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The Masquerade Gala took place in Tangled Up In Blue.

Season One (The Originals)

In Tangled Up In Blue, Marcel hosts a gala as part of his arrangement with the New Orleans city councilman. As such things go, the wealthy guests make charitable donations in addition to Marcel's substantial contribution to the community.

Earlier in the episode,Rebekah invites Camille in order to distract Marcel from the plan she and Klaus undertake in their efforts to rescue Elijah and undermine Marcel's authority. When they arrive, Klaus and Rebekah greet her, Klaus clearly taken by her, explaining he is "the Devil in disguise", in the opposition to her angel costume. When proceedings begin, in clear view of Camille and Klaus, Rebekah and Marcel flirt by the bar however her jealousy over Camille holding his affections are noted, when Camille witnesses the interactions, she calls Rebekah "a bitch". Marcel and Cami then continue to grow closer as they dance, with a saddened Rebekah in the distance. She and Klaus exchange words, and she reveals "they're perfect for each other."

Marcel is soon pulled away by Diego who informs him of Thierry's "betrayal", over killing another vampire, after Marcel's earlier order for his nightwalkers to launch an attack on the witches. Marcel berates Thierry over his actions and is left with no choice but to banish him into The Garden for 100 years after Josh appears with a supposedly hidden spell Marcel kept in his possession, leading Marcel to believe Thierry stole it, all are unknowing Klaus drew the sketch and manipulated the situation.

As they leave the Masquerade Gala, Katie, Thierry's lover, and reason he killed the vampire, arrives in a last ditch effort to save him, after urging from Sophie who wants magic to be used in order to cloak her own location spell, and proceeds attacks the vampires in an attempt to kill Marcel. Klaus, who had been waiting elsewhere, shows up and snaps her neck, saving Marcel and ultimately gaining his trust in order for him to return Elijah.


  • Thierry was sentenced to 100 years in The Garden after killing another vampire. However later in the season he was pardoned.


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