There's something I need to tell you. I just don't know how. So, to make you understand, maybe I should start from the end. [...] On second thought, I'll just start at the beginning. [...] And that's it. Which brings me to my question. What do we do next?

Maybe I Should Start From The End is the eighth episode of the first season of Legacies and the eighth episode of the series overall.


LANDON'S PAST — After discovering that Landon is in trouble, Hope and Alaric set out in search for him. Along the way, they uncover some startling information about Landon's past.[2]


Hope awakens in a field, Fort Valley, Georgia, along with Alaric and Landon. It is revealed to be a flash-forward, and Hope narrates that she will start from the beginning and narrate to the event. At the Salvatore School, Hope prepares to leave following a distress call from Landon, however she is stopped by Alaric, who questions where she is going without telling him. Hope reveals the distress signal following a threat that Alaric will expel her. He agrees that the two of them can go, as long as he drives.

In a flashback, two weeks earlier, Landon is in Kansas looking for his mother. He frequents a coffee shop called "Seylah's". The owner questions if Landon has a coffee addiction given his frequent visits to the shop, and the two joke over the matter. When Seylah comments on Landon's name, he reveals that he is sure she gave him the name and hands him the photograph of the two. She takes him back to her house, where he is attracted to an ancient artifact. Before he can examine it, Seylah interrupts, warning him not to touch. The two talk before Landon collapses, having been drugged by Seylah — he manages to press the distress signal before passing out, however.

Back in the present, on the road, Alaric tells Hope that she may fail the upcoming exams, and Hope remarks that perhaps he should worry about Lizzie and Josie. The two arrive in Kansas, and Alaric reminds Hope that he calls the shots. Outside of a property, Alaric and Hope hear a scream, leading Hope to magically throw the door open, but it is revealed to be a false alarm. Hope finds Landon's bracelet in the couple's letterbox.

Present time, Landon has been tied up by Seylah, who questions him. She asks who he called and who sent him, but Landon tells her that she wouldn't believe him. Landon refuses to tell Seylah anything, despite being threatened with an iron. He eventually reveals that he called the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted; he also reveals the existence of supernatural creatures, but before Seylah can answer the power to her house is cut. A monster is seen attempting to attack Landon, however it is killed by Seylah.

Hope uses the bracelet to perform a locator spell, which brings them to a cordoned off neighborhood. Alaric questions what happened, and one of the workers reveals there has been a gas leak. Alaric realizes that it is a cover-up, and tells the man that they are looking for the highway.

Seylah seems to believe Landon, and the two leave for a motel. Seylah tells Landon that the monsters must have followed him, and asks more about him. He tells her that she already knows his life story, however she isn't satisfied and asks more about him. The two talk about Hope, with Landon referring to her as his girlfriend for the first time; although he comments that she would probably kill him for calling her that. Someone begins picking the lock as the two are talking, and Seylah scrambles to defend the two, but it is revealed to be Alaric and Hope. They question Seylah about her past, and she reveals her history with Triad Industries. Seylah warns them to go home and forget about the whole ordeal, she tells Landon that she doesn't know his father but had flings.

Alaric confronts Seylah, revealing that he knows she is lying. In return, she tells him that she will explain what she knows but isn't sure she believes the story herself. She refuses to reveal the location of the portal, however, much to Alaric's dismay. Alaric is shocked when Seylah reveals that the stories are true as she has been to Malivore and knows for herself.

Back in the motel, Hope tells Landon that he can't trust Seylah, however Landon refuses, remarking that all he has wanted his entire life is a stable home and family. The two begin to make out, but are interrupted by Alaric shortly after. Alaric tells Hope to get another room, and when she's gone he tells him that they need to talk about Seylah. Hope interrupts as another monster attacks them, and it is revealed that he has come for the artifact from earlier. Landon promises that he didn't steal it, and Hope believes him. She tells him to let the mer-man steal the artifact, thereby leading them to the Malivore site — Hope reveals this is where Seylah is going. They follow the mer-man to "Triad Industries", entering the site despite explosive-warnings. The mer-man is unable to deliver the artifact to Malivore, however, as he trips one of the explosives. Everyone is thrown back, leading the flash-forward seen earlier. Seylah eventually sacrifices herself by jumping into Malivore, erasing herself from the collective consciousness.

Hope remains the only one able to remember anything about Seylah, but everyone is happy when Alaric reveals that he is bringing Landon back "home" to the Salvatore School. Hope asks Landon to be her boyfriend, and he agrees.


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  • Antagonist: Seylah Chelon, Triad Industries, Shadow Man,Mer-Man, and Malivore (indirectly)
  • Hope is the only one to remember Landon's mother, Seylah, after she jumped into Malivore to protect her son.
    • Though Malivore erases all memory, anything written down remains.
  • This is the first episode to feature only three main characters (Hope, Landon and Alaric).
  • In this episode we find out Landon is a result from Seylah being pregnant during her time in Malivore.
  • As soon as Landon is near one of the keys not only does he take it, but soon after creatures are released from Malivore to retieve the key and bring it back to Malivore.
  • The second key to unlocking Malivore is revealed to be an anubian (or Egyptian-like) urn that glows in a similar fashion as the supernatural knife.
  • An later episode is complete the opposite nature of this episode whereas Hope remembers the events that transpired while Lizzie's memory was erased by recon all of her wishes.

Body Count

  • Shadow Man - Decapitated; killed by Seylah
  • Mer-Man - Killed by bomb
  • 2 Security Guards - Shot; killed by Seylah
  • Triad Guard - Stabbed; killed by Seylah
  • Seylah Chelon - Jumped into Malivore; killed by herself
  • Triad Technician - Kicked into Malivore; killed by Ryan Clarke



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Hope: "I'm going after Landon."
Hope: "If we don't get to him soon he could die."
Landon: "Don't do this."
Hope: "Tell me where he is before I blow your head off."
Alaric: "It's a school for vampires, witches and werewolves."
Alaric: "It's been a rough semester."

Alaric: "Going somewhere?"
Hope: "I'm going after Landon."
Landon: "Please don't do this."
Hope: "He's in trouble."
Hope: "If we don't get to him soon he could die."
Hope: "Tell me where he is before I blow your head off."
Alaric: "It's a school for vampires, witches and werewolves."
Alaric: "As you can see it's been a rough semester."

Seylah: "You must have a serious caffeine addiction you've been here everyday this week."
Landon: "I just like coffee."
Landon: "I should get the next one to go."
Seylah: "Hey I'm not complaining just a little worried about you."
Seylah: "This is embarrassing you've been my best customer this week and I, I don't even know your name."
Landon: "Landon."
Seylah: "That's a beautiful one."
Landon: "Thanks, I'm pretty sure you gave it to me."



Last.fm_play.png "Portland, Maine" – Donovan Woods
Last.fm_play.png "Bee-Sting" – The Wombats
Last.fm_play.png "Feels Like This" – Maisie Peters
Last.fm_play.png "Make Believe" – The Faim




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