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The relationship between the humans Matt Donovan and April YoungMatt was April's escort in the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant and they are currently friends.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Four

After April's father dies, she returns to town for his funeral. She sees Jeremy and Matt, who remember her from her childhood when Jeremy's sister and Matt's ex-girlfriend, Elena, used to babysit her. She informs them that she will be enrolling at Mystic Falls High School.

Matt is at work at the Grill when he sees April sitting alone. He goes over to talk to her, but leaves when Rebekah arrives. April later is seen trying to flirt with Matt, but Rebekah stakes her claim on him.

Later, April asks Matt if he's seen Rebekah and admits she's worried about her. When April mentions that she thought Matt and Rebekah were an item, Matt's irritated.

April, Matt and Jeremy are captured by Connor who wanted to use them as bait to lure Stefan and Damon there to rescue them. April and Matt look for an escape route after learning that the entrances have all been booby trapped by Connor. However, Stefan saves them. Stefan has Matt take April to Caroline's house so that Caroline can Compel April to forget what happened. April later meets up with Matt and Jeremy and makes a comment about the Grill being closed because of a gas leak. Jeremy and Matt then look at each other, disapproving of the compulsion used on her. Jeremy gives April his vervain bracelet, and Matt tells her it looks good on her to encourage her to wear it so that she will not be compelled again.

April and Shane meet up with Matt and Jeremy later.

Jeremy is meant to be April's escort to the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant but when he gets caught up in vampire hunting with Stefan, Matt steps in to be her escort instead, similar to how Damon stepped in for Elena when Stefan didn't show up because of his bloodlust. They smile at each other and the two share a dance, sparking memories for Damon and Elena.

After "compelling" April to forget seeing a "dead" Caroline, Caroline yells at Matt, telling him that the only time April wasn't following him around was when she had found Caroline. Matt asks if April saw her and Caroline says that she compelled her to forget. However, Matt states that April is wearing vervain so the compulsion had not worked, panicking Caroline.

When April calls Elena following Jeremy's death, Elena gives the phone to Matt and he talks to her instead.

At prom, an angered Elena bites April and knocks her against a table. Matt, worried, begs April to wake up and eventually convinces Rebekah to heal her, despite the deal she made with Elijah to be "human" for a day in return for the the Cure. Matt thanks Rebekah and takes April home.


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