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Freya. I'm so sorry. I love you--
Mikael's last words to Freya in Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Mikael (Elder Futhark: ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚ) was a major recurring character and a primary antagonist in the second season of The Originals. He appeared in the first season via flashbacks and was eventually brought back to life. Mikael also appeared as a recurring character in the third season of The Vampire Diaries. He was an Original Vampire and a powerful vampire hunter. Mikael is the father of the Originals, and the father of the vampire race as a whole. Mikael is the reason vampires came to exist, it was his idea to turn his children and himself into immortals with superpowers superior to werewolves, where they could then sire more of their kind as ordinary vampires. As the father of the Original Vampires, he was the oldest and one of the most powerful vampires in the TVD universe.

Mikael was the husband of Esther. He was the father of Freya, Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik and step-father of Klaus. He was the grandfather of Freya and Mathias' unborn son, step-grandfather of Klaus and Hayley's daughter, Hope, and grandfather of Freya and Keelin's son, Nik. Mikael was also the brother-in-law of Dahlia.

Mikael was considered the strongest vampire in existence, due to his superior strength as a human over his children. He had an antagonistic relationship with his step-son, Klaus, as he was the son of a werewolf named Ansel. In the 1990s, Mikael was desiccated and entombed by Abby Bennett Wilson when he came to town in search of the baby doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert. However, in The Reckoning, he was revived by Katerina Petrova and Jeremy Gilbert. He then sought out Damon and Stefan Salvatore and formed a plan with them to kill Klaus. However, in Homecoming, Mikael was killed by Klaus due to Stefan's interference.

Mikael was later seen in the first season of The Originals during A Closer Walk With Thee, when he first appeared as a ghost to attack Hayley Marshall on The Other Side, and again in order to speak with Davina Claire. He eventually convinced her to resurrect him by offering to help her kill Klaus. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Mikael was successfully resurrected by Davina, but not without consequences; Davina ultimately used the Bracelet of Obedience to ensure that he would always be under her control. In the second season, Kol used his knowledge of magic and the bracelet, as he had the bracelet invented in the first place, to de-spell Davina's bracelet, allowing Mikael to continue on his mission to kill Klaus. After successfully staking and nearly killing Klaus, he ended up outnumbered by the arrival of Klaus' allies, forcing him to flee from a fight with his step-son for the very first time. He eventually formed an alliance with his wife, Esther, and a resurrected Finn, and vowed to stop at nothing to kill Klaus. Finn however, used sacrificial magic to desiccate both Mikael and Esther so that he could channel their power for himself.

Mikael was revived by his long lost daughter Freya, reuniting a delighted Mikael with the child he thought he had lost. They formed an alliance to kill Dahlia, who poses a threat to Freya and Hope. Mikael, after a failed team up with his children against Dahlia, was executed by Klaus for a second time, in order to procure the Viking ash Mikael's corpse would leave behind, to make another weapon against Dahlia, all in front of Freya, which devastated her.

Mikael was the patriarch of the Mikaelson Family.

Early History

Human Life

Freya going to her fathers arms.

Mikael was a Viking warrior born in a village in the Kingdom of Norway. During a raid on a village, he met a witch named Esther, and the two fell in love. They married and were wealthy landowners. They tried to start a family but to no avail, as Esther believed she was cursed and went to her sister for help. Unknown to Mikael, Esther's sister Dahlia put a spell on her so she could have children but there would be sacrifices. They then started a family with the birth of their children Freya and Finn. He was a loving and caring father for both of his children, but his favorite was his beloved daughter. Mikael named his Viking sword Rathul, after the early morning sun. Its hilt was golden, like the color of Freya's hair. He had said it would remind him of her while he was in battle, and that she would be by his side no matter how far afield he traveled. Some time later, Esther was pregnant with their son Elijah. Years had passed, and the night before Mikael left for war, he christened his sword with goat's blood. When Freya awoke, he was no longer there as he had gone out to war. A plague hit Europe, and Esther claimed it killed Freya while Mikael was in battle; in reality, Freya was taken as the payment of a magical bargain Esther made with her sister Dahlia, to cure her of her infertility. Desperate to escape their homeland, Esther turned to her witch friend and mentor, Ayana, who told her of a land beyond the seas where the natives were all healthy and blessed with the gifts of speed and strength. At this point, Mikael became a more strict father, becoming more cruel in teaching his children to survive, so he would not lose anymore children like he thought he lost Freya. Mikael, Esther, Ayana and other (possibly Viking) settlers left Norway for the New World (later known as North America), settling in the area now known as Mystic Falls in the present day.

Esther and Mikael.

However, the New World wasn't as peaceful as the couple had expected, especially during the full moon, as their neighbors were werewolves. They lived in peace with their neighbors at first, hiding in caves during the wolves' transformations, during which time Mikael and Esther had more children: Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik.

Once, as kids, Elijah took Niklaus into the woods to teach him how to hunt. Elijah encouraged his brother, stating that his aim was improving when he misses a shot at a doe. However, Mikael soon arrived and scolded Elijah for encouraging his brother, snatching the bow from Niklaus and stating that he wasn't man enough to hold a weapon. Niklaus tried to apologize, but Mikael saw him as a weakling and starts severely beating him, using the justification that his punishments would make Niklaus stronger. Elijah tried to stop his father from hurting his brother, but was scared off by Mikael, who stated that Elijah would be next if he intervened. He once beat Niklaus half to death as a boy because he was so sure that Niklaus had taken his blades, unaware that it was actually Rebekah who had taken them.

Mikael punishing Klaus.

One day, Mikael caught Klaus carving chess pieces with his hunting knife, and Mikael whipped and beat Klaus half to death. Klaus was beaten so badly his siblings actually feared he would die. Elijah entered the room and tried to stop his father, but he pushed Elijah away and continued to punish Klaus until Rebekah eventually ran in with his sword and pointed it at him. Mikael became furious and grabbed his sword from her before leaving the room. Then, one night, Rebekah, who had enough of Mikael's abuse toward Klaus, took a knife with the intention of killing her father while he slept, but Elijah ultimately stopped her; however, he later admitted that he wished he had done the deed himself, wishing he could go back to that moment.

Mikael tries to convince his wife to make their children immortals.

One day, while Elijah and Klaus were sparring, Mikael watched them. Mikael was enraged that Klaus was showing off and being foolish when the Vikings were fighting for their survival. Once they were done, he came to Elijah for his sword and then attacked Klaus and humiliated him in front of the village. He then wondered aloud how Klaus was able to remain alive due to his impulsive and foolish behavior.

At some point, Niklaus challenged Mikael to a duel, which Mikael initially won. However, when Mikael cut Klaus' starling necklace (which was meant to weaken him to prevent him from triggering his werewolf curse), Klaus became so enraged that he attacked Mikael, Mikael was so furious that Klaus had gained the upper hand, that he impaled Klaus' shoulder with his sword and pinned him to a tree in his blind rage.

Curious about the werewolves' transformations, Klaus and Henrik went to spy on them one night during a full moon. Unfortunately, their presence was ultimately discovered by the werewolves, who were unable to control themselves and ended up mauling Henrik to death. Overwhelmed by the loss of another child, Mikael and Esther were desperate to cast a spell that would protect the family from more deaths. After Ayana refused to help them, citing the fact that the Spirits and Nature itself would not stand for such an imbalance, Mikael begged his wife Esther to do something using her powers as a witch. Esther obeyed Mikael's wishes and performed a variation of the Immortality Spell created by Qetsiyah, which involved calling upon the sun for life and the eternal white oak tree for immortality, and also added traits like super strength, super speed, fangs, and heightened senses that would all be superior to werewolf powers, so his family could fight back against the beasts that mauled his youngest son to death. 

Mikael and his two sons.

He then offered his children wine laced with the doppelgänger Tatia's enchanted blood (as revealed in Bringing Out The Dead) and killed them soon after by driving his sword through their hearts. The Spirits of Nature, in order to try to maintain the balance, turned nature against them; the sun became their enemy, the flowers that grew at the base of the white oak tree, vervain, caused them pain upon contact and prevented compulsion, and the white oak tree that granted them immortality became the one thing on earth that could take it away by killing them permanently. Mikael and his family later burned down the white oak tree to prevent it ever being used against them, but not before Mikael had secretly carved a stake as insurance in case one was needed for future use.

Mikael and Elijah sees Klaus turn into a Hybrid.

But, they soon learned with all this power came a terrible hunger, and none felt it more then Niklaus and Kol as shown in their life as vampires, with each having brought Mikael to their hiding places over the centuries, forcing the siblings to flee multiple times. Once Klaus had killed a human, Mikael and the rest of the family found out that he was actually a werewolf, born of an affair Esther had with a werewolf villager named Ansel. Upon seeing Klaus' first transformation as a true hybrid, Mikael stated, "He's a beast. An abomination!"  Mikael realized that his wife was unfaithful to him and that Niklaus wasn't his son, and in his anger, he convinced Esther to cast a spell to keep Klaus's werewolf side dormant. While Esther prepared the spell, Mikael tied Klaus up in chains, demanding that Elijah help him when he stood nearby and looked guilty. Despite Klaus' pleas for Elijah to help him, he ended up listening to his father and helping Mikael chain Klaus to a post. Mikael later went out into the village to hunt down and kill Ansel, Klaus' father, as well as his entire family, not realizing that he was igniting an inter-species war that rages on even in the present day.

Klaus was furious with his mother for making his werewolf side dormant and seemed to murder her in revenge, putting the blame on Mikael. Klaus convinced his siblings that Mikael had murdered their mother, probably out of anger for her infidelity, and they all ran from their father, fleeing back to the Old World. Mikael knew the truth of Esther's murder and his hate for Klaus only grew more intense, vowing to kill him for destroying his family.

Over the next centuries, Mikael burned down half of Europe in his hunt for Klaus. Shortly after being turned, Elijah compelled Lucien Castle to believe he was Klaus, Tristan de Martel to believe he was Elijah, and Aurora de Martel to believe she was Rebekah, so that Mikael would hunt them in his children's place as a misdirection. This tactic worked until Elijah was daggered with his siblings by the Brotherhood of the Five in 1114, negating the compulsion. Mikael still hunted the three until he realized he was hunting imposters. Mikael moved on to his true target, Klaus, after a century of hunting the Trinity, who were using his children's identities.

In the 1200s, after Elijah had formed a society of vampires called the Strix, Mikael tracked them down and descended upon them with a small army of his own. He lay waste to The Strix while Elijah fled to protect his siblings, leaving the remnants of his vampire society to fend for themselves against Mikael.

Cádiz, Spain

Mikael tracked his family down to Spain due to Kol's destructive antics. He killed Klaus's horse, Theo, putting its head on a pike before he burnt down the town in his hunt for his "bastard" step-son. His children managed to escape on a ship headed back to the New World, alluding Mikael for several more centuries.

New Orleans

Mikael meets with Marcel.

In the year 1919, six months after Rebekah and Marcel used Genevieve to summon him, Mikael appeared in the streets of New Orleans. Mikael later appeared at Rousseau's, where he watched Marcel and Rebekah. Shortly after Rebekah left him at the bar, Marcel went for a drink, and Mikael, approached him. He talked of how lucky Marcel was and remarked that his girlfriend (Rebekah) looked like his wife. Mikael then revealed his true identity and admitted that he had been observing Marcel before informing him that he knew he would do anything to get out from under Klaus' wing, even if it meant calling the one man on earth who hates Klaus the most, Mikael the Destroyer. Mikael also admitted that he had burned countless other cities like New Orleans while hunting his children. Mikael promised Marcel that he would leave Rebekah unharmed, as she was always his favorite, but he wanted his sons' exact location so he could kill Klaus. 

Mikael meets with his son and asks him to help him kill his bastard brother.

Later, Mikael went to see Elijah, and insisted that he just wanted to talk to him. Elijah was shocked and angry upon Mikael's return, and he reminded his father that he hunted him and his siblings for centuries, going so far as to burn half of Europe in his attempts to kill his family. Mikael corrected him by pointing out that he only ever hunted Klaus, and had no interest in killing his own children. He goes on to say that he was requesting Elijah's aid, though the meeting quickly became violent once Elijah refused him. Elijah replied that his father was a fool if he thought Elijah would betray his brother for anyone, even for his father. Mikael then reminded him of how his mother's affair led to Klaus' existence and Mikael's secret shame. He added, "Niklaus is an abomination. You do not talk to abominations. You do not reason with them, or try to change them. You ERASE THEM!" Mikael then shows him the white oak stake, which caused Elijah to start to fight him in order to stop him. However, Mikael quickly overpowered Elijah and stated that he either stands with his father or falls with Klaus. Once Elijah insisted that he was standing with his brother, Mikael stake him with a regular stake, leaving him incapacitated while Mikael left to go to the New Orleans Opera House.

Mikael mocks Klaus of how his true father would ashamed of him like Mikael's always been.

Walking into the theater, Mikael seated himself behind Klaus and pointed the white oak stake at his back, right next to his heart, while Klaus sat, clearly horrified. Mikael mocked Klaus when he referred to Mikael as "Father," and told him that his werewolf father would be embarrassed to have him as a son, just like he was before he knew the truth about his parentage. Mikael then revealed that he intended to humiliate Klaus before he killed him, and stated that he planned on killing everyone who knew Klaus existed, to ensure that no one would miss him after he was dead.

Mikael sets New Orleans ablaze

Mikael then had the stage-hands open the curtains to the stage, revealing that he had killed Klaus' werewolf lover, Lana, as well as many of his friends, in addition to tying up Marcel next to them in a grotesque display. All the while, the audience was laughing hysterically, as Mikael had compelled them all to view the show as a comedy. Terrified, Klaus quickly rushed to the stage to help free Marcel, only to be stopped by Mikael, who threw him across the stage. Rebekah suddenly arrived and intervened, trying to free Marcel as well, but Mikael staked her with a regular stake and incapacitated her. Elijah, who had just recovered from his own staking, showed up just in time to help his siblings free, and he insisted that Marcel was as good as dead, as Mikael was feeding on him to replenish his strength. Mikael ultimately burned down the opera house.

Mikael chases his children out of New Orleans

Mikael hunted his children down to the streets of the French Quarter, he shouted at them that they needed to finish the last act of Le Grand Guignol, which he referred to as their "tale of sorrows." He insisted that their constant fleeing was pointless, as he would always find them no matter what, but the children ended up able to run after all because Elijah stayed behind to lead Mikael away from them while they fled to safety. Mikael went on to burn down much of the city of New Orleans and slaughtered more vampires, leaving Marcel as one of the few survivors of his wrath.


Mikael in the 1920s.

In the 1920s, three years after the New Orleans massacre, Mikael had tracked Rebekah and Niklaus to Chicago, where they were regular customers at Gloria's Bar. As it was Prohibition at the time, Mikael infiltrated the Chicago police force and became the Police Chief, using the fact that Gloria was running a speakeasy as an excuse to send the police officers to shoot up the bar with wooden bullets in search of his children. However, when Mikael finally arrived in the aftermath of the gunfight, Klaus and Rebekah had already vanished. Mikael questioned many of the bar's patrons, including Stefan Salvatore, but since Stefan was compelled to forget that he ever knew Klaus and Rebekah, he was unable to be of any help to him. Mikael realized that Klaus had compelled away Stefan's memories and informed the officers that they were done there, and began his search anew to find where his children had fled next.

Mystic Falls

Seventy years later in the early 1990s, Mikael came to Mystic Falls, which had been his home nearly a thousand years prior, in search of the third and final Petrova doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert, who was just a baby at the time. He knew that Klaus would eventually learn of the existence of the newest human doppelgänger and intended to kill her before she could be used by Klaus to break his Hybrid Curse. Despite the Founder's Council's best efforts to kill Mikael, they were unsuccessful, and Abby Bennett Wilson, Elena's mother Miranda's best friend, decided to use her powers as a witch to neutralize Mikael by tapping into dark magic to desiccate him. She lured him out of town to Charlotte, North Carolina, and once he was incapacitated, she entombed him in a cemetery there, where he laid dormant for nearly twenty years. However, tales of Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires, were still told by many throughout the centuries, and Katherine Pierce even mentioned that she had heard stories of him from her best friend Pearl in the 1800s, which was why she was ultimately the person who tracked him down and released him with the intention of killing Klaus for good.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Mikael entombed.

At the end of The Reckoning, Mikael was revealed to be a vampire who hunted vampires. He was later revealed to be an Original Vampire, and the father of the Originals, or, in Klaus' case, his step-father. Mikael was also said to be the one person who could kill Klaus for good. However, when the Mystic Falls Gang looked into Mikael's identity, they learned from Anna that he had been neutralized and entombed by a witch in the 1990s. When Jeremy Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, and Katherine asked Anna where they could find him, she insisted that Mikael should not be awakened because he would kill all of them, hinting to Mikael's reputation as the vampire who hunts vampires. Katherine chose to ignore her warning, and she and Jeremy eventually located his tomb in Charlotte, North Caroline. When Katherine opened his tomb, Mikael opened his eyes, though he was still too desiccated and chained up to move.

Mikael awake.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Katherine spent most of her time trying to get Mikael to rise from his coffin by attempting to get him to feed. However, Mikael simply did not drink any of the blood she offered until Katherine finally found a mourner at the cemetery, bit into his neck, and let the blood drip into Mikael's open mouth. Upon feeding, Mikael's body returned to its natural, undesiccated state, but he became angry at Katherine for feeding him human blood, though he did not go into detail as to why that bothered him before he fell asleep again. Hours later, Mikael awoke again and apologized to Katherine for his behavior before revealing that he has abstained from drinking human blood for as long as he can remember. Katherine expressed her disappointment at Mikael, and assumed that Mikael didn't have the power to kill Klaus. However, Mikael insisted that he could indeed kill Klaus, and that he will as soon as he was freed from his chains. Katherine broke the chains binding him, and when Mikael rubbed at his stiff elbows, she remarked that if he drank human blood, he would feel much better. When Mikael informed her that he didn't feed on the living, Katherine became confused, until Mikael pulled her toward him and bit into her neck, much to her horror, drinking her blood until she fell unconscious.

Mikael meeting with the Salvatores

In Ordinary People, Mikael came to Mystic Falls and met with Stefan and Damon at a bar, knowing exactly who they were without introduction because of his experience as a Vampire Hunter. Mikael asked Stefan a few questions about Klaus' plans and his current location, but Stefan could not answer them because Klaus had compelled him not to tell anyone his secrets. Damon was unimpressed by Mikael's interrogation and jokingly asked if this was the extent of his capabilities. As a ploy to get Stefan to give him answers, Mikael inserted his hand in Damon's chest and threatened to rip his heart out if Stefan didn't tell him something about what Klaus was doing. Stefan hesitated for a long moment, but he did eventually find a way around Klaus' compulsion by telling Mikael that he could lure Klaus back to town. Satisfied for the moment, Mikael removed his hand from Damon's chest, but before he left, he warned the brothers that if they went back on their word, he would drive a stake through their hearts as well as Klaus'.

Mikael about to bite Stefan.

In Homecoming, Mikael helped Elena and the Salvatore Brothers to lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls so he could kill him for good. To do this, the gang needed Klaus to believe that Mikael had truly been neutralized, and their story needed to be as true as possible to limit the risk of Stefan's compulsion betraying their plans. Mikael began by instructing Elena to dagger him temporarily so Stefan wouldn't technically be lying when he told Klaus that Mikael tried to kill Elena, forcing her to dagger him to protect herself. Once he was reawakened, Rebekah was waiting beside him as she prepared for the Homecoming Dance. Knowing that Rebekah hated him, Mikael assured her that he never intended to kill her or Elijah-- he just wanted to kill Klaus because in revenge for killing Esther and Henrik's death. Rebekah argued that if Mikael was hunting Klaus, he was hunting her, and informed him that while she was well aware of what Klaus had done, including recently discovering that Klaus killed their mother, she still blamed Mikael for making Klaus into the person he was and for turning them into monsters in the first place.

Mikael meets with Klaus after 1919.

Later at the boarding house, Mikael showed Damon the white oak stake he had carved prior to burning the ancient tree down, which is the only weapon that could permanently kill an Original. Damon asked him why he feeds on vampires. His reply was:"I had a hand in creating vampires, but the bloodlust was never my intention. Over the centuries, I've learned to feed from the predator, not the innocent."

Mikael stabs Katherine, thinking she is Elena, in front of Klaus.

When Stefan came into the room, Mikael viciously fed on Stefan until he passed out, as the two had made an earlier plan to incapacitate Stefan to ensure his compulsion wouldn't ruin the plan. Afterward, he and Damon left the house to head to the Lockwood Mansion to proceed with their plan. At the mansion, Mikael found himself surrounded by Klaus' hybrids, who were acting as bodyguards around the perimeter of the house. When Klaus answered the door to find Mikael on the porch, he told his step-father that his hybrids have been given orders to kill Mikael at his command. Mikael reminded him that the hybrids couldn't kill him, since he is immortal, but Klaus just replied, "But it will make a hell of a party game".

Mikael bursting into flames after getting staked with the White Oak Stake.

Mikael then grabbed "Elena" as a hostage (who, unbeknownst to both of them, was actually Katherine in disguise) and threatened to kill her if Klaus didn't come outside to face him, knowing that she was the key to Klaus creating more hybrids. Klaus called his bluff, so Mikael proved he was serious by stabbing "Elena" in the back with a knife. While Klaus was processing Elena's death, Damon appeared behind Klaus and stabbed him in the back with the white oak stake, though he missed Klaus' heart. As Damon was about to make the final blow, Stefan arrived (having been revived by Katherine earlier) and tackled him, knocking the stake out of his hands in the process. Klaus took advantage of everyone's distraction by grabbing the stake and driving it through Mikael's heart, and watched in shock as Mikael burst into flames and died, taking the only white oak stake with him.

In The Ties That Bind, it was revealed that Bonnie's mother (Abby Bennett Wilson) was the witch who entombed Mikael by casting a spell to desiccate his body and trapping him in a cemetery in Charlotte.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Esther, after losing the Bennett family bloodline as a power source, decided to make an Enhanced Original Vampire with the same Immortality Spell she used on her husband Mikael, and their children, so that this new vampire could kill her children and finally end the vampire species. Esther made the final decision to turn Alaric Saltzman into an Enhanced Original Vampire, as she spent time nurturing Alaric's dark alter-ego when he would die wearing his Gilbert Ring, and knew that Alaric's repressed hatred for vampires would only be even more heightened after he turned. Her goal was that Alaric would become the ultimate vampire hunter like her husband Mikael before him, and would rid the world of the "plague" she believed she caused. Esther turned the last remaining White Oak Stake indestructible with Alaric's Gilbert ring magically melted and coated around the stake with a spell. Esther turns Alaric, and arms him with the indestructible White Oak Stake, making it the ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter, as Mikael was before him.

Throughout The Originals Series

Mikael trying to chain up Klaus for The Hybrid Curse.

In Always and Forever, Elijah showed his memories of his human life to a werewolf girl named Hayley Marshall. While she was seeing his flashbacks in her mind, Elijah began to tell her of how their family lived a thousand years prior, before they had turned into vampires. Henrik, their youngest brother, was killed by werewolves one night on a full moon, and the grief from this loss led Mikael to force Esther to cast a spell that would make them stronger, faster, and immortal, ensuring that their family would not lose any more children. Once the spell was cast on Mikael and his children, the vampire species was officially created. But they soon learned with all this power came a terrible hunger and none felt it more then Niklaus, once Klaus had killed a human, Mikael and the rest of the family found out what he truly was, and Mikael says when he sees Klaus turning into a Hybrid, "He's a beast. An abomination". After Mikael had found out that his wife was unfaithful to him and that Niklaus is not his son, he convinced her to cast a spell to keep Klaus's werewolf side dormant. When Esther did the spell Mikael was tying Klaus up in chains and asked for Elijah's help and then screamed at him to help, Elijah then helped his father in tying Klaus up. 

Once Hayley learned of Mikael she called him a "Dick". Elijah told Hayley that for a 1000 years Mikael had hunted them, even away from New Orleans, where they were happiest of all. Elijah and Rebekah mentions during their conversion that Mikael found them In New Orleans in the year 1919, three years before Rebekah was daggered by Klaus. Elijah also says he should have killed his father the moment he laid a hand on Klaus.

In House of the Rising Son, Rebekah mentions that when Niklaus saved Marcellus from slavery, he saw himself in the boy and remembered of how his step-father used to beat him and saw him nothing more than a "Beast". When Hayley asks about Klaus' relationship with Marcel, he mentions that once his father found him in New Orleans, Klaus and his siblings fled the city and had thought that Marcel had been killed by Mikael like so many other vampires in town.

In Bloodletting, Klaus makes a reference to his step-father, Mikael, when he thinks that Elijah and Rebekah sees him nothing more then a "Bastard",the way Mikael saw Klaus as.

In The River in Reverse, he was mentioned by Elijah in a flashback when he was speaking to Klaus about his recent killings, not wanting Klaus to draw Mikael's attention in Europe.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Mikael is mentioned by Klaus when explaining to Marcel that he won't do to his child, what was done to him by Mikael. And later Camille O'Connell saw Mikael through Klaus's memories of his most darkest ones involving Mikael.

In Dance Back from the Grave, Mikael is mentioned by Rebekah after Papa Tunde dies at Klaus's hands. Marcel revealed that he brought Tunde to town so that he could challenge Klaus and so that Marcel and Rebekah could be together, and told her would do it again if he could. Rebekah then proposed that he bring Mikael into town, knowing it would cause Klaus to flee in seconds. But they needed a powerful witch to locate him.

In Le Grand Guignol, multiple references to Mikael were made.

In Farewell to Storyville, Elijah remembers how Mikael punished Niklaus when they were both children for missing a shot at a doe back in the 10th century. He also remembers that Rebekah tried to kill him in his sleep. Had it not been for Elijah, she would have gone through with the act.

Mikael haunts Klaus in his dreams.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Mikael begins to torment Klaus through his dreams where there is a funeral of Father Kieran and in the coffin was Klaus' baby girl and he smiles. He is then staked by Mikael with the White Oak Stake, he tells him, "Greetings, boy." Klaus speaks to Camille, Hayley and Elijah about dreaming of Mikael. Elijah is worried because like Klaus, he too has had dreams about their father, it is later revealed that The Other Side is falling apart.

At the Witches coven house, Davina Claire convinces her friend Abigail to do a simple seánce, so that they can connect with the spirit world and to connect with her friend Timothy. Davina and Abigail do the seánce, but instead of Tim another appears, and when she turns around she sees Mikael who says, "What a delightful tune."

Mikael threatening Hayley and her baby.

When Hayley is temporarily killed by Monique's hex, Mikael introduces himself to Hayley on The Other Side and tells her that they are technically family. He knows his reputation precedes him and he assures her she is not dreaming and that what she is experiencing is all real. He then uses his vampire speed to quickly go over to Hayley and instantly puts her in a headlock, Mikael welcomes her to his "hell", as he is stuck in an eternity of watching over Klaus. Hayley quickly becomes afraid because she thinks she is dead and starts worrying about the baby, Mikael tells her that the child never had a chance, and tells her of how her bloodline is filth enough and she made it worse by merging it with Klaus'. Mikael then starts to mock Klaus. Hayley then becomes angry and releases herself from Mikael's grip and tells him that neither her or her baby's dead or he wouldn't have tried to kill them. When Hayley mentions his son has already beat him, he gets angry and says he's not his son. He calls Klaus a scourge, a walking symbol of weakness. He tells her that there is no saving that "atrocity" in her womb, and he says Klaus will destroy it, one way or another. He says it is better it dies now, and her along with it. Hayley jumps down onto the first floor, Mikael jumps down to follow her but she spins around rapidly and rushes behind him, stabbing him in the heart with a stake from behind while he was caught off-guard by the jump. Hayley tells him her daughter has an advantage Klaus never had, that she will never know Mikael.

Mikael talking with Davina.

Back at the Witches coven house Davina is being visited by Mikael's Ghost for the second time and he tells Davina that Tim has moved on and reveals himself to be Klaus' father, apologizing for what his son did to Tim, and he says he's the only one who can rid Klaus from her forever, but first he needs her to bring him back to life.

Mikael promising Davina to save her friend and rid Klaus for good.

In The Battle of New Orleans, Mikael's ghost appears in the streets of the French Quarter and looks at Davina, who's with Joshua Rosza. He then vanished. Mikael then appeared behind Davina, calling her name and when she turned around, he was gone. He reappears to Davina in front of a dying Josh, telling her it is no surprise Klaus left Josh to die. He says he is the only man in history that has been capable of driving off Klaus and bring him pain and fear. He says he will help save Josh aside from just wanting to kill Klaus for his personal reasons, and Davina seemingly agrees to resurrect Mikael.

Mikael awaiting his resurrection.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Mikael's ghost appears in The Abattoir and is seen talking to Davina and says, "One point for you, and one point for Niklaus". Mikael's ghost then appear in a room with Davina and explaining the spell in Esther's grimoire that can resurrect him. Davina resurrects Mikael using powerful cursed objects Father Kieran had stored away. Davina passes out from exhaustion and Mikael successfully returns. He first heads to Marcel's wounded army downstairs, viciously starts feeding on Diego the rest of the wounded vampires, which allows the werewolf venom in their bodies to kill them faster. 

Davina stops Mikael from murdering Klaus.

Mikael retrieves the White Oak Stake, and is looking right at Klaus holding his child from a hidden corner. Mikael makes his way to the nursery room holding the stake in his hand, and as he is about to ambush Klaus, he finds he cannot move. Davina forces his body to follow her to the attic where she stayed for months as a personal weapon, telling Mikael he will know how it feels to be hers, allowing him to kill Klaus when she sees fit and not before. She shows him an object she used for power to resurrect him, a cursed bracelet, which allows her to control his body, much to his annoyance.

In Rebirth, Mikael is still under Davina's influence, trapped in the attic. Davina has been going to a vinyl store to buy music for Mikael, his preference being ancient Icelandic Folk music. Mikael throws the White Oak Stake at Davina, who tells him he can't harm her. Mikael states his desire to want to hurt her is strong. She forces him to feed from her when he refuses. He wants to take the bracelet binding him to her so he can kill Klaus. Davina says he can't, and that she will let him kill Klaus when she finds a way to remove Marcel and Josh from Klaus' sire line with help from Esther's Grimoire.

Mikael withstands the werewolves.

In Alive and Kicking, Davina is trying to find a way to unlink Marcel and Josh from Klaus's sire line but she isn't able to do it. Mikael offers his help but she refuses it because she believes that he could trick her into a faulty spell just so he could get out early and kill Klaus. When Davina is attacked at Rousseau's by a group a of Moonlight ring wearing werewolves sent by Cassie, she uses her bracelet to summon Mikael from the attic. As the werewolves are about to kill Davina, Mikael arrives and starts to fight them, killing several with little to no difficulty. During the fight, Davina loses the bracelet controlling Mikael, setting him free. Having disposed of the wolves, he tries to kill Davina to stop her control over him but he is stopped by Elijah who throws him into a wall. As Elijah is surprised to see his father alive and well, Mikael tells him that, while he wanted to see Klaus first, he had unfinished business with Elijah as well. He overpowers his son and prepares to drive the White Oak Stake into his heart when Marcel recovers Davina's bracelet, allowing her to regain control over him. She then flees with Mikael.

Mikael teaches Davina

In Live and Let Die, Davina took Mikael to her family's abandoned cabin to hide from Klaus and Elijah. While there, Mikael trained himself vigorously with a staff to force out the werewolf venom he had received from his recent brawl with the wolves. After chastising Davina for being unable to defend herself without her magic, she requested that he train her to be strong physically. Mikael did so, knocking her down and hurting her ankle but forcing her to get back on her feet, even though it would be a struggle. Once she did, he nodded and thought that perhaps she had learned something. When his son Kol, now in the body of a witch, was invited to the cabin by Davina and secretly searched the room with the white oak stake inside and found it, Mikael stopped him and confronted him. He threatened to kill him, not knowing it was his youngest son, but Kol told him he was a witch and would undo Davina's bracelet's spell, freeing Mikael, if he didn't harm him.

Mikael is stabbed by Papa Tunde's blade

When Klaus arrived at the cabin, having tracked them down, Mikael stood ready with the white oak stake. Klaus threw Mikael's staff through the cabin window, knocking Davina out. Mikael went to her and Kol where he ordered Kol to release him as promised. Kol performed a spell to take Mikael off his leash and it worked. Mikael went outside, to confront his son. He viciously attacked Klaus with the white oak stake, overpowering him and nearly managing to kill him. However, Klaus unveiled Papa Tunde's blade and stabbed Mikael. The blade burrowed into Mikael's body, incapacitating him and causing him an extreme amount of pain. Klaus then put Mikael in a trunk, sparing him so he'd suffer, but Mikael managed to pull the blade from his own chest, the only Original who was strong enough and had enough willpower to do so.

Mikael takes Cami captive

In Red Door, Mikael abducted Camille, who Klaus had given the white oak stake, to use her as leverage. He explained that once he fed, he'd be back to full strength. They stumbled upon a Halloween party of unsuspecting civilians. Mikael compelled the attendance to give Klaus a message. Mikael brought Cami to an abandoned building where he explained that he didn't always hate Klaus. It was only after Klaus accidentally got Henrik killed, killed Esther, and turned his siblings against him, that Mikael hated Klaus, seeing his acts as betrayal. He then told her that instead of her counseling, he needed food. Despite having told her he wouldn't feed on her, he contemplated changing his mind since his wound from Papa Tunde's blade wasn't healing. Mikael fed briefly on Cami, leaving her alive but rejuvenating some of his strength though still weakened by Tunde's blade and the lingering venom.

Mikael stakes Klaus

Klaus arrived and the two fought once again. Klaus managed to hold his own in the duel but Mikael once again overpowered him, stabbing him with the white oak stake. Klaus was briefly neutralized but didn't burst into flames like Originals are supposed to do when stabbed with white oak. Mikael was furious and confused by the turn of events, realizing someone was interfering with the stake's power. He found Davina and Kol performing a spell and attacked them to restore power to the weapon. He threw aside Kol and bit Davina before going back to Klaus's body to find Cami with the stake, threatening him. Marcel and Hayley arrived, using their combined strength to hold off Mikael. Klaus awoke and told Mikael that he was outnumbered. Mikael just laughed at Klaus, telling him to find him when he was prepared to fight his own battles. Mikael then fled, his destination unknown.

Mikael speaks with Esther after 1000 years

In The Map of Moments, Mikael had learned of Esther's resurrection of Ansel, hunting down werewolves in the woods to try and find Ansel's location. As he butchered a few wolves, he was met by Esther, who told him that he could stop trying to hunt down Ansel since Klaus had already killed him, noting that he may not be his blood, but Klaus had inherited Mikael's violent nature. Mikael, still furious with Esther for her betrayal, was enraged until she convinced him to help her by offering up Klaus, no longer believing he'd ever accept her offer to be put into a new body. Mikael agreed to her deal, and soon after helped their son Finn escape from his imprisonment in Klaus's compound.

Mikael and Esther being channeled by Finn

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Mikael and Finn, united in their disdain for vampires and for their family, plotted to destroy all the vampires in New Orleans. Mikael stated that together, they would be successful in their crusade and Finn responded by telling him that he could really use a man of his strength. However, Finn forced Mikael to be his sacrifice in a spell so he could channel his power. The spell neutralized Mikael while his power was being channeled into Finn's own.

Mikael is awakened by Freya

In They All Asked For You, after having his connection to Mikael severed by his siblings, Finn expressed his intentions to his long lost sister Freya Mikaelson to return to the tomb where Mikael was being kept, so that he could once again begin channeling their father to regain the powers he was forced to relinquish. Freya took the opportunity to request that Finn allow her to take a few minutes with their father, and Finn tried to sway her against this, telling her that their father was no longer the man she remembered from when she was five years old. Despite this, he eventually relented and took Freya to Mikael, leaving them alone. Freya proceeded to revive her father with a spell and a drop of her blood.

Mikael reunites with Freya, his favorite child

Mikael awakened and demanded to know who she was. When Freya tried to reveal that she was the daughter he lost so long ago, Mikael angrily attacked her, calling her a liar. However, Freya recounted memories from her childhood that only the two of them shared. Mikael was overwhelmed with emotion, slowly beginning to believe her. She revealed to him that she hadn't died but instead had been abducted by his sister in law, Dahlia. Near tears, he embraced his daughter and the two happily reunited. Later, Mikael was shown to be working with his daughter as werewolves came to the cemetery. Mikael killed one, still famished from his sleep, but Freya called him off before he could kill Aiden, sparing his life. Freya then tasked her father with procuring items needed to defeat Dahlia.

Mikael and Klaus work together against Dahlia

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Mikael returned to New Orleans with the items to make a weapon against Dahlia; ash of the vikings who oppressed her, soil from her homeland, and the blood of who she loved the most: Freya. Klaus confronted Mikael and proposed the two fight Dahlia together. Both traded insults but decided to align together. With Davina's help, they bonded the ingredients to a knife, creating a weapon that can kill Dahlia. They chose to attack Dahlia head on with the weapon, being lead to the church knowing full well that it was a trap. When they confronted her, she unleashed mind-controlled acolytes of hers on them. Though they were a challenge, Mikael and Klaus slaughtered all of them until Dahlia stepped in herself, and used her magic to almost instantly desiccate the two Originals. Dahlia tortured them both for specific acts, especially Mikael for taking her sister from her. Freya, Elijah, and Rebekah arrived and when Dahlia started to hurt Freya, Mikael violently fought off his desiccation and stabbed Dahlia with a large piece of a wooden church pew. However, it didn't kill her and Dahlia destroyed the weapon they had created and escaped.

Mikael's final death

Mikael has a reunion with his children at Klaus' home. Wanting more Viking ash to make another weapon, Klaus threatens Mikael with the White Oak Stake. Mikael was not surprised by the betrayal. Klaus questioned why Mikael fought for Freya who he barely knows anymore, and why he hated him even before he became a disappointment for Mikael. Mikael said solemnly that he did not know, and just did. Klaus offered him final words and Mikael took the chance to apologize to Freya and looked past Klaus, telling Freya that he loved her. Klaus then staked Mikael for a second and final time, executing his step-father without a fight. Mikael tried to reach for his step-son in his final moments, a small gesture of his one time affection. Mikael's corpse burned to ash, providing the Mikaelsons with more Viking ash to use against Dahlia.


"Mothers love their children, fathers make them strong."

Mikael in his human years.

Prior to Freya's death, Mikael was described as a kind and loving husband as well as a good father, this is in spite of how his own father treated him, however, once Freya died Mikael became hostile, distant and cold due to the immense grief he felt due to the loss of his favorite child. Klaus' birth renewed Mikael's hope in his family but he was never the same man as he once was as his later personality can be described calculating, meticulous, aggressive, bad tempered and prideful - which Hayley described as "being a dick". As a human, Mikael is characterized by his pride, valor, and devotion to the family. However, he also used fear to control people, particularly his children as he wanted to make them stronger, possibly to prevent any more deaths of his children, his actions however, led to them being alienated from him.

Mikael has a deep hatred of Klaus, caused by the latter killing Henrik, then later murdering Mikael's wife and turning his family against him, (disregarding the fact that Henrik's death was an accident, that he was indirectly responsible for Esther's death when he convinced her to suppress Klaus' werewolf nature, and that his children were already against him for constantly physically abusing Klaus until, he was an adult; as well as the fact that he physically abuse his biological children if any of them tried to stop him from physically abusing Klaus), however, Mikael didn't always hate Klaus, as when he was born he was overjoyed and loved him, he even named him, however, as Klaus grew up, he acted differently to his siblings and Mikael began to see him as weak and thus he acted negative towards him, Mikael tends to degrade his worth and often referred to Klaus as "boy" rather than his given name.

Mikael physically assaulted Klaus even as a child for no apparent reason, and try to justified it by saying that he was trying to make him stronger, though going by what era they lived in and Mikael's viewpoint, it is entirely possible that Mikael was genuinely trying to make Klaus stronger as Mikael explained about fathers having to make their children stronger, Mikael was forced to learn how to use a staff despite being only eight years old and if he showed any strain, his father would have beaten him. Klaus was not like his other half-siblings, he was more focused on art and making sculptures than learning to fight and survive in their deadly environment, something Mikael saw as a weakness, however, Klaus was anything but weak.

Despite his anger and attitude towards Klaus, he still cared about him enough to save his life by turning him along with his half-siblings into vampires, proving he did care for Klaus before realizing Klaus was not his biological son.

His mistreatment of Klaus, is what ultimately turned his step-son against him, as well as the fact that it caused Klaus to despise Mikael, especially when the two would discover they are not father and son.

Mikael had failed to acknowledge his mistakes as a parent, as most of his children (Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah) eventually grew to despise him and turned their backs on Mikael, mainly because of how badly he treated Klaus.

Mikael as the vampire, vampire hunter.

After being turned into a vampire, the valor becomes anger, and pride in obsession. Mikael didn't initially want to kill Klaus, as even after discovering him to be an "abomination" and a child fathered by someone else, he did not kill him, but had his wife curse Klaus to make his werewolf side dormant, making him just like the rest of his siblings, an Original Vampire. Possibly indicating that he still considered Klaus to be a part of the family, at least for his children and wife's sake, however, once Klaus murdered Esther and blamed Mikael for it, only then did he pursue his step-son with the intent to kill him.

For a thousand years, Mikael tried to destroy Klaus, but during this time, still loved his biological family, telling Rebekah that she and the others were never who he was after. Mikael is willing to kill and harm others, though, in his hunt for Klaus, threatening to and possibly nearly going through with tearing out Damon's heart when Stefan wouldn't tell him where Klaus was. However, Mikael later says this was simply just to "rile" Stefan up so that he could push past Klaus' compulsion, something Mikael says was a loophole.

Mikael seems to genuinely regret the consequences of having brought the Vampire race into existence, which is what motivated him into feeding exclusively upon other Vampires instead. This implies that in spite of everything he is and everything he became, Mikael still retained a sense of virtue about him, however he is more than willing to kill humans for his own agendas and to torment Klaus.

However, Mikael has shown multiple cruel and sadistic traits (far worse then Klaus), mostly when it comes to the target of his hatred, Klaus. He wasn't content to kill Klaus until he has humiliated and psychologically tortured him, and then promised to undo everyone's memory of him, turning Klaus into nothing more than a ghost, utterly alone.

According to Klaus, Mikael is a psychopath, as his reasons for tormenting his step-son for the last 1000 years was out of madness; instead of killing Klaus, as he had several opportunities to do it.

Mikael is a hypocrite, he blames Klaus for turning his children against him, when his actions contributed to that, this has also been said by his daughter Rebekah, who told him that he was the one who destroyed his family when he turned them into vampires, as Klaus, had nothing to do with it. Mikael's actions cause a rift in the family, thus turned against him completely, however, even after his children found out that it was Klaus who killed their mother, they are still antagonistic towards their father, though Rebekah was willing to allow Klaus to be killed after finding out the truth but did blame their father for making them violent, saying that Klaus wasn't born a killer. Even Elijah and Kol still harbor negative feelings towards their father.

Like Klaus and even Elijah, Mikael seems to be in a grey area morally, as in his pursuit of Klaus, he has killed numerous vampires and humans alike, especially if they get in his way, however, Mikael does have some morals, being regretful for his part in creating vampires and the bloodlust and so feeds only on vampires to avoid killing innocents needlessly. He also respects those who can stand up to him, acknowledging people such as Davina and Camille when they show feats of strength or courage. Mikael while cold and aggressive is not devoid of emotions or positive traits but tends to conceal them or hides behind anger, once he is reunited with Freya, his favorite daughter whom he thought was dead, he was reduced to tears and embraces her.

Mikael's personality has somewhat changed after his resurrection, being far less patient than before and overall had a more aggressive demeanor when interacting with others. Whereas before his death, Mikael was fairly patient, calculating and amiable to vampires such as Damon. He also absolutely refused to feed on human blood, even to free himself from desiccation. However, after his resurrection, Mikael was more willing to feed on humans with only mild reluctance when Davina fed him her blood. Mikael later fed on party goers and Camille in a desperate attempt to heal himself which proved fruitless. Mikael also didn't seem to have a problem feeding on werewolf blood, only telling Aiden that he preferred vampire blood. His decrease in morals may have been due to his increased desperation to kill Klaus, as the moment he was resurrected, he instantly sought out Klaus in an attempt to end his life. Mikael also went after his stepson while weakened with werewolf venom, and later Papa Tunde's blade, rather than wait until he was fully recovered.

Prior to his death, Mikael still held affection for his family despite that most of them were against him for years, he was pleased to see Rebekah again and upon seeing her in her new body, asked with amusement on what mischief she had gotten herself into, indicating he was used to seeing Rebekah getting herself in trouble. He fought furiously for Freya, something that made Klaus jealous, as he had always wanted his step-father's love and approval. Mikael's protectiveness over Freya granted him the strength and determination to fight through his desiccation and be the only one to manage to land a hit on Dahlia. When questioned by Klaus on why he despised him as he was growing up, Mikael claimed not to know. Mikael in his dying moments, reached out for Klaus before burning, showing he did care for Klaus. Klaus would change into a brutal Original Vampire, with a legendary temper, and obsessive. These are traits he shares with Mikael, with Klaus' personality changing into the man he was raised by. Mikael was willing to work with Klaus to protect their loved ones against Dahlia, even having fun together. When Klaus was about to execute Mikael, he did show regret for how he abused Klaus.

It seems that even death didn't stop Mikael from tormenting and wanting to kill Klaus. As he had been conspiring his resurrection with a young Witch and had promised the young witch if she did resurrect him, he would help her save her friend and get rid of Klaus for good. After being resurrected, he attempted to kill Klaus, though doing so would have killed Marcel and Josh, something Davina wanted to avoid.

Physical Appearance

Mikael was a tall and middle-aged man with short dark blond hair, blue eyes and muscular build. Like the other Originals, Mikael used to dress in an aristocratic manner, most reflecting his son, Elijah's attire. He wore dark suits over dress shirts.

Powers and Abilities

Mikael was a strong and skilled Viking warrior before his transition to becoming the first vampire in the world. Mikael's skills were impressive enough that he had seemed to have single handedly slaughtered other raiders who had come to pillage and raid the village that he and his family lived in.

Mikael was the first and oldest Vampire in existence and being an Original Vampire, possessed all the standard powers and abilities of one, but to a much greater extent compared to his children, likely due to being stronger as a human before he was turned. Coupled with his greater combat skills and discipline as a Viking warrior, he is arguably the most powerful Original vampire ever to appear. As an Original Vampire, Mikael was stronger and faster than any non-Original vampires and is one of the most powerful supernatural beings with the exception of Marcel Gerard and Lucien Castle as Upgraded Original vampires, and possibly, but confirmed, Alaric Saltzman when he was an Enhanced Original Vampire and had strength at least on par with Klaus. It was shown in Live and Let Die, that Mikael was able to fight Klaus on a relative equal ground now that Klaus broke his Hybrid Curse, even overpowering him at certain times, all while he was still weakened and recovering from werewolf venom. Mikael has overpowered three of his children in a fight, while facing all three simultaneously, a feat no other being has ever managed to accomplish. In a flashback to Le Grand Guignol, when Mikael arrived in New Orleans in 1919, he easily threw Elijah and Klaus across large distances with no effort while Klaus was still under the Hybrid Curse, and it took all of Elijah's strength to stop Mikael from staking him with the White Oak Stake, with Mikael not showing strain. Elijah told Klaus as they fled that they together could not fight him, as he was to strong, a testament to his strength over his Original Vampire children. A more recent testament to his strength has been shown where he single-handledly slaughtered Werewolves wearing Moonlight rings and once again, overpowered his son, Elijah. All of this with only having fed on little bit of Davina's blood. During said fight between Elijah and Mikael, their strength differences can be seen despite the fact that Mikael sustained multiple werewolf bites before squaring off with his son; while Elijah was only able to turn Mikael's head with a punch, the latter was able to send Elijah crashing into the counter with a backhand. It has been implied by Michael Narducci that Mikael is stronger than his children because he was stronger as a human before turning, which was then amplified. While he has drank Vampire blood for centuries instead of Human blood, it has been confirmed to not have any affect on his strength. We also know that his unique diet effected his ability to gain sustenance from Human blood, as he states to Davina that Human blood does little to sustain him anymore.

Mikael's sheer strength seems to be superior to even Klaus', the Original Hybrid, as Mikael was able to dominate the fight between them and physically overpower Klaus when they struggled with the White Oak Stake. It should be noted that Mikael still had werewolf venom in his system during this fight as his wounds were still not fully healed. It was implied that he may have a certain tolerance for Werewolf venom, since he deliberately fed on vampires infected with that very venom shortly after Davina revived him. During the fight between step-father and step-son, their emotional states could be seen, Mikael being relatively calm with no sign of straining while Klaus visibly struggled during the fight. Another notable skill for Mikael is his intense tolerance for pain, being able to practically ignore the effects of the werewolf venom, and even overcome the effects of Papa Tunde's Blade. A day later after this event and still weakened by the blade and only partially restored by human blood, Mikael was still able to fight Klaus and was still physically powerful as he was successfully pushing the white oak stake closer to Klaus' heart before the latter used Mikael's momentum against him and forced him into a pillar and then into a wall. In addition to his tremendous strength and willpower, Mikael was a highly skilled fighter, being trained by his father since he was a child and he himself trained his children, Mikael utilized many martial arts moves and counter attacks in his hand to hand fights, using his immense strength to compliment his style as a technical fighter. He is also noted to be one of two people in history that have ever made Klaus genuinely fear for his life, the other being Mikael's wife, and Klaus' mother; Esther.

As said above Mikael has over-powered Klaus while still weakened with werewolf venom, and Klaus was far from calm in said fight and should Klaus ever become enraged or transform completely into his Werewolf form, Mikael still has superior fighting skills and a tolerance for werewolf venom, making a werewolf's primary attack, its bite, useless. Mikael was able to stake Klaus with the White Oak Stake after a vicious battle (it should be noted that the latter was forced to let his guard down, when Mikael threw Papa Tunde's Blade at Camille, Klaus had to save his friend's life); however, Davina and Kol temporarily drained the stake of it's power, allowing Klaus to recover once pulled out before it was reactivated. Mikael was able to do this despite still recovering from werewolf venom, and being weak and recovering from Papa Tunde's Blade, demonstrating his power and skill over Klaus even while weakened, though it was shown that with the combined effects of the Blade and the venom, Klaus was able to fight on a slightly more even level to Mikael.

Mikael again demonstrated superior willpower and determination when he was able to still use his powers to wound Dahlia while being desiccated by her, whereas Klaus couldn't and had to be fed blood by Elijah before he could resume his attack on her.


Mikael had the typical weaknesses of an Original Vampire though he was able to tolerate the effects of Werewolf venom and even overcome Papa Tunde's blade. To compare, Elijah was rendered unconscious after two bites from two werewolves, while Mikael sustained more injuries from a horde and managed to kill them all. His ability to overcome Papa Tunde's blade came from his training, as he learned to master his pain.


Freya Mikaelson

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"He is still my father."
—Freya to Finn about Mikael

Mikael and Freya reunite after 1000 years

Unlike the relationships Mikael had with his other children, this one was the most profound as was the apparent loss of Freya that shaped Mikael into a cold and vicious man. The loss of his first-born child negatively impacted the relationship with each of his future children and shaped him up to become "the Destroyer". After the loss of Freya - according to Esther - Mikael distance himself from Esther, hurting from the loss and grief. Which caused Esther to seek comfort in the hands of Ansel - and resulted in the birth of Klaus. This shows how much Freya's "death" impacted Mikael. As a man with so much commitment to his family, Mikael turned into an abusive father - hiding his grief behind anger. He also was never shown talking about Freya. Not even once - not to his wife or children, (although the loss of his first born child was understandable, this did not excuse his behavior for what he did to Klaus and his other children). After reuniting, Mikael was made aware of Dahlia's return, and was  helping his daughter with her plan to kill Dahlia in a combined effort, even working together with Klaus. Before being executed by Klaus, without a fight in a sneak attack, Mikael's last words were how he was sorry and loved Freya.

Niklaus Mikaelson

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"No, I wasn't born like this. Her you fight for; lovely Freya, the daughter you barely know. But there was a time when you knew me as your son! A time before all the disappointments, the revelations of betrayal, there were moments where all you had to do was be my father! And even then you despised me didn't you? I want to know why."
—Klaus to Mikael.
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Mikael was the step-father of Klaus. Mikael and Klaus have a complicated and antagonistic relationship. However, it was Mikael who chose a name for him. Mikael did not always hate Klaus as he confessed when Klaus was born he was very happy, but when he proved to be different than the rest of his children, he changed his attitude toward his step-son. Mikael physically assaulted Klaus in his childhood, for which Klaus despises him. However, despite how abusive Mikael was, in his mind, he genuinely was trying to make Klaus stronger in order to be able to survive and even though he was angry at Klaus for taking Henrik with him to watch the werewolves turn, which led to Henrik dying, he cared for Klaus enough to include him among the rest of his children to be turned into immortals. After all the children of Mikael and Esther turned into immortals, it was revealed that Klaus is not the son of Mikael and when Mikael found out about this, he felt relief but even after learning Klaus was not his son, he still did not want to kill him and only had Esther suppress his wolf side. However, when Klaus killed Esther, Klaus turned his family against their father by framing Mikael for the murder of their mother, and the siblings ran away from Mikael, Mikael hunted down Klaus for centuries, trying to destroy him until finally he was killed. Mikael is the only one who still has emotional control over Klaus, and not looking at the fact that they hate each other, they still look at each other as father and son, even after Klaus met Ansel, his biological father. He still considers Mikael as his only true father, despite not being biologically related, because only a father could inflict as much pain as Mikael did to Klaus, as well as the fact Mikael raised Klaus. Mikael and Klaus first worked together against Dahlia to save their daughters. They almost overcame Dahlia together, but she was too strong and destroyed their weapon to kill her. The alliance between Klaus and Mikael did not last partly because of Klaus' jealousy of Mikael's relationship with Freya, and mainly because Klaus could not forgive Mikael for what he did to him as a child. Before killing him, Klaus asked why Mikael was so cruel to him, and Mikael said that he did not know, that he just did, and this seemed to have saddened Klaus. Once Klaus staked Mikael, Mikael appeared to extend his hand toward Klaus' face as a sign of affection before his corpse burned to ash, giving Klaus a shocked expression as his step-father did not always hate him completely and he appeared sad for a moment. Klaus also killed Mikael as a way to acquire more Viking ash to make more weapons against Dahlia.

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  • Mikael (In Ancient Norse: ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚ) is a Scandinavian form of "Michael ", from the Hebrew מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning "Who is like God". Saint Michael is one of the seven Archangels, and the only one mentioned in the Bible. He is the leader of heaven's armies, and for this is the patron saint of soldiers.



  • Mikael is the fourth Original vampire to appear in the series.
  • Mikael is the first of many parents to be turned into vampires, followed by Pearl, Katerina (Katherine), Isobel and Abby, Jenna, Bill Forbes, and formerly Alaric.
  • Mikael was the one that caused the 1000+ blood feud between vampires and werewolves after he not only killed Klaus' father Ansel, and his entire family, but destroyed half of a village filled with the creatures too.
  • Mikael was the first to show that an Original Vampire could compel a hybrid due to them still being part vampire.
  • Mikael was the only Original vampire that wasn't neutralized by the Brotherhood of the Five as he was not in Italy at the time of the ambush.
  • Mikael is the first vampire shown to drink other vampires' blood in the series, and does not feed on living things, but from the predators themselves. In the novels Katherine and Klaus also drained vampires of their blood.
    • Elijah claims that Mikael despises the vampires as a species, despite having a hand in creating them, therefore he kills them and feeds on them for food.
    • Though usually choosing not to, Mikael will feed on humans if he needs to or if he wants to use them as bait.
  • Mikael has killed more werewolves than anyone else in the entire show. Like Klaus, all of his kills were shown off screen. He fiercely hates them. He considers their bloodlines as filth.
  • Mikael is the first Original Vampire to be destroyed by a White Oak Stake twice (by Klaus).
  • Of all the Original vampires, Mikael can be considered the most threatening and proud.
  • As Esther is called the Original Witch, and Klaus the Original Hybrid, Mikael can be considered the Original Vampire Hunter.
    • Mikael's title has three meanings to it. It refers to him as a Hunter of Original Vampires, as well as being the first vampire hunter to exist, as well as identifying he is an Original Vampire, who hunts other vampires.
    • He is also known as The Destroyer as he has burnt many cities to the ground hunting his children, including half of Europe over 1,000 years according to Elijah. He is known as The Hunter of Vampires, or the vampire that hunts vampires.
  • Mikael sees werewolves and hybrids as abominations. Like when he sees Klaus transform, he calls him a beast and an abomination.
  • According to Klaus, New Orleans have been burned down twice, the second time by Mikael himself.
  • In Le Grand Guignol, it is revealed he favors Rebekah over the rest of his children. It is also shown that he is proud to call Elijah his son, which is the complete opposite of how he views Klaus.
    • His previous favorite child was also a daughter.
  • In Le Grand Guignol, it is revealed that Mikael promised to Marcel that he will permit him be with Rebekah and will make him a leader of the city (in thanks for calling him to New Orleans).
  • It was revealed in Farewell to Storyville, that Mikael was physically abusive to Klaus, and to his other children if they tried to help him.
  • In Le Grand Guignol, Marcel describes Mikael as "The worst of them all," in regards to the threats he has faced and survived. Similarly Klaus states that, "Mikael was the monster that monsters were afraid of."
  • He is resurrected by Davina in From a Cradle to a Grave. Davina uses the birth of Hope Mikaelson, a Nexus Vorti, an event so infrequent that it is practically a miracle, to resurrect Mikael.
    • He is technically the first Original vampire in history to be fully resurrected in both body and spirit, his body having been burnt to ashes with the White Oak Stake, is restored with his spirit, with Klaus' body not burning fully in Season 3, as well as his spirit not being in his body, was able to return his spirit to his body without harm. Alaric is the second Original to be fully resurrected in both body and spirit.
  • Mikael's characterization in the flashbacks of his children is somewhat different from the characterization he has when people are dealing with him directly. This may be because all of his appearance in flashbacks have been narrated by his children, who have a strong bias against him. Mikael was hard and strict on his children, especially Klaus, try to justifying his abusive behavior of Klaus as necessary to make him stronger to survive before it became a habit he seemed to enjoy. Upon learning Klaus was not his true son, and after Esther's murder, Mikael lost whatever feeling he may have had to his once son, desiring vengeance for 1,000 years, something he has not shown to other characters except his children, enforcing their bias.
  • According to Sebastian Roché, the emotion and focus that he has to summon to play Mikael is actually somewhat exhausting, though in a good way.
  • According to Michael Narducci, Mikael is stronger than his children because of his human strength and vampire blood is merely a preference of his.[10][11]
    • This seems to be supported by the fight between Elijah and Mikael, as Mikael easily overpowered Elijah, who has been shown to be on par with Klaus, and he had to use all of his strength to simply hold Mikael's arm back when he held the White Oak Stake threateningly towards him.
    • If true, then Mikael would indeed be one of, if not the most powerful supernatural creatures in the series, with feats exceeding Alaric; it is shown that Klaus was not using his full powers.
    • Unlike Augustine Vampires, drinking vampire blood does not increase his strength.
  • In Red Door, Mikael stated that he didn't always hate Klaus. He once thought that Klaus would grow up to be a warrior.
  • In Red Door, Klaus stated that it was the first time he had seen Mikael run from anything.
  • According to Esther in Wheel Inside the Wheel, Mikael was once a kind and loving man with their two children Freya and Finn, but that all changed when Esther told him Freya had died of the plague. Unknown to him though, his sister-in-law took his daughter as a price for a deal she made with Esther, taking away every firstborn of each generation of Esther's bloodline.
  • Despite sharing similar views on vampires, Finn views Mikael as a monster.
  • In The Originals: The Rise, it is revealed that the hunters Felix and Eric are apprentices of Mikael.
  • Mikael is the first of only two people who were able to wound Dahlia, out of all his children and himself, when they first fought Dahlia, despite being desiccated, in Night Has A Thousand Eyes. Klaus was later able to wound and kill her in Ashes to Ashes.
  • Mikael met his wife Esther when Vikings attacked her home and kidnapped her and her sister.
  • Mikael was the reason Klaus was in hiding when Elijah and Klaus were introduced in TVD, as he vanished from the world due to being imprisoned by Abby Bennett, causing Klaus to become so paranoid he decided to withdraw from society completely as explained in TO season three.
  • It was implied in For the Next Millennium that Mikael never had a bloodline, or at least none that Lucien knew of. If Mikael ever had sired vampires, he never sired enough for other vampires to notice upon his first death, but given how Mikael hated the rest of the vampire species as a whole, even feeding on vampires instead of humans, it is unlikely that Mikael ever sired any vampires.
  • With the Other Side's collapse and destruction of Hell, he either found peace or went to a dimension similar to Hell, if one exists.


To Stefan: "Get Klaus back to Mystic Falls, and I will gladly drive a stake through his heart, fail, I'll drive it through yours!"
To Stefan and Damon: "You see, Damon, I've been a vampire hunter longer than you've been alive. It's why I found you here. It's why I'm going to find Niklaus. Careful Stefan, one move and his hearts gone. Now where is Klaus? Come on, what's the trick question Stefan? One twist and he's dead, unless you don't care of course. Really? His link to Klaus is so strong he would let his own brother die? Hmm no ideas? Think Stefan. I guess you're right. He's a dead end, and so are you Damon. And there is our loophole, just had to rile him up a bit."
To Klaus (flashback): "So, why don't you teach me that trick young warrior. We fight for our survival, and you find time for fun!? I want to have fun, teach me, come on! You are foolish and impulsive my boy! What? No more laughter!? Some days, it's a miracle your still alive, boy."
-- Ordinary People

To Damon: "I had a hand in creating vampires but bloodlust was never my intention. Over the centuries I learned to feed from the predator, not the innocent."
To Klaus: " The big bad wolf. You haven't changed, still hiding behind your playthings like a coward."
To Klaus: " Nobody cares about you anymore boy! Who do you have, other than those whose loyalty you forced? No one...No one."
To Klaus: " Your impulse, Niklaus. It has and will forever be the one thing, that keeps you from truly being great. "
-- Homecoming.

"The final act of the Grand Guignol is upon us! Where are my players? Enough running children! Step out of the shadows so we may finish this tale of sorrows!"
To Marcel: "Let me tell you what I learned about you this afternoon, Marcel Gerard. You chafe under the control of my son, Niklaus, and would do just about anything to get rid of him, even call the one man on this earth who hates him more than you do. But I couldn't understand what you hoped to gain. Rule of this city? As I said New Orleans has it's charms, but to call me? The one they call the Destroyer, the one who has burnt cities far more charming to the ground in pursuit of his children? But now I see, you did it for love, for the love of my daughter. So I'm going to make you a promise, I won't hurt Rebekah, truth be told she was always my favorite. And this city, you can have it, but first you must tell me where to find my sons."
To Elijah (flashback): " I'll forgive you your sentimental affections for the thing you call brother, but you need to realize as I did when I learned his mother had lain with a beast to beget him. Niklaus is an abomination. You do not talk to abominations, you do not reason with them, or try to change them. You erase them! So yes I am asking you to help me kill your brother."
To Klaus (flashback): "I would advise against trying to flee boy. I could drive this through your heart before you can even think of getting to your feet. And I don't want you to die...yet. Father? Still clinging to that word after all these years? A bastard desperate for a daddy? I wonder if your real father would have been as embarrassed as I was of you before I learned you were not mine? Most likely. Ah ah. Easy now boy, don't worry death will come but first we need to have a little chat before you shuffle off your immortal coil. Oh contraire Niklaus, some things remain unsaid. For instance you were right to be proud of all that you have achieved here. As I walked the streets your name was spoken in revered tones by the cities finest."
To Klaus: "After I kill you I will remain in New Orleans until every last person who remembers you is dead. The deeds of the mighty Klaus will be remembered by no one! And you boy, will simply never have existed."
--Le Grand Guignol

To Davina: " Your friend Timothy has moved on Davina. I am truly sorry for what my son did to him."
-- A Closer Walk With Thee

To Davina: "I am the only man in history who's been able to drive him off, to bring him fear and pain. If your friend needs Klaus' blood to survive, I've been known to spill a fair share of it. I do have personal reasons for wanting Niklaus to suffer but yes, I'd like nothing more than to help you. A small price to pay to cure your friend, and live a life free of a monster. Think Davina, there still exists a weapon that can kill Klaus. Bring back the one being who has the strength to use it."
--The Battle of New Orleans

To Davina: "Ha Ha. Ah yes. My wife Esther always did love to dress things up a bit. It's fancy witch speak. Nexus Vorti, a rare occurrence, something so infrequent it's almost a miracle. Like an astrological event or...(miracle baby). Voila."
--From a Cradle to a Grave


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