It's time for vampires to reclaim our place as the apex predator and rid the community of its abominations.
Emmett about the goals of the Nightwalkers in God's Gonna Trouble the Water

The Nightwalkers were an extremist group of vampire purists, devoted to the ideals of August Müller, who believed that vampires should be regarded as the world's superior species, above all others. They were initially led by August's wife, Greta Sienna, before her death, at which point Emmett took over as leader.


In 1933, Klaus Mikaelson killed August Müller, a fascist vampire who systematically slaughtered werewolf packs, seeing them as inferior abominations. However, August's hateful beliefs were passed down to his family and followers, as his wife, Greta Sienna, carried on his will and teachings.

Throughout The Originals Series

In Don't It Just Break Your Heart, Klaus attacked the Nightwalkers at their home base, tearing down the curtains and letting them burn in the sunlight, trying to figure out who their leader was and what they had done with Hayley Marshall-Kenner. Seeing the slaughter of her followers, Greta admitted to the abduction and was taken hostage by Klaus.

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, after the loss of Greta, Emmett took charge of the group and they celebrated their late leader's life. They invited her daughter Antoinette to their base along with the amnesic Original vampire, Elijah Mikaelson, who they praised for the role he played in the death of Hayley. After Antoinette and Elijah were taken by Klaus, the Nightwalkers disrupted Hayley's funeral, demanding Antoinette and Elijah be returned to them. They were driven off by Hayley's daughter, Hope Mikaelson.

In There in the Disappearing Light, they were lured to St. Anne's Church by Antoinette, thinking she was joining them to complete her mother's work, but discovered it was a trap laid by the Mikaelsons. Hope Mikaelson unleashed the dark magic inside her, needing to quench her need for violence, and killed all of the Nightwalkers, including Emmett.


The Nightwalkers recruited anyone who shared in their beliefs of vampire superiority. They tried to spread their perspective to all of their kind, including Marcel Gerard, who based on his own past actions, they thought agreed with them. Some, like Roman Sienna, didn't agree with their beliefs but was loyal to his mother being the leader.



  • The Nightwalkers share their name with the lowest rank of Marcel's Army, though while Marcel's nightwalkers were unproven soldiers that hadn't earned their daylight rings yet, the purist Nightwalkers chose to live without daylight rings due to their own political beliefs that living without them was to live as a more pure vampire.
  • Though Antoinette Sienna also preferred to live without a daylight ring, she didn't believe it made her any more or less than anyone else, disagreeing with the Nightwalkers' believes of their own superiority.
  • Though they viewed Hope Mikaelson as an abomination that should be destroyed, she ended up being the group's destruction.



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