Mikael: Betrayal is in your nature, boy.
Klaus: No. I wasn't born like this. Her, you fight for, lovely Freya, the daughter you barely know. But there was a time where you knew me as your son! A time before all the disappointments, the revelations of betrayal. There were moments where all you had to do was be my father! And even then, you despised me, didn't you? I want to know why.
Mikael: I don't know. I just... did.
Mikael and Klaus

Night Has A Thousand Eyes is the eighteenth episode of the second season of The Originals and the fortieth episode of the series overall.


The Originals 2x18 Extended Promo - Night Has A Thousand Eyes HD

The Originals 2x18 Extended Promo - Night Has A Thousand Eyes HD


DAHLIA ARRIVES TO NEW ORLEANS — Desperate to find a way to vanquish Dahlia, Klaus soon finds himself face-to-face with another deadly threat – Mikael. Meanwhile, as Hayley and Rebekah work with Freya to track Dahlia's whereabouts, Elijah and Marcel prepare a safe house in Algiers with the help of Josephine. Elsewhere, determined to protect Hayley and baby Hope, Jackson approaches Hayley with a risky idea that leaves her conflicted. Finally, Aiden finds himself torn between his loyalty to Jackson and his secret alliance with Klaus. Davina also appears.



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  • Antagonists: Dahlia and Mikael (Minor)
  • Title meaning: a reference to Dahlia's ability to possess thousands of spies by mentally controlling ordinary (and even supernatural) beings.
  • This episode marked Dahlia's first modern day appearance.
  • Dahlia arrived in New Orleans in this episode.
  • Klaus asks for Davina's help to track down Mikael and finds her mourning Kol at Kaleb's grave in Lafayette Cemetery. In exchange for her help, Klaus offers to give her the ashes of Kol's original body, which he has kept since his death in Mystic Falls. This last remnant of Kol's original form could allow Davina to cast a resurrection spell and bring him back.
  • Elijah and Marcel ask Josephine LaRue to create a safe house for Hope's protection in St-James's Infirmary, a place where both vampires and witches could come in peace as it was considered neutral ground. The safe house had a disruption spell combined with a blessing by the Garden District Coven that would prevent any witch who intends to do harm from performing magic within its walls.
  • Klaus forms an alliance with Mikael to fight against Dahlia for the sake of both of their respective daughters.
  • Mikael is killed by Klaus a second time with the indestructible white oak stake.
    • Though Klaus was angry at Mikael and sought to get even for the pain Mikael had caused him, his main intention in killing his step-father was so they could obtain more Viking ashes to be used to forge another weapon to use against Dahlia, as she destroyed the original weapon made by Davina that contained the three ingredients which combined made her sole weakness: the ash of her oppressors (the Vikings), sacred soil that binds her to her homeland (Norway) and the blood of the one witch who broke her heart (believed to be Freya).
  • This is the first episode of the season not to feature Yusuf Gatewood.



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  • This episode had about 1.01 million viewers in the USA.

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Klaus (to Hayley): "My demented baby-snatching aunt is out there somewhere."
Freya: "Her power is stronger than ever."
Klaus: "Dahlia."
Dahlia: "Let us begin."
Klaus: "I'm going to find a way to murder that god-forsaken witch."

Davina (to Klaus): "What do you want Klaus?"
Klaus: "Well, perhaps I'm merely concerned about you. You do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in graveyards for a teenager. It's a rather morbid habit."
Davina: "Well, I am touched by your concern. Anything else?"
Klaus: "Now that you mention it, there is one matter with which I can use your help. Mikael. It appears my sister Freya, has dispatched him to gather some items I require and seeing as how you brought him back from the dead, I'm guessing you have the means to find him."
Davina: "Sorry. I'd love to help, but I'm busy mourning another dead boyfriend."
Klaus: "Do you think you're the only one who grieves my brother?"

Josephine: "Well, this was quite the place back in my day. St. James Infirmary. Vulgar, Filthy, Loud. Some of the best nights of my life. But I assume you didn't go through all this trouble on my account."
Marcel: "As you know for years, this place served as neutral grounds for both our communities. A place where all were welcome and safe."
Elijah: "And in keeping with that tradition, we'd like to invite you to cast a spell. One that would prevent the use of any magic within these walls."
Josephine: "You'd ask me to create a place where my kind would be utterly helpless?"
Elijah: "My dear Josephine, powerful as you are, surely you've must have sensed this grave new threat?"
Josephine: "And I am without empathy but I have a responsibility to the witches. This is not our fight."
Elijah: "Well then. I do hope you understand that anyone willing to stand aside and allow my family to be threatened.... I would be forced to considered an enemy."

Klaus: "She's preparing for battle. My guess is sooner rather than later."
Hayley: "Well if she was watching us, she would know that we have our own army."
Elijah: "She also knows where we are and given the immense nature of her power, we simply have no idea what to expect."
Hayley: "Awesome."
Mikael (to Klaus): "Well. Well. Well. Well."
Davina (to Mikael and Klaus): "So you two are friends now?"
Klaus: "Absolutely not. We're merely aligned out of necessity for the purpose we both enjoy the most: Glorious murder."
Dahlia (to Mikael and Klaus): "Let us begin."
Mikael (to Klaus): "We are well met. So be it. Are you ready?"
Klaus: "I was born ready."



Last.fm_play.png "Straw Dance" – Jessy Greene
Last.fm_play.png "Lucifer's Eyes" – T.O.L.D
Last.fm_play.png "Fingerprints" – Kita Klane
Last.fm_play.png "High Tiding" – Nick Waterhouse
Last.fm_play.png "Ride" – Black Coast Feat. M. Maggie
Last.fm_play.png "From The Shadows" – Jessy Greene
Last.fm_play.png "Last Call" – Jessy Greene




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