel with both his need of blood bags and daylight rings for his vampires. She began telling him how impressed she was that he was sired by an Original but made his own fortune, building New Orleans from the ground up and becoming its king by his hard work. Marcel wanted to know who her friends were and she explained that she worked for The Strix, the oldest society of vampires in the world. Elijah arrived and revealed that he knew Aya, attacking her and threatening her for more information. The leader of The Strix, Tristan, interrupted which prompted him and Elijah to have a word alone. Elijah ordered Marcel to leave, which he did grudgingly. Later, Marcel told Josh how he was frustrated by his home being invaded by The Strix but also just as annoyed by Elijah treating him like a child. Marcel examined the card Aya had offered him with The Strix's location and insignia on it.

In A Walk on the Wild Side, Tristan contacted Marcel after sending him a mask and tuxedo, inviting him to gala thrown by The Strix. He also sent Elijah an invitation, hoping that he'd be able to attend. Marcel went to the gala where Aya showed him around and introduced him to the possibility of joining their ranks. During the gala, when it became clear that it was no party, but rather Marcel's initiation into The Strix, Tristan entered the ballroom and got the attendees' attention. He told Marcel how he would have to prove his worth if he were to join The Strix, noting that Marcel's daylight ring had gone missing during the party, much to Marcel's surprise. He told him that he'd have until sunrise to try and figure out who took his ring and then get it from them, despite The Strix members mostly being far older than Marcel.

Marcel deduced that Aya had taken the ring but given it to Mohinder, a skilled combatant who liked to feed on his defeated opponents. Once declaring that Mohinder had his ring, he had to fight him to get the ring back. The fight seemed to be going poorly, with Mohinder easily beating down Marcel. Even though he was outmatched, though, Marcel revealed that he had Hayley bite him on the arm so that when Mohinder tried to feed on him, he would be poisoned by Marcel's blood. His cunning gave Marcel the victory and granted him a place among The Strix, the first member who wasn't part of Elijah's sireline.

In The Axeman's Letter, Marcel was enlisted by Elijah to figure out what Tristan was really doing in New Orleans. Elijah explained his suspicions that Tristan was working with an unknown second party, and wanted Marcel to use his newly acquired Strix membership to help learn the truth. Marcel made clear that he only joined The Strix to figure out what they wanted with his city and was uneasy about possibly blowing his cover to investigate the society's leader. However, Marcel revealed he had contacts in the city he could use where his participation wouldn't be discovered, so Marcel had Tristan tailed by some of his vampires. They reported back that Tristan was secretly working with Lucien, despite their claims that their sirelines were at war. Marcel informed Elijah of his discovery that Tristan and Lucien had actually been aligned the entire time.

In Beautiful Mistake, Marcel was contacted by Hayley about a fellow member of The Strix named Shen Min who had been tailing her and she had taken captive. Marcel knew about Shen's reputation as a very dangerous vampire, so he called Elijah seeking advice on how to handle the situation, especially given Marcel's recent induction into The Strix. Shen taunted Marcel, telling him he had suspected Marcel would be a turncoat. Shen broke free of his constraints and easily overpowered Hayley and Marcel, shoving his hand into both of their chests, planning to tear out their hearts. Elijah arrived, stabbing him in the back with a large piece of wood. He then questioned Shen on what he knew, compelling the answers out of him. He told Elijah that they wanted Davina Claire and that Hayley was in the way of getting her. He told Elijah that Davina was needed to power a weapon that Tristan planned to use against the Mikaelsons. When questioned further, rather than reveal his secrets, Shen chose to kill himself, removing his daylight ring and burning to death in the sunlight.

In Out of the Easy, after Rebekah had been attacked by The Strix, Marcel worked with the Mikaelsons to try and find her. When Freya's attempt to use a locator spell to find her failed Marcel wanted to go to The Strix for Rebekah's location but Elijah told him to instead focus on preventing Davina from activating Tristan and Lucien's weapon. Marcel met with Davina at his gym, warning her that The Strix needed her to take down the Mikaelsons. He offered to get Davina out of town but she denied his offer, believing she could handle herself. Still concerned, Marcel went to Vincent at Rousseau's and tried to convince Vincent to help get Davina out of the danger she was in. Later, he contacted Freya to see if she had gotten any closer to finding Rebekah only to learn she hadn't. That night, after Davina's actions forced Vincent to have her shunned by the witches, so that The Strix couldn't use her Regent powers to activate their weapon, Marcel was concerned for her well being but relieved that her punishment hadn't been fatal and was now not going to be used by The Strix.

In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Marcel tried to help find Cami after she had been captured by Aurora de Martel but his efforts were interrupted by Aya. She unexpectedly showed up at his loft, scoffing at his lack of accomplishments as a Strix member and accusing him of getting Davina's status as Regent revoked to thwart their efforts to activate their weapon. He tried his best to convince her that he had nothing to do with it, but she remained skeptical. Aya explained that The Strix required his help and it would be in a mission that would put his loyalty to the test. When Marcel learned it was to rescue Tristan who had been taken hostage by the Originals, he believed it was a suicide mission. However, Aya showed him The Cursed Stake she had used to take down Rebekah. She explained that his role was simple: he would go into the compound under the guise of friendship, stab Elijah with the cursed stake and free Tristan; rescuing their leader and imprisoning the head of their sireline in a single swift move.

That night, Marcel arrived at the compound and informed Elijah that he was there on the behalf of The Strix, asking him politely to release Tristan and warning him that The Strix would eventually come in force to retrieve their leader. He brought up that Marcel bringing Tristan back to The Strix would get him deeper into the society and earning more of their trust. Elijah refused to go along with his suggestion, having no intention of releasing Tristan. Once he had Elijah alone, and Elijah was beginning to question Marcel's loyalty, Marcel showed him the cursed stake and admitted that he betrayed him, bringing several Strix members with him. Marcel led the attack on Elijah but was easily knocked away first before Elijah slaughtered many of the others with help from Hayley. Marcel got back up and impaled Elijah, seemingly with the cursed stake before saving Hayley from two Strix vampires, confusing her as to whose side he was on. He found Aya freeing Tristan and convinced them to leave and he healed a wounded Freya, showing her that he hadn't actually used the curse stake on Elijah but instead used a regular one, telling her to remind him who his real friends were and proving he was still loyal to the Mikaelsons.

Marcel regrouped with Tristan and Aya at his loft, giving Tristan Klaus' blood to heal from the werewolf bites he had received during his captivity. Having convincing The Strix of his loyalty and earning Tristan's gratitude, he was surprised when they decided to leave and told him they would be in touch. Marcel, wanting to take advantage of the good will he had earned with them, demanded that he be given more of a reward for helping save Tristan, saying that the events of the day proved that The Strix needed him on their side, convincing them to let him deeper into The Strix's inner circle. Tristan agreed and asked him to come with them so he could see everything being a member of The Strix really had to offer him.

In Savior, Marcel arrived at his bar to find Tristan, who explained his plan to ally himself with Van Nguyen and have him become the new Regent since they still needed one to activate The Serratura. He soon after went to Vincent and told him about Tristan's plan for Van and the Regency. He tried to convince Vincent to take a stand instead of letting the witches be led by a boy with loyalty to The Strix, essentially handing over nine covens of witches to Tristan. When Vincent remained defensive and told Marcel to stay out of witch business, Marcel goaded him by asking if he was going to get another teenage girl to do his dirty work. His taunts worked and Vincent displayed his power in anger, explaining that he would do as Marcel wished and take the regency but, to Marcel's surprise, Vincent promised him that he wouldn't like what he did with the Regent title. Later, Tristan showed up at the gym wanting to know who the new witch Regent was since Van had been denied and Marcel told him it was Vincent, which Tristan quickly took advantage of despite the set-back.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, after The Strix succeeded in having Vincent activate The Serratura and taking Hayley hostage, Marcel was present after the Mikaelsons struck back by taking Aurora captive, viewing the aftermath with Tristan and Aya. When Elijah demanded an exchange of Aurora for Hayley and the Serratura, Tristan complied but planned on overwhelming the Mikaelsons by bringing dozens of Strix members down on the Originals so they could seal them away with the Serratura during the exchange. Marcel went to the exchange many other Strix members and watched as the Mikaelsons outsmarted Tristan and trapped him inside of a shipping crate with the Serratura. When Tristan ordered The Strix to attack the Originals, Marcel heeded Aya to stand down since they would lose far too many Strix members if they tried. Aya listened to Marcel's advice and The Strix abandoned their leader to his fate.

In Wild at Heart, Marcel attended a dinner Aya hosted with some of The Strix inner circle. However, the dinner was revealed to be a test of loyalty as Aya brought out the witch Ariane to divine the Strix members' true intentions. Marcel was visibly nervous about the results, especially after Aya easily struck down a Strix member who was shown to have nefarious intentions. She made clear that she wouldn't allow anyone to take advantage of the society's current leaderless circumstances for a power grab. When Marcel revealed the divination card showing his intentions, he was surprised himself to see that it displayed a loyal knight, much to his relief. After Davina was recruited to be one of The Strix's witches, The Sisters, Marcel met with Josh who asked what they were going to do about The Strix now that Davina was working for them.

In Dead Angels, Marcel confronted Aya about recruiting Davina, telling her that she was just a kid. Aya countered that Davina was a former Regent and it was a shame she only joined them after her shunning. Annoyed with Marcel's insubordination, she warned him to start making himself essential to the plans she was preparing. When The Strix learned there was potential weapon in play that could threaten the Originals, Aya called a meeting to discuss how to proceed in making sure that weapon was under their control. Marcel watched Elijah interrupted the meeting and made claim to the society he had started, wanting to lead it now that Tristan was out of the picture, even bringing out the charter that dictated the rules of the society. When Aya objected his claim, challenging him to what the charter dubbed "a game of kings", where whoever held the charter at midnight would be named the new leader of The Strix. The two entered a duel to determine who got the charter but Marcel took the opportunity to snatch the charter, reminding them that all the rules dictated was that someone had to have the charter at midnight, not the specifics on how they did that. He then fled with it in his hand.

Marcel used his extensive knowledge of the city and his contacts in New Orleans to hide with the charter but was eventually found by Elijah. He goaded Elijah into coming inside of the home he was hiding in, only to leave when he did, buying himself enough time until midnight. When the time came and Marcel still held the charter, he was named the new leader of the ancient vampire society, having used his cunning instead of brute force to make up for the age difference between him and his rival candidates. Elijah initially seemed enraged by the results, shoving his hand into Marcel's chest and threatening to kill him but Marcel reminded him that he just played the game by the rules. Elijah relented and Aya seethed over her loss. Later, Marcel met with Elijah and the two celebrated, having orchestrated the entire affair for Marcel to become leader as they now had disarmed much of The Strix's threat and had an army of ancient vampires as allies. Marcel later met with a begrudged Aya and reminded her that he had experience running vampire societies and the first thing he did was make sure his followers were loyal. Aya explained why she recruited Davina; to use a spell to sever the sirelines from the Originals, so their lives were no longer dependent on theirs. Citing it as the only way to be truly free, she asked Marcel if he was ready to lead them to freedom.

In Heart Shaped Box, after learning that the Mikaelsons had lost the last remaining white oak to Aurora de Martel, he went to Klaus, telling him that he had sent The Strix looking for Aurora because of the threat she posed to all of them. When Klaus realized how close Marcel was becoming to The Strix as their new leader, he questioned if Marcel had any other news about them that he wanted to share. Marcel remained silent about The Strix's plans to unlink the sirelines. Marcel went to Davina who was working to try and figure out how to sever the sirelines, but also focused on bringing back Kol. Marcel told her that Kol could wait a little longer, while his life could end at any minute with the threat of Aurora and the white oak still out there and the sirelines still in tact. He asked her to trust him, assuring her he was loyal to her over Aya, and that once the sirelines were unlinked, he would do all he could to help her bring back her boyfriend.

Later, after Davina deduced that they needed the heart of an unsired vampire, such as Hayley to complete the spell, The Strix attacked the hybrid in Marcel's gym. Marcel tried to stop Aya from taking Hayley's heart, telling her killing Hayley would start a war with the Mikaelsons who would kill them before they even had a chance to unlink themselves. Aya refused his orders and the two fought. Though she was much stronger than him, Marcel convinced her to give him time to find another way or else all of The Strix would be condemned to death by the Originals if they did it her way. After Marcel reminded her that he wanted to be unlinked just as much as he did, Aya gave him until midnight and threatened to kill him if he didn't find another solution. Marcel later brought her the heart of the late Jackson Kenner, whose heart had become magically identical to Hayley during their wedding ceremony. Aya accepted the alternative, calling him a creative leader but Marcel warned her that if she crossed him again, he'd be just as creative in finding a way to kill her.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, Marcel spoke to Davina as she made the final preparations to break the sire link. She assured him it would be fine and he might feel warmth when the spell began but it would pass once it was broken. Marcel warned her that going through the plan would be risky, as the Mikaelsons would retaliate but Davina was confident everything would work out. Hayley called Marcel after she found Lucien Castle in Aurora's hideout, and Marcel learned that Aya had taken both Klaus and Elijah to begin the de-siring spell. Lucien, however, told Marcel that it wasn't just about de-siring, but also an execution. Aya was going to test the spell's success by executing Klaus with white oak, risking Marcel and the rest of Klaus' sireline's lives. Lucien reminded him about the prophecy that stated Klaus' sireline would fall and burn, prompting Marcel to try to stop Aya. He worked with Hayley, Freya, Lucien and another member of Klaus' sireline, Stefan Salvatore. When they learned countless Strix were coming to defend the captive Originals, Lucien suggested Marcel just call them off but Marcel explained that if he did that, Aya would stage a coup and it would solve nothing.

Marcel was convinced their plan was suicide as they didn't stand a chance against a hundred of the world's oldest vampires. However, Stefan remarked that it might work if they got them to the front door, knowing the vampire huntress Rayna Cruz was still tracking him down and had experience in slaying vampires. Marcel drove Stefan and Hayley to the Strix hideout before going inside and speaking with Aya, who was anxious to free thousands of vampires from the Originals. She told Marcel to be close-by when the spell happened, which, unknown to Aya, Marcel now knew was so she could see if he was still linked when she executed Klaus.

Marcel told Davina about Aya's plan to execute Klaus and possibly Elijah and that if the spell didn't work, he would die when Klaus was killed. Davina was undeterred, believing the spell would work and wanting to rid the world of Klaus. She told him he deserved to be free of Klaus and to trust her complete the spell. Later, as Davina and the Sisters performed the spell, Marcel and Hayley tried to stop them but were tossed aside by magic. After Elijah was awakened, Davina still completed the spell on Klaus, severing his link to his sireline. Marcel felt an intense burning as the spell worked, and his immortal life was de-sired from Klaus. Once the spell was completed, Marcel took Davina to his loft, fearing Klaus' retaliation but she was furious with him for not believing in her and trying to stop the spell. Marcel assured her he was always on her side and had her back but some things weren't worth the price you had to pay to get them.

In An Old Friend Calls, Marcel returned to his loft to find that Josh and many of his other vampires had partied all night celebrating their de-siring from Klaus. Marcel reminded Josh that while their sireline was severed, The Strix were still sired to Elijah. Josh questioned why they still cared, saying Marcel had played undercover leader, now he could just send them away from New Orleans. Marcel assured him that The Strix were thinning out, and it would be back to their usual business but two Strix members arrived with news that their society wasn't leaving yet since three of their upper level members were missing. Despite their lack of respect and threatening to discipline them for insubordination, Marcel went with them to try and find their missing friends. Later, when Elijah asked Marcel to have The Strix make sure all of the white oak was completely gone, Marcel explained the situation of the missing members, prompting Elijah to investigate too.

Marcel had Josh ask Davina for help finding them and they found their bodies, covered in werewolf bites, having been tortured and torn apart near the site of Jackson's death. Marcel suspected Hayley was responsible and told Elijah that The Strix would want whoever was responsible's head. To cover up Hayley's involvement, Marcel instead framed Gaspar Cortez and gave The Strix his head instead, coming up with a believable story given Cortez's hostile past with the vampire society. He went on to tell them that vampires from all over were coming to New Orleans looking for the last of the white oak so if The Strix wanted to protect themselves and their sireline, they'd need to help him make sure any potential enemies were neutralized.

In Alone with Everybody, Marcel had The Strix shadow Elijah to protect their sire from the threat of the last remaining white oak and the legion of Mikaelson enemies coming to town. He asked Elijah to just comply with the added security and to stay put so The Strix could find the last white oak. Josh met him at the loft to tell him about an online auction for the last white oak bullet, something that The Strix hadn't noticed since they didn't pay as good of attention to modern things as Josh did. They learned more about the auction and Marcel used The Strix's extensive resources and their pledge to fulfill any one command to win the auction. Marcel sent Josh to retrieve the prize but he was brutally beaten by Sofya and her vampires running the auction. Marcel arrived to save him and they tracked Sofya down with Vincent's help. Marcel confronted her on the streets with his allies and Sofya submitted, but refused to give him her employer's name. Marcel gave the white oak bullet to Elijah but after some debate among Elijah and his newly revived brothers, Kol Mikaelson and Finn Mikaelson, he didn't destroy it, instead opting to keep it save, much to Marcel's chagrin. However, the two celebrated the victory until Marcel returned to his loft to find Josh unconscious and the captive Sofya missing, as the Mikaelsons learned the auction had just been a distraction in a larger scheme made by Lucien Castle.

In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, after Marcel learned that Kol's resurrection had been corrupted by The Ancestors so he couldn't control his bloodlust, Marcel broke his neck during a date with Davina when he growing hostile. When Davina questioned his action, Marcel told her he was preventing a blood bath and protecting her, but told her to go help Vincent who was having trouble in the cemetery while Marcel would keep an eye on Kol. Marcel gave Kol a blood bag when he woke up, hoping to satiate his hunger and keep him calm. When the blood proved unsuccessful, Marcel wouldn't let Kol near Davina in his feral state, infuriating Kol enough to start blindly strangling Marcel. Marcel tried to break through to the Original, telling him despite never liking him even on the best of days, Kol clearly wasn't himself. Kol's fury persisted until Davina and Vincent managed to make magic unable to influence the bar again. Kol relented, snapping out of his mania, and he promised Marcel he would never hurt Davina. Despite his claims, Marcel told Kol to do the right thing and leave for Davina's safety. Kol listened to Marcel and tried to flee New Orleans, leaving Marcel to explain Kol's departure to a shocked Davina.

In No More Heartbreaks, upon hearing Cami had been attacked by the newly empowered Lucien, Marcel called Davina to tell her. He met up with Vincent in Cami's apartment, who was collecting Lucien's blood on the floor to hopefully find a cure for his bite. The two briefly discussed how an innocent person was once again collateral damage in the chaos that surrounded the Mikaelsons. After collecting Lucien's blood, they brought it to Cami to drink but it proved unable to help aid her worsening condition. Vincent asked Marcel if The Strix might have something to heal Cami but Marcel regretfully explained that The Strix didn't have a solution for something that never existed before like Lucien's poison. With no way to heal her, Cami succumbed to Lucien's bite and died. Davina arrived and after realizing she was gone, Marcel hugged her, both grieving for Camille.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Marcel went to the bar to find Kol, his clothes covered in blood, holding Davina's lifeless corpse. Marcel, in stunned disbelief, demanded to know what Kol was still doing there, since he was supposed to have left the city. When Marcel saw Davina's body and realized The Ancestors successfully used Kol's amplified anger to kill her, he lashed out violently against Kol, devastated by Davina's death. Kol swore he loved her and explained that he had tried to even have Davina dagger him to protect her but Marcel, determined not to lose Davina, yelled that they were in New Orleans and witches could sometimes be brought back, declaring that they were going to revive Davina. He had Vincent come to the bar to prepare to consecrate Davina and brought Kol back to the compound, to ask for the Mikaelsons' help in making sure Davina's resurrection went as planned.

At the compound, Freya managed to bring Davina's spirit into a protective circle so The Ancestors couldn't harm her while they prepared to bring her back to life. When they had a moment alone, Davina thanked Marcel for saving her at the Harvest years ago and for everything else he had done for her after, telling him she loved him. Their moment was interrupted by Elijah and Freya, with Elijah pinning Marcel to the wall and asking him for forgiveness. The Mikaelsons needed The Ancestors' power to defeat Lucien and the only way to get it was by sacrificing their chance to bring back Davina. Marcel tried to fight back as Davina screamed for him to help her but Elijah snapped his neck. When he woke up, Davina was gone and he tried to get Vincent, Kol, and the Regent Van Nguyen to revive her immediately, worried it was too late. Unfortunately, when Van tried, the spell was unsuccessful since The Ancestors had already gotten to Davina's spirit and shredded her soul. With no way of bringing her back, Marcel clutched Davina's hand and cried over her body, shattered by the loss of a girl who saw him as her guardian.

Later, mourning Davina, Marcel drank by himself when he was met by Klaus and Elijah. Furious over their part in Davina's failed revival, he hatefully reminded them that he had done everything they asked; even joining The Strix and putting his own life at risk countless times because they needed him to. He continued that he fought for Hope, kept Hayley breathing, and even kept white oak from piercing their hearts. When they tried to explain that they had no choice, Marcel vindictively realized that Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora had all been right; that the Mikaelsons only ever looked out for their families and everyone else was nothing to them. When they reminded him that he was their family, Marcel shook his head with scorn and told them he was no longer their family and never would be again after what they had done. He pushed Klaus away and stormed off in a rage. Marcel went back to his loft to be alone but was visited by Vincent who showed him he had the serum that had turned Lucien into an unstoppable monster, and offered it to Marcel, so what happened to Camille and Davina wouldn't go unanswered and that the Mikaelsons would finally answer for their crimes. He asked Marcel to be the thing the Mikaelsons feared most and to drive them out of the city as he had done once before.

In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Marcel is still grieving Davina's death. Klaus visits him with hopes of sharing a glass of bourbon in an act of peace. Marcel laughs at him and points out that he's never been family, more of a charity case. Klaus denies this, calls him family and wishes him to follow him. Marcel does but not before grabbing the serum. Klaus takes him on a walk to where Marcel scattered his father's ashes, but also the bridge where he was brought into freedom from slavery, with the Mikaelson family. Klaus explains how he was moved by Marcels ability to let go of his hatred for his father when he scattered the ashes. Marcel is still reluctant to trust Klaus, citing that he owes him nothing. Klaus continues to describe his jealousy over the man Marcel became, the power he held, instead of being proud of Marcel.

Elijah arrives moments later, aware that Marcel has the serum capable of creating Upgraded Original vampires. Marcel pulls out the vial and relishes in Klaus' anger, remarking that Klaus doesn't want him to be equal but always inferior. Marcel rants about them being the villains in Lucien's story, and how foolish he was to ever trust them. "Always and Forever is just an excuse to do whatever the hell you want." Marcel says. Elijah recognizes how angry Marcel is, and rips his heart out. They allow the rivers current to take his body and Klaus is incredibly angry and grieving the loss of someone he called his son.

In The Bloody Crown, Marcel reveals himself to the Mikaelsons as an Upgraded Original Vampire, shocking them all. Marcel then decides to declare war on them, take their compound, and force them to run into hiding until Klaus decides to stand trial for his crimes. Marcel then heads the trial and finds Klaus guilty of many sins, mostly including infractions Klaus made against Marcel and two other ancient vampires a part of Klaus' broken sireline. Marcel in the end decides to wall Klaus inside the Lafayette cemetery while being tortured under Papa Tunde's blade. By doing this, Marcel has driven the Mikaelson family out of New Orleans to search for cures to help the family survive. This leaves Marcel in charge of the Quarter, once again; however, he was tricked by Klaus, yet again, into letting him live (as unknown to Marcel, the other Mikaelson Family members are linked to Klaus' life force) as long as Klaus is alive, they cannot be killed or die.

In Gather Up the Killers, Marcel had run New Orleans for five years after defeating the Mikaelsons and capturing Klaus. He kept Klaus in a dungeon beneath the compound, letting him suffer and rot for the endless crimes he had committed. Having Klaus prisoner also allowed for Marcel to utilize his blood to cure any werewolf bites his men could suffer, as well just as a trophy. However, as members of Klaus' broken sireline came to New Orleans to ensure Klaus was still suffering, Marcel found his authority being questioned by Alistair. He grudgingly asked for Klaus' advice on how he would handle the situation who told him to appeal to Alistair's vain nature, and through that, he may be able to get him in line. Marcel tried to do so but instead found that Alistair was persistent in seeing Klaus, wanting to kill him since he suspected all of the Mikaelsons were magically linked to him, so killing him would kill them all. Not wanting to see Rebekah die, Marcel asked for Vincent's help in coming up with a plan.

Marcel gathered Alistair and his followers to the compound to show them Klaus. He brought him out and then offered Alistair a sword that had been washed in Marcel's venom, poisonous to Klaus. He let Alistair try to fight Klaus but in actuality, had planned for Klaus to defeat Alistair. Klaus did so, biting Alistair and some of his followers to show them that he needed to keep Klaus around for his blood that could cure werewolf bites. Marcel let Alistair die, having proven his point, but grew nervous that the Mikaelsons had somehow survived his bite and were out there. He spoke to Klaus in the dungeon again, deciding to reinsert Papa Tunde's blade after Klaus' taunts annoyed him too much.


Marcel faces Rebekah

In No Quarter, Marcel listened to Sofya explain that Hayley Marshall's recent activity showed signs that she could have found a cure for Marcel's bite and Klaus' siblings could be potentially healed and on their way back to the city. Marcel's concerns were proven to be true when Rebekah asked to meet him at the cemetery to buy her siblings time to rescue Klaus. Marcel met with her, happy to see she was okay and no longer hexed, but was suspicious of the timing. When Rebekah started demanding that he release Klaus, Marcel grew annoyed and realized she was only there to distract him. She threatened to dagger him with the same cursed stake that had hexed her, but Sofya shot her in the back with arrows. Marcel told her to keep Rebekah there while he stopped her siblings from freeing Klaus.


Marcel stabbed by Papa Tunde's blade

Marcel returned to the compound to find Elijah waiting for him. He scolded Elijah for daring to come back when he had nearly been killed by him the last time they faced each other. Elijah demanded his brother, but in actuality was just keeping Marcel occupied while Freya and Hayley worked on freeing him below. Marcel and Elijah fought but Marcel easily overpowered him again, prepared to kill him before Hayley got involved. Hayley tried to convince him to let Klaus go so he could see his daughter, Marcel reminded her that he was raised by Klaus and that it hadn't ended well, so maybe Hope was better off not knowing her father. When Marcel declared there was only one justice and it was him, a freed Klaus appeared behind him and stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade. As the blade started sinking into his chest, Marcel used his advanced strength to stop the blade's progress and pulled it out but not before the Mikaelsons escaped the compound.


Marcel spares the Mikaelsons

He caught up to them in the woods and threatened to kill them all. After a heated debate where Kol told Marcel he was never a Mikaelson, Marcel agreed with him, saying he was happy that he wasn't. Once Klaus admitted defeat and told Marcel the city was no longer theirs and now belonged to him, Marcel agreed to let them live, on the condition that they never return. He made sure to remind them that they remember the only reason they were alive was because he was showing mercy, something Klaus would not have done in that situation, proving that he may have been raised by them, but he wasn't like them. He let them leave and then celebrated the victory with Sofya.

In Haunter of Ruins, Marcel went to Vincent to learn more about the new threat Vincent believed could destroy New Orleans. Hearing it was connected to the disappearance of a witch boy, Marcel was unconvinced that it was as serious of an issue as Vincent believed. When they learned there had been multiple reports of missing children, Marcel took it more seriously and his vampires discovered that there had been activity around the Strix mansion for the first time in years. Marcel and Vincent drove out to the mansion's grounds where they discussed the past of their city, and Vincent's attempt long ago to find a power that could have defeated Marcel and brought the witches out from under his thumb. That power had been too dark and powerful for Vincent to control but he had shared it with his wife Eva Sinclair, who Marcel remembered as a crazed child abductor. Vincent explained that the power he found was what drove Eva to be that monster and he was worried that power had returned.


Marcel fights the zealot

Once they arrived at the Strix mansion, Marcel found a witch Zealot preparing to use the missing children in a spell. He confronted him but the witch impaled Marcel with a piece of metal, temporarily incapacitating him. The zealot soon overpowered Vincent but Marcel recovered in time to save his witch ally. Marcel watched as Vincent killed the zealot but not before the spell started to take effect and drain the life from the children. Marcel and Vincent discovered totems used to bind the children to the spell and Vincent was able to stop the spell from harming them. However, they realized there were four children but five totems and Marcel recognized that the fifth totem belonged to Hope Mikaelson. Vincent demanded that Marcel get the Mikaelsons back to New Orleans so he could heal Hope from the power that was draining the life from her, even going so far as to say she was in a way, Marcel's sister, since he was Klaus' adopted son. Marcel grudgingly agreed to allow them to come back despite just driving them away, on the condition that once Hope was healed they had to leave immediately.

TO404-057~Marcel-Treme Witches

Marcel addresses the witches

In Keepers of the House, Marcel tried to distract himself from the hard night fighting the zealot by spending some time with Sofya but their date was interrupted by Vincent who barged into the penthouse with news that the kids they had rescued had never made it home. Marcel was stunned by the news, having loaded the kids into the ambulance himself but Vincent assured him that the ambulance had gone missing too. Marcel went to the Cauldron and addressed the witches, acknowledging that they had five years of peace but now their witch problems were becoming him. He explained that someone was taking children and one of his primary rules was that kids were off-limits. When he pressed them for information, they were uncooperative as they didn't trust Marcel and didn't see him as a friend. Hayley arrived, having returned to New Orleans with the Mikaelsons and explained her daughter was one of the kids at risk from the one responsible for taking the children. With her help, Marcel learned that a werewolf named Lara had connections to the threat known as the Hollow.


Marcel and Klaus grudgingly work together

Marcel and Hayley found Lara who explained the Hollow offered the werewolves the power they needed to take back the city from Marcel, who she berated for ruling over a city that belonged to all of them. Lara cryptically claimed that The Hollow would rise and all would bow before it, even Marcel, before killing herself. Hayley and Marcel then met up with Vincent, Elijah, and Klaus to track down the children. Marcel was adamant that once the kids were out of danger, the Mikaelsons would be on their way, gone from his city again. He spoke with Klaus, making clear that he was only working with them because children were in danger, even if one of them was a Mikaelson.


Marcel and Klaus infected by The Hollow

When they found the Hollow's followers, including Will Kinney, and the missing children, Marcel joined in the attack. However, after defeating The Hollow's acolytes, Marcel and Klaus became trapped in a ring of fire. The Hollow tried to influence them, hoping to use them as an anchor to act more directly in the living world. Klaus warned Marcel not to look into the blue light as The Hollow tried to get into their minds. Vincent found a loophole in the spell and broke them free, seemingly free of the Hollow. Later, when they returned the kids to their parents, Hayley discussed Hope with Marcel and how he now ruled the city, expressing her wish that him controlling New Orleans finally brought him peace. Marcel asked Hayley to tell Hope that she didn't have to fear him, and never had to, as he had no ill feelings toward her despite his relationship with her father. Marcel met with Vincent at the bar to discuss the Hollow's defeat but Vincent wasn't convinced it was over, worried that had already gotten to Marcel when he was in the circle, asking him what he saw. When Marcel assured him he didn't see anything, Vincent left and Marcel saw a mirror crack in to the shape of the sigil of the Hollow.

In I Hear You Knocking, Marcel is seen drinking at a bar when Sofya enters, wondering why Marcel didn't return home that night. Marcel says that he has spent the last six hours consulting various witch doctors, palm readers, and exorcists because he feels "off". However, Marcel is dismayed as they haven't found anything wrong with him.

At Lafayette Cemetery, Marcel is leaving Vincent, who he was meant to meet, a voicemail when Elijah arrives and begins to taunt Marcel. After Elijah reports a line of Hamlet to him, Marcel realizes that it is in fact not Elijah, but the Hollow. A little later, the spirit taunts Marcel with the death of Davina, trying to anger Marcel into taking revenge upon the Mikaelsons. The Hollow also uses the face of Klaus to achieve this.

In Bag of Cobras, Marcel remains imprisoned in the same dungeon he chained Klaus in. Klaus comes to him and sadistically gloats to Marcel that he is now effectively at his mercy and threatens to use Papa Tunde's Blade on him as revenge for letting him suffer and imprisoning him for five years. Marcel is unfazed by Klaus' threats and coldly tells him he can either use it on him or go back to his stupid party but he starts to get concerned when Klaus gleefully threatens to kill his friends.

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In High Water and a Devil's Daughter,

In Voodoo in My Blood,

In Queen Death,

In Phantomesque,

In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken,

In Voodoo Child,

In The Feast of All Sinners, Marcel joins forces with the Mikaelsons against The Hollow and he is the one to bring Hope's body to the Abattoir. Later, he meets with Klaus in Lafayette Cemetery, where Klaus admits that he was never a good father to Marcel and that he had failed him, to his eternal shame. Back to the Abattoir, Marcel watches as Vincent performs the ritual, to make sure that it works. After the ritual, Marcel meets with Elijah in front of the Mikaelson Mansion, where Elijah asks him to compel him to forget his family. Marcel, doubtful at first, accepts in the end. Later he breaks up with Sofya and goes to New York to be with Rebekah.

In Where You Left Your Heart,

In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon,

In Ne Me Quitte Pas,

In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,

In Don't It Just Break Your Heart,

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water,

In The Kindness of Strangers,

In We Have Not Long To Love,

In There in the Disappearing Light,

In 'Til the Day I Die,

In The Tale of Two Wolves,

In When The Saints Go Marching In, Marcel joins the Mikaelsons in preparing for Klaus' coming death. Despite their differences over the years, Marcel is genuinely distraught by Klaus' impending doom and admits to Rebekah his love for the family. Marcel promises Hope that he will always be there for her if she needs him and decides to take all of the vampires with him when he leaves New Orleans to leave the city free of their kind for good. Rebekah reveals to Marcel that she intends to seek the Cure in Mystic Falls and becomes human and asks Marcel to marry her if he can stand watching her grow old and eventually die. Marcel happily accepts and leaves New Orleans to start a new life with Rebekah.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

Season Four[]

In Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found, Marcel sits outside of Rousseau's, waiting for Hope. With his back to her, he questions if she wants the toy solider back. She retorts that if the price of that stupid toy is her humanity, then he can keep it. When Hope found it and gave it back to Marcel, he was in a pretty dark place, like she is now. He explains to her that the toy reminded him of a time when he wasn't. It still does. Hope deflects, telling him that he looks silly in a suit. Marcel accepts the compliment, as it was one of Elijah's old suits. Marcel brings back their point system to her attention, though Hope hasn't kept track of her points for a long time. Marcel, however, has been keeping them for her and he wanted to prove just how hard she's been on herself. How much the good outweighs the bad. He asks her to come back inside with him because their family needs to lay Klaus to rest. Hope explains that her father will never be able to rest until he knows that she's okay. Marcel takes that as meaning she knows that she's not okay. Hope would rather skip to the end of the morbid family reunion. Marcel makes her a deal. If she comes back with him, he'll give her ten points. If she earns those ten points, then Vincent will drop the spell that's keeping her here.

Hope returns with Marcel. Rebekah and Freya have prepared a meal, having hoped that she's return. Hope doesn't plan to stay for dinner, believing that Vincent will lift the spell keeping her here. She's just come to say goodbye. Rebekah makes a face, revealing that he's told a story to Hope. As Freya sets an extra plate, Kol arrives just in time. Hope quips that he's late and she's tired of not being surprised. Regardless, he's happy to come to see his favorite niece because they need her help. Kol explains that they're trying to decide where to spread her father's ashes and they're bickering about what to do. The only solution they could agree upon was to leave it up to her. Hope accepts and immediately suggests tossing them in the garbage can, though Marcel deducts ten points. She doesn't care about his game and questions why this decision is up to her. Freya tells her that Kol speaks the truth. They don't know what to do without her. Likewise, Kol tells her that Klaus would have wanted it this way. Hope doesn't but Rebekah questions why she remains. Hope believes it's because Vincent's holding her hostage with the astral projection spell. However, Marcel explains that he's only anchoring the spell to New Orleans and she could have left anytime she wanted. Hope doesn't understand why she can't leave, but Freya tells her that it's because she doesn't really want to, at least not all of her. Rebekah advises that perhaps if she answered their question earnestly, then she'll be able to leave. Sitting down at the table, she takes a moment and gives her answer. Although it's a bit selfish, she knows that her father saw the entire world and New Orleans was his home. Before that was Mystic Falls and he built a school for her. If it was up to her, she'd want him with her so that she could find the perfect spot. That way, he could always be near. In the trees or on the breeze. Looking around to one another, Kol declares this is how it will be. Kol mentions that Davina was gutted when she couldn't come and suggests they could pay a visit, while Freya tells her that it will give them all an excuse to visit her more. They tell her they love her, always and forever. Hope questions if it worked because she's still here. They watch and share looks as she appears to interact with her humanity.


As a human, Marcel is shown to be very brave as he fought back against the slave owner who whipped him, a gesture that earned him Klaus' respect and ultimately saved his life. Marcel was very moral, as he tried to stop another slave getting beaten which then resulted in Marcel getting shot by his own father. Back in his youth, Marcel was shown to be innocent; he was greatly disturbed when Kol decided to "educate" him about vampirism at the cost of several innocent lives. Marcel's innocence and bravery are what made Klaus very fond of the boy. These traits, coupled with the fact that they were both bastards presumably led Klaus into seeing Marcel as someone that Klaus himself was and could still be, given the right circumstances. And when Marcel expressed a desire to be sired, Klaus was very reluctant, as he feared that Marcel becoming something similar to himself would deprive him of all that Klaus prized in Marcel.

"You're the one who taught me that a man can't be defined by anyone but himself."
—Marcel to Klaus

Marcel can be described as being the life of the party. When he was introduced, Marcel was shown to apparently be diabolical and dangerous as well as wicked but has since proven himself to be even more moral than Klaus. Marcel is very charismatic and uses said charisma as much as his vampire powers to get what he wants from others. Marcel enjoys his vampiric life and likes living in the French Quarter, considering it to be a home to keep and fight for. He is also very brave, being one of the very few who can speak defiantly in Klaus' presence without worrying about his own life in the process.

He takes his role as leader seriously and enforces the rules he made without fail, though he is not above getting carried away since he supposedly killed a witch in front of many viewers for this reason, though its revealed that said witch used magic and took part in the harvest ritual where she had her own daughter sent to her death. He also seems to genuinely care for his subordinates, having stayed at the side of one dying from Klaus' werewolf bite until the latter provided him with the cure. Marcel also seems to be understanding as shown in his quickness to forgive Klaus for biting his friend when Klaus gave him the cure and asked for forgiveness. He is also shown to be, unlike many people in positions of power and privilege, reasonable and approachable, willing to do favors for people. While not arrogant, he has displayed over-confidence when confronted by beings more powerful than him, such as when he spoke down to Klaus, disregarding that he would be nothing if it wasn't for Klaus, the Original Hybrid, much more powerful than any non-Original vampire in his "army", though while Klaus did make him who he was, he also wasn't always benevolent, as he daggered Rebekah for getting too close to Marcel, this affected Marcel deeply and it caused him to resent Klaus as well as eventually turn against him.

Marcel is ruthless, but not completely without mercy; best demonstrated by the fact that he prefers to kill his victims by snapping necks, as opposed to other Vampires, who use more inhumane methods like heart extraction, decapitation, and staking. In fact, Marcel has so far been seen to actually permanently kill someone only five times: One was with Jane-Anne, and the other was with Bastianna. The latter via decapitation, as he needed her death to resurrect Davina. The last witch he killed was Monique, as Marcel had to kill her in order to save Klaus' newborn child. The other two were Tina, Josh's former friend and a werewolf who bit Gia.

He likes to have fun and enjoys being a vampire. He takes pride in who he is. Also, he's intelligent, being able to run a city and maintain it, being much better at it than Klaus, as the latter's leadership was not popular or respected by any faction. He's very competitive too. Like Klaus, Marcel likes to think up contingencies; he requested Davina to figure out the fatal weakness of the Original Vampires, not aware that the death of an Original Vampire would also mean the deaths of all other vampires sired from their bloodline, including himself. Indeed, one of his weaknesses is that being a recently-introduced character, Marcel knows little about the nature of the Original Vampires, such as Klaus' blood acting as a cure for a werewolf bite and that if one Original Vampire dies, all of their bloodline die too in matter of hours, however, not even the Originals themselves knew of the bloodline problem as it was only revealed with the death of Finn. As with Klaus, Marcel also has very little tolerance for disloyalty, having killed a transitioning vampire purely because she opted to save herself over her companion as well as verbally berate him.

In Sinners and Saints, it was revealed that Marcel's cruelty was only to protect Davina, who was supposed to be used in a blood sacrifice so the witches in the French Quarter could keep their powers. It was also shown that Marcel planned to raid the ritual with the full intent of saving the four witches that were to be sacrificed, including Davina, but arrived too late and only managed to save Davina. Marcel's reasons for killing witches who practice magic was to keep them from killing Davina, as he himself had known what it felt like to be treated as a tool and not a human being. It was because of this that Marcel created a rule against people abusing children in the Quarters. Marcel's reason for hiding Davina was also revealed; to stall the witches until The Harvest was passed and the witches would lose their powers, enabling Davina to live a normal life as she always wanted ever since the Harvest. When Tyler told him of the existence of Klaus' unborn child, along with the potential danger it may pose to the vampire race, Marcel was visibly conflicted on what he should do next but chose not to harm the baby, possibly due to the fact that he doesn't hurt children, or possibly he did not want to risk Klaus' wrath on him, as he knows that Klaus cares about his family, and he will kill anyone who tries to hurt or kill a member of his family.

While Marcel can be seen as a hypocrite for claiming that he dislikes people who have betrayed their friends, when he himself has betrayed Klaus, he has never betrayed anyone unless they have plotted or done damage to him first as Klaus daggered Rebekah simply for loving him and kept them apart for 52 years, This caused Marcel to plot ways to be with Rebekah, even if it meant finding ways to get rid of Klaus, whom Marcel would likely no longer consider a friend after what he did to Rebekah.

Because of his protectiveness towards Davina, Marcel doesn't hesitate to kill any witch that practices magic in the French Quarter to keep them from finding her. However, he is more merciful towards anyone who breaks his other laws, as shown by the countless vampires he kept locked in the Garden instead of killing them, which would take much less effort to do. He went out of his way to save the nightwalkers on his territory when the Faction incited an attack on them, and has yet to be seen dealing with other vampires in ways other than snapping their necks, implying that he really does care for his own kind.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Marcel was forced to break one of his rules; against killing children, by killing Monique Deveraux, in order to save Hope Mikaelson. Previously, Marcel fought and managed to disarm Klaus to protect the newly resurrected Monique, though at this time Monique was a seemingly innocent witch who had not yet attempted to kill an innocent infant.

After transitioning into the Beast, Marcel's attitude become quiet and subdued, whilst being angry and upset, having been betrayed by those he considered his family. No longer being a normal vampire, thus unkillable to the Mikaelsons, Marcel quickly adopts a more arrogant and confrontational nature, over his more pragmatic tendencies, doing what he feels is necessary regardless of the consequences, such as fatally wounding Kol and Elijah. He also became more reckless, killing the rest of the Strix, haphazardly leaving their bodies in St. Anne's Church for anyone to find. As a result of this, Vincent turns his back on Marcel after a Strix member who survived seriously harmed Will Kinney. Vincent compares Marcel to Klaus in how he now acts.

Marcel remained grief stricken from Davina's death, which only fueled his anger at the Mikaelsons, no longer caring about ruling or partying like he used to, only caring about justice as well as vengeance. His desire to see the Mikaelson pay for the crimes grew so great that he was able to be goaded by Rebekah into stabbing Klaus with Papa Tunde's blade instead of killing him, Rebekah claiming that she wanted to see him suffer rather than die. Due to this, he was ultimately tricked by Klaus, yet again.

Marcel stated that he took the potion that turned him into an Upgraded Original Vampire (without the Mikaelson Family's knowledge), as he wanted to know how the Mikaelson Family truly felt about him and what would happen if they found him with the "serum", correctly predicting that if he didn't take the potion, he would've been dead due to Elijah's obsession and fear with the prophecy, while Klaus initially did try to reason with him, after discovering that the "serum" in Marcel's possession, he immediately made demands towards Marcel and attempted to coerce him into handing it over, telling Marcel that he won't tolerate any threats to "his" family, thereby confirming what Marcel believed and further angering him.

Five years after taking down the Mikaelsons, Marcel's anger subsided and he made a truce with Vincent, putting aside their differences and working towards keeping New Orleans safe, showing that Marcel had returned to his more level-headed ways. Marcel also bares no grudge against Hayley or Hope, considering them off-limits for the vampire community. At some point, Marcel decided that Klaus had suffered enough and released him from the torment of Papa Tunde's Blade, showing mercy which he claimed Klaus asked for. Upon meeting Josh at Rousseau's, Marcel greeted him as a friend and told him not to bow and to tone down the theatrics, display a level of humility despite what he has become.

Despite his power and capability, when challenged by Alistair, Marcel first attempted a diplomatic solution which ultimately failed as the advise Klaus gave him only infuriated Alistair which Klaus had counted on. Instead, Marcel tried to reason with Klaus and used a confrontation to ruthlessly make an example of Alistair and justify keeping Klaus alive, once again showing a ruthless pragmatism. Marcel, however, still remains emotional as Klaus' taunts easily provoked Marcel into using Tunde's Dagger on Klaus.

Physical Appearance[]

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Marcel is described as hot, sexy, handsome and very attractive. He has dark skin, brown eyes, shaven hair and appears to physically be in his late 20s. Marcel's style is quite similar to Klaus'. He wears form fitting T-shirts usually dark-ish colors: black, grey and blue and dark jeans although has been seen to wear those of a lighter color. He will also be seen wearing necklaces and scarfs as accessories. Also, like Klaus is also fond of a leather jacket he sometimes wears.

He has also said that he looks good in a suit which he wears on special occasions, such as the Masquerade Ball he hosted to present himself as respectable.

Powers and Abilities[]

Marcel possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire but had an exceptional level of strength for a vampire his age which is best shown in his battles with Klaus. Marcel has been able to greatly stagger Klaus with a single punch, knocking him off balance, in another episode he managed to disarm Klaus of Papa Tunde's dagger with only one hand and during the penultimate episode, he went toe-to-toe with Klaus and even if very briefly, dominated the fight before inevitably being defeated by the Original Hybrid.

In Red Door, Marcel briefly faces Mikael and unleashes a combination of attacks that successfully drive Mikael back but is very quickly brought down by Mikael who easily outmatches him.

In the third episode of series three, Marcel confronts Aya, a vampire of over nine hundred years of age and manages to hold his own against her, impressing her. In the fourth episode, Marcel faces Aya's mentor Mohinder, who is likely older than her and thus at the very least nine hundred plus years. Marcel manages to go toe-to-toe and even holds his own very well despite being physically outmatched. His strength was considerable enough to allow him to tackle Mohinder through a brick wall, which the latter did to him earlier, what makes this showing more impressive is that Marcel had Werewolf venom within him, meaning he would have been physically weaker.

It is unknown if the serum grants any increase in strength or speed before its host's death but Marcel managed to throw Klaus back and flying through the air with one hand, and whilst throwing an Original or a vampire into the air wouldn't truly be a notable feat for a vampire or any other entity with super-strength, what does make this notable is that Klaus was using his own powers to try and stop Marcel from "taking" the serum.

Marcel possesses all the standard powers and abilities of an Upgraded Original Vampire but being only 200 plus years means he may have inferior strength and speed to Lucien who speed was so fast he was able to effortlessly dodge and anticipate any attacks that the Mikaelsons could physically throw. That said, Marcel still possess superior powers to the Originals, having a lethal bite and his own base vampirism amplified by the original spell which coupled with his excellent fighting skills makes Marcel one of the most dangerous and deadliest beings thus far.

Five years after his transition into an Upgraded Original Vampire, Marcel was shown to be able to fight and throw Elijah around easily, with Elijah barely able to land any hits against Marcel. While still stronger and faster than the originals, it is still unclear if Marcel's speed and strength is on par with Lucien Castle while the latter was an Upgraded Original given that their enhanced physical powers may have come from their base vampirism being amplified. Marcel was also able to pull out Papa Tunde's Blade before it had the chance to burrow into his chest, while the other Originals stabbed by it were usually paralyzed and unable to stop it from entering their chest. It is unknown if he would have been strong enough to pull it out if it had gone into his chest like Mikael or Klaus could.

Furthermore, Vincent said that Marcel hadn't even began to use the powers that the Ancestors had granted him through his status. However, it was shown that with the help of Vincent's spell, Marcel can compel an Original Vampire. He was able to compel Elijah to forget his family and his vow.


Marcel had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.

Marcel has the typical weaknesses of an Upgraded Original Vampire.


Davina Claire[]

"I had someone who fought for me from the moment you met me."
—Davina to Marcel
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Davina is Marcel's favorite witch. He took her in as family. She is important to him. He saw she was a fighter like himself and saved her life before she could be killed in The Harvest and has been taking care of her and protecting her ever since. Because of this, she is loyal towards him. As shown in The Casket Girls, Marcel loves Davina as a daughter and younger sister. He is afraid that she will never trust him again. When Davina's powers start to go out of control, Marcel is shown that he cares for Davina more than anything and is willing to always put her first. He was against to have her sacrificed and protected her from anyone that would come near her. After she chooses to give up her life, the Harvest fails and he is heartbroken and devastated for the loss of Davina. He continues to mourn her but will stop at nothing to find a way to bring her back. Managing to kill Bastianna, Davina came back to life but she was different. She was scared and lost, so Marcel decided to allow Genevieve to take Davina in her care. While Marcel was banished from the French Quarter, Marcel continued to watch Davina from afar and in a sense, she felt like he was there watching her. They were finally reunited in the season finale and amends were made.

Niklaus Mikaelson[]

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Marcel met Klaus in the 1800's in New Orleans, after being whipped and beaten on the side of the road, Klaus took him in, named and raised him as his son. They had a strong relationship however Marcel's love for Klaus' sister, Rebekah caused tension to which caused Klaus to give him an ultimatum, vampirism or Rebekah. In returning to New Orleans after a century, Klaus reunites with Marcel who has taken over his previous position as King. Klaus actively worked against Marcel, to retake the city and Marcel eventually gave up his role in order to protect his fellow vampires. After regaining his position, Klaus tells Marcel he wants to rule side by side with him. Their relationship crumbles after Klaus finds out, in the 20th century, it was Marcel and Rebekah who brought Mikael to New Orleans in order to kill him. In the finale, a peace of sorts it settled between them thanks to Marcel saving Klaus' daughter. By the end of the third season, they have grown to resent each other due to Davina's death and Marcel putting Klaus down with Papa Tunde's Blade and causing him to lose five years of his daughter's life. Even as they allied reluctantly once again, Marcel and Klaus still despised each other.

Rebekah Mikaelson[]

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Marcel and Rebekah met in the 1800's and as Marcel grew up, he and Rebekah fell in love. As a child, he used to tell her he would "marry her one day". However, years later after their developed relationship and Klaus' interference, given the choice between Rebekah and immortality, he chose immortality over her but still had feelings for her. After their reunion, their relationship is frosty, the two flirt and it is clear Rebekah has unresolved feelings for him and that he still loves her. Their relationship had ended when Rebekah was exiled from New Orleans, never to return. However, by the end of the fourth season, Marcel had finally chosen Rebekah over New Orleans, and being Sofya's "second-best", and traveled to New York to begin their relationship anew. However, after seven years together, Rebekah rejects Marcel when he proposed to her because she wants to put her family first. This leaves Marcel heartbroken and bitter.

Camille O'Connell[]

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Cami represents an allure to Marcel and he is also protective of Cami. He likes that she is not a part of the supernatural world. Marcel stops interacting with Cami once her uncle warns him to stay away from her. Eventually Marcel finds out that Cami has discovered the supernatural world due to Klaus compelling her and using her for his plans to reclaim New Orleans. He also learns that Cami had actually developed feelings for him. After Davina's death, Marcel grows closer to Cami as he tells her of his dark past. After a summer fling, Cami and Marcel remain good friends until Cami's death in No More Heartbreaks. Marcel is currently mourning her death.

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  • Marcel, of French origin, is an Occitan form of the Ancient Roman origin male given name Marcellus, meaning "Belonging to Mars". Marcellus means "little" or "young warrior".[1][2]
  • Gerard comes from English and French origins, as Gérard was introduced to Britain by the Normans. It is composed of the Germanic elements gar, ger "spear", "lance" + hard "hardy", "brave", "strong".[3]


  • He was raised by Niklaus like a son and was considered family.
    • Similarly, Marcel sees Davina as a fighter and took her in. Overall, he takes the role as an overprotective father figure in Davina's life.
  • His favorite fruit used to be an apple.
  • Marcel fought in WWI and was part of the 369th Regiment, also known as "The Harlem Hell Fighters" or the "Brotherhood of the Damned". He returned as a decorated hero.
  • In Le Grand Guignol, Mikael promised Marcel that he will permit him being with Rebekah and will make him a leader of the city (as thanks for calling him to New Orleans).
  • Marcel's least favorite Original is Kol.
  • In a deleted scene of A Closer Walk With Thee, Marcel tells Klaus that the first thing he did as a vampire was to compel his father to carve out his own heart with a knife.
  • Pedro Pascal also read for the role.[4]



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