Mystic Falls Estate is a place in which Julian organized Nora and Mary Louise's anniversary party in Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

Season Seven

Mary Louse asked Julian what he thought about the ring she was planning on proposing Nora with. He gave her his ring, saying that Nora would probably like it more. Later Mary Louise proposed to Nora, which she accepted.

Lily, Valerie, Stefan and Damon were planning on killing Julian at the party. Valerie and Lily told Beau, Nora and Mary Louse how Julian killed Valerie and Stefan's unborn child in order to turn them against him. Mary Louse was all for it, but Nora wasn't so they broke up. Julian gave Lily a choice to kill either Damon or Valerie, but she committed suicide in her attempt to kill Julian unaware that he was no longer linked to her. She died after saying goodbye to the Heretic family.


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