Salvatore Boarding House

[Caroline is sitting on the couch. Damon gives her a glass of blood.]

Damon: Here.
Caroline: I'm still shaking.

[She drinks. Stefan arrives.]

Stefan: What happened?
Damon: Go ahead, tell him. You're gonna love this.
Caroline: I saw Katherine today.
Stefan: Where?
Caroline: At the Grill. I just stopped by to gawk and...quasi-stalk Matt.

Mystic Grill

[The flashback starts. Caroline tells them the story. She's looking at Matt; he sees her.]

Matt: Do you need a table?
Caroline: No, I'm not staying. I just needed to use the little girls' room.
Damon: Skip the teen drama and get to it.
Caroline: Then I had to pretend to use the bathroom even though I didn't really have to go because I'm a doofus.

[Caroline is in the bathroom. She's washing her hands when Katherine arrives. She poses as Elena.]

Caroline: Elena?
Katherine: Hey, I saw you with Matt, are you okay?
Caroline: Yeah, you know...whatever.

[Caroline tries to superspeed passed Katherine, but Katherine grabs her and pulls her back.]

Katherine: You're good. What gave me away? Was it the hair? Or was it my clothes?
Caroline: I know Elena is...I know Elena's at home.
Katherine: I need you to deliver a message.
Stefan: What was the message?
Katherine: Tell Damon and Stefan that I want the moonstone or I will rip this town apart until it rains blood.
Damon: Tell him the rest of it.
Katherine: Tonight, at the masquerade ball.

Salvatore Boarding House

[The flashback ends.]

Stefan: She wants to do it in public. Killing Mason threw her off guard.
Damon: She's running scared. What she did to Jenna was desperate. She's out of tricks.
Stefan: We can't underestimate her. We have to play this smarter than her.
Caroline: Can we just give her the moonstone so she'll leave?
Damon: No, Katherine's not getting dick. I've had it. I'm gonna go to the masquerade ball and I'm gonna kill her, tonight.
Stefan: You're not gonna kill her.
Damon: Don't give me that goody-goody crap.
Stefan: You're not gonna kill her.
Damon: Really?
Stefan: Because I am.

Gilbert Residence

[Jenna is coming home from the hospital. Jeremy, Matt and Elena are helping her.]

Matt: Easy. Grab the door Jer.
Jenna: Hey, stop fussing, I'm fine.
Elena: The doctors said that you have to take it easy.
Jeremy: Yeah, you don't want to rip your stitches, hemorrhage and die, alright?
Jenna: Yeah, the only thing I'm gonna die from is embarrassment.
Matt: No.
Jenna: I walked into a knife. How does somebody do that?
Elena: It was a freak accident.
Jeremy: It happens.
Matt: Yeah, I mean I've done it like twenty times at the Grill.

[Jenna laughs, then winces in pain.]

Matt: Okay, I'm being nice.
Jeremy: Careful.
Matt: Easy, easy.

[They put her on the couch.]

Matt: What should I do with this?
Elena: I got it.

[He gives her a bag with food. Matt stays with Jenna. Elena goes in the kitchen. Jeremy follows her.]

Jeremy: So what are we gonna do?
Elena: Make lunch.
Jeremy: No, about Katherine.
Elena: We're not gonna do anything, Jeremy.
Jeremy: She tried to kill Jenna. We can't let her get away with that.
Elena: Yes we can. If it keeps us safe then we can.
Jeremy: And what if she tries something else?
Elena: She won't. Katherine hurt Jenna because I didn't do what she said. I'm not doing it now, me and Stefan are over. She wins, the end.
Jeremy: You are being naïve and you know it.

[He leaves.]

Elena: Where are you going?
Jeremy: Out. I'll be back.

Katherine's Room

[Katherine enters the bedroom. She's carrying a shopping bag. Mrs. Flowers is helping her.]

Mrs. Flowers: Where should I put these?
Katherine: Right there. Thank you, Mrs. Flowers. You've been such a wonderful help.
Mrs. Flowers: Oh, it's my pleasure dear. Let me know if there's anything else I can do.
Katherine: I will.

[She takes a dress from one of the bags. A woman is in the bedroom. Katherine rushes over her and pushes her against the wall.]

Lucy: Oh, Kat, chill.
Katherine: Do not sneak up on a vampire.

[Katherine releases her.]

Lucy: Don't attack a witch. It's good to see you girl.

[Katherine hugs her.]

Katherine: I'm glad you made it.
Lucy: You called, I came.
Katherine: Like you had a choice.
Lucy: Don't get all boss lady on me. You know I love you.

[She takes a mask from one of the bags.]

Lucy: Now, where does one wear this?
Katherine: To a masquerade ball. Tonight. You want to be my date?

Salvatore Boarding House

[Caroline opens the front door and Bonnie is there.]

Caroline: Hey, come on in.
Bonnie: I got Stefan's message.
Stefan: Hey, you brought the grimoire, thank you.

[She sees Damon and Alaric talking and she sees that there are a lot a weapon on the table.]

Bonnie: What's going on?

[Jeremy arrives.]

Jeremy: We're gonna kill Katherine.
Stefan: I can explain.
Bonnie: Please.
Stefan: We're gonna kill Katherine.

[Alaric shows the weapon to everybody.]

Alaric: This works with compressed air. The trigger mechanism is up here. I have two of these in a different size. For you I recommend this. It fits nicely under the jacket sleeve. You use the trigger when you're ready.

[He fakes killing a vampire. Damon and Stefan look at each other.]

Alaric: You wanted me to show you how to kill a vampire.

Katherine's Room

[Katherine is straightening her curly hair.]

Lucy: What's with the hair?
Katherine: I'm impersonating my dull-as-dishwater doppelgänger Elena. She has the worst taste.
Lucy: Except in man. Isn't it a risk pretending to be her in front of the entire town?
Katherine: I've gotten quite good at it actually and everyone's gonna be in masks. It's for some feed this, something charity. It's for a good cause Lucy.
Lucy: Hum, okay. Well, have you actually seen the moonstone before? I always thought it was some made up legend.
Katherine: I have seen it and I need you to help me get it back.
Lucy: Oh yeah? What are you gonna do with it?

[Katherine looks uncomfortable.]

Lucy: You want me to break the curse.
Katherine: Let's just get it first. All I really need from you is backup. I can't imagine that Damon and Stefan are just gonna hand it over without putting up a fight.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Bonnie is talking with Stefan.]

Bonnie: I know you love Elena and you want to be with her but it's risky. Too many people could get hurt.
Stefan: Look, I want Elena back, yes but it's more than that. What Katherine did to Jenna it crossed the line. She has to be stopped before it happens again.
Bonnie: I don't know, Stefan.
Stefan: Katherine knows me, right? She knows that I'm not gonna try something in a crowd full of innocent people so that gives me an edge. I could catch her by surprise.
Bonnie: I could do a spell to trap her, like the tomb spell.
Stefan: Right. We can isolate her, away from the others. Please Bonnie.
Bonnie: Okay.

Gilbert Residence

[Elena and Matt are talking. Matt is leaving.]

Elena: You're welcome to hang out. Alaric's coming over. It's gonna be pizza and bad TV.
Matt: I'd love to but I'm going to the masquerade party at the Lockwoods, aren't you?
Elena: Uh, no...not with what's going on with me and Stefan.
Matt: I've got to go, there's something I got to do.
Elena: What?
Matt: Just something, I can't talk about it but I've got to go.
Elena: Okay. Well, have fun.
Matt: Yeah. Me and a suit.
Elena: You look good in a suit.
Matt: You and Stefan will work it out.
Elena: I don't think so, Matt. There's so much about me and Stefan that'll never work.
Matt: You know I'm here for you always.

[She embraces him.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Everyone is in the living room.]

Alaric: Are you sure you guys don't want me there tonight?
Stefan: No, I need you to stay with Elena. I don't want her to know about this.
Alaric: Okay. Well, I'll make sure she doesn't leave my sight.
Stefan: Alright, if anybody wants to back out, I'll understand.
Damon: Yeah. Cold feet speak now. I don't want this going wrong if someone chicken's out. Caroline.
Caroline: I won't. Look, she killed me. Fair's fair. As long as there's no werewolf running around.
Damon: Oh, I took care of Mason.
Jeremy: As long as Tyler doesn't kill anyone, he won't turn.
Stefan: Bonnie? Are you with us?

[Long pause.]

Bonnie: But no one gets hurt.
Damon: Except Katherine. Tonight Katherine gets a stake through her heart.

Lockwood Mansion

[It's the masquerade ball. Everyone is wearing masks. Tyler is in his father's office. Carol joins him.]

Carol: It's already packed out there. You know, we need to keep that door shut. Your father would be very unhappy if I let guests in here.

[Tyler gets up. He's wearing a suit.]

Carol: Oh, look at you! So handsome.
Tyler: Thanks. You look pretty good too mom.
Carol: Oh, a compliment. I think I'll fall over.
Tyler: Listen, I'm sorry I've been a dick lately...a jerk lately. It's just...Have you heard from Mason?
Carol: No and I don't think we're going to. He's coming, he's going, it's just his way. He's the exact opposite of your father.
Tyler: We should have cancelled this party.
Carol: This whole masquerade theme was his idea. I don't know what it has to do with helping the homeless but once he made up his mind, he could really be a dick...a jerk. But I loved him and I know you did too. It's natural to feel abandoned. I just don't want you to feel alone.
Tyler: Come on, put your mask on. Let's just go out there and pretend to have some fun.
Carol: I think I need a cocktail first.

[Katherine and Lucy arrive. They're going different ways. Katherine takes a strawberry from a plate and walks into Matt.]

Matt: Elena?
Katherine: Matt? You look dashing.
Matt: I thought you said you weren't coming.
Katherine: I couldn't miss it. You really are hot in a suit. I would love to just...Okay, here's the deal.

[She compels him.]

Katherine: Do you know what you have to do?
Matt: I'm gonna get Tyler Lockwood really drunk. I'm going to start a fight with him and I'm gonna beat him until he snaps.
Katherine: And then?
Matt: I won't stop until he kills me.
Katherine: God, you're hot. Now go away.
Matt: Thank you.

[He leaves.]

[Damon and Stefan are outside. They look around.]

Damon: Do you see her?
Stefan: Nope. You're sure you can do this?
Damon: Who are you talking to?
Stefan: Oh, I had the chance to kill her and I hesitated.
Damon: Well that is the fork in the road between you and me my friend. I don't hesitate.
Stefan: You spent 145 years loving her, it could happen.
Damon: I won't hesitate.
Stefan: Okay.

[Matt and Tyler are in his father's office with Aimee and Sarah. The girls are dancing. The boys are drinking.]

Tyler: We're really not supposed to be in here.
Matt: Yeah, I know but we really need to turn this party up. Another shot?
Aimee: Hey, I want a shot.
Sarah: Me too and then we have to dance.
Aimee: Yes.
Tyler: You know, usually it's me corrupting you. I like this.

[They drink.]

Aimee: Okay, let's go party. Come on.

[Aimee puts on her mask on. They leave the office.]

[Jeremy is carrying a bag. He and Bonnie go upstairs. They enter an empty room.]

Jeremy: I thought this room could work.
Bonnie: It's perfect.

[Jeremy takes a weapon from the bag. Bonnie sits down and takes out the grimoire.]

Jeremy: Is that the spell book I read about in my family's old journal?
Bonnie: it's my ancestor, Emily's. The spell I'm doing here is similar to the one that sealed the vampires into the tomb.

[She opens it. Jeremy puts the bag in the closet.]

Jeremy: Can you do all the stuff that's in there?
Bonnie: I mean it takes practice. I've worked on some small spells. Spells that only do good. I don't want to know too much. I don't particularly enjoy any of this, in case you haven't noticed.
Jeremy: Yeah but you're 100% witch, that is so cool.
Bonnie: It's anything but cool. Did your family journals tell you what happened to Emily? Or what about my Grams? It never ends well for people like me.
Jeremy: If you feel that way, why help?
Bonnie: Because I don't want anyone else getting hurt and I don't know how to stay out of it.

Gilbert Residence

[Jenna is on the couch. Elena is with her.]

Jenna: I feel like an invalid.
Elena: That's because you are an invalid. Where's Jeremy? Isn't he hungry?
Jenna: He already left for the Lockwood party.
Elena: He went to that?
Jenna: Yeah, I'm glad. He needs to have more fun. Lose some of that emo thing.
Elena: I'm gonna get some napkins.

[She goes into the kitchen and joins Alaric.]

Elena: What's going on?
Alaric: What do you mean?
Elena: I haven't heard from anyone all day. It's like everyone's been avoiding me and now Jeremy's supposedly at the party? He hates stuff like that.
Alaric: I don't know what to tell you, Elena.

[His phone rings. She tries to grab it but he grabs it and puts it in his pocket.]

Elena: So then you'll be okay if I just head out, try to meet up with everyone.
Alaric: Wait, wait, wait.
Elena: What are you hiding, Rick?
Alaric: Stefan asked me to keep an eye on you, just in case Katherine showed up while he was at the party.
Elena: So Stefan's at the party too? He would never go to the party for himself; he did that stuff for me.
Alaric: Just let this one go. Okay Elena?

Lockwood Mansion

[Bonnie and Jeremy are going back to the party.]

Bonnie: We need to let Stefan and Damon know the room's ready.

[Suddenly she stops.]

Bonnie: Do you feel that?
Jeremy: What's the matter? Are you cold?
Bonnie: No.

[She sees Lucy and goes toward her.]

Bonnie: Excuse me, do I know you?
Lucy: No, I'm a plus one, I know no one, but it's a great party though.

[She leaves. Bonnie joins Jeremy.]

Jeremy: Are you okay?
Bonnie: I just got a weird vibe. Let's find Damon.

[Stefan is on the dance floor, alone. He sees Katherine walking down the stairs a long distance away. Then Katherine suddenly appears behind him.]

Katherine: Dance with me.
Stefan: No.
Katherine: Fine then tell me who I should kill. Him? Hmm, she looks delicious.

[She eats a strawberry. Stefan offers her his arm. She follows him and they dance.]

Katherine: It's a beautiful night.
Stefan: Why the charade?
Katherine: How's Jenna? I certainly didn't expect her to survive that. Lucky girl. Clumsy. How does one stab oneself?
Stefan: Katherine?
Katherine: Uh?
Stefan: I don't want anyone to get hurt tonight.
Katherine: Okay. Then give me the moonstone and nobody will.
Stefan: Well, you see, I don't have the moonstone on me. So, you and I will have to go get it together.
Katherine: Hmm. I have a better plan. You go fetch it and I will try not to kill anyone in the meantime.
Stefan: My way or you don't get it.

[Aimee arrives.]

Aimee: Hey Stefan, I can't find Matt. Oh my god Elena! You look so pretty. I love that dress. You look gorge.
Katherine: Thank you. I love your necklace.
Aimee: Oh, thanks.
Katherine: Oh it's twisted. Here, let me, here we go.

[She goes behind Aimee and she snaps her spine.]

Katherine: Paralyzed from the waist down. (Snaps Aimee's spine again.) And dead.

[She kills her and throws Aimee's body in Stefan's arms.]

Katherine: The moonstone, Stefan. Tick tock.

Gilbert Residence

Elena: Hey guys, I'm gonna go to bed. You good over there?
Jenna: Good night.
Elena: Good night.

[She takes her car keys and secretly leaves the house.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Stefan and Damon are in an empty room.]

Stefan: I put the body in the trunk for now.
Damon: We'll dump her when we get back.
Stefan: This is exactly what I didn't want it, Damon.
Damon: Stefan, it's collateral damage.
Stefan: Right, which is why we need to call it off.
Damon: What? Who's hesitating now? Hey! Don't do this to me! This woman ruined our lives, she destroyed us! Tonight it ends. We can do it together. I got your back. All right?
Stefan: All right.

[Bonnie and Jeremy are waiting for the signal.]

Jeremy: So can you do like a hocus pocus to ace a test?
Bonnie: I don't know that spell.
Jeremy: It'd be like the first one I'd learn or maybe like a sex spell or something. I don't know. Do you want to dance or something while we're waiting?
Bonnie: No! I mean no thank you.

[Jeremy receives a text message from Damon that reads "Now."]

[Elsewhere Katherine is walking. Lucy joins her.]

Lucy: You didn't tell me there was another witch here.
Katherine: Didn't I?
Lucy: No, you didn't. No one is supposed to know I'm involved. This changes things, Katherine.
Katherine: This changes nothing. You're here because you owe your dear friend a favor. You wouldn't want to lose my friendship now, would you?

[Jeremy arrives.]

Jeremy: Elena.

[He removes his mask and looks at Lucy.]

Jeremy: Hey sorry, could I talk to my sister?

[She leaves.]

Katherine: What is it Jeremy?
Jeremy: I have a message from Stefan.

[She looks surprised.]

Katherine: Oh?
Jeremy: He and Damon want you to meet them at the edge of the lake by the woods. They brought the moonstone.
Katherine: And why are you their little messenger?
Jeremy: Because they know I'm not afraid of you.
Katherine: Hmm, you Gilbert men, so courageous. How's John by the way? Were they able to sew his fingers back on?

[She strokes his tie, looks at him and leaves. Jeremy is texting to Damon but Elena grabs his arm.]

Elena: What the hell is going on?

[Caroline is inside. She sees Matt with Sarah and Tyler. He stops, looks at her and leaves with them. She receives a text from Jeremy reading "Your turn." She walks through an empty part of the manor and goes to open a door but Katherine arrives, grabs Caroline's wrist and pushes her against the wall.]

Katherine: What are Stefan and Damon up to?
Caroline: What do you mean?
Katherine: I've got Jeremy Gilbert luring me out to the lake. What's going on?
Caroline: I don't know...nothing.

[She chokes her.]

Katherine: Don't lie to me, Caroline. They're up to something, what is it?
Caroline: I...

[She chokes her harder.]

Caroline: Wait, no, no, no! Okay. They're trying to kill you.
Katherine: I figured as much. Where is the moonstone?
Caroline: Bonnie has it.
Katherine: And where is Bonnie right now?
Caroline: I don't know.

[She chokes her again, raising her off the ground.]

Caroline: Okay. She's upstairs, she's upstairs!

[She releases her.]

[Elena is with Jeremy and Bonnie.]

Elena: You guys are trying to kill her here?
Jeremy: We saw an opportunity and we knew we had to take it.
Elena: Okay, stop with the "we", are you guys crazy? You're gonna get yourselves killed.
Bonnie: We know what we're doing, Elena.
Elena: And how am I supposed to feel if one of you guys gets hurt because of me?
Jeremy: It's not just you anymore, Elena. She's messed with all of us, she has to be stopped.

[Katherine is dragging a sobbing Caroline upstairs.]

Caroline: Why do you keep dragging me into this? I don't want any part of it.
Katherine: Shut up!

[They are in front of a door.]

Katherine: Which room is it?
Caroline: It's that one.

[She goes into the room. Caroline stays outside.]

Katherine: Where is she?

[Caroline's sobbing turns into a chuckle.]

Caroline: I did it! I really didn't think that I'd be able to fool you but I did it!

[Katherine rushes over but she can't leave the room. She's trapped.]

Katherine: What the...? Stefan?

[He's in the room too. He has a stake in his hand.]

Stefan: Hello Katherine.
Caroline: Goodbye Katherine.

[She leaves.]

Katherine: You don't really think that you can kill me with that now, do you?
Stefan: No, but he can.

[Damon walks out the closet holding the compressed air weapon. He shoots Katherine. The stake goes in her back. At the same time Elena screams. She's hurt like Katherine. Stefan rushes over to Katherine and drives the stake through her arm. Elena screams, she's hurt too.]

Jeremy: What's going on?
Bonnie: Jeremy, it's Katherine. She's linked to Katherine, get them to stop! Now!

[He leaves. Stefan and Damon are fighting with Katherine. She tries to stake Damon but Stefan grabs her by behind, fall on the floor with her and choke her from behind. She can't move. Damon rushes over and is about to kill her when Jeremy arrives.]

Jeremy: Stop! You're hurting Elena! Everything you're doing to her is hurting Elena!

[Damon stops. He's surprised. Katherine smiles as Stefan releases her and she gets up.]

Katherine: You think you two are the only ones with a witch on your side? Wrong and something tells me that my witch is better than your witch.

[She takes the stake from Damon's hands. Damon and Stefan look at Jeremy.]

Stefan: Jeremy, go check on Elena. Make sure she's okay. Go!

[Jeremy leaves.]

Katherine: Let's all make sure poor Elena is okay. Just a little bit more pressure.

[She cuts her hand with the stake. Elena is hurt too. She screams. Stefan hits Katherine's hand and throws the stake on the floor.]

Elena: Bonnie, it hurts.
Bonnie: I can't break the spell, Elena. I'm sorry but I can try to take some of the pain away. Okay? Okay?

[She takes Elena's hand into hers and casts a spell.]

Bonnie: Ascinda, mulaf, hinto, ascinda...

[Katherine takes the stake and is about to drive it through her stomach.]

Katherine: This is really gonna hurt.
Damon: Wait!

[She sits down on the couch.]

Katherine: Okay. So, how about that moonstone?

[Bonnie is trying to take Elena's pain away. Jeremy arrives.]

Jeremy: Are you okay?
Elena: Are they?
Jeremy: They're stuck in there with her.

[He looks at Bonnie.]

Jeremy: You were right; Katherine had a witch link Elena to her.
Bonnie: The girl I saw, the one inside! Stay with her, keep pressure on her shoulder!
Jeremy: Where are you going?
Bonnie: There's another witch here, I'm gonna find her!

[She leaves. Jeremy removes his magical ring and gives it to Elena.]

Elena: No.
Jeremy: Take it.
Elena: No, Jeremy...
Jeremy: Elena listen to me: you need this more than I do.
Elena: No Jeremy. What I need is for you to be safe.

[Katherine, Damon and Stefan are trapped in the room.]

Katherine: The three of us together just like old times. The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn't love me enough.
Damon: And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.
Katherine: What happened to you Damon? You used to be so sweet and polite.
Damon: Oh, that Damon died a long time ago.
Katherine: Good. He was a bore.
Stefan: Oh, why don't you two stop antagonizing each other?
Katherine: Where is the moonstone?
Stefan: What do you want with it?
Katherine: Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her alter?

[Stefan looks at Damon and then looks at her.]

Stefan: That was really desperate, Katherine. Don't you think that we can see right through you?
Katherine: So it doesn't bother you that Damon's in love with your girlfriend?
Stefan: Oh, stop it.
Katherine: Or what? You'll hurt me?

[She gets up.]

Katherine: Come on, Stefan. Everything that I feel, Elena feels, so go ahead.

[She looks at Damon.]

Katherine: Or better yet, kiss me Damon. She'll feel that too.
Stefan: You know, this whole Mason thing has me a bit confused. Why a werewolf? The moonstone can break a curse that would help them destroy all vampires so what's in that for you?
Damon: Sorry about your pet wolf, probably should have kept him on a tighter leash.
Katherine: I'll have to remember that for next time. He's not the only wolf in town.

[Sarah, Tyler and Matt are in Tyler's dad's office.]

Sarah: So, what happened to Aimee?
Matt: I don't know, she disappeared.
Tyler: She's probably drunk somewhere.
Matt: Like me.

[He pours alcohol on the floor.]

Tyler: Whoa, don't do that.
Matt: What man? It's a party.

[He takes the picture of Carol and Richard and looks at it.]

Matt: Right dad? You know, looks like your dad wants a drink.

[He pours alcohol on the picture.]

Tyler: Hey, that's not cool. What's wrong with you?
Matt: Come on, the guy was a dick.
Sarah: Come on, you're being mean. His dad's dead.
Tyler: Give me the picture!

[He tries to snatch it but Matt won't let him.]

Matt: Remember how your dad used to slap you around?

[He slaps Tyler.]

Tyler: Are you kidding?
Matt: I'm just having fun.
Tyler: Put the picture down now man.

[Matt slams the picture against the desk, breaking it.]

Tyler: Okay, you need to calm your drunk ass down right now!
Matt: Do something about it!

[Matt pushes Tyler away.]

Tyler: I'm not gonna fight you.

[Matt rushes over him and throws him on the floor. Matt punches him in the face. Caroline is downstairs, she hears the fight. Tyler gets up and punches Matt. Caroline arrives.]

Caroline: What is going on? Stop!

[She puts herself between them. She pushes Matt on the floor. Matt gets up and rushes over Tyler but she stops him.]

Matt: I can't! Let me go, I have to finish!
Tyler: What the hell is wrong with you?
Matt: Let me go!

[Caroline looks at him. He keeps trying to get to Tyler. She elbows him hard in the face. He falls on the floor, unconscious. She rushes over to him.]

Caroline: Matt?

[Sarah secretly takes a paper knife off the desk.]

Tyler: How did you...?
Sarah: Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can't.
Caroline: Tyler, look out!

[Sarah drives the paper knife in his chest. He pushes her, she hits her head hard on the desk and falls to the floor dead. He looks at his wound and rushes over to Sarah.]

Tyler: No, no, no! Come on, wake up! Sarah, open your eyes, wake up! This can't happen, oh no, this can't happen. This can't be happening! Sarah! Sarah, get up! Sarah! Open your eyes! This can't be happening! Not like this!

[Caroline goes over to Sarah and checks her pulse by putting two finger on her neck. Tyler grabs his head and screams.]

Caroline: Tyler? Tyler?! Tyler, what's happening?

[He's sitting on the floor.]

Tyler: Get away!
Caroline: What's happening?!

[He raises his head. His eyes are amber.]

[Damon, Katherine and Stefan are still in the room.]

Damon: Damn it! Where is that witch?
Katherine: We could play charades.
Stefan: You bargained the moonstone.
Damon: What are you mumbling about over there?
Stefan: When you struck a deal with George Lockwood, to help you fake your death, you told me that you gave George something that he needed. It was the moonstone, wasn't it?
Katherine: Good for you, Stefan. Two plus two...And it would have worked except that people found out that I wasn't in the tomb.

[She looks at Damon.]

Katherine: Thanks to you, by the way. Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?
Damon: You and me both, honey.
Stefan: Why do you need it back?
Katherine: I love you in a suit, so dashing.
Stefan: What were you doing with it in the first place?
Damon: You're wasting your breath, Stefan.
Stefan: Unless it wasn't yours to begin with. In 1864 you faked your death. Who were you running from, Katherine?
Katherine: In 1987 you were in Chicago, at a concert of all places with that wench, Lexi. Come on Stefan, don't look so surprised. Of course I checked in on you over the years. You were standing in the front row, dancing all night. You were watching Bon Jovi and I was watching you.
Stefan: Who were you running from?

[Katherine doesn't answer but mouths "I love you" to Stefan.]

[Bonnie is looking for Lucy. She finally finds her but Lucy leaves. Bonnie follows her to the dining room.]

Lucy: You looking for me?
Bonnie: Who are you?
Lucy: Lucy.
Bonnie: What are you doing here?
Lucy: I should have known I'd run into a Bennett.
Bonnie: How do you know me?
Lucy: You figure it out. Look, I have no interest in fighting you.
Bonnie: Then stop the spell you put on my friend.
Lucy: Give Katherine the moonstone and I will.
Bonnie: Why are you helping Katherine? Don't you know what she is?
Lucy: Tell your friends to hand over the moonstone and all will be groovy.
Bonnie: You're not leaving this room until you stop the spell!
Lucy: Look, I don't want to hurt you.
Bonnie: I don't want to hurt you.
Lucy: Look, I don't have a choice. The bitch saved my life and now I owe her. I have to pay up.

[Bonnie grabs her wrist.]

Lucy: You have the moonstone. I can sense it on you.

[She grabs Bonnie's forearms. The room shakes, the lights flicker.]

Lucy: Do you feel that? You can trust me. Give it to me, it's okay.

[Damon is pouring himself a glass of scotch.]

Katherine: We're missing the party. I'll have one of those.
Damon: (mimics the voice of a servant boy) Right away Miss Katherine.

[He gives her a glass.]

Katherine: Thank you.

[She drinks. He grabs her and pushes her against the wall. He tries to stake her but Stefan stops him.]

Stefan: No, no! Damon, don't!
Katherine: Yes, Damon, please.
Damon: The second the spell is lifted, I'm gonna drive a stake right through your heart.
Katherine: God, you're hot. When did you get so hot?

[Lucy arrives. She has the moonstone in her hand.]

Lucy: Katherine, the spell on this room has been broken, you're free to leave.
Katherine: Thank God.
Lucy: When I hand this over my debt to you is over.
Katherine: Done.
Lucy: I owe you nothing.
Katherine: I said done. Give it.
Damon: I wouldn't do that.

[She gives her the moonstone. When Katherine touches it, she can't breathe.]

Lucy: You should have told me another witch was involved. She's a Bennett witch, Katherine, but I'm sure you knew that.
Stefan: Wait, Elena!
Lucy: Elena's fine.

[Katherine falls on the floor.]

Lucy: The spell is broken. She'll heal quickly, Bonnie's with her.

[Katherine is suffocating.]

Lucy: I apologize for my involvement.

[She leaves. Katherine's unconscious.]

[Caroline explains to Carol what happened to Sarah, but she twists the truth.]

Caroline: Matt and I were fighting, we broke up you know, and Sarah was drunk and dancing and she just tripped. And then she wasn't breathing.
Carol: Okay, your mom's on her way and we called Sarah's parents. It was an accident. It was a terrible, tragic accident.
Tyler: Mom, the sheriff's here.
Carol: I'll go prepare her, just don't leave. Just stay here okay? She's going to want to hear the story from you.

[She leaves. Caroline is alone with Tyler.]

Caroline: Matt's in the car, sleeping it off. I'll deal with him; I don't want him involved in any of this.
Tyler: What are you doing?
Caroline: I'm fixing a very bad situation.
Tyler: Why? I did this. I killed her.
Caroline: No, you didn't mean to and I think it's best for everyone...
Tyler: But she's dead! You don't know what that means.
Caroline: Actually, Tyler, I think I do.
Tyler: No, you don't, Caroline.
Caroline: Has your wound healed?

[He checks his wound but realizes it has healed.]

Tyler: How did you...?

[Lucy is leaving. Bonnie runs after her.]

Bonnie: Please, wait.
Lucy: Hey, I'm sorry about that spell. Damn vampires, they pull you into the middle of it every time.
Bonnie: How do I know you? When I gave you the stone, how did I know I could trust you?
Lucy: That feeling you got, you ever felt it before?
Bonnie: Being around family. My grams.
Lucy: My mother is Joanna, first cousin twice removed from Pauline, niece of Sheila aka...
Bonnie: Grams? We are related?

[Lucy smiles.]

Lucy: Yeah, we kind of are. It's nice to meet you Bonnie. Seeing you tonight was a wakeup call for me. I got to stop letting vampires control me. So thank you for that.

[She leaves. Bonnie cries and runs after her.]

Bonnie: Please, don't leave! I have so many questions. I don't want to be in the middle either. I hate it. How do I stay out of it?
Lucy: Unlike me, you're one of the good ones, Bonnie. The middle of it is exactly where you need to be. You take care, cuz. Don't worry, you'll see me again.

[She leaves. Jeremy joins Bonnie.]

Jeremy: Hey, I was gonna head home, can I offer you a ride? Are you okay?
Bonnie: When did you get your driver's license?
Jeremy: I'm not a kid anymore, Bonnie.
Bonnie: I'd love a ride home.

[Stefan joins Elena. She's alone.]

Stefan: Elena.
Elena: I'm okay, I'm okay. Bonnie took away the pain and I think I'm healing.
Stefan: I know but I think you should definitely see a doctor anyway.
Elena: I will. I heard about Katherine, is it true? Is she really gone?
Stefan: Yeah, I was so worried about you.

[He goes toward her but she pushes him away.]

Elena: Stefan...I...
Stefan: Katherine being gone doesn't change anything for you, does it?
Elena: I want to be with you, Stefan. You know that but first, I need to wake up and know that the people that I love are safe. I need to feel safe. Do you understand?
Stefan: Yeah. Yeah, I...I understand.

[She looks at him and leaves.]

Fell's Church Ruins

[Katherine wakes up in the tomb. The moonstone is on the floor, next to her. She takes it. She gets up and tries to leave but she's trapped. Damon arrives.]

Damon: Hello Katherine.
Katherine: Where am I?
Damon: Where you should have been all along. I thought you'd have learned your lesson by now, messing with a Bennett witch.
Katherine: You should have killed me.
Damon: Death would have been too kind.

[He goes to close the tomb door.]

Katherine: No, Damon, don't. Damon, don't. You need me, Elena's in danger.
Damon: From who?

[She doesn't answer.]

Damon: You're lying, you're always lying.
Katherine: Why do you think I haven't killed her? Because she's the doppelgänger. She needs to be protected.
Damon: Then I'll protect her, while you rot in hell.

[He closes the door.]

Katherine: No, Damon, don't! I'll do anything, please. Damon! You need me! Damon! You need me! You need me!

[The door is closed; she cries and hits the door very hard. Nothing happens and she drops to the ground in terror.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Elena is in the parking lot. She's on the phone with Jeremy.]

Elena: Yeah Jeremy, I've got my car. Tell Bonnie that whatever she did, I'm starting to feel better. Yeah, you can drive her home. I'm just gonna go straight to bed. Okay.

[She hangs up. A masked man comes up behind her, covers her mouth and kidnaps her.]

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