Mayor Lockwood's Funeral was a funeral of Mayor Richard Lockwood. He died in Founder's Day during Founder's Day Parade. Almost a whole town came to pay respect. The event was held in Lockwood Mansion.

Sheriff Forbes and Carol Lockwood were fighting because Carol said that it was the sheriff's fault that her husband is dead. Damon calmed them down.Then Tyler saw somebody's car. It was his uncle, Mason who came to his brother's funeral. They talked a little but. Soon Katherine came disguised as Elena and Tyler let her in. Bonnie used "mind spell" on Damon then went to Katherine (she thought it was Elena) to complain about him. When she touched Katherine's arm, she realized that she's Katherine and quickly went to other room to call Elena.

Elena answered telling her that she's coming to the funeral soon. Katherine came and threatened Bonnie. She was just about to bite her, but the doors opened and Stefan told her to leave Bonnie alone.

Stefan and Katherine walked and talked. When he said that he hates her, she stabbed poke in his stomach and left. During the event Tyler and Jeremy talked and drank. When Mason saw them he joined Tyler, while Jeremy left.



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