Mental Health Center is a psychiatric hospital located in Asheville, North Carolina .

Season Seven

In a flashforward scene from Live Through This, it was revealed that Bonnie's in a group meeting. As she returns to her room, she sees Enzo, then they embrace each other and kiss.

The hospital was seen again in One Way or Another when Bonnie met Virginia during a group meeting. Later she thanked Bonnie for stealing her medications. The two talked about how they got there. Virginia said that her sister locked her there, but Bonnie said that she made a cover up story just to get away from The Armory. Bonnie promised that she'll get her out of the hospital if she keep her real identity of being a Bennett witch a secret. Later Virginia told Bonnie a story about the vault in the Armory, which can only be opened by a Bennett witch. Virginia warned Bonnie never to open the vault. Bonnie said that if opening that vault is the key to her freedom, she won't keep that promise - a statement after which Virginia broke the mirror, took a piece, and attacked Bonnie with it. In that moment, orderlies came in and quickly dragged Virginia outside. Later Damon came to apologize to Bonnie, which she refused. In Somebody That I Used to Know, Damon, Enzo and Bonnie decided to go to Enzo's safehouse and see Rayna.

Bonnie visited Alex in Kill 'Em All. Enzo visited Alex in Gods and Monsters and compelled her to tell him about the creature in the Vault.

It was seen briefly when Caroline watched the video from the time Enzo visited Virginia.


Season 7
Season 8


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