[Caroline, looking tired, has just led Josie and Lizzie into ST. JAMES INFIRMARY]

CAROLINE: All right, girls. You know what this is? It's a bar. And this is the last time you're gonna be in one of these until you are twenty-one...

[Just then, a waitress comes into the main room]

WAITRESS: Sorry, we're closed, and...

[She finally gets a good look at Caroline and her three-year-old twins and scoffs in disgust]

WAITRESS: I don't think so.
CAROLINE: We're not staying. We just got here, and... then I realized, I didn't actually know where the person I'm looking for lived.

[The waitress is only half listening as she sets up candles on the tables, so Caroline gets to the point]

CAROLINE: Klaus Mikaelson?

[The waitress looks at her, both exasperated and slightly sympathetic]

WAITRESS: Honey, hate to say this, but you've wasted a trip.
CAROLINE: Look... I know that he comes here, okay? My name's Caroline Forbes. He'll know me.
WAITRESS: I don't care who you are. Klaus Mikaelson is gone.
CAROLINE: Gone? Gone where?
WAITRESS: I mean, no one has seen or heard from that man in...

[She thinks for a moment]

WAITRESS: Three years.

[The waitress goes back to work, and Caroline, clearly shocked, tries her best not to look concerned as she smiles down at the girls]


[Stefan has just pulled into a GEORGIA GAS STATION in a stolen Jeep while he talks to Valerie, who is at the LOCKWOOD MANSION, on the phone. The scene has cut in mid-conversation]

STEFAN: [on the phone] South Georgia, I think. I just ditched my car and passed Grantville off the I-85.

[At the LOCKWOOD MANSION, Valerie is leaning against the desk in Mayor Lockwood's study, where she's carefully studying a map and is leading Stefan where he needs to go on speaker phone]

VALERIE: Okay, you're about to come upon Highway 27. Take it north. Eventually, you'll connect with the I-20 and want to take that west.
STEFAN: And where is this leading me, exactly?
VALERIE: A safe house that's been imbued with a magical disruption spell. Even the strongest magic can't penetrate its walls, which means Rayna Cruz's sword can't track you there. Did you find 27 yet?
STEFAN: No, I just pulled over at a Quik-Stop in the middle of nowhere.

[Valerie, horrified, takes the phone off of speaker and picks it up to hold it to her ear]

VALERIE: [frustrated] Tell me you're joking.
STEFAN: My cell phone's almost dead. I need a charger.
VALERIE: Stefan, that's a mistake. Get back in your car. Stefan, you can't stop moving ever. Stefan, are you there?

[Stefan, at the GAS STATION, apparently not hearing Valerie's warnings, tries to get her attention]

STEFAN: Hello?

[He looks down at his phone before once again trying to get through to Valerie]

STEFAN: Hello?

[Stefan gives up and walks into the GAS STATION to quickly buy a charger, sighing in frustration as he walks through the door]

[Meanwhile, Rayna, driving a motorcycle with her sword strapped to her back in a large scabbard, is speeding toward Stefan's location on the highway]

[Back at the GAS STATION, Stefan has just stepped up to the cashier's counter to get his charger]

STEFAN: Hi, I need to buy a charger for my phone?

[The cashier, a young man, turns to look at the chargers hanging on the wall behind him]

CASHIER: Okay, we've got the brick charger... the adapter for your car... This one's solar powered, pretty neat...

[Stefan, clearly in a hurry, just nods and picks up one of the boxes without really looking at it]

STEFAN: That's fine. How much?
CASHIER: That'll be $22.50.

[Stefan is in the middle of reaching for his wallet when he looks up at the surveillance camera footage on the flat screen TV behind the counter, and when he sees Rayna parking her motorcycle and taking off her helmet behind the shop, he starts to panic and simply runs out of the store without paying. The cashier looks appalled by this behavior]


[Rayna walks in through the back door while Stefan walks out through the front, and when she sees him, she throws her sword, which hits the door and gets its blade wedged in the glass. Stefan, both horrified and relieved that the blade didn't hit him, moves the ice machine in front of the door at vampire speed before getting into his new Jeep and speeding away, his tires squealing as he does so]



[Bonnie and Damon have just arrived at the headquarters of The Armory in Damon's Camaro. The building looks like a moderately-sized castle, and Bonnie is in the middle of checking her phone when she and Damon get out of the car and look around. She seems concerned by what she's just learned]

BONNIE: Valerie said she just lost cell reception with Stefan.

[Damon's voice is bitter and worried when he replies]

DAMON: As if ruining his life wasn't enough for me to worry about, now we get to wonder when you and Valerie exchanged numbers.
BONNIE: You told Stefan you would find a way to get him off the hook with Rayna, and I told Caroline I'd make sure you didn't screw it up. So, we both have a lot riding on this.

[Damon and Bonnie walk up to the door, which Enzo opens to greet them on the massive front porch]

ENZO: Good. You made it.

[Enzo turns and jerks his head toward the door to indicate that they should follow him inside. Once they walk through the door, they enter a series of large rooms full of old, antique furniture and glass cases full of what appear to be ancient artifacts. Bonnie and Damon look around with both curiosity and suspicion]

DAMON: Where the hell are we?
ENZO: This is The Armory, home to a society of supernatural artifact collectors. We keep them under lock and key so they don't fall into the wrong hands.

[Damon picks up a metal mask resting on one of the stands and scoffs]

DAMON: The Armory... Never heard of it.

[Damon looks over at Bonnie, who seems just as clueless]

BONNIE: [rolls her eyes] No.
ENZO: [amused] Yeah, that's kind of the point. They've taken great care to keep themselves out of history as we know it.

[Damon's voice takes on a mocking tone as he and Bonnie continue to look around at the huge room they're in]

DAMON: And, for three easy payments of $19.99, we, too, can be members.

[Damon gives Enzo an annoyed look as he walks over to face him]

DAMON: How about we just cut to the part where they can save my brother? Where's the cavalry, man?
ENZO: They're out on their own supernatural treasure hunt. But, lucky you, they've recruited me to nab Rayna Cruz.

[Damon scoffs, and Bonnie gives him a look that says that she's not trusting his explanations]

ENZO: Ever since that annoying Phoenix Stone turned up in Mystic Falls, she's been top priority. They actually consider her one of the... supernatural wonders of the world.
BONNIE: [suspiciously] And why do you care what they want?
ENZO: They have something I want.

[The scene cuts to a FLASHBACK to after Enzo was knocked out and captured by Matt in Cold as Ice. A beautiful woman with dark hair walks into a room with a glowing green digital lock, where Enzo was strapped down to a gurney. Enzo narrates what happened in voiceover for Bonnie and Damon]

ALEX: Good morning.
ENZO: [voiceover] When The Armory kidnapped me four months ago, it wasn't to torture me. A woman named Alex made me an offer.

[Enzo, still bound to the gurney, looks at Alex warily as she picks up a scalpel from the table and stares at him]

ENZO: Who the hell are you?
ALEX: Someone who needs your help. And, in return, can provide you with information you desperately want.
ENZO: If it's all the same, I'd rather just be cut loose and be on my way.
ALEX: Be my guest.

[Alex uses the scalpel to cut the ropes binding Enzo's wrists to his waist. Once he's freed, he quickly rips the rest of the ropes off while Alex walks toward the door]

ALEX: I just... figured you'd want to know who your family was, orphan and all.
ENZO: How do you know about my family?
ALEX: Because... as obnoxious as it sounds, we like to think we know everything.

[Without another word, Alex waves her hand in front of the glowing green lock on the door, which causes it to open and allow her to leave the room. Enzo frowns, clearly torn between leaving and learning the information about his family that Alex claims to have]

[Back in the PRESENT DAY, Enzo is wrapping up his story for Damon and Bonnie]

ENZO: Needless to say, I've been working for The Armory ever since. Look, all we need to do is get Stefan here, and Rayna will have no choice but to follow. A rat to the cheese. We spring the trap, and The Armory keeps her under lock and key forever after. Everyone gets on with their lives.

[When Damon and Bonnie don't say anything, Enzo sighs]

ENZO: What do you say?
DAMON: Well, I'll have to discuss this with my counsel.

[Enzo nods, having expected this response, and turns away to let him consult with Bonnie. The two give each other a silent look for a long moment before Bonnie turns back to Enzo]

BONNIE: Okay, we're in.


[Alaric has just walked into Caroline's hospital room with two diaper bags slung over his shoulder just as a woman's voice is heard over the PA system]

PA SYSTEM: Dr. Norris, dial 118...

[Caroline smiles at Alaric as he walks toward her]

CAROLINE: Mmm, must be time for another check-up!

[She chuckles quietly, but Alaric looks serious, which concerns her]

ALARIC: Actually, there's something I need to talk to you about...
CAROLINE: [worried] What's going on?
ALARIC: I'm moving to Dallas. I'm leaving today.

[Caroline gapes at him in shock]

CAROLINE: What?? No, Ric, you still need a house, and a nanny, and the right school district...
ALARIC: [urgently] I don't care. After I saw their little faces yesterday, everything changed.
CAROLINE: Is this about that psycho huntress? Because you can rest assured that she is very far away from here, pursuing my equally far from here boyfriend.
ALARIC: [sighs] No, it's not about her, okay? It's about Jo... And the promise I made to her to leave town after we got married. And we know how that turned out, okay? So, I'm not making that mistake twice. And certainly not with my kids.
CAROLINE: Do you know how hard it is to travel with one newborn, let alone two? Two car seats, two feeding schedules, crying in surround-sound, not to mention the driving part.
ALARIC: I know. And stopping every ninety minutes. I get it. Which is why I've hired a nurse to come with me.
CAROLINE: A nurse? Who? Frankie with the heart murmur? Or Jarica, the perpetual boyfriend-texter?
ALARIC: ...Jarica.
CAROLINE: [scoffs] Come on!
ALARIC: Do you have a better idea?
CAROLINE: Me! I'm the better idea.
ALARIC: Uhh, but you just... got through major surgery. You just had a C-section.
CAROLINE: And I'm all healed up. That is the one and only perk of a vampire pregnancy. I can either sit here, alone, freaking out that my boyfriend is somewhere in this country trying to outrun a huntress that will stop at nothing to kill him, or I can be useful. It's up to you.


[Stefan has just arrived to New Orleans, where he puts a large bandage over the still-unhealed X-shaped wound from Rayna's sword before walking into ST. JAMES INFIRMARY and heading straight for the bar, sighing as he sits down. After a moment, a shot is slid down the table toward him, revealing Klaus has appeared next to him at the bar and looks both amused and slightly suspicious, though he smirks devilishly at him]

KLAUS: Welcome to New Orleans, old friend.

[Stefan stares at him in shock. Their conversation continues after the break]

KLAUS: As I live and breathe. Stefan Salvatore in the Crescent City. This ought to be very good, or entertainingly bad.
STEFAN: I'm just in town for a little R & R. Hate to disappoint. So... How are Elijah, and, uh, whoever else you've brought back from the dead?
KLAUS: Oh, you know the Mikaelsons. Never a dull moment.

[Stefan's phone buzzes, but he turns it off]

KLAUS: So, of all the gin joints, you pick ours... Four walls invulnerable to the magic of those pesky locator spells. Bit of a coincidence, isn't it?
STEFAN: Damon's looking for me, and I don't want to be found. I figure you, of all people, can relate to family drama.
KLAUS: Sylvia, this is an old friend. Please keep his cup brimming.
SYLVIA: Mmm. Cute old friend. Where have you been hiding him?
KLAUS: Quaint little place called Mystic Falls. Home of the mining fires that prompted a town-wide evacuation. It was very noble of you to stand up for the human faction as you did, in such uncharacteristically sweeping, dramatic fashion.
STEFAN: I did have some help.
KLAUS: How is Caroline?
STEFAN: Sylvia, I think we're gonna need another round.


[Caroline is in the passenger seat of Alaric's car, where she's trying to talk on the phone with Matt while also helping take care of the babies while Alaric drives ON THE ROAD TO DALLAS. Meanwhile, Matt is at the SHERIFF'S STATION, dressed in his deputy's uniform and sitting at his desk]

CAROLINE: What do you mean you don't know where Rayna is? She's wherever Stefan is.
MATT: No one knows where he is, either. He's not taking anyone's calls, and I can't triangulate his cell phone without at least knowing--
CAROLINE: [cuts him off] What? Sorry, I'm in a literal bell jar of baby noises. I think they need to eat. Are you hungry?
ALARIC: No. Yes, uh, we should stop.
MATT: [impatiently] Caroline-- hello?
CAROLINE: I'm here. What's the plan?
MATT: If I can narrow the search, we have a chance, but until I know the general vicinity of either of them, I have nothing to track.
VALERIE: I may be able to help you with that.
CAROLINE: [sighs] Let me guess-- Valerie's here to save the day.
MATT: Let me call you back.

[Matt hangs up, and Valerie hands him a map, which he opens on his desk]

VALERIE: This is the highway system between Grantville and New Orleans. Stefan's on his way there now, and Rayna is no doubt breathing down his neck.
MATT: Tell me you at least appreciate the irony. I need your help because there's no Sheriff's department left. The reason there's no Sheriff's department is because you killed all the sheriffs.
VALERIE: Then yes, I do appreciate the irony. Just as I hope you appreciate that I helped Caroline deliver her babies and that I am here because I am desperate to keep Stefan alive.
MATT: [sighs] I suppose if she stole a car or something, I could get a beat on her.
VALERIE: Thank you.


[Nora and Mary Louise are at a gas station, getting supplies before they flee Mystic Falls. When Nora sees Mary Louise eating a bag of potato chips, she gives her a confused look]

NORA: I thought you hated rubbish food?
MARY LOUISE: I do. Maybe it'll kill me. Beau, Lily, Oscar, Malcolm... our family couldn't survive in this new world. And now, once again, the two of us have to worry about a psychotic huntress who will kill any vampire in her sight. Maybe this will be a quick, sodium-laden means to my end.
NORA: [scoffs] Is this really who I'm stuck traveling cross-country with?
MARY LOUISE: We are running for our lives. What could I possibly have to be happy about?
NORA: Us, Mary Lou. Starting over. Together. Away from all this. New horizons, new everything.

[Nora hands her a Ring Pop]

NORA: Here.

[Mary Louise looks confused]

MARY LOUISE: Am I supposed to know what that is?
NORA: It's a ring made from candy.
MARY LOUISE: [scoffs] It's not even a diamond.
NORA: But what it is is good enough. We're all we have left. Let's see what else is out there together.
MARY LOUISE: I suppose there's no one I'd rather explore this dreadful world with.

[The two begin to kiss, but after a moment, Mary Louise is shot in the back and gasps before falling to the ground. Before Nora can react, she is shot as well and collapses next to her. The men who shot them are clad in black and accompanied by Alex, the leader of The Armory, who looks down at them with a patronizing glare]

ALEX: Poor thing. So desperate to embrace the modern world, but so unable to grasp the concept of cell phone tracking.

[She turns to her men]

ALEX: Bag 'em up, and let's go home.


[Damon is walking out of THE ARMORY HEADQUARTERS while on the phone with Valerie, who is still at the SHERIFF'S STATION while Matt tracks Stefan and Rayna]

DAMON: Where's Stefan?
VALERIE: Safe. Though, I suppose that could mean anywhere outside of your vicinity.
DAMON: You know he has a girlfriend, right? Blonde, sweet, cute as a button. You're not actually her.
VALERIE: [sighs] I'm hanging up now.
DAMON: You don't want to do that. I have a way to take down Rayna, but it requires him to come to me.
VALERIE: Well, that might take a while. He's in New Orleans.
DAMON: [scoffs] Doubtful. We only go to New Orleans for crappy booze and Klaus blood.
VALERIE: There's a bar there. The St. James Infirmary. It's considered a safe house for supernatural travelers. Oscar came upon it when he was looking for the Phoenix Stone.
DAMON: [sighs] Fine. Just tell him to pack it up, huff it back to Virginia to a pile of bricks called The Armory.

[Valerie's eyes widen in alarm]

VALERIE: Did you just say "The Armory?"
DAMON: Yes, I did. As a matter of fact, I've said that word more times today than I have in my entire life.
VALERIE: [urgently] Get out of there, Damon. Now.
VALERIE: The Armory is a black hole of lies. They once tricked us into using Beau as bait in exactly the same fashion use Stefan. And they were more than happy to let Rayna bury her sword in his heart as long as they could put her in one of their cages. I promise you, they will do the same to Stefan.
DAMON: [sighs] Well, I don't have another option at the moment, Valerie.
VALERIE: [frustrated] Yeah? Well, whose fault is that? Look, the best way you can help Stefan is to keep your mouth shut and stop making things worse.

[Damon hangs up with a scowl, though he seems to be taking her words to heart]

[Inside, Enzo is standing near a small table with several decanters full of various types of liquor while Bonnie talks to him. She, too, seems to be skeptical about The Armory]

BONNIE: So, this faceless, so-called "Armory" claims to know where you come from?
ENZO: I find Rayna Cruz, they fill in the blanks.
BONNIE: And, if you have to lie, or hurt your friends, or screw anyone over in the process, so be it, right?
ENZO: [angrily] I was sent to the workhouse at the age of four, with a concept of family so limited I actually convinced myself that an Italian line cook was my father. By fourteen, I was out on the streets. By twenty-seven, I was dead. That is it. That is the sum total of my life as a human. I know how to comfort myself, live off scraps, and catch disease. The rest? You know, love, relationships, family... These are things I know nothing about. This is what the Armory can provide me. So, will I do whatever it takes for answers? In a heartbeat.

[Just then, Damon walks in and joins them]

DAMON: Flag on the play. Like an idiot, Stefan didn't renew the minutes on his cell phone. We'll call you when we connect. Come on Bon, I want to beat traffic.
ENZO: You know where he is?
DAMON: Yeah, I do, Enzo. I also know that you allowed me to believe Elena was dead so I'd help you kill Rayna, who's already escaped your custody once. Then, you tricked me into saving your ass, which resulted in Rayna getting this stupid sword, and now I have Stefan's 1863 Siphon-crush telling me that you all are shady people. So, Bon-Bon here and I are gonna go cook up a Plan B. But, thanks anyway.

[Just then, Damon is shot in the chest with a vervain dart, and when he collapses to the floor, Bonnie realizes that Enzo has a dart gun in his hands and looks at him in horror]

BONNIE: What are you doing?

[Enzo walks over to her and hits her in the head with the butt of the gun]


[When Damon awakens, he's in the same room that Enzo was taken to after he was captured, though Damon hasn't been tied up like he was. A high-pitched noise causes him to groan as he tries to break through the effects of the vervain, which has weakened him considerably]

DAMON: Oh... Ohhhh...

[He rolls over and struggles to get to his feet, barely able to stand, and when he looks around the room, he finds Tyler laying unconscious in the gurney next to him, hooked up to a beeping heart monitor. Damon looks stunned]

DAMON: Lockwood?

[Suddenly, Enzo's voice is heard behind him as he enters the room through the door with the green digital lock]

ENZO: Found him where you left him, in a pool of his own blood. Poor bloke's been in a coma ever since.
DAMON: Why the hell is he here?
ENZO: He's an associate of ours, actually. We take care of our own.
DAMON: ...That's why you have Elena.
ENZO: Cookie for you. No, it turns out Tyler made contact with the Armory during his hunter sojourns. So, when Matt Donovan needed help with the vampire problem in Mystic Falls, he called Tyler, who then called the Armory, thinking they'd put me away for good. Little did he know... they wanted me to work for them instead.
DAMON: So, here we all are-- in a cell. That's how you take care of people?
ENZO: Oh, don't worry about Tyler. We're simply keeping him alive until his werewolf transformation stirs him awake and heals him up. Shouldn't be long now.
DAMON: [confused] I'm sorry... what?!

[Enzo walks toward the door to unlock it before walking out and continuing his conversation with Damon through the glass window]

ENZO: Oh, did I forget to mention that tonight's a full moon? Well, look-- you're welcome to watch the show with me, on this side of the glass. Just give me Stefan's location.
DAMON: Thanks. But you know I'm a sucker for the front row.
ENZO: [shrugs] Suit yourself.

[Damon turns back and makes a face at Tyler, still laying motionless on his gurney]


[Enzo has just gone to see Bonnie, who is in the living room from earlier in one of the leather armchairs. She looks dazed as she stirs awake from being knocked out, and Enzo explains Damon's current predicament as he hands her a towel full of ice for her head]

ENZO: Damon put Tyler in a coma. Bit of a hallucination mix-up that resulted in Damon introducing Tyler's skull to the pavement several times. If the Armory hadn't found him, he'd be a vegetable... or dead.
BONNIE: [incredulously] Ice? You knock me out, then offer me ice? What's wrong with you? Where's Damon?
ENZO: I locked him in a room with Tyler, on a full moon. Yes, you heard that right-- your bestie, your sidekick, your humanity project. The man who spins your moral compass in a tizzy. If he doesn't give over Stefan's location by the wolfing hour, he's a dead man.

[Bonnie furiously attempts to attack Enzo with a bone-breaking spell]

BONNIE: [chants] Phasmatos ossox!

[The spell does nothing, and Bonnie looks horrified]

BONNIE: Ohh... What did you do to me? Why won't my magic work?
ENZO: I injected you with one of the Armory's toys. You're in a magical time-out. Feel free to dispense with the menacing posture.

[Enzo walks away with a smirk]

[Downstairs, Damon is pacing around his cell, sneering at Tyler every so often before walking over to the door and pushing against it to try to break it open. He then tries to punch his way through the glass window, but it's too strong even for his 173-year-old vampire strength. Suddenly, Tyler's eyes open, and he looks around before he notices his new cell-mate and weakly calls out to him, still disoriented from his coma]

TYLER: Damon?
DAMON: [whispers] Hope I didn't wake you.
TYLER: Oh, what the hell is going on?
DAMON: Good news, tween wolf-- you're about to get your sweet revenge on me.


[Alaric is sitting in a booth at the diner with the babies when Caroline returns and sits down across from him]

CAROLINE: What kind of diner runs out of ketchup?

[Alaric immediately shushes her and gestures to the babies, who are sleeping soundly in their car seats]

ALARIC: Shhh! I just got them to stop crying.
CAROLINE: [impressed] Wow! Ooh, good. Now we can talk about nannies.

[The both laugh at Caroline's overachieving nature]

CAROLINE: Okay, obviously I thought we'd have more time, so none of them are perfect, but I rated them out of 100, based on their age, GPA, and experience. You know, I figured you'd want someone intelligent but not overly ambitious...

[Just then, the babies both start crying]

ALARIC: No, no, no, no, no... Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh... Okay, look, I-I'm gonna take Elizabeth for a little walk. Do you mind watching Josie?

[Caroline looks around the room at all the fellow customers to make sure the babies aren't disturbing them as Alaric gets up, grabs Lizzie's car seat, and leaves to walk with her while giving apologetic looks to the nearby patrons. Caroline turns to look at Josie and pleads with her, looking overwhelmed]

CAROLINE: Ooh, why are you crying?

[She laughs despite how stressed she is]

CAROLINE: You have a fresh diaper and a fully belly. And you have no idea how bad things can actually get.


[Night has fallen, and the full moon is rising in the sky as Damon desperately tries to restrain Tyler by tying his wrists with IV tubing, though they both know that it's a futile effort]

TYLER: Those aren't gonna stop me, Damon. The second I turn, you're as good as dead.
DAMON: [annoyed] You don't think I know that, Copernicus? Once bitten, twice shy. It's taking me every ounce of willpower I have not to send you to doggie heaven right now.
TYLER: But you're not. Why?
DAMON: Because up until yesterday, I thought Elena was dead. Turns out, she's not.

[Damon finds a vial of some sort of medication in a drawer and begins to draw up a huge syringe full of it]

TYLER: [scoffs] And if she were? Then what? You'd kill me because you have no one else to be accountable to?

[Damon makes a face at him before jamming the syringe in Tyler's thigh, and he groans in pain as his eyelids begin to droop]

DAMON: That should knock your ass out 'til the sun comes up.

[Tyler starts to fall asleep, and Damon looks satisfied as he sighs in relief]

DAMON: Good boy. Off to dream of squirrels and Milk Bones.

[Damon chuckles under his breath, just as Tyler gasps and begins to growl as the transformation starts to take hold, his eyes glowing gold]

DAMON: Ohhh, that's not good.

[Upstairs, Bonnie is frantically throwing her body against the door to the downstairs cells, and when she can't break it open, she turns to Enzo with a furious glare]

BONNIE: Open it!
ENZO: Sorry. Members only, love.
BONNIE: [incredulously] What happened to you? When did you become this person?
ENZO: [scoffs] This person? What, as opposed to the other person you were so fond of?
BONNIE: At least that person knew what he wanted, and fought for it without steamrolling everybody else.
ENZO: Where did that get me? Huh? Lily's dead. I have nowhere to live, no town to call home. The Enzo you knew didn't get what he wanted. This one will.
BONNIE: And you want your family. A family who dropped you at a work house, never came looking for you, who wiped all trace of their existence from your life. You're willing to make an enemy out of everyone for them?!
ENZO: When I told you Damon was in trouble, you leaped to your feet, tried to stop me. Didn't matter what he'd done, how he hurt Tyler-- your first instinct was to help him. That's what I want.
BONNIE: Good. I hope you find it.

[Bonnie grabs a vase from the nearby table and slams it against the back of his head with all her strength, knocking him flat on his back on the floor and leaving him so disoriented that he is unable to react when Bonnie reaches into his pocket, grabs his vervain dart gun, and shoots him in the chest with it. She then drags his body to the door and uses his hand to open up the lock and go save Damon]

[Downstairs, Tyler has just squeezed his eyes closed for a moment as his entire body tenses up, but when he opens them again, they're back to their usual brown. Damon has just pulled out his phone and is calling Stefan while he tries to calm Tyler down]

DAMON: Easy, pal. Breeeeeathe. Good boy.
TYLER: [weakly] These sedatives... they're messing with me.
DAMON: They're slowing your transition. Pick up, Stefan!

[Stefan finally answers the phone from inside ST. JAME'S INFIRMARY]

STEFAN: Really not a good time.
DAMON: Feeling's mutual, brother. Listen, you wouldn't happen to be at that place Valerie sent you to, would you?

[Stefan can hear Tyler groaning on the other end of the line and frowns]

DAMON: There's a chance I'm gonna have to tango with a werewolf tonight, and it'd suck a lot less if I knew there was an antidote en route.
STEFAN: [alarmed] What are you talking about?
DAMON: [anxiously] Just answer the question, Stefan!
STEFAN: [sighs] I'll see what I can do.


[Stefan has just returned to the bar to continue his talk with Klaus, who has just returned with two more drinks]

KLAUS: So, where were we? Siphon babies, vampire-witch Heretics? Hmm, sounds like you've been having quite a lot of fun since last our paths crossed.
STEFAN: Well, to be clear, Caroline practically died in childbirth. And she's not actually their mother. It just sort of... happened.
KLAUS: So, she carried two lives in her womb, she gave birth to them, and now she plans to hand those cooing little faces over to Alaric without so much as a hiccup of hesitation?

[Klaus' tone becomes sarcastic]

KLAUS: Yeah, you're probably right, that does sound like the Caroline I remember.

[Klaus gives Stefan a suspicious look, clearly knowing that Stefan is hiding something from him]

KLAUS: If you care about her as you say you do, why aren't you with her now?
STEFAN: [nervously] Like I said-- family drama. Speaking of, umm... Damon's found himself in a bit of a werewolf predicament. I know I said he was a pain in the ass, but is there any chance you'd be willing to spare some blood? Just in case things go south?

[Just then, Stefan's wound starts to bleed through his shirt, and Klaus becomes enraged when he sees the X-shaped blood stain on Stefan's chest]

KLAUS: That is the mark of the Phoenix Sword.

[Stefan looks shocked that Klaus knows about it]'

STEFAN: You've seen this before?
KLAUS: Tell me you have not been careless enough to make an enemy of Rayna Cruz!
STEFAN: Why do you think I'm here, Klaus?
KLAUS: [furiously] So, you came here to hide, to seek refuge in my town, to enjoy the perks of my hospitality in the city where my family sleeps, and all the while, you lure in a vicious hound with your scent?
STEFAN: She can't find me in this bar--
KLAUS: Well, maybe not under this roof, but you are aware that she was born in New Orleans? Terrorized the Quarter for years, thrust her blade through the heart of some of my best men on the steps of St. Anne's Church. She will pursue you until your paranoia and despair far outweigh your desire to live. Here, elsewhere, or in hell, she will find you.
STEFAN: [desperately] If you know how to outrun her, tell me what to do, Klaus!
KLAUS: [more furiously] I'll tell you what you don't do. You do not draw a huntress to a town full of vampires. You do not drink my bourbon whilst lying to my face, and you do not dare ask me favors ever again. Is that clear, old friend?

[Stefan looks both horrified and terrified, and Klaus raises his voice]

KLAUS: Get out.
STEFAN: [panicked] If I leave, she'll kill me.
KLAUS: And if you stay, I will. Get. Out.

[When Stefan doesn't immediately leave, Klaus roars at him]


[Stefan reluctantly does as he's told without another word, and Klaus paces through the bar, anxiously rubbing his face with his hand when he hears a phone ringing behind him. It's Stefan's phone, which he left behind, and when he lifts it from the table and looks at the screen, he sees "Caroline" on the Caller ID and decides to answer it. Caroline is still at the DINER OUTSIDE MYSTIC FALLS, where she's trying to soothe Josie while Alaric and Lizzie continue their walk]

KLAUS: Hello, love.
CAROLINE: [frowns] Who is this?
KLAUS: Ouch. Has it really been that long?
CAROLINE: [stunned] Klaus.

[Josie's cries are heard by Klaus over the phone, and he smiles despite himself]

KLAUS: I know that sound all too well. You might try picking her up?
CAROLINE: [sighs] Just hold on.

[Caroline picks Josie up, but she continues crying as Caroline picks up the phone again]

CAROLINE: How am I talking to you right now? Where's Stefan?
KLAUS: [ignores her] By the way, what's your stance on hand-me-downs? We have a chest that was once owned by Louis XV. It's being wasted on my daughter's outgrown onesies. Any interest?
CAROLINE: [confused] One-- these babies aren't mine, they're Ric's.
KLAUS: Yes, that's been made abundantly clear to me by your boyfriend.
CAROLINE: Two-- I didn't call you. I called Stefan-- yes, my boyfriend-- who's currently running for his life while I sit here playing worst-case scenario. Except these babies-- that aren't mind-- won't stop crying, and now, this entire diner hates me. So, if you could refrain from gloating in the face of my misery, that would be very much appreciated.
KLAUS: [sighs] Stefan will be fine.
CAROLINE: How do you know?
KLAUS: Because I will ensure it. So, here you are, in college, building a life for yourself...
CAROLINE: [impatiently] Klaus, I'm not doing this with you.
KLAUS: [ignores her] I take it children were not involved in these plans?
CAROLINE: No, they weren't. Luckily, these aren't mine.
KLAUS: [amused] So you've mentioned. You know, my family challenges the bounds of my sanity. They drive me to do unspeakable things; all the while, finding fresh and inventive ways to torture me. But, as it turns out, my family is what makes me truly happy. It's not a crime to love what you cannot explain. I was sorry to hear about your mother, Caroline. I'm sure she would have loved to see you with the little ones.

[Josie becomes silent, and Caroline gasps in surprise and relief]

CAROLINE: Oh, my God. She's finally sleeping.
KLAUS: Well, then we mustn't wake her. Goodbye, Caroline.


[Tyler is still groaning and writhing in pain as he resists his transformation, and he eventually looks at Damon in exasperation as he stares at the window anxiously]

TYLER: Why don't you just save your ass and tell these people where Stefan is?
DAMON: [annoyed] 'Cause Stefan has a bad habit of taking bullets aimed at me, and I thought I'd give him the day off.

[Tyler continues groaning and panting until he finally breaks through the makeshift restraints that Damon put around his wrists. Damon looks alarmed as he holds up the broken-off top of an IV stand as a weapon]

TYLER: Then maybe this is for the best, 'cause I'm gonna turn and tear your throat out. That way, nobody will ever have to take a bullet for you again.

[Tyler's arm spasms and is yanked backward as the transformation starts in earnest, causing him to fall off the gurney and on the floor just as Bonnie arrives outside Damon's cell and gasps in shock]

BONNIE: Oh, my God! Damon!
DAMON: [panicked] Bonnie, open the door!

[Bonnie pushes the button on the digital lock, but it just buzzes and beeps as the door remains closed]

TYLER: [desperately] Get out of here, Bonnie!
BONNIE: [frantically] It won't open!
DAMON: You're a witch! Blink really hard.
BONNIE: [anxiously] I can't, Enzo gave me something that disabled my magic.
DAMON: Enzo opened it up with the palm of his hand. You gotta get him down here right now.
BONNIE: [scared] It's not gonna happen...
DAMON: Why the hell not?

[Snapping sounds are heard as Tyler's back arches on the floor, his body continuing to transform into his werewolf form. Bonnie looks horrified, but Damon is simply panicked]

DAMON: Bonnie, Tyler is one loose vertebrae from making me his dinner, so figure this out. Please. No pressure.

[Tyler's bones continue to snap and break as they reform into the body of a wolf]

[Bonnie rushes upstairs, where Enzo is still passed out from when Bonnie shot him with a vervain dart. She looks around until she sees a large, ancient-looking ax standing on display and she goes to grab it before walking back over to Enzo just as he's starting to wake up]

ENZO: [weakly] Bonnie...?

[Bonnie's voice is exhausted and emotionless when she replies]

BONNIE: This is what happens when you make enemies, Enzo. For the record, I would have been a better friend.

[She lifts up the ax and brings it down on Enzo's wrist, cutting his right hand off, and the camera cuts to outside of the Armory headquarters as Enzo screams in agony]


[Valerie is pacing around the SHERIFF'S STATION when her phone suddenly rings. It's Stefan, who is in his stolen Jeep and driving on INTERSTATE 90]

STEFAN: Hey, I lost my phone. I had to pick up a burner.
VALERIE: Stefan, thank God! Have you made it to New Orleans?
STEFAN: Let's just say I wore out my welcome. I'm back on the road, and, in a shocking turn of events, Damon needs my help.
VALERIE: [anxiously] What are you talking about? Worry about yourself. You need to go back.

[Just then, Matt walks in with urgent news]

MATT: Dispatch just put an APB on a speeding motorcyclist traveling east on Highway 90. Woman, meets Rayna's description, driving like a maniac.
VALERIE: [to Stefan] Do you hear that? Avoid 90.
STEFAN: Yeah, a little late for that...
VALERIE: [alarmed] Where are you?
STEFAN: Traveling east on 90. I'll call you later.

[Stefan hangs up and keeps a look out with his rear-view mirror. Valerie, hanging up her own phone, gives Matt a panicked look]

[On I-90, Stefan continues to drive before eventually taking a right turn. When he flips open his burner phone, he finds that he has no cell phone service and sighs as he throws it back onto the passenger seat. He's driving what looks like a back road near the Bayou when suddenly, his tires explode with a loud bang, forcing Stefan to come to a screeching halt. He skids off the road and nearly misses hitting a trailer home near Hayley's former shack before stopping and getting out of his car to look around]

[He sees one of Rayna's wooden arrows impaling his left front tire and looks around to see where she is. Just then, she appears in front of him, shooting him in the leg with another bolt from her crossbow before reloading it and shooting another one into his right shoulder. He falls back against his Jeep, and Rayna tosses aside her crossbow in favor of pulling her Phoenix Sword out of the scabbard strapped to her back as she walks toward him]

[He falls to one knee, allowing Rayna to kick him flat on his back on the ground as she pins him down with her leg and drives the blade of her sword toward his heart, but he takes the blade in his hands and uses all of his strength to keep her from plunging it into his chest. His hands start to gush blood from the effort, and Rayna uses all the strength she can muster to fight against him until finally, Klaus appears behind him and backhands Rayna so hard in the chest with a crowbar that she flies several dozen yards backward into the nearby woods, her sword flying far away from her to the right. Klaus reaches down with his hand, which Stefan takes so he can pull him to his feet. He gives Klaus a shocked expression]

STEFAN: What are you doing here?
KLAUS: The right thing... I hope. She's dead for now. We have to go.
STEFAN: We need to grab her before she comes back to life.
KLAUS: Stefan, you are trespassing on dangers ground. Trust me--

[Klaus gestures toward the woods behind them, where the eyes of a dozen growling werewolves are staring back at them near where Rayna landed]

KLAUS: This is werewolf territory. Let's go.

[Klaus vamp-speeds away, and Stefan reluctantly chases after him as well]


[Tyler, still in the middle of his transformation, reaches up to lean against the gurney, and Damon points his makeshift weapon at him and gives him a wary look]

DAMON: Easy, boy. I do not want to kill you.
TYLER: Why? 'Cause Elena will dump your ass?

[Tyler's bones continue to snap and break]

DAMON: [shrugs] And it would be a waste of a perfectly good IV stand.
TYLER: [gasps in pain] If it's not me, it's going to be somebody else, Damon. There's no way in hell you're lasting sixty years without royally screwing up.

[Tyler screams as his bones keep breaking, and Damon tries to calm him down]

DAMON: Bonnie should be here any second--
TYLER: That's what I'm talking about. You open that door, and I'll kill her, too. There's always going to be something else. Your friends-- my friends-- they'll keep risking their lives trying to save you until they're all dead.

[Suddenly, Bonnie arrives with Enzo's severed hand in her own]

BONNIE: Looks like you could use a hand.

[She's about to hold the hand in front of the scanner when Damon frantically stops her]

DAMON: Bonnie, wait! Don't!
BONNIE: I need to get you out of here.
DAMON: Bonnie, listen-- if you open that door, Tyler will kill you, too.
BONNIE: [scoffs] I'm not going to let you die in there.
DAMON: This is my mess. Go. Go!

[Just then, Tyler's eyes glow gold again, and his fangs have come out as he roars at Damon and Bonnie. Bonnie ignores Damon's instructions and opens the door just as Tyler lunges for them, so Damon turns and keeps himself in front of Bonnie as Tyler tackles him, pushing them both out into the hallway. Bonnie picks up the IV stand and holds it above Tyler's head as he tries to bite Damon as Damon holds him back as best he can]

BONNIE: Tyler! Tyler, stop!
TYLER: [growls] Bonnie, get the hell out of here!

[When Bonnie tries to hit him, Tyler spins and grabs the IV stand before hitting Bonnie so hard with it that her skull smashes against the window of the cell. She hits it with such force that her head leaves a bloody smear on the glass as she collapses onto the floor, and Damon roars in fury]


[He glares at Tyler, who is so shocked by what he's done that his werewolf eyes and fangs have shifted back]

DAMON: [furiously] Get out of here, or I will kill you!

[Tyler rushes away without another word, and Damon rushes toward Bonnie to feed her his blood]

DAMON: [panicked] Okay. You're okay. Here you go.

[He bites his wrist and puts it to her mouth, but she's barely conscious enough to drink it, and Damon becomes even more horrified when it doesn't seem to be working]

DAMON: You're not healing. Why aren't you healing?

[He pulls his wrist away, and Bonnie remains motionless, so he tries to feed her more blood as he pleads with her]

DAMON: Bonnie, hey! Bon!

[When this doesn't work, Damon hesitates for a moment before picking Bonnie up bridal-style and carrying her away]


[Enzo awakens in the room that Damon and Tyler just broke out of, as the smear of blood from Bonnie's head remains on the glass. When he looks down, he sees that his hand has been reattached and is wrapped in tape where they sewed it back on. After a moment, Alex walks in to speak with him with a smile]

ALEX: Found that laying around and thought you might need it. Guess that's the last time we let you watch the house.
ENZO: [annoyed] Actually, it's the last-last time for anything. I'm through working for free. Catch the Huntress yourself.
ALEX: You said you wanted to know where you came from. We just needed you to prove it.
ENZO: For four months? Four months of learning your mission statements, helping you track this woman with postcards and lies, scouring the globe? Four months that brought me nothing! No answers. No family.

[Enzo sighs in frustration]

ENZO: Consider our deal terminated.
ALEX: Your family is here, Lorenzo.

[Alex takes a deep breath before she continues]

ALEX: Your father founded the Armory.
ENZO: [in disbelief] My father?
ALEX: This estate is where he lived and died. What he left behind is your birthright.
ENZO: [scoffs] What he left behind was me.
ALEX: Believe me, I know the feeling. Until Tyler Lockwood called us, I didn't know I had any family left either.
ENZO: What are you talking about?
ALEX: My name is Alexandria St. John. I'm your family, Lorenzo.


[Caroline has just walked into the kitchen of the new house Alaric bought, which is lit only by some candles spread across the counter, where some fast food is waiting for them]

CAROLINE: The girls are asleep. Furniture is en route, electricity will be on by tomorrow morning, and I am starving.

[She picks up a burger on the counter and bites into it]

CAROLINE: Mmmm. Mmm, did you get a chance to look over the list of nannies?
ALARIC: I did. Um, I set up an interview with the one that you rated at, uh, 89.75%.
CAROLINE: Tracy? Good, she was my first choice, too. And, I can compel her to lower her fee, if you want...
ALARIC: No, I-I don't think that will be necessary. I mean, really, between scoring this house and actually having the babies, you've gone above and beyond.
CAROLINE: [awkwardly] Well, then I guess my work here is done...

[She laughs nervously and hesitates before continuing]

CAROLINE: I think I'll stay the night, if that's okay with you. Just to make sure that the electrician doesn't burn down the house tomorrow morning.
ALARIC: [surprised] Yeah, sure. You can stay as long as you want.


[Bonnie has been admitted to the hospital, where she's unconscious and hooked up to an oxygen tank and a heart monitor. Damon is at her bedside, holding her hand and trying his best to wake her]

DAMON: [whispers] Bon.

[When Bonnie remains unconscious, Damon sighs]

DAMON: Fine. Be that way. Ignore me. By the way, once whatever crap Enzo gave you is out of your system and magic works on you again, I'm going to give you my blood and heal you, okay? But, in the meantime, there's something I want you to know. You are a terrible friend. You know that? Do you have any idea what I'd have to go through if you'd have died today? Huh? Years of guilt. Crippling, self-loathing guilt. Not to mention the resentment I'd feel if I was forced to break in a new drinking buddy...

[Damon pauses before he continues]

DAMON: You're not supposed to die for me, Bon. Neither is my brother. But, no matter what I say, or how hard I try and drill it into your skulls, you're not going to stop trying. Which is why I have to take myself out of the equation. It all ends tomorrow. You'll never have to worry about me again.

[Damon pats Bonnie on the shoulder affectionately with one hand as he squeezes her hand with the other]


[Klaus is driving Stefan back to New Orleans as they continue their conversation]

STEFAN: There's a train station about a mile away. You can just drop me off there.

[Klaus pauses before he responds]

KLAUS: Do you love her?
STEFAN: Caroline? Why? Do you still have feelings for her?
KLAUS: I have far too many complicated women in my life already. Caroline is the reason the tip of Rayna's blade ended up in your flesh, isn't she? You were protecting her.
STEFAN: [sighs] No. I was protecting Damon.
KLAUS: Then let her go. Let her go, or spend an eternity of sacrificing everything good you have with her for your brother. Believe me, I've spent an eternity watching Elijah do the same for me.
STEFAN: [frowns] You missed the exit.
KLAUS: You're not going to the train station.
STEFAN: [confused] What? I have to get out of here.
KLAUS: We're going to see a witch. I may have something that can help you with your Rayna Cruz problem.


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