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It's okay. I'm already dead. I was a witch, just like you. And we believe in the natural order of things. I shouldn't be here. I love that I had this, but it's a lie. And now I need you to help me make it right. The longer I'm here, the more I remember where I came from. I used to watch you. I used to watch all of you. Like in a dream where everything is warm and happy. I think I was at peace. So that's where I'll be. Waiting for you.
Josette to Alaric, Josie, and Lizzie

Mombie Dearest[2] is the sixth episode of the first season of Legacies and the sixth episode of the series overall.


LIZZIE AND JOSIE'S SWEET SIXTEEN – As Lizzie and Josie prepare for their long awaited sweet sixteen party, Alaric finds himself preoccupied with the latest supernatural arrival – one that hits a little too close to home. Elsewhere, Penelope's latest plan gives MG one last shot at impressing Lizzie on her big day, while an unexpected betrayal causes tensions to boil over between Hope and Rafael.[3]



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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode's title is a line used by Lizzie Saltzman.
  • This episode had about 1.20 million viewers in USA, making it the most watched episode to date.

Cultural References

  • Mombie Dearest is a pun on Mommie Dearest, a memoir and a film.
  • Duchess Meghan Markle is mentioned. She is the Duchess of Sussex and the wife of Prince Harry.
  • Princess Diana is also mentioned. She was the Princess of Wales and was married to Prince Charles. She is the mother of Prince Harry and Prince William.


Alaric: "I don't know what monster is coming next."
Jo: "Ric?"
Dorian: "You know her?"
Alaric: "She's the love of my life."
Lizzie: "She's not our mother, she's mombie dearest."

Alaric: "I don't know what monster is coming next."
Jo: "Ric?"
Dorian: "You know her?"
Alaric: "She's the love of my life."
Josie: "Lizzie, it's her."
Emma: "If Jo is another monster. She can do more damage to you than any dragon."
Josie (to Jo): "I'm really happy you're here."
Lizzie: "She's not our mother, she's mombie dearest."

Josie: "Hey, I didn't see you at breakfast."
Lizzie: "I'm too excited to eat. Happy birthday to us!"
Lizzie: "Isn't it a beautiful day for a party?"
Josie: "Your cheerful."
Lizzie: "Why wouldn't I be? mom's coming home, I had sex with Raf, my pores are practically invisible."
Josie: "Wait what? You had sex?"
Lizzie: "Last night. You know how mom always says that things work out in the end the way they're supposed to? She's right, I wouldn't have time to represent the witches now with a boyfriend, so you getting the consultation prize is perfect."
Lizzie: "Okay I need your help, I'm going for Meghan Markle tasteful."
Penelope: "Happy birthday witches."
Lizzie: "Oh look it's Satan in a crop top, come to burn my world down?"
Penelope: "Retro, Princess Di before she got style. I dig it."
Josie: "What do you want?"
Penelope: Oh just to cheer you two up, you know cause your mom's not coming."
Josie & Lizzie: "What?"
Penelope: "Oh I heard them cancel her pickup at the office, I thought you knew. Oops."

Josie: "Hey, I didn't see you at breakfast."
Lizzie: "I'm too excited to eat. Happy birthday to us! Isn't a beautiful day for a party?"
Jo: "Ric?"
Josie: "Lizzie it's her."
Penelope: "So why are you doing this to try to make her party perfect?"
MG: "Cause a man gotta shoot his shot."
Penelope: "Oh my god. No, I can't take it anymore. As your friend, I demand that you retrieve your little MG's from Lizzie's grip."
Hope: "Lizzie Saltzman has been planning her sweet 16 since she was five."
Rafael: "All I know is that I can't let her down now."
Hope: "Why?"
Rafael: "Because I slept wth her, Hope."
Penelope: "And when it's over the Queen of Mean has broken your heart all over again, promise me that you will let Lizzie go."



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Last.fm_play.png "Electric Avenue" – Eddy Grant
Last.fm_play.png "What's It Like Now" – Mikky Ekko
Last.fm_play.png "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" – Sleeping at Last
Last.fm_play.png "The Safety Dance" – Sleeping at Last
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