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The story of MG. He was the son of a preacher and a shady government operative. He kept what was good from each and let go of the bad. He had his own demons, but even when they chased him into the dark, he never stayed there. Instead, he danced like a sparkler and smiled like the sun. He wrote a new story every day, and reminded me to always find the light.

Milton Greasley (a.k.a. "MG") is a vampire and a main character on Legacies. He is the son of Terrance and Veronica Greasley and a student at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.

MG is member of the Greasley Family.

Early History[]

Before Milton Greasley became a vampire, he and his dad played trivia games. However, after his death Alaric made an arrangement with Veronica to keep MG's transition a secret from his father and that he would be protected at his boarding school.

Throughout Legacies Series[]


In This is the Part Where You Run, he first comes into Alaric's office since he is a student aide. He is then asked to compel Landon to forgot what he learned and about the school, but the compulsion doesn't work, which perplexes MG. He then talks to Josie about Penelope and the new guy, Rafael, at the game the students are watching. Later, he is talking with some vampires at the party at the old mill, referencing the comic book character, Blade. After the party, he is looking for some snacks in the fridge as he has the munchies, but is then confronted by Penelope. She urges him to drink from her, even though it isn't allowed. They begin to make out and his fangs come out, about ready to bite her, but they are interrupted by Josie, who catches them on the act. The next day, he comes into Alaric's office again to compel Landon and it is thought to have worked this time, but it didn't.


In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, he approaches the twins in anticipation of the game today. But, Lizzie tells him to leave since she saw him kissing Penelope, and he leaves, knowing he was wrong about what happened. He then joins the other players on the field for the game and he has to make it look like they're not spoiled rich kids or have supernatural abilities. He walks over to the sidelines to grab a bottle of water, but is stopped by Penelope. He's upset about what happened the night before and makes a bargain with her so she can help him get Lizzie. He is then passed the ball by Lizzie and catches the ball, giving the team a point. When Lizzie asks him what he's doing, Dana interrupts and says he's saving them, and compliments him on his hands, which makes him smile bashfully. When Lizzie decides to use their abilities to a certain extent, MG puts his hand down on top of hers. They get into their positions and MG compels Kyle to trip. He gets the ball and makes a touchdown, giving them another point. At the sidelines, the team assembles to see the plan and he notices Josie scowling. When Josie explains to them about losing and not wanting to disappoint Alaric, he agrees with her about losing. He then lies about catching the pass earlier and not using his powers. Then they go for a play and he dodges Kyle and Connor with Kaleb. Later, he walks out of the shower and while heading down the hallway, Penelope talks to him, scaring him a little. When she tries to tell him about a strategy to get Lizzie, MG isn't amused since he had Dana look his way and not Lizzie. She tells him the strategy is a long con and that it'll help him get to Lizzie. He asks her why she cares if it cracks Lizzie and she whispers into his ear, saying "Some people just want to watch the world burn", walking past him, and leaving MG not exactly sure if he should trust her.


In We're Being Punked, Pedro, MG joins the other students in Mystic Falls to do community service as punishment for using their abilities. He follows Lizzie to help her with cleaning the graffiti around the town. While he is trying to scrub the graffiti off a window, he tells Lizzie and Kaleb he's doing the best he can without vamping in front of the public. While Kaleb tries to make his case about being better than humans, MG and Lizzie share a look. Dana says hey to MG and takes an opportunity to make Lizzie jealous while he's flirting with Dana. Near a tree in the town square, he and Dana continue to make out and he compels her the truth if she actually likes him. He tells her that his mom didn't raise him to take advantage of a girl and compels her to forget they made out, but remember he has great football skills. He gets back on the bus and notices Dana in the back with someone else. At first he thinks she's making out with this person, until Kaleb turns around to reveal himself and that they're not making out, but he's feeding on her instead. When Kaleb offers Dana to him, he at first is tempted, but he stands his ground and says he's good, not wanting to break the rules as well. When Kaleb asks if the secret is theirs, MG reluctantly nods in agreement and fist bumps him, biting his lip as Kaleb walks out. While Alaric makes his speech to the students, MG brings a plate of brownies to Lizzie as she recovers from her ordeal with the gargoyle.


In Hope is Not the Goal, he dreams that he has been confronted by both Gorilla Grodd and Ghostface, and after waking up, he goes down to the kitchen to get a bag of blood. He then gets startled by Kaleb and he tells him uneasily they are good to the previous encounter on the bus. Sometime during the day, he and the other students gather in the grand hall to listen to both Alaric and Matt address them about two missing girls. He looks at MG suspiciously and offers to go to help find Dana and Sasha and to keep an eye on Kaleb. After getting off the bus and figuring out their plan, Lizzie takes MG with her so she could use his compulsion skills. In the gymnasium, MG holds down a friend of Dana's named Jill while she does crunches. He asks her some questions and it is shown that Jill is unaffected by the compulsion. After the students leave, Lizzie asks him why he's having issues and he tells her he's distracting him. He pulls out the school phone and sees that Alaric is calling, and he answers it. When Alaric tells them three horrible things, MG looks unsettled and laughs awkwardly when Alaric asks if any of the vampires have been feeding, and hangs up. After hanging up, Lizzie tells him he's a terrible liar and to spill the truth after noticing his response. He then shows up with Lizzie after Hope confronts Kaleb about feeding on a girl. He is with the group while Dana explains what happened and he carries her unconscious body to the bus to sit her down. He then notices a substance on his hand and wipes it on the bumper of the bus. He agrees with Landon about telling Dana the truth and as she vomits her organs literally out, MG looks disgusted. After she is reduced to nothing but a body piece, everyone looks suspicious at Landon and while MG gives him a sympathetic look, he shows that he agrees with the accusations the group is throwing at Landon. The group then cleans up the goo and the evidence of Dana, and MG starts wiping off his shoe. He notices something on a piece of the comic page he has and says "spider" after the group wonders what could have actually done this to Dana. He says it's an arachne and explains what it can do to people. When Landon shows up again and shows them the piece of flesh he punched off the arachne wearing Connor's skin, MG and the rest are horrified to see it. As they are running in the woods towards the school, MG gets a call from Alaric and passes it to Lizzie as he doesn't want to talk. After Lizzie gets done talking to her father and telling him he's going to have trusted her for once, MG looks impressed by what she said. After Hope, Lizzie and Josie destroy the arachne, MG, Rafael and Landon are giving them silent looks and they head back towards the school. Later at night, MG compels Sasha that a mountain lion attacked the party they were at and that Dana didn't survive. MG is then instructed by Hope to tell Sasha that she needs to grieve and remember the good times she had with Dana. In the kitchen, he and Kaleb are shouting about the events that unfolded. He tells Kaleb he crumbled when Lizzie caught him trying to lie and stands his ground against Kaleb for disrespecting Lizzie, and that they cannot become monsters themselves. He gets riled and loses his patience with Kaleb, and tells him that there are blood bags in the fridge. Kaleb tells him it's not human blood and is conflicted about what Kaleb told him about asking himself why they don't see many rabbits around the area.


In Malivore, Alaric has a meeting for the students and that an honor council will be formed to decide decisions for each of the respective species and the students as a whole. MG looks at some of his fellow vampires, but they look away, angry that he outed Kaleb. He goes to Alaric before he leaves and asks if he can show some leniency to Kaleb so the vampires won't be mad at him, but Alaric remains firm with Kaleb's punishment. MG goes down to the cell Kaleb is in and offers him a blood bag and tries to apologize to him about what happened. He tells him that if he gets elected to the honor council, he could change some things for the vampires and get him off the cell. He smiles excitedly when Kaleb tells him to send the vampires his way and tells him he won't regret it. MG goes around the school with flyers in his hand about freeing Kaleb and trying to win the vampires back over. When the voting is over, MG gets ready to hear his name and when he hears Kaleb's instead, he looks disappointed. He goes down to the cell to let Kaleb out and tells him that he only wanted to get elected to fix things between them.


In Mombie Dearest, he talks to Penelope and is worrying that he won't have his shot with Lizzie when Rafael is at the twins' birthday party. He also agrees that if what happens at the party fails, he'll let Lizzie go this time. After Penelope's plan works, MG gets the chance to dance with Lizzie and offers himself as a backup when Rafael doesn't show due to Penelope's boundary spell. After giving her a rose and being happy, Rafael shows up, both saddening and angering MG. At the old mill, MG is sitting and when Penelope comes up to him to ask if he's seen Josie, he tells her he hasn't. He starts getting angry about Rafael and that he wants to get rid of him for ruining his chance with Lizzie. When Hope comes to them, they set off to look for Josie who is buried in a coffin somewhere in the cemetery. He uses his hearing to find her and they eventually do, saving Josie in the process. He later stands guard when Josie gets out of the shower, feeling like a superhero for saving her life and is thanked by her.


In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, he does bench press to get strength and is mocked by Kaleb for drinking rabbit blood. Hope comes to him as she needs a vampire to send her into the Necromancer's subconscious to find some answers. He is at first freaked out by the man when he comes down to the cell with Hope and tells him to leave his great-nana Imogene out of the mess. He transports both Hope and the Necromancer to the subconscious and sends her back when she is initially kicked out. While she starts whimpering and crying, MG tells the Necromancer to knock it off and let her go, but to no avail. He then goes to Kaleb asking for help on becoming stronger and is led to the cemetery where Remembrance Day is happening. Kaleb grabs a young man and starts feeding on him, then him to MG, who proceeds to feed as well. However, he keeps going and they are stopped by Dorian in time. He then in his room while Kaleb watches as he was concerned for his friend since it was revealed that due to MG's personality, he is a ripper.

In What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?, he is asleep in his room when he is disturbed by the Night Hag. Throughout the school day, he talks about Dracula in class and while discussing, he is surprised when Landon wakes up. Afterward, he compares the monster as being like Freddy Krueger and he also decides he wants to stay as he's part of the squad. As the group goes to sleep to capture the creature, MG is making out with a girl in his dream and begins feeding on her, killing her in the process. He then looks around and sees multiple bodies and the Hag tells him that it's who he is, and MG says "so be it", lunging at the creature, causing it to disappear. After waking up, he asks if they are alive and watches as Hope kills the Oneiros. He celebrates with Landon and Kaleb in a room and listens as Kaleb raps.

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, he and the other vampires are discussing what to do in the talent show, but while he is giving off ideas, the others are shaking their heads "no". He then performs with the other vampires and is infected by one of the slugs. After Emma performs the electrocution spell, MG is cured and he, along with the vampires, perform a sit-in protest in the talent show re-do.

In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, Kaleb tells Landon and Rafael that MG always gets weird when it's break time since he's one of the few vampire students who can't go back to their family asking them to look out for him before he goes away to find the urn with Emma, Dorian, Alaric, and his daughters along with Hope as shown in the previous episode in flashbacks prior of the events during their spring break. The boys find out more about MG's human life and advised him to get closure leading him to find out certain lies. MG is a prominent role in letting the others finding out Landon is a Phoenix.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, Penelope bribed MG into giving her the role as Josie's escort for the Pageant, which he does. He meets Nia, who he takes a likening to after finding out that she's a fellow comic book fan, striking a conversation about Green Lantern and taking a tour. When MG is confronted by his mother, Nia leaves them and when the two are finished talking, but she overhears his mother wanting to send him to another boarding school overseas which she personally shows her dislike for by later petrifying her when she catches her alone. MG says no to his mother and once she's unpetrified he still stands by earlier choice.

In There's Always a Loophole, is shocked to find out that his mother, Veronica Greasley is a high ranking official within Triad Industries. When the school comes under attack from Triad, he plays an important role in creating a battle plan to fight them off and take back the school. He is eventually successful, but disowns his mother — and his family — for the role she plays within the company.

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, MG goes on summer vacation with Kaleb and his family to their family home. He takes part in cooking competitions but is still suffering from Lizzie's rejection. He meets a mysterious woman, and quickly begins liking her, explaining to Kaleb that he feels as though she is "the one". When he points out the woman to Kaleb, Kaleb warns him to stay away from her as it is his sister, Kym, but promises to help him get in Lizzie's good graces.

In This Year Will Be Different, Kaleb overhears Lizzie announce that it is her year to embrace opportunities and sees this as MG's chance to ask Lizzie out on a date. He does so, and she reluctantly says yes for a study date at the Old Mill. MG is caught up with Alaric and arrives late for the date, which angers Lizzie.

Not long after, MG practices with Kaleb what he is going to say when he reveals his feelings to Lizzie. After multiple practices, he finally feels ready, but when he goes to tell Lizzie she shuts him down, revealing that she has met someone she feels she will get along with. This breaks MG's heart, but he tells Lizzie that he is there for her as a friend.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, MG invites a reluctant Lizzie to the annual charity football game. He tells her that he will help her find out what species Sebastian is if she attends the game; she is at first reluctant but eventually agrees.

At the game, he approaches her and uses his enhance-speed to look read the books she is reading, but cannot give her a definite answer on what species he could be. He later pleads with Lizzie to return to the field when Ethan takes up post as Timberwolf-quarterback. She initially refuses but agrees when she notices Sebastian is watching.

MG notices Lizzie leave the game to follow Sebastian, and follows her. He watches as she kisses Sebastian in the basement of the Salvatore School, however, he is unable to perceive Sebastian, and to him it looks as though she is kissing the air.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, MG asks Wade to borrow some recording equipment from the school in an attempt to show Lizzie that Sebastian is a figment of her imagination. Wade hands him a video recorder and tells him that all of the other equipment is booked. MG turns on the recorder to find that the tape already has a recording, which Wade tells him to overwrite. Unbeknownst to him, the tape is actually a message from Malachai Parker, sent to Bonnie Bennett in I'm Thinking Of You All The While.

Nevertheless, MG overwrites the tape when he watches from afar as Lizzie has a picnic with Sebastian by the lake, although to him, it seems as though Lizzie is talking to herself. He shows Lizzie the tape, which breaks her heart but leads her to telling MG that the two are no longer friends and he doesn't exist to her.

Upset by the events, MG hands Wade back the recorder, citing creative differences. However when he is about to leave the lounge, he is approached by Sebastian — who is revealed to be real — who asks what he told Lizzie as he can no longer reach her. Wade asks MG who he is talking to, further revealing that the only person able to see Sebastian is the person he is talking to.

In Screw Endgame, MG struggles being the only one able to see Sebastian. He is eventually able to bring Kaleb around to believing in Sebastian's existence, and Kaleb has him question what he wants. Sebastian reveals that he wants the two for them to find his body and awaken him.

The two eventually find his body, but are unsure of whether to resurrect him or not. MG begins to lean on the side of awakening him when Sebastian promises to leave town and therefore, open up Lizzie to a relationship with MG. Nevertheless, they consult Alaric, who, much to MG's dismay, suggests that they leave Sebastian desiccated wherever he may be as they do not know his history.

At the end of the day, MG uses an enchanted mirror to speak with Kym. She notices a man standing in the background and points him out to MG, who turns and notices it is Sebastian in the flesh.

In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, MG is a part of the plan to capture Sebastian after he escapes. He, Kaleb and Kym are successfully able to capture and chain Sebastian up, where they later question him on the croatoan terrorizing the town. Sebastian is at first reluctant to help, but divulges key information to MG who relays it to Lizzie. MG does, however in this time, get into an argument with Sebastian after Sebastian calls him out over a remark he makes about Cassandra, Sebastian's ex-lover.

When MG and Sebastian — as well as all of the world — get their memories of Hope (and their histories) back, Sebastian tells MG all about his past, including how to kill the croatoan. Sebastian hands MG his necklace, allowing him to use his vampiric speed to deliver it to Hope.

At the end of the episode, Lizzie and Josie talk about Landon, when MG and Sebastian enter the room. Lizzie at first believes herself to be relapsing when she sees Sebastian, however, Josie reveals that she too can see him. This leads to MG revealing that Sebastian is actually real and the two have a lot to talk about.


MG is restrained by Sebastian

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, MG and Lizzie hang out and read comics together. Lizzie expresses her concerns about her current sexual activities with Sebastian over fears of obsession — she tells MG that the two cannot stop having sex. Lizzie jokes that she is trying to avoid Sebastian until he gets kicked out of the school.

Later, MG expresses his distaste towards Sebastian with Alyssa Chang. Alyssa convinces him that they can ensure Sebastian fails the assessments and is thrown out of the school. With this, she cuts her hand purposefully, however, MG is the only one affected by the blood and is restrained by Sebastian in return.

In What Cupid Problem?, MG expresses his romantic feeling for Kym to Kaleb, who is shocked and against the idea. Kaleb pretends to be supportive of the situation, however, and he gives MG advice on how to impress Kym. Eventually, it is revealed that Kaleb lied, telling MG things that Kym is either allergic to or completely against.

Instead, MG uses the perfect date he had planned for Kym with Alyssa, in an attempt to seduce the location of the ascendant from her. His date does not go as planned, however, and MG asks Alyssa to reveal the ascendant's location. She eventually shows him the ascendant, but breaks it before his eyes.

In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, MG is a part of Emma's simulation and plays a detective working under Rupert Vardemus. In the simulation, MG is looking for Vardemus, and attends Landon's, the bar owned by Hope. Hope initially dismisses him, but MG warns her that he knows her liquor license has expired — a finable offense. MG goes behind the stage to speak with Emma, but finds she has been murdered, with Vardemus looking at her body, all signs point to him being the murderer.

MG takes Vardemus in for questioning, however Vardemus is adamant that his name is Sherlock Holmes, despite MG's reluctance to accept his employer's absurd comments. MG accuses Vardemus of the murder, citing that his fingerprints were found on the victim, however Vardemus remarks that he was wearing gloves, therefore this is impossible.

When MG arrives at Landon's to speak with Hope, he finds that someone had ordered champagne for Lizzie, therefore she — not Emma — was the target of the murder. MG tries to tell Lizzie about the situation but she faints, and MG promises her that Vardemus will get to the bottom of the murder.

Later, after accusing Josie of the murder, MG goes to talk with Lizzie again. After a while, Lizzie becomes self-aware, followed by MG. The two of them are surprised that they have not woken, however after being attacked, MG wakes and it becomes clear that Lizzie and Josie are still stuck within the simulation.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, when Josie arranges the Merge prematurely, Lizzie flees the Salvatore School in fear of losing to Josie. MG follows Lizzie and tells her that he will run away with her, but believes that, deep down, she can win the Merge if she tries. Lizzie realizes that MG was never going to run away with her, but the whole ordeal was a ploy to convince her to come back to the school.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, MG is tasked with planning Lizzie's "fake funeral", however is worried that Lizzie being involved with the planning will more than likely give away the fact that she is still alive. MG prepares a eulogy for Lizzie, and is upset when Lizzie demands that she herself will give the eulogy.

After Lizzie's eulogy goes badly, she prepares to reveal herself to the school, however is surprised to find MG delivering his eulogy for her. Lizzie is moved by the eulogy in which MG explains that Lizzie tried to change numerous times, but the school would not allow her. Lizzie is moved by the eulogy and — given MG is a vampire and will never be at his funeral — writes and performs a eulogy for MG down by the river.

In You Have to Pick One This Time, MG and the others hold an emergency session about how they're going to deal with Malivore. Hope bursts into their meeting, surprised about the barrier spell over Malivore's cage as well as not being informed of the meeting. The meeting is based on MG's plan, which involves getting Cleo. MG hopes that she'll be able to inspire a way for them to save her, and Landon, too. He plans to use his and Kaleb's vampiric abilities to infiltrate Malivore's mind. Hope likes the plan and questions why she wasn't told soon, though the consensus is that they know how Hope has previously prioritized Landon above others. They decide to leave it to a vote.

With the plana in action, Kaleb and Alaric dive into Malivore's conscious mind. While distracted, MG and Hope dive into Malivore's subconscious mind. Inside the darkness, they're not attacked by any monsters, meaning his plan worked. Despite winning the vote to come, Hope remains upset and the only reason she's here is so he can keep an eye on her. He's not wrong though and reminds her how she has a habit of prioritizing Landon at all costs. She apologizes, again, for her past actions and asks how she can make it up. They need to find Cleo and all she needs to do is stick to the plan. He leads the way and they continue to search for Cleo, until their path is illuminated by a bright light.

Entering the light, they cross the threshold into a hut and find Cleo and two of her sisters. They're shocked to see them, but Cleo quickly reminds her sisters that she invited her friends for dinner, too. Hope plays nice with Cleo but quickly goes against MG's plan, asking about Landon, despite his warnings. Hope lashes out and they argue until the illusion breaks. The three of them are returned to the darkness.

Both he and Cleo are upset and the latter attempts to walk off. He reminds Hope that this isn't in the paybook, but Hope refuses to sit by and continue to play make-believe anymore. The illusion never lasts and she reminds Cleo that friends do; that they're real and have come to save her. Cleo didn't believe anyone would come for her, but they have. They need her to use her muse powers to lead the way to bring her, and Landon, home. Their attempt, however, is cut short with the arrival of Malivore, as his consciousness has been alerted to the disruption. He quickly sends MG and Hope into another fabricated reality.

MG is in the woods. It's the night of when he killed Landon and activated his phoenix powers and he was dying of a werewolf bite. Everything feels real, but Hope reminds him they're still in the head dive and can use that to their advantage. If it feels real, then Hope feeding him her blood will also feel real. Before she can feed him, though, Malivore appears and attempts to offer her a deal. A direct path to Landon in exchange for leaving him with Malivore. Hope eventually feeds him her blood and the two are engulfed in a bright white light. They've been expelled from his consciousness by Lizzie and Josie. Back in the gym, MG explains they found Cleo, but didn't get the desired answers.

Later that night, he goes to see Hope in her room. She's decided to reminisce about simpler times and asks him to join her. Despite the failure, he still believes that she did all the saving today. She's quick to remind him they're still down two members and was defeated by Malivore. MG disagrees. They've won an important battle, Malivore wants to drive a wedge between them, but he's only brought them all closer together, particularly him and Hope. As long as they're together, he believes they can beat him.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, Hope brings together him, Kaleb, Wade, Josie and Jed and explains that this was the memory that Cleo shared with her. She explains that if they can find a way to replicate the spell, then they can transfer Malivore out of Landon. Since MG pointed out that Malivore was trying to splinter them, she's adapting and open to collaboration. The team agrees to the plan and Jed questions if Cleo inspired any blueprints for the spell. That, however, is something they'll have to figure out.

MG, however, is distracted with Lizzie and her flirtations with Ethan and follows her to the Town Square for Movie in the Square, but is soon discovered by Kaleb. Kaleb confronts him for spying on Lizzie, but he's adamant that the human and supernatural work don't mix, and when they do, never ends wells for the human. He doesn't want Ethan getting mixed up with that again. Kaleb counters that he's jealous, to which MG admits to being. He wonders if her and Ethan's time is now while his time has come and gone.

Later that night, as the movie plays, Kaleb pushes MG to talk to Lizzie, though after the movie. Eventually they lose track of Lizzie and find Ethan unconscious. He opts to take Ethan back to the Salvatore School while Kaleb searches for Lizzie.

Ethan is still out cold, but Josie thinks that he'll be okay. Just slightly concussed. She leaves to resolve things with Finch and MG watches over Ethan, but quickly leaves. MG discovers that Ethan left and alerts Alaric. Together they go searching for him and find him held captive by Malivore, who threatens to kill Ethan if he's not released. Alaric is forced to let Malivore go, and the two explain to Kaleb, Hope, and Lizzie what's happened while they were gone.

In We All Knew This Day Was Coming, MG listens on a police scanner, hoping to find something out about Ethan. Lizzie checks in on him, but he's not found anything out yet. Lizzie feels for Hope because her father lied to her, again. MG sticks up for Alaric, believing that he was doing what he thought was right. Sometimes you have to prioritize the greater good. Lizzie thinks that if she hadn't gone on the date with Ethan, then he'd probably be safe. He reassures her that it's not her fault. Ethan wanted to be supernatural before, even trying to get MG to turn him but he wouldn't do it. Either way, MG left him defenseless. However, to Lizzie, it sounds like MG chose the greater good. Over the scanner, the dispatcher mentions a 10-66 at the packing plant. It's a suspicious person.

MG and Lizzie gather Alaric, Kaleb, and Josie and arrive at the packing plant as Hope kills the monster. However, the monster changes and they realize he was one of the missing students; Blake.

They all head back to the school, and Hope storms off into her dorm room with Alaric hot on her trails. He, Josie, Lizzie, and Kaleb listen from afar, the vampires using their enhanced hearing. Hope is adamant on turning, and they inform Lizzie and Josie.

Hope asks Alaric to leave, and he does so. Alaric wants them to reconvene in the library, though only he and Kaleb follow. He wants them to search the books for anything to remove a magical parasite from its host. They need to find a way to pull Malivore out of the people he's infecting. It's now a race to find a solution before Hope goes through with her plan. Kaleb doesn't want to do that. He's more concerned with Cleo's and Ethan's choice. Kaleb informs MG that he has to pick a side and MG believes he has a way to stop Hope.

MG leads Kaleb down a path in the woods away from the school to buy more time. Kaleb is curious to what his plan is and what they're doing. Far enough out, MG explains the trolley situation and how they have to choose the lesser of two evils for the greater good. They have to save the greatest number of people and they have to make a choice. MG has made his and Kaleb has his own. However, before Kaleb can walk away from him, he vamps behind him and breaks his neck and lays him on the ground. He apologizes and hopes that he'll understand when he wakes up.

Alaric and the others celebrate Hope's last day before becoming the tribrid. Wade and others share stories about Hope, such as she casting a spell on a professor to only speak Sumerian or when she was taken control of by the slug. They enjoy her company and laugh at the various stories. MG asks what she'll miss most. Hope recounts that witches lose their abilities to do magic when they complete their transition. Not being able to cast another spell is something she'd miss, particularly with Lizzie and Josie. Eventually, the celebration ends and Hope begins the process.

Later that night, MG stands watch over Hope as Kaleb knocks on the door. MG attempts to apologize but Kaleb understands. He almost went too far today but MG convinced him. Someone is going to get hurt, no matter what. He reassures Kaleb they'll find a way to save Cleo but Kaleb has already found one. Kaleb punches MG in the gut with enough force to knock him into the ceiling and to the floor and knocks him unconscious.

In See You On The Other Side, he, Lizzie, and Alaric learn from Jed about what Malivore is using Ethan and Kaleb for. They're enthralling townies with black goo. They need to save the townies and find a way to bring back Landon and Cleo. Alaric is aware of Malivore's plans to try and split them up and fight on multiple fronts. However, that's exactly his plan; he knows what each of them are capable of doing. Alaric will go to the abandoned train station, alone, and face the townies to rescue Hope. He leaves the other two fronts to MG to lead. Lizzie and MG will see if they can free Ethan and Kaleb, and Josie and Jed will find a way to rescue Cleo and Landon.

MG and Lizzie track Ethan to Mystic Falls High School. Lizzie is to help Dorian evacuate the building while he'll search for Ethan. However, if she's to encounter him first, MG pleads with her not to hurt him. He's been hurt by the supernatural enough. Lizzie enters the school, but Ethan and a group of students interrupt MG. He commands the students to get to the train depot while he'll handle MG. MG doesn't want to fight, but Ethan tells him that he doesn't have a choice. He's confused as to how Ethan remembers the supernatural world, but he explains that he's not really Ethan exactly. It's Malivore. MG wanted to be a superhero so bad, now he has a super villain to fight. Malivore has even given Ethan powers that he can use to fight back. MG is curious about the powers and Ethan turns invisible.

Malivore throws MG through the school door, the latter still not wanting to fight Ethan. MG attempts to get through to Ethan, but Malivore's control is too strong. He's determined to get MG to fight him and breaks a flag pole, weaponizing it as a stake. Ethan disappears again and appears behind him, stabbing him in the side. MG believes of all the powers Malivore could have given Ethan, Malivore picked a real cowardly one. Despite his sentiments, the power is effective. He disappears again, the next time aims for his heart. MG defends himself and pulls off a locker door, using it as a shield, but Malivore is stronger. Malivore attempts to stake him, but Lizzie appears behind him and grabs Ethan's head, siphoning. Ethan falls over on the floor but MG quickly learns that he's no longer breathing.

Lizzie and MG perform chest compression on Ethan. Lizzie is upset that she's killed the one boy in the world that likes her. MG reassures her that he's not going to die and reminds her that he likes her too. She's shocked, but that gives him an idea. He wants her to use her magic to give his heart a shock to resuscitate him. He believes in her and Lizzie siphons him in time and casts the spell. Ethan gasps awake.

Lizzie and MG talk; she's concerned that Ethan will hate them since his compulsion will wear off now that he's supernatural. He doesn't know how Ethan will take things but knows that Lizzie was a hero today. She explains that a guy she seriously likes was in danger, but doesn't elude to who, him or Ethan. Ethan appears before them with beers stashed in his locker room. He's happy, by all accounts. They both saved his life and that makes them even. He bets that Alaric has booze at the Salvatore School and suggests they head back over. He's considering enrolling, now that he's supernatural.

In I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me, In Landon and Rafael's old room, he gets Ethan situated in his new room. He questions about bad luck coming in threes. Ethan is concerned because the last two guys that shared the room are dead, for all intents and purposes. MG mentions that the guy that owned the house before it was a school also died, proving Ethan's point. Though, Landon made the ultimate hero move. MG explains that they'll assign him a permanent room after they talk to Dr. Saltzman. Ethan has noticed his lack of enthusiasm. He thought he would be happier about them being Super Friends, even though he doesn't know what his new powers are. He assures him, they'll figure it out. Finch barges into his room and tells him that Lizzie needs him. MG vamps away, leaving her alone with Ethan.

Lizzie and Josie are at the hospital, the former an emotional wreck. Alaric has spent his life protecting this town and now his life is in the hands of doctors who she feels aren't smart enough to save him. Dorian is out of the country visiting Emma and their mom is in the Congo. She believes that MG's blood can fix their dad. As Lizzie is ranting Josie reminds her to calm down. Everyone can hear her, though Lizzie refuses. Alaric is fighting for his life. They've already lost Landon, Josie fully believes that their dad is going to pull through. There's no reason to think of any other outcome. MG arrives, using his vamp hearing to listen to Alaric's updated status. He's out of surgery and stable. Lizzie wants MG to see him soon, but he's not sure if he'll be able to fix him. Kaleb and Cleo arrive shortly after, asking about Alaric and Hope. Lizzie is furious to see him

Kaleb's off the phone with Finch. He learns that Hope's not at the school, and he's obviously missed something big while away. MG explains that Professor Vardemus has explained that since Alaric is in a coma, their blood can't heal him enough to wake him. The human brain doesn't heal so easily. The doctors have also stopped by and told them that they won't know the extent of the damage until Alaric wakes up; if he wakes up, Lizzie retorts. Cleo has an idea. Like they reached her in Malivore, they want them to use a head dive. They might be able to find and bring him back. Lizzie admits that's a good idea, but doesn't trust Kaleb enough to do it since he sold them out to Malivore. She entrusts the task to MG, who accepts.

Lizzie, Josie, and MG dive into Alaric's mind. They replay his last memory, learning that it was Hope that attack him that left him in a coma. MG watches as they travel through several memories until they're forced out of his mind. Lizzie is mad at MG, but it wasn't his fault. Alaric seizes and his heart monitor races as a group of nurses crowd his room.

Later, Josie informs MG that Alaric has had a hemorrhagic stroke. A fancy way of saying his brain is bleeding. They don't believe they can do anything to fix it. His brain is still showing signs of activity, and he may still be able to hear them, though the prognosis is grim. MG doesn't accept them. Alaric has always taught them to try harder, to be better than humans. The timing is off, but he admits they've been going about this all wrong. There's no point in following Alaric around, they need to get ahead of him and figure out where he'll go next. Lizzie believes it will be about Hope, but MG disagrees. He's been there with them and believes he knows exactly where Dr. Saltzman will go next. Josie proposes that one of them remain behind, just in case something happens. Josie finally accepts there could be another outcome. She doesn't want to be alone either, and MG decides to go with her.

Lizzie and MG head back into Alaric's subconsciousness. This time, they're in Whitmore Medical Center. It's the night she and her sister were born on March 15. Lizzie thinks that MG's screwed up, though Alaric bursts through the doors. This time, he isn't a memory and calls out to her. They rush towards one another and embrace in a hug. MG found him. Given their expressions, Alaric assumes things aren't going so well in the real world. He remembers what happened, but he believes that his life is flashing before his eyes.

Alaric ultimately believes he's let her and Josie down and pleads with her to forgive him as well as for MG, too. MG immediately believes he doesn't have too. He's made plenty of mistakes, but offers his forgiveness freely. Lizzie, however, refuses too. She wants him to come back with them, but he doesn't believe he can. MG remains with Alaric and Lizzie as they're engulfed in darkness, Alaric's mind gone.

MG sits outside of the hospital when Ethan approaches him. Lizzie and Josie are staying with Alaric until visiting hours are over. He's stable, though his mind is gone. He tells MG about his and Finch's idea. MG believes that the school is already better off having him, but he also admits that he's the 'other guy'. Ethan already knows but MG explains there will come a day where he will tell Lizzie just how he feels. That is a bridge they'll cross when it comes, but he hopes they can remain friends until then and afterward.

As Lizzie and Josie leave the hospital, they're greeted by all the other students, holding a candlelight vigil, supporting them and Alaric. Finch embraces Josie in a hug and kiss as Jed plays his guitar. Kaleb and Cleo arrive in time for Wade to light them a candle. Lizzie embraces Ethan in a hug, then MG before she brings them all together.

In You're A Long Way From Home, Hope walks down a deserted street in New Orleans, but comes to a stop. Hope quickly notices Cleo, who claims to only want to talk. She, however, is merely a poor distraction while the others get into position, which doesn't go unnoticed. With their cover blown, he, Josie, Kaleb, Jed, and Ethan step out and they all confront Hope. Hope questions if her warning was too subtle, though they're here to help. Calling Kaleb a traitor, MG tries to rally them, to not let her get into their heads. Cleo tries to reach out to her, but Hope makes the first move. Using her magic, she blasts them outward. Kaleb recovers first, but Hope uses her vampire speed to throw him back into a wooden table, staking him in the process. Taking the stake, she throws it at MG, killing him, too.

Cleo wakes up on the gym floor of the Salvatore Boarding School in a screaming panic. Their simulation in the Therapy Box has failed, again. The bell rings and they depart for class.

They sit in Ms. Featherwood's class as she calls roll. MG, Jed, Kaleb, and Wade sit in the back and continue to discuss their failed simulations. Jed prefers to die by decapitation as opposed to his heart being ripped out. Wade understands. In one of the simulations, Hope stabbed him in the eye, though it's a fake pain that stays with him. Ms. Featherwood scolds them for chit chatting during her class and continues to call roll, though they quickly return to talking, albeit a bit more hushed. MG wants to try another simulation; he just doesn't know why they keep failing. They're obviously missing something, though Kaleb has already figured that out. They're missing a leader because they were so used to relying on Hope, they never had a plan B. Their simulations are just a taste of what Hope will actually do to them if she returns and they're unprepared. Ethan asks if she'd actually kill them, though, startling them all. He's invisible, still having trouble controlling his powers. Kaleb, using Ethan as an example, believes they need to get back to training and enough with the simulations.

He, Kaleb, Ethan, Wade, Jed, and Josie organize a training session to hone their abilities. MG and Josie take point and watch as the other boys get into position. Jed wants to follow MG's instructions, citing that Kaleb should create diversion against the fake Hope. Kaleb however, doesn't want to leave the take down to the B-team and moves in first, disregarding Jed. MG has Josie begin the trial and she casts a spell to create mini bursts of lightning. Wade is struck first and MG tells him he's dead and to walk it off. Jed wants Kaleb to vamp them past the lightning, but Kaleb ignores him, going on his own. Jed is struck next, and MG tells him he's dead too. Kaleb continues to fake Hope, dodges one trap only to be fake-staked with another trap. MG tells him he's dead, but Kaleb doesn't accept MG's ruling. While they argue, Jed encourages Ethan to teleport behind fake Hope. Still having trouble with his powers, Ethan barrels into Kaleb, knocking them both to the ground. Jed sticks up for Ethan, at least he's trying to use them. Jed continues to push Kaleb until his anger gets the best of him and he breathes out a fireball, narrowly missing Jed and Ethan. Kaleb runs off the field and Josie suggests they take five weeks. Cleo barges on the field and tells MG and Josie that they may have a Lizzie problem on their hands.

MG tells Kaleb that he was right. The squad has a problem and they need a leader, but Kaleb can't be that. He can't lead a team who doesn't trust him. What he did was try and save Cleo on his own, however, Josie did just that but with the team behind her. He's trying to fix his mistake, but MG explains he can't take it out on the team. Until then, he's benched. Josie awakens from the sleeping spell and explains to them that it was Lizzie and she's trying to do the spell. Kaleb gives them his key and they set off for the hospital.

At the hospital, Jed and Ethan accompany MG and Josie. They are to stand watch as they'll check the ICU.

In Someplace Far Away From All This Violence, he, Ethan, and Finch sit together in the upstairs lounge. Things remain weird with Hope gone, Alaric in a coma, and Lizzie in the therapy box, though most students don't even notice the latter. Ethan wants to train after class and MG wonders how Josie is dealing with things. Finch believes that she's in full spiral mode since she wasn't there with her in the morning and bailed on breakfast, too. To their surprise, Josie approaches them. Josie's been up all night going through Alaric's old journals, learning that Caroline once turned her humanity off too. She believes within his journals there are clues that can help them get Hope's humanity back on. Specifically with Caroline, her mom had written her a letter before she had died. Caroline never got to read it, but Stefan showed her a memory of what she missed when she burned the letter and the emotion from that was enough to turn her humanity back on. Ethan questions if they need to write Hope a letter and burn it, but that's not the point Josie is making. They need to get to Hope emotionally and remind her of her family, friends, and her home. They need to find the right idea that's powerful enough to break through to her emotions. Finch reminds them that whatever it is, it needs to be good and fast. Each time they confront her in the simulation, they end up dead. They will only have one chance and it has to be the perfect idea. MG knows Josie's next though; they need some inspiration from Cleo.

He, Josie, Finch, and Ethan find Cleo in the garden. The key to bringing back Hope's humanity lies within their past and Cleo tasks them with focusing on their fondest memories they've shared. Ethan and Finch shared worried looks with one another. Regardless, they're each inspired with potential ideas on how to reach Hope's humanity. Josie's idea will need a lot of preparation whereas Cleo's will require some digging, though she's uncertain it will work. Ethan and Finch are rather new to their collective friendship and don't have many memories of Hope and come up short. MG wants them to leave it to those who know Hope best. Before they can continue, a magical alarm sounds, stemming from Alaric's weapon cabinet which Josie spelled after Cleo first tried to kill Hope. MG assembles the squad and vamps off with Josie and Cleo, leaving Ethan and Finch behind.

In Alaric's office, Hope stands in front of his empty weapons cabinet. Josie questions why she's here, but Hope only quips that she's preemptively annoyed with the weapons gone. Cleo believes the action to be prudent, given their history. MG questions why she even needs weapons. Hope explains that it's a long story, but she may need to kill some vampires, werewolves, and witches and the school is a one stop shop. Josie mistakes Hope comment for a threat against them and the school, but she clarifies that she's talking about the Triad. However, if they don't get her the weapons she needs, she begins before being cut off by MG. They'll give her anything that she needs, but in exchange for what they need first. Hope makes it clear that she could kill them all, though they're well aware of that, just like she knows they will do just about anything to get her humanity back. Josie explains that Hope might as well let them give their best shot first, unless she's too scared. Hope entertains the thought. If she allows it, and they fail, they will have to let her go. Otherwise, she wonders if she'll have to find her absentee mother. The last point is merely a joke, sort of. Cleo doesn't want anyone getting hurt, including Hope, and questions if they accept their terms. All she'll have to do is listen. She questions who she'll have to listen to, but MG tells her all of them. Admittedly, she has some time to kill before she has to kill and agrees.

The students begin preparation and set Hope up on a pedestal with a mic and the Truth Sphere, similar to a game show. This is MG's big ploy, Salvatore Idol. Already annoyed, Hope threatens to turn this into Survivor if people begin to sing, alarming some of the surrounding students. MG reassures them that she's joking because they did a covenant spell and can't hurt them physically. There are ten stars representing ten of her friends who are going to perform for her. At the end of each round, she will have to tell them how she feels and the truth orb will keep her honest. She picks up the object, stating this is the dumbest thing she's ever heard of and glows blue, stating that it's working. MG commences with the games and Wade steps up first. Wade's attempt ends with the first star going up in flames.

Half way through their stars, Pedro is the sixth one to present to Hope. After Pedro's finished, he approaches Hope who covers the mic. Despite that her humanity's off, she's not a monster and questions if he really wants her to respond to Pedro. MG decides to let Hope tell him just how she feels. Picking up the truth sphere, she explains that Pedro should never make art again and it glows blue with another star bursting into flames. Wade and Pedro are scrubs and she wonders when he's bringing out the A-team. Up next, Landon appears on stage.

Despite Cleo's attempt and using the illusion ring, they lose another star. Hope, however, is done with the games and wants to skip to the end. Looking over to him, Ethan, Finch off stage, Hope assumes that Ethan is going to use some hokey sports metaphor, finding identity in a team. She passes and a star goes up in flames. She subs Finch in Josie's spot. Josie taught her not to be a lone wolf, which is a cover for her codependency and another star is engulfed in fire. Lastly, for MG, if his game were to be televised, it would be canceled and rate it zero stars with the final star going up in flames. With the game over, Hope demands for her weapons.

MG accompanies Hope to the gym, showing her where the weapons are since Cleo dropped the illusion spell. Hope is already on to him, knowing that he's trying to get in one last heartfelt, emotional plea. MG doesn't think it would work. He realized something about Josie's story from earlier. It was because it was over something she'd never get back. MG attempts to plead with her that this is her home and these are her friends that she's spent years getting to know. There is a void without her. If seeing that doesn't make her feel anything, there's nothing that he can say that will matter. He'll just have to fill the void himself. Hope calls him pathetic, believing he's incapable of doing what needs to be done. What if she doesn't go and decides to go on a killing spree. She hands him a sword and questions what he would do to stop her. He chooses to not fight her. Hope believes that is not what makes a leader. Being a leader means getting your hands dirty and putting a blade through the chest of someone you love. She places the sword to her chest and mocks MG. This sword won't even kill her, yet he won't even try, believing he doesn't have what it takes. He's failed, just like everyone else.

Josie does try to get through to Hope, however, their confrontation leaves Josie trapped within the therapy box. MG lays Josie on her bed while Ethan sets the therapy box at her feet. Ethan asks him if Josie will be okay within the device, though he believes they were rather lucky. Hope could have done an awful lot worse besides trapping her within the box. Until they override the settings, it's probably the safest place for her. Turning to Ethan, he tells him that he almost got himself killed but Ethan had to do something more than just sit on the sidelines. MG explains that having powers doesn't mean always using them and until he can learn that lesson, it's too big of a risk. Ethan doesn't have to be QB1 and is willing to learn, but he needs someone to teach him what that is. Being the leader means making the tough decisions, like benching the star player or making sure they're ready for the big game. Extending his hand, he asks Ethan if he's willing to start training tomorrow.

In You Will Remember Me, MG, Cleo, and Finch watch over Josie, who remains on her bed and trapped within the therapy box. Finch questions MG and Cleo whether or not they can just pull her out. However, MG explains that Professor Vardemus advises against that because it's risky. Josie should finish it out on her own. Finch is more concern with Hope tampering with the therapy box and that she could be enduring torture or repeatedly dying. Lizzie bursts into the room, claiming she's fine. At first, it's probably a bit scary, but if her experience is anything like her own, it will be revelatory. Cleo asks Lizzie about what happened to her during her simulation the previous night. She tells Cleo that she knows of a way to deal with their Hope problem. With Lizzie gone, they took their best shot at reaching Hope and failed and she doesn't want their help. Lizzie quips back that if Salvatore's Got No Talent is their best shot, then they're in major trouble. They’re lucky Hope didn't murder the entire school, though that might change if she returns. Cleo doesn't believe Hope will return to the school, but Lizzie wants to prepare in case she's wrong. They need to be ready for Hope and MG departs to train with Ethan.

Ethan joins MG for practice in the gym. Ethan has a practice dummy that he lifts over his shoulder and uses his powers at MG's direction. Ethan disappears and finds himself trapped in a locker. MG releases him and the dummy falls from the ceiling. Ethan's frustrated about his powers not working, believing they only work during high stress situations or when Malivore controlled him. This is why they're practicing, though this isn't what Ethan expected; specifically, he doesn't understand how this will help against their fight with Hope. MG reminds him that his greatest skill is getting people to safety. Lizzie interrupts them. She needs Ethan. Forgoing practice, he goes with her.

In the garden, Cleo has chopped down the Red Oak tree as MG approaches her. She believes that he's come for some inspiration, though he thinks her work looks therapeutic and takes the ax from her. He's worried about Lizzie. She grabbed him to help with her mysterious plan and it kind of bothered him. Hope was right. Being the leader is lonely. She reassures him. Sometimes the right decisions are the hardest ones to make. She explains that Lizzie asked to inspire her, but similarly she doesn't think she's thinking clearly and turned her down. MG believes she's protecting her from herself. Cleo confides in him her burden. She explains to him about the tree she's chopping down and how it can kill Hope. She questions if she should destroy it to protect Hope or begin sharpening it to protect the world from her. MG reasons that when Hope was at the school, she handed her a sword to see if he had the guts to kill. He reiterates her words, that he was weak because he wouldn't go that far. She was right. He wouldn't go that far and believes that Hope is still one of them. He tells her she should burn it. Cleo accepts his advice and, casting a spell, sets the wood on fire. Unbeknownst to either of them, their conversation was overheard by Lizzie and Ethan, the former having cloaked them with her magic.

Later, while MG is practicing with a punching bag, Ethan rejoins him. He tells MG that he's sorry and shouldn't have been giving him a hard time. MG tells him he was right because he was keeping him on defense on purpose. He doesn't want to see him get hurt, but believes him to be the kind of leader that would be okay with leaving someone behind. Ethan wants that kind of leader looking out for him and they bump fists. MG asks about him and Lizzie, but Ethan explains that they took a walk out to the Old Mill just to talk. Reconciled, they go back to training.

In I Can't Be the One to Stop You, MG calls a squad meeting, which is Ethan's first official meeting. However, only he and Cleo are in attendance. They have team members MIA. Lizzie took off last night without a word, and Jed and Kaleb have also been gone for a while. MG questions if Cleo knows anything, but hasn't. Ethan assumes they're dating, though Cleo turns the question back at them for not defining what either one has with Lizzie. Without a real emergency, they have nothing to do. Mr. Springthorpe, however, counters that idea. They should all be in class, which they're skipping. As long as Dr. Saltzman is indisposed, and he is their acting headmaster, he will enforce them going to class since there's no need for their squad with Malivore gone. Jed barges into the Great Hall carrying the man from before, seemingly recovered, at least from Kaleb's dragon fire, though still by all appearances a walking corpse. Mr. Springthorpe faints at the sight while Jed explains that they still have a monster problem, and it's Kaleb.

They bring the man into the gymnasium and Cleo bandages him. Jed explains that they don't know who he is and when he and Kaleb found him, he'd just been ripped apart by an Argus. Then he literally started putting himself back together. They were on their way back to the school to get answers from him when Kaleb blew up his car and burned the guy. Regardless, they won't be able to get any answers until his mouth heals. MG elects to go look for Kaleb and Cleo joins him. Jed will remain behind to watch over the man. Ethan decides to stay behind, too. If this guy is dangerous, then he'll help keep people safe.

Cleo, with a map in hand, and MG search the woods for Kaleb. Cleo is sure everything is going to be fine. He knows she's trying to give Kaleb some space, but tells her that it's okay to be worried about him. The same can be said about him and Lizzie. He explains how Kaleb even spent that whole time working on what he was going to say after they found her. How she made him want to be a better version of himself. This is something that Kaleb hasn't told her, but MG reassures him that it's okay to let herself be worried about him. Shortly, they come across Kaleb. He's on the ground with a tree branch sticking out of his side.

Kaleb is nearly unconscious, but realizes that Cleo and MG have found him. MG removes the stake, but Kaleb explains that the stake was what was stopping him. His monster side was taking over, and he couldn't control it. He had to slow himself down and buy Jed some time so he could get away. Cleo believes the act to be very noble and tells him that his plan worked. Jed and the man just arrived at the school a few hours ago. Kaleb, however, is worried that Jed took the man to the school. That man was the reason he was losing control and he's not the only one at the school that's half monster.

Returning to school, he interrupt Josie and Finch, needing something that can knock someone out. Rushing to the gym, Jed lies on the floor injured with a broken arm. Ethan teleports into the cell, making his way towards the man, but MG grabs him by the hoodie and pulls him back, covering his mouth with the herbs Josie gave him. Ethan falls to the floor unconscious.

MG watches over Ethan in his dorm room as he awakens. Ethan asks about Jed, but he tells him that Josie's taking care of him and he'll be okay. He's still not sure what came over him, though if it wasn't for MG, he might have killed Jed. He believes after what he did, he doesn't deserve to stay at the school. MG tries to stop him, but Ethan isn't finished. He admits that he lied to him the other day when Lizzie came to get him. They didn't just go on a walk. They were spying on him and Cleo and saw them burning the Red Oak tree. He explains that Lizzie saved enough of it to make a stake and she asked him to keep it a secret. He did, believing that he was protecting the school and making hard decisions. Or maybe, he did it because when she looked at him, he would have done anything she asked. He wants her to pick him. Fearful, MG questions if Lizzie went after Hope with the stake, but Ethan doesn't know. Reiterating Ethan's earlier comment, MG tells him that he doesn't deserve to be here and yells for him to get out.

In The Story of My Life, at the Salvatore School, he, Jed, and Cleo convene a council meeting as leaders of their respective factions. The school is in disarray and they must decide what to do with their new guest, Ben. Though he doesn't pose a direct threat, yet, his presence is drawing monsters to him and could destabilize the school further. MG understands that he's a monster magnet and though he's usually for inclusion, they must look after their own before losing someone else. MG votes that he must go. Cleo, however, offers a counter. She may be able to find an inspired solution for what made Kaleb and Ethan attack Ben, but only if he remains at the school for her to study him. Cleo votes for him to stay. The tie breaking vote falls to Jed. He feels unqualified, but Cleo is quick to remind him that he's the alpha and that is the only qualification necessary. Jed understands both of their view points. He was the guy who used to punch new kids and distrust outsiders, however, he believes that the school is a better place for having Cleo. Before he can vote, he needs to talk to Ben and figure out if the risk is worth the reward.

Later, as students are rushing out the door, MG, though confused, confronts Cleo. She's inspired Finch to take the entire school on an impromptu field trip. She's been very depressed since Josie left, though she and the rest of the school remain unaware of the newest monster. The students will still be in danger but Cleo is adamant that they need an inspired solution. MG wants her to change her vote, believing that Hope's words were right about him and what it takes to be a leader. They've just not been pushed far enough to realize it yet. While Hope's humanity is off, that is their only advantage and she asks for his help in trapping the monster and trust that I will find a solution to return our friends.

Out in the woods by the Old Mill, MG stumbles upon Ben, mistaking his heartbeat for the creature. Ben recalls that he voted against him, but old habits die hard. The monster appears behind MG and attacks, but Ben throws his hand out, stopping one of the quills. The creature lunges forward and grabs Ben and they both vanish.

Still searching the woods, he comes across Ben's severed forearm. Jed and Cleo arrive but are attacked by the creature before Cleo is able to warned him of the quills. They refuse to leave and Cleo clasps an enchanted bracelet around Ben's left arm as Jed attacks the creature. The creature reappears before them, but Cleo's spell works and the creature submits to them; free from attacking them, it becomes docile and friendly.

Later that night back at the Salvatore School, Cleo identifies the creature as a pukwudgie, a woodland sprite from Native American lore. They can be quite peaceful and playful, when not beholden to a curse. Given the creature's abilities, MG believes they have finally found out what Ethan's monster side is. With their monster problem solved, this means that both he and Kaleb can return to the school. MG admits that he was quick to judgment today, unlike her and Jed. He wants to be more like the leader she is, but Cleo admits that at every turn, she asks herself, what would the MG do? Lizzie appears behind MG and Cleo encourages him to hug her. He passes right through her, as she's not back at the school but astral projecting. They have a lot to catch up on.

In Follow the Sound of My Voice, MG gets off a bus at a Two Moon Coaches Bus Stop. Kaleb is waiting on him Kaleb believes that MG wanted to meet me up halfway so they could have an epic road-trip back to school, but that is not the case. MG explains that Sheriff Machado left a voicemail on the school's line, believing they're experiencing some weird paranormal activity at the new house. She thought Dr. Saltzman could help. Moreover, locator spells indicate that Ethan is also there, but his mom thinks he's still in Mystic Falls. Obviously, he hasn't told them about his powers and thinks they could be glitching. MG believes they could help him. Kaleb has been off the squad for a bit, believing that he could have probably found someone better for the job. MG jokingly tells him that he's the only one with a car as they make their way to the Machado home.

He and Kaleb make their way to Savannah to Sheriff Machado's new home. The whole situation is complicated to say the least. MG doesn't want to out Ethan's supernatural powers but they can't say anything about him being here either. Kaleb tells him to keep it simple. They're here to help with their paranormal problem and fix Ethan without them knowing, although they're just two teenagers. Kaleb believes they need Dr. Saltzman but he's still a coma. MG, however, has prepared with Lizzie's illusion ring. Using it, he disguises himself as Dr. Saltzman. After knocking on the front door, Maya appears and introduces Kaleb. Maya explains that they didn't believe it at first, but it's like there's an invisible spirit living in their house.

MG, as Alaric, and Kaleb set up a séance as Maya watches them both. Maya wants to wait for her mother, believing she'd like to see Alaric since they dated. However, since he's not really Alaric, both he and Kaleb decide to proceed. They call out to the spirit, rather Ethan, telling him that he should go back to where he belongs. Ethan shakes their hand, letting them know that he's there. Kaleb pretends to get something and tells Ethan things are okay with Ben and Jed, the curse affecting them has been lifted. Maya has had enough with the charades and holds them at taser gun point. Her gut's feeling is telling her that they are not who they're pretending to be. Before she can react, Ethan, still invisible, grabs the taser from Maya's hands and Kaleb vamps to her, compelling her that it was all a dream and to go to sleep. Ethan appears before the two of them, telling them they shouldn't have come. He wants them to compel her to forget and leave.

With Maya asleep, MG questions Ethan's plan about staying with his family, still invisible. Ethan admits that he was heading home to tell them about his powers, but the closer he got home, the more invisible he became. He didn't even realize it at first, believing it was a subconscious reaction, thinking they didn't want to see him. MG can empathize with him because he too hid what he was from his family for a long time, but, eventually, he told them about being a vampire. His results were bad, but admits that he can come back to the school. Ethan doesn't believe he deserves it and MG shares with him of the time he killed Landon. He was in a terrible place, but Landon revived and everyone just kind of moved one. He's reminded of what his father used to say about grace. Wherever there is love, there is grace. Everyone at school loves him and Ethan should give them a second chance. If they don't, then he'll be his family until they do.

While Ethan talks with Maya, he and Kaleb talk. Kaleb believes that Ethan coming clean about his powers was the right thing to do and knew that MG didn't need him to help with Ethan. He admits that he just told Ethan what he had once told him. Ethan appears and tells them that Maya is cool with his powers. However, if she hears one more supernatural explanation, her head might explode. Maya wants them to take care of her brother, who has decided to return to the school, and the three of them depart.

In Was This the Monster You Saw?, MG picks Alaric up at Mystic Falls Hospital. MG presents him with a specially crafted cane and they embrace in a hug. Alaric, however, winces due to the pain of his still recovering body. Alaric thought Kaleb was supposed to pick him up, but MG explains that he was told by Kaleb that Landon had asked him to change how he will do things while they're in this crisis. MG is his new accountability buddy. Alaric accepts, so long as it doesn't interfere with him helping his daughters.

Arriving back at the school, they find Hope has also returned, looking to make a deal. The three of them make their way to Alaric's office.

Hope has a problem that also involves the school, beyond Alaric's cane issue. Alaric notes that his body and brain are still having trouble synching up because of what she had done to him. His doctors said he's lucky to even be walking. If he could, he'll probably try to kill her for murdering Lizzie. Hope, however, corrects him. It's attempted murder, considering she transitioned into a vampire. Hope also admits that she may have accidentally started a chain of events that has led to the gods returning to our world and she's pretty sure those gods want her dead. MG wants to know why this is their problem, and Hope questions his presence. Alaric explains that he is his accountability buddy, suggesting that she should get one. The way she sees it, this is no different than when Malivore came into their lives. Alaric believes that he shouldn't have involved his students, but Hope now needs an army to face the gods and these students are the only ones with the skill set. Alaric tells her that he's done making the decisions alone and defer the decision to them. Hope demands for him to be an adult and make them do whatever he wants. Hope turns to MG, trying to sway him to her cause. MG doesn't believe her to be right and she's given them more than enough to worry about. Changing tactics, she tells them that her god problem is also their Lizzie problem.

As Hope addresses the remaining squad members, he and Alaric listen outside the Great Hall. After some time, Hope bursts out of the room, hitting Alaric and MG with the door. They've told her "no". If Alaric was so concerned with his daughters, then he should have taken matters into his own hands, like she has just done. She shows them Ben's bangle, though it's broken in half and the spell that protected him is now gone, which means something very scary should be making its way to the school. She believes that if she can prove to them that they can't beat a run-of-the-mill monster without her, then they'll take her deal.

Ben has returned to the school with an unconscious Jed mumbling about Trey and his father. Hope reiterates to Alaric that it's time for him to man up and make the squad accept her proposal otherwise Jed will only get worse. Alaric asks Ben for another description of what attacked him and Jed. It was unlike anything he's ever seen before and admits that he would have let it consume him, if he wasn't for Jed. MG and Wade return with a picture book of a clown, asking if this is what attacked him. Ben confirms that it was. Ben questions how one kills a clown. But Hope quips that they don't because she will. Ben confronts Hope about being the one to hurt Jed and employs Dr. Saltzman to let him leave to protect the school. Hope, however, has trapped them all within the grounds with a barrier spell and are stuck within the school. Ben reminds her that he's impervious to magic and she cannot hold him here. Hope has another plan and vamps to Ben and breaks his neck. Ben collapses to the floor dead, leaving Wade, MG, and Alaric surprised.

Alaric is searching through texts when MG approaches him. Alaric believes he's found the monster, thanks to him and Wade's help. He explains that the first clowns originated from Egypt and were essentially priests that had the ears of the kings, metaphorically. When the Romans plundered Egypt, they brought back more than obelisks and Cleopatra and the book he's reading from had recorded the history of a Roman village. That village used an effigy of a clown to confess all of their sins during an annual harvest festival where they'd burn the effigy down believing that it would destroy all their misdeeds along with it. That is until a conscripted Egyptian witch cast a spell bringing the effigy to life to punish the villagers for taking her away from her home. MG questions how Hope can kill it, but Alaric wasn't aware that they were accepting Hope's deal. Alaric offers him a seat next to him and explains that the bite from this Protoclown would poison the villagers. It would force them to confront the memories of the worst things they'd ever done, so that they could be redeemed, or die by being stubborn. Again, MG questions how this changes things. Alaric believes they can use this monster to help turn Hope's humanity back on and asks whether or not MG agrees with him.

MG, Wade, and Kaleb prepare a bonfire and wait for the monster to show up. Hope also arrives, wondering if they've come to their senses. MG wants to work with her because Alaric has found out a lot about it, including that fire attracts it. After mocking them, the Protoclown appears behind Hope and bites her in the shoulder before running off. She collapses to the ground, and believes that MG lied to her. He didn't lie to her about anything. They need her help, just not this version of her. Hope covers her wound, taking some of the poison and fashions them into three needle-like weapons. Using her magic, she poisons them all to make them suffer. They all collapse to the ground, succumbing to the poison.

Later that night, MG and the other wake from the poison. MG knocks on Hope's door, asking if it's a bad time. He's brought her a blood bag. She'd rather have a human, believing there's no going back once you've had the real stuff. He reminds her that Lizzie is on their side no matter how over her head she's gotten herself into, kind of like how she is now. They love and miss her, as they do her. Hope dismisses him, telling him he can go and rolling on to her side away from him. MG leaves the blood bag and leaves.

In The Only Way Out is Through, the Salvatore School begins a new day. MG comments to Alaric how weird everything feels so normal. Hope's been at the school for about 12 hours and hasn't put anyone into a coma yet. Alaric is less optimistic, believing the other shoe will drop. MG believes that Hope's humanity is flickering and they could perhaps nudge it along, perhaps with a profound emotional discovery. They intend to use the Therapy Box, but Hope has beaten them to it and smashed the box with a hammer. Hope has another plan, specifically developing a battle plan against the gods. Alaric reminds her that they know nothing about fighting gods, but Hope has already taken the liberty of inviting Professor Vardemus to the school.

Rupert has come with a new device, a Manticulum of his own design. He explains to Wade, Alaric, and MG, that it uses algorithmic magic to calculate probabilities. MG specifically wonders how it will help them fight the gods, but Hope explains that, on its own, it can't. She intends to use Wade and run it like a super-accurate D&D campaign while the manticulum will tell them the outcome of any attack or defense. All they need to do is encode their powers into the device.

Kaleb reviews Wade's scores of his and MG's powers. He believes that he's been done dirty by Wade, but he assures him that it's only preliminary guesses, such as that MG's only slightly faster than Kaleb. They'll need to run some tests to confirm the stats. Wade also notes that, given his dragon powers, he has a plus-20 to defense and a plus-40 for offense. In a straight fight, he could definitely beat MG, provided that he catches him.

Professor Vardemus summons a battlefield for their practice session. Alaric and the others proceed with their simulation. Alaric believes that if they could talk to Lizzie, they can flip her back to their side. He believes their first move is getting her to safety. Her humanity tells her that she should listen, and though she believes they would be wasting their first strike, she goes with it. MG vamps to Lizzie though the manticulum calculates that Aurora would attack and kill him. His death turns Lizzie back to their side and she attacks and kills Aurora in a rage. Ben explains that Ken would attack Lizzie and she'd die. With her death, their probability of success drops to zero percent and they lose. Rupert finds this situation fascinating. As soon as Lizzie died, there was simply no move they could make that would lead to victory. He presumes there's a reason she is invaluable to winning. Hope now believes they have to save Lizzie first and wants to run the simulation again.

Rupert and the others run through several more simulations, each time they fail against the gods. Hope's humanity tells her she's going about it all wrong because they've already lost before they made the first move. Analyzing their enemies, Hope realizes the problem is that they're going first. They're facing them all at once and they should be forcing the gods to fight them. Hope declines the first move and Ben sends in Aurora to attack Hope first. Hope creates a barrier that throws Aurora off her feet. Hope sends in Kaleb, using his dragon fire. Aurora is killed and Hope has MG vamp to Lizzie. Ben has Ken attack MG, but Wade reads from the manticulum that he's just fast enough to save Lizzie.

Hope has rejoined the others with Ken, the last remaining on the field. Alaric thinks this is the point that Hope steps in, but Hope would rather send in her pawns first. Hope sends in Kaleb though Ben states that Ken would strike with lightning. Wade concludes that he dies. MG attacks next, though, again Wade explains that he dies. Ben advances Ken to Hope, who sends in Cleo. She too dies. Hope steps up to face Ken, though when pressed about the outcome, Rupert states that the manticulum calculates that she will still lose.

Running through another simulation, Hope has everyone attack Ken. Wade reads off the probability; they all die, but they do real damage against him. She moves in to attack next, though Rupert tells her that she's still not enough and he defeats her. Hope's humanity questions if she needs her help and she barks back, telling her to shut up. The others look at her, questioning the outburst. Hope wants more cannon fodder, questioning how many students there's at the school. Kaleb, however, is finished with the simulations. She's been running them into the buzz saw all day like they're expendable, citing that she only cares about herself. He declares this version of her isn't worth dying for and walks out with the others.

As Hope runs through another simulation, he, Kaleb, Jed, Ethan, and Cleo come to her side, taking the next hits for her. Wade tells them that they score another hit on Ken, but he's confused about what's changed. Rupert believes that Hope is giving them all courage, a belief they can win. Ben believes his father will retreat and ultimately they win, attacking as one. Her humanity tells her that they can win, all she has to do is just turn it back on. She wants her to let her out before she loses control. Hope closes off her humanity once again. All of this isn't real, it's just a stupid game. They're all pathetic and just little boys role-playing war. She calls them all disposable and that they mean nothing to her. She addresses her humanity, calling her a liar and a martyr. The others look on, confused about who she's talking to. Her powers continue to grow unstable, enough that she tells them that they need to do something because she's about to kill them all. She pleads with someone to take her out and Alaric breaks her neck.

MG meets with Ethan, who praises the simulated jump. Ethan explains that it felt good to finally be in control for once. However, he realized that if he doesn't get better at his powers, then people might die. MG explains that it might happen either way, as Wade told him that during the final moments of the battle, at least two of them would have died. As far as the manticulum is concerned, there's no version of them winning without losing someone. He wants to make a promise with Ethan. No matter what, it won't be Lizzie. Ethan accepts MG's promise and they bump fists.

In Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found, MG finds Alaric on the floor. He fell trying to take a couple of steps without his cane. He asks about "Operation Humanity" and MG confirms that Hope is out under a spell. They'll know the outcome when she wakes up. Given his physical limitations, he'll hold things down while MG talks with the squad about what's to come. That, however, is the very reason he's come to talk to Alaric. He doesn't know how to prepare them for a war with the gods. Alaric wants him to convince them not to fight. The scenarios they ran with Professor Vardemus made it painfully clear that they were likely to suffer some casualties. Though he can accept it if it's himself, he doesn't want to lose a single student in this battle who is not fully aware of the risks. He tells MG that if anyone's still on the fence, now's the time to push them off into safer pastures. MG agrees and questions if he's okay alone. Alaric is, and he has an old friend stopping by for some advice.

Later that night, MG comes back to talk to Alaric and finds him emptying out his liquor cabinet. He assumes that whoever stopped by made an impact. Alaric has also shaved and tells him that he hopes to never see him again and asks how things went with the squad. MG tells him that no one's leaving. They trust them to lead them into battle, if it comes to that. While Alaric might trust himself to lead them, he's never stopped trusting him. MG doesn't believe the sentiment because he doesn't know if he can fight against Lizzie if she stays on the wrong side.

A knock rings out on the door and MG and Alaric turn to find Lizzie and introduce Jen to them. Jen has convinced her to come home and talk, though immediately believes it was a mistake and wants to leave. Alaric tells her no and has MG help him to her and the two of them embrace her in a hug. Lizzie believes she's done something really bad.

In I Wouldn't Be Standing Here If It Weren't For You, MG brings Hope a blood bag, despite them supposed to be starving her out, but he empathizes with the hunger. With her back to him, she turns to him and apologizes for the things she's done, and for what she's done to Lizzie. MG accepts her apology, explaining that all that matters is that she's here. He also tells her that Lizzie's returned to the school as well and has also done things. Hope inquires about that, but MG doesn't have anything to tell her. Lizzie's been avoiding everyone since her return, but he's gathered that she's helped Ben raise his father. MG wants to go get the keys to release her but she refuses. If he lets her out, he'll be letting out her dark side, too. She explains that though she's in control of her body, but not her mind, she believes she's still here. SHe doesn't want to be let out until she's sure that she's gone. MG questions how they're supposed to do that, but that's still something she has to figure out for herself. MG relents and accepts her wishes. He leaves, obliging her request for new clothes. With MG gone, her dark side reappears to her, asking if she really thought she believed her gone.

Found by Ethan and instructed to evacuate the town, they depart with Kaleb. MG compels a bus driver to take a load of people away from Mystic Falls. Kaleb approaches him, telling him that the cops are blocking off every road, so that no one can get in. The town is empty and everybody should be safe. Kaleb, however, has a weird feeling. He's never heard the town so quiet before. He muses that the apocalypse would be a little noisier. Regardless, they need to buy Hope time so she can get her mind right to face the gods. They split up to make one final round of the town.

Ethan meets up with MG in the Town Square asking about Kaleb. Ben tosses Kaleb to their feet, declaring that he's not going to stop and they'll need all of their friends to face him. MG instructs Ethan to get Kaleb out of there and he'll handle Ben. MG rushes Ben, but is easily thrown away. Jed approaches Ben and Ethan and has Ethan get both MG and Kaleb to safety; he'll handle Ben. Ethan grabs Kaleb and runs him over to MG and teleports them away.

Outside the school, a crack of thunder and a crash of lightning rings out over the grounds alerting them of Ken's arrival. With a booming voice, he demands for them to hand over his traitorous daughter. If they refuse to hand her over, they'll all die. Alaric, Ethan, and MG discuss their options. Alaric refuses to hand her over and sends Jen away to the werewolf bunker until they come up with a plan. Ethan tells him that they're not in fighting shape–Jed is holding off Ben, Kaleb's still healing, and the last jump he did really took a lot out of him. They need Hope. Their timing is perfect with the arrival of Hope and Lizzie. Hope knows what she must do and knocks out everyone in the school with a sleep spell.

Later that night, MG checks in on Ethan while he's showering. He wanted to let him know that he did a good job today. They were all counting on Hope to save the day, but he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. As MG turns to leave, Ethan collapses out of the shower with the curtain around him. He's bleeding from the mouth and begins flashing in and out of a phased form. He doesn't understand what's happening to him as MG tries to cradle his head.

In Into the Woods, MG checks in on Ethan, finding him getting ready to train. Considering what happened the previous night, MG doesn't want him using his powers until they figure out what's happening. Ethan finds him to be over reacting, but when he turns to walk away, he phases through his sneakers. Ethan doesn't let this deter him. The last time he was benched for an injury, he lost his future, not to mention his friends. MG reminds him that it was football and these stakes are much higher. He needs Ethan at 100%.

Lizzie appears at the door, asking about their plan, noting that vampire hearing is awesome. MG dismisses her, saying that he's got things covered and that they both should be resting, like Hope. Vampire healing is just as awesome and she's back in the game. Changing to a more serious tone, she apologizes for all of the stupid things she did, including going after a god without him. She assumes he's pretty mad at her, but MG denies it. Lizzie doesn't believe him, but it doesn't matter because her dad told her that the best way to make amends is to listen to what people need. That's why she's here, because they need help fixing Ethan's powers. Ethan uncontrollably phases again and his shirt falls off. MG appreciates the offer, but he's going to hit the books alone. Lizzie tells him not to bother because all those books will tell him he needs magic, something she'll be able to help him with. Ethan pipes up, asking if she can really fix him. Lizzie believes she can truly help and looks to him for his approval.

Lizzie equips the pukwudgie with an enchanted collar. MG is confused at what this will accomplish with their Ethan problem. The way Lizzie sees it, the pukwudgie has the same powers as Ethan so they can gather data on his powers using the device. She explains that everytime the pukwudgie phases, the collar will track the distance and frequency of its jumps so that way they can learn how far and how often he uses his powers before he runs out of juice, like Ethan. MG ponders how they'll get him to phase and Lizzie's thought of that too. She hands him a tennis ball and asks him to chuck it as far as he can. The farther he can throw it the farther the pukwudgie will have to phase to go get it. MG does as he's asked and the pukwudgie phases to go get it. Lizzie walks in the direction of the thrown ball but stopped by MG, wondering if the pukwudgie will just fetch it. Lizzie reminds him that it's not a trained dog. On the bright side of things this will give them the time to talk about why he's mad at her. MG denies this, but follows her into the woods anyways.

As Lizzie goes over her list of possible things that he could be mad at her for, he continues to deny that he's mad. However, they've come to a public clearing, realizing that MG had thrown the ball too far. With their time running short, Lizzie cuts to the point. She wonders if he's mad because she tried to kill Hope. He points out that she didn't and understands because she was grieving. Lizzie assumes then it was because Hope actually killed her and she lied to him about it, though again, that's not it and she was sire bonded to Hope. Getting nowhere with her questioning, she knows him well enough that he's mad at something. MG quips back to her, that if she really knew him so well to make a long list, and wonders how she can't not know what's bothering him. In some respect, Lizzie was right, but MG explains it's not what she's thinking. However, before they can continue their conversation the pukwudgie appears in front of several people, causing them to scream. Lizzie tries to tell them that it's their show dog, and asks whether or not he wants to compel everyone. The pukwudgie phases from one couple to the next before stopping in front of Lizzie and MG. It drops the ball and collapses on its side. Lizzie assumes it's playing dead, but MG points out that he's not playing.

MG returns with grave news for Lizzie as she conducts her tests. When he went to bury the pukwudgie, it dematerialized and disappeared in his hands. At least now he doesn't have to hide the body from Pedro. While they wait to find out how similar Ethan's body chemistry is to the pukwudgie, she wants to talk. She wants to know what he was going to say to her earlier. MG doesn't think now is the right time, but Lizzie points out there's never a right time around here. MG tells her that it's the opposite of nothing. She's everything to him and he's been waiting for years to tell her, but there's always been something in the way. All those things are gone now except for Ethan. What hurt him the most was when her back was against the wall, when she really needed someone, she went to him.Lizzie believes that's why he's mad, but that's not really it either. He doesn't blame Ethan, but it hurt all the same because he had hoped it would have been him. It has and always will be her for him. He doesn't even remember anything on that list, any of the bad things she's said or done, because he loves her. Before Lizzie can express her feelings, her tests fizzle out. Her theory was correct. The pukwudgie's powers are finite. Its life span only lasts as long as its powers do, and the more it phases, the quicker it dies. MG doesn't want to get ahead of themselves, but Lizzie confirms that this was Ethan's blood that she's tested.

In By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be, Alaric calls together a squad meeting with him, Lizzie, Jed, Hope, and Ben in attendance. Thanks to Cleo's vision they know that Ken is planning an attack on the school, but the good news is they get to choose the field of battle. With a map and chess pieces they strategize their battle plan. Hope knows he's after her and she'll draw him to a field. Ben points out that the tree line will prevent him from using lightning strikes. Hope also has a backup plan. Should they fail, they'll have a fallback. Jed questions if she thinks they're going to lose but Hope believes they won't. Either way, they need to stop him. Alaric continues to explain how Ben told them about a mixture the Spartans used to harm the gods."White fire and brimstone," otherwise, phosphorus and sulfur. If they can rig the whole meadow for a chain reaction and get Ken in the middle, the explosion will likely incapacitate him. While Cleo gets more intel, Alaric instructs the witches and vampires to get the minerals. Ben will show the wolves how to set up the bomb before they have to report to the bunker for the full moon. Jed questions why they're trusting Ben again and Alaric explains that he's proven to him that he's on their side. Lizzie figures out that whoever triggers the explosion, they're not likely to get clear in time, even at vamp speed. Hope confirms her suspicion and MG wonders who will do that. Hope refuses to give an answer, just that she's working on it. Ben offers that perhaps Ethan could use his powers, but Lizzie only tells them that he can't. MG continues that they can't offer an explanation until they talk to him about it first. With the meeting over, Alaric retires to his office, but Hope has something else for him to do. Jed looks at Ben, scoffs and leaves with Ben not far behind. Lizzie asks MG to deliver the news to Ethan since she's not very good at it. MG agrees that he will and wants to bring up their last conversation back, but Lizzie tells him it can wait.

MG finds Ethan working out in the gym and questions why he's not in his room. Ethan explains that he woke up feeling a lot better and wanted to train. Ethan already assumes that he's got the test results back and figured it was bad when he heard there was a battle strategy session that no one invited him to. He wants to know just how bad. MG comes clean and tells him that he can't use his powers anymore, otherwise it will kill him. MG wonders if he wants to talk about it, but he doesn't. He needs to find another way to be useful in the fight without his powers because he refuses to be benched.

MG and Ethan walk from Mystic Falls High School. Ethan wants him to come clean because they stopped training because he needed a milkshake all of a sudden. They walked all the way into town to get one instead of just going to the school kitchen, and now they're taking the long way back. He knows he's stalling. MG tells him the truth. He doesn't think he should be part of the battle. It's too dangerous. Ethan is sure he's in control of his jumps and that he can just not use his powers. MG can't ask him to sit on the sidelines again. However, MG isn't asking him that. He wants him to leave town, for his own good, and just go home. In the distance, a distracted girl on her cell phone walks out into the road as a car races towards her. Ethan jumps to her, grabs her and vanishes before the car comes to a screeching stop. MG looks at him disappointed as the words, "SISTO" appear on the wall behind him, saying it aloud. Ethan realizes this isn't real and they're expelled from the Therapy Box. MG apologizes to him, but he couldn't find another way to convince him. If he sees someone in trouble, he won't be able to stop himself. He's too much of a hero and that's why he can't be part of the fight.

MG waits with Ethan at the bus stop, telling him that he's making the right decision to leave. Ethan thinks just when he finally figured out how to use his powers, they would have made a good team. However, MG tells him that they already have made a good team. Ethan gives him some parting advice. He knows he's been holding himself back and tells him that Lizzie deserves to know how he feels. MG admits that he's already told her, but just gives him a bemused look in return. He laughs it off commenting on how confusing Lizzie is. As he turns to get on the bus, he tells MG that he's one of the best people he's ever known and she'd be an idiot if she didn't figure that out for herself. They embrace in a hug and Ethan departs on the bus out of Mystic Falls.

In This Can Only End in Blood, the school holds a vigil for Kaleb. MG places a candle down in his honor on the memorial, but quickly vamps away.

In preparation for their battle, MG and Lizzie practice in the gymnasium. The dummy, Ken, and she are covered in silly string and she notes that this is a bad omen. MG looks towards the bright side. She's finally siphoned Ken and triggered the explosion. Lizzie focuses on the part where she's blown herself up in the process, but MG encourages her. She can do it and just has to put up a shield spell in time. Lizzie is more pessimistic, citing that they'll have to plan another vigil. She immediately regrets the comment and apologies. MG accepts and confides in her that it's taken every ounce of strength he's got to not let Kaleb's death pull him under. There's only so much loss he can take. She reaffirms to him that Ken is the only one dying today; she promises.

With their battle plan disrupted by Ken, Alaric, MG, and Lizzie run through the trees. Lizzie remarks that these woods are about to be crawling with carnivores foaming at the mouth for vampire meat. She and MG need to get away from there. Alaric points out that if any of the vampires are bitten, it could cause a chain reaction, sending them all into a feeding frenzy, putting everyone in danger. MG has another idea, though it's risky. They need to get the wolves to safety by leading them to the tunnels beneath the school where Lizzie can trap them with a barrier spell. Lizzie questions who will be bait, but MG doesn't respond. She refuses to allow himself to be bait, to put himself in danger like that. MG points out that she's bait for their plan against Ken, and Alaric intercedes and tells him to do it. They have to protect the greatest number of students. While they handle the wolves, he'll get the vampires inside. A wolf breaks the tree line, snarling. Alaric raises his crossbow, telling the two to get to the tunnels that he'll hold it off since he's not after him. Doing as Alaric says, MG and Lizzie vamp away.

As bait, MG has lured the werewolves through the underground tunnels, but not without injury; he's covered in werewolf bites and resigned himself to his fate. In the distance, Lizzie calls to him at the cellar's exit. She tells him that his plan has worked. The werewolves are in the tunnels and all exits are sealed, except for this one. She tells him to follow the sound of her voice. MG speaks back as she listens. He tells her to go on without him and seal the exit. Lizzie doesn't understand, but MG assures her he'll find another way out. Lizzie refuses to leave and enters the tunnel. She finds him dying to the numerous werewolf bites and resolves to siphon out the venom. As she begins to siphon from him, he screams out in pain. He tells her there's too many. If she can't siphon out the venom, she'll get him to the infirmary, but there's no time. As werewolves howl in the distance, he tells her she can't get trapped in there with them. He's made a promise to protect her and intends to keep it. She needs to get out of the tunnels and defeat Ken. MG knows she will because she's awesome. As werewolves approach the two, Lizzie casts a barrier spell preventing their advancement. However, MG has succumbed to the venom and died in her arms.

In Limbo, MG reunites with Jed and find Kaleb in Zied's bar, and are surprised to see Landon. Kaleb assumes they must be losing if both of them are dead. Landon tells the three of them things are about to get better, at least for them.

True to his word, Landon sends them back in time to join Lizzie and Hope as they face off against Ken. Lizzie doesn't understand how they're back, and Jed tells her it's a long story. Kaleb will fill them in once they defeat Ken. Ken is still confident in his abilities as this changes nothing. They will all die. Hope commands Kaleb for the first strike and he unleashes dragon-fire. Ken easily stops it, unaffected by Kaleb's assault. Lizzie vamps behind Ken and screams out for them to take the spear as she siphons from him. Kaleb, MG, and Jed rush Ken and grapple with the spear, though their combined strength pales to Ken, even in his weakened state. He slams the spear into the ground, releasing a shockwave of energy that sends the four of them flying into the air. As they scramble on the ground, fear covers their faces as Ken has had enough. They are children and cannot kill a god. Setting his sights for Hope, he raises the spear and launches it at her. Unwilling to move, the spear stops just shy of her heart, surrounded in a yellow glow. Ken, as much as Hope, is surprised and doesn't understand what is happening and demands what treachery this is. Cleo comes and claims the spear for herself and clarifies this is her judgment as a Fury. Ken demands to know what she's deemed him guilty of, but she retorts for being a dick. His punishment is Hope and she vamps behind him. Turning to face her, Hope reiterates that it takes god magic to kill a god. Using the might of her physical powers, she kicks Ken through the air as Cleo raises the spear. Ken is impaled in the back by his own weapon. She hopes he rots in hell as he takes his final breath. Dead, Ken's body explodes in a fiery burst of light. Jed, MG, Hope, Lizzie, Kaleb, and Cleo stand in victory as the clouds dissipate. MG and Lizzie and Kaleb and Cleo embrace one another in hugs as they break and embrace everyone.

Later that night in Ethan's dorm room, MG prepares a small candlelight vigil for Ethan. He couldn't stand the thought of him being alone. But it looks like you haven't been. This school is full of students who are more powerful than him, but at the end of the day, it was him who made the ultimate hero move. It sucks that he isn't here to enjoy the world that he saved with them. MG knows he's supposed to say that he's lost, that he doesn't know how he's going to go on, but he does know. The world may never know who "Rescue Guy" was, but he will never forget him or what he stood for, because he will stand for it, too.

In Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?, the Salvatore School holds a memorial service for Ethan on the front lawn of the grounds. Lizzie comforts MG, embracing him in a hug. Hope places a single red rose at an altar with his picture. Cleo finds and embraces Kaleb in a hug. Wade also comforts Pedro with a heartfelt hug. Alaric exits the school and watches over all his students mourning their friend's sacrifice.

Alaric calls the students to report to the Grand Hall for assembly. He, Pedro, Wade, Finch, Hope, Cleo, Kaleb, and Lizzie, with all of the other students are gathered and Alaric thanks them for being there. He begins with how he made Ethan's mother a promise, just like all of their parents when they enrolled, that he'd care for them as his own. However, they're here memorializing yet another student and that is not what the school was meant to be. The school was founded with a single mission: To create a safe space for young supernaturals. He comes to the conclusion that, in reality, it's anything but safe and achieving his mission statement has proven impossible. He declares that he can no longer keep his promise and informs the students that the Salvatore School must close. Murmurs rattle throughout the students and Hope stands in protest, however, it does nothing to sway Alaric. He has nothing more to say, except that he's sorry, and leaves the Grand Hall, leaving Hope, as well as all the others in attendance, shocked.

MG knocks on Lizzie's door and enters her room as she packs a bag. He wonders if she's really going to give up and accept her father's decision without a fight. Lizzie explains that she's tired of fighting and she's leaving to go visit her sister. She even offers for him to join her, if he wants. MG wants nothing more than that, but is also concerned about everyone else in the school. If the school closes, some of the other students won't have anywhere to go. He was hoping that she'd help him make her dad see that. Lizzie can't because she agrees with her father.

MG brings together Lizzie and Alaric for a meeting. Lizzie interjects, calling him Milton, though he stops her. Milton is a name wielded by bullies or his loved ones–Lizzie and Alaric are dangerously in the middle. MG tells Alaric that he can't close the school and shows them a stack of files. Each file is a person with a life, who needs a home. Lizzie wants him to face the facts as she believes that the school is dangerous for every person in that pile. Every time they solve one problem, another one just pops up. MG believes problems are why they ended up here in the first place–to be safe as the world is not safe for supernaturals. What they have here at the school is a home, a family. Rhetorically, Alaric asks him if he really thinks that he wants to do this because he and Caroline built this school for their daughters. They've all been through too much and they need a fresh start. MG scoffs at that, believing it to be a load of crap. He thinks they're running from grief because they don't want to hurt anymore. He thinks Alaric is making this decision for all of them and that he's doing exactly the thing that he promised Landon he wouldn't do. When Josie left, Lizzie made some bad decisions and reiterates that she'd rather cling onto her than stay at the school to face a life that's different.

Later, Lizzie finds him, wondering if he's ready to have their conversation. However, that depends on whether or not it will make him mad. She tells him that Josie sent Hope her pendant and it got her thinking. Deep inside of him, even the smallest voice finds a way to speak its truth. That's one of the best things about him. Her, on the other hand, she's always had a million voices in her head screaming to be heard. She confesses that when he died, a part of her felt like there was no one left in her life who would want to help her sort them all out. The good from the bad. She's sorry it took that happening for her to tell him that, but he's her pendant. MG admits that it's better late than never and wonders where they go from here. Lizzie tells him that Josie's found a school to go to in Europe and, of course, she wanted to jump on a plane and chase after her; to chase that happiness, too. MG was right. She wouldn't be running to Josie, but running away from everything else. That's not who she is anymore, so if he wants to fight to save this school, then she's here to help, if he still wants her. Taking her hand, he tells her that he's always wanted her and they finally share a kiss. However, their moment is interrupted and the doors slide open. Lizzie, still embracing MG, tells the interloper to go away. Caroline quips that she's been gone long enough. Lizzie is ecstatic at seeing her mom and vamps to hug her. She still sucks at vamping, but Caroline tells her that's something they'll add to the list of things to work on, even with MG's help.

Later that night, Lizzie helps him set up a plaque to memorialize Ethan's sacrifice–the Ethan Machado Memorial Hall. MG asks her if it's okay to say that her mom kind of freaks him out. She's never had a real boyfriend and warns him that she won't make it easy for him. MG quips that "boyfriend" has a nice ring to it. Jokingly, he wonders if it's too late to join Josie, but Lizzie stands firm about not running. Besides, they'd hate Belgium. As they're about to kiss, Alaric interrupts them. Awkwardly, he and Lizzie move apart as he struggles with his words. Alaric looks up at the plaque, gives MG a smile, and continues onward into the Grand Hall. MG and Lizzie quickly follow behind.

Alaric addresses the school as they're meeting under happier circumstances. He announces that the Salvatore School won't be closing its doors. The students cheer and applaud the news. However, he continues, he will no longer be their headmaster, much to the students' concerned murmurs. He elaborates that the school's founding purpose was to protect them from the world, but now he believes the world will and must get to know them and their abilities. The truth is, they deserve to be known. With their permission, it would be his great honor to tell those stories by writing the definitive history of the supernatural beings he has come to know. So when that battle comes, they will all be better prepared, armed with the stories of the ones that they love, and those who they have lost along the way. He asks if there are any questions or objections and Wade stands. They probably all have the same question and ask who is going to be their new headmaster. Alaric promises to keep it in the Saltzman name and points to Caroline. The students turn to find her standing at the top of the stairs, admiring them all.

At the start of a new semester, the Salvatore School opens their doors for the next class of supernatural beings to teach them how to be heroes. Wade plays red hands with Pedro until Caroline addresses the students, including him, Lizzie, Finch, Cleo, and Kaleb, that first impressions last a lifetime. With the gentle reminder that many of them are immortal, she asks if Hope would do the honors. Hope turns and opens the doors, ushering in and welcoming the students home.


MG is described as being a "popular, kick-ass and brilliant nerd."

"MG is a kid who spent his whole life putting on a show. He had to be smart, mannered, and put together all the time in order to not embarrass his parents, especially his father who was always in the public eye. This meant suppressing his natural personality in order to be the perfect son -someone as charming and charismatic as his father. Of course, practice makes perfect and MG has had lots of it. He's crafted the persona of the perfect guy so much that peers and potential lovers alike are drawn to him... but never the one he wants: in this case, Lizzie Saltzman. MG feels like a failure because his worth has always been tied to others' approval. Unfortunately from his experience, approval/acceptance is the only way to achieve happiness."[2]

Physical Appearance[]

He is a young vampire who wears the standard school uniform, while he wears dark or light-colored clothing when class isn't in session. He has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that is usually styled in an afro, but is only rarely pulled in a bun.

Powers and Abilities[]

MG possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire. Furthermore, he has been discovered to be a ripper, a vampire driven by blood and obsession. He is prone to losing control when feeding on human, but more particularly when seeing or to the scent of human blood.


MG has the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.




At first, MG was not good friends with Kaleb and often competed with him at their school. However, due to spending time with Kaleb, MG grew closer with him. The supernatural events happening at their school in the first season of, "Legacies," forced them to ally with each other. This bonds them together a bit. However, after MG loses touch with his biological family due to his vampirism, Kaleb promised to be there for MG and he told MG that he is his family now. They are currently close friends and allies.

Penelope Park[]


MG seems to be good friends and allies with Penelope. She is often trying to help him win over Lizzie despite telling him to stop it. However, MG doesn't know when to quit, which frustrates Penelope being she has a personal bad history with Lizzie and cares about MG as a friend. MG and Penelope have even made out once, but this was when Penelope attempted to convince MG to drink human blood. Despite this momentary lapse of temptation, MG and Penelope have remained friends. It also seems they grew closer in Mombie Dearest after saving Josie from zombies.

Lizzie Saltzman[]


MG and Lizzie are close friends, have known each other for a while. They both attend the Salvatore Boarding School, however, MG usually only garners attention from Lizzie when she needs something from him. However, this fact doesn't stop MG from having romantic feelings for Lizzie. For now, Lizzie doesn't return the feelings MG holds for her, but it frustrates her whenever MG flirts with other girls, whether they are human or supernatural. Their friendship was rocky when MG made out with Lizzie's twin sister's ex-girlfriend, but they have since reached an understanding on the matter. Their biggest fallout occurred when Lizzie began seeing a mysterious vampire named Sebastian. MG followed her one night of curiosity for who Sebastian was, and witnessed her seemingly kissing the air. He feared she had a mental break and confronted her with a video of her talking to what seemed to be herself. Unbeknownst to MG or Lizzie at the time, Sebastian was real but desiccated and reached out psychically to Lizzie. MG later freed Sebastian and told her the truth, which caused a large rift between them. She struggled to forgive him for setting her back in her mental health journey. She eventually did forgive him and the incident allowed them to grow closer as friends. Before Lizzie entered the merge she siphoned magic from MG with his permission. She did this by kissing him but stated the kiss was for him and not her - just in case she didn't survive. In all actuality, Lizzie faked her death after losing the merge, and MG was relieved that she was alive. During her memorial to perpetuate the idea of her having died, MG was the only person who stepped up and gave a supportive eulogy for Lizzie. He even called out his fellow students for their inability to allow Lizzie to change or accept that she has changed. Afterward, when everything was resolved, Lizzie returned the sentiment by giving MG a moving eulogy about how great of a guy he is. They are currently close friends and allies when defending the school. Later Lizzie begins to develop romantic feelings for MG but unfortunately for Lizzie, MG finally begins to recuperate Alyssa's feelings for him and starts a relationship with her. The two are currently good friends. MG is Lizzie's closest confidant, trusting him more than anyone else at the school, outside of Josie and Hope.

Ethan Machado[]

"Wherever there's love, there's grace. So give them a chance. They love you. They might accept you for who you are. And if they don't, I'll be your family until they do."
MG to Ethan in Follow the Sound of My Voice

MG and Ethan's friendship first began after MG transferred to Mystic Falls High School, sharing similar interests, such as comics and football. After learning of his "superhero" abilities, MG neglects to compel his memories away after saving him from a near fatal accident. However, when Ethan attempts to become a vampire like himself, she MG ultimately compels his memories away, effectively ending their friendship. After learning that Ethan has taken an interest in Lizzie, he wants to keep him from the supernatural world, given his close call. This ultimately leads him into the clutches of Malivore, where a monster is transferred into him, transforming him into a supernatural being and his memories restored. Freed from Malivore's control, Ethan joins MG at the Salvatore School where they continue to work on developing Ethan's powers. When Ethan lies to him for Lizzie, MG rashly rejects him from the squad and the school and Ethan returns home, albeit vanishing from sight while living with his family. MG and Kaleb come to bring him back to the school and MG convinces him to tell his sister about his powers and she accepts him. MG also convinces him to return to the school and to give everyone a second chance. He tells him that if his family doesn't accept him then he'll be his family until they do.

Other Relationships[]

  • MG and Alaric (Student-Headmaster Relationship/Allies)
  • MG and Josie (Friends/Classmates/Allies)
  • MG and Hope (Friends/Classmates/Allies)
  • MG and Landon (Friends/Classmates/Allies/MG killed him once/Landon forgave him)
  • MG and Rafael (Former Classmates/Friends/Allies)
  • MG and Nia (Friends/MG has a crush on her)
  • MG and Kym (Friends/MG has a crush on her)
  • MG and Alyssa (Former Classmates/Former Enemies/Allies/Briefly Dating/Kissed)


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Episode Absences[]

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  • Milton comes from English origin and means "from the mill farm". It is a given name and surname.[3]
  • Greasley is an English surname. The Greasley surname was most likely originally created from a place name. There is a Gresley in Derbyshire and a Greasley in Nottinghamshire, both of which became habitation surnames. The two place names are in turn derived from the Old English "greosn," or "gravel," and "leah," meaning a "wood" or "clearing." [4][5]


  • In many ways, MG's clinical diagnosis is similar to character traits portrayed by Niklaus Mikaelson; being the child of a narcissistic parent, abandonment issues, and ADHD.
  • His character was originally named "Milton Gladstone".[2]


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