[Damon is speeding in his car on the highway with Alaric riding in the passenger seat. They're on their way to the KQBC Channel 3 news station to make sure Caroline is alright after the events of the previous episode's flash-forward, where Caroline was forced by the mysterious huntress to go live on the news channel to give a message to Stefan. Alaric looks down at his wristwatch with a panicked expression as Damon exceeds 80 miles per hour]

ALARIC: Twenty-three minutes.
DAMON: Just enough time for me to get in, take out little Miss Stabby-Pants, and grab Caroline.
ALARIC: [incredulously] That's it? That's your plan? Just take her out?
DAMON: It's simple. It's classic. Come on!
ALARIC: Yeah. Listen. I saw the "X" carved in Stefan's chest. Pretty sure she's not playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

[Damon scoffs at Alaric, who gives him a serious look]

ALARIC: Look. This is a trap.
DAMON; Oh, I know it's a trap, and I'm gonna spring it so Stefan can't.
ALARIC: Yeah. Well, look-- I didn't get a babysitter on thirty seconds notice just to sit in the car.
DAMON: [exasperatedly] You're not gonna just sit in the car!
ALARIC: [quickly] Turn, turn, turn, turn.

[Damon sharply takes the turn Alaric has indicated, and Alaric has to hold onto the door to stay upright as they slide into the back parking lot of the news station]

DAMON: There's no way Stefan didn't see Caroline's broadcast. He'll be here in a minute. When he gets here, pump him full of vervain so he can't hero his way in there.
ALARIC: [insistently] If Caroline's in danger, I'm coming with you.
DAMON: She doesn't want Caroline. She wants him! If he goes in there, he's dead.

[Alaric sighs in defeat as Damon quickly gets out of his Camaro and heads into the station. Once he's through the door, he walks carefully, clearly on edge that the huntress could attack. He looks concerned when he suddenly hears Caroline's pleading voice coming from the next room]

CAROLINE: [voiceover] Stefan? Stefan, please.
DAMON: [quietly] Guess you're gonna have to settle for the other one, Blondie.
CAROLINE: [voiceover] Stefan, I...

[Damon walks into the main stage and is horrified when he finds that Caroline is not actually here at all. Instead, what he has been hearing is a video recording of Caroline that is being played on every television screen in the room. As soon as Damon walks in, the recording starts from the beginning, which is the part that Alaric and Damon saw in the previous episode]

CAROLINE: [video recording] We apologize for the interruption to your current program. My name is Caroline.
DAMON: [stunned] Well, that's not good...

[Before he can do something, the mysterious huntress shoots him with four vervain darts that causes him to fall on the floor unconscious.]

CAROLINE: [video recording] Please listen carefully. I have an urgent message for Stefan Salvatore.


[Caroline is sitting on her bed with a pregnancy test in her hand, which she has apparently just taken off-screen. Meanwhile, Alaric walks over to sit on Elena's old bed, looking nervous. Alaric tries his best to cheer Caroline up, but it's obvious she's also anxious as well]

ALARIC: Well, simple enough. Two lines you're pregnant, one line you're not.
CAROLINE: And how many lines if you've been mystically knocked up by a coven of dead witches?
ALARIC: [smiles sheepishly] Guess we'll find out in three minutes.

[Caroline sighs loudly in disbelief]

CAROLINE: This is crazy! I mean, you're an occult studies professor. Have you ever come across anything about a pregnant vampire?

[Alaric's smile fades slightly]

ALARIC: No. But until a few weeks ago, I'd never heard of a stone that was full of tormented vampire souls, either.
CAROLINE: But how would it even be possible? I'm technically dead.
ALARIC: [hesitantly] Well, your body basically functions normally. Your heart beats. You breathe. I mean, is it that far outside the realm of possibility that your body could support a baby or two?
CAROLINE: [confused] Why would the coven want me to?
ALARIC: I don't think they had a choice. The Gemini were all dying. They couldn't let the future of their coven perish along with them, so they had to put the babies someplace safe, inside a body that... that wouldn't die.

[Caroline is clearly overwhelmed by the possibility that she's pregnant as she looks at the pregnancy test in her hand]


[Stefan is in the middle of grabbing several glasses and a decanter of bourbon in the late Mayor Lockwood's study when Damon walks in with a confused expression]

DAMON: Is that cornbread I smell?
STEFAN: [smiles] We're hosting Thanksgiving!
DAMON: [snidely] Thanksgiving's tomorrow.
STEFAN: [shrugs] Well, pre-Thanksgiving. Whatever.
DAMON: Whatever happened to taking out Julian? Remember him? Killed what would have been your firstborn? You know, I cleared out my entire schedule so we could make that guy count worms... Unless you're too busy baking.
STEFAN: [sighs] Julian knows that I want him dead, so our next move needs to be smart. We're probably only gonna have one more shot at this.
DAMON: [frowns] Not quite following the whole Martha Stewart strategy, to be honest...
STEFAN: [smiles] I am planning on recruiting an ally.

[Just then, the doorbell rings, which makes Damon even more confused. He walks out into the foyer and scowls in displeasure when he opens the door to reveal that Lily is standing on the doorstep with a large Tupperware container in her hands. She smiles awkwardly at him before holding out the container]

LILY: I brought cranberries!

[Damon, confused, steps backward so Lily can walk through the foyer into the kitchen. Stefan appears behind him and smiles smugly, causing Damon to gesture toward him and give him a look that says, "Are you kidding me??"]


[The timer Alaric has set on his phone goes off, and Caroline takes a deep breath before looking down at the pregnancy test in her hand. She frowns when she sees the results, which makes Alaric anxious]

ALARIC: Negative. I don't understand. I mean, Valerie was so certain.
CAROLINE: Well, I guess she was wrong, or playing some twisted game. Either way, I trust that a lot more than I trust her.

[Caroline gestures toward the test in Alaric's hands, but when she sees how visibly devastated she is, she sighs and looks at him with sympathy]

CAROLINE: And I'm really sorry. I know how much you wanted this.

[Alaric nods and rubs Caroline's back affectionately just as Caroline's phone buzzes. She pulls it out and politely turns away from Alaric to answer it]

CAROLINE: Hey, Matt... Now's not really a good time.

[Matt, in his deputy's uniform, gets out of his police cruiser and starts walking toward the MYSTIC GRILL as he talks to Caroline on the phone]

MATT: Bonnie and I found two dozen people compelled to hang out at the high school last night. I've been trying to call her, but she won't pick up. I'm starting to get a little worried.
CAROLINE: [frowns] I think she's with Enzo.
MATT: [shocked] What? Well, now I'm a lot worried. What the hell is she doing with him?

[Caroline shakes her head, clearly distracted by the baby situation]

CAROLINE: I don't know. Were you able to clear them out?
MATT: We had to tranquilize them just to get them out of there, but they were all back this morning like they never left.
CAROLINE: [confused] Why would someone compel people to gather at the high school in an abandoned town?

[Matt walks into the Grill and immediately stops dead in his tracks when he sees that each of the tables are full of silent and motionless compelled humans, who, like the ones at the high school, have been hooked up to IV drips as well]

CAROLINE: [worriedly] Matt? Matt?
MATT: [horrified] Hey, Care. How fast can you get to the grill?

[Caroline sighs defeatedly as Alaric watches her with concern]


[Lily is seated in an armchair in front of the coffee table in the late Mayor Lockwood's study while Stefan and Damon sit across from her on the leather couch. On the table is a decanter of bourbon and three glasses. Lily looks at her sons warily, and after a moment, Stefan decides to begin his spiel]

STEFAN: I invited you over here because we can't keep doing this. I mean, I... I want us all to start over.
LILY: [smiles] Well, uh, if the Pilgrims and Indians could do it, I'm sure there's hope for us.
DAMON: [sarcastically] We call them Native Americans now, but we didn't bring you here to correct your outdated racial slurs.

[Damon gives Stefan a pointed look]

DAMON: Did we, Stefan?

[Stefan ignores Damon's snide comments and continues to look at Lily]

STEFAN: I want to convince you of all the reasons that you need to help us get rid of Julian.

[Damon, surprised at the tactics Stefan is using, leans forward to listen intently to what comes next. Lily, however, looks confused, and chuckles nervously]

LILY: I'm sorry. Is this some kind of set-up?
STEFAN: [insistently] Just hear me out for a second. In 1863... I got Valerie pregnant.

[Lily's eyes widen in shock at this confession]

STEFAN: She kept it a secret from me, from you, from everyone. And Julian found out about it somehow, and he felt threatened by it. He beat her until the baby was no longer alive.

[Lily blinks in confusion and frowns as she processes this information]

STEFAN: Her child-- your grandchild-- was murdered by Julian. She swore me to secrecy, but the truth is too important. You need to know what kind of man he is.

[Damon, visibly uncomfortable by the tension in the room, pipes up with a snarky comment]

DAMON: What I think Stefan's trying to say is... you have really crappy taste.

[Lily is clearly overwhelmed by what she's just learned, and she pauses for a moment before she looks Stefan in the eyes]

LILY: [quietly] My son... Valerie lied to me for over a century about you. Then she tried to kill a member of my family in cold blood and tried to incinerate the love of my life. Do yourself a favor. Don't lose any more sleep over the words that come out of that poor girl's mouth.

[Stefan looks disappointed but not surprised by his mother's reaction, and nods awkwardly]

STEFAN: Wow. I guess the joke's on me then, right? I mean, I was the idiot who believed her.

[Stefan picks up the decanter and pours the three of them a drink, and Damon looks at him with exasperation, mistakenly believing that Stefan believes what Lily is saying]

LILY: I did, too... about many things. But I will not make that same mistake again.
STEFAN: Here's to moving on then, right?

[Stefan stands to his feet, and Lily eagerly does as well, also believing that Stefan is on her side about this. Damon rolls his eyes before standing and joining them with a glass in hand]

LILY: [smiles] To moving on.

[Lily is the first to drink, though Stefan makes it looks like he is drinking as well, and she swallows the entire glass of liquor before realizing that her lips, mouth, and throat are sizzling and burning]

LILY: Ugh!

[Suddenly, Lily collapses onto the floor, and Damon looks at Stefan with a shocked expression]

STEFAN: Concentrated vervain.
DAMON: [impressed] Wow! Did I ever mention I like your style?
STEFAN: I had a feeling we were gonna have to do this the hard way...

[Damon looks down at Lily's unconscious body gleefully]

DAMON: Best... Thanksgiving... ever!


[Bonnie and Enzo are walking around an old junkyard, where they are walking through rows of old and abandoned cars, some of which are badly smashed up. Bonnie has a piece of paper in her hand with the license plate number of Oscar's car as the two work on trying to find it]

BONNIE: [skeptically] Why would a centuries-old vampire with a bunch of witch groupies be so desperate to find anything collecting dust in the Midlothian County impound? Seems a little beneath him.
ENZO: [shrugs] Well, if Julian wants it, then so do I.

[Bonnie gives him an incredulous look]

BONNIE: Are we talking about Oscar's car, or Lily?

[Enzo, knowing that she's got a point, says nothing]

BONNIE: You're not doing this to stop a psychopath. You just want the girl.
ENZO: [sarcastically] Congratulations. You've just unlocked every man's true motivation in life.
BONNIE: Let me give you some advice. Stop treating Lily like some prize to be won.
ENZO: [scoffs] Spoken like somebody who's never been fought over.
BONNIE: [rolls her eyes] It's not the turn-on you think it is. Try flowers. A quiet dinner. Listening.

[Enzo chuckles in amusement, and Bonnie stops walking when she sees a yellow car with a smashed back window that has the correct license plate they're looking for]

BONNIE: Found it.

[Enzo wrinkles his nose in distaste]

ENZO: Well, I'm assuming Julian doesn't want it for it's Bluebook value.

[He takes a deep breath as he walks toward the car's trunk]

ENZO: Charming.

[Enzo opens up the trunk to find that it is full of empty beer bottles and several bottles of automobile oil. Bonnie watches as Enzo lifts the carpeting covering the spare tire compartment and pulls out the tire, revealing a long object wrapped in a dirty cloth. When Enzo picks it up and unravels it, he finds a silver shortsword inside of it. The end of the blade is in the shape of an X, and Enzo examines it closely]

ENZO: I'll wager this is what Julian's looking for. Wonder what makes it so special?

[Bonnie's eyes widen, and it appears that she recognizes the sword]

BONNIE: I think I've seen that before... when I was doing research on the stone. Let me see what I can dig up.

[Bonnie grabs the sword and tries to take it from him, but Enzo yanks it back]

ENZO: No. I don't need research to tell me which one's the pointy end. What do we need to know?
BONNIE: [annoyed] If he wants to kill someone with it, or he's worried about being killed by it.
ENZO: Well, there's one way to find out-- ram it through his chest. See what happens.

[Bonnie smiles fakely at him]

BONNIE: I know what's not gonna happen-- Lily falling hopelessly in love with the person who murdered her sweetheart.
ENZO: Not if I make it look like self-defense.
BONNIE: [mockingly] Good idea! Go pick a fight with an extremely powerful, unhinged ancient vampire! Should work out great.

[Enzo, amused by their banter, smirks at Bonnie]

ENZO: Is that a hint of concern for me I detect in your voice?

[Bonnie rolls her eyes, though she seems to be enjoying the banter just as much. She playfully shoves the sword against his chest]

BONNIE: Now that I think about it... Go ahead and kill each other. Win-win for me!


[Lily awakens from her "vervain nap" to the sound of her flesh sizzling as Stefan, wearing protective gloves, ties her to a wooden chair with thick ropes that have also been soaked in vervain. She groans in pain as Stefan walks around her to talk face-to-face]

LILY: [weakly] What are you doing?
STEFAN: Julian's practically brainwashed you, like Giuseppe did way-back when.

[Lily, confused and in pain, looks at Stefan as though in a daze]

LILY: What does Gius... Giuseppe have to do with this?

[Just then, Damon walks into the room with a plateful of Thanksgiving food and sits down on the couch to eat and talk]

DAMON: Well, you didn't think Dad was a monster at first. But, somewhere along the way, this little warning-light started blinking "Psycho! Psycho!" You just need that little light to blink again.

[Damon digs into his food. Lily still looks confused and foggy from the vervain as she tries to process what they're saying]

LILY: What are you talking about?
STEFAN: [exasperatedly] It's a pattern, Lily! You can't see it with Julian, just like you couldn't see it with Giuseppe.

[Lily scowls at him as Stefan turns to Damon]

STEFAN: Hey, do you remember that fun-filled Thanksgiving we had back in 1851?

[Damon pretends as though he's deep in thought]

DAMON: 1851. Hmmm. Jog my memory, brother-- was that the year that Father took me out to the farm and made me behead my pet turkey?
STEFAN: [nods] That would be the year!
DAMON: Oooh. That was a doozy.


[It is Thanksgiving at the Salvatore Estate, and a maid has just lit a gasp lamp and brought it into the dining room. A younger-looking Giuseppe is sitting at the head of the dinner table while a nervous-looking Lily sits at the opposite end from him. Twelve-year-old Damon, who looks unhappy, and five-year-old Stefan sit on either side of them. Giuseppe smiles and raises his glass as he gives his thanks for their meal]

GIUSEPPE: If I could take just a moment to say how thankful I am to the good Lord for giving me a beautiful wife, two fine boys, a table filled with fine food--

[Giuseppe dramatically smacks his belly]

GIUSEPPE: --And a stomach big enough to fit it all in!

[Stefan giggles and starts to eat his food, and Lily laughs nervously as well before raising her own glass in toast. However, Damon still looks sad as he glances down at his plate while the maid carries around a platter of food to add to their plates. Giuseppe takes notice of Damon's behavior and sets down his glass before giving him a stern look]

GIUSEPPE: Son, eat your dinner, please.

[Damon shakes his head, visibly upset]

DAMON: I cannot.

[Lily looks at Damon with concern]

LILY: What's the matter, sweetheart?

[Giuseppe ignores his wife and continues staring at Damon]

GIUSEPPE: It was not an invitation, Damon.

[He gives Damon a warning glare]


[Stefan looks at Damon in confusion]

STEFAN: Why is he not eating?
DAMON: [sadly] Because this is Sami!

[Giuseppe begins to lose his temper]

GIUSEPPE: That animal was put on this earth to be sustenance, not your friend! Now, you will clean your plate, or you will spend the night in the root cellar, wishing you had.

[Damon, horrified, turns to Lily and looks at her pleadingly]

DAMON: Mother... please do not make me eat her.

[Lily seems to feel bad for him, but when she sees Giuseppe's warning glare from across the table, her face becomes panicked, which she tries her best to cover up]

LILY: You heard your father, Damon.

[Damon, overwhelmed and upset, reluctantly turns back to his plate and starts to eat out of fear of his father]



[Damon looks pensive and sad as he remembers that night, and Lily looks both guilty and annoyed]

DAMON: [snidely] Rest in peace, Sami.

[Damon eats a bite of turkey and stares at Lily, who tries her best to cover up how much the memory has affected her]

LILY: I kept you from wasting a perfectly good meal.

[Stefan closes his eyes and sighs in frustration as Lily's voice becomes angry]

LILY: I still don't see what any of this has to do with my current relationship.
DAMON: [exasperatedly] Of course you don't see it, Lily. That's the whole point!
STEFAN: You're too blind to see it. You're drawn to men who manipulate you into seeing what they want! Men who abuse you.
LILY: [sarcastically] Oh, I'm sorry. The vervain ropes searing into my flesh are distracting me from concentrating on your lecture about tolerating abuse.
DAMON: [sighs] This is pointless. Pointless with pumpkin pie--

[Damon slams his plate down on the end table next to him]

DAMON: But pointless.
STEFAN: [determinedly] No. We are here to open up her eyes.

[Stefan turns to Lily and stares at her, and she squirms uncomfortably You're gonna sit here, and you're gonna listen to every single word I say.

[Lily scoffs and rolls her eyes, unable to look at him]

STEFAN: And by the end of the day, you're gonna help us kill your boyfriend.

[Lily glares angrily at Stefan]


[Caroline has just met Matt at the Grill, where he's explaining what he's figured out as she looks at the compelled victims in shock]

MATT: I found more at the courthouse and another dozen at the supermarket.
CAROLINE: What's with all the IVs?
MATT: Saline... to keep them hydrated. Which you'd only need if you were gonna keep them here for a while.

[Caroline stops in front of a woman who is sitting motionless in her chair. She leans forward to look at the woman in the eyes before waving her hand in front of her face, which elicits no response from the woman]

CAROLINE: They're using them as human blood banks.

[Caroline sighs and turns back to Matt, both of whom look concerned about what they've discovered]

CAROLINE: I guess we know what the Heretics are having for Thanksgiving dinner.
MATT: Problem is I can't find a single bite mark on any of them, which is somehow creepier. They're not being fed on. They're being fed.

[Matt turns toward the nearby table, which is covered in take-out containers]

MATT: I found these in the trashcan. This is salmon, steak. Iron-rich foods-- probably to boost their red blood cell count. It's like someone's fattening the cattle for the slaughter.

[Caroline looks horrified by this statement, and after a moment, she gags and covers her mouth before rushing over to the nearby trashcan and throwing up in it. Matt looks worried and surprised to see her so sick and walks over to her]

MATT: Whoa, Care. Hey. Um... Are you okay?

[Caroline, looking a little shaky, leans against the trashcan with one hand while she wipes her mouth with the other hand, trying to hide how woozy and scared she is]

CAROLINE: Yeah, I'm fine.
MATT: [suspiciously] No, you're not fine. You just puked.

[Caroline finally musters up the strength to stand up and turn to look at him, though she's still pretty out of it]

CAROLINE: I... I think I had an expired blood bag last night or something. You know, and then the talk of the food and the iron and the slaughtered cattle...

[Looking as though she's about to throw up again, Caroline closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Matt gives her a look that indicates he definitely doesn't believe her story]

MATT: ...So you're a vampire with food poisoning?
CAROLINE: [irritably] Yes, Matt, I am a vampire with food poisoning, standing in a room of much bigger problems. So stop looking at me like you've never seen a vampire vomit before and start thinking of a way to break their compulsion.
MATT: [sighs] Short of turning them into vampires, I can't think of a way to break their compulsion.
CAROLINE Well, maybe we don't have to break it.

[Caroline sighs as she gets an idea]

CAROLINE: Maybe someone can siphon it away.

[Matt gives her an incredulous look, and Caroline sighs again as she pulls her phone out of her pocket to dial a phone number]


[Julian has just opened the front door of the boarding house to find Enzo standing on the doorstep]

JULIAN: Ah, the barkeep. Did you forget your tip jar?

[Enzo, unamused, just walks past him into the foyer]

ENZO: You know who I am.
JULIAN: Oh... yes! The steerage waif Lily took pity upon. She told me all about you.

[Enzo turns to face Julian with a cold expression]

ENZO: Oh, that's funny. She hardly mentioned you.

[Julian smiles politely at him]

JULIAN: So what brings you here?
ENZO: I left something behind that means a great deal to me-- my guitar.

[Julian mockingly pretends to remember if he's seen it]

JULIAN: Haven't seen one lying around. Perhaps Lily threw it out with the rest of the rubbish.
ENZO: Yeah, I doubt that.

[Enzo takes a step closer to Julian and stares at him threateningly]

ENZO: She loves it when I play for her.

[Enzo continues to try to rile him up so he'll start a fight and give him an excuse to kill him]

ENZO: Sometimes begs me to. There is no point trying to deny her.

[Julian briefly loses his temper and shoves Enzo backward at vampire speed until he's pinned against the wall before regaining his calm demeanor]

JULIAN: I hope you're not suggesting anything untoward.
ENZO: [smirks] Oh, and if I were?
JULIAN: Well, we'd have to settle it like gentlemen. But...

[Julian lets go of Enzo and smooths out his shirt and jacket for him before clapping the younger vampire affectionately on the shoulders with his hands]

JULIAN: I assured Lily that there would be no more bloodshed in the house.
ENZO: Did you make any promises about outside?

[Julian smiles and jerks his head toward the door in response]


[Valerie has just arrived to the Mystic Grill after Caroline called to invite her, and is just as surprised as Caroline and Matt were to see all of the compelled humans sitting as still as statues at the tables. She stares at one of the women in the chairs to examine them]

VALERIE: You want me to siphon the compulsion out of all these people?

[Valerie turns toward Caroline and Matt and laughs exasperatedly]

VALERIE: Do you have any idea how long that will take?
CAROLINE: [sarcastically] Uh, probably the amount of time that it will take to siphon one person times the amount of people in this room...

[Valerie rolls her eyes at her, but doesn't seem offended]

VALERIE: I am all for scuttling Julian's plans, but siphoning these people won't make a difference. He'll just replace them. You'd be trading one life for another.

[Valerie's eyes flick down to Caroline's stomach before she makes eye contact with Caroline again and lowers her voice]

VALERIE: Speaking of, I can't imagine this is the safest town for someone with your status to be roaming around in.

[This comment piques Matt's interest]

MATT: What's that supposed to mean?

[Caroline quickly turns her head toward Matt and replies in an attempt to shut Valerie up]

CAROLINE: Nothing.
VALERIE: [scoffs] I wouldn't call a pregnant vampire "nothing."

[Matt gapes in shock at this statement]

MATT: What?
CAROLINE: [frustrated] I am not pregnant.

[Caroline quickly turns back at Matt, who is still shocked by this revelation]

CAROLINE: I am not pregnant! Okay? Valerie over here convinced poor Alaric that the Gemini Coven dumped his twin babies into my...

[Valerie rolls her eyes exasperatedly, and Caroline, horrified by the direction this conversation is heading, immediately stops in the middle of the sentence before changing the subject]

CAROLINE: You know what? Never mind. Because it's not true.

[Caroline turns back to Valerie and points at her for emphasis] It is not true. A test confirmed it.

[Matt, overwhelmed by all of this information, rolls his eyes, and Caroline's voice becomes more hysterical as she talks]

CAROLINE: Yeah, and thanks to you, Alaric is probably still at home waiting for that second blue line to show up. So, you know what? Maybe now would be an appropriate time to call him and explain how you could get something so important so incredibly wrong.

[Valerie, frustrated, but not exactly mad, gives Caroline a stern look]

VALERIE: Do I need to remind you that you summoned me here for my help? If you don't think my talents are up to snuff, then I will gladly find other things to do with my time.

[Caroline, realizing that they really do need Valerie to help these people, sighs before smiling and adopting a much nicer tone of voice]

CAROLINE: I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Maybe it was just a momentary lapse of... magical ju-ju. Look... Can you just please help us and take away these people's compulsion?

[She gives Valerie a guilt-inducing smile, and Valerie sighs in defeat]


[Julian and Enzo are walking through the woods toward the cemetery. Julian is leading them, and he has his two fencing swords in his hands as he walks and talks]

JULIAN: Do you know what true bravery is?

[Enzo remains silent, so Julian continues talking]

JULIAN: Most people don't. It isn't going against incredible odds and thinking you're going to win. No, that's merely confidence. Bravery is knowing you're going to lose, but doing it anyway.

[Julian, with a sword in each hand, turns the blades point-down and embeds the tip into a large stone beside them. Enzo rolls his eyes at his comments]

ENZO: That's your strategy? Bore me into submission?

[Julian laughs in amusement at him and shrugs]

JULIAN: Well, if you won't let me give you an honorable way out, I... have no choice but give you an honorable death.

[Enzo smiles at him fakely, and Julian gestures to the swords]

JULIAN: Well, let's get on with it. Choose your weapon.

[Only a second after Julia has finished speaking, Enzo grabs the sword nearest to him and swings it in an attempt to behead Julian, but Julian easily ducks and leaps over to grab his own sword before parrying Enzo's blows]


[Enzo attempts to strike again but misses, and Julian jumps back and smirks at him smugly before engaging in the fight once again]


[Damon and Stefan continue to talk to Lily as she squirms uncomfortably due to the ropes burning her skin]

LILY: [irritably] Are these entirely necessary? They're quite painful.

[Damon gets up and walks behind her]

DAMON: Huh. Does that burn?
LILY: [groans] You know it does.
DAMON: [smiles] Let me see if I can fix that.

[Damon grabs his hand around where the ropes are stretched across her back and yanks on them hard, burning his own hand in the process for a moment as Lily moans in pain]


[Damon finally lets go before sarcastically replying]

DAMON: Nope. Guess not.

[Stefan looks at Damon sternly]

STEFAN: That's enough, Damon.
DAMON: [scoffs] What? She thinks this is painful? Try being twelve and helpless.


[Damon is dutifully finishing the rest of the food on his plate before looking up at his father in fear]

DAMON: I have finished. May I be excused?
GIUSEPPE: [smiles] In a moment.

[Giuseppe looks over at Lily, who still looks frightened, though she desperately tries not to appear that way]

GIUSEPPE: Lily, a bourbon, please?

[Lily glances over at Damon for a moment before reluctantly rising to her feet and walking into the kitchen to make him a drink. Once she's gone, Giuseppe pulls out a cigar and holds it up for Stefan and Damon to see]

GIUSEPPE: I took this out for a special occasion today. But, in the process, I discovered quite a bit of money missing from my bureau.

[Giuseppe turns to Damon and smiles at him coldly]

GIUSEPPE: You would not know anything about that?
DAMON: [nervously] No.

[Giuseppe lights his cigar and takes a few deep puffs of it before he turns to Stefan, though he doesn't appear to believe that he would have taken it]

GIUSEPPE: Stefan, have you been rummaging around your father's bureau?

[Stefan nervously shakes his head as Giuseppe looks back at Damon]

GIUSEPPE: Well, it did not just grow legs and walk off, now, did it?

[Giuseppe looks back and forth between Stefan and Damon for a moment as he continues to threateningly puff on his cigar]

GIUSEPPE: Which one of you did it? Confess here and now, like a man. Who took the money?
DAMON: [fearfully] It was not us.

[Giuseppe sighs, his patience obviously wearing thin, and continues to smoke his cigar]

GIUSEPPE: To think of all the hard work your mother has put into grooming you to be proper young men of society. Do you really want to put her through the heartache of thinking she is a complete and utter failure?

[Stefan and Damon both look scared as Damon replies]

GIUSEPPE: Then what would a man do?
DAMON: He would tell the truth.
GIUSEPPE: And the truth is...?

[Damon, frantic, replies quickly and fearfully]

DAMON: I took it!

[Giuseppe looks momentarily furious until he regains his composure, but a malicious glint remains in his eyes as he takes one last puff of the cigar]

GIUSEPPE: I didn't raise you to be a thief. But, I also didn't raise you to be a liar, and you have told the truth here today. Have you learned your lesson?

[Damon nervously nods his head in agreement, and Giuseppe smiles before grabbing Damon by the wrist and pinning his hand against the table. He starts to aim the lit end of the cigar for the back of Damon's hand, and the boy's eyes widen in horror when he realizes what his father is about to do]

GIUSEPPE: This is to make certain you remember it.

[Giuseppe forcefully shoves the lit cigar against Damon's hand, and he cries out in pain]




[Damon looks haunted by the memories of what his father did to him as he looks over at Lily, who looks just as horrified by the reminder]

DAMON: I didn't take Giuseppe's money. I only confessed because I was afraid of what he'd do to Stefan.

[Stefan looks at Lily with a serious expression]

STEFAN: It's your pattern, Lily. Julian's a monster. Giuseppe was a monster.

[Lily loses her temper and looks at him with hurt in her eyes]

LILY: You don't think I knew that? I was married to the man for twenty years! What kind of a fool do you take me for?

[Lily turns to Damon, who seems torn between resenting her and feeling badly for her]

LILY: Do you think I believed you when I caught you digging for ice in the icebox, and you told me you scratched your arm playing? I'm not blind, Damon. I knew exactly what he did to you that night.

[Lily pauses for a moment and gulps nervously, and her voice becomes bitter as she remembers that night]

LILY: I had gone to fetch his bourbon like he asked. I was on the stairs when I heard your scream. You ran by me clutching your arm, and you didn't see me through your tears.

[Both Damon and Stefan look appalled by this confession as Damon walks closer to her]

DAMON: And you did nothing?

[Lily is too ashamed to make eye contact with him, and when she remains silent, Damon's voice becomes furious]


[Lily becomes defensive]

LILY: That is not true! Everything that I did--

[Just then, a fairly deep cut appears on Lily's neck, and she gasps in surprise at the shock of pain it caused. Stefan looks at her in alarm]


[Lily starts to pant for breath when she realizes what is happening]

LILY: Someone... Someone's trying to kill Julian.
STEFAN: [confused] What are you talking about?
LILY: [panicked] To protect him from you, we... we did a spell. We bound Julian's life to mine. We're linked. If he dies, so do I.

[Damon and Stefan stare at her in shock and confusion as Lily starts to worry about her and Julian's fates]


[Julian giggles as he wipes at the blood on his neck from where Enzo has drawn first blood. Just then, Enzo whips the shortsword he found in Oscar's car out, and Julian's eyes widen in horror when he recognizes it]

ENZO: I see you two have met before.
JULIAN: [shocked] Where did you get that?

[Enzo lunges for him with both swords, and Julian, terrified, reaches down and grabs a handful of dirt before throwing it in Enzo's face. Enzo immediately starts wiping at his eyes with his sleeve, and by the time he has recovered, Julian has vamp-sped away, leaving Enzo alone in the clearing]


[As Valerie siphons away the compulsion from the victims in the Grill, Caroline uses her own compulsion to explain their absence and to cause them to forget what happened to them. She's in the middle of compelling one of the men before he leaves]

CAROLINE: You took a wrong turn and ended up in Mystic Falls. Leave and forget everything that you saw here.

[When she's finished, Caroline sighs and watches him leave out the window. She then looks down at her stomach and presses down on it to confirm for herself that she's not pregnant. When she sees that Matt is watching her, she gets embarrassed and irritated]

MATT: You sure you don't want to talk about this whole Valerie baby-spell thing?
CAROLINE: There is nothing to talk about.
MATT: Care, I've never seen you puke before.
CAROLINE: [awkwardly] That is because I am polite, not pregnant! I can't have Alaric's babies inside of me. Not only is it impossible, but it literally defies the physics of the universe.

[Caroline stops talking and gapes in horror when she sees an angry-looking Beau enter the restaurant. When he sees Valerie there with Caroline and Matt, he becomes even more angry. Valerie, terrified of what he could do to them, tries to talk him down]

VALERIE: Beau. I don't know what atrocities Julian has planned, but you're better than this. I know you. I'm your friend.

[Beau angrily casts a silent pain infliction spell on Valerie, and she immediately clutches her head in pain. Matt slowly pulls his side arm out of his holster as Valerie tries to reason with Beau through the pain of his spell]

VALERIE: Julian is evil. He doesn't care about the family. He only cares about himself.

[The spell on Valerie only grows stronger, and she groans in pain]


[Just then, Matt shoots at Beau twice in succession-- the first hits Beau right in the shoulder, and he catches the second in his hand. Valerie, Caroline, and Matt all turn to run away, but Beau starts to cast a pain infliction spell on Caroline as well, and she groans in pain and clutches her temples]

CAROLINE: Unh! Ugh. Unh!

[Caroline falls to her knees as Beau walks toward her, but before Beau can hurt her further, he's stabbed from behind with a stake, though it misses his heart. Beau falls onto the ground and reveals that it was Valerie who staked him to save Caroline. While Beau is still recovering, Valerie casts a cloaking spell on both herself and Caroline]

VALERIE: [chants] Invisique.

[Caroline vanishes right before Beau's eyes, and when he angrily turns around, he finds that Valerie, too, has vanished along with Matt]


[Enzo is slowly walking through the woods and into the foggy cemetery in search of Julian, holding the fencing sword and the shortsword in each of his hands. He notices blood on a stone on the ground next to a headstone and touches it with his fingertips before realizing Julian is nearby. He stands to his feet and spins around to see Julian behind him, giving him just enough time to duck out of the way as Julian lunges for him]


[Enzo parries his blows and vamp-speeds toward him, shoving him against a tree, but when he tries to stab Julian, the ancient vampire just smirks and shoves Enzo several yards away into another tree. Enzo hits it so hard that the longer sword is knocked out of his hands, and his eyes widen in alarm as Julian pins him to the tree by the throat with his forearm]


[Lily is looking in a mirror at the now-healed wound on her neck, which is still streaked with blood. Stefan then comes in and hands her a washcloth]

LILY: Thank you.

[Lily dabs at the blood on her neck for a moment before she speaks again, looking guilty as she does so]

LILY: I was the one who took the money.

[She turns to face Stefan]

LILY: On Thanksgiving. It was me.

[Stefan looks at her in shock and confusion]

STEFAN: I don't understand.
LILY: Your father never let me have anything. I lived under his complete control. I... I had no means of my own, no access to funds.
STEFAN: [appalled] You stood in the next room as your son was being tortured. You didn't confess, and then you stayed with the man for another five years?

[Lily walks toward him and stares at him desperately]

LILY: I was trying to save us! We were gonna run away. I was gonna protect you boys. We were... we were never gonna see him again. But your father, even drunk and miserable... He was always one step ahead.


[It's late at night, and Lily quietly slips into the dining room with a lit candle. She gently opens the glass door to one of the bookshelves and pulls out a greenish-brown book. She quickly takes a look around to ensure that no one will catch her before setting the candle on the table and examining the book. However, when she opens it, she searches the pages for something and becomes horrified when she's unable to find it. In her panic, she tries to search through all of the books on the shelf when she suddenly hears Giuseppe's voice from the doorway]

GIUSEPPE: Looking for these?

[Lily, terrified, turns to find Giuseppe standing behind her, holding several tickets in his hands. Lily tries her best to remain calm and plays dumb]

LILY: I don't know what those are.
GIUSEPPE: Train tickets. Three of them.

[Though Giuseppe tries to sound nice, it's clear he's furious with her]

GIUSEPPE: Planning a trip, are we?

[Lily thinks quickly before trying to lie her way out of it]

LILY: Oh, Giuseppe, you ruined all my fun. I thought it could be a surprise. I... I thought you could take the boys to New York for a weekend and see that new steamship we read about in the paper.

[Giuseppe furiously pushes Lily backward so hard she falls into the nearby pie safe and smashes several glass dishes]

LILY: [fearfully] Unh! Aah!

[Giuseppe leans forward so his face is only inches away from Lily's and hisses in her ear]

GIUSEPPE: You took that money, and I punished Damon for your duplicity, and you tried to steal my children from me. Should you ever attempt that again, I will take the boys far away from here. You will be alone, and you will never see them again. Do you understand me?
LILY: [voiceover] That's why I had to stay.



[Lily has the same haunted look on her face that Damon had earlier, and Stefan is visibly shaken by what he's just learned]

LILY: Giuseppe was a monster. He wasn't manipulating me, I wasn't blind to it. I knew it in my bones. The only thing I cared about more than leaving him was protecting your brother and you.

[Lily walks toward Stefan and reaches up to cup his cheek with her hand]

LILY: Everything... That I did back then... I was doing for you.


[Enzo, who managed to regain his fencing sword but has lost the shortsword that scared Julian earlier, continues to desperately defend himself against Lily's lover in the MYSTIC FALLS CEMETERY. After a moment, Julian elbows Enzo in the face and causes him to fall in front of a tomb, where Julian has him cornered. Enzo attempts to fight his way out, but Julian knocks his sword out of his hands, giving him no choice but to hold his hands up in a defensive position. Just as Julian is about to make the killing blow by beheading Enzo, Damon appears out of nowhere and shoves Julian against a nearby tree at vampire speed, pinning him against it by the throat with his forearm so hard that it snaps his neck and causes him to fall to the ground. Damon walks over and picks up the shortsword where Enzo dropped it before looking at Enzo incredulously]

DAMON: A little tip from a professional? Next time you want to kill a bazillion-year-old psycho, don't pick a sword from the junior section.

[Damon holds his hand out to Enzo and helps him to his feet, though Enzo looks mildly embarrassed that Damon had to save him]

ENZO: On the contrary, I reckon that sword was forged for that very purpose.

[Just then, Enzo's eyes widen as he sees Julian vamp-speeding toward them from behind Damon]

ENZO: Incoming.

[Damon spins at vampire speed and drives the shortsword into Julian's heart]'

[Suddenly, at the LOCKWOOD MANSION, Lily's knees buckle, and Stefan just barely catches her before she falls to the floor. Lily suddenly starts to choke up blood, and Stefan watches in horror as another bloody stain blooms on her white shirt right over her chest]

[Meanwhile, at ALARIC'S OFFICE, Bonnie slips through the front door and is surprised to find Alaric there. He's reading a book with a bottle of bourbon and looks very depressed]

BONNIE: Oh. You're here.
ALARIC: [sighs] Yeah, yeah. I'm here.
BONNIE: [concerned] And you're drunk. Is everything okay?
ALARIC: [chuckles bitterly] Oh, it's just peachy.
BONNIE: [awkwardly] Okay. I just came to get a book that I left here.

[She walks over and picks it up]

BONNIE: This one.

[Thinking Alaric doesn't want company, Bonnie heads for the door again, but when she looks back and sees how upset he is, she turns around again]

BONNIE: Uh, actually, I'm just gonna do my research here if that's okay with you?

[Alaric drunkenly gestures around the room]

ALARIC: My office is your office.
BONNIE: Great.

[Bonnie sits down on the other side of Alaric's desk and starts to read for a few moments. When she looks up at Alaric again, she hesitantly speaks up]

BONNIE: ...Do you want to talk about it?
BONNIE: [nods] Okay. Didn't think so.

[Bonnie looks at him for another moment before deciding to cheer him up by distracting him]

BONNIE: So, uh, Enzo found some sword in Oscar's car and is under the impression it will kill Julian.

[Bonnie flips through the pages of the book as she skims the pages]

BONNIE: Found it. This is it. Except it's...

[Bonnie makes a face before turning the book around so Alaric can see it]

BONNIE: Does that look like the Phoenix Stone to you?

[Alaric looks at it and sighs when he recognizes it]

ALARIC: Yeah. Yeah, that looks like the Phoenix stone to me.

[She flips the book around again so she can read aloud from it]

BONNIE: "The stone gives the sword its power against immortal foes. Without it, the blade is merely a blade."

[When Bonnie realizes that Enzo is definitely in trouble, she gapes in shock]

BONNIE: Oh no.

[Back at the cemetery, Enzo and Damon are still recovering from their fight with Julian as his body lays on the ground]

ENZO: Nice aim.

[Damon looks down at Julian's body and scoffs]

DAMON: Bastard links his life to my mom's and then engages in a duel? What is this, "Hamlet" community theater? Heh.

[Enzo stops walking when he realizes what Damon is saying and stares at him seriously]

ENZO: Wait. Back up. What are you talking about, linked himself to your mom?
DAMON: He's using Lily as a human shield. Guess he'd forgotten about the part that half the people actually left in this town hate her guts.

[Enzo becomes horrified at the thought that Lily died along with Julian]

ENZO: Damon, tell me you did not just kill Lily.

[When Damon makes a face at him and shrugs, Enzo becomes so angry he punches Damon hard in the face. Damon glares at him as he recovers from this punch, but before he can react further, Julian appears behind Enzo and breaks his neck, allowing his body to drop on the ground. Damon looks scared as Julian turns toward him]

DAMON: [sarcastically] Shouldn't you be... deader?

[Julian shrugs before throwing the shortsword at Damon so hard it immediately embeds in his chest]

DAMON: Ungh!


[Valerie and Caroline have just stopped behind an abandoned building after fleeing from Beau, and as they catch their breath, Valerie turns to Caroline with concern]

VALERIE: Are you hurt?
CAROLINE: [sighs] I'm fine.

[Valerie gives Caroline a look]

VALERIE: You're not really the one that I'm worried about.

[Caroline rolls her eyes and scoffs in frustration]

CAROLINE: Ugh! Isn't it possible that "Kill the psycho" and "Save the babies" just sound similar in Witch-Latin? Not to mention that you've been out of their loop for, like, one hundred years...

[Valerie looks hurt by this remark]

VALERIE: One thousand years could pass-- I would never forget that spell. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about those words.
CAROLINE: [confused] Why do you know so much about this?
VALERIE: [scoffs] Like you care. I mean, it's not like you believe anything I say.

[Caroline stops and looks guilty for a moment before she replies]

CAROLINE: I'm willing to believe you, okay?

[Valerie seems surprised by this reaction, and Caroline sighs, visibly stressed about this baby business]

CAROLINE: I need you to be 100 percent honest with me, please. How do you know so much about this spell?

[Valerie hesitates for a moment before she responds]

VALERIE: Because I've used it.

[Caroline's eyes widen in shock as Valerie continues]

VALERIE: I was pregnant before I turned. Julian knew that if Lily found out, it would ruin his plans with her. She would want to return to Mystic Falls instead. So, he promptly ended it. But I did everything in my power to save the life inside me.

[Caroline's face softens, and she looks at Valerie with sympathy as the Heretic chuckles bitterly]

VALERIE: I didn't have an entire coven to work with... It was just me. Hard as I tried, I wasn't strong enough.

[Caroline looks sad for her, though she is confused about one fact]

CAROLINE: But why would you having a baby make Lily want to come home to Mystic Falls?

[Valerie's eyes start to tear up, and Caroline looks at her with even more sympathy when she realizes the answer]

CAROLINE: Oh. That's the big secret that you have with Stefan.

[Valerie looks upset by the reminder of what happened, and Caroline leans against the car next to her. Though Valerie seems to have expected Caroline to be angry, she honestly just feels sad for Stefan and Valerie]

CAROLINE: The baby was his?

[Valerie nods, and the girls sit in silence for a moment before Valerie turns toward her with a hopeful expression]

VALERIE: Our story may have ended in tragedy, but you have a chance to see that your friend Alaric doesn't.

[Caroline almost looks disappointed that she can't believe that she's pregnant]

CAROLINE: Valerie, the test was negative.
VALERIE: [determinedly] Test again.


[The shortsword is still buried in Damon's chest, and he groans in pain as Julian picks up his abandoned sword and walks back over to Damon. He hold the blade against Damon's throat and is about to behead him when Stefan suddenly vamp-speeds behind Julian and pulls him away. As the three struggle with each other, Lily's panicked voice is heard behind them]

LILY: Don't!

[Stefan and Julian both turn around to see a very terrified Lily standing several feet behind them. Julian immediately lets go and rushes over to Lily with a worried expression]

JULIAN: Oh, thank God you're all right! You must have been given such a scare.

[Stefan, annoyed, pulls the shortsword out of Damon's chest, and he groans in pain as he heals]


[Julian is in the middle of fussing over Lily when she looks over at her sons with concern]

LILY: What's going on here?
JULIAN: [angrily] Damon drove a sword into my chest, knowing it would be the same as driving it into yours.

[Julian and Lily look over at Damon in shock, but he just scowls at them]

JULIAN: Of course, he was under the impression it would kill me.

[Stefan turns toward Damon and glares at him]

STEFAN: What is he talking about?
DAMON: [bitterly] What difference does it make? Didn't work anyway.

[Lily looks horrified for a moment as she stares at Damon, and she doesn't take her eyes off of him as she speaks to Julian]

LILY: Take me home, please.

[Julian nods before walking over and picking up the shortsword, glaring at both Stefan and Damon as he does so. He then turns and walks away, with Lily following shortly behind him. Stefan turns back to Damon, who scoffs at him irritably]

DAMON: What?


[Matt is driving on the MYSTIC FALLS STREETS in his police cruiser when he answers Bonnie's call. Bonnie is sitting alone at SCULL BAR at a table near the windows and looks guilty as she talks to him]

MATT: [sarcastically] Well, look who's finally calling me back.
BONNIE: [guiltily] Sorry. I got waylaid at an impound lot with Enzo, which is somehow not even the worst part of my day.
MATT: [angrily] I needed your help, Bon. Instead, you were ditching my calls to hang out with the guy who recently kidnapped your roomate.
BONNIE: [defensively] Uh, we weren't hanging out. I was helping him find some sword to kill Julian. Where are you? I'll meet you.
MATT: [bitterly] Don't bother. Tyler and Jeremy actually took my call. They think they found a way to help, and I'm looking into it.

[Matt hangs up on Bonnie without another word, and Bonnie looks sad as she does the same. A moment later, a exhausted-looking Enzo approaches Bonnie and sits next to her at the table, setting two shots of whiskey he has bought onto the table in front of them]

ENZO: Guess we could both use a drink.

[Bonnie smiles weakly at him]

BONNIE: I heard today didn't go so well.
ENZO: With the sword, or with Lily? Because the answer's the same.
BONNIE: So that's it? You're giving up?

[Enzo gives her a look]

ENZO: When nine Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down. Lily made her intentions clear.

[Bonnie considers this for a moment before smiling affectionately at him]


[Enzo seems surprised by this reaction]

BONNIE: You're better off without her.

[Bonnie and Enzo look at each other as they drink the shots that Enzo brought them]


[Stefan and Damon have just returned home, but unlike the last episode, it is now Stefan who is mad at Damon and not the other way around]

DAMON: [annoyed] Come on! You can't honestly say you're surprised, can you? You wanted Julian dead, I wanted to punish Mom, and I had a way to kill two birds with one stone!

[Stefan turns and glares at him in disappointment, and Damon's voice becomes even more angry as his true feelings come out]

DAMON: You're never gonna stop straining to find one tiny speck of redemption in Lily, and she's never gonna stop disappointing you.
STEFAN: [frustrated] You're wrong! You don't know the whole story!
DAMON: I don't want to know the whole story, Stefan! I don't want to know any more excuses, or lies, or anything that tells me anything other than the way I know it went down-- our mother faked her death, left her sons behind, started a new family, and went out of her way to forget us forever! That is the only story that matter, Stefan.

[Stefan, realizing that Damon has a point, remains silent as Damon continues, looking more and more hurt as he talks]

DAMON: She tossed us aside without any concern what would happen to us. As far as I'm concerned, she deserves what she gets.

[Stefan just stares at Damon sadly, and Damon, embarrassed about his outburst, turns and walks toward the door, muttering under his breath as he does so]

DAMON: She deserves what she gets.

[Damon walks out the door without another word as Stefan silently watches him leave]


[Lily is sitting at her vanity and looking at her blood-splattered, exhausted-looking reflection in the mirror as Julian walks into the room and sighs as he starts stripping off his bloody clothes]

JULIAN: I don't know about you, but I could use a warm bath.

[Lily continues staring at her reflection as she changes the subject]

LILY: What were you doing in the woods with Lorenzo?

[Julian chuckles and shrugs her question off]

JULIAN: Well, you know me-- never one to resist a sword fight.

[Lily stares at his reflection in the mirror and is clearly offended]

LILY: Except my life was bound to yours.
JULIAN: [smirks] I'm also not one to lose.

[Lily, not appreciating Julian's glib comment, turns around and looks at him with a hurt expression]

LILY: Julian, this... This isn't just red wine spilled down my shirt.

[Realizing how upset Lily is, Julian tries to calm her down]

JULIAN: Darling, you were never in any danger.
LILY: [sarcastically] Oh. Funny how choking on your own blood makes you feel like it.
JULIAN: We were boys being boys, fighting for your honor!

[Julian grabs a towel and starts wiping the blood from his neck]

JULIAN: If anything, it was silly. Well, until one of your rude, misbehaved sons showed up and tried to kill us both.

[Lily frowns and considers this for a moment before she quietly changes the subject again]

LILY: Did you know Valerie was once pregnant with Stefan's child?

[Julian looks shocked for a moment before playing dumb]

JULIAN: Valerie? No, I did not.
LILY: [sighs] According to my sons, you did know. And, when you found out, you beat her until she lost the child.

[Julian gapes at her in horror and looks hurt and offended by the accusation as he walks over to her]

JULIAN: Lily! You know me. You know how deeply that I care about the family that we have built, and I would do anything to keep us together.

[Lily still looks unsure about whether he's being honest, and Julian only looks more concerned]

JULIAN: I would never have done something so revolting.

[When Lily turns around, visibly overwhelmed by the conflicting information she's received, Julian realizes that he's gone about their argument the wrong way and uses a different tactic]

JULIAN: Listen to me, rambling on...

[He walks over to where Lily is sitting at the vanity and rubs her shoulders comfortingly]

JULIAN: You must have been so upset today, and here I am acting like it was nothing. It would destroy me if I ever heard you.

[It looks as though he's smiling at her in the reflection of the mirror, but he's really smiling at himself]

JULIAN: Will you forgive me?
LILY: [unsmiling] Of course.


[Lily is in the master bedroom, where she is looking at the mirror at her vanity and dabbing at the cut on her face with a handkerchief. After a moment, a sheepish-looking Giuseppe walks into the room, and as soon as Lily sees him, she flinches in fear and balls up the handkerchief in her fist]

GIUSEPPE: I hate to see you in such pain.

[Giuseppe starts unbuttoning his vest in preparation to go to bed]

GIUSEPPE: I was drunk and not myself. But the thought of losing you and my sons, it brought out a rage in me. I can't be faulted for trying to keep my family together.

[Giuseppe takes off his vest and sighs as he lays it on the bed]

GIUSEPPE: Will you forgive me?

[Lily, clearly still scared of him, smiles as much as she can]

LILY: Of course.

[Giuseppe turns and takes off his suspenders, and Lily looks relieved to see him go]



[Lily returns to the present with Julian, and once again repeats the words she's said many times before]

LILY: Of course.

[Julian comes up behind her and gently grabs her wrist to help her to her feet]

JULIAN: Come here.

[Lily stands and turns so her face is close to his, but she can't bring herself to make eye contact with him]

JULIAN: Look at me.

[He gently cups her face and moves her head so that she's forced to look him in the eyes]

JULIAN: I love you, darling. I will never hurt you.

[Julian wraps his arms around her in a hug, which she returns, but it is obvious by the look on her face that she's realizing the kind of man Julian is]


[Caroline and Alaric are in an exam room, where an OB/GYN is performing an ultrasound on Caroline]

OB/GYN: How far along are you?

[Caroline, alarmed, looks up at Alaric, who quickly answers her]

ALARIC: Uh, I'm not really sure how to answer that.
OB/GYN: [smiles] Okay. Let's see what we can see.

[Caroline takes a deep breath as the doctor moves the ultrasound wand over Caroline's abdomen. After a moment, she frowns]

OB/GYN: And you're sure you're pregnant?

[Caroline immediately looks over at the screen]

CAROLINE: Why? What's wrong?
OB/GYN: [hesitantly] Well, I'm not seeing one baby, let alone two.

[Caroline and Alaric both focus on the screen in hopes of seeing something she didn't]

CAROLINE: And you're absolutely sure?

[The doctor gives her a gentle smile]

OB/GYN: Twins would be hard to miss. I'm not hearing any heartbeats either.

[When the doctor sees how disappointed Caroline and Alaric are, she looks at them sympathetically]

OB/GYN: I'm not hearing any heartbeats, either. I'm sorry if you were informed otherwise. I'll give you some time alone.

[The doctor gives them another look before leaving the room. Caroline looks over at Alaric with concern]

CAROLINE: I'm so sorry.
ALARIC: No, I'm sorry... that I've been so desperate to believe this was actually possible. I, uh... I, um... I'm really sorry that I put you through all this.
CAROLINE: [gently] Honestly? For a second there, I believed it, too.

[Just then, Valerie slips into the room]

VALERIE: [awkwardly] I, um, saw the doctor leave.
CAROLINE: [disappointedly] She just told us you were wrong.

[Valerie gives Caroline a tiny smile]

VALERIE: Are you sure about that?

[Valerie puts her hand on Caroline's stomach, and it starts to glow red as she siphons away magic. Caroline looks at her in alarm]

CAROLINE: What are you doing?

[Valerie continues siphoning for another moment until Caroline seems to sense something and comes to a realization]

CAROLINE: [whispers] Oh, my God.

[Caroline looks at Alaric for a moment before she quickly grabs the ultrasound wand and puts it back on her stomach. Alaric frowns in confusion, not understanding what she's doing]

ALARIC: ...I'm not sure you're qualified to use that...
VALERIE: Just let her.

[Caroline continues to try to find the babies with the ultrasound wand as Valerie explains]

VALERIE: You know, it never made any sense to me. The spell pointed directly at you, but the tests came up negative. And then, it hit me-- I cloaked you from Beau to protect you. Alaric's babies are the future of the coven. They would have protected them in any way they could.

[Alaric is completely overwhelmed by this information]

ALARIC: Wait, wait-- how is this all possible?

[Valerie, seeing something on the ultrasound screen, smiles in wonder]

VALERIE: They were cloaked.

[The three of them look at the screen to find both babies are inside of Caroline's womb, and their heartbeats become audible as well. Caroline and Valerie both look as though they're in awe, while Alaric can't believe what he's seeing]


[A knock is heard at the front door, and Damon walks over to answer it]

DAMON: Yeah, yeah, yeah...

[Damon opens the door and is shocked to find that Lily is standing on the front porch once again. He scowls at her, not in the mood for her presence]

DAMON: Did you come back to get your dish?
LILY: [softly] May I come in?

[Damon, still glaring at her, shrugs and moves aside so she can walk in. Stefan, having heard Lily's arrival, walks into the foyer to investigate]

STEFAN: What's going on?
LILY: You were right.

[Damon looks at her in shock]

DAMON: [snarkily] Pardon me? I'm sorry, I didn't... I didn't quite hear what you said.
LILY: [sighs] You were right about Julian. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. I've traded one monster for another... But I am not going to let him hurt us anymore.

[Stefan and Damon continue to stare at her in surprise, and Lily looks determined to do right by them this time]

LILY: I have a plan. And this time, we won't get caught.

[Stefan and Damon look at each other, still surprised by this turn of events]


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