[It's morning. Stefan is in the woods doing pushups as well as talking on the phone to Caroline who is outside the Lockwood Mansion.]

Caroline: What do you mean you're not coming? I don't need to remind you that your Miss Mystic Falls attendance record totally sucks.

Lockwood Mansion

[Caroline is walking down the stairs with a clipboard and preparing for the pageant. Her phone is to her ear as she continues to talk to Stefan.]

Caroline: Besides, you're a founding family member, by definition you have to be here.

[She walks over to a table where Gabby is arranging some flowers. Caroline grabs the flowers from her hands and rearranges them to her satisfaction. She walks away.]

Stefan: Elena and I broke up. By definition, I don't need to be anywhere.
Caroline: Did that sound as depressing to you as it did to me?
Stefan: Oh, I'm not depressed. I just want to rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't breathe anymore.


[Stefan stops doing pushups and lies down with his back against the ground.]

Caroline: Well, you can't. As your sober sponsor, I am not going to let that happen. Try and sublimate.

[Stefan stares up at the sky in silence for a moment.]

Stefan: She said she has feelings for Damon.
Caroline: What?! She can't have feelings for Damon! He's...Damon. And you're...you. And I'm – revolted. You know, I'm gonna talk to her. I'm going to shake some sense into her clearly diseased brain.
Stefan: Yeah, well I don't know what good that'll do. Elena's right, being a vampire really has changed her.
Caroline: All the more reason you need to cure her.

Lockwood Mansion

[Elena walks down the steps. Caroline sees her and Elena starts to walk over to her.]

Caroline: [to Stefan] Look, I got to go. Be careful. And remember, there is sublimating and then there is insanity.
Stefan: I'll be fine. Bye.

[He hangs up. Caroline puts down her phone and looks at Elena.]


[Stefan stands up. Klaus rushes up behind him and grabs him in a chokehold.]

Klaus: In what world do the words "tell no one" mean tell your brother and every teenage sycophant in town?
Stefan: The secret's safe. No one who knows about the cure will endanger us. Trust me, you know I want to find it more than anyone else.
Klaus: Well then, I suggest you find some more vampires for Jeremy to kill before I'm tempted to offer you up as a victim.

[Klaus releases Stefan from his chokehold. Stefan steps away and turns to look at him.]

Klaus: And try and keep this one to yourself, would you?

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan walks down the stairs with a bag over his shoulder. Damon intercepts him on his way out.]

Damon: Where have you been?
Stefan: Ah, you know, out.

[Stefan walks past Damon and towards the front door.]

Damon: Where you going?
Stefan: Out.
Damon: Okay, I see shady Stefan is back.

[Stefan stops and walks back towards Damon.]

Damon: Please don't tell me that you're still working with Klaus.
Stefan: You obviously haven't heard. Elena and I broke up.

[Damon stays silent for a moment with a blank, expressionless face.]

Damon: Oh. Got it. Uh, well, I'll be quick then. So, apparently, if we want to find the cure, we have to find a vampire hunter who can kill enough vampires to reveal the map on the hunter's mark. Now, unless we want Jeremy to go all Connor two-point-oh, I suggest we find a different hunter.
Stefan: Okay. And?
Damon: And I was gonna ask Professor Shane, but turns out he's shadier than you are. Matt Donovan connected him and the Pastor through phone records. Apparently, the two were very chatty the day that the Pastor blew up the Council.
Stefan: Ah, so you're gonna confront Shane, threaten him, possibly kill him, that sort of thing.
Damon: Yeah, unless he tells me what he's up to. [He pats Stefan on the shoulder.] What do you say? Should we tag team this?
Stefan: Nah, I'd say you're on your own.

[Stefan starts to leave again, but Damon stops him.]

Damon: Or we could just blow it off and go get drunk. Brother bond over some Tri Delts. If you, you know, want some quality time.

[Stefan grimaces and laughs.]

Stefan: Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.

[Stefan pats Damon on the arm and walks out of the house.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Elena is arranging flowers in a vase at a table. Caroline walks over to her.]

Caroline: Look, I'm your best friend and I would never pick sides, but are you sure that this is what you want? Because Stefan is your soul mate.

[Elena looks up at her.]

Caroline: Sorry. Picking sides.
Elena: It's not like I don't love Stefan anymore, but I can't deny that ever since I turned, my feelings for Damon have become more intense.
Caroline: Yeah, I know. Stefan filled me in on all the gory Damon details.
Elena: He did?

[Elena looks at her for a second, clearly worried.]

Elena: Is he okay?
Caroline: No, he's heartbroken.
Elena: Well, what was I supposed to do? Lie to him?
Caroline: No, but you weren't supposed to let Damon weasel his way into your confused newbie vampire heart.
Elena: Well, he did and that's exactly what I am. Confused. I need to figure out what these feelings actually mean.

[Professor Shane walks down the steps and over to Caroline and Elena.]

Prof. Shane: Excuse me, I'm a little lost. I'm here to interview contestants.
Elena: You're Professor Shane.

[Elena and Caroline look at each other.]

Prof. Shane: Yeah, that's right. Professor by day; pageant judge by other day. In spite of being absurdly unqualified, I'm apparently awarding a scholarship.
Caroline: Uh, inside by the parlor.

[Shane points up towards the house.]

Prof. Shane: Right in here?
Caroline: Mhm.
Prof. Shane: All right, I'll just follow the scent of hairspray and world domination.

[Caroline laughs quietly. Shane walks away. Elena turns and looks at Caroline.]

Elena: He's the one who told Damon how to break the hunter's curse.
Caroline: He's also the one that has Bonnie so obsessed with practicing magic that she bailed on pageant prep.
Elena: And now he's judging Miss Mystic Falls?

[Caroline raises her eyebrows.]

Elena: Jack of all trades or kind of creepy?

[Matt and Jeremy are taking out boxes from the back of Matt's pickup.]

Matt: So, your sister is making me be her date. Think I'll have to do that weird dance thing?
Jeremy: I'm pretty sure that's just for the contestants.
Matt: I heard that you're April's escort. How'd that happen?
Jeremy: Well, she needed a date and apparently you were taken.

[Matt grins and laughs. He grabs one of the kegs in the back of his truck and tries to lift it up, but it's too heavy for him.]

Matt: Okay, let's just take these in and we'll come back for the kegs.
Jeremy: No, wait.

[He jumps up into the bed of the truck.]

Jeremy: You want to see something cool?

[Jeremy picks up one keg in each hand as if they weigh nothing, jumps down from the bed of the truck, and places the kegs on the ground. Matt looks at him with a mix of being impressed and worried.]

Matt: How did you just do that?
Jeremy: Ever since I was awoken as a Hunter, I've had all this energy, like all the time.
Matt: Jer, I think you need to talk to someone about this. I mean, look what happened to Connor, okay. A byproduct of this energy is that you're gonna want to kill vampires and you happen to live with one.
Jeremy: Hey, I would never hurt my sister.

[Jeremy starts to walk away.]

Jeremy: I'll be fine.

[He grabs a cart and starts to push it towards the house. Matt watches him leave with a look of worry on his face.]

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Stefan walks into the hospital through a back entrance. He quietly closes the door behind him. He walks over to a room and picks up the clipboard from the door. He reads that the patient in the room is having an appendectomy at 8:30 and places the clipboard back in its holder. He walks over to another room and looks at a man lying in a hospital bed. He picks up his clipboard and reads that he has quadruple bypass complications. He glances once more at the man and places the clipboard back. Stefan walks down the hallway and looks over at a police officer standing guard at one of the doors to a patient's room. He walks over to him. The officer looks at him.]

Officer: Can I help you?

[Stefan compels him.]

Stefan: Time for a little break. He'll be safe with me.

[The officer nods and walks away. Stefan walks into the hospital room. A man is handcuffed to the hospital bed and looks at Stefan.]

Man: Who are you?
Stefan: Why is there a cop outside?
Man: I'm a convicted murderer.

[Stefan compels him.]

Stefan: You guilty?
Man: Of course I am.
Stefan: Any regrets?
Man: Only that I got caught.

[Stefan bites his wrist and places in the man's mouth and forces him to drink his blood. He then snaps his neck, killing the man.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Caroline is standing outside the house with her clipboard in hand. Three girls walk towards her with flower arrangements.]

Caroline: Woah, woah, woah, stop, stop!

[The girls come to a halt.]

Caroline: Those flowers go in the back as indicated by the floral chart that you guys had plenty of time to memorize.

[The girls turn around and walk off.]

Caroline: Yeah, thank you.

[Caroline looks down at her clipboard again. Klaus walks up to her.]

Klaus: Now, how did I know I'd find you at the helm of the ship?

[She looks at him and then back down at her clipboard.]

Caroline: Go away. I'm busy.
Klaus: I was wondering what time I should pick you up tomorrow.

[Caroline looks up from her clipboard again and over at him.]

Caroline: How about a quarter to never?

[She looks away again. Klaus moves closer towards her.]

Klaus: I was promised a date in return for one of my hybrids.
Caroline: Yes, a date. Like to a movie where we don't have to talk and I can put at least three seats between us.
Klaus: Well, surely the reigning Miss Mystic Falls won't be hosting the party alone.

[Caroline finally turns around and looks at him with her full attention.]

Klaus: And I assume you're not taking Tyler. Not after his indiscretions with his lady werewolf friend.

[Klaus looks up at her with puppy dog eyes.]

Caroline: Fine. If you insist on coming, meet me here. Two p.m. [She starts to walk away.] Black tie optional. [She quickly turns around and points at him.] And I already have a dress, so don't even think of getting me so much as a corsage, you understand?

[Klaus looks down submissively and nods. Caroline walks up the stairs.]

Klaus: I'll see you tomorrow, Caroline.

Abandoned Barn

[A hybrid named Kimberley is chained up in the barn. Hayley stands nearby and watches her. Kimberley runs into the barn wall and breaks a few boards.]

Hayley: Scream. Let it out. We're at an abandoned farm. No one can hear you for miles.
Kimberley: Easy for you to say, wolf girl. You never turned twenty times in a row.
Hayley: No, but I watched a bunch of your hybrid friends go through it.

[Kimberley falls to the ground, yelling in pain.]

Kimberley: Why's it have to be like this? Why break every bone over and over?
Hayley: That's what the sire bond is. You're grateful to Klaus because he released you from the pain of having to turn every full moon. So, you're gonna keep turning until it doesn't hurt and you'll have nothing to be grateful for.
Kimberley: What's in all of this for you?

[Hayley doesn't respond to the question.]

Hayley: I don't hear bones cracking.

[Tyler walks into the barn. Hayley turns around and looks at him.]

Tyler: Caroline bought us another day. Klaus wants to go with her to Miss Mystic Falls tomorrow.
Hayley: So, does that mean we're going?
Tyler: Watching Klaus fawn over Caroline at some lame-ass pageant? No, thanks.
Hayley: Oh, come on!

[Kimberley's bones start to break. The two glance over at her, but continue their conversation.]

Hayley: We need to hide what's going on here by pretending that I was the one that broke you two up. And besides, isn't it at your house?

[Tyler rolls his eyes. Kimberley is still screaming in pain and looks at the two of them.]

Kimberley: Guys, like this isn't torture enough?! Can you take it outside?!

[Hayley looks at Tyler and bats her eyes.]

Tyler: Fine, we'll go.

[Hayley smiles.]

Tyler: Wear a dress.

[Tyler walks out of the barn. Hayley turns around with a grin on her face.]

Gilbert Residence

[It's nighttime. Elena is in her room, looking in the mirror. She is trying to put a necklace on, but is having trouble clasping it together. Jeremy walks in the room.]

Jeremy: Need a hand?
Elena: Yeah, please, this clasp is tricky.

[Jeremy walks over to her and helps her with her necklace.]

Elena: Hey, I, uh, picked up your clothes from the dry cleaner's. They should be hanging on your door.
Jeremy: I really wish you'd stop acting like you were still my sister.

[Elena looks at him, confused. Jeremy suddenly pulls the necklace tight around Elena's neck and chokes her. Elena gasps for air and feebly attempts to push Jeremy off her. Blood starts to seep from the wound forming on her neck. Suddenly, Jeremy wakes up in his own bed at night in a cold sweat. The whole thing was just a dream. He gasps for air and holds up his right hand. In it is a small knife. He looks down at his other hand and raises it. A wooden stake with the hunter's mark on it is grasped in his hand. He looks up, scared and confused.]

[In the morning, Matt is sitting in Jeremy's room with a folder in his hand. Jeremy is getting ready for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant in the bathroom.]

Matt: How do you wake up with a knife in your hand and not remember how it got there? It's that hunter's mark, Jer. It's messing with you.

[Jeremy begins to pace.]

Jeremy: What if I'm turning into Alaric? I've probably died too many times with this ring on my finger and I'm developing an alter ego like he did.

[Matt has opened up the folder and reads aloud from a page within it.]

Matt: "Newly awakened hunters may not be fully conscious of their actions. Their sub-conscious pushes through until the urge becomes a basic instinct."

[Matt places the folder on the bed and gets up. He walks towards Jeremy.]

Matt: You're not having a psychotic break, Jer. You either tell Elena or I will.
Jeremy: Fine, I'll tell her when I see her.

[Jeremy's phone beeps. He's received a message from Stefan which reads "Meet in Lockwood Cellar. Don't tell anyone."]

Matt: All right, we should probably get going. Need a ride?
Jeremy: Uh, no. Go ahead, I'll meet you there.
Matt: All right.

[Matt pats him on the arm and walks out of the room. Jeremy looks back down at the message Stefan sent him.]

Lockwood Mansion

[April is preparing for the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. She holds up two dresses, one red and one blue, for Caroline and Elena to pick from.]

Caroline/Elena: Blue.
April: Really? The blue seems a little safe.
Elena: Safe is good when it comes to the judges.
Caroline: She's right. Gracie Lockwood had a three-foot slit her year and practically got laughed off the court.

[Elena smiles and laughs. Damon walks into the room.]

Damon: She got my vote.

[Elena looks at him and appears to stop breathing. Caroline throws a black object at him. It hits him in the chest.]

Caroline: Get out, lurker!
Damon: [sarcastically] Ouch.

[Caroline walks over to him.]

Damon: Where's Professor Shane?
Caroline: Check the judges' table.

[Caroline starts to close the door on him, but Damon puts his hand up and pushes it back open. Caroline starts to walk back towards Elena.]

Damon: [to April] Red one, definitely.

[Caroline has stopped in the middle of the room, midway between Elena and Damon. She has her arms crossed.]

Caroline: We've already agreed that the red one is a little bit too showy.

[She glances at Elena.]

Damon: It's a pageant. That's the whole point.

[Caroline looks at Damon and places her hands on her hips.]

Caroline: Did you win Miss Mystic last year? No. I don't think you did.
Damon: Neither did Elena and she wore blue.
Caroline: Nobody cares what you think.
April: I care.
Damon: See? April cares. Red, right, Elena?

[Caroline glares at Elena. Elena looks at April.]

Elena: The red is pretty.

[Caroline's face falls. Damon smirks.]

Damon: And my work here is done.

[Damon walks out of the room. Caroline looks back at Elena.]

Caroline: Uh, what happened to thirty seconds ago when you hated the red one? What happened to safe is good?

[Elena looks at her with a glazed look over her eyes. She shakes her head and turns back to April.]

Elena: Whichever one you want to wear, April.

[Elena walks out of the room. Caroline watches her leave and turns around, confused.]

Caroline: What just happened?

[Damon is walking down the stairs. Elena is following right behind him.]

Elena: Damon.

[Damon stops at the bottom of the staircase and turns to look at her.]

Damon: Still here.

[There is a moment of silence.]

Elena: We need to talk.
Damon: Stefan told me about the break up.

[Elena starts to walk down the remaining stairs towards Damon.]

Damon: I'd say I'm sorry but I'm not.

[Damon and Elena start to walk across the room together.]

Elena: What did he say?

[They stop in the middle of the room and face each other.]

Damon: Oh, you know Stefan, the guy just went on and on about it and wouldn't shut up.
Elena: So, he didn't tell you why?
Damon: Nope. But I'm sure it has something to do with you acting weird, so why don't you tell me?
Elena: You.

[Damon stares at her, speechless at this revelation. They stare at each other for a long moment. Professor Shane walks by, but stops when he sees Damon.]

Prof. Shane: Damon Salvatore. Looks like we travel in the same circuit.

[Damon and Elena look over at him. Damon is not pleased that Shane interrupted his moment with Elena.]

Damon: Professor Shane. Just the guy I wanted to see.

[Damon walks towards Professor Shane, but looks back at Elena. The two men walk out of the room together, but Damon gives Elena one last look. Elena stands in the middle of the room, alone now. Outside, Damon and Shane walk past the tables set up for the pageant.]

Damon: So, I'm in search of another Hunter.
Prof. Shane: Hunter?
Damon: Mhm.
Prof. Shane: With a capital H? Why?
Damon: Same reason anyone needs a Hunter. Loneliness, drinking buddy, or for golf.
Prof. Shane: I thought you said you already had a Potential.
Damon: I did, but he ended up being a potential problem.
Prof. Shane: There's nothing I can do to help you.
Damon: Hmm, why don't you help me with this...

[Damon stops and faces Shane.]

Damon: Why are you here? What's in your little lesson plan there, Professor?
Prof. Shane: You think too highly of me, Damon. I'm gonna go find the other judges.

[Shane starts to walk off, but Damon stops him.]

Damon: Hey, no pity votes for April Young, okay? I mean, just because her dad blew up a house with a dozen people in it doesn't mean she should get a tiara. But you knew him, didn't you? Because I hear you two racked up a pretty impressive phone bill.
Prof. Shane: If you want to know something about me, Damon, just ask.
Damon: Okay. How did you convince the Pastor to kill all those people?
Prof. Shane: Did you just accuse me of mass murder in the middle of a high school pageant?

[Damon smirks at him. Carol Lockwood is on stage, introducing the pageant.]

Carol: Welcome to this season's Miss Mystic Falls.

[Everyone claps. Damon and Shane are still staring each other down, but Shane finally walks away, gulping down his champagne. Damon watches him walk off.]

Carol: We are so excited to showcase our most outstanding community leaders in the making.

[Everyone claps again. Damon is still standing where Shane left him and focuses his attention back on the pageant.]

Old Lockwood Cellar

[Jeremy walks down the steps and into the cellar. He stops in the doorway and looks at Stefan, who has walked over towards him.]

Jeremy: What am I doing here?
Stefan: You have the chance to make your sister human again. You interested?
Jeremy: You have no idea.
Stefan: Actually, I do.

[Stefan leads the way into the cell and Jeremy follows. Jeremy sees the murderer from the hospital chained up.]

Jeremy: Who is that?
Stefan: Oh, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that you're a vampire hunter and he's a vampire.

[Stefan pulls out a knife.]

Stefan: Well, almost.

[He opens the blade, grabs Jeremy's wrist, and cuts it. Jeremy yells. Stefan drags him by the wrist over to the murderer and makes him drink Jeremy's blood. After a few seconds, Stefan releases him and Jeremy backs away. The murderer's eyes have changed into that of a hungry vampire. Stefan pulls out a wooden stake and holds it out for Jeremy to take.]

Jeremy: Was this all so I could stake him?
Stefan: You think I want to do this, Jeremy? Look at me, I hate this, I don't want to do this. But your sister isn't supposed to be a vampire and we need to help her. Now, he's a murderer and he will gladly kill again, so do it, Jeremy. Kill him.

[Stefan forces the stake into Jeremy's hand and walks over to the murderer. He breaks the chains from the ground and picks them up, holding the murderer by the chains like a horse. He slowly walks the murderer over towards Jeremy.]

Jeremy: Stefan, what are you doing?! What the hell is wrong with you!?
Stefan: Do it, Jeremy or I will rip the chains off for real! Do it!

[Jeremy thrusts the stake into the murderer's heart. Stefan drops the chains on the floor. The murderer keels over and Jeremy stabs the stake through the murderer's back over and over again.]

Stefan: All right, enough. He's dead.

[Jeremy is breathing hard. He rips the stake out of the murderer's back and stares at Stefan.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Caroline is outside, picking up empty champagne glasses from tables. She smiles at the attendees of the pageant and walks angrily over to a bus boy.]

Caroline: Hey, why am I bussing your tables?

[She slams the champagne glasses onto his tray.]

Caroline: I said no empty glasses.

[The bus boy walks off. Caroline strides over to the orchestra.]

Caroline: Will you guys pick up the tempo?!

[She snaps her fingers at them.]

Caroline: This is a pageant, not a funeral.

[She turns around and walks away. Klaus walks up to her.]

Klaus: And how am I doing?

[Caroline stops and looks at him.]

Caroline: You're...perfect.

[Klaus smiles.]

Caroline: Just so beyond annoying, I can't even look at you.

[Klaus doesn't say anything. Caroline eventually looks at him again anyway. Klaus looks over Caroline's shoulder at Hayley and Tyler who are walking up the lawn towards the house together and holding hands.]

Klaus: They didn't waste any time, did they?

[Caroline turns around and looks at them. She seems upset. Klaus looks over at her. Caroline continues to watch Hayley and Tyler.]

Caroline: Let's just get today over with.

[She strides past Klaus. Further down the lawn, Hayley and Tyler walk over towards the table which holds the tiara.]

Hayley: I can't believe that I won.

[Hayley takes the tiara from its cushion and places it on her head.]

Hayley: I just want to thank the judges for seeing past the fact that I'm a raging bitch.
Tyler: You don't want to do that. Those girls will cut you. They have nails.
Hayley: I have claws.

[Hayley takes the tiara off and drops it back on the table with a smile. Caroline is onstage and is about to introduce the contestants. Tyler and Hayley look up at her.]

Caroline: Hi, everyone, I'm Caroline Forbes.

[Elena walks up the lawn to watch the introduction of the girls. Damon stands a few feet away from her and he looks over at her.]

Caroline: As the reigning Miss Mystic Falls, it is my honor to introduce this year's Miss Mystic Court.

[Everyone claps for the girls, including Elena and Damon. They exchange looks and Elena takes a deep breath. Music starts playing for the introduction of the girls.]

Caroline: We begin the procession with Valerie Fell accompanied by Dylan Clark.

[There is a round of applause for Valerie as she walks down the stone steps.]

Caroline: Next, we have Amber Wolvertine accompanied by Hector Lindsay.

[Another round of applause is given for Amber. Elena is clapping when Matt approaches her.]

Matt: Have you seen Jeremy?
Elena: He's probably up there with the escorts.

[Another girl has been introduced and more applause are heard. She takes the arm of her escort and they walk off together. Elena and Matt look over at the escorts and try to spot Jeremy.]

Matt: Yeah, Caroline told me to wrangle the escorts. He's not here.

[Elena appears to be slightly worried.]

Matt: Did he tell you about his nightmares?
Elena: What nightmares?

[She looks over at Matt.]

Matt: The ones where he kills you.

[She raises her eyebrows in surprise.]

Caroline: Katherine Wilson accompanied by Eric Hanson.

[A round of applause is heard for Katherine.]

Elena: I'll find him, but...

[April starts to descend the stairs. Elena and Matt look up at her. Elena sighs.]

Elena: April's about to get abandoned.
Matt: I got this.
Elena: Okay.

[Matt walks away.]

Caroline: And finally, we have a last minute entry, April Young accompanied by Jeremy Gilbert.

[April continues to walk down the steps but stops and looks around for Jeremy. Caroline also looks around for Jeremy but keeps a large smile on her face. Matt walks up to where the escorts were lined up and holds out his arm for April. Everyone applauds and April breathes a sigh of relief. She walks down the remainder of the stairs with a smile and takes Matt's arm.]

Matt: Jeremy's running late.
April: I guess you'll do.

[She giggles. Caroline continues to look around, worried, but stops and smiles. April and Matt walk to the dance floor and face each other.]

Matt: You lead.

[April smiles and nods. The girls and their escorts bow to each other and begin the dance. Damon watches them for a moment then looks over at Elena. Elena is still looking around for Jeremy. Elena catches Damon looking at her and she smiles. Damon looks back and watches the dance. Elena stares at him for a moment longer and then walks out of the crowd. Caroline quickly walks down the steps and over to Elena, who is on her phone.]

Caroline: Hey, what's with the last minute escort change? Where is Jeremy?
Elena: I'm calling him right now.

[Damon walks up to them.]

Elena: He's not picking up.
Damon: Do the math. Emo teen, open bar, it's fine.
Elena: Matt said that Jeremy's been having nightmares about killing vampires and he's been hiding it from me.

[Caroline looks surprised and worried. Damon shrugs it off.]

Damon: Relax, I'm sure he's fine.
Elena: I don't know. I have a bad feeling.
Damon: If I'm not worried, you shouldn't be worried. Let it go. I'll go look for him.
Elena: Okay.

[Damon walks away.]

Caroline: Okay, you go home, I'm gonna start asking around here.
Elena: Maybe Damon's right. Maybe he grabbed a bottle from the bar and snuck off to the woods.
Caroline: No, Damon is never right. Damon is sneaky and manipulative and rude, but he's never right. How can you not see that?
Elena: I don't know, but why do I think that you won't hesitate to tell me?
Caroline: Fine, friend-tervention. I think your so-called "feelings" for Damon are really starting to cloud your judgment and I don't like it.

[Klaus walks over to them and stands next to Caroline.]

Caroline: And the thought of you two together really makes me want to barf.
Klaus: Easy, love, you're making a scene.
Elena: Wow, Caroline, thank you for making this very difficult time so much easier.

[Elena walks away. Caroline stands there with a blank look on her face.]

Caroline: How did I become the bad guy?

[Klaus moves from standing next to her to standing in front of her.]

Klaus: Let's get you a drink. I'll tell you all about being the bad guy.

[Inside the house, Damon is on the phone with Stefan who is still in the Lockwood Cellar.]

Damon: Please don't tell me that you've roped Jeremy into a world of crazy.
Stefan: I had no choice. Elena needs the cure.
Damon: Oh right, so you can turn her back into the girl that is still in love with you.
Stefan: You know, I get why you wouldn't want to believe it Damon, but she isn't herself anymore.
Damon: Of course you would think that. Leave it alone, Stefan.

Old Lockwood Cellar

[Stefan hangs up on him. He looks at Jeremy who is examining his arm. The mark starts to spread. Stefan walks down towards him.]

Stefan: How far did the mark grow?

[Jeremy doesn't answer. Stefan pulls out the drawing of Connor's mark.]

Stefan: Show me on this drawing.

[Jeremy turns around and looks at him.]

Jeremy: Sorry, Stefan, but I can't trust you.
Stefan: How far is it, Jeremy?
Jeremy: I said I can't.
Stefan: Answer me or I will make you answer me.
Jeremy: I am not telling you anything.

[Stefan grabs Jeremy and compels him.]

Stefan: What does the mark look like?

[Jeremy suddenly stakes Stefan in the stomach. Stefan yells in pain.]

Jeremy: I guess I can't be compelled anymore.

[Jeremy releases the stake from his grasp and grabs the duffel bag. He walks out of the cellar. Stefan falls down on the ground and clutches at the stake still in his stomach.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Caroline and Klaus are walking next to the pond on the Lockwood property. Klaus is carrying two glasses and a bottle of champagne.]

Caroline: It's just, as her best friend, it is my duty to warn her when she's making a giant mistake, right? And now she's taking Damon's side on everything.
Klaus: So, being a vampire's changed her?
Caroline: But being a vampire only amplifies who you already are. It doesn't turn you into a completely different person.
Klaus: It's very peculiar.

[Klaus smirks and looks as if he knows something she doesn't. Caroline looks at him.]

Caroline: What's that look for?
Klaus: It'll all make sense eventually.
Caroline: Whatever, just – just hurry up and find the cure.

[Caroline sits down on a stone bench by the pond. Klaus places the champagne down next to her and looks at her.]

Klaus: I'm working on it.

[Klaus sits next to her and starts to open the champagne bottle.]

Caroline: Would you ever take it?
Klaus: Now, why would I want to cure myself of being the most powerful creature on the planet? Hm?
Caroline: So there's not one single moment in your whole life that you wanted to be human?

[Klaus looks at her and pops the cork off the champagne bottle. He avoids the question.]

Klaus: How about you?

[Across the lawn, Tyler is walking past and sees Caroline and Klaus sitting together and drinking champagne. He listens into their conversation and hears them laughing together.]

Klaus: Life used to be a lot easier.

[Klaus stands up and pulls a piece of paper out from inside his jacket.]

Klaus: Don't you miss the days of being...

[He opens up the paper and starts to read from it.]

Klaus: "Chair of the Mystic Falls Beautification Committee" and the "Director of the Policeman's Yearly Raffle."

[Caroline looks up at him with wide, horrified eyes.]

Caroline: Is that my Miss Mystic application?

[She stands up and smacks the paper out of his hands.]

Caroline: Where did you get that?!

[Klaus laughs and catches the paper. He continues reading.]

Klaus: "When I am chosen I intend to redefine excellence."

[Caroline runs her hands through her hair in frustration.]

Klaus: Now, I'm really enjoying your use of when here. It's very confident.

[Caroline looks at him and laughs sarcastically.]

Klaus: "And above all, I promise to aspire, inspire, and perspire.."

[Caroline has her hand on her hips and continues to nod and smile, clearly not enjoying this torment. Klaus cannot stop laughing.]

Klaus: Obviously, we found a shortage of words ending in "spire".

[Caroline tries to grab the paper out of his hands again.]

Caroline: Yeah, it's very funny.

[She continues to try to take the paper from Klaus, but he keeps pulling it out of reach.]

Caroline: It's hilarious. Just-

[Klaus holds the paper out behind him and away from Caroline. He looks at her with an expression that clearly says try and take it from me. Caroline stops trying and cracks a smile. She begins to laugh. Klaus laughs with her and the two sit back down on the bench and continue to drink their champagne. Tyler stops listening and walks away. Meanwhile Damon is sitting at one of the tables spread across the yard. He looks over and sees Professor Shane sit down at a table with Hayley and pours her a glass of champagne. Tyler walks through the maze of tables. Damon sees him and stands up.]

Damon: Oh, hey.

[Tyler stops and looks at him.]

Damon: How do those two know each other?
Tyler: They don't. Paranoid much?
Damon: The Council just got burnt to a crisp. Some mysterious Hunter just blew through town and this guy just happens to know everything about everything. Yes, paranoid.

[Tyler and Damon continue to watch Hayley and Professor Shane.]

[Inside the house, Jeremy finds an empty room and places the duffel bag down. He takes out an arm cuff that can hold stakes and places it on his wrist. He grabs a few stakes and places them in his pants. He puts on his jacket and exits the room. Jeremy walks outside and through the maze of tables, clearly on a mission. April intercepts him as he is making his way through.]

April: Hey, where have you been?
Jeremy: Hey, sorry, I, um, I got stuck at work.
April: Jeremy, if you were to chicken to do the dance thingie then you should have just told me.
Jeremy: No, no, I knew the dance. I watched some lesson online like a hundred times.
April: You did?

[Jeremy sees Professor Shane get up from a table.]

Jeremy: Hey, what's that Shane guy doing here?

[April turns and looks at him. He waves at her and she waves back.]

April: He's a judge. I talked to him about my dad. I mean, he said that he had never seemed depressed or suicidal or anything, so...

[Jeremy spots Elena across the lawn talking to a girl. He continues to stare at her.]

Jeremy: Your dad?
April: Yeah, um, you know, I figured I'd explore every possibility, even the bleak ones.

[Jeremy still hasn't taken his eyes off Elena.]

April: What are you looking at?

[She turns around to see what he's been staring at. Jeremy looks at her and she looks back at him.]

Jeremy: Your dad was doing the right thing for this town. The whole Council was. They died heroes.

[Jeremy walks past her. April watches him walk away with a shocked look on her face.]

[Inside the house, Professor Shane is alone in a room. Damon walks in.]

Prof. Shane: Oh, you again. [He laughs.] I must be the least intimidating mass-murderer ever.
Damon: Well, you still never gave me a name. And it's kind of urgent.
Prof. Shane: Listen, there is no other name. Look, at any given moment there are five Hunters in existence, all right. Most of them have no idea who they are or what their purpose is. It means finding more than one in a lifetime is next to impossible.

[Shane walks past Damon and starts to leave the room. Damon uses his superspeed and rushes in front of Shane. Shane looks at him and laughs.]

Prof. Shane: Subtle.
Damon: Like you didn't already know.
Prof. Shane: Well.
Damon: You have five seconds to give me another name or you die.
Prof. Shane: You know, since it's generally unwise for a vampire to seek out a Hunter, it means you're interested in the mark. It's probably because of where it leads, but here's the thing, even if you complete the mark and you get the map, the thing that you're looking for is sealed with a spell only a certain kind of witch can perform.
Damon: What kind of witch?
Prof. Shane: Come on, Damon.

[Damon grabs Shane by the wrist and squeezes it.]

Damon: I love pressure points. What kind of witch?
Prof. Shane: Come on, you're a big boy, you can figure this one out.

[Damon thinks for a moment.]

Damon: A Bennett witch.
Prof. Shane: Aren't too many of those lying around as I'm sure you know. So, none of this matters until Bonnie's back in touch with her magic and between the two of us, who do you think she trusts to help her get there?

[Damon releases Shane from his grasp.]

Prof. Shane: Five seconds are up, unless you just realized you need me alive. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a scholarship to award.

[Shane walks past Damon.]

[Back outside, Carol Lockwood and Caroline are standing on the stage. Carol is speaking through the microphone and Caroline is holding an envelope.]

Carol: And now, the moment you've been waiting for. Caroline, would you do the honors?

[Caroline walks to the mic. Elena stands behind her with the tiara and sash.]

Caroline: This year's Miss Mystic Falls is....

[Caroline opens the envelope.]

Caroline: April Young.

[Everyone in the crowd applauds. April smiles and looks as if she's about to cry. Caroline takes the tiara off the cushion Elena is holding and walks over to April. Elena looks out into the crowd and sees Jeremy walking in between the people.]

Elena: Jeremy.

[Caroline places the tiara on April's head. Jeremy walks off, away from the crowd. Elena hands Carol Lockwood the sash and cushion and quickly walks off the stage. Matt also notices Jeremy walking away and Elena going after him. Inside the house, Jeremy is sitting in an empty room. He places one of the stakes and pushes it in to the palm of his hand until it begins to bleed. Elena walks in the room. Jeremy takes the stake away and looks up at her.]

Elena: Hey, where have you been?

[She sees the stake in his hand.]

Elena: What are you doing with that?

[Jeremy stands up.]

Elena: Put it down.
Jeremy: Connor was right. All I can think about is killing vampires.
Elena: You're nothing like Connor.
Jeremy: I want to believe that. And I know I don't want to hurt you, but everything inside of me is telling me to drive this stake through your heart.
Elena: Why would you say that? It's me, Jeremy.
Jeremy: And you're a vampire.
Elena: Yeah, but I'm also your sister.

[She gently grabs his wrist.]

Elena: Jer, I would never do anything to hurt you.

[Elena suddenly smells the blood on his hand. She turns it over and sees it. Veins start crawling towards her eyes. Jeremy looks at her.]

Jeremy: No.

[She looks up at him and the veins start to go away. She backs up.]

Elena: Get – get it away from me.

[She turns around. Jeremy strides towards her with a stake in his hand. She turns around quickly, grabs his wrist, and throws him to the ground. Realizing what she has just done, she walks over to him and kneels down next to him. She starts to shake him.]

Elena: Jer, Jer, hey, Jer, wake up. Jer, please wake up.

[Elena continues to panic and shake Jeremy. Suddenly, he opens his eyes and stakes Elena in the neck with the hidden arm cuff stake. Elena gasps and clutches her neck. Jeremy kneels down in front of her and raises the stake to finish her off. Matt walks into the room.]

Matt: Jeremy!
Jeremy: Get out of here, Matt.
Matt: Jeremy, you don't want to do this, okay. That's your sister! It's that stupid mark on your arm.
Jeremy: Shut up, Matt!
Matt: Jeremy, look at me! I'm human and I'm telling you not to hurt her.

[Jeremy hesitates for a moment, but looks as if he's still going to stake Elena. Suddenly, Stefan rushes into the room, grabs Jeremy, and holds him against the wall.]

Stefan: Get him out of here, Matt!

[Stefan pushes Jeremy towards Matt. Matt grabs him and leaves.]

Matt: Come on. Let's get out of here.

[Stefan kneels down in front of Elena. Elena is trying to take the stake out of her neck.]

Stefan: Let me do it, let me do it, let me do it.

[Elena continues to gasp for air. Stefan gently takes her hands off the stake and pulls it out. Elena breathes a sigh of relief and continues to gasp for air. She finally catches her breath. Stefan places his hand on her cheek and looks at her. She looks up at him and clutches his hand in hers. They continue to look at each other. Meanwhile Hayley and Tyler are sitting outside on the stone steps, drinking.]

Hayley: Your mom parties harder than you do. Does she have the gene?
Tyler: Dad. What about your parents?
Hayley: Never met them. My adopted parents found out about my wolf gene when I did. The night that I turned and tore apart their living room, they promptly kicked me out.
Tyler: You never told me how it triggered.
Hayley: You mean who I killed?

[Tyler nods.]

Hayley: Boating accident. We were drunk, I thought I wasn't.

[She sips her champagne and looks away.]

Tyler: So, what's with you chatting up all these old-timers, huh? My mom...That professor guy.
Hayley: That professor guy is like, thirty, and he's hot and smart.

[Hayley laughs. Tyler sees Caroline and Klaus walking across the lawn together. Klaus has offered his arm to Caroline and she seems to have gladly accepted it.]

Tyler: You know him or something?
Hayley: No, I just met him. Why?
Tyler: No reason.

[There's a pause in the conversation and Tyler listens in to Caroline and Klaus' conversation instead. Caroline and Klaus have stopped walking and are facing each other.]

Klaus: I never answered your question; if I ever thought about being human. Once, I was on a trek in the Andies, and a hummingbird flew up to me. It just hovered there, staring at me, its tiny heart was pattering like a machine gun. And I thought, what a thing, you know, to have to work that hard every day just to stay alive. To be constantly on the verge of death and how satisfying every day must be that it survived. And that was the only time I thought about being human.

[Caroline smiles.]

Hayley: What's he saying?
Tyler: A bunch of BS about being human. The sooner we get rid of this guy, the better.

[Elena is walking across the yard. Stefan runs after her.]

Stefan: Elena, wait.
Elena: I have to find Jeremy. This shouldn't be happening to him.
Stefan: Elena, wait. It's my fault.

[Stefan grabs her by the arm and faces her. She stops and looks at him.]

Elena: What are you talking about?
Stefan: I'm starting to think that when a Hunter kills a vampire, the urge to keep killing gets stronger.
Elena: Tell me that Jeremy hasn't been with you this entire time.

[Stefan says nothing and looks away.]

Elena: Tell me that you haven't been making him kill vampires, Stefan.
Stefan: We need the map to get the cure.
Elena: If getting my humanity back means stripping Jeremy of his, then I don't want the cure.
Stefan: He's the only way to fix all of this.
Elena: You mean me. The only way to fix me. You don't have to love me like this. This is who I am now. The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go.

[Stefan is clearly upset by Elena's words. Damon approaches them but stops a few feet away from them. Elena and Stefan look over at him. Elena looks back at Stefan and Stefan walks away, hurt by Elena's rejection. Elena watches him go.]

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy is in his room, packing a bag. Matt enters.]

Matt: What are you doing?
Jeremy: I can't keep living here if I want to kill my sister.
Matt: Elena knows that. That's why she moved out and asked me to move in.

[Jeremy looks up at him in surprise.]

Jeremy: What?
Matt: Look, I'm not one of them, Jer. I'll keep an eye on you and we can keep this Hunter business in check.
Jeremy: Where's Elena gonna go?

[Matt doesn't respond, because the answer is pretty obvious.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[It's nighttime. Damon opens the front door. Elena is outside, carrying her luggage. She walks in the house. Stefan walks out of the parlor and they look at each other.]

Elena: I can't stay at home anymore.

[Stefan nods.]

Stefan: Pick a room. I'll crash somewhere else.

[Stefan walks out of the house. Elena and Damon watch him leave.]

Abandoned Barn

[Kimberley is lying on the floor of the barn, tired from transforming into a wolf so many times.]

Kimberley: Tell me it's over, Ty. I really don't think I can do this anymore.

[Tyler kneels down in front of her.]

Tyler: It's over. Nice work. We're one step closer to ending this.

[Tyler gets up and pulls out his phone to send a text to Hayley.]

Professor Shane's Office

[Hayley receives the text from Tyler which reads "Kim broke the sire bond. Where are you?" She looks at Shane and smiles.]

Hayley: We got another one.
Prof. Shane: Good. Then we're almost ready.

[He sits down at his desk and Hayley turns and looks at him.]

Hayley: I want to leave Tyler out of this when it all goes down.
Prof. Shane: We'll talk when you've broken the last one.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena is sitting on the couch in the parlor. Damon walks over to her and hands her a drink.]

Elena: Thanks.

[Elena takes a drink. Damon sits down next to her.]

Damon: I was being polite. I thought you hated whiskey.
Elena: My brother wants to kill me.
Damon: Welcome to the club.

[Damon holds his glass out to her and she clinks her glass against his. They both drink.]

Elena: Jeremy can't live with me, Stefan wants to fix me, and Caroline flat-out admitted that she doesn't like me this way. I think it's safe to say that I'm not so great at this vampire thing.
Damon: You want to know what I think.

[Elena looks at him.]

Damon: I don't think I've ever seen you more alive.

[They stare at each other for a moment. Elena smiles and laughs.]

Elena: That dance that they did today kind of reminded me of when...
Damon: When we danced together.

[Damon smiles. Elena nods.]

Elena: I wanted to dance with you today.

[She looks up at Damon. Damon places his glass on the coffee table and takes Elena's glass and puts it down as well. He stands up and offers his hand to her. She smiles, takes it, and stands up. Damon leads her over to the front of the fireplace. Damon takes her other hand and lowers one of his to her waist, while Elena places her other hand on his shoulder. They start to dance and they place their heads together.]

Forbes Residence

[Stefan pours a shot for himself and Caroline. They are sitting in the living room, talking to one another.]

Stefan: Elena's right. I just - I need to let go.
Caroline: No, you're right, Stefan. It's not pretty and it's not easy, but you can't give up on her.
Stefan: Caroline, she looked me in the eye and she told me to move on.
Caroline: She's lost. Okay, you and her, epic. Her and Damon, ugh, God. There's something wrong with her. Just promise me you won't stop looking for the cure.
Stefan: Klaus won't let me even if I wanted to.

[Stefan places his shot glass down and pours himself another one.]

Caroline: Why does he care? He doesn't even want it.
Stefan: He wants to keep Elena human so that he can make more hybrids.

[Caroline sits back into her chair and relaxes.]

Caroline: He's gonna need them. Tyler's almost got all of them unsired.

[Suddenly, Caroline looks as if she just realized something.]

Caroline: Oh my God.

[Stefan looks up at her, confused.]

Caroline: Oh. My. God.

[Stefan holds his arms out in a gesture for her to explain what she means.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon twirls Elena around. He pulls her back in and kisses her passionately like he couldn't wait anymore).

Forbes Residence

[Caroline stands up, still shocked by the discovery she has figured out.]

Caroline: I was trying to understand why Klaus was so intrigued by Damon and Elena. He said I would figure it out. This is what he was talking about.
Stefan: What are you talking about?
Caroline: Think about it. Every time Elena's had a problem, Damon's been the magic solution.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon and Elena are intertwined together in a heated make out session.]

Forbes Residence

Caroline: Today, Elena was worried about Jeremy. Who swoops in and tells her to relax? Damon. And she listens.

[Stefan still looks confused.]

Caroline: When Elena started feeding, who said that she could only drink blood straight from the vein?

[Stefan seems to be realizing what Caroline is getting at.]

Stefan: Damon.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena superspeeds Damon into a wall so hard that she knocks a lamp over and breaks it.]

Forbes Residence

Caroline: And when she tried to drink from animals?
Stefan: She couldn't keep it down.
Caroline: And blood bags?
Stefan: Same thing.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena has Damon pushed against the wall. They continue to kiss and Elena rips Damon's shirt open.]

Forbes Residence

Caroline: Name one vampire in the history of vampires who couldn't drink blood from a blood bag. Damon said she couldn't, so she couldn't.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon super speeds Elena into the wall next to the fireplace and continues to kiss her. He is holding her leg up to his waist and Elena grabs hold to the wall.]

Forbes Residence

Caroline: Damon likes the red dress. Elena likes the red dress.
Stefan: Damon says kill Connor and she kills Connor.
Caroline: What if it's possible? Damon's blood made her a vampire, right?

[Stefan looks up at her.]

Caroline: It's rare, but it happens. What if this is one of those times?

[Caroline sits back down.]

Caroline: What if this is really happening?

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon and Elena are still making out.]

Forbes Residence

[Stefan leans forward.]

Stefan: Elena's sired to Damon.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena and Damon are now in Damon's bed with only their undergarments on. Elena is straddling Damon and pushes him down on the bed. She kisses him. Damon then rolls on top of her and kisses down her neck and chest. They kiss each other all over as they make love. The two of them not knowing about the sire bond.]

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