The Motel is located in Denver, Colorado. Jeremy, Damon, and Elena stayed there in Heart of Darkness, after they ran into Kol and needed a safe place to hide out from him for the night. After they checked into their room, Jeremy tried to contact Rose on the Other Side with his abilities of mediumship in order to find out which Original vampire was responsible for siring Damon, Stefan, Caroline and Abby's bloodline. Once Jeremy made contact with Rose through Damon, she informed them that she was turned by Mary Porter, but that she had no idea which Original turned her, though she promised to find out where they could find her. She also told Jeremy that she was rooting for Elena and Damon to get together. Later that night, Damon had a phone conversation with Stefan about Alaric's condition after dealing with Alaric's dark alter-ego. In the middle of the night, Damon and Elena started to talk, and Damon eventually came over and laid next to Elena on the bed. The two began to hold hands, and when Elena asked him why he never let anyone see the good in him, he explained that he didn't want to have to live up to anyone's expectations. After a few moments, Elena became so overwhelmed that she left the room to get some fresh air, and Damon followed her out. They eventually started making out outside the room until Jeremy came out to tell them Rose came back with Mary's address and caught them. Afterward, they left the motel to go track Mary down in Kansas.

The motel was mentioned by Damon in Do You Remember the First Time?, when he explained to Elena, who had lost her memories of loving Damon after Alaric compelled her to forget them, that an ice-cooler in a motel in Denver "had some stories" of them together, referencing the first time they had ever made out when they were staying at this motel.


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