Marguerite Leroux was a character of The Originals novel series. She was a young Witch who was the daughter of Lily Leroux and granddaughter of Ysabelle Dalliencourt and Abelard Leroux.

Marguerite was a member of the Leroux Family and the Dalliencourt Family, due to her mother Lily Leroux.

The Originals Novels Series

Marguerite was seen crying at her grandmother's funeral, meaning she must've been close to her. Lily was looking for a cure for Marguerite's illness and found it in Klaus' blood. She and Klaus made a bargain and he gave her some of his blood to cure Marguerite, but this later revealed to be ruse so she can use his blood to resurrect Vivianne and the other witches. She and Rebekah entered into an friendship where she's Rebekah witch informant about The Morts-Vivants. She's killed in the battle between them and the vampires, however thanks to the vampire blood Rebekah fed her earlier, she transformed into a vampire.

Marguerite is dead by 1788 due to Klaus staking her. Rebekah noted he threatened to end her life multiple times over her 22 years as a vampire since Marguerite was a remnant of her mother's plan 22 years earlier. This was the catalyst event that cause Rebekah to be estranged from Klaus and head back to Mystic Falls to find and get an stake from The White Oak Tree.


She was a kind hearted girl and tried to justify her mother's actions, even if she never seemed to agree with them. She was also reckless as she pushed her mother out of the way of Klaus' knife which substantially lead to her becoming a vampire.

Physical Appearance

Rebekah described her as an lanky girl barely older than 18 with wide brown eyes and a soft sweet face. She also inherited her mother's auburn hair.

Powers and Abilities

Marguerite possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire.


Marguerite had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.



  • Marguerite is the French form of a female given name (English-Margaret, Spanish-Margarita) which derives from the Greek Μαργαρίτης, meaning "pearl".
  • Leroux is a French name and it means "the red-haired one". Leroux is also the last name of the Phantom of the Opera author, Gaston Leroux.

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