Oh, Ms. Cuddles, I lost her when I was nine. But I went into my house last night she was.
Bonnie on Ms. Cuddles in Yellow Ledbetter

Ms. Cuddles was Bonnie Bennett's teddy bear throughout her childhood and, later on, an important artifact in getting a message to her friends of her current status from 1994 Prison World.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries series

Season Six

In Yellow Ledbetter, Bonnie finds her childhood toy on her second day in The Other Dimension by breaking into her Grams' house, where she also finds her Grams' Grimoire. She then reveals to Damon that she lost Ms. Cuddles when she was 9 years old.

In Do You Remember the First Time?, Bonnie uses the teddy bear to store her magic inside, and then draws on the eclipse to teleport it back to the mortal plane, outside the Cemetery Crypt. It was later found by Damon.

In Fade Into You it is revealed that magic is needed in order to see the house that Jo, Kai, Olivia and Lucas grew up in, as the house was revealed to Damon, Stefan and Alaric when Stefan kicked Ms. Cuddles, filled with Bonnie's magic, into the invisibility spell.

In The Day I Tried To Live, Caroline told Stefan that Bonnie never lost Ms. Cuddles like she thought, but that she instead took her after a huge fight. Later she buried her in the woods and left some M&M's to find her back. But unfortunately, the M&M's disappear. Then she went back in the woods to find her with Stefan and found her.

Season Seven

In Live Through This, it is revealed that Bonnie keeps the teddy bear in her college dorm room.

In Somebody That I Used to Know, Bonnie is moving out of Whitmore College and is seen packing photos, Damon's letter, Ms. Cuddles and her other belongings.


  • Bonnie used the bear to store her magic, this is similar to what Josette Laughlin did, storing her magic in a hunting knife.
  • The magic in the bear can be used to undo a cloaking spell.
  • Bonnie thinks that she lost her but it was Caroline who took her.

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