You didn't do anything wrong, Matt. You know I would've sent you 300 emails back if I could. I miss you.

The relationship between the witch Bonnie Bennett and the human Matt Donovan.

Early History

Matt and Bonnie have been friends since childhood. Over the summer Matt and Bonnie were lifeguards and took CPR training together. It is said that Bonnie was better at CPR than Matt.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

In Pilot, At Mystic Falls High School, Bonnie notices Matt looking at Elena. In Mr. Tanner's class, Matt looks at Bonnie while she is texting Elena that Stefan is staring at her. Back at the Mystic Grill, Matt and Bonnie talk about Elena and they see her and Stefan arrive together. During Mr. Tanner’s History class, Mr. Tanner asks Bonnie a question of how many people got injured during the Battle of Willow Creek , Bonnie replies "Um…a lot?" then he asks Matt to prove he's not all the stereotypical Jock figure while Matt says "It’s ok Mr. Tanner, I’m cool with it." People could look at this and see that Matt was trying to stick up for Bonnie. At the party, Matt, Bonnie and Caroline look at Stefan and Elena together.

Normal 096 hospital

Visting Caroline.

In The Return, At the hospital, Matt tells Bonnie about the noise Tyler heard when he was driving and Caroline isn't doing well. Matt and Bonnie go and visit Caroline together. They later are both relief that Caroline is doing well; unknowingly to him, Damon had given Caroline blood to help her heal.

Normal 164 save

Matt saves Bonnie

In The House Guest, At The Grill , Bonnie begs Jonas not to do anything but he smashes glasses and sets the bar on fire, before using his magic to knock Bonnie to the ground. Matt tries to put out the flames but spots Bonnie on the ground and rushes to her. As she slowly starts to wake up Matt helps her get to her feet.

In The Reckoning, after capturing Elena, Klaus proceeds to feed his blood and temporarily kill werewolf Tyler and tasks Bonnie with finding out why this act hasn’t turned other werewolves into half-breeds yet. Knowing there is only limited time before Tyler will really die, Bonnie races off with Matt to find Jeremy whom she believes can help her make contact with an elder witch in the afterlife who might have some answers.


Matt and Bonnie are trying to undo the spell.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Matt search around for Jeremy but can’t find him. At this point Bonnie and Matt still can’t find Jeremy so Matt decides to take one for the team by drowning himself and hopefully communicate with his dead sister, Vicki, who has been haunting him recently. His plan works and after Bonnie does CPR he is able to give info directly from Vicky that Klaus’s transformations aren’t working because Elena isn’t dead.


Bonnie saves Matt

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Bonnie helps Matt put Vicki back on the other side, Vicki finds herself rudely ripped from the car and back at Matt’s side- Bonnie’s done a spell to undo the one that made the ghost corporeal. Matt tells his sister he has to let her go, and she disappears as the candles flash once more.

They became prom king and prom queen in Pictures of You.

Bonnie and Matt

In True Lies, Silas snaps Matt's neck. While he is on the Other Side, Bonnie talks to him and tells him she is dead. Matt is sadden by her death, and they hug. When Matt's spirit gets back to his body, he wakes up but forgets what happened.

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Matt attends Bonnie's memorial. He puts down a whistle and gets teary eyed. She tells him through Jeremy that she misses him.

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime,

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Bonnie reunites with him after going on vacation with Alaric and Damon and she later witnesses Mystic Falls being evacuated. Beforehand. They converse for a bit before Matt blames her for Elena Gilbert's slumber. She is shocked, hurt and slightly angered after this and he quickly takes it back.

In Never Let Me Go,

In Best Served Cold,

In Things We Lost in the Fire, Matt and Bonnie are patrolling the Mystic Falls border, waiting to trap vampires who were racing cars earlier as he is seen setting up traps on the road while she is on her phone.

In Requiem for a Dream, Matt tries to get Bonnie to let go of her Huntress side. However, Bonnie convinces Matt help her kill Damon, which he agrees to. Matt sets up a perimeter for Bonnie to hunt Damon down in Mystic Falls' woods. However, Matt shoots Bonnie in the back with vervain darts in order to save Damon's life. After Damon and Matt load Bonnie's unconscious body into Matt's pickup truck, Matt so tasked with driving Bonie as far away from Damon and possibly Mystic Falls as he can. However, this proves unsuccessful when Bonnie regains consciousnesses sooner than expected and she suffocates Matt, gaining control over his truck and goes back to try and kill Damon once again.

In Gods and Monsters, Matt is seen alive and is imprisoned within his own cop truck as Bonnie hunts down Stefan, Caroline and Enzo on the freeway. Matt then prevents Bonnie from hunting them and they end up crashing into a wooded area on the side of the freeway. Bonnie apologized for the pain she caused Matt and left him for two reasons: to protect him from his involvement in the supernatural and to hunt her friends.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, after an unsuccessful first funeral for Tyler was crashed by Damon, Matt and Bonnie attend Tyler's second funeral ceremony being Bonnie missed the first one while dealing with Enzo and they later bond together with their friends at the Mystic Falls' carnival.

In Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell, Matt was seen trying to help his friends find Alaric and Caroline's kidnapped daughters while Damon and Sybil held them waiting to summon Cade. However, Matt finally has enough downtime to comfort Bonnie while she stood by Enzo's side as he suffered the after effects of fighting Sybil's mind control. Matt told her that Enzo was very tough and was going to make it through this because he was fighting Sybil's mind control, unlike Damon. Shortly after sharing a moment together, Bonnie and Matt are relieved when Enzo wakes up. Enzo wakes up saying that he doesn't know which one of them to kiss. Bonnie laughs joyously and sheds a tear while embracing Enzo. Matt watches them with a smile on his face.

In What Are You?,


Season One

Matt: "How’s Elena doing?"
Bonnie: "Her mom and dad died. How do you think? She’s putting on a good face but its only been 4 months."
Matt: "Has she said anything about me?"
Bonnie: "Oh, no. So not getting in the middle. You pick up the phone and call her."
Matt: "I feel weird calling her. She broke up with me."
Bonnie: "Give it more time, Matt."
(Elena and Stefan walk in together)
Matt: "More time, huh?"
-- Pilot.

Season Two

Bonnie: How's Caroline?
Matt: She's not good, Bon.
Bonnie: What happened?
Matt: We were driving.. and Tyler heard this noise.. and he got..
Bonnie: A noise?
Matt: Yeah, he got like this migraine or something. And he lost control of the car. And I.. I thought. I thought that Caroline was fine.. and then.. then she wasn't, so.
-- The Return.
Matt: She’s obviously pissed at me for something..but for what no clue.
Bonnie: What happened?
Matt: She freaked out. She’s been like that all day, cool one minute and crazy neurotic the next.
Bonnie: She almost died it’s bound to mess with her head. Plus she’s Caroline.
Matt: Yeah I’m used to the insecurities and all know..that’s who she is love it or hate it but this seemed i don’t know different..more..I don’t..I can’t explain it.
-- Brave New World

Season Three

(He calls Bonnie)
Bonnie: What is taking so long?
(Matt has a iron belt and a heavy thing)
Matt: This is going to sound crazy, but I think Vicki's trying to reach out to me
Bonnie: What?
Matt: I think she can help us save Tyler.
Bonnie: No, Jeremy can help us save Tyler.
Matt: We can't find Jeremy. We need to try something else. I have an idea but I'm going to need your help. Meet me at the pool.
Bonnie: I don't understand.
Matt: Jeremy can see ghosts because you brought him back from the dead. I need you to do that for me.
Bonnie: What?! No, Matt, that's crazy!
Matt: This is going to work, trust me.
Bonnie: No, Matt, I can't do that kind of magic anymore.
Matt: You don't need magic, Bonnie. You just have to be better than I was at CPR.
(He puts the belt and attaches the heavy thing to it then he jumps on the water to stay at the bottom)
-- The Reckoning
Bonnie: Listen to me, I know you wanna help and I know you miss your sister but what you did was reckless and stupid.
Matt: I know, Bonnie. I know. But it worked. It was worth it.
Bonnie: You don’t want to be part of all this, Matt. You’re the only one of us who actually gets to live their life like a normal person, no matter how lost you feel. Don’t forget that.
Matt: Do you realize that just last summer, you and I were lifeguards at the pool? And the only two problems I had in my life were that Elena was breaking up with me and I sucked at CPR. Everything was so different then. Yeah. Now Elena’s dating a vampire, you’re a witch, my sister’s a ghost, and.. I’m.. I’m just a guy who’s wondering how life got so screwed up.
-- The Reckoning

Season Four

Season Five

Matt: So, if this happens every time I die with the Gilbert ring, the second I go back, that means I'm just gonna forget about all of this. I'll forget that you're dead. Bonnie, you and Jeremy can't keep this a secret anymore. I'm sorry your dad died. I know it's hard, but how are you gonna deal with his death if you can't even deal with your own?
Bonnie: It's really good to see you, Matt.
-- True Lies
Bonnie: You didn't do anything wrong, Matt. You know I would've sent 300 emails back if I could. I miss you.
-- For Whom the Bell Tolls

Season Six

Bonnie: What's this?
Matt: When Bonnie Bennett has a hunch, you don't ignore it.
-- I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime
Matt: You have to get out of town now Bon.
Bonnie: I'm not letting Kai win.
Matt: Bonnie, Elena is the only thing Damon Salvatore cares about, he'll kill you. You have to get out of here now.
-- I'm Thinking Of You All The While

Season Seven

Bonnie: Matt, surrendering the town is not the solution. We need to stop them.
Matt: They had been stopped, Bon, back in 1903. But then, you betrayed Kai, he let them out, and I got to bury all my buddies from the Sheriff's department.

[Bonnie, looking hurt, pauses for a moment]

Bonnie: So this is my fault?
Matt: [guiltily] No. I didn't say that...

[They stare at each other for a moment until Matt sighs]

Matt: Look, I gotta go patrol.
-- Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take


  • They both are close friends with Elena Gilbert.
  • They both hated Damon Salvatore and were almost/were killed by him.
    • However, Bonnie is currently best friends with Damon after several seasons of building their relationship. Also, Matt shares a somewhat platonic relationship with Damon.
  • Damon also killed at least one member of their families.
  • In The Reckoning it was stated that they both took CPR together.
  • In Season Three, Matt mentioned he and Bonnie were lifeguards at the pool last summer.
  • Season Seven marks the first season where Matt and Bonnie become indirect enemies being Bonnie was inflicted with Rayna Cruz's Supernatural Huntress curse.


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