Aiden! You made it!
Nick to Aiden in Live and Let Die

Nick L. is a character who first appeared in the fourth episode of the second season of The Originals. He was a young untriggered werewolf and the younger brother of the late Aiden.

Nick is a member of the Crescent Wolf Pack.

Early History

Little is known of his early life other than he was born and raised in the Crescent Wolf pack.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Two

Nick first appeared in Live and Let Die where he was seen among a group of young children in their early teens that had been led out to join the leaders in the Lafayette Cemetery. There, he and all the untriggered werewolves would be tasked by Finn to kill humans in order to trigger their werewolf curse. He was later rescued by his brother Aiden, along with the assistance of Marcel, Oliver, Elijah, Gia, Josh, and Hayley. As the children pile into the back of an ambulance to be taken out of the city, Nick was happy that his brother made it and the two hugged each other before departing.

In City Beneath The Sea, Nick attended his brother's funeral with every werewolf to honor Aiden, who was killed by Dahlia in order to frame Klaus.


Nick seemed to be a quiet and shy boy, but he was emotional when his brother died. It was also shown that Nick was quite close to Aiden as he was happy he made it and hugged each other before he left the city.

Physical Appearance

Nick is of medium height with curly brown hair, round head and hazel eyes.


Season Two

Season Five


  • Nick is a masculine given name and can be a shortened form of Nicholas, Nikola or Nicolas. It derives from the Greek Νικόλαος, a compound of nikē 'victory' and laos 'people'. The name means "victory of the people".[1][2]


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