[Hayley and Jackson are walking down the streets of the French Quarter as Hayley pushes Hope in a stroller. The two talk to each other as they pass locals and tourists milling around the street, along with street musicians who are playing various instruments. Hope coos at Hayley, who giggles and tickles the little girl]

JACKSON: Well, Mrs. Marshall-Kenner, now that you've got a real local to show you around the Quarter, what would you like to see first?
HAYLEY: Oh, Mr. Kenner, I'd ask to see your old haunts, but we do have an impressionable young lady with us.

[Hayley tickles Hope again, and she giggles. They come upon a violinist on the sidewalk who is playing an upbeat tune, and so they stop to listen]

HAYLEY: [to Hope] Whoaaaaa!

[The violinist continues playing the tune a little longer before smiling and dramatically ending the song. Hayley smiles back at the woman and drops some money into her violin case before speaking to her]

HAYLEY: Thanks!

[As Hayley, Jackson, and Hope walk away, the violinist starts playing a much slower tune, the exact same tune that Dahlia used to sing to Freya. Hayley pauses, looking unnerved as she looks over at the violinist, who is staring at them, and Jackson looks at Hayley in concern]

HAYLEY: [shivers] That song... What is it?

[They look back at the violinist again, who is still staring at them creepily, and Hayley, alarmed, quickly turns back around and starts walking. As they head down the street, Hayley starts scanning their surroundings and sees a waiter writing a message onto the chalkboard outside of a restaurant that reads, "A promise made is a debt to be paid." Hayley becomes even more alarmed, but tries her best to play it cool in case someone else is watching. Suddenly, they're stopped by a man holding a large, long-stemmed red and black flower in his hand]

FLOWER SALESMAN: Flowers, miss. [He holds it out to Hope] A gift for the child.

[Jackson senses Hayley's alarm and steps in so she doesn't have to]

JACKSON: Uh, no, we're alright. Thank you!

[Hayley looks at the man suspiciously as he holds up the flower and smiles creepily]

FLOWER SALESMAN: Black dahlias are in bloom. They're quite lovely.

[Hayley, now fully afraid, starts to walk past him, but the man grabs her tightly by the arm as both of his eyes turn pure white. Out of nowhere, Klaus appears and shoves the man against a light post as he puts him in a choke-hold]

KLAUS: [growls] Show yourself, witch.

[Suddenly, Jackson is overwhelmed by an unknown force as the flower salesman's eyes return to normal. After a moment, Jackson's eyes become pure white, indicating that he's being temporarily possessed by Dahlia]

HAYLEY: [startled] Klaus!

[Klaus turns to find Jackson standing straight in front of them]

JACKSON/DAHLIA: I am here. I am everywhere. And I intend to take what is mine.

[Klaus scowls at him, while Hayley looks terrified]

KLAUS: [shocked] It's her.

[Jackson groans as Dahlia leaves his body, and he looks completely confused when he sees Hayley and Klaus staring at him in shock and fear]

JACKSON: [concerned] Hey, what just happened?
KLAUS: [sighs] Dahlia.



[Hayley, Rebekah, Klaus, Freya, and Elijah are convening in the dining room to discuss what has just occurred]

KLAUS: [displeased] Isn't that the point of a fortress? It does a better job of protecting you when you stay within its walls?
HAYLEY: [annoyed and embarrassed] Okay! We get it. Now, let's just figure out what the hell we're gonna do.
KLAUS: [shouts] What I would like to do is take a strong leash--
ELIJAH: [politely cuts him off] --Children, please. Niklaus, your ire is justified. However, Hayley is quite right.

[Hayley shrugs and gives Klaus a smug look]

ELIJAH: We need to find a new strategy. Freya, if you please?
FREYA: [sighs defeatedly] The spell you described... Dahlia calls it "kenning"-- using proxies to watch her enemies from afar.

[Klaus looks at her, half-suspicious, half-curious, and Freya pauses, looking overwhelmed]

FREYA: But, I've never seen it done on quite this scale.

[Hayley sighs in frustration, looking overwhelmed]

HAYLEY: Awesome. So, basically every Hurricane-chugging, boob-flashing tourist on Bourbon Street is a potential spy.
FREYA: The good news is, I know a little about how her magic works.

[She gestures at a tray she has set up that has a silver tea kettle and five tea cups full of brown liquid on saucers]

FREYA: This tonic will at least prevent her from using any of us.

[Rebekah and Freya each reach for a cup. When the others don't move, Rebekah looks around at them]

REBEKAH: Well, come on! This should work like a charm!

[Elijah sits down at the table, and he and Hayley each grab a cup as well. However, Klaus remains standing where he is and doesn't move to join them, and Rebekah raises her glass]

REBEKAH: Bottoms up!

[The four of them drink their tonics, and Elijah holds out the fifth cup for Klaus, who simply stares at it]

ELIJAH: [sighs in annoyance] Niklaus, is there something you wish to contribute?
KLAUS: [shrugs] I prefer biscuits with my tea.

[Elijah rolls his eyes as he sets down Klaus' cup and mutters under his breath]

ELIJAH: Of course.
KLAUS: [ignores him] Besides, our minds are far too strong to be invaded by kenning spells.

[Elijah rolls his eyes again and sips his tonic]

KLAUS: No, what we experienced was a test-- Dahlia's watching to see how we respond to aggression. She's preparing for battle. My guess is sooner, rather than later.
HAYLEY: Well, if she was watching us, she would know that we have our own army.
ELIJAH: She also knows where we are. And, given the immense nature of her power, we simply do not know what to expect from her. What we need is to create a new stronghold. Something that Dahlia knows nothing about. A sanctuary from any witchcraft.
FREYA: That's a fine strategy. I offer another-- we can use Jackson to trace her magic back to its source. Find out exactly where she is.

[Everyone looks to Hayley, who considers this for a moment. She looks over at Klaus, who merely smiles and raises his eyebrows at her, before she sighs reluctantly]

HAYLEY: Fine. Do it.
KLAUS: [pleased] Good! Then it's settled. Off you pop to your respective tasks! Me? I've always been of the opinion that the best defense is a good offense. So, I'm going to find a way to murder that godforsaken witch.

[He smiles evilly]


[A saddened Davina has arrived to where Kol/Kaleb Westphall has been buried in the cemetery, and she leaves a bouquet of flowers at his tombstone before brushing the stone with her fingertips. Judging by the number of identical bouquets surrounding the tomb, Davina has been here often since his death. After a moment, Klaus appears behind her, and when she senses his presence, she sighs in annoyance]

DAVINA: What do you want, Klaus?
KLAUS: [smiles] Well, perhaps I'm merely concerned about you. You do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in graveyards for a teenager. It's a rather morbid habit.
DAVINA: [sarcastically] Well, I am touched by your concern. Anything else?
KLAUS: Now that you mention it, there is one matter with which I can use your help-- Mikael. It appears that my sister, Freya, has dispatched him to gather some items I require, and seeing as how you brought him back from the dead, I'm guessing you have the means to find him.

[Davina turns toward him and gives him a look that communicates that she is unamused by his request]

DAVINA: Sorry. I'd love to help, but I'm busy mourning another dead boyfriend.

[She's about to leave, but Klaus holds out a hand to stop her, and his demeanor becomes serious]

KLAUS: Do you think you're the only one who grieves my brother?

[Davina sighs, knowing that he's right]

KLAUS: I understand you hope to bring Kol back. Resurrection spells can be very tricky. They tend to require a remnant from the dearly departed. I, myself, am the guardian to Kol's remains-- the ashes of his true body. [Davina now looks interested] Now, I might be inclined to entrust them to you, were myself feeling helpful.
DAVINA: Fine. I'll find Mikael for you, and you'll give me Kol's ashes. Deal?

[Klaus smiles at her]


[Josh and Aiden are shirtless and laying in bed together, holding each other's hands]

AIDEN: We should probably get up now.
JOSH: Yeahhhhh, definitely. Hundred percent.
AIDEN: [turns toward him] So, it's settled, then? Huh?
JOSH: I'm basically already out the door!
AIDEN: [laughs] Yeah?
JOSH: [smiles] Or, we could stay in bed all day long.
AIDEN: Oooh.
JOSH: You know, some Netflix, Chinese food... probably some other stuff...
AIDEN: Mmmm...

[They both start to laugh when Aiden's phone begins to buzz, interrupting their conversation. When Aiden sees the caller ID, he sits up]

AIDEN: [groans] Oh, I should probably get this. It's Jackson.
JOSH: [slightly suspicious] Yeah, no, I got it. Wolf business. [He gets out of bed] I'm gonna grab a shower.

[Once Josh has shut himself in the bathroom, Aiden answers the phone. It's Klaus, who is still in the cemetery with Davina. While Aiden talks to Klaus, he starts to get dressed]

AIDEN: [whispers] Yeah?
KLAUS: [brightly] Aiden! It seems your big, bad Alpha has been compromised.
AIDEN: [shocked] What? What happened?
KLAUS: Relax! Jackson is fine. He's just offered proof of his general inadequacy. I can't trust him to guard Hope. So, while my hands are full, I need you to serve as my eyes and ears. Get to the compound and report back anything I should know-- especially where my daughter's concerned.
AIDEN: [anxiously] Uh, yeah, sure thing. I'm on my way.
KLAUS: Good lad.

[Aiden hangs up on him, looking conflicted]


[Hayley comes into hers and Jackson's bedroom with a cup of Freya's tonic for Jackson, who is sitting at the end of the bed, looking stressed and guilty. She walks toward him and sits next to him]

HAYLEY: Hey, you okay?
JACKSON: [unhappily] That witch got in my head. I could have hurt you, hurt the baby.

[Hayley hands him the tea cup of tonic]

HAYLEY: Here. Drink this. Freya said it will keep her from getting in again.

[Jackson sighs and sips it before speaking]

JACKSON: I can feel her, Hayley. Dahlia... she is nothing but darkness. I say we take Hope and the pack and we leave town. Tonight.
HAYLEY: [confused] We can't just run from our home, Jack.
JACKSON: You and Hope are my home! And running isn't a sign of weakness-- it's what wolves do. I know every inch of that bayou. Out there, we're the predator. We can keep her safe. At the very least, it will buy us some time to figure out how to get rid of Dahlia for good.
HAYLEY: What about Klaus? Elijah? Rebekah? They're Hope's family.

[Jackson rubs his face in frustration and stands to his feet]

JACKSON: You know who else is part of that family? Dahlia!

[Hayley sighs, understanding his point. Jackson looks as though he feels bad for his outburst, and his tone becomes gentler]

JACKSON: Now, I don't back away from a fight, okay? But this one started a thousand years ago. It's not our war. And it certainly ain't your daughter's.

[Hayley sighs and considers this idea for a moment]


[Klaus walks down the street to meet Davina, who is waiting impatiently for him on a bench]

DAVINA: So, what's the deal, anyway? Aiden at your beck and call now?

[Klaus sits down next to her on the bench]

KLAUS: I'm simply mentoring a promising young wolf.
DAVINA: Josh isn't gonna be too happy when he finds out about it.
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] And I am shaking in my boots at the mere thought of his displeasure. You see, Davina, Josh and Aiden are in love, which means they both have something to lose, thus making them all too easily manipulated... should the need arise.

[Davina looks at him for a moment and frowns. Klaus notices this and looks at her in confusion]

DAVINA: [deadpans] It must really suck to have to be you all the time.

[Klaus, mildly offended and embarrassed at the fact that he was called out by a teenager, shrugs at her]

KLAUS: ...Well, it hasn't been a picnic... honestly.
DAVINA: [sighs] You know, the thing is, you have that thing, too, don't you?

[Klaus sighs and smiles at her mockingly]

DAVINA: Someone you love more than anything, even yourself.

[Klaus' smile falls at the mention of Hope]

DAVINA: How does that feel, to be one of us? Someone with something to lose?

[Before Klaus can respond, Davina spots a cab pulling up to the curb and gestures toward it]

DAVINA: Klaus, there.

[The back door of the cab opens, and Mikael steps out onto the street, where Klaus appears behind him. When Mikael senses his presence, he turns to face him]

MIKAEL: Well, well, well, well-- if it isn't the bastard himself. Have you come looking for another beating, boy?
KLAUS: [unimpressed] As much as I'd love to kill you again, I wonder if our interests might be better served by joining forces. You know full well the threat we face. So, how about it, Father? Care to join your bastard son on a witch-hunt?

[Mikael smiles, clearly intrigued]


[Marcel, Elijah, and Josephine are standing in the middle of the St. James Infirmary club, which looks as though it's in the middle of renovation. Josephine smiles as she looks around]

JOSEPHINE: Well, this was quite the place back in my day. St. James Infirmary. Vulgar. Filthy. Loud. Some of the best nights of my life. But, I assume you didn't go through all this trouble on my account.
MARCEL: As you know, for years, this place served as neutral grounds for both our communities. A place where all were welcome and safe.
ELIJAH: And, in keeping with that tradition, we'd like to invite you to cast a spell. One that would prevent the use of magic within these walls.
JOSEPHINE: [appalled] You'd ask me to create a place where my kind would be utterly powerless?
ELIJAH: [smiles politely] My dear Josephine, powerful as you are, surely you must have sensed this grave new threat?
JOSEPHINE: [nods] And I am not without empathy, but I have a responsibility to the witches. This is not our fight.
ELIJAH: [displeased] Well, then, I do hope you understand that anyone willing to stand aside and allow my family to be threatened... I would be forced to consider an enemy.

[Josephine gives him a hard and mildly offended look]

JOSEPHINE: As I said, Elijah-- I am not without empathy. [She looks around the building] Perhaps a traditional blessing to dispel unwanted spirits? A barrier against those who mean to do us harm?

[Elijah smiles approvingly, and Josephine thinks about it for a moment before nodding and smiling back]

JOSEPHINE: Yes, a blessing combined with a disruption spell should do the trick.

[Elijah seems happy with this compromise]


[Klaus and Mikael are sitting across from each other at a small table in a restaurant, where Klaus is openly gripping the indestructible white oak stake in his hand on top of the table. A waitress comes to take their order and looks at the stake curiously]

WAITRESS: You want some fries with that stake?

[Klaus laughs in amusement, but Mikael remains stone-faced]

WAITRESS: I bought one of my own at Marie Laveau's voodoo shop.
KLAUS: I'll have a bourbon, please, sweetheart.

[The waitress turns to Mikael for his order, and he just sighs in annoyance]

MIKAEL: [growls] Nothing. Leave us.

[The waitress gives Klaus a confused look and reluctantly leaves them to talk]

MIKAEL: I despise this city.
KLAUS: Cut to the chase, shall we? Your precious Freya told me she sent you off to procure certain items that will expedite the death of your sister-in-law. May I assume you completed your task?
MIKAEL: There are three elements total. Combined, they represent Dahlia's sole weakness. [Klaus seems intrigued] If you'd like to try and take them, by all means, have at it.
KLAUS: Your mind always drifts to violence, doesn't it? Even when you're so clearly outmatched. What is it you tried teaching? Ah, yes-- [Klaus mocks Mikael] "The true Viking warrior hones his fear like a blade!"
MIKAEL: [annoyed] Did you come here to critique my parenting skills? Or, to whine about how little you were loved? You were weak before, but you are weaker still.
KLAUS: [holds up the stake] If you truly thought me weak, you would snatch this weapon from my hand. But, you don't, because you know better.

[Mikael looks angry, but doesn't move, confirming Klaus' suspicions]

KLAUS: I suggest we focus on our common enemy. Rather than bringing your materials to Freya, drawing her into a fight she may not survive... why not join me? If we win, both our daughters will be free. If we lose? [Klaus smiles] Well, at least you'll die knowing the bastard finally got his due.

[Mikael sighs, but seems to be considering Klaus' offer]


[Jackson is laying on the table, where Freya is drawing an infinity symbol on his bare chest using the burned end of a sage smudge-stick. Hayley and Rebekah watch worriedly as she works]

FREYA: By doing this, we should be able to trace Dahlia's signature all the way back to the source of her power. But, I'll need to dig deep.

[She looks up at Rebekah]

FREYA: Rebekah, if I may channel you?

[Rebekah looks uneasy, but she nods in agreement. Hayley looks down at Jackson in concern]

HAYLEY: Are you sure you're okay with this?
JACKSON: [laughs nervously] Piece of cake!

[Hayley sighs and looks over at the girls. Rebekah takes Freya's hands in hers and holds them over Jackson's body as they both begin chanting the spell]

FREYA & REBEKAH: Inveniere potencia reparon malifica. Inveniere potencia reparon malifica.

[As the girls chant, Jackson's back arches painfully as he groans, clearly in agony. After a moment, Rebekah looks up at Freya and sees a vision of Dahlia standing behind her, holding her hand on Freya's shoulder. Startled, Rebekah immediately lets go, though Freya assumes she did so because of Jackson's pain, and she stares at her hands in fright]

FREYA: [gently] Rebekah, we need to continue.
REBEKAH: [shocked] I...

[Hayley looks concerned as her eyes move from Freya to Rebekah in confusion]

HAYLEY: What is it?

[Rebekah looks at Freya with an appalled expression]

REBEKAH: You. You're the reason Dahlia is able to cast such powerful spells.

[Freya looks alarmed and begins shaking her head in disagreement, but Rebekah continues on]

REBEKAH: She's channeling you!

[Hayley looks at Freya, clearly feeling betrayed, but Freya appears as though this revelation is news to her]

HAYLEY: All this time, you've been helping her!

[Freya shakes her head desperately, obviously upset by this accusation]

FREYA: I had no idea!

[She begins to pace anxiously]

FREYA: She must have found me.

[She starts to walk toward Rebekah to try to argue her suspicions]

FREYA: She wants to use you against me!

[Hayley lunges for Freya and shoves her backward]

HAYLEY: Get away from my husband!

[Rebekah jumps between the womens and breaks up their fight]


[She puts a comforting hand on Freya's shoulder]

REBEKAH: Freya, I want to trust you, I do. But, you said it yourself-- you're bonded to Dahlia. I'm sorry, but it's better that you go. Please.

[Freya looks hurt, but she doesn't fight them on it, she simply turns and leaves the compound]


[Klaus and Mikael continue to discuss the Dahlia situation over bourbon]

KLAUS: [smiles] Father and son, working together.

[Mikael lifts the bourbon to sip it, but when he sniffs the liquor, he comically grimaces and puts the glass down without drinking it]

KLAUS: I admit, I never thought I'd live to see the day, and that's something, coming from me.
MIKAEL: [unamused] And what makes you think I need your help? Others may tremble at the mere mention of your name, but I know you for what you truly are-- a little boy desperate for a daddy.
KLAUS: A thousand years ago, perhaps. But, I think we can both agree the intervening centuries have turned me into an all-together different beast. Your cruelty made sure of that. And I am vicious, and hateful-- just like you. It's precisely those qualities that make us uniquely suited for murdering that witch.
MIKAEL: [unconvinced] And why would I trust you?
KLAUS: Because my daughter's life depends on it! And you love yours, as I love mine. You see, we're fighting for the same thing, you and I-- to save the lives of the only ones who do not see us as the monsters that we truly are.

[Mikael seems to be truly surprised and almost impressed by this answer, and was clearly not expecting it. After a moment, he relents]

MIKAEL: Alright, Niklaus. Tell me what you propose.
KLAUS: [quietly] You have the means to make the weapon we need. All that remains is to go for the kill.

[Before Mikael can respond, he sees their waitress, whose eyes have turned pure white, standing outside the window next to their table. She raises her hand toward them and uses magic to break the glass, forcing Mikael and Klaus to quickly dive out of the way to avoid the blast. Once the explosion is over, the waitress' eyes return to normal, and she walks away in confusion. Mikael and Klaus look at each other warily]

MIKAEL: It would appear Dahlia shares that sentiment.

[Mikael turns to leave, but Klaus grabs him by the arm and swings him around to face him]

KLAUS: One final hunt together? [Mikael rolls his eyes] Do try to keep up, old man.

[Mikael turns around again to leave the restaurant, and Klaus smirks as he follows him out the door]


[A shaken Freya is walking down the streets of the Quarter when suddenly, all of the locals and tourists milling around stop in their tracks and turn toward her, watching her make her way down the street. Freya becomes unnerved and slows down, and as she looks around, she spots a young woman whose eyes have turned white, indicating that Dahlia is watching her]

FREYA: [alarmed] No.

[She turns around and starts to run away. But, before she can go anywhere, Dahlia appears in front of her, blocking her way]

DAHLIA: There you are, after all these centuries. Hello, my Freya.

[Freya looks afraid beyond all measure]

FREYA: Dahlia...

[After the break, Dahlia raises a hand as Freya watches her fearfully, afraid of what she's planning on doing to her. However, when she waves her hand, the rest of the townspeople simply return to what they were doing]

DAHLIA: How convenient that I find you here, mere footsteps from that which is owed to me.

[Freya continues to stand frozen in terror as Dahlia circles around her in a predatory manner]

DAHLIA: Let me guess-- did you make a promise to your wretched siblings? "Together we'll fight the wicked witch, side-by-side?" [She laughs in amusement] Tell me, darling, how did they respond to your overtures? Did they welcome you with open arms and weep tears of joy at your miraculous return? Hmm?
FREYA: [near tears] What are you going to do to me?
DAHLIA: You always were a selfish, ungrateful child. For centuries, I fed you, clothed you, and cared for you. Granted you powers beyond anything you could have ever dreamed. And still, you yearn for more! Always wishing for another life, never satisfied.

[Dahlia thrusts her hand toward Freya and clenches it into a fist, magically causing Freya to grab her head in agony and double over]

FREYA: [whimpers] Aaaah!

[She falls to her knees and cries out in pain]

DAHLIA: Soon enough, you will beg for me to bring you back into my home.

[She laughs dramatically and raises her fist, putting Freya in a telekinetic choke-hold and forcing her to stand up with her magic]

DAHLIA: After all, once I am done with these poor souls, I will be the only family you have left.

[She opens her hand, releasing Freya from her hold. Freya gasps for breath as Dahlia sneers at her]

DAHLIA: You should know better than to defy me-- a lesson your father and brother will learn shortly.

[Dahlia walks past her, and Freya turns and watches her leave, fearful for what is coming next]


[Elijah has finally arrived home after helping Josephine and Marcel create the new safe house, and he is very unhappy to find out from Hayley and Rebekah that Freya has left]

ELIJAH: What do you mean "she's gone?"
HAYLEY: She was a risk--
ELIJAH: [cuts her off] --She was also the only one who intimately the enemy we now face!
REBEKAH: [interrupts them] --Both of you, just stop it--
HAYLEY: [talks over her] I was protecting Hope from someone who it's obvious none of us completely trust.
ELIJAH: [frustrated] Correct, we've done nothing but doubt Freya.

[He looks at Rebekah, who looks guilty]

ELIJAH: Nevertheless, she kept her promise, and she saved your life. We certainly haven't demonstrated the same kindness towards her.

[Rebekah rolls her eyes in frustration, knowing that Elijah is right]

REBEKAH: So, what the bloody hell do we do now?
ELIJAH: There is a jazz club in Algiers by the name of the St. James Infirmary. Marcel has acquired it, and Josephine is fortifying it as a sanctuary against magic.

[Elijah turns to Hayley, who doesn't look happy]

ELIJAH: Pack your things. Marcel will escort you and Hope there tonight at nine o'clock.

[Hayley rolls her eyes, clearly not a fan of this plan. Elijah then points to Rebekah]

ELIJAH: You, wait with me.
REBEKAH: [confused] What for?
ELIJAH: If Freya shall return, we will be here. Now, whether we trust her or not, we cannot win this fight without her.

[Elijah leaves the room, and Rebekah looks over at Hayley, who is frowning unhappily]


[Davina and Klaus are in a secluded alley, where Davina is setting up for a spell by pouring salt onto the cement in the shape of magical sigils]

DAVINA: [sighs] This is it-- one last favor, and if you don't give me his ashes, I swear, I will--
KLAUS: [interrupts her] Davina, whatever you may think of me, I am a man of my word.

[Suddenly, Mikael appears in the alley and walks toward them. Davina looks confused when she sees him and stands to her feet as she stares at him warily]

MIKAEL: Actually, he's a liar, a beast, and a degenerate, but in this exceptional instance, he may be of some use.
KLAUS: [sighs] Oh good, you're back.
MIKAEL: Dahlia's minion remains within St. Anne's Church.
KLAUS: Clearly, it's a trap.
MIKAEL: [exasperated] Of course it's a trap! And how good is it that we bring surprises of our own?

[Mikael and Klaus smirk at each other, and Davina becomes even more confused]

DAVINA: [incredulously] Wait, so you two are friends now?
KLAUS: Absolutely not! We merely aligned out of necessity for the purpose we both enjoy the most-- glorious murder. [Davina rolls her eyes] In fact, you'll be helping.
DAVINA: You said you needed a binding spell.
MIKAEL: And here, my lovely little witch, is what you will bind!

[He pulls two full leather pouches and a bottle of blood out of his pockets and hands them to her one at a time]

MIKAEL: Soil from Dahlia's homeland, that which links her to this mortal coil. Along with Viking ash, that of her oppressors, the source of her immense hatred. And finally, blood of her adopted child, my beloved daughter Freya, the closest thing to love that miserable witch has ever known.

[Davina sets all three items in one of the small circles she has made out of salt and examines them for a moment]

DAVINA: All the sources of her power bound together create a weakness. So, what do you want me to do?
KLAUS: Simple-- bind those ingredients to a weapon.

[Davina sarcastically raises her eyebrows at Klaus]

DAVINA: Well, am I supposed to go to the toy store and get a slingshot?

[Mikael rolls his eyes and hands her one of his own knives]

MIKAEL: Use this.
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] You just wouldn't be you if you didn't have a knife, would you?
MIKAEL: Well, perhaps you can steal it later and dull it's blade with your "art."

[Klaus chuckles good-naturedly and approaches Davina]

KLAUS: Do this favor, help us end this evil witch's reign, and I will live up to my end of our bargain. I swear it on my daughter's life.

[Davina hesitates for a moment, but since she wants to resurrect Kol, she reluctantly agrees, though she looks nervous for them all]

DAVINA: [hesitates for a moment] I hope you know what you're doing.


[The werewolf guards are all milling around the courtyard of the compound when Freya finally returns to see her siblings. The guards all start to surround her threateningly and block her way, but after a moment, Rebekah appears]

FREYA: I need to see Elijah.

[Rebekah addresses the guards before greeting her sister]

REBEKAH: Let her through!
WEREWOLF GUARD: [under her breath] Is she serious?
REBEKAH: [to Freya] I'm actually glad you're here.

[Elijah, having heard his sister's arrival, joins them in the courtyard]

ELIJAH: Freya.
FREYA: [shaken] I saw her. Dahlia. She intends to make her move tonight. Klaus and our father will be her next victims.
ELIJAH: [frowns anxiously] And you have returned to warn the very people who would cast you out?

[Elijah gives Rebekah a sharp look, and she blushes in embarrassment]

FREYA: [in tears] I understand Klaus' mistrust, as I do yours, but I did not come this far to see my family die at the hands of the very evil that I've tried for so long to escape. I'm begging you-- help me save them.
ELIJAH: Tell me what you need.
FREYA: Dahlia will lure them into a trap. She prefers places of darkness. She'll be drawn to any site that's been steeped in death.

[Rebekah rolls her eyes sarcastically at this statement]

REBEKAH: Well, welcome to New Orleans.
FREYA: Oh, no, I'm talking about dark power created by massacre. Sacred ground that's been stained with the blood of the innocent.


[Mikael and Klaus both open the front doors to the church and slowly walk inside, taking note of their surroundings as they walk down the aisle]

KLAUS: [raises his voice] Well? What are you waiting for, you crone?

[Mikael and Klaus continue to look around, and Mikael tightly grips the knife that Davina enchanted with Dahlia's weaknesses. Suddenly, Klaus and Mikael hear Dahlia's voice calling out to them as she appears at the sacristy]

DAHLIA: Now that you've arrived... not a thing!

[She sees Mikael gripping his blade and curiously tilts her head slightly to the side before she holds up both of her hands to summon dozens of humans who she has magically coerced into invading the church]

DAHLIA: [smiles] Let us begin.

[Mikael and Klaus look around at the large crowd of people surrounding them, and Mikael chuckles as he looks over at his step-son]

MIKAEL: [to Klaus] We are well-met. So be it. Are you ready?
KLAUS: [smirks] I was born ready.

[Klaus and Mikael suddenly vamp-out and begin to lunge for Dahlia's minions. As they fight, Mikael and Klaus are able to snap the necks of many of them, and toss others across the room. They seem to have the upper-hand at first, but after a moment Dahlia raises her hands and thrusts them toward the crowd, which not only allows her to use her magic through them, but gives them the ability to use the magic effectively]

[After Klaus and Mikael take out another several humans, one of the women raises her hand into a fist and gives Klaus a mystical migraine. Shortly afterward, another magically-enhanced human does the same to Mikael, temporarily incapacitating them both. Once the spell is released, Klaus and Mikael pant for breath on their knees, and Dahlia smiles patronizingly]

DAHLIA: Ah, I should have warned you! My acolytes are rather formidable.

[Klaus and Mikael grunt in pain as they force themselves up on their feet to face her]

DAHLIA: I gifted them with a fraction of my own power...

[The minion who gave Klaus the mystic migraine thrusts her hand forward again and telekinetically throws Mikael across the room, where he lands on top of a pew and breaks it into pieces. Klaus glares at Dahlia angrily]

DAHLIA: ...To help level the playing field.

[Klaus furiously lunges for Dahlia, but the female minion telekinetically throws Klaus so high that he smashes through the railing of the balcony before falling forward and landing in the aisle below]



[Jackson is in his and Hayley's bedroom, where he is sitting on the end of the bed and looking through the map of the Bayou he's drawn inside his leather-bound journal. After a moment, Aiden arrives and leans in the doorway as he knocks on the door]

JACKSON: Hey, come on in and shut the door.

[Aiden does as he's told before joining Jackson inside the room]

JACKSON: You're my right hand, Aiden. You've always been loyal, brave. I want you to know I don't take that for granted. That's why you're the only one I can trust with this.

[Aiden looks both confused and worried at this admission]

JACKSON: I need to get Hayley and Hope the hell out of here. Tonight.
AIDEN: [incredulously] Right under Klaus' roof? He's gonna kill you.
JACKSON: [laughs bitterly] Klaus will kill me for leaving dishes in the sink. It's all the more reason to run.
AIDEN: I'm not joking! Klaus will find out. He has his ways, you know that.
JACKSON: I have a route mapped out through side streets and back roads. But between Dahlia's spying and Klaus' ways, we need to get out of here fast. I need you to get a car and meet us at the service entrance at 8:45. I mean exactly 8:45-- Marcel's comin' at nine.
AIDEN: [sighs] Yeah, of course. I'll be there.

[Jackson pats him affectionately on the shoulder and walks past him toward the door. Before he leaves, he turns back to Aiden]

JACKSON: I don't know how long I'm gonna be away. Wolves are gonna need a leader. You up for it?

[Aiden nods anxiously, but doesn't say a word]


[Mikael, who is still laying awkwardly on the remnants of the smashed pew, has lost his knife, which is laying several feet away on the floor. He and Klaus, who landed several feet away, pull themselves up on their hands and knees and nod at each other encouragingly before they get to their feet and get back into the fight. They start snapping more necks of Dahlia's minions and feed on several more to give them additional strength, and despite Dahlia's magical enhancements, the two men eventually gain the upper-hand again. As they fight violently against the humans, Mikael and Klaus growl loudly as a sort of war cry]


[Aiden is leaning against one of the support beams in the courtyard, visibly anxious, as he thinks about his current dilemma. Eventually, Josh arrives and joins him, looking apologetic]

AIDEN: Josh, hey!
JOSH: Okay, look, before you say anything, I'm sorry I lied to you about my sketchy phone call with Klaus this morning. I'm a jerk.

[Aiden looks confused for a moment before he realizes what Josh is talking about and sighs]

JOSH: [sarcastically] Wait, my bad! I accidentally did your side of the conversation. Let's start over! You go.
AIDEN: You overheard the phone call.
JOSH: Uh, yeah-- [Josh points to his ear] --vamp-hearing, dude. You can turn it on and off, but I'm nosy. Particularly when my boyfriend is conducting secret business with the guy who, you know, murdered me on my spring break.
AIDEN: [guilty] I... just didn't want you to get involved, okay?
JOSH: [frowns] Involved in what?

[Aiden tries to play it cool and pats Josh affectionately on the shoulders]

AIDEN: It's nothing, okay? I've got it all taken care of.

[He smiles and turns to walk away, but Josh grabs him by the arm and turns him around to face him]

JOSH: Hey, Aiden! What is going on?
AIDEN: [awkwardly] No, I just--
JOSH: Please.

[Aiden sighs and looks anxious as he hesitates for a moment, not wanting to drag Josh into it]

AIDEN: I don't know what to do. Jackson's got this big escape plan with Hayley and the baby tonight, and if I don't tell Klaus, then he'll--
JOSH: --Cut your head off with a dull butter-knife?
AIDEN: [nods] But Jackson's been looking out for me since we were kids, I can't just stab him in the back.
JOSH: [worriedly] I don't know if you have a choice.
AIDEN: He's part of my pack! You don't know what that's like.
JOSH: You don't have to be a Crescent wolf to love your friends. [Aiden nods and gulps nervously] Look, it's fine, we're gonna-we're gonna figure this out. Okay?

[Aiden nods again and sighs. Josh grabs his hands and squeezes them comfortingly]


[Mikael and Klaus are still fighting violently against Dahlia's minions, and have killed or seriously injured the majority of them]

MIKAEL: [growls] RAWR!
KLAUS: [roars] ARGH!

[They finally finish off the last of the minions and look at each other triumphantly. They walk toward the altar, where Dahlia is dramatically slow-clapping for them]

DAHLIA: Quite the operatic performance! [She smiles at them] Though, that is the thing with these grand tragedies.

[Mikael grabs his blade from his jacket and grips it tightly in his hand]

DAHLIA: In the end, all the heroes-- [She thrusts out her hand and clenches it in a fist] --die.

[Klaus and Mikael both groan as all of their muscles tense up, as though they're trying to resist being pulled forward by her. Mikael is unable to continue gripping the knife, which falls onto the floor several feet in front of them, and they both fall to their knees as their faces start to turn gray and desiccate]



[Jackson, who is wearing a jacket and appears to be ready to leave, comes into his and Hayley's bedroom]

JACKSON: Hayley?

[Hayley comes out from inside the nursery with Hope in her arms. They're both dressed for cold weather, with Hayley in a warm coat and scarf, and Hope bundled up in a knit hat and warm sweater. Hayley has a large bag packed full of their things over her shoulder, and Hope looks as though she's scared and whimpers, almost near tears]

HAYLEY: Klaus and Elijah are the oldest and most powerful vampires in the world, and Dahlia's got them scared. If she takes them down, I don't want Hope to be around to see what happens next.

[Jackson looks at her sympathetically as he walks over and gently caresses Hope's head to soothe her]

HAYLEY: Do you really think that this is the best plan to protect her?
JACKSON: [nods] I really do.

[Hayley stares at Jackson before the two of them leave the room with Hope in tow]


[Klaus and Mikael have been weakened by Dahlia's desiccation spell, and are desperately crawling toward her on the floor in the aisle]

DAHLIA: [impressed] You struggle with such passion. All in defense of the ones you love.

[Klaus sees the enchanted knife ahead of him and tries his best to get close enough to reach it]

DAHLIA: An honorable quality.

[She starts to walk slowly toward them]

DAHLIA: One I had not anticipated, given the reputation that precedes you.

[Klaus finally reaches the knife and grabs it in his hand, as Mikael struggles to keep up with him]

DAHLIA: Still, a bit too little too late.

[Klaus stands up and is about to lunge for her when Dahlia waves her hand, causing Klaus to be thrown backwards, knocking him unconscious and causing him to drop the knife. Dahlia looks at Mikael and sneers]

DAHLIA: And you.

[Mikael struggles to get onto his knees as Dahlia walks in front of him]

DAHLIA: Husband of my sister. You, I would like to make suffer.

[She cups her hand and pushes it toward Mikael, which allows her to choke him with her telekinesis, causing Mikael to gasp for breath. He becomes even more desiccated until Freya suddenly arrives and yells at her aunt]

FREYA: Enough!

[Dahlia is so surprised to see Freya that she releases Mikael so she can focus on her niece]

DAHLIA: My Freya.

[Mikael picks up a broken piece of wood and wields it like a weapon as Dahlia walks toward Freya]

DAHLIA: You do realize that this so-called family of yours is simply using you for your power?
FREYA: [furiously] No. You're the one that used me for a thousand years! [Dahlia sighs in frustration] No more!
DAHLIA: [enraged] So be it!

[She puts Freya in a telekinetic choke-hold and lifts her high into the air as Freya desperately clutches her throat. Mikael furiously lunges for Dahlia]

MIKAEL: [furiously] NOOOO!

[He tackles her and stabs her in the abdomen with the piece of wood, which distracts her enough to let go of Freya]


[While they're all occupied, Elijah sneaks into the church and bites his wrist so he can feed Klaus his blood and revive him. Dahlia telekinetically throws Mikael across the room and pulls out the stake he stabbed her with as Klaus feeds on Elijah, renewing his strength]

DAHLIA: [enraged] Don't you know I'm too powerful to kill?

[She throws the stake aside and stands to face Mikael, who is leaning against one of the nearby pews for support. Elijah vamp-speeds toward Dahlia, but instantly gets thrown backward by her and lands in the aisle behind Klaus. Klaus picks up the enchanted blade and rises to his feet, and the two glare at each other before Klaus vamp-speeds toward her, jumping up in the air so he can dodge her telekinetic blast]

[However, before he makes contact with her, Dahlia completely vanishes, and Klaus crashes into the sacristy. As he picks himself up, he digs through the pile of broken wood and is completely alarmed when he cannot find the enchanted knife. He stands and looks backward at Elijah, both of whom look as though they're terrified by what just occurred. Mikael and Freya are still gasping on the floor, but Dahlia is nowhere to be seen]


[Marcel, Josh and several other vampires have just arrived to the compound, and he immediately walks into Jackson and Hayley's room after knocking on the door frame]

MARCEL: You ready?

[Marcel and Josh both look concerned when they find the room empty, and when Marcel walks into the nursery, he sees that Hope is no longer in her crib either. They all split up and search the house, which is completely empty of people aside from themselves, and Marcel finds the service entrance doors wide open. They all regroup after they've check out the entire compound]

MARCEL: Any sign of 'em?

[Josh, looking concerned, shakes his head in the negatory]

MARCEL: Something's wrong. Fan out, find 'em. Now.

[The vampires do as they're told, and everyone splits up again to search for them. Outside in a back alley, Hayley, Jackson, and Hope are waiting for Aiden to come pick them up. Hope is still making whining noises as Jackson anxiously rubs his hands together for warmth]

JACKSON: [sighs] He should be here by now. Something must have happened.

[Elsewhere, Aiden is waiting in the driver's seat of a parked Jeep, and is anxiously rubbing at his face as he contemplates what he should do. He checks the clock on his phone, which reads 8:52 PM/20:52. After a moment, he becomes frustrated and angrily punches the steering wheel of the car]

[In the alley, Hope has begun to cry, and Jackson is helping Hayley wrap a blanket around the two of them to warm her up. After a moment, Marcel vamp-speeds toward them and looks at them suspiciously]

MARCEL: Everything okay?

[Jackson looks alarmed, but Hayley simply gives him a look and plays it cool]

HAYLEY: Took you long enough. Are we going to Algiers or what?
MARCEL: Right now, that club is the safest place in town.

[Hayley and Jackson walk past him to leave, but Marcel continues to stare at them suspiciously as they walk away]


[Freya is tending to Mikael, while Klaus and Elijah pace around them in the aisle of the church. Suddenly, Dahlia reappears behind them, startling them all and causing them to turn to face her]

DAHLIA: We all have weaknesses.

[She disappears again, and appears behind them]

DAHLIA: You came here to exploit mine. And, in doing so, you lost the one thing you could have used against me.

[She holds up the knife Davina enchanted]

DAHLIA: The weapon you created, now rendered useless.

[Dahlia drops the knife into the basin used for holy water, which causes the knife to burst into flames as it is destroyed. Freya is distraught and lunges toward her]


[Klaus looks devastated, and Elijah looks terrified as Dahlia waves her hands and put out the flames]

DAHLIA: [sighs in boredom] Now that we've disposed of that little trinket, perhaps we can focus on the issue at hand? After all, I seek only that which is owed to me, nothing more. Give me the child, and you all may live. Deny me, and, well... you've had a taste of my power. I can't imagine you hunger for more.

[Once again, Dahlia vanishes, as though she's teleported away, leaving the rest of the Mikaelsons in various stages of fear and anger]


[Josh is sitting at the bar when Aiden arrives and joins him]

AIDEN: I told him it was traffic. Jacks was furious, but he bought it. [Josh smiles sympathetically] So, I guess I live another day.
JOSH: [hands him a beer] Yeah? So, how about tomorrow?
AIDEN: How could I be so stupid? The moment Klaus looked at me, I should have run in the opposite direction! Josh, I'm so sorry about all of this.
JOSH: Yeah... me too.

[He rolls his eyes sarcastically]

JOSH: I mean, mainly because if Klaus hurts you, I'm gonna have to seek vengeance-- psycho-ninja-style-- and I think we both know how that's gonna go.

[Aiden rolls his eyes and chuckles bitterly before drinking his beer. Josh looks at him and smiles]

JOSH: Hey. [Aiden looks him in the eyes] This isn't your fault. No more than it was my fault for getting my neck snapped in some crappy dive-bar. This is what Klaus does.
AIDEN: [whispers] Yeah.
JOSH: [squeezes Aiden's arm] Aiden, I've kinda been on my own my whole life. And then, suddenly, everything was different-- because of you.

[Aiden smiles weakly at him, and Josh looks at him with affection]

JOSH: You are my pack. You, and Marcel, and Davina. And yeah, I'd die for you, because I don't think I could go back to how it was before.

[Aiden can't help but grin at him, genuinely moved by Josh's words]

AIDEN: Look, we're gonna figure this out-- together.


[Klaus is drinking a scotch at the bar room as Elijah, Rebekah, Mikael, and Freya walk in to join him]

REBEKAH: Well, that sounds like a bloody fiasco. Where's Dahlia now?
ELIJAH: [defeatedly] She can be anywhere. There wasn't a trace of her left in the church.
FREYA: [bitterly] She's done with us for the night. No doubt, she wants us to take some time to wallow in our defeat.
KLAUS: [drinks his scotch] Defeat? I disagree. We saw her face, we took her measure. If that's the best she's got, quite frankly, I'm unimpressed.
MIKAEL: Her aim was not to impress us. She wanted us to reveal our sole weapon, and like fools, we did.
REBEKAH: [incredulously] Am I hearing things, or did our brother just exchange words with our father?
MIKAEL: [smiles] Rebekah. I'd know that wicked tongue anywhere. What mischief have you gotten yourself into now? No doubt the bastard's doing.
KLAUS: [growls] Enough. My patience, like this farce of a reunion, is at an end.

[Elijah scowls and walks toward Mikael]

ELIJAH: Agreed. There only is one question here-- what exactly are we doing?
FREYA: [furiously] This was not my plan! You rushed it and made but a single weapon! Of course she took it from you. And now, we've lost what advantage we had and used up the very materials we needed to kill her.
KLAUS: It's a bit histrionic. Your materials are easily found. Let's take stock, shall we? [He points at her] There's an ample supply of your blood, Norwegian soil is hardly scarce... what else? Ah, yes-- the ashes of Dahlia's Viking oppressors.
MIKAEL: [annoyed] Only priceless relics gotten with great difficulty at a museum. Lost due to your worthless strategy!

[Klaus angrily vamp-speeds over to Mikael, pinning him to the wall and shoving the tip of the indestructible white oak stake into his chest. Mikael doesn't move or fight back, he simply stares at Klaus as Freya lunges toward Klaus and is held back by Elijah]

KLAUS: If I feel even the faintest touch of your magic, Freya, I will end him with a flick of my wrist! [Klaus addresses Mikael] You don't seem surprised.

[Mikael gasps as the stake brushes against his heart]

MIKAEL: Betrayal is in your nature, boy.
KLAUS: No. I wasn't born like this. Her, you fight for, lovely Freya, the daughter you barely know. But there was a time where you knew me as your son! A time before all the disappointments, the revelations of betrayal.

[Klaus' voice shakes, and tears begin to fill his eyes]

KLAUS: There were moments where all you had to do was be my father! And even then, you despised me, didn't you? [He begins to cry] I want to know why.

[Mikael, surprised by this vulnerability on Klaus' part, unexpectedly replies softly and without malice]

MIKAEL: I don't know. I just... did.

[Klaus is overwhelmed by this admission, and he and Mikael stare each other in the eyes for a long moment. Elijah is still holding Freya back, but all three of them seem surprised by this uncharacteristic vulnerability from Mikael. Finally, Klaus forces himself to stop crying and glares at Mikael hatefully]

KLAUS: Are those your final words?

[Mikael hesitates for a moment as he stares at Freya with affection]

MIKAEL: Freya, I'm so sorry. I love yo--

[Klaus is so enraged by this tenderness toward Freya that he plunges the stake into Mikael's heart]

MIKAEL: [in agony] AHHHHHH!
FREYA: [screams and cries] NOOOO!

[Elijah continues to hold Freya back, but neither he nor Rebekah seem happy to see Mikael killed. Klaus backs away, looking conflicted as he watches Mikael reach out for them before falling to his knees and keeling over. After his body has fully desiccated, it goes up in flames as Freya continues to sob uncontrollably]


[Klaus turns to Freya and feigns as though he's not upset]

KLAUS: Viking ashes indeed rare? All you really need is a burning Viking corpse.

[Klaus leaves the room without another word, and Elijah has to struggle to hold Freya back and keep her from attacking him as he leaves. Freya is completely devastated, and Rebekah and Elijah both stare at Klaus unhappily as he leaves, stunned speechless as they take one last look at Mikael's burning corpse]


[Josephine is walking down the street past the Mikaelson compound when she suddenly sees a violin player with her back turned toward her. She listens to the woman play for a long moment and smiles]

JOSEPHINE: [touched] Your technique is exquisite.

[The violinist turns around, revealing that she is, in fact, Dahlia]

DAHLIA: [smiles] Do you play?

[Josephine looks down sadly at her swollen hands and laughs bitterly before replying]

JOSEPHINE: No. Not in some time.

[Dahlia, in a surprising act of kindness, takes Josephine's hands in her own]

DAHLIA: Allow me to help you change that.

[She bends over and blows on Josephine's hands, and after a moment, Josephine flexes her fingers and marvels at the fact that she's healed. She cries in joy and examines her hands before looking up at Dahlia]

JOSEPHINE: Dahlia, I assume?
DAHLIA: [smiles and bows] Indeed. Now, if you'll beg my pardon, Madame, I must use you to send a message to all those who would side against me.

[Josephine, though disappointed at this turn of events, nods in defeated understanding]

JOSEPHINE: I suppose there's no promises an old witch could make to another?

[Dahlia smiles at her sympathetically]

DAHLIA: Sadly, my dear, there's nothing you can do for me that I cannot do for myself.

[Josephine gulps nervously and nods again before gesturing toward Dahlia's violin]

JOSEPHINE: May I, then? One last tune?

[Dahlia smiles and hands Josephine the violin. She dramatically holds it up and begins to play an upbeat melody for a moment, relishing in the fact that she is playing for the first time in decades. However, after a moment, Dahlia shushes her, and she stops playing, looking as though she's in a daze. Dahlia takes the bow from her and uses it to slit Josephine's throat. Dahlia then walks away with the bow in hand, leaving Josephine to bleed to death in the street with the violin at her side]


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