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Nadia Petrova (Bulgarian: Надя Петрова) was a major recurring character of The Vampire Diaries. She was a vampire and a member of The Travelers who was Katerina Petrova's daughter, making her an ancestor of Elena Gilbert and a descendant of Amara.

Although most of Nadia's life is unknown, she revealed that she had spent the last 500 years searching for her mother; it also wasn't known from which Original's sireline she attained her vampirism, though it would be fair to assume that it came from the still-surviving Originals (Elijah, Klaus or Rebekah). She was seemingly not very well accustomed to modern American culture, but was more versed in past history, as she knew about the story of Silas, Amara and Qetsiyah. She also knew a great deal about Katerina's life in the past centuries, even though she had supposedly never personally met her before the events of Original Sin.

As a human, Katerina implied that she had been traumatized by the loss of her daughter, and that finding out whether she was alive or not had been of great importance to her. Likewise, Nadia was just as desperate to track down her biological mother, even going so far as to have herself turned into a vampire to give herself more time to find her. To this end, Nadia became an associate of The Travelers, the community of witches from whom she was descended, and began to work with a Traveler named Gregor, who eventually became her lover. The two were tasked with finding the immortal Silas, who had recently been awakened from 2,000 years of desiccation, and whom the Travelers were determined to cure and kill. Soon enough, Nadia's true intentions of locating Katherine were revealed, with the two reuniting after over 500 years shortly afterward.

When it became clear that Katherine, who had been forced to take the cure by Elena Gilbert and had become human again, was quickly dying of old age, it was Nadia who had the idea for Katherine (who was technically a Traveler witch, even if she had never tapped into her powers) to use a Passenger spell to live on within her own vampire body. However, Katherine refused to take away her daughter's chance at life and instead became a Passenger in Elena's body, a decision that would later result in Nadia being bitten by the hybrid Tyler Lockwood when it became clear that Nadia was up to something. Dying from the bite and having no chance at locating a cure in time, Nadia ultimately died from her wound, but not before Katherine used Elena's vampire body and Dream Manipulation to show Nadia what could have been their perfect day in the 15th century, had Katherine been allowed to raise Nadia as she had wanted. Nadia's fate after the destruction of the Other Side remains unknown.

Nadia was a member of the Petrova Family.


Early History

Nadia as a baby.

Nadia was born in 1490 in Bulgaria. Katherine begged her father to allow her to hold the child just once, but he said that she had disgraced the family, and took the child away to a new family, so that the shame would not become known.


In 1498, Nadia was only eight years old when Katherine had escaped Klaus, and found her way back to Bulgaria. Katherine searched every village and every cottage, but claimed she never managed to find Nadia.


Nadia in 1520.

In Northern Europe in 1520, Nadia, at the age of thirty, was looking for her mother at someone's home. She is still either a human or a relatively-new vampire.


She was willing to pay a man in France in the year 1720 about information regarding her mother's whereabouts. This was apparently because he had witnessed Katherine killing a man just outside the Court of Versailles.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Five

Nadia in Europe.

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Nadia first appeared in bed with Matt and Rebekah in Prague while they were traveling around Europe. Later, when Matt and Rebekah reunited in Mystic Falls, they mentioned that Nadia had stolen Rebekah's earrings and the Gilbert ring that was loaned to Matt. That night, Matt saw Nadia, recognized her and followed her into an alley. He confronted her about her purpose in Mystic Falls, considering the last time he had seen Nadia, she got he and Rebekah drunk and stole from them. She returned the Gilbert ring to him, but suddenly, her accomplice, Gregor, grabbed Matt's head and intoned a few spells in Czech. Nadia watched as Matt's eyes briefly turned black before he collapsed to the ground.

Nadia kills Gregor.

In True Lies, Silas probed Matt's mind to see why the bartender was impervious to his mind control. He then discovered what Gregor did to him, calling the witch a Traveler. Nadia and Gregor showed up in the final scene of the episode, where Gregor revealed that his mission from the Travelers was similar to that of the Brotherhood of the Five-- to feed Silas the cure and then kill him. Nadia then stabbed Gregor in the neck with a knife, admitting to Silas that she never considered herself a Traveler before informing him that she was aware of his mind control abilities, and that she had her own agenda. When Silas read her mind and realized that her agenda was compatible with his, he decided they should work together.

Nadia aiming the gun at Elena and Katherine.

In Original Sin, Nadia received a call from Silas, worried that Nadia might have been double-crossing him. She insisted that she was on his side, reminding him that he buried Gregor's body himself, before she once again promised to find Katherine. Outside of the Grill, Nadia encountered Matt and summoned Gregor forth in Matt's mind by speaking to him in Czech. Gregor's consciousness dominated Matt's, and he quickly became furious with Nadia for permanently killing his body. She promised Gregor that she loved him, and that they would find a way to fix this.

Nadia with Gregor in Matt's body

She then got Gregor to call Elena as Matt, in order to find out where Elena was, and thus where Katherine was. Later in the bar, having ordering the bartender to serve a vervain-laced drink to Damon, Nadia pointed her gun at Elena until Katherine entered the bar. She demanded to know which one of them was Katherine. Katherine pointed accusingly at Elena, but Nadia instantly saw through Katherine's transparent lie and set her sights on Katherine. Elena, knowing that they couldn't allow Silas to get what he wanted, attacked Nadia so Katherine could get away, but Nadia surprised everyone with her vampire strength and agility.

Nadia 7 TVD 5x03.jpg
She easily overpowered Elena and then left to chase Katherine. Nadia eventually found Katherine and Elena in the woods, snapped Elena's neck, and dragged Katherine back to her car. Once they got there, however, they were intercepted by Silas, who compelled Nadia to shoot herself in the heart with her gun. Luckily, right at that moment, Tessa managed to neutralize Silas' mind control by using Stefan, Silas' doppelgänger, to link them together. Nadia and Katherine got away from him and checked into a motel later that night. Silas called Nadia, who taunted him about losing his power and not knowing where she had taken Katherine. 

Nadia TVD 5x05.jpg
In Monster's Ball, Nadia and Katherine were still at the motel, hiding from Silas, when Nadia got a call from him. He reminded her he wanted Katherine, but Nadia refused to give her up. Nadia continued to tease him about his inability to use his powers, but Silas reminded her he learned how to track people through cell phone GPS. Nadia quickly hung up on him and tried to strong-arm Katherine into leaving before they could be found. Katherine asked her why she didn't just hand her over to Silas so he could just have his "little sip" of her blood and end all of their suffering. Nadia informed her that Silas needed every last drop of blood in her body in order to cure himself of his immortality, which would kill her.

Nadia 2 TVD 5x05.jpg
Later on, Nadia and Katherine were eating lunch at a diner when Nadia admitted that she had been tailing her for 500 years, to the point where she got herself turned into a vampire to even the playing field. She insisted that she wanted answers, and promised to let Katherine go if she gave them. Katherine reluctantly agreed to her terms, so Nadia explained that in 1864, she heard about the vampire round-up in Mystic Falls that resulted after Katherine sold out her other friends. Katherine, bored, recounted the many horrible things she had done over the course of the series, which did not please Nadia. Nadia asked her if she remembered ripping a mother away from her daughter. Katherine claimed to not recall this event, so Nadia informed her that Katherine killed her mother in Paris in 1645, and that she had been spending the last 500 years hunting Katherine down for revenge. Katherine realized that Nadia had no intention of letting her go. Nadia told her it was time to leave, leading Katherine to seize the opportunity to grab a nearby cane and stab Nadia with it in the chest before running off.

800px-Nadia 5 TVD 5x05.jpg
Katherine later found Nadia in an alleyway, trying to get the cane out of her chest without touching her heart with the wood. Nadia asked her why she didn't kill her, so Katherine pointed out that she knew Nadia's story about her mother was false. Nadia conceded that it was a test that Katherine failed. She confessed that her intention was to get under Katherine's skin, which ultimately ended up working. When Katherine demanded to know what kind of game she was playing, Nadia admitted that Katherine really did kill her mother, but it wasn't in Paris, but in England, on April 6, 1492. She continued to say that her mother was exiled by her family two years earlier, and that Katherine put her mother's neck in a noose and threw her off a chair, which was the exact same way that Katherine died before she was turned into a vampire. Katherine was confused, so Nadia revealed that her name is Nadia Petrova, and that Katherine is her mother.

Nadia 7 TVD 5x05.jpg
She was the child that was born out of wedlock and was taken away from Katherine by her father, back when she was still human. Katherine was shocked to learn this. Later on, Nadia woke up to find the cane removed from her chest, and looked up to see Katherine. She told her she was a fool for not running when she had the chance, because Silas would eventually find her. Katherine replied that she wasn't worried, though, because she is good at running, and figured that Silas didn't need her blood until he figured out how to destroy the Other Side; if he died as a witch, he would be stuck in "supernatural purgatory" forever, a fate he was actively trying to avoid.

Nadia with her mother, Katerina.

Katherine then confessed that she had a question that had been bugging her for 500 years; she asked Nadia where she was in 1498, but Nadia said she couldn't remember because she was only eight years old. Katherine explained to her that by then, she had escaped Klaus and went back to Bulgaria, where she searched every village and cottage looking for Nadia, but she could never find her. She assured her new-found daughter that she did indeed go back for her, but insisted that regardless, it was nice to finally meet her. Nadia began crying and smiled before accepting a cup of tea from Katherine.

In Death and the Maiden, Nadia arrived at Whitmore College looking for Katherine. She ran into Caroline and sassed her a bit before Katherine appeared. Caroline was curious as to who Nadia was, but before Nadia could say anything, Katherine blatantly lied and said that Nadia is her hairdresser. Alone, Nadia grabbed Katherine by the arm and forced her to sit down and talk to her. Nadia wanted to know why Katherine had been avoiding her, and Katherine, who had just learned that she was dying of old age as a result of ingesting the cure, remained abrasive in her replies. Caroline reappeared and informed Katherine she was needed back in Mystic Falls, which visibly relieved Katherine, as it gave her an excuse to leave.

Later, Nadia showed up and interrupted a conversation between Katherine and Caroline. Nadia revealed that she was returning to Europe and would really like Katherine to come with her. Katherine rudely replied that the mother and daughter bonding Nadia so desperately wanted was never going to happen. Katherine then emphatically stated she wanted nothing to do with Nadia and had no interest in knowing her, leaving Nadia disappointed and hurt.

Katherine and Nadia.

In Dead Man on Campus, Katherine summoned Nadia to the Mystic Grill after learning that Matt's had been inhabited by a Traveler. Nadia was curious as to why Katherine changed her mind about wanting to see her, but instead of answering, Katherine introduced Nadia to Stefan and admitted that Nadia is her daughter. Stefan was surprised by this revelation and amusingly asked which one was younger when they turned. In unison, they both claimed to be the younger ones. Matt was then brought into a back room where Nadia used a Czech trigger word to summon Gregor. Katherine wanted questions answered, and revealed to Nadia that Nadia's father and grandfather were both Travelers as well. After Katherine got the answers she wanted from Gregor (including a confession that his mission, after killing Silas, was to kill Katherine, which made Nadia feel betrayed) she informed Nadia that Gregor wasn't good enough for her. Katherine stabbed Matt with the Passenger-killing knife in order to release Gregor from his body. Nadia was not happy with her mother for killing the spirit of her beloved boyfriend, even after Gregor's betrayal, and she told her mother to "go to hell" before she left. Later, Stefan found and read a letter Katherine left for Nadia on the back of a receipt that stated that killing Gregor was the motherly thing to do, though she admitted that what she was planning to do next-- kill herself-- was not motherly. Still, her suicide attempt was stopped just in time when Stefan intervened and saved her.

In Fifty Shades of Grayson, Nadia arrived in the woods where Matt was training Katherine to be stronger and healthier in hopes of extending her life. Nadia slapped her mother in the face for attempting suicide without even so much as a goodbye. Later, in the Salvatore kitchen, Katherine asked Nadia if she believed she was worthy of forgiveness. Nadia replied that she did believe she was worthy, and that she had been brainstorming a plan to keep her mother alive. Nadia suggested that Katherine try spirit possession and become a Passenger in someone else's body; since Katherine's father was a Traveler, Katherine was also technically one as well, though she freely admitted that she had no interest in practicing magic when she was human, and since she lost that potential when she became a vampire, she never thought about it. After Katherine said that Stefan preferred her in her original body, Nadia realized that Katherine's question about forgiveness was in regards to Stefan, and not her. Nadia then angrily urged her mother to kill herself and see if anybody misses her then.   

Nadia left her mother to wait outside the Mystic Grill for Matt. She reminded him of the fun they had in Europe, but Matt insisted that he was over it. When he asked her what she was doing there, Nadia asked him to keep the Passenger-killing knife safe in case Katherine changed her mind about possessing someone. Matt pointed out that Katherine has never done anything for anybody except herself, but Nadia replied that she spent 500 years looking for Katherine and she didn't want to accept that she'll lose her right after she finally found her. Matt admitted that he can relate, because he had a similar relationship with his own mother. He sympathetically placed his hand over hers and promised he would keep the knife safe for her. Later, Katherine called Nadia and informed her that she changed her mind about spirit possession, after having a heart-to-heart with Stefan. During the call, Katherine began having chest pains as she descended the staircase at the Salvatore boarding house. Katherine then succumbed to a heart attack and fell down the stairs onto the landing while Nadia cried out worriedly on the other end of the line.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Nadia entered the Salvatore house and kidnapped Matt, making sure to remove his Gilbert Ring before she buried him alive in the safe Stefan was trapped in, hoping to use it as leverage to force the Mystic Falls Gang to help her. Later, she went to the boarding house, and informed them of what she did to Matt, promising that she would free him if they helped her save her mother. Bringing Stefan and Elena to an abandoned house, she left them with a group of Travelers who surrounded them to cast a spell to disable their daylight rings so they couldn't run away. Nadia then took one of the Travelers, Mia, to teach Katherine the Passenger spell. Just as Damon was taunting Katherine that no one cared about her, Nadia showed up and broke his neck before proclaiming that she cares. Mia told Katherine the words to the spell, and asked her to repeat them so she knew Katherine could cast it. However, Damon recovered and quietly began listening in to their conversation. Katherine, realizing this, and having agreed on the real plan with Nadia earlier, made a big scene about how she had accepted her death, and how she would not allow Nadia to waste one more moment of her life on Katherine, after spending her entire life looking for her. Nadia played along and pretended to be angry before leaving, stating that she refused to sit and watch her mother die. After Katherine successfully Passengered herself into Elena's body, Nadia called, and said "Vjyít" to put Katherine's consciousness in control.

In The Devil Inside, Nadia handcuffed Katherine/Elena to a bed to keep Elena from interfering with her plan to make Katherine the permanent occupant of Elena's body. Nadia then showed up in the Salvatore house and demanded Katherine's body, claiming Katherine's last wish was to be buried with her family in Bulgaria, but Damon had already gotten rid of her body and refused to tell her anything. Nadia eventually left without what she was looking for.

While Nadia was at the Salvatore house, Elena regained control of her body and tried to call one of her friends to warn them about Nadia's plan. But, before Elena could do anything, Nadia arrived and called Katherine back. Nadia then told Katherine that she wasn't able to find her body, so Katherine decided to pose as Elena and go to Tyler Lockwood's Welcome Home party to find out where Damon hid her body. Eventually, Katherine learned that her body was "where she was always meant to be," the tomb under the ruins of Fell's Church where Damon thought she was for 145 years. Nadia went to the tomb with Mia and found Katherine's body, allowing Mia to begin the ritual. Unbeknownst to either of them, Elena regained control again over and started to realize what was happening.

Nadia after being attacked by Elena

She continued pretending to be Katherine until she figured out what to do. Elena then attacked Mia and Nadia and ran away before they could complete the ritual. Nadia, angry, demanded that Mia finish the spell anyway, which she did. Elena frantically ran to the party at the Lockwood's to try to warn everyone about Nadia's plan, but when she tried to call someone, she realized that Katherine changed the PIN code of her phone to keep her from interfering. After Katherine Mia successfully completed the spell and gave Katherine full control over Elena's body, she returned to the tomb to find Nadia, informing her that she wanted it all-- she wanted to be with her daughter and stay in Mystic Falls, and she especially wanted to get back together with Stefan.

Tyler Nadia and Matt.jpg

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Nadia was at the Grill when Katherine texted her with instructions to find out more information about Enzo in order to continue with her "Elena" facade and not raise any alarms. Tyler, who was also at the Grill, met Nadia and invited her to drink with him and Matt, since they were all having bad days. As they were drinking and gossiping about their mothers, Tyler left to use the restroom; before he made it to the door, he turned back and overheard Nadia compelling Matt and became suspicious of her. Tyler tried to warn Matt that Nadia was compelling him, but Matt didn't believe him until he noticed that he wasn't wearing his vervain bracelet anymore.

Matt confronts Nadia

Matt drank some vervain, and when Nadia once again compelled him for information, this time Caroline and Stefan, he answered, pretending the compulsion worked. When Nadia left, Tyler approached Matt to find out what she asked him to do, but just as Matt was about to answer, Nadia returned and snapped Tyler's neck before forcing Matt to convince Tyler that everything was okay when he awakened. Matt did as he was told, but Tyler still advised him to stay away from Nadia. Afterward, Matt left with Nadia. In the car, Matt revealed to Nadia that he knew that she wasn't talking to Elena, and that he suspected Katherine had made herself a Passenger in Elena's body.

Nadia vs Caroline

In No Exit, Katherine called Nadia, and when her daughter told her that Matt had figured out Katherine's plan on his own, Katherine insisted that Nadia kill him, as she believed Matt had outlived his usefulness. However, Nadia, who had a soft spot for Matt, argued that she had been keeping him hidden so she could re-compel him as soon as the vervain was out of his system. Still, Katherine was enjoying her new life as Elena too much to risk losing it, and ordered Nadia to deal with Matt before she returned to town, or she would do it herself. When Nadia got off the phone, Matt assured her that he could convince his friends he is fine, and insisted that she didn't have to kill him to keep her secret. Nadia later showed up with Matt at Tyler's house. Once inside, he explained to Tyler that he was with Nadia the whole time, and then invited Nadia into the house. Matt spun a yarn about being on his way out of town for a few days, but found Nadia waiting for him on his front steps. Nadia apologized to Tyler for snapping his neck and claimed that she felt bad about doing it to help him buy their story. Matt also claimed he lost his phone while they were in Atlantic City, but Caroline refused to believe it. She tried to compel Matt to tell the truth, but he gave her the same answer, as his vervain bracelet allowed him to lie.

TVD 0704.jpg

Nadia, annoyed, turned the topic of conversation to Caroline, and pointed out that it was hypocritical for Caroline to be judgmental over Matt's romantic choices given her own, indicating that Nadia knew Caroline slept with Niklaus. She tried to draw Tyler into it to get him angry enough to distract them all from what happened with Matt, but he left before anything could happen. Later, Katherine called Nadia and informed her of her next move-- Damon had been infected with the Ripper virus and was feeding on humans, so she wanted to trick Damon into attacking her so Stefan would be forced to kill him to save her, effectively removing Damon as a variable in her plan to get back together with Stefan. Nadia objected, thinking she was pushing her luck too much and was risking exposure, but Katherine wasn't dissuaded. When Nadia hung up, Matt, who was eavesdropping, stated that she was an idiot if she thought Katherine would choose her first, and explained that he knows what it's like to have a mom who only cares when it was convenient. Nadia brushed him off, adding that he's just trying to save Elena, before biting his wrist to make sure the vervain was gone so she could finally compel him. He kissed her, claiming if he was just going to forget it anyway, he might as well go for it, before thanking her for saving his life. She was so touched by his affection that she began kissing him more passionately. He rolled on top of her, and while she was distracted, he took out his phone. He began to send a text, but only got as far as "Help. K-" before Nadia noticed what he was doing. Furious and betrayed, Nadia glared at him, but Matt insisted that Nadia wasn't like her mother, and that she didn't want to kill him. Knowing he was right, Nadia compelled him to forget everything that happened before heading for the door to leave. However, before she could go, she was stopped by Caroline.

TVD 1214.jpg

Matt sent a text to Caroline from Nadia's phone, but, since he was compelled, he had no memory of it. Caroline saw that he was compelled again and attacked Nadia, demanding Nadia tell her what she was doing to him. Nadia, as a much-older vampire, eventually got the better of her and pinned her to the wall. Nadia turned to Matt and snapped that while he may not remember why this happened, but it was all his fault. She was about to attack Caroline when Tyler raced through the door. He reminded her that young hybrid always beats old vampire and wrestled with her for a moment before she managed to get free and flee the house. Matt, incredibly confused, looked to his friends for an explanation as to why that happened.

Nadia reveals that Tyler bit her.

Katherine joined Nadia in a diner, where she immediately and giddily informed Nadia that she had a moment with Stefan. Nadia was disappointed that all she cared about was Stefan, but Katherine rudely replied that she was in a really good mood, which means she didn't want to have to worry about why Nadia was so upset. Angry and frustrated, Nadia admitted that Katherine wouldn't have to worry about her much longer, and holds up her arm, revealing a hybrid bite that she had received while she was fighting Tyler.

Someone asked for Dr. Creepy?

In Gone Girl, Katherine called Wes Maxfield and explained that Nadia was bitten by a hybrid, and asked if he could take a sample of her werewolf-venom-infused blood so he could study it and attempt to create a cure. Wes arrived at the warehouse where Katherine and Nadia were hiding out, and Nadia immediately was shocked and scared at the sight of him-- possibly implying that she had been told what he did to vampires-- and even attempted to fend him off. After Katherine calmed Nadia down, Wes stuck a syringe into her bite wound and withdraws some of her venom-filled blood. He assured Katherine that he would do his best to create a cure; however, Wes was revealed to just be using them as a part of his experiments, and wanted the werewolf venom to enhance the effect of the Ripper virus, his plan to rid the world of vampires.

Nadia's last moments

After Katherine found Wes's corpse, she realized that Nadia was about to pass away, so Katherine went to the boarding house to stay with her daughter until the werewolf venom finally killed her. Later, Bonnie, due to her status as the Anchor, encountered Nadia's ghost. Nadia asked her what would happen after she died, and if it would hurt. Bonnie comforted her, and Nadia touched her shoulders, transporting her to the Other Side. Matt expressed sympathy toward Nadia and believed that she deserved better than a shallow grave in the woods, ultimately deciding to give her a proper burial.


Little was known about Nadia's personality when she was a witch. It can be assumed that she was loving and loyal. The motive of her choice to become a vampire was to give herself the strength and immortality to fulfill her goal of finding her mother. After more than 500 years, they were finally reunited.

"Cold. Manipulative. Good hair. You really are my daughter."
Katherine describes her daughter.

Nadia was initially described as an emotional and beautiful 20-something who had traveled the world on a mission to finally track down her mother, Katerina Petrova, in the hopes of establishing a relationship. After 500 years of searching, Nadia finally found her. She was a member of the Travelers until she became a vampire and lost her magical powers, but it was implied that she continued to spend time maintaining relationships with Travelers even after she was turned. Like her mother, it's difficult to know who Nadia truly loved. Nadia killed Gregor, who was thought to be her lover; although Gregor's spirit was still contained in Matt's body, his physical body was dead. Still, when Katherine ultimately killed Gregor permanently by stabbing Matt with the Passenger-killing knife, Nadia was incredibly upset and felt betrayed, suggesting she did have some feelings for him, even after he revealed his mission to kill Katherine. On the other hand, both Nadia and Katherine had their good sides—even though they were ruthless from the outside, when they met each other, they showed their softer sides as mother and daughter.

Uncommon for Vampires, Nadia also exhibited a penchant for brandishing guns when strong-arming someone.

Physical Appearance


Nadia Petrova was a young strikingly beautiful woman with brown curly hair and deep brown eyes with dark thick lashes, She bared some resemblance to her mother Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova), sharing her brown curly hair, oval shaped face with fine bone structure and large almond-shaped brown eyes. She didn't wear a lot of makeup, aside from smokey eyes and glossed lips, as her beautiful face showed off her natural beauty.

She had a keen eye for sensually cut and stylish clothing, much like her mother, and was usually seen wearing gray, white and black tops, leather jackets, and tight-fitting pants or jeans (usually black or grey), all of which were usually paired with high-heeled boots.

Powers and Abilities

Nadia possessed all standard powers and abilities of a human/witch. When she became a vampire and lost her witch powers.

Nadia possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire. Being over 500 years old, she was a very strong and powerful vampire in her own right. This was best demonstrated when she defeated Elena Gilbert twice with ease. The first time, she threw Elena, who was attempting to restrain her, off before going after Katherine; the second time was when she sneaked up behind Elena and snapped her neck. In both those times, however, Elena was only a vampire for only a year and therefore much weaker than Nadia. However, Damon was able to reverse her grip on him and even pin her after she tried to coerce him.


Nadia had the typical weaknesses of a witch.

Nadia had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.


Katerina Petrova

"Nadia, letting my father rip you out of my arms, it was the biggest regret of my life. I should've fought harder to keep you, but I didn't. So, I spent the last 500 years making sure that I'd never make that mistake again. I fought for everything, and in the process, I had a long, full life. And, I got to know my beautiful daughter. You spent the last centuries searching for me, don't waste another minute on me. It's your turn to live."
—Katerina to Nadia
Main article: Katherine and Nadia

Katherine and Nadia

Nadia Petrova is the daughter of Katerina Petrova. Katherine gave birth to Nadia back in 1490, but Nadia was taken from her before Katherine even got the chance to hold her. When Katherine returned to Bulgaria after being exiled to England and escaping Niklaus Mikaelson, she found that he killed her entire family and was devastated. She then began her search for her daughter who was 8 years old at the time, but to no avail, she was unable to find her. Over the years, Nadia was turned into a vampire, learning the story of her mother and searching for her for 500 years. When they met again, Nadia introduced herself and began to test Katherine, telling her she killed her mother in Paris. Katherine saw through this lie and Nadia revealed she did kill her mother, only in 1492 in England after she was exiled by her family. Katherine is shocked to learn that Nadia is her long-lost daughter, and despite her conflicting feelings, she pushed Nadia away after learning of her impending death. Nadia was angered and clearly upset at her mother's attitude and actions towards her, and resented that she seemingly cared more about earning Stefan's forgiveness than her own. However, despite her anger, she wished Katherine would desire to live longer, and was conflicted between her anger at her for wishing to give up her life, or to be at her side. 


Nadia VS Gregorish.gif

Gregor was Nadia's boyfriend until she betrayed him by killing his physical body. She put his soul into Matt's body by the use of a Passenger spell and communicated with him through Matt's body. Shortly before her death, Nadia hallucinated that Gregor was before her, and she asked for his forgiveness when she was dying. In reality, it was really Matt that Nadia thought was Gregor and being sympathetic to Nadia, Matt pretended to be Gregor and forgave Nadia. This helped Nadia to feel content shortly before her death.

Other Relationships


Season Two

Season Five


  • Nadia (Bulgarian: Надя) is a feminine name of Ukranian origin (Надія) and a diminutive of the Slavic name Nadezhda (Надежда); both mean "hope" or "hopeful". It is a name found in various forms in Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and other Slavic countries.[1]
  • Petrova is the feminine version of Petrov and is a very common surname in both Russia and Bulgaria. It is derived from the first name Pyotr (Пётр, Russian) or Petar (Петър, Bulgarian), which both are equivalent to English Peter.[2]


  • She was from Czechoslovakia, now known as Czech Republic/Slovakia, and spoke Czech when summoning Gregor from within Matt's body.
  • Nadia, Katherine, The Originals, Stefan, and Silas are the only characters known to speak languages other than English and Latin.
  • Nadia is one of only ten recurring characters that appeared in more than 10 episodes in their inaugural season. The other nine are Annabelle, who appeared in 11 episodes during Season OneElijah Mikaelson, who appeared in 12 episodes during Season TwoRebekah Mikaelson, who appeared in 17 episodes during Season Three; Atticus Shane who appeared in 11 episodes during Season Four; Wes Maxfield & Enzo, who appeared in 12 episodes each in Season Five; Josette Laughlin & Malachai Parker who appeared in 17 and 16 episodes respectively in Season Six and Rayna Cruz who appeared in 13 episodes in Season Seven.
  • She was a member of The Travelers, though she claimed she never considered herself one, most likely due to her being a vampire. Both her father and her grandfather also belonged to the Travelers.
  • She is the first character to share a kiss with someone of the same gender, implying she might be bisexual. Though she may have just done that to steal from them.
    • She is also the first character to engage in an on-screen threesome (which she shared with Matt and Rebekah)
  • Nadia may have had a child before she turned, to continue the Petrova line, as Katherine's entire family was massacred by Niklaus. This would make her an ancestor of both Isobel Flemming and her daughter Elena Gilbert, though there is no confirmation of this.
  • She was very protective over her mother, Katerina, even going as far to suggest that Katherine be a Passenger in her body to keep her alive.
  • As of Total Eclipse of the Heart, all the main characters knew that Nadia is Katherine's daughter.
  • Damon called her 'the Devil's spawn;' this is most likely a reference to the fact that she's the daughter of Katherine, one of the main antagonists of the series as a whole.
  • Nadia was the first vampire shown to die naturally from a werewolf bite, rather than being mercy-killed before they went crazy with bloodlust; she was also one of three vampires who have died as a result of a werewolf or hybrid bite, either directly or indirectly. Rose and Will were both killed by Damon before the bite could kill them.
    • Nadia, Rose, and Will are the only known vampires who have not had their werewolf/hybrid bite cured by Niklaus Mikaelson's blood.
  • Nadia was the last supernatural being to cross over to the Other Side before the Travelers resurrected Markos, although this was shown on-screen.
  • Nadia was one of the few people to ever refer to or call her mother (Katherine) by her given name (Katerina); the others are Elijah, Klaus, Rose and Trevor.
  • Through her own admission, Nadia was the only person who truly loved Katherine.
  • Unlike Katherine, Nadia never took the surname Pierce.
  • Katherine preferred to die and see her daughter one last time than to run away again.
  • With The Other Side's collapse, she either found peace or went to Hell.
  • In a deleted scene from Season Five, Katherine actually reveals that Nadia's father was a Traveler as well and he taught her about tarot readings and unpossessing people with Travelers in them.


Nadia (to Silas) : "That's what the Travelers have always wanted."
Nadia (to Silas) : "Luckily for you, I've never really considered myself one. I know you can see inside my mind... and I have my own agenda."
- True Lies
Nadia (to Silas) : "Look, Silas. This phone is prepaid, and I don't have a lot of minutes."
Nadia (to Silas) : "You saw him bleed out. You buried his body yourself."
Nadia (to Silas) : "If this is the game, it's boring."
Nadia (to Silas) : "Fine. Say Matt is still alive. What if he could help us to find Katherine Pierce? She's still your priority, is she not?"
Nadia (to Matt) : "I'm here to keep you safe from Silas."
Nadia (to Matt) : "I know that he still wants you dead. You're going to need to trust me, okay?"
Nadia (to Gregor) : "Vyjít. (Come forth.) Gregor"
Nadia (to Gregor) : "Gregor, I'm sorry, but Silas was going to kill you. Doing it myself was the only way to salvage the deal. I need his trust."
Nadia (to Gregor) : "You knew the stakes. It is why we put you inside the person with the invincibility ring."
Nadia (to Gregor) : "I will find a way to make this permanent, Gregor, because I love you, okay? And I will do anything, anything for you."
Nadia (to Gregor) : "Okay... but first, you will have to dial your friend Elena Gilbert and find out where Katherine is."
Nadia (to Elena) : "I told her to pour him a drink or I'd kill her."
Nadia (to Elena & Katherine) : "Which one of you is Katherine Pierce?"
Nadia (to Elena) : "Katherine is a compulsive liar... but I need her alive."
Nadia (to Elena & Katherine) : "You really do look exactly alike."
Nadia (to Katherine) : "Do I have to knock you out, too?"
Nadia (to Katherine) : "Ask me again, and I'll sew your mouth shut."
- Original Sin



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