New York City is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York Metropolitan Area, one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. It was visited by Damon in the 1970´s where he lived for a while living a Bohemian and Hedonistic lifestyle.


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During the 70s, Damon Salvatore lived a wild life in New York filled with parties and feeding. His humanity was turned off by then and he was known as the Son of Sam, a well-known serial killer. Damon was friends with a vampire named Will, who ran a bar called Billy's. Will would allow Damon to feed on the humans there and in exchange, Damon would give him their ID's.

Lexi Branson and Damon crossed paths at this very bar and Lexi revealed that she was sent by Stefan to help him, as they had both heard about Damon's recklessness, resulting in Stefan to be worried for his brother. Lexi wanted to help Damon turn his humanity back on and he refused her help, but she persisted and remained by Damon's side for the next six months. One night at Billy's, when Lexi was getting Damon to talk about Katherine, his former flame, he tricked her into thinking that his humanity was back and the two had a night of wild sex. The next morning, Lexi awakened on a roof because the sun was burning her and she tried to escape, only to find that the door was locked, leaving her trapped in the tiny shadow that was there. She had found out Damon's little "joke" and was trapped there until nightfall came.

Damon had said he had did this to get back at Lexi for annoying him for the past six months. He abandoned Lexi, satisfied and glad to have her off of his trails.

Season Four

Damon returns to New York decades later along with Elena Gilbert, thinking that she needs time away from Mystic Falls. Unfortunately, Rebekah follows them.



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