JOSIE: Previously on Legacies…
ALARIC: You know, I opened this school to protect these kids. How am I supposed to protect them from stuff that’s not supposed to exist?
DORIAN: The monsters come one at a time.
DRYAD: I found myself not far from here with an urge to possess that knife.
ALARIC: And who told you to do this?
DRYAD: A voice in my mind.
MG: You think he’ll go for her?
JOSIE: Probably. They usually do.
JOSIE: Lizzie has dibs.
HOPE: On Rafael? She always calls dibs! When’s it gonna be your turn?
EMMA: We’re here to discuss if Landon should be allowed to stay at the school.
HOPE: Landon has to go.

Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor / Alaric’s Office)

[In one of the DOWNSTAIRS HALLWAYS, a familiar-looking woman in a wedding dress and veil slowly walks through the school, her identity concealed by the hazy sunlight shining through the window. The camera zooms in on a pearl bracelet and engagement ring on her left wrist and ring finger]

[The scene cuts to ALARIC'S OFFICE, where Alaric is having a somewhat heated conversation with Caroline on the phone, his back turned away from the door. On his desk is a large book opened to reveal a variety of symbols, sigils, and runes]

ALARIC: [on the phone] I know what you’re doing is important, Caroline...

[Alaric tosses a notebook with the symbol the dryad carved into the table at the cabin drawn onto it on the desk, clearly frustrated]

ALARIC: But how do I tell the girls that their mom isn’t gonna be there for their sixteenth birthday? I can’t exactly tell them what you’re really involved in.

[Out in the HALLWAY, the woman in the wedding dress continues to walk through the school, the hem of her lace and tulle dress dragging on the floor. She finally makes it to Alaric's office and reaches out with her left hand to slowly twist the doorknob to enter the room]

[Back in ALARIC'S OFFICE, Alaric pauses, and Caroline says something that the audience is not privy to hearing before he sighs and responds]

ALARIC: I-I am nowhere near cracking this case. I have a knife, I have a symbol, I have a place, sort of… But I don’t know what any of it means, a-and I don’t know what’s connecting it, and I don’t know what monster is coming next!

[Just then, a familiar female voice is heard behind Alaric as the woman in the wedding dress enters the office through the waiting room]

JO: Ric?

[Alaric turns around and is stunned speechless by the sight of Jo Laughlin, his deceased wife, standing before him. With the camera finally zooming in on her, the blood stains on her dress from when her twin brother Kai stabbed and killed her at her and Alaric's wedding are glaring. After a long moment of gaping at Jo, who looks equally confused, he finally finds his voice and ends the call with Caroline]

ALARIC: ...I’ve got to call you back.

[Alaric hangs up the phone]

[Meanwhile, out in the HALLWAY, classes have just been dismissed, and Dorian is in the middle of discussing something with one of the teenage students when Alaric's frantic shout is heard through the corridors]

ALARIC: Dorian!

[Dorian wastes no time stopping what he's doing and running toward the headmaster's office]

[Back in the office, Alaric has just grabbed and loaded a crossbow he keeps under his desk for just such occasions and has just aimed it at Jo, who puts her hands up in a non-threatening gesture, when Dorian rushes into the room and looks at the both of them in confusion]

DORIAN: Are you okay?

[Dorian. too, holds up his hands in alarm, not sure what is going on, and Jo immediately tries to talk her husband down]

JO: Whoa, whoa! Ric, if you could just put down the crossbow…? My freak-out level is about eleven right now.

[Dorian, still unclear on what is happening, frowns in confusion as he looks at Alaric]

DORIAN: You know her?

[Alaric keeps his crossbow aimed steadily at Jo, trying to maintain his cool despite how emotionally traumatizing this situation has already been for him]

ALARIC: I know who she’s supposed to be.

[Dorian glances back and forth between Alaric and Jo]

DORIAN: Who...?
ALARIC: The love of my life.


Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric's Office)

[The scene picks up right where it left off, with Alaric aiming a crossbow at Jo and Dorian gaping at both of them in confusion. Jo immediately starts to try to deescalate the situation]

JO: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait--

[Dorian nervously walks toward Alaric to get between him and Jo and tries to put some space between them]

DORIAN: Hold up, hold up, Ric...

[Jo, still holding her hands up in surrender, continues to try to calm Alaric down]

JO: Listen to Dorian.

[Jo turns to look at Dorian, as she's has never met him until now]

JO: Are you Dorian?

[Dorian looks at Jo uneasily]


[Jo nods her head in understanding]

JO: I’m Jo.
DORIAN: You’re his dead wife?

[Dorian looks back at Alaric, still confused]

DORIAN: I mean, fiancée? I mean, uh…

[Dorian looks back and forth between Alaric and Jo once again before finally landing on Alaric]

DORIAN: You don’t think she’s actually—
ALARIC: No, I don’t.
DORIAN: Did you see how she got there?
JO: I was sort of, um… yanked awake, and then I was just… here.

[Alaric, overwhelmed, can't help but chuckle hysterically]

ALARIC: Nothing suspicious about that...
DORIAN: You thinking what I’m thinking?
ALARIC: Kill her now before she attacks?

[Jo immediately looks alarmed at this answer]

JO: Wait, what?

[Dorian tries to defuse the situation once again]

DORIAN: I-I I was more, “Let’s interrogate her”… Because if she’s the next monster, then maybe she would know more than the dryad did.

[Jo, clearly liking this answer more than Alaric's, stares at her husband as if to say "Please, let's do that." Alaric, whose adrenaline has now run out, shakily drops his crossbow, sure enough for now that Jo isn't about to hurt them]

ALARIC: Okay... but no one sees her. Especially today.

[Dorian nods in agreement]

DORIAN: Good idea.

[Alaric thinks for a moment before turning toward Dorian]

ALARIC: I need Emma.

Salvatore Boarding School (Emma’s Office)

[Emma is in the middle of a session with Hope and takes a sip of her Salvatore School coffee mug as she listens to Hope babble happily]

HOPE: Obviously, nothing’s gonna come out of it. I mean, I may never see him again...

[Hope continues to ramble on as she picks up her glass of water and takes a sip, rolling her eyes at her next point]

HOPE: And nobody wants a phone-thing. Though, I do like the sound of his voice. It’s low, and smart-sounding, and kind of soothing… And his eyes! His eyes are like, this green-gray color that’s not really a color, you know? Like, they’re green when he wears green, and then--

[Hope catches herself and realizes she's been talking for several long moments without pause and groans as she looks down at the floor]

HOPE: Oh, my God. Who am I right now?

[Emma giggles as she sits her coffee mug down on the table between them]

EMMA: A normal teenager?

[Hope is still overwhelmed by the emotion she's just shown in talking about Landon, but Emma smiles, clearly happy at the progress Hope has made in the last few weeks]

EMMA: Though I do love hearing you talk about something as simple as having a crush on a boy, you do not need a counselor, Hope…

[Emma's phone buzzes, and when she picks it up, she sees a message that is presumably from Alaric and walks toward the office door as she finishes her statement]

EMMA: You need a friend.

[Emma squeezes Hope's shoulder affectionately before walking out the door to help Alaric and Dorian]

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[Rafael has gathered the werewolf pack in the grand hall, where he is using his new alpha clout to get their help in preparing for Josie and Lizzie's birthday party that evening. He stands halfway up the staircase and starts giving out instructions to the various wolves in the room]

RAFAEL: All right, let’s get the rest of these chairs and tables and get ‘em out of here.

[When the wolves look at each other warily, Rafael comes down the stairs and claps his hands to spur them into action]

RAFAEL: All right? Let’s go, let’s go!

[As Rafael walks toward the middle of the room to start helping, Hope appears behind him and starts walking in his direction]

HOPE: Perks of being an alpha-- a bunch of people you get to boss around.

[Rafael rolls his eyes, clearly still not comfortable in his new role as leader at this point]

RAFAEL: More like a bunch of shadows waiting to be told what to do.

[Rafael starts to pick up a chair to move it aside while Hope tries to continue to talk to him]

HOPE: Who put you on party duty?
RAFAEL: I volunteered.

[Rafael narrows his eyes suspiciously and retorts in an annoyed tone of voice]

RAFAEL: What do you want? I’m busy.
HOPE: Listen, Raf… I know you’re mad at me for sending Landon away...

[The reminder of Landon being gone visibly angers Rafael, who sets the chair down with a loud slamming noise before turning around to face Hope, who continues]

HOPE: ...But I promise you, it was for his own good.

[Rafael scoffs loudly in disagreement]

RAFAEL: You’ve known him for two minutes, and you know what’s good for him?

[Rafael stops when they are eye-to-eye, but Hope doesn't back down from the challenge in his expression]

HOPE: I know that I want him to be safe.

[Rafael sighs and crosses his arms over his chest]

HOPE: Listen, Raf, I just came here to apologize. And, I thought maybe if… I don’t know… if you needed someone to talk to…

[When the expression on Rafael's face remains blank and unchanged, Hope rolls her eyes and gives up]

HOPE: Whatever.

[Hope has just started to walk away when suddenly, Rafael grimaces, realizing she could use her help with an issue he currently has. He reluctantly calls out to her and turns around to face her]

RAFAEL: Actually, um, I do kind of need help with something. There’s no fancy parties in grand ballrooms where I come from. I need to know what to expect for tonight. I don’t want to let Lizzie down.

[Hope scoffs in disbelief]

HOPE: Who cares what Lizzie Saltzman thinks?

[Rafael maintains a serious expression]

RAFAEL: I do. I’m her date.

[Hope looks at him curiously at this news]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie’s Room)

[Josie, thinking Lizzie is still upset about the previous night's events, puts her back against the wall, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath before she opens her eyes and turns to enter her room to see how her sister is doing]

JOSIE: Hey, I didn’t see you at breakfast…
LIZZIE: I'm too excited to eat.

[Josie finds Lizzie making her bed, and when Lizzie sees her, she immediately stops what she's doing and rushes over to give her a hug]

LIZZIE: Happy birthday to us!

[Lizzie continues to embrace a surprised Josie as she spins them around for a moment before letting go and steadying her by squeezing her arms with her hands]

LIZZIE: Isn’t it a beautiful day for a party?

[Josie is visibly uneasy by how happy Lizzie is acting this morning]

JOSIE: You’re cheerful…

[Lizzie grabs Josie's hands and squeezes them happily]

LIZZIE: Why wouldn’t I be?

[Lizzie spins on her heel as she babbles, with Josie smiling in response to her great mood]

LIZZIE: Mom’s coming home, I had sex with Raf, my pores are practically invisible…

[Josie's smile immediately falls at the second piece of news as she frowns in confusion]

JOSIE: Wait, what? You had sex with—
LIZZIE: Last night. You know how Mom always says that things work out in the end the way they’re supposed to? She’s right. I wouldn’t have time to represent the witches now with a boyfriend! So you getting the consolation prize is perfect.

[Lizzie picks up two gold hairpieces from on top of her bed and holds them up toward the sides of her head as she turns back toward Josie]

LIZZIE: Okay, I need your help. I’m going for Meghan Markle-tasteful.

[Before Josie can say anything further, a female voice is heard from the doorway]

PENELOPE: Woot woot! Happy birthday, witches!

[The twins turn to find Penelope standing in front of the door, holding a birthday cupcake in each hand as she greets them in a fake-cheerful tone of voice. Lizzie's delighted expression immediately turns to a scowl as she addresses her nemesis]

LIZZIE: Oh, look. It’s Satan in a crop top. Come to burn my world down?

[Penelope ignores this reference to the conversation Lizzie and Penelope had the previous night before Lizzie had sex with Rafael and instead focuses on the barrettes in Lizzie's hair]

PENELOPE: Retro! Princess Di before she got style! I dig it.

[Lizzie, despite knowing Penelope is trying to rile her up, rips the barrettes from her hair and looks at them skeptically as Josie urges her ex-girlfriend to get to the point]

JOSIE: What do you want?
PENELOPE: Oh, just to cheer you two up. You know, ‘cause your mom’s not coming...

[Josie and Lizzie immediately freeze in shock with horrified expressions on their faces, just as Penelope intended]

JOSIE & LIZZIE: [in unison] What?

[Penelope continues to pretend as though she had no idea the girls didn't know about Caroline's cancelled flight]

PENELOPE: Oh, I heard them cancel her pickup at the office. I thought you knew. Oops!

[Lizzie glares at Penelope before telekinetically slamming the door in her face. She then turns to look at Josie, who is equally devastated by this news]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric’s Office)

[Jo has just changed into another set of clothes and is putting away her bloodied wedding gown in Alaric's office as Emma watches her curiously]

EMMA: I put a basic boundary spell to keep her in.

[Emma looks at Alaric with a concerned expression]

EMMA: Are you sure she can’t do magic?
ALARIC: She couldn’t before she died, so if she can now, I guess we’ll learn the hard way.

[Jo looks taken-aback by the fact that they're talking as though she isn't standing next to them]

JO: Um, she’s right here, and she’s got a lot of questions.

[Emma, who was in the process of walking out of the office, turns to face Alaric one last time before she leaves]

EMMA: Be careful with this one, Ric.

[Once Emma steps out of the double doors, he closes them and locks them before turning back toward Jo, whose expression makes it obvious that she thinks all the precautions are overkill]

ALARIC: Okay, let’s talk. Who are you? What do you want?

[Jo takes a deep breath and tries not to be offended by his line of questioning]

JO: I’m Josette Laughlin, almost Saltzman.
ALARIC: No, Jo Laughlin is dead.

[Jo gives Alaric a hard look]

JO: I’m well aware. It’s not every day you get murdered at your shotgun wedding.
ALARIC: Okay, what’s the last thing you remember?
JO: Morning sickness. My dress. Our vows. My psychopath twin brother with a very large knife… And then... nothing.

[It's clear by the fact that Alaric looks down at the floor that he's not satisfied with these answers, and Jo studies his face for a moment before she asks a question of her own]

JO: How long ago was that? You look a little… seasoned.
ALARIC: About sixteen years ago.

[Jo's eyes go wide, and her jaw nearly drops to the floor from the shock of this answer]

JO: Sixteen years?

[Once Jo composes herself, she returns to her questions]

JO: I don’t know what to say. How are you? How have you been?
ALARIC: Oh, just cut the--

[Alaric, not wanting to believe that this is truly the love of his life out of fear that she really is a monster who wants to harm them, hesitates before he finishes his statement]

ALARIC: Drop the act, okay?

[Jo gives him another hard look before bringing up a very valid argument]

JO: It’s not an act, Ric. This is Mystic Falls. I’m not exactly the first person to be brought back from the dead.
ALARIC: Yeah, well, things have gotten a little complicated around here lately.

[They are both startled by the sound of the doorknobs to the office rattling, and when the visitors, Josie and Lizzie, realize that the doors are locked, they start knocking on the doors instead]

LIZZIE: Uh, Dad? Why is your door locked?

[Jo, shocked by this sentence, looks at Alaric with wide-eyes and whispers to him]

JO: Dad?

[The scene cuts to outside the doors, where the angry twins are practically leaning against the hard wood. Josie brings up her next point when the first question gets no answer]

JOSIE: And when were you going to tell us that Mom wasn’t coming back?

[The scene cuts back inside the office, where Alaric has Jo held against his body with his left arm while he covers Jo's mouth with his right hand. He struggles to make up a convincing lie that will get the twins out of the area without further issues]

ALARIC: I was about to. There-there’s a strike at the airport in Mozambique.

[Outside the door, Josie and Lizzie give each other scathing looks that make certain they don't believe this story]

LIZZIE: She couldn’t compel a pilot and hop on a private jet?

[Back inside the office, Jo looks absolutely confused by their conversation as Alaric, who is equally flustered, continues to muzzle her with his hand while he lies]

ALARIC: She’ll explain everything later, okay? But right now, I just need you to go, because I’m wrapping your presents—
JOSIE: No, you’re not! You’re lying through your teeth!

[Inside the office, Alaric groans and rolls his eyes. Meanwhile, outside the office, Josie and Lizzie share a determined look before they each place their right and left hands, respectively, against the door, siphoning the boundary spell that Emma placed there earlier so they can unlock the door themselves]


[The doors burst open, and Alaric quickly lets go of Jo, unable to come up with a good cover for what they've been doing. Lizzie immediately assumes that Alaric is having an affair and gives Jo another scathing look as she sizes her up]

LIZZIE: Who’s this trollop?

[Jo, realizing that the two are sisters, steps backward without taking her eyes off of them. Lizzie is looking toward Alaric for answers while Josie seems to recognize the woman standing in front of her]

JOSIE: Oh, my God…
ALARIC: I need you to leave right now.

[Though Alaric shoots them a look that clearly states "Don't ask questions," Jo just can't help herself and speaks up in a shaky tone of voice]

JO: I’m sorry… How old are you?
JOSIE & LIZZIE: [in unison] Sixteen.

[Josie continues to stare at Jo while Lizzie shrugs her off]

LIZZIE: Today. It’s our birthday.

[Jo is flabbergasted when she realizes what this means]

JO: You’re twins?

[Lizzie suddenly remembers what they've just walked into and returns the subject to the events at hand]

LIZZIE: What are we interrupting here?

[Alaric, wishing he could take back the last few moments, once again tries to force the twins out before they figure out anything else]

ALARIC: I’m serious! Do as I say and now just go!

[Josie, who has been silent most of this conversation, realizes who Jo is and tries to communicate this information to Lizzie]

JOSIE: Lizzie…

[Lizzie rolls her eyes in annoyance before turning to Josie]

JOSIE: It’s her.
LIZZIE: [scoffs] Her who?

[Alaric clenches his jaw when he realizes that the jig is up. Josie turns to the right and rushes over to a nearby bookshelf, where she takes a framed photo off of the middle shelf. The photo is of Alaric and Jo at their wedding, just moments before Kai killed Jo and ended the festivities]


[Jo is dumbstruck by the fact that her daughters are standing in front of her, and Lizzie gasps when she comes to the same conclusion]

LIZZIE: Holy crap! You’re Bio-Mom.

[After the break, the scene picks up just where it left off, with everyone standing in shock and looking at each other. Jo starts to make sense of all of this information]

JO: This is impossible. I wasn’t even showing at our wedding. How--?

[Alaric, who has begun pacing around, finally responds with the truth]

ALARIC: Your family’s crazy coven magically implanted them in Caroline when you died. She’s their birth mother.
JO: Caroline?

[Jo automatically assumes this means that the two are now in a relationship together]

JO: So… you two…
ALARIC: No. She married Stefan Salvatore, who basically died on their wedding day, too… But that’s a long story.

[Lizzie, intent on defending who she very obviously sees as her "real" mother, speaks up on Caroline's behalf]

LIZZIE: They’re still very close.

[Alaric nods in agreement]

ALARIC: We opened this school together.

[Lizzie continues to act standoffishly in front of her biological mother, crossing her arms over her chest defiantly]

LIZZIE: She’s overseas right now, doing very important recruiting work.

[After a moment, Lizzie decides to introduce herself]

LIZZIE: I’m Lizzie… After my mother’s mom.

[Jo smiles despite Lizzie's attempts to make her feel badly, while Josie, who seems happy to finally meet the woman who created them, smiles and introduces herself as well]

JOSIE: And I’m Josie. Josette. Like...

[Jo realizes that she was Josie's namesake and beams at her]

JO: ...Me.

[Josie smiles warmly at her biological mother, and Lizzie glares at Josie as though she's betrayed Caroline by befriending Jo]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Hope has brought Rafael to the top of the staircase leading into the gymnasium, where she is literally walking him through the process being Lizzie's party date entails. She gestures down to the gym proper to point out where the DJ will be located]

HOPE: So, the emcee will then announce Lizzie and her escort.

[Rafael's eyes narrow in confusion]

RAFAEL: Her what?

[Hope struggles to find something comparable that he would understand to explain it]

HOPE: Kind of like at a-a debutante ball?

[Rafael continues to stare at Hope blankly]

RAFAEL: I grew up in foster care.

[Hope sighs, already becoming frustrated, and responds in a sarcastic voice]

HOPE: Okay… Well, they had stairs, didn’t they?

[She turns them so that they're at the top step and points down at the first landing]

HOPE: So, you’re gonna meet her halfway down.

[Hope continues to point until Rafael catches the hint and reluctantly walks down the next few stairs, sighing dramatically as he does so]

RAFAEL: How do you know all this stuff?

[Hope smiles at the memory of her aunt Rebekah and her fondness for parties and all things glamorous]

HOPE: One of my aunts has been around for more than a thousand years. This kind of thing is her jam.

[Hope, pretending to be Lizzie, delicately walks down the staircase to meet Rafael, who seems to be unsure of whether or not Hope is messing with him. She lightly tosses her hair over her shoulder as she faces him]

RAFAEL: So, what, I just stand here?

[Hope nods and raises her right arm so that it's bent at the elbow and hovering parallel to the floor next to his own]

HOPE: Then you take her arm.

[When Rafael rolls his eyes dramatically, Hope gently grabs his left arm to do it for him]

HOPE: Sort of like you’re putting yours on top.

[Hope links their arms together, grabbing his bicep in a formal manner]'

HOPE: Yeah, like that.

[Hope then steers them both toward the rest of the staircase]

HOPE: And then you descend together.

[The two walk down the staircase slowly, and when Hope looks up and sees Rafael's grimacing expression, she smiles at him sweetly as if to say, "Hey, you volunteered for this." Once they reach the bottom of the stairs, Hope turns to face Rafael and bends low in a formal curtsy]

HOPE: And now you bow.

[Rafael, who obviously thinks this is all ridiculous, laughs and rolls his eyes in a joking manner]

RAFAEL: Yeah, you’re messing with me.

[Hope's mocking smile makes it clear that she's being very truthful before reminding him of what he's about to experience]

HOPE: You think this is bad? You know it’s only gonna get worse, right? Lizzie Saltzman has been planning her Sweet Sixteen since she was five. You probably should’ve thought twice before asking to be her date.
RAFAEL: [sighs] Well, I didn’t ask her.

[Hope looks at him skeptically, and Rafael continues]

RAFAEL: All I know is that... I can’t let her down now.

[Hope frowns, not understanding his current dilemma]

HOPE: Why?

[Rafael gives Hope a hard look, as though the answer should be obvious]

RAFAEL: Because I slept with her, Hope.

[Hope's eyes widen in surprise at this answer]

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[Students are milling around the grand hall, where they're organizing tables full of birthday cupcakes and boxes of other desserts. Penelope has just sat down a stack of pink boxes when MG approaches her from behind and immediately begins to chastize her for her earlier interaction with the twins]

MG: You’re lucky I respect women and that I shun all forms of toxic masculinity, or else you and I would be throwing down right now…

[MG's voice trails off for a moment, and he lowers his voice to finish his sentence with a begrudging expression]

MG: Even if you can kick my ass...

[Penelope smiles and pretends like she doesn't know what he's talking about]

PENELOPE: Dude, I am here to help.
MG: [scoffs] By telling Lizzie and Josie that their mom isn’t coming?

[Penelope rolls her eyes in response]

PENELOPE: Oh, that was just for Lizzie--

[Penelope gives MG a knowing look before she continues]

PENELOPE: --Who is taking Rafael as her date instead of you. So, why are you doing all this to try and make her party perfect?

[MG smirks and shrugs sheepishly]

MG: ‘Cause a man’s got to shoot his shot.

[Penelope groans and rolls her eyes a second time]

PENELOPE: Oh, my God. No. I can’t take it anymore. As your friend, I demand that you retrieve your little MG’s from Lizzie’s grip.

[MG stands his ground and refuses to budge on this issue]

MG: Not when I can taste victory.

[Penelope sighs deeply and looks down at the floor for a long moment before she looks him in the eyes and makes her final pitch]

PENELOPE: Fine. I’ll make you a deal--

[Penelope takes him by the arm and walks him into the ballroom toward a small standing table while she continues]

PENELOPE: I will keep Werewolf Prince Charming away from the party long enough for you to shoot your one, final, inevitably-failed shot. And, when it’s over, and the Queen of Mean has broken your heart all over again, promise me that you will let Lizzie go.

[Penelope looks at him with a serious expression, and MG nods grimly in agreement]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric’s Office)

[Alaric, Jo, Josie, and Lizzie are still in Alaric's office, where they are using the magical lie-detecting orb to continue their questioning of Jo and her knowledge of why she's there]

ALARIC: All right, one more time. What’s your name?

[Jo, sitting primly in the chair across from Alaric, responds in a quiet but calm tone of voice]

JO: Josette Laughlin.

[They all look at the orb, which is glowing blue, indicating that she is telling the truth]

ALARIC: And what’s your profession?
JO: I’m a doctor.

[Jo pauses for a moment when she realizes she hasn't been anything in almost twenty years]

JO: I was, anyway…

[Alaric's expression is grim when the orb glows blue again, making it clear that he doesn't want to believe that his wife is truly back from the dead. He clenches his jaw and continues the interrogation]

ALARIC: Repeat after me: “I am here to harm you.”

[Jo does as she's told, maintaining the same low, quiet voice]

JO: I am here to harm you.

[The orb begins to glow bright red, proving that Jo is neither their next monster nor a threat to the school. Josie, who is visibly curious about Alaric's relationship with Jo, takes the opportunity to ask her more questions about their life before she died]

JOSIE: How did you meet my dad?

[Alaric immediately blanches and looks uncomfortable as he tries to interject]

ALARIC: That’s not, uh, a question--

[Jo ignores Alaric and smiles, answering her question patiently]

JO: I walked up to him at a college party. He was the only guy over twenty.
JOSIE: Was it love at first sight?

[Lizzie, who still hates that Josie is entertaining their biological mother returning to their life, immediately cuts in to their conversation]


[Josie looks at Lizzie with an impatient expression, and Lizzie's expression turns sullen]

LIZZIE: Don’t be so nosy.

[Again, Jo smiles wryly and patiently answers Josie's question in hopes of giving them some insight in her and Alaric's life together]

JO: Not quite. I flirted with him and asked him for a sip of his drink. He told me he was a germaphobe.

[Jo smiles again at the thought of the memory of the Whitmore College football kick-off party in I'll Remember, when Alaric denied her a drink because he was still a vampire then and his flask was full of blood. Alaric can't help but look at Jo wistfully as he, too, reminisces of their past]

JO: But I thought he looked like Indiana Jones, so…

[The orb in Alaric's hand glows blue once again, and Josie smiles in satisfaction that Jo truly is her biological mother. Lizzie, on the other hand, is not at all thrilled with the situation unfolding in front of her and tries to shut it down]

LIZZIE: This walk down Weird Old People memory lane is fun and all, but we have a party to get ready for.

[Lizzie gives Josie a look as if to demand "Let's go," but Josie, not ready to end their conversation with Jo, turns back to their reborn mother]

JOSIE: Will you still be here after?

[Jo's eyes become wet with tears when she realizes that she has no idea how much time she has with them or what brought her back in the first place, though she forces herself to smile happily in order to hide it from Alaric and the twins. Alaric, understanding the difficulty in answering the question, steers the conversation back to a more optimistic topic]

ALARIC: I will be there when I can. But right now, the office is off-limits.

[Josie looks at Jo questioningly, and Jo smiles at her, nodding to assure her that they will see each other again before the two leave]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Hope and Rafael are practicing a slow, awkward waltz in the gymnasium in anticipation of the twins' party that evening. After a moment, Hope makes a face]

HOPE: I can’t believe you slept with Lizzie Saltzman...
RAFAEL: Look, I was mad, and she was there.

[Hope rolls her eyes and groans]

HOPE: Ugh...

[Rafael gives Hope a look]

RAFAEL: I didn’t say I was proud of it.

[Hope returns her focus to the dance moves, and begins steering Rafael around more forcefully, which makes him sigh in frustration]

RAFAEL: You’re leading.

[Rafael takes his right hand off of her hip so Hope can spin for a moment before returning to position, and she gives him a very pointed look when she does so]

HOPE: You’re officially a gigolo.

[Though he finds her annoying, he can't help but laugh as the two let go of each other so Rafael can head toward the back door of the gym]

RAFAEL: Thanks for this. I guess I’ll see you at the party?

[Hope, who hangs back, shakes her head]

HOPE: No, you won’t.

[Rafael scoffs and turns back around to face her with a skeptical expression]

RAFAEL: So, what, you’re just gonna stay in your room alone while everybody else is out having fun?

[Hope nods and replies in a sarcastic tone of voice]

HOPE: Yup. Works for me.

[It's obvious that Rafael isn't buying what she's saying, so he calls her out on it]

RAFAEL: Bullcrap. Everybody needs a crew.

[Hope gives Rafael a look that indicates she thinks he's being a hypocrite]

HOPE: Kind of ironic coming from the reluctant alpha.
RAFAEL: Okay, well, the pack is one thing, but a crew is a crew.

[Rafael takes advantage of the opportunity to get another dig in against Hope]

RAFAEL: You know what? I had that in Landon until you sent him away.

[Hope rolls her eyes impatiently]

HOPE: We’re back to that?
RAFAEL: I’m just saying-- it's one thing to be cool with being alone, and then it's another to want to be the lonely girl on purpose.

[This seems to hit Hope hard, so she throws back an insult of her own]

HOPE: As opposed to Mr. Good Guy, who’s taking a girl that you don’t even like to her own party?

[Rafael, realizing this argument is going nowhere, smiles fakely at her and spreads his arms wide]

RAFAEL: You know what? You’re right. Lesson learned.

[Rafael turns to walk away, his fake smile fading to a scowl as he gets ready to leave. However, just as he's about to cross the threshold into the hallway, his body slams into an magical barrier that glows a purple-blue color when he makes contact with it. He frowns and backs away, clearly confused by this]

RAFAEL: The hell?

[Hope expression turns wary as she strides toward the threshold and slams her hands against the barrier, which confirms what she already assumed to be true]

HOPE: Barrier spell. Fantastic.

[Suddenly, Penelope appears in the doorway, smiling in what seems to be a combination of smugness and apologism for what she's just done]

PENELOPE: Sorry, kids. Nothing personal.

[Hope, visibly furious, glares at Penelope before replying in a stern tone of voice]

HOPE: Let us out of here, Penelope.

[Penelope, unsure of how much she should reveal about why she's just locked them into the gym, eventually decides to shrug it off]

PENELOPE: You’ll be free in an hour. Plenty of time for you to practice that waltz.

[Penelope smirks at them before walking away, leaving Hope and Rafael to look at each other with frustrated expressions]

Salvatore Boarding School (Library)

[Alaric, Dorian, and Emma have just gathered in the library, where they are poring over a half-dozen open books on the table in front of them, trying to make sense of what Jo's return means. Alaric seems to be more and more willing to believe that Jo's intentions are pure]

ALARIC: I don’t get it. She hasn’t tried to escape, not a word about the knife… She knows things that only Jo knows, and let’s not ignore the fact that I remember her, so she’s not like the other creatures.

[Emma looks at Alaric with concern, and it's obvious that she believes that Jo's return is part of a larger plot to steal the knife]

EMMA: Blunt force hasn’t gotten them what they want, so they’ve moved on to psychological warfare. Tread lightly. If Jo is another monster, she can do more damage to you than any dragon.

[Dorian, who has been silent thus far, suddenly speaks up after having found something in a book he thinks may be of use]

DORIAN: It was something she said…

[Dorian spins the book around so Alaric can see it]

DORIAN: Here. There’s an eyewitness account of a group of World War I soldiers buried in France... who came back to life and massacred a village.

[Dorian points at the book to emphasize his point]

DORIAN: After, they didn’t remember hurting anyone, and they all said they’d been “yanked” back into being. Like Jo.

[Alaric does not look thrilled by the way this investigation is going]

ALARIC: Wait, so someone or something resurrected them and used them to attack a village?
DORIAN: Without them even knowing it.

[Alaric pauses to process this new information]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie’s Room)

[Josie, still in a t-shirt and gym shorts, is in the middle of doing Lizzie's hair for their party as the two debrief on what has just occurred. Conversely, Lizzie is already in her glittery turquoise dress and matching makeup and is watching Josie work on her up-do with an antique-looking hand mirror]

JOSIE: Dad is so suspicious.

[Lizzie scoffs as though this statement is obvious]

LIZZIE: Uh, duh. So am I.

[Josie, who disagrees with her sister but who doesn't want to start a fight, quietly responds as she puts bobby pins in Lizzie's artfully-styled ponytail]

JOSIE: I just think she’s more fairy grandmother than zombie...

[Lizzie's voice is firm when she gives her rebuttal]

LIZZIE: She’s not our mother-- she's DNA. We can be mad at Mom all that we want for missing our party, but we cannot cheat on her with Mombie Dearest!

[Lizzie rolls her eyes before turning to look at Josie, making a face when she sees that she's still in her lounge clothes]

LIZZIE: You’re not even dressed.

[Lizzie sighs dramatically]

LIZZIE: I don’t want to be late to my own party.

[Josie shrugs nonchalantly in hopes of stirring up more trouble with her sister]

JOSIE: I’m done. I’ll catch up with you, okay?

[Lizzie stands and walks out of their room without another word, leaving Josie to get dressed by herself. She has just set the hand mirror on her dresser when she suddenly sees the corner of a red envelope peeking out from behind the pillow on her bed. She opens it to find a small velvet draw-string bag, which she lays on her bed, and a card which reads "Hope your birthday wishes come true, Hope."]

[Josie smiles and picks up the small bag, which has a silver chain necklace with a matching oval pendant that is stamped with an illegible crest, though a fleur-de-lis can be seen near the top. Josie continues to smile at the kind gesture from her new friend as she slips the necklace on and fastens it behind her neck. She's then distracted by the sound of Penelope's voice calling out to her in the doorway]


[For once, Penelope looks almost shy as she sheepishly walks into the room. She's wearing a flowy, navy blue satin dress with a shimmery white bodice, dark red lipstick, and smokey eye makeup. Josie's smile falls when she sees her ex standing in the doorway]

PENELOPE: Need an escort?

[Josie turns to put her card away, and when she responds, her voice is tired, indicating that the return of her biological mother has spent what was left of her emotional energy]

JOSIE: Sure. Do you know anyone whose heart isn’t made of stone?

[Penelope looks at the floor for a moment, knowing that Josie has a valid point]

PENELOPE: Look, I am sorry about earlier. I saw a chance to make Lizzie suffer and, uh...

[Penelope chuckles anxiously]

PENELOPE: I shot my shot.

[This answer does nothing to make Josie feel any better-- in fact, it seems to have only made her more frustrated]

JOSIE: Why can’t you just ease up on her?

[Penelope looks at Josie with a sad expression, as though it hurts that Josie doesn't even see, let alone understand, her motives]

PENELOPE: She sucks the air out of every room you’re in.

[Josie, now annoyed, immediately defends her sister]

JOSIE: She's my twin-- we can share oxygen.
PENELOPE: Are you sharing love interests now, too? Because she’s the only one with a date.

[It is obvious by the expression on Josie's face that Penelope's comment about Lizzie and Rafael hit her where it hurt, which only serves to support her argument]

PENELOPE: See? You have crawled so far down the codependence rabbit hole that you think taking care of yourself is selfish?

[Josie avoids eye contact with her ex-girlfriend by staring at the floor, but Penelope isn't finished making her point]

PENELOPE: But it’s not. So, when are you gonna take care of you?

[Josie, tiring of all Penelope's constructive criticism, tries her best to stand her ground]

JOSIE: I take care of myself just fine.

[Penelope gives her a pointed look]

PENELOPE: Oh, really?

[Penelope and Josie stare at each other for a long moment]

PENELOPE: Party starts in five. It’s a shame you spent all of that time helping Lizzie get ready.

[Penelope shoots Josie one last sad expression before she turns and walks out of Josie and Lizzie's room]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric’s Office)

[Jo, all by herself in Alaric's office, is walking around, looking at all of the objects around the room, from the framed paintings to the historical and magical artifacts to his private book collection. She notices several photo albums in a case and opens the glass doors to grab one, standing in front of a small mirror sitting next to the books, which reveals her true face-- her skin is pale white, dry, and cracked, her cheeks sunken in and her eyes just dark pits in their sockets. However, Jo doesn't see her reflection, so she simply smiles as she starts flipping through the pages of the twins as they grew up]

[Suddenly, the scene cuts to outside the office, where Josie has just siphoned the boundary spell for the second time and silently used telekinesis to open the doors so she can enter. She's in a ballet-pink silk and tulle cocktail dress that is sleeveless with a form-fitting bodice, and her hair is down in messy curls. Jo, surprised to see her daughter once again, smiles at Josie before the younger witch speaks up in an anxious tone of voice]

JOSIE: Do you know how to braid?

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[Josie and Lizzie's birthday party is underway, with a DJ playing dance music on the speakers as dozens of her older classmates dance with each other on the floor. Lizzie smiles when she sees how many people have attended this party on her behalf and slowly walks down a few stairs until the emcee sees her and makes his announcement]

EMCEE: Ahhh, let’s welcome birthday girl number one and her lucky escort!

[The spotlight shines directly on Lizzie, who begins to panic when she doesn't see Rafael waiting for her. Trying to play it cool, Lizzie descends a few more steps before suddenly, MG vamp-speeds toward the bottom of the staircase so she can meet him there, rubbing the side of his nose with his thumb as if to say "Just go with it." Lizzie look tense as she stands at MG's side]

LIZZIE: Where’s my date?

[MG smiles confidently]

MG: You’re looking at him.

[Lizzie briefly looks MG up and down appraisingly and is not impressed by his choice of footwear]

LIZZIE: You’re wearing sneakers?

[Despite Lizzie's snooty tone of voice, MG refuses to be offended by her words and looks down at his pristine black-and-white high-top sneakers]

MG: These are Concord 11s, my lady.

[MG pulls a rose out of his breast pocket to hand to Lizzie, who is clearly touched but unwilling to admit defeat regarding her mysteriously-missing date Rafael just yet]

LIZZIE: What if I told you my favorite was sunflowers?

[MG smiles at her sheepishly, trying his best not to take her comments personally in favor of wooing her]

MG: I’d know you were lying.

[Lizzie seems strangely touched by this retort and tilts her head curiously]


[MG reaches his left hand toward the crowd, where what is presumably the school's goth witch coven raises their right hands into the air and wiggle their fingers, causing a shower of sparkles to fall on MG and Lizzie, the latter of whom is mystified despite her best efforts to the contrary. MG smiles in satisfaction when he realizes that he's got Lizzie hooked and holds out his right hand in offering]

MG: The same way I know that your favorite color is lavender, your favorite dessert is key lime pie, you like a blend of hip-hop and old-school Motown, and powdered bat wings make you sneeze.

[MG once again reaches out his left hand, this time toward the DJ, who immediately begins playing a remix of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Lizzie links her arm in MG's as he walks her the rest of the way onto the dance floor, looking shocked at how much he knows about her]

LIZZIE: My favorite song…

[MG smirks happily]

MG: I know.

[The party attendees begin to cheer and dance to the music, and MG starts to do the same, dancing in circles around Lizzie and bumping her hip with his own until she laughs and starts to dance with him]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric’s Office)

[Meanwhile, Jo is in the middle of doing Josie's hair for the party, and the two giggle for a moment before Jo gives Josie a curious look]

JO: Aren’t you gonna be late?

[Josie smiles sheepishly and looks down at her hands, which are resting in her lap]

JOSIE: Oh, no. It’s cool. No one will notice.

[Jo continues to look at Josie with a skeptical smile as she hands Josie her hairbrush]

JO: At your own party?

[Josie sighs and shrugs]

JOSIE: Maybe if I had a date…

[Jo continues to arrange Josie's hair as she leans forward to look at her daughter in the eyes]

JO: Is there someone special?

[Josie chuckles nervously and hesitates as she tries to think of what to say]

JOSIE: That... is a complicated question.

[Jo, finished with Josie's hair, walks around and sits down in the red armchair across from her, smiles at her in a way that makes it clear she is eager to learn everything she can about her daughters' lives]

JO: Humor me.

[Josie, happy to have someone interested in her and her life, giggles anxiously before she speaks]

JOSIE: Well… last year, there was this girl, but she dumped me.

[Jo coos sympathetically at the news of her heartbreak]

JO: Aw…
JOSIE: And now, there’s this boy, um… but Lizzie has dibs, so…

[Jo's brow is furrowed in a way that indicates she has an idea of where this story is going]

JO: Does she know you like him?

[Josie's eyes widen in alarm at the thought of Lizzie finding out about her feelings for Rafael]

JOSIE: Nooo… That would be bad.

[Jo continues to smile, pleased that her namesake is so similar to herself in so many ways]

JO: Being sixteen and having a strong twin sister isn’t a cakewalk… But anybody who spends five minutes with you would know how special you are.
JOSIE: You’re only saying that because you’re--

[Josie realizes she's about to say "my mom" and stops herself, conflicted between her desire to claim her biological mother while also not wanting to betray her adoptive mother. Jo, sensing Josie's complicated feelings at her return to life, gives her a reassuring smile]

JO: It’s okay. Caroline is your mom. She did a great job.
JOSIE: Lizzie’s just like her. You would never know that she’s not her biological mom.

[Jo's eyes twinkle as she smiles sweetly at Josie]

JO: And you take after me.

[Josie smiles, visibly enjoying the time she's spending with Jo]

JOSIE: I’m really happy you’re here. I honestly think that Dad is really lonely.

[Jo, having missed Alaric and seemingly treasuring the time she has gotten with her daughter, nods her head and chuckles]

JO: He’s a pretty terrific guy, your dad…

[Jo, realizing how much time they have spent talking, tries to return to the task at hand]

JO: But you can catch me up later. You have a party to go to.

[Josie thinks for a moment before suddenly getting an idea]

JOSIE: Actually… do you want to come with me?

[Jo smiles and giggles, surprised by this impromptu invitation]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Night has fallen, and Hope and Rafael are still trapped inside of the gym. Hope is leaning against a sawhorse while Rafael paces around anxiously, obviously feeling guilty for what Lizzie must perceive as Rafael standing her up]

RAFAEL: So, you can slay a dragon, but you can’t get us out of here?

[Hope sighs and anxiously frets with her bracelets]

HOPE: Only Penelope can undo the spell. Or, the twins could siphon the magic…

[Rafael walks over to Hope and places his hands on the sawhorse so he can lean against it from the other side]

RAFAEL: Well, that’s unlikely, seeing as Lizzie probably thinks I’m standing her up right now.

[Hope, clearly unbothered by Lizzie's potential discomfort, gives Rafael a sarcastic look]

HOPE: Her ego could use a little bit of deflating.

[It is obvious by the tone of Rafael's voice that he is not amused by Hope's glib comments about Lizzie]

RAFAEL: I’m not that guy, okay? I don’t forget about people.

[Hope frowns, not understanding why he's getting so emotional about this]

HOPE: Relax, it's only been twelve hours...

[Rafael loses his temper and replies in a harsh tone]

RAFAEL: It’s not that!

[Hope blanches, not expecting this reaction out of him, and Rafael tones down the anger in his voice. When he speaks up again, he sounds more guilty than angry]

RAFAEL: Look, it has only been six weeks since…

[Hope's eyes widen when she realizes why Rafael is really upset]

HOPE: ...Your girlfriend died. Cassie.

[Hope's expression is sympathetic and concerned as she walks over to him, while Rafael looks devastated by his recent actions]

RAFAEL: It’s crazy, but I feel like, like I cheated on her or something. So, if I can do right by Lizzie, maybe then I can--

[Hope, knowing that this line of thinking isn't healthy, cuts him off gently]

HOPE: Then, what? It’ll exonerate you?

[Rafael takes a deep breath and sighs]

RAFAEL: I don’t know. Maybe.

[Hope, too, sighs before giving him her advice]

HOPE: Look, Raf, you went through something awful, and it’s right to mourn your girlfriend, but you can’t pretend to like Lizzie to make yourself feel better. That’s not doing her any good-- or yourself.

[Rafael frowns and clenches his jaw, though he seems to know deep down that she is right]

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[In the grand hall, Josie and Lizzie's birthday party is still raging on, with the attendees having a blast while the DJ continues to play remixes of classic 1980s pop songs, currently "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant. The dance floor has been cleared, with the party attendees gathered around it as they prepare for a dance-off. Lizzie is standing in the back, her fluffy vest slung over her shoulder, as she watches MG dance onto the floor and jump into the air so he can perform an aerial spin before landing lightly on his feet and twirling in a circle. Lizzie is visibly impressed as the other students cheer him on, with MG walking toward her with purpose]

LIZZIE: Oh, you got moves.

[MG smirks, obviously pleased with himself]

MG: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

[MG bounces on his heels for a moment as he gets himself into position at the far end of the dance floor. He then smoothly and rapidly performs a front handspring that he then transitions into a backflip, landing on his feet at vampire speed. Lizzie gasps and covers her mouth with her hand as she giggles in awe at MG, and the crowd around them goes wild at the gymnastic feat the young vampire has just performed. MG swishes his hips side to side as he walks toward Lizzie again and crooks his index fingers to beckon her onto the floor with him]

MG: Come on...

[Lizzie, suddenly shy, protests, only for MG to take her by the hands and gently pull her into the center of the crowd]

LIZZIE: No. No, no, no...
MG: Yes, yes, uh-huh, uh-huh...

[Despite her protests, Lizzie needs very little convincing to join MG in the middle of the dance floor, where he begins to step side to side to the beat of the music. After a moment of watching him, she begins to dance alongside him, watching happily as he begins to breakdance next to him]

[Meanwhile, at the top of the staircase, Penelope is standing behind the balcony, smiling despite her reservations about MG's plan to woo Lizzie. However, after a moment, she realizes that all the attention is on Lizzie and her twin sister Josie is nowhere to be found, a realization that causes her to frown in concern. She turns to one of the students standing to her left]

PENELOPE: Has anyone seen Josie?

Salvatore Boarding School (Backyard)

[Josie is walking through the school grounds toward the grand hall, where she is in the middle of an animated conversation with Jo about the current relationship statuses of her friend group]

JOSIE: So, Lizzie’s in love with Raf, but MG’s in love with Lizzie. It’s this whole thing.

[Jo, amused, scoffs dramatically and throws her hands up into the air]

JO: What?

[Josie excitedly leads Jo through the yard toward the grand hall, not immediately noticing that Jo has slowed down considerably]

JOSIE: There’s this alcove that’s up super high, so you’ll be able to see everything...

[Suddenly, Jo stops walking and goes stiff, causing her to fall flat on her back with a loud thump. Hearing her fall, Josie turns around and immediately rushes over to her to see if she's okay]

JOSIE: Jo? Hey. Jo?

[When Jo remains unresponsive, seemingly unconscious on the ground, Josie looks around desperately in hopes of getting the attention of someone who can assist her]

JOSIE: Somebody help!

[When no one is around to hear her shouts, Josie looks down at Jo and immediately stands to her feet]

JOSIE: I’ll be right back, okay?

[Josie rushes back toward the school, and a moment later, Jo's head turns so her face is tilted toward the sky, and when she opens her eyes, her irises and pupils have been clouded over, giving her an eerie, phantomesque appearance. Suddenly, Jo rises to her feet, her white eyes stark against the dark sky, and Josie, hearing her awaken, stops dead in her tracks. She slowly turns to face her biological mother, whose body has taken on a zombie-like appearance that makes her look more like a corpse than a live human. Jo smirks darkly before rushing after the confused and horrified Josie]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Hope and Rafael are sitting on the floor right by the entrance to the gymnasium, where they are boredly watching the second hand of the clock on the wall as it ticks loudly]

HOPE: One more minute.

[The two sit in silence for a long moment before Hope takes the opportunity to clear the air between the two of them]

HOPE: Raf, I didn’t just send Landon away. I sent him to someone who’s gonna help him find his birth mom.

[Though this confession was meant to make Rafael feel better about Landon leaving Mystic Falls, it ultimately does the opposite, making Rafael scoff incredulously]

RAFAEL: You sent him away by himself to find the woman that gave him up?

[Hope, not understanding the problem, frowns in confusion]

HOPE: What if she’s amazing and he finally gets a family?
RAFAEL: He had a family! He had me.

[It is obvious by the expression on Hope's face that they are having a fundamental disagreement over personal philosophy]

HOPE: A crew isn’t the same. Family is always and forever.
RAFAEL: Yeah, you’re right-- he's not my blood, but he is my brother. If anything, maybe you should try doubling down on friends to make up for the family you don't have.

[This comment has clearly hurt Hope's feelings, judging by the tears filling her eyes, and the two sit in awkward silence for a long moment before Rafael turns to check the clock. Realizing their magical imprisonment is finally over, Rafael sighs as he stands to his feet]

RAFAEL: Time’s up, lonely girl.

[Rafael walks right past Hope without another word, leaving the young tribrid to think about what they have talked about today]

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[The party is still going on with just as much enthusiasm as before, and Lizzie is finally getting into dancing with MG, losing herself in the music as they spin and twirl around each other. MG lifts her in the air for a spin just as the music turns soft, indicating that it's time for a slow dance]

[A cover of "Everything She Does Is Magic" by the Police starts to play, and Lizzie smiles shyly as she puts her arms around MG's neck and starts to sway to the music. MG's smile softens, and it's obvious that he thinks that he might just be winning Lizzie over when suddenly, Rafael, in a light-gray suit, appears behind them. Lizzie sees him first, and it isn't until Rafael reaches out and squeezes MG's shoulder with his hand that the moment passes and Lizzie's eyes are only for the young werewolf. Rafael, thinking MG was just trying to make Lizzie feel better after being stood up, steps in to take his place]]

RAFAEL: I got this.

[When MG sees the look of excitement on Lizzie's face at the site of him, he sadly steps aside as Rafael pats him appreciatively on the back]

RAFAEL: Thanks.

[Once the two are alone, Rafael looks at her with an apologetic expression]

RAFAEL: I’m sorry I was late.

[Lizzie smiles, forgetting how upset she was when he wasn't initially there at the party]

LIZZIE: I’ll forgive you... just this once.

[MG watches from afar as Rafael bends forward in a bow, his mouth twisting into a bitter frown before he walks away. Rafael gently takes Lizzie's arm in his own before the two start to slow dance in the middle of the crowd]

Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor / Backyard)

[Dorian is inside, rushing through the ground floor of the school while talking to Alaric on the phone. Meanwhile, Alaric is out on the grounds, running around just as frantically as the two discuss what they know]

ALARIC: She could be anywhere, Dorian.
DORIAN: I’ve got the faculty searching the building as we speak.
ALARIC: I’m on my way to the dance hall.

[Just then, an anxious and concerned Jo rushes toward Alaric, relieved to have at least found back-up]

JO: Ric?

[Alaric quickly wraps up his phone call with Dorian]

ALARIC: Call off the dogs. I think I found her.
DORIAN: I think I’ll keep ‘em on standby...

[Alaric and Dorian end the call, and Alaric wastes no time seeking Jo out for answers as to what happened]

JO: Something’s wrong.
ALARIC: How did you get out?
JO: Josie wanted me to come to the party, and, so, she siphoned the spell again. I know it was stupid, but I just wanted to see their Sweet Sixteen...

[Alaric, trying his best to remain calm for the both of them, takes a deep breath to steady themselves]

ALARIC: Okay, just tell me exactly what happened.
JO: I don’t know. I-I was with her one minute, and then…

[Jo lifts her shaking hands in the air, revealing that they are covered in dirt, with soil packed under her nails and around the cuticles as though she was digging into the earth with her hands. Alaric tries to make sense of this new information while also trying to calm Jo]

JO: Ric, I lost time. I don’t know. I must have done something to her, but I just, I don’t know…

[Jo gasps loudly before suddenly going limp, and Alaric, completely overwhelmed and confused by this recent turn of events, just barely manages to catch her before she collapses onto the ground. Once again, Jo opens her eyes to reveal that they are totally white, and her voice takes on a deeper, almost demonic tone of voice as well as what sounds like an English accent when she speaks again]

JO / NECROMANCER: There’s a knife in your possession that will buy you the answer.

[Alaric, disgusted by this change in his deceased wife, drops Jo to the ground with a loud thud, but Jo just laughs before standing to her feet]

JO: No need to rush. I’m sure your daughter has an hour before she runs out of air.

[Alaric grabs not-Jo by the front of her shirt and pins her in a choke-hold against the nearby tree]

ALARIC: Where is she?

[Not-Jo says nothing, simply smirking silently as her bright white eyes stare at him blankly. Suddenly, Hope, who has changed into a maroon ball gown, appears behind them and looks at Alaric with concern and confusion]

HOPE: Dr. Saltzman? What’s going on?

[Alaric almost seems relieved to see his protégée and pants for breath for a long moment before he finally speaks, his mind desperately formulating a plan]

ALARIC: Hope, I need your help.

[Hope's eyes widen in alarm]

Salvatore Boarding School (Old Mill)

[MG is sitting glumly on the front steps of the old mill behind the school when Penelope, looking worried, sees him sitting there and approaches him]

PENELOPE: Hey… Have you seen Josie?

[MG's voice is bitter as he quietly responds to her question]

MG: She’s probably having the time of her life, like I was until Prince Charming showed up and turned me into the pumpkin.

[Penelope, clearly more concerned about the missing Josie than the predictable end to MG's night, gives him a look that makes it obvious she's silently saying, "I told you so." However, MG is too caught up in his own feelings to notice]

MG: I have hate in my heart.

[MG sees an ax whose blade has been driven into a nearby tree stump and stands so he can grab it, a determined look forming on his face]

MG: I’m ready for battle.

[MG's tone of voice and expression both become dramatically serious]

MG: We’re gonna duel.

[Penelope, preoccupied with finding Josie, rolls her eyes in a mixture of exasperation and annoyance at his dramatic response to Rafael's appearance at the party]

PENELOPE: No-- we're not doing that. I'm holding you to our deal. As of this moment, Lizzie Saltzman's cancelled.

[Penelope is momentarily distracted by the appearance of Hope, who is marching off into the woods with a large flashlight, a shovel, and a focused expression and who is paying little attention to the witch and the vampire debating outside the mill. Not able to resist the chance to get a dig in against Hope, Penelope smirks sarcastically]

PENELOPE: You gonna howl at the moon wearing that?

[Hope, with bigger things on her mind, simply rolls her eyes and doesn't so much as slow down as she walks past them]

HOPE: Sorry, no time for bitchy banter…

[Hope stops suddenly and thinks for a moment, realizing that Penelope and MG may actually be of use to her. The latter two watch her curiously, unsure of what is going on when Hope reluctantly backtracks]

HOPE: Actually… I could use your help finding Josie.

[Penelope immediately snaps to attention at the sound of Josie's voice and gets to the point]

PENELOPE: What happened?

[Hope and Penelope share an anxious look]

HOPE: Apparently, her possessed biological mother buried her alive in the cemetery.

[Not needing to hear anything else, Penelope wastes no time grabbing a shovel laying around outside of the mill as she and MG follow after Hope, who leads them toward the graveyard]

MG: We’re coming with you.

Salvatore Boarding School / Backroads of Mystic Falls

[At the SALVATORE SCHOOL, Alaric is in his office, where he has just dialed the combination to a safe hidden in the wall by his desk to check on the status of the mystical knife. However, once he opens the door, he is horrified to find that the knife has vanished. Slamming the safe door and quickly pulling out his cell phone, Alaric immediately calls Dorian, who does not seem surprised to be hearing from him]

DORIAN: [on the phone] Hello, Ric.
ALARIC: Where is it?

[The scene cuts to the BACKROADS OF MYSTIC FALLS, where Dorian and Emma are in a car driving out of town. Emma is in the passenger seat, examining the knife, while Dorian drives and takes the call through his car's bluetooth set-up. Dorian can't help but chuckle grimly when he hears this question]

DORIAN: Asking for a friend?
ALARIC: I need the knife, Dorian. My daughter’s life is at stake.
DORIAN: That’s why I moved it. I knew the monster was gonna make a play.

[Alaric, at the end of his rope and not knowing what else to do, tries to make an emotional appeal to his friend and research assistant]

ALARIC: I need you to bring it to me now.
DORIAN: Hero 101, Ric-- you don't give the bad guys what they want, especially if we don't know what it does. I mean, this thing could spawn Armageddon.
ALARIC: It has Josie!

[While Dorian clearly feels for Alaric, he makes it certain that nothing will be swaying him on this issue]

DORIAN: We’ll save Josie, Ric. We’re not giving up this knife.

[Dorian ends the call, much to Alaric's anger]

Mystic Falls Woods / Cemetery

[Hope continues to lead the determine looking trio of herself, Penelope, and MG into the cemetery, all of them clutching their weapons tightly and looking worried. Determined to find her newest friend, Hope begins to instruct the others on how to proceed]

HOPE: MG, listen for her breathing.

[Barely a second passes before MG stops walking]

MG: Hold on… I hear something.

[MG turns and holds out his hand to Hope]

MG: Shovel.

[MG quickly starts digging up a newly-dug patch of earth in front of a gravestone, but is stunned when a decomposing arm pushes itself through the soil and starts grabbing MG by the ankle as the zombie rasps and hisses. The creature bursts out of the dirt, revealing himself to be a young adult male who starts clawing his way toward the three students in front of him. Penelope takes the shovel she's holding and swings it at the zombie, burying the blade into the side of his neck, but it barely slows him down. MG, exasperated and trying to protect his friends, calls out to them as he fights back]

MG: That won't work!

[MG falls on his backside, grabs his shovel, and jams the end of the blade in the zombie's forehead, seemingly killing it before scoffing at Hope and Penelope, who seem shocked by how easily MG took the revenant out]

MG: To kill a walker, you gotta go for the brain! Everybody knows that.

[Penelope can't help but roll her eyes at the fact that it's not the best time for an argument over zombie hunting]

PENELOPE: Yeah, every nerd, maybe. Just call it a zombie.

[As MG and Penelope bicker, Hope's eyes narrow in concern as she hears what sounds like several more enemies crawling out of various other nearby graves. When she realizes that they're not yet done fighting, Hope calls out to them exhaustedly]

HOPE: Zombies. Plural.

[Hope, Penelope, and MG, all clutching their weapons tightly, tense up and look around as more zombies surround them in a circle, forcing them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a triangle shape group]

Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[Inside, the party is still on the dance floor, where Rafael is using the skills Hope taught him to waltz with Lizzie, who seems content to have the boy she likes at her side. When he spins her into an embrace, Lizzie musters up the courage to make her pitch for their after-party plans]

LIZZIE: There’s a clothing-optional rock quarry nearby...

[Since Lizzie's back is swaying against Rafael's chest, she can't see when he realizes what she's proposing and sighs quietly, closing his eyes as he thinks about the nicest way to respond to this proposition]

LIZZIE: It’s cold, but I figured since we won’t be getting much sleep tonight, it could be refreshing…

[Lizzie looks back at Rafael, who forces himself to smile as he spins her back around so they're face to face. Lizzie beams at him in excitement, but Rafael is intent to let her down easily]

RAFAEL: Lizzie, I’m sorry, but I can’t.

[Lizzie's smile falls, and her brow furrows in confusion, not realizing what he's about to do]

RAFAEL: I know it’s a dick move to do this on your birthday, but it would be even worse to lie to you. Now I’m yours, and I’m here tonight, and I want to be the best date that I can be, but the other stuff is not gonna happen.

[Lizzie gulps nervously and removes her hands from around Rafael's shoulders, trying not to show too much emotion despite her confusion]

LIZZIE: I don’t understand. Last night…

[Rafael's voice is gentle, but the expression on his face is serious]

RAFAEL: Last night was a mistake.

[Lizzie blinks back tears for a long moment before ultimately deciding to finish the dance with Rafael, and he smiles at her. She clutches his shoulder with her left hand and, with all of the excitement having died down, she realizes that she has not seen Josie once since she left for the party]

LIZZIE: Where’s my sister?

[Lizzie looks around the room, searching for her twin, but not seeing her anywhere]

Mystic Falls Cemetery

[The scene cuts to the cemetery, where MG has just beheaded another male zombie. His head falls onto the ground and rolls away as MG excitedly whoops and jumps into the air]

MG: Woo! Two for two, baby!

[Hope, who is standing back-to-back with Penelope, gives him an exasperated look before reminding him of the purpose of their mission]

HOPE: Penelope and I can handle the rest. Just find Josie.

[MG nods in understanding]

MG: Right. Got it.

[Without another word, MG vamp-speeds away, leaving Hope and Penelope to deal with the zombies approaching. Hope turns to Penelope for advice on how to proceed]

HOPE: How do you want to do this? Magic?

[Penelope shrugs and spins the axe in her hands]

PENELOPE: I say we DIY and pretend they’re Lizzie Saltzman.

[Another male zombie stumbles toward Hope, who shrugs before jumping into the action]

HOPE: Works for me.

[Hope swipes her shovel at the zombie, slicing its head in half with the blade and killing it]

[Meanwhile, MG stops speeding through the graveyard when he hears rustling in the earth]

MG: Josie, I hear you! Hold on!

[MG uses his vampire speed to quickly dig up the grave, stopping when he hears his shovel hit wood. He then uses his superhuman strength to rip the lid off of the makeshift coffin, flinging it several meters into the air. However, once he looks in the grave, he's horrified to see yet another zombie, this one a female, hissing and crawling toward him. His shovel is too far away to reach when the zombie begins grabbing him by the ankle, and he frantically kicks it in the head with his free foot in hopes of buying himself to get it. Fortunately, Hope appears behind it and stabs it through the head with the handle of her shovel before looking at MG with exasperation]

HOPE: MG, we’re running out of time!

[Before MG can return to searching for Josie, he sees a zombie approaching Hope and warns her]

MG: Watch out!

[Hope also doesn't have time to grab her shovel and is forced to shove the zombie off of her with her bare hands until she sees Penelope rushing toward her]

HOPE: Penelope! Axe!

[Penelope tosses the axe to Hope, who easily catches it before swinging it hard and chopping the zombie's head off. She turns back to MG with an impatient and frustrated expression]

HOPE: Damnit MG, get up and find her!

[MG scrambles to rise to his feet, looking discouraged]

MG: There’s too much noise.

[Hope doesn't have time for MG's excuses]

HOPE: Well, listen harder. Pretend you’re on a beach or something.

[MG closes his eyes and focuses on his superhuman sense of hearing, isolating the noise he's looking for from all of the other ambient sounds. After a long moment, he hears the sound of muffled cries and looks at Hope with concern]

MG: I got her.

[MG vamp-speeds away, leaving Penelope and Hope to rush after him at human speed. MG doesn't even bother to bring his shovel, he just starts digging up the makeshift grave with his bare hands at vampire speed, helped by Hope and Penelope once they catch up. Soon, they see Josie's smooth, alive hand rise out of the soil, and the three gasp as MG grabs her hand and pulls her out of the earth. Once Josie is free, she gasps for breath for several moments, clearly overwhelmed by the traumatic experience she's just endured. When Hope sees that Josie is wearing the pendant she gave her, she sighs in relief and smiles]

HOPE: The talisman! It worked!

[Josie, half-gasping, half-sobbing from what has just happened, looks down at the talisman around her neck and grabs it with her hand before looking up at Hope questioningly]

JOSIE: What’s it supposed to do?

[Hope smiles weakly at her friend]

HOPE: Make quiet things heard.

[The three help Josie up off the ground]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric’s Office)

[Jo and Alaric are in Alaric's office at the school, where Jo is lamenting what she unknowingly did to Josie]

JO: She could have died because of me.

[Alaric watches Jo pace around in front of him and gives her a sympathetic look]

ALARIC: But she’s okay, and it wasn’t you. I know that now. It’s whatever takes over. I mean, something is driving these monsters-- a-a dark presence-- and we just can’t figure it out. And until we do, we’re just at its mercy.

[Despite Alaric's kind words, Jo shakes her head, unwilling to take any more risks]

JO: This is wrong. This isn’t safe for any of us. We have to get this thing out of me. Tell the girls to siphon its magic from me.
ALARIC: But the magic’s probably the only thing keeping you ali--

[Jo gives him a weak, knowing look, and Alaric realizes that this is the point she was trying to make]


[Alaric's eyes fill with tears, which he tries to choke back, and he nods]

ALARIC: Right.

[Alaric stands and walks over to Jo, who for a brief moment thinks he's going to attack her until he wraps his arms around her. Surprised by this display of affection, Jo returns the embrace, and the two hug silently for a moment before Jo finally speaks again]

JO: Josie thinks you’re lonely...

[Alaric sobs in Jo's shoulder as she whispers in his ear]

JO: Are you happy?

[Alaric, overwhelmed with emotion, chokes back tears and a laugh before he responds]

ALARIC: I am happy right now… in the arms of my demon-possessed baby mama.

[They both chuckle sadly as tears fall down their cheeks]

JO: I’m serious.
ALARIC: I will be happy when the girls are grown, I promise.

[Jo's eyes open when she suddenly remembers her family's history and how it applies to Josie and Lizzie]

JO: Do they know what happens when they turn twenty-two?
ALARIC: No. Not yet. And we don’t want them to know until we’ve exhausted all options. That’s why Caroline's missed their birthday. She’s following some lead.

[Jo smiles, happy and proud to have someone looking out for her daughters even if she could not do so herself]

JO: You tell Caroline I said thank you for being my girls’ mom.

[They both start to cry again as they embrace tightly]

Salvatore Boarding School (Hallway)

[MG and Penelope are standing outside of Josie and Lizzie's bedroom as they debrief following their exciting evening. MG seems happy despite being let down by Lizzie as he cheerfully babbles]

MG: I’m serious, Peez! Something clicked while I was taking out those zombies. Uh, it felt right inside, like that was the real me.

[Penelope looks at him curiously]

PENELOPE: Meaning…?

[MG's voice is quiet, and he looks at Penelope as though the answer should be obvious]

MG: I’m a superhero.

[Penelope laughs so hard that she sputters, and MG takes that as confirmation that he is right]

MG: Like from the comics!

[Penelope snorts as she continues to laugh, and MG continues to make his point]

MG: ‘Cause heroes don’t just get the girl, they get all the girls!

[Penelope pulls herself together to respond, though the twinkle in her eyes makes it obvious that she still thinks he's being funny]

PENELOPE: Oh, totally. Yeah, Superman is such a slut.

[MG and Penelope burst out laughing once again, which settles down when Josie comes out of her room wearing a fluffy white bathrobe and carrying a towel. She looks both physically and emotionally exhausted as she looks at MG, pretending as though Penelope were not even there]

JOSIE: Thanks for tonight, MG.

[MG's jaw drops excitedly as he gestures to Josie as she walks toward the girls' shower room]

MG: First hero thank-you? Uh, accepted!

[MG, who has his jacket flung over his shoulder, turns to leave Josie alone, though he calls out to her one last time]

MG: Up, up, and away!

[Once he's gone, Penelope smiles sadly and calls out to Josie as well]

PENELOPE: Hey, what about me?

[Josie stops walking and sighs, keeping her back turned to Penelope, whose voice is gentle when she speaks again]

PENELOPE: I helped.

[Josie turns to face Penelope with a furious expression]

JOSIE: You’re the reason I got buried alive on my birthday.

[Penelope scoffs with a frown as she puts her hands on her hips, and Josie walks toward her as she continues on]

JOSIE: I took your advice-- I wanted something, and I went for it. I made the selfish move, and I ended up fighting a zombie. There's room for people in this world that just care about other people. Not everybody has to be a show-boat.

[Penelope thinks about this for a moment before stepping toward Josie, shrugging nonchalantly]

PENELOPE: You’re right. This world needs the selfless and the selfish to keep spinning.

[Penelope and Josie are now almost nose-to-nose as Penelope's voice takes a seductive tone]

PENELOPE: I happen to be the latter.

[Before Josie can react, Penelope puts her hands on either side of Josie's face and pulls her in for a kiss. The two make out for a brief moment before Josie comes back to her senses and pulls away, fury flashing in her eyes]

JOSIE: I hate you.

[Penelope smiles sadly]


[The two are silent and still for a long moment before Josie, despite her best efforts, leans forward to continue their kiss, and the two make-out in the hallway]

Salvatore Boarding School (Common Room)

[Rafael, whose tie has been loosened at some point in the evening, walks into the common room to find Hope staring into the lit fireplace, still in her party dress and covered in dirt]


[Hope looks surprised to see him speaking to her before she returns the greeting]

HOPE: Hey.

[Rafael pauses for a moment when he notices her appearance]

RAFAEL: Rough night?

[Hope laughs lightly before turning to face him]

HOPE: Um, no, all evidence to the contrary. I actually had a lot of fun. What about you?

[Rafael chuckles and sighs before sitting down on the coffee table in front of the couch on which Hope is sitting]

RAFAEL: About that… I was straight with Lizzie.

[Hope hums sympathetically, and Rafael smiles weakly, clearly feeling terrible after rejecting Lizzie on her birthday. Hope, wanting to cheer Rafael up with the knowledge that he was right about her, decides to open up to him]

HOPE: Well, um… I now have my own Avengers squad.

[Rafael is so shocked by this news that he bursts into laughter, which Hope then echoes. After a moment, Rafael stands to his feet and holds out his right hand]

RAFAEL: You want to see if I still got it?

[Hope smiles at Rafael, who winks at her before she shrugs]

HOPE: Why not?

[Hope stands to her feet, and takes his offered hand before she and Rafael start to dance in front of the fireplace. After a brief period of silence, Rafael once again takes in Hope's current appearance and cracks a joke]

RAFAEL: You look like you took a bath in dirt…

[Hope smiles in sarcastic amusement]

HOPE: Oh, thank you!
RAFAEL: You’re welcome!

[Hope's face takes on a more serious tone as she begins to detail her evening with MG, Penelope, and Josie]

HOPE: No, actually, you wouldn’t believe the night I had. I, um, decided to take your advice…

[Hope and Rafael continue to dance in the common room as Hope animatedly talks to him]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric’s Office)

[Alaric and Jo have gathered the freshly-showered Josie and Lizzie in the twins' room, where they are explaining their plan and how the twins factor into it. Lizzie, looking confused and apprehensive, narrows her eyes at them]

LIZZIE: So, we just siphon the magic out of her until she’s… what, dead again?

[Josie, appalled by Lizzie's harsh tone of voice, looks at her twin as though she can't believe what she's just heard]

JOSIE: Oh, my God. Lizzie, what is wrong with you?

[Lizzie, still salty about her night with Rafael, frowns exasperatedly]


[Wanting to avoid a fight in their family's last moments together, Jo immediately jumps in to deescalate the situation, especially after all she knows Josie has been through that evening]

JO: It’s okay, Josie. It’s okay.

[Jo smiles at Josie affectionately before continuing in a soft tone of voice]

JO: I’m already dead. I was a witch, just like you, and we believe in the natural order of things. I shouldn’t be here. I love that I had this, but it’s a lie. And now, I need you to help me make it right.

[Alaric watches Jo speak with tears in her eyes, and Josie nods as her eyes become wet as well. Jo looks back and forth between Josie and Lizzie as she continues]

JO: The longer I’m here, the more I remember where I came from. I used to watch you. I used to watch all of you... like in a dream, where everything is warm and happy. I think I was at peace. So, that’s where I’ll be—waiting for you.

[Tears start to fill Lizzie's eyes as well as she looks at her with a guilty and apologetic expression]

LIZZIE: I am so sorry. I was awful to you.

[Jo smiles at Lizzie warmly]

JO: Oh, Lizzie. You have such a big heart. It’s okay to let other people see it.

[Lizzie bursts into tears, and Jo stands up so she can kneel in front of them to look them in the eyes]

JO: Oh, my beautiful girls. You are everything that I could have ever wished for. Everything. Be good to each other. Fight for each other. When you’re older, you’ll understand what I mean, but I need you to remember that I said it.

[Jo holds out her right hand, and Lizzie hesitates before she finally takes it. Jo then looks over at Josie and offers her her left hand, but Josie, overwhelmed with sadness, shakes her head as she begins to cry as well]

JOSIE: I can’t. I can’t.
JO: Oh, Josette, this is the right thing to do. It’s the only thing to do for you.

[Josie sobs, and after a moment, she reluctantly takes Jo's hand as Jo looks around at the three members of her family surrounding her]

JO: I love you.

[Jo stands to her feet, ready to return to the afterlife having known her daughters]

JO: I love all of you so much.

[Alaric bursts into tears, and Jo nods at him encouragingly before turning back to the twins, taking a deep breath, and closing her eyes. Josie and Lizzie in turn close their eyes, and their hands start to glow red as they siphon the magic from their biological mother. After a moment, she fades into dust, leaving the girls with their hands out trying to reach her. Alaric, trying hard to remain strong for his daughters, stands to his feet so he can wrap the twins into a tight hug as they cry together]

Mystic Falls Cemetery

[Some time later, Alaric has come out to the cemetery with a lit lantern and an armful of keepsakes to rest at Jo's grave, including her wedding gown, a photo of Josie and Lizzie in their school uniforms, the framed photo of Jo and Alaric on their wedding day, and their wedding rings. As the camera zooms out, Dorian is seen leaning against a nearby tree as he watches his friend mourn his wife]

DORIAN: Ric, why don’t you go home? I’ll take care of this.

[Alaric takes a deep breath to pull himself together and stands up with a determined look on his face]

ALARIC: The only place I’m going is to find whatever monster did this and kill it. Slowly.

[Suddenly, a loud, evil-sounding laugh is heard from behind Alaric, and the two men turn to see a shadowy figure approaching them who speaks with a strong English accent]

THE NECROMANCER: It wouldn’t do you any good.

[As the man walks closer to them, he's illuminated by Dorian's flashlight, revealing a man whose face seems to have been torn off and resewn onto his skull. His appearance looks almost like that of a zombie, with worn, leathery pale skill, pale ice-blue eyes surrounded by dark shadows, and a mouthful of sharp fang-like teeth. Alaric, not in the mood for games, glares at the creature before addressing him]

ALARIC: And who the hell are you?

[The man scoffs as though offended by Alaric's bravado]

THE NECROMANCER: Oh, your pathetic attempt at humor does nothing to mask your fear. Tremble then in the presence of the Necromancer!

[The Necromancer laughs evilly once again, but it soon becomes clear that, while the man intended to be terrifying, Alaric and Dorian, who frown in confusion, have no idea what he's talking about]


[The Necromancer, upset that he's not as well known as he wants to be, tries to remind them of his presence in history by dramatically reciting his titles]

THE NECROMANCER: The Necromancer! Bringer of life and death! He who holds the Fates’ threads! The cursed king of the underworld!

[Alaric, happy to have a recent not to fluff up the Necromancer's ego, simply shakes his head with a feigned sad expression]

ALARIC: It’s not ringing any bells.

[Alaric looks at Dorian for back-up]


[Dorian follows Alaric's lead in an attempt to make the man that caused him so much pain feel as insignificant as possible]

DORIAN: All I know about necromancers is from video games… And they’re, like, low-level witch cannon fodder.

[The Necromancer, while clearly offended, laughs at their attempt to insult him]

THE NECROMANCER: I am no mere witch! There is only one of me, I assure you. And now you’ve seen what I can do. Let’s get down to the business of a certain knife...

[Alaric's face is furious as he glares at the monster in front of him]

ALARIC: If you’re the one responsible for what went down today…

[The Necromancer nods, eager to take the credit for his pain]

ALARIC: You’re gonna wish you were someone else.

[The Necromancer scoffs at the threat in Alaric's voice]

THE NECROMANCER: I told you-- death cannot hold me.

[Alaric sighs and reaches out for the shovel next to him]

ALARIC: Buddy…

[Alaric picks up the shovel and swings, hitting the Necromancer in the face with the blade so hard that it snaps his neck and causes him to fall motionless to the ground]

ALARIC: ...We’ll see about all that.


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