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This article is about Niklaus Mikaelson from the shows. You may be looking for Klaus, a character from the novels.

As much as I've savored the joy of tormenting you through the years, I must confess, you all mean everything to me. Your loyalty and your counsel, and your love, it's probably the only reason I've survived as long as I have. Which is why I know that long after I'm gone you will all come together, time and time again to take care of each other; and that is why I am not afraid for your future.

Niklaus Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚾᛁᚲᛚᚨᚢᛋ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) was the main protagonist (and sometimes antagonist/anti-hero) of The Originals. He was a former main character, antagonist/anti-hero of The Vampire Diaries. Klaus was an Original vampire and a werewolf, making him the Original Hybrid.

Klaus was the biological son of Ansel and Esther Mikaelson, the step-son of Mikael, and nephew of Dahlia. Klaus is the maternal younger half-brother of Freya, Finn, Elijah, and the maternal older half-brother of Kol, Rebekah and Henrik. Klaus was the uncle of Freya and Mathias' unborn son and Freya and Keelin's son, Nik. Klaus is the father of Hope, whose mother is Hayley, and the adopted father of Marcel Gerard, an orphan boy he rescued and eventually turned into a vampire.

Klaus was first mentioned in the second season of The Vampire Diaries in Rose, during a conversation between Rose and Stefan Salvatore. Rose warns Stefan about the Original Vampires which led to Elena Gilbert believing Klaus was the oldest vampire in history. Elijah later mentions that Klaus is a recluse and trusts very few people, usually only in his inner circle.

For over a thousand years, Klaus had been trying to break a curse placed on him. He created the myth of the sun and moon curse in order to find the moonstone and the Petrova Doppelgänger, both of which were needed to break the actual curse. His goal was to liberate his werewolf side so he could sire his own super species of werewolf-vampire hybrids.

In 1492, he finally got the chance to break his curse when he met Katerina Petrova, the final piece necessary to break the curse. However, Katerina managed to foil his plan to use her in the sacrifice by turning into a vampire. For the next 500 years, Klaus searched for a way to break the curse without the doppelgänger, forcing generations of witches to help him. During his search for a way to break the curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. He also hunted Katerina, who had escaped him and stolen his moonstone. However, it should also be noted that he was also on the run from his step-father, Mikael, as Klaus had an abusive childhood.

Besides his family, during the 1920's, Klaus formed a strong bond and brotherly relationship with Stefan. He then met with the vampire, Caroline Forbes, and starts to care about her, eventually falling in love with her and tried to win her love, and after a long time they were friends. In New Orleans, he had a father/son bond relationship with Marcel whom he works with in ruling New Orleans until Klaus discovered his treachery for bringing Mikael to New Orleans. They reformed their friendship when Marcel saved his daughter and they worked together to bring down their enemies. He also cared for the bartender Camille O'Connell, with whom he had fallen in love before her death.

Klaus was primarily a member of the Mikaelson Family, and a member of an unnamed Family of Werewolves. He was connected to the Labonair Family, a royal werewolf family via his daughter, and a member of the North East Atlantic Pack as well as an unnamed Witch Family.

Early History[]

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Mystic Falls, The Middle Ages, 10th Century

Niklaus Mikaelson was born to Esther and Ansel in a small village that would eventually become known as Mystic Falls, but was raised by his step-father Mikael, both believing he was his true father. Niklaus has six half-siblings fathered from his step-father Mikael, a Viking warrior and wealthy landowner who moved with his wife, Esther, to the New World after their home village was devastated by a plague. Mikael believed his beloved first born daughter Freya was a victim of it, not knowing she was taken by Esther's sister Dahlia as payment for a fertility spell to let Esther have children. Klaus was close to his family with the exception of Mikael. Mikael was inordinately hard on Klaus, having become an aggressive, violent, and strict man after he thought Freya died, always trying to teach his children to survive so he would not lose another child. In Klaus' case, Mikael was abusive to him for his impulsive and reckless behavior, justifying that his punishments would make Klaus stronger, but Mikael was only ever disappointed in everything Klaus did and beat him repeatedly throughout his mortal life. Elijah said that, as a mortal, Klaus was full of love and wanted to be loved in return. After becoming an Original Vampire and werewolf hybrid upon triggering his werewolf gene, his amplified temper and emotions, along with the psychological damage of Mikael's cruelty, turned Klaus into a violent and cruel person, much like his step-father Mikael. Many years before, his mother had an affair with a man from their neighboring village, whose inhabitants were known to be werewolves, men who transformed into wolves on the night of a full moon.

Once as kids, Elijah takes Niklaus into the woods to teach him how to hunt. Elijah encourages his brother,

stating that his aim has been improving, when he misses a shot; however, Mikael intervenes and scolds Elijah for encouraging his brother and snatches the bow from Niklaus, stating that he wasn't man enough to hold a weapon. Niklaus tries to apologize, but Mikael sees him as a weakling and starts kicking him. Elijah tries to stop his father from hurting his brother but he is scared off by Mikael who stated that if Elijah intervened he would be next.

He was once beaten, half to death, as a boy, when his father's blades went missing. In the days following the incident, Rebekah was particularly kind to him, which Klaus later realized meant that she had been the one to take them.

Niklaus and all his siblings used to play in the woods when they were kids, showing they all loved each other dearly. He even stayed awake, to comfort a scared Rebekah by holding her hand during a stormy night, and giving her a carved wooden knight, which he made for his father, stating that it will protect her, something that he has kept safely to this date as memento of his childhood.

Esther found a young Klaus in the woods once when he was hiding from Mikael, as Mikael wanted to bring him along to hunt, but Niklaus was afraid to go with Mikael. He was afraid so she gave him a necklace which he believed would protect him and remind him that Esther will be with him always and forever. A few years later, Mikael hurt Klaus in the woods during a fight between them, with Klaus starting the fight by believing that if he beat his father once, Mikael would show his approval to Klaus. Esther helped Klaus to heal. Klaus told her about the fight and that Mikael wanted to take his necklace she gave him. In Every Mother's Son, Klaus found out that the necklace made him weak, not strong. Because of Esther's spell, Klaus was weakened and his anger suppressed as she didn't want him to be strong, kill somebody and trigger the werewolf gene. This would reveal that Klaus was not Mikael's son, and she feared Mikael would kill them for her unfaithfulness and betrayal.

Both Niklaus and Elijah were in love with Tatia, even though she had a child with her husband who died in battle. They both vied for her attention and even had arguments and traded blows over her. She eventually chose to be with Elijah. Centuries later, Elijah finally told Niklaus he killed Tatia. Niklaus was very angry with Elijah over this, but he chose to forgive him. They later found out that Tatia's blood was used for the Immortality Spell placed on them, being the doppelganger of Amara, the world's first Immortal woman, as her blood was a powerful tool for a witch's spells.

Niklaus was once flogged by Mikael severely for taking his knife to carve chess pieces. When Elijah comes in and tries to stop his father from beating Niklaus to death, he gets pushed back. Rebekah then intervenes by threatening to kill their father with a sword if he doesn't stop beating Niklaus. Mikael snatches the sword from Rebekah and leaves in a rage.

When Niklaus and his brother Henrik went to see the wolves transform, Henrik was killed by one of the transformed werewolves. Devastated at the loss of another child, Mikael convinced Esther to use her magic to protect their remaining children. Upon Mikael's request, Esther performed a spell, called The Immortality Spell, which transformed Niklaus, his siblings, and his step-father into Original Vampires, the first vampire's to exist, and progenitors to the vampire species.

When Niklaus made his first human kill, his werewolf gene was activated and he became a vampire and werewolf hybrid, thus revealing Esther's infidelity. Soon after becoming a Hybrid, Mikael had Elijah help him restrain Niklaus, and Esther to use her Dark Magic to place a curse on him which forced his werewolf side to lie dormant, and then rejected and abandoned him.

Mikael then hunted down and killed Niklaus' father and his entire family, not realizing that doing so would ignite a war between vampires and werewolves that has been perpetuated across the ages. In retaliation for the curse and rejection, Klaus murdered his mother and framed Mikael for the act.

After killing Esther, his family scattered and Niklaus stayed behind with Rebekah to bury Esther. Rebekah promised to never turn her back on him, like Esther did and so did Elijah. They swore to each other they would stay together always and forever.

Southern France

While fleeing from Mikael after the death of their mother, Klaus ran with his siblings for a significant amount of time, feeding on people along the countryside but always being careful to hide the bodies. Unsure of where they were going, Kol brought up the idea that maybe they should split up so as to better avoid their father. Finn agreed with the idea, tired of the killing and running, taking no pleasure in their descent into vampirism. Elijah was quick to remind his siblings of their vow to remain together always and forever.

When they discovered a caravan filled with fine clothing belonging to victims they had just killed, Rebekah suggested they steal the clothes and pose as the victims since they were heading to a nearby castle. When they found a servant of the castle who was escorting the cart to its destination, he told them he could help them in their potential ruse. They put it to a vote, whether they should let him live. Kol and Elijah wanted to kill him, while Finn and Rebekah wanted to spare him. Ultimately, Klaus had the deciding vote and he voted to spare the servant. The servant, Lucien Castle, presented them to the count after trying to help them blend in and present themselves as nobles. After almost being caught, their plan worked and they were welcomed into the count's court. Some time later, Niklaus started an affair with the Count's daughter, Aurora de Martel. Despite knowing that his then friend; Lucien, loved her as well, he continued seeing her. But one day, they were caught by Lucien, who was so angry with Klaus, he started a fuss, that led Aurora's older protective brother Tristan de Martel to hear them. Aurora, not knowing Klaus was a vampire, feared for his life, and told him to flee - and he did. But Lucien didn't run on time, and Tristan caught him and tortured him because he was with his sister. Elijah and Klaus (who felt guilty) tried to talk Tristan out of it, but he revealed that because of Kol's antics he know what they are, and about their lies, and threatened to expose them if they don't stay out of it. Later Klaus came to rescue Lucien, but he was too angry of his betrayal that he stabbed him, despite knowing what he is. But then some of Klaus' blood spilled on Lucien's wounds, healing them. Lucien thought that he became like Klaus, and went after Tristan for revenge. But he got speared by a guard before he could get to him.

Later that night, Niklaus and Elijah stood over Lucien's funeral pyre, with Elijah asking his little brother if he was sure that Lucien didn't become one of them. Klaus replied that he tried to heal him with his blood but failed. Elijah then realized that they can only cure the living, and left. Just as Klaus was about to burn Lucien's body, he rose back, waking up in transition. Later, Klaus found his new vampire progeny feeding on women in the chapel. He tried to calm Lucien, and asked him to show restraint and asked if was still mad at him, but Lucien said that he wants Klaus to show him what it means to be like him, and said that he is no longer angry with Klaus, as he has given him a rare gift, and so, the two of them started wreaking havoc together. At the same time Klaus and Aurora's affair continued, until she saw him, Rebekah, and Lucien feed together, and she ran screaming. Later Klaus wrote her a letter explaining his family's unique condition, and she eventually understood and continued seeing him. But after that she begged him to turn her, and he refused. After some time, it was Aurora's birthday, and he brought her flowers. But he found Aurora crying in the chapel, she told him that she killed her mother as she gave birth to her. Klaus, wrecked with guilt, and saddened about killing his own mother -and unable to tell anyone about it- blurt out his secret to her. Afterwards, he found out that Aurora tricked his sister to giving her blood, and jumped from the roof - and turned to a vampire. The two slept together in the chapel.

Short time later, an upset Finn informed his siblings that the villagers talks about demons feeding on human blood. The Mikaelsons realized they have been exposed, and that their father is on his way. Klaus came to Aurora's room, to take her with them, but she refused to leave her brother, and said she didn't love him, breaking his heart; and so, he left, leaving her. Unknown to anyone, Elijah compelled Aurora to think that, as he learned from her that Klaus killed their mother - and this was his revenge. Afterwards, desperate to avoid to their father, Elijah compelled Aurora, Lucien, and newly turned Tristan to think that they are Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah; respectively, so they can be a decoy. Some time later, the Mikaelson siblings run from their father, left France, and settled in Tuscany.


Klaus was with Elijah and Rebekah in 1114 AD Italy when they met a man named Alexander, a vampire hunter who was part of The Five. They spent a lot of time with him—the brothers in order to discover his plans for killing vampires and Rebekah because she loved him. Alexander did not seem to suspect them; they wore their daylight rings, allowing them to walk in the sun without burning, unlike the vampires whom Alexander killed on public display. However, when Klaus and his siblings were invited to a party at Alexander's home, the members of The Five daggered them in their sleep. Klaus, with half werewolf lineage, could not be neutralized by the White Oak Ash Daggers and upon awakening killed all of The Five, including Alexander. He undaggered his siblings (except for Finn) and found out from Rebekah that the weapon Alexander had told her about was a "cure" for vampirism. As a result of slaying The Five, Klaus was forced to endure 52 years, 4 months and 9 days of the Hunter's Curse - torturous hallucinations that haunted his dreams and every waking moment in an attempt to make him kill himself, but unable to, given his near-indestructible state.


According to Elijah, Klaus has lost much of his humanity, hiding his loneliness with cruelty and anger.

England, 1492[]

Klaus was an English nobleman during the late 15th century when he met Katerina Petrova, the second doppelgänger whose appearance he had been awaiting for five hundred years. Planning to use her in the ritual, he had kept her entertained until the full moon, but she learned of his plan before it could take place and escaped, taking the moonstone with her. As she fled, she encountered a vampire named Rose, whom she tricked into turning her into a vampire, thus ruining forever Klaus' plan to use her to break the curse. After Katerina turned into a vampire, Klaus assumed that her family line ended with her and that his chance to break his curse was gone forever. In retaliation, Klaus traveled to Bulgaria and murdered Katerina's entire family for her defiance.

Copenhagen, Denmark. 1500s[]

It was mentioned by Freya in Save My Soul, that the Mikaelson siblings resided in Copenhagen in the 1500s.

Cádiz, Spain, 1702[]

In 1702, Kol's violence in Spain drew too much attention and brought Mikael, straight to the family, burning the country in his wake. While the flames drew closer and Mikael beheaded Klaus' horse, Theo. Elijah and Klaus searched for Kol while Rebekah brought the daggered Finn on-board a ship to flee from Europe. They found him in a tavern where he drank and feasted on humans carelessly. Despite their warnings of Mikael's coming, he refused to flee. When Klaus and Elijah insisted, Kol attempted to resist them but was subdued by Elijah as Klaus pulled out one of the white oak ash daggers and successfully neutralized Kol.

New Orleans, 1700s[]

Having fled the Old World, escaping Mikael , Klaus, along with Rebekah, and Elijah, and their daggered brothers sailed across the Atlantic ocean to the new world, their once childhood land; through the Mississippi River, and arrived in New Orleans, 300 years from the present. Upon arriving off the coast of New Orleans, they slaughtered all the men who boarded their ship, but left one alive to question and carry their luggage. In 1720, Klaus and Elijah helped the Governor in building the New Orleans' first levees.

New Orleans, 1800s

At some point in this century, Klaus came across Rayna Cruz after she returned to New Orleans. She terrorized the French Quarter and killed many of his best men which made him nervous of her power.

New Orleans, 1820

In 1820, Niklaus, Elijah, and Rebekah were living in New Orleans at the Governor's mansion; and were paying the governor in gold to keep quiet about the existence of vampire's. One day the Governor threw a party for the Mikaelson's. Rebekah went upstairs with the Governor's son, who she wanted to turn. Rebekah went to Elijah with the Governor's son and asked if she could turn him, to which Elijah suggested it wouldn't be a wise move to turn the Governor's son into a vampire. In that moment, Klaus took the Governor's son and threw him off the second story, killing him immediately. Klaus and his brother attended the funeral of the Governor's son, when Klaus sees a man whipping a child. Klaus saves the child; and decides to care for him. He names the child Marcellus.

He later meets the Governor to ask for Marcellus' freedom and chokes the Governor's neck until he grants the freedom. Niklaus asks Marcel about his father and quotes that family can be more than just those with whom they share blood and that they can choose. Marcel looked touched by his words.

In 1820, Klaus is seen challenging a man in a duel; but Klaus wins the duel. Elijah then becomes a little worried and asks Klaus if it is not enough, that he has slaughtered dozens in just these past several weeks. Klaus explains that a city littered with bodies will surely travel the oceans. Elijah asks his brother if he wants to bring their father upon them; but Klaus tells Elijah to relax. Klaus then explains that he has sent rumor that the bodies are a result of the witches seeking blood sacrifice for their rituals. Elijah is shocked because he is in love with a witch named Celeste; but Klaus isn't concerned. Elijah takes a revolver and shoots at Klaus, who groans with pain. Klaus sees that Elijah cares about Celeste and warns that they're rounding up the town's witches as they speak.

New Orleans, 1821

Klaus grew jealous as Marcellus grew closer to Elijah rather than him. Feeling lonely, he undaggered his younger brother, Kol, so he'd have someone to have fun with. The two began happily causing chaos across New Orleans, even slaughtering an entire tenement building for fun. When Klaus revealed that he'd choose Marcellus over Kol, though, Kol grew angry and threatened to turn Marcellus into a vampire. Klaus, realizing his brother was too wild to control, daggered Kol yet again.

New Orleans, 1835

By 1835, Marcel and Rebekah spent practicing fencing, when Marcel was finally an adult, he could best her in a duel he attempted to make his move on her only to be stopped by Klaus. Despite pleading with Klaus to let him be with Rebekah, Klaus still shot him down and forbid him from pursuing her. However this did not stop Marcel from trying again and making out with Rebekah. They were abruptly torn apart physically by Klaus who decided to punish them by daggering Rebekah.

In the same year, Marcel gets shot by the the Governor while trying to free some slaves. A dying Marcel forces Klaus to turn him into a vampire or let him die as a human. Niklaus against his wishes, gives in and fulfills Marcel's desire to become a vampire.

New Orleans, 1887

In 1887, Klaus undaggered Rebekah, revealing he had left her daggered for 52 years. When she had asked to see Marcel, as she feared Klaus had killed him, Klaus sadistically revealed that he gave Marcel an ultimatum. Either live a long human life with Rebekah and die; or become a vampire, but to stay away from Rebekah. He chose the latter, even walking into the room as a proof, devastating Rebekah.

New Orleans, 1914

During the holidays, after catching his brother Kol in the act of stealing a rare paragon diamond (which he confiscated from Kol, together with Marcel), Klaus learned from Rebekah during a Christmas dinner party, that Kol was conspiring with some of the New Orleans witches against him. During the party that was hosted at the compound, Klaus made a speech about loyalty and betrayal, prompting Kol to try and flee from the party. Klaus pursued him and, in front of all of their guests, yet again daggered his brother with Elijah's help.

New Orleans, 1918

In 1918, Klaus wanted to convince Marcel not to fight in World War 1. He told him that he needs to stay with him at New Orleans, where the people who care for him are, but Marcel left New Orleans anyway- to fight the Germans. Much later Klaus visited Marcel on the war front in France, to entice him to drink blood of young ladies. At the same time he offered Marcel return to New Orleans. Marcel was starving, but he refused Klaus' offer again because he didn't want to leave his men.

New Orleans, 1919

In 1919, Klaus tried to make arrangements with werewolves in the city, so his rule could remain hidden. But their meeting is soon interrupted by the witch Alphonz Bellatunde Delgallo, also known as Papa Tunde, who demands to know how would it benefit for the witches. He demands a tribute as he thinks he is also the king in this city and brings them the head of the mayor who he has killed. Klaus doesn't like it and decides to find out who this enemy is. Klaus befriends him to find out his weaknesses so he could destroy him. With help of the Marcel (who just returned from WW1) he finds out that Papa Tunde channels two twin witches who always accompany him and kills them to get rid of this rival.

During this time, Klaus was very critical of Marcel and Rebekah's relationship, and they were determined to remove Klaus from their lives, and unbeknownst to Klaus, used a witch to call Mikael to New Orleans.

Six months after this, Klaus and Elijah attend a local club underneath the Opera Theater, and Klaus flirts briefly with Lana, the "Werewolf Queen" and owner, before he and Elijah contemplate the unification of New Orleans. Elijah tells him they worked together to build up the city, but it was originally Niklaus' vision.

whilst sharing a drink with Elijah, Klaus notices Marcel and Rebekah attempting to convincingly avoid each other, as he stands, Elijah tries to pull him down to refrain him from causing trouble.

Instead of condemning the pair, Klaus admits that as they move into the new era, attitudes must change. He toasts to Marcel and Rebekah, that they find joy in each other and that he has killed Rebekah's lovers to protect her from a broken heart if they have to move. However they are now home and he wants her to be happy.

After a morning with Lana, she proposes tickets for the Theater that night. Rebekah and Klaus are later seen in a box at the Theater, and Rebekah heads towards the lobby to find Marcel. As Klaus is left alone and the curtain about to lift, Mikael appears behind him, poking his back with the White Oak. Mikael taunts him over the word "father" and that his real father would be just as embarrassed before telling him his plan. After Klaus demands Mikael just kill him, he is proud of his achievements in creating the city, Mikael taunts death will come, however afterwards he will stay in New Orleans.

everybody who remembers Klaus will be dead, and it would be as if he never even existed. As Klaus mulls this over, the curtains lift and Mikael announces he made some changes, sarcastically baiting he would love them. The audience applause's and laughs, compelled by Mikael as the curtain reveals Lana, impaled with a stake and Marcel is staked to a cross, barely conscious.

Klaus tries to save Marcel however he is thwarted by Mikael, and Rebekah intervenes only for Mikael to stab her and push her aside. Only when Elijah appears, they decide to run, that it was too late to save Marcel who Mikael was feeding on. As they flee, Klaus feeds Rebekah his blood to heal her as they hear Mikael approach. She is devastated at Marcel's apparent death and reveals it was her fault. Klaus denies this, instead apologizing to her, saying this was his fault, and as the Opera burns to the ground ahead of them with screams rippling from inside, that he thought they found a home. Elijah tells them to leave, that he will hold Mikael off. After hesitation, Klaus grabs Rebekah and the two leave New Orleans.

Chicago, 1920's

During the 1920's, a few years after the New Orleans incident Klaus and Rebekah were yet again on the run from Mikael. The siblings were in Chicago in 1922 where they met the vampire Stefan Salvatore, whom Rebekah fell in love with. At first Klaus hated Stefan, but he grew to like him once he discovered that Stefan was a Ripper and they became good friends.

One night, the speakeasy they were at was attacked, apparently by the police, though it turned out the raid was led by Mikael. Before he left, Klaus compelled Stefan to forget him and Rebekah. Later, when he and Rebekah were about to leave Chicago, Rebekah told Klaus that she was tired of running and wanted to be with Stefan. Klaus then forced her to choose between him and Stefan; she chose Stefan. Afraid of being left alone, he neutralized his sister with a White Oak Ash Dagger, then took her body with him in a car and left Chicago.

Rostock, Germany, 1933

In 1933, in Rostock Germany, Klaus and Elijah meet August Müller; they criticize his art. Klaus looks into the werewolf massacres and learn that August was slaughtering "beasts". He eventually kills August, but spares his family, Greta, Antoinette, and Roman Sienna; ultimately shaming them in the process.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

In Know Thy Enemy, Isobel Flemming, a vampire working with Katerina Petrova (now known as Katherine Pierce) and who also happened to be the birth mother of the Third Petrova doppelgänger, was trying to find Klaus and ultimately succeeded by getting close to a member of his inner circle. Klaus found out what she was up to and compelled her to tell him what she knew. When he learned that she was working with Katherine and that the rumors about a Doppelgänger in Mystic Falls were true, he decided to use her in a plan to capture Katherine, the moonstone, and the new doppelgänger. Along with Klaus' trusted witch, Maddox, Isobel made Katherine believe that Klaus was willing to pardon her if she delivered the moonstone and the doppelgänger to him. While Katherine found the moonstone, Isobel helped Maddox capture her former husband, Alaric Saltzman. Katherine and Isobel then captured Elena at which point Isobel revealed her true colors and Maddox captured Katherine. He then ordered her to let Elena go since Klaus didn't need her yet. Maddox then transferred Klaus' spirit into Alaric's body so that he could spy on Elena and her friends.

In The Last Dance, Klaus interrogates Katherine for information about Elena and her friends and learns that a witch Bonnie Bennett could be a danger to him, so he decides to kill her. Still pretending to be Alaric, he attacks her at the 60's decade dance by compelling several students. Finally cornering Bonnie, he forces her to use enough power to kill her, until she apparently dies. He doesn't realize that she has faked her death to protect herself and Elena.

In Klaus, he has Maddox and his other minions, including Greta, bring his original body to him so that he can return to it. While they are doing so, he sets up a contingency plan by threatening Jenna's life. As Stefan stops him from killing Jenna, Klaus tells him that it would be easy for him to take his revenge if Elena tries to stop him from breaking the curse. At the same time, Elena learns from Elijah the true nature of the curse and why Klaus wants to break it. He is then released from Alaric's body and returned to his own body by Maddox and Greta.


Klaus and Stefan have spent the summer tracking a werewolf named Ray Sutton down the entire Eastern seaboard, leaving a trail of bodies behind them. They ultimately find Ray in Tennessee where Klaus has Stefan kill two more girls before they corner Ray in a bar. There, Klaus tells Ray that he is a hybrid and that he wants to create more.

He has Stefan torture Ray using darts tipped in wolfsbane to force Ray to reveal the location of his pack. At this time, Klaus' is warned that Damon Salvatore had gone to the house where they had killed two women. He decides to go and put Damon in his place but Stefan insists that he should go instead. Klaus lets him. He ends up getting the location of the pack from Ray, then he finds the location of Ray's pack and ends up feeding Sutton his blood before killing him in order to turn him into a hybrid.

In The Hybrid, Klaus and Stefan find Ray's werewolf pack in the woods. Klaus feeds each of them his blood and kills them, believing this will turn them into hybrids. When Ray bleeds from his eyes and continues to feel immense pain, Klaus suspects that something has gone wrong. Ray soon becomes rabid and flees the site. Stefan, on Klaus' orders, pursues Ray to stop him and ends up bitten. Klaus says he will cure the fatal bite if Stefan retrieves Ray. The other werewolves experience the same bleeding as Ray, and Klaus kills some of them while others simply bleed to death. When Stefan comes back with Ray's dead body, Klaus is angry that he seems unable to successfully create a hybrid. Klaus gives Stefan his blood to cure the bite and they leave the campsite littered with the bodies of the failed hybrids.

In The End of the Affair, Klaus and Stefan have arrived in Chicago, where Klaus plans to meet his "favorite witch", Gloria, to find out why he can't make any new hybrids. Stefan finds an old picture of them together at the bar, and Klaus reveals that they had met before, that they had been friends back in the 1920's and that Klaus was Stefan's "number one fan", as he liked Stefan's ways of torturing others before killing them. Klaus had erased Stefan's memories of him and his sister Rebekah to protect themselves, as they were on the run from a yet unknown person. Gloria tells them that she needs Rebekah, as she has something Gloria needs. Klaus resurrects his sister, but she does not have her necklace, which they need in order to contact the Original Witch.

In Disturbing Behavior, Klaus is still using Gloria to try and find the necklace. Klaus later finds out that Stefan was asking about Mikael, the person that he was maybe running from in the 1920's. Klaus seems angered by this and knocks Stefan out then takes him back to Mystic falls to find out why he is still holding on to his former life.

At the beginning of The Reckoning, Klaus corners Elena, asking her why she is still alive. He takes her by the arm and leads her to the gym, chasing away the other students by telling them they've been busted for pranking. Elena tells Klaus not to hurt anyone, but he argues that he has to. Rebekah drags Tyler's body into the gym, and they wait till Bonnie arrives, where Klaus tells her she has to find a way that he can successfully create hybrids.

Stefan later comes in and pledges allegiance to Klaus, but both knew it was a lie as soon as Klaus hurt Elena, and Stefan tried to stop him. Klaus then compels Stefan not to fight him and to listen to him. He orders him to kill the two teenagers, Dana and Chad, whom Klaus had compelled to stay there. To make a game of everything, Klaus sets the gym clock as a countdown: Bonnie has to find a way for him to create hybrids, or else Stefan must kill Elena when time is up.

After Stefan tries to fight the compulsion, Klaus yet again compels him, this time much more emphatically, to turn his humanity off, and finally succeeds. Having overheard Matt tell Bonnie that the witches on the Other Side said the doppelgänger must be killed in order for the hybrids to survive, Klaus surmises that the opposite must be true - that the doppelgänger's blood is necessary to complete the process. He turns out to be right after he feeds Tyler a vial of Elena's blood and Tyler completes the transformation - the first hybrid after Klaus.

Damon arrives to rescue Elena at the hospital, where Klaus has hooked her up to a blood bag to extract her valuable blood. Klaus stops him in the parking lot, saying although he had promised Stefan he wouldn't kill him, now Stefan probably wouldn't care. Damon tells him that Mikael knows where they are. Klaus replies that he's bluffing, but Damon informs him that they found Mikael's tomb. Klaus throws Damon against a car and vanishes without a trace. He leaves town in search of werewolves he can turn into hybrids, and manages to find several, successfully turning them.

In Homecoming, Klaus receives a call from Stefan who tells him that Mikael is dead. Thanks to the fact that Elena really did stab Mikael with a white oak dagger, Stefan is able to override Klaus' compulsion when he is forced to tell the truth. Rebekah, who has learned that Klaus had killed their mother, corroborates Stefan's lie in an attempt to lure him back to Mystic Falls. Klaus says that he will be on his way. In the meantime, he gives Tyler orders to throw a party to celebrate Mikael's death.

After seeing who he thinks is Elena, he reveals that his hybrids are present throughout the crowd, and they have orders to kill Damon if Klaus is killed. The party goes well, until one of his hybrids says that a guest named Mikael is waiting for him. Visibly angered, he goes to meet his step-father at the door. Klaus attempts to have his hybrids attack Mikael, but Mikael reveals that while they are sired to Klaus, they are part vampire and can therefore be compelled by Mikael, an Original. Mikael reveals that he had one of the hybrids grab 'Elena' and threatens to kill her if Klaus doesn't come outside of the Lockwood house.

Klaus tries to call Mikael's bluff, but Mikael stabs her. To everyone's shock, it isn't Elena at all, but Katherine, who throws wolfsbane grenades at the hybrids and runs. Damon then appears and attacks Klaus with the white oak stake. However, Stefan interrupts the battle, pulling Damon off of Klaus. Klaus grabs the stake and drives it through Mikael's heart, killing him and destroying the stake in the process.

When Damon asks Stefan what he was doing, it is Klaus who answers by saying that Stefan was earning his freedom, which Klaus then grants him before leaving again. Unaware of his sister's role in the murder attempt, he calls to tell her that Mikael is dead and that it is time to go, but he is unable to reach her (Elena had daggered her before the homecoming dance). Stefan then calls and reveals that he had stolen the coffins containing Klaus' siblings, whom Klaus intended to revive now that Mikael was dead. Klaus threatens to kill Stefan and anyone Stefan ever met, but Stefan merely replies that if he does, he will never see his family again.

In The New Deal, Klaus is having a house renovated for himself and his hybrids to live in while in Mystic Falls. He meets Damon and Elena at the Grill asking where Stefan is. When they don't cooperate, he leaves, hinting that Stefan's whereabouts might soon be their problem as well as his. Later, while discussing his predicament with Damon, Klaus calls Jeremy and tells him to do "that thing" he'd told him to - clearly Klaus had compelled him earlier that day to wait for and obey his instructions to go outside into the street and not to move. Klaus' hybrid attempts to kill Jeremy by hitting him with a car, but Alaric saves him. Once back at his house, Klaus chats with Tyler about the day's events, mentioning that humans are a means to an end. Later he arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House to meet Elena, who leads him to the cellar where Rebekah lies daggered. Elena uses Rebekah as a bargaining chip in exchange for sparing Jeremy, but Klaus reminds her that he has plenty of ways to get what he wants, including hurting other people she loves. Before she leaves the cellar, Elena reveals that she told Rebekah about how Klaus was the one who killed their mother, not Mikael. Having returned to his mansion with Rebekah, he re-daggers her before she can revive, and returns her to her coffin rather than face her wrath for his betrayal.

In Our Town, Stefan visits Klaus and tells him to get his hybrids out of the town. When he doesn't agree, Stefan kills Mindy by decapitating her. Klaus is angry and tells Tyler to bite Caroline but he refuses. Later, Klaus attends the Founder's Council Feast and persuades the Mayor that his hybrids would protect the town. Damon tries to call Elena and Stefan answers; worried about what Elena has to do with Stefan's plans, he tries to convince Klaus Stefan means business. Stefan calls Klaus and threatens to take away his "blood source" by driving Elena off of Wickery Bridge. To prove his point, Stefan forces Elena to drink his blood. Hearing this and Elena pleading with Stefan to slow down, Klaus finally promises to get his hybrids out of Mystic Falls.

After Tyler unwillingly follows Klaus' orders and bites Caroline, he goes to Klaus asking him for help. Klaus goes to the Forbes house to heal Caroline. Liz invites him in and he has a intimate conversation with Caroline about being immortal. Eventually, he feeds Caroline his bloods and says "Happy Birthday". After Caroline wakes up the next morning, Klaus has left but she finds an expensive bracelet made of dozens of diamonds: a gift from Klaus.

In The Ties That Bind, Klaus appears in one of Bonnie's dreams as she tries to open the locked coffin. Back in present time Stefan comes home and finds Klaus there, "enjoying" their stalemate. Klaus repeats his demand that Stefan return his family, now that his hybrids left town. It is revealed that he ordered Daniel Warren, a hybrid, to go to the house of Abby Bennett Wilson and handle the situation, which he does by manipulating Abby and her foster son Jamie in order to get Bonnie to reveal the location of the coffins.

Later, after Bonnie finally divulges the location, Klaus arrives at the Witch Burial Ground to find Damon there. After insulting them, the witch spirits torture Klaus until he pushes back by threatening to end the Bennett line. He then commands them to show him the coffins and they do - except the fourth one is missing. He asks Damon where the last one is and he threatens to rip out his heart, but Damon reminds him that the fourth coffin is leverage and Klaus wouldn't kill the person that knows where it is. After the other coffins were moved to his house, Klaus is surprised by Elijah, un-daggered earlier by Damon, standing in front of him after killing a hybrid.

In Bringing Out The Dead, Elijah attacks Klaus for having daggered him but Klaus overpowers him and, having pulled the dagger out of their brother Kol, threatens to use it on him. Elijah retorts that he would have to deal with Kol then. Klaus resigns himself to that fact and tells Elijah that Mikael was dead. Surprised to hear of their father's death, Elijah asks why their family remains in the coffins. Klaus asks Elijah to help him get the fourth coffin back from Stefan by reminding him of the oath that they had sworn to one another: always and forever. Elijah then organizes a dinner, inviting Stefan and Damon. The brothers tell the Salvatore brother's about the Original Doppelgänger Tatia and their love for her. They eventually offer a deal that, in exchange for the coffin, Klaus will leave Mystic Falls forever, a deal that Elijah deems to be fair.

Klaus later counters with his own offer: Elena's future happiness with a human husband, in exchange for the coffin; this would keep her safe from what he deemed to be a dangerous feud between the Salvatore brothers, and would ensure the continuity of the Petrova bloodline so that he could keep creating hybrids. Stefan refuses the deal. Klaus then grabs him and burns his hand in the flames while Elijah prevents Damon from intervening. Klaus tells Damon to bring him the coffin or he will kill Stefan. Damon complies and Klaus sends Elijah with him. However, Elijah and Damon return soon afterwards, not with the coffin but with the daggers that Elijah had removed from the other Original siblings.

Elijah claims to have learned not to trust Klaus' promises and declares that this will be done on his terms. Kol then appears, followed by Finn, who stabs Klaus in the hand after he tries to seize the dagger. As Klaus tries to run, Rebekah appears and stabs him, saying "This is for our mother". Klaus stumbles back and is caught by Kol. Elijah dismisses Damon and Stefan. Rebekah announces that they are all leaving him. Suddenly Esther walks in the door and tells her children to stop fighting. She tells Klaus to look at her and asks if he knows why she is there. When Klaus suggests that she is probably there to kill him, she says she is there to forgive him, and that she wants them all to be a family again.

In Dangerous Liaisons, Esther organizes a ball to celebrate the reunion of their family and asks Klaus who he is going to bring to the event. Klaus decides to send a ball dress as a present to Caroline, along with the invitation and a note to save him a dance. She arrives that evening wearing the dress and the bracelet he had given her for her birthday. She dances the waltz with him while he asks her how she's been doing since her father died, tells her how beautiful she looks in the dress he gave her, and compliments her dancing skills.

Klaus later approaches Caroline outside, where she is admiring a horse. Klaus confides that the closest Mikael ever got to killing him was the time he killed Klaus' favorite horse as a warning. Caroline asks whether he had ever thought to talk it out with his father, but Klaus insists his relationship with his father was far more complex than her relationship with hers. She allows this, but changes the subject as an excuse to go inside. Later, Klaus shows Caroline his private art collection. He tells her about his own work and asks if she has been to the Hermitage. When she admits she hasn't really been anywhere like that, he promises to take her anywhere she wants. Caroline chastises Klaus for his extravagance, positing that he wants to create hybrids to be his servants. He deflects her demand that he set Tyler free. She then blames his obsession with creating hybrids and giving expensive gifts on what she thinks is his belief that no one could love him otherwise. Angered, she leaves him alone in the room. At home, Caroline finds a drawing of her with a horse, as well as a note from Klaus thanking her for her honesty.

In All My Children, Klaus is with Kol in the house. Rebekah comes home from her one night stand while Klaus sits sketching. Kol says he's bored so he and Klaus leave the room. They head to the Grill where they meet Alaric and Meredith Fell. As a distraction, planned by Damon, Caroline enters the pub but seems displeased to see Klaus and immediately leaves. He follows her outside and dares her to get to know him. They sit together on a bench and talk. Later, after Kol gets neutralized, Klaus feels something in his chest and recognizes something must have happened.

He rushes to find Kol, pulls the dagger out and threatens to kill the Salvatores, but Elijah stops him. Together with Kol and Elijah he goes to the Witch Burial Ground, where Esther is performing a spell to kill her children. Klaus orders her to end this or he'll send her back to hell. She responds that she has hated to see how they all shed blood throughout the centuries. After the spell is interrupted thanks to the Salvatores, Esther disappears with Finn. Later, Klaus is burning the pictures he had drawn of Caroline when Rebekah joins him. She says she had hated him when she found out that he killed their mother, but Klaus is the only one who has never left her. She then delivers the shocking news that a sapling of a white oak tree had been planted 300 years after they left the Old World.

In The Murder of One, Klaus and Rebekah join forces to get Finn on their side by reuniting him with Sage. He then gets Bonnie to undo Esther's linking spell. He first tries to bribe Bonnie by offering to reunite her with her mother, but when Bonnie refuses, he instead threatens to kill Jeremy. Klaus watches as Rebekah tortures Damon, but they stop when Stefan comes by and offers to trade his white oak stakes for Damon's freedom. Klaus then learns that there are more white oak stakes and that one of them was used to kill Finn.

In Heart of Darkness, Klaus wants to get the last remaining white oak stake, and sends Kol to stop Damon and Elena from learning of their bloodline origin. He gets impatient waiting for Alaric's alter-ego to fess up and eventually kills him to speed up the process. Later, once Alaric had divulged its location to Stefan, Klaus sends Rebekah with Alaric to retrieve it, not knowing that Rebekah is possessed by Esther.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Esther, while possessing Rebekah, convinces Klaus to go the 1920's dance by telling him that Caroline will be there. At the dance Klaus sees Caroline and Tyler dancing and he interrupts them by asking Tyler where he's been. He then asks Caroline to dance; at first she refuses him, but then Tyler says it's all right. While dancing, Klaus tells her how she would have loved the 1920's and that he will be leaving Mystic Falls that night. After Klaus tries calling Rebekah, Stefan informs him that Esther is back.

After Esther is killed, Klaus states angrily that Esther will never be able to stop him and that he will continue to live. In Before Sunset, Klaus is informed by Rebekah that Alaric survived, and that the white oak stake has no effect on him. Rebekah wishes to leave, but Klaus states that he will not leave without Elena, causing Rebekah to get angry and state that she won't care even if he does die, before leaving. Klaus then goes to Elena's house to collect her, however Stefan and Damon bar his way. He begins attacking the house from the outside, trying to force them to invite him in, but they manage to repel him. Just as he is about to cause the place to explode, Stefan comes out and says that Alaric has captured both Elena and Caroline and will only give them up if Klaus hands himself over. Klaus initially refuse, but Bonnie comes up with a plan that will allow them to actually succeed. He then agrees, but makes it clear that after this he is taking Elena and leaving. He waits in front of the school-where Alaric has Caroline and Elena-with Stefan and the two talk, Klaus trying to drive a wedge between the brothers again.

When Stefan states that all of Klaus' attempts to break the Salvatore brothers apart has only made their bond stronger, Klaus counters by asking what will happen when Elena finally chooses between them. Then, Bonnie, Damon and Jeremy show up. Bonnie gives the vampires a vial of her blood, saying that once they drink it, all they have to do is make a connection with Alaric's heart, and she will use her magic to stop it, effectively neutralized him. After drinking the blood, Klaus enters the school with the Salvatores.

He comes across Caroline and grabs her, keeping her quiet and telling her that she will be fine, and that she must get home as soon as possible, she thanks him then runs. Stefan and Damon restrain Alaric, and Klaus plunges his fingers into his heart, but Alaric manages to get free, break Stefan and Damon's necks and nearly drove his white oak stake through Klaus' heart. Ironically, Elena saved Klaus by threatening to kill herself, deducing that Esther bound Alaric's life to hers so that he could only live one life time. As she prepared to follow through with her threat Alaric went to stop her, freeing Klaus, who then ran off with her.

He then began draining Elena of all her blood, that way gaining enough blood to at least have some hybrids, while also killing off the greatest threat to him. When Elena asks why he is killing her, as he won't have an unlimited army anymore, he states that he doesn't need one as he has his family back. Elena counters saying that they will never truly trust him again, and that he is wants a back up family, which is why he is draining her blood instead of simply snapping her neck. Later, Tyler shows up and tries to free her, but Klaus finds him before he can get Elena out of the house.

He asks how Tyler broke the sire bond, and Klaus states that that is impossible, Tyler countering by saying that true love is more important than sire bond induced loyalty. Klaus states that Tyler should be thanking him as he saved Tyler from the misery of life as a werewolf, but Tyler says that Klaus doesn't give a crap about him, he only wanted to not be alone. Klaus then prepares to kill him, but Stefan and Damon arrive. Tyler and Damon restrain Klaus, while Stefan plunges his hand into Klaus' chest, and Bonnie begins her spell again. Klaus looks at Stefan with a mixture of sadness and shock as his life fades away. He is then completely desiccated, and his dead body falls to the floor. Everyone then holds a victory party, and Stefan and Damon later drive off with the purpose of disposing of Klaus' corpse.

In The Departed, Damon stores Klaus' coffin in a warehouse outside of Mystic Falls. Bonnie arrives at the warehouse, and Damon tells her that he hid Klaus' coffin in compartment 1020, saying that compartment 666 would be too obvious (666 is the Devil's number, with Damon indicating that Klaus is the Devil). Bonnie and Damon enter the compartment, and open Klaus' coffin. Klaus wakes up from his sleep, but is still in a desiccated state. Bonnie then asks Damon to give her a moment alone with Klaus, saying that she wants to appreciate the sight of him like this. After Damon leaves, Bonnie tells him that he should burn in hell.

However, she knows that if he dies, so does her mother and friends, and she questions him what she is supposed to do about that. Off-screen, Bonnie saves Klaus from Alaric by performing a spell that transferred his spirit into Tyler Lockwood's body and possibly preserve his physical form. Later, Alaric shows up at the warehouse, catching Damon off guard. He demands to know Klaus' location, and Damon tells him that he stored in one of the compartments. Rebekah later shows up to retrieve Klaus' coffin. Rebekah and Damon try to sneak Klaus out of the warehouse, but are caught by Alaric. Alaric slams Rebekah against the car and tosses her aside. Damon tries to stop Alaric from opening Klaus' coffin, but fails. Alaric does so, and brandishing the White Oak Stake, plunges the weapon into Klaus' heart. Klaus gasps in pain and bursts into flames, Rebekah screaming in horror. Damon gives Rebekah time to escape Alaric. Afterward you see Bonnie talking to Tyler and realize she put a spell on him to transition his "soul" in with Tyler. He tells her that she did the spell brilliantly and he didn't think she had it in her as she tells him she did it to protect her friends and her mother.

In the season premiere, Growing Pains, Klaus, still in Tyler's body, is still in hiding. Bonnie tells him that their agreement was for him to jump into another body, however Klaus learning that his body is still intact, he wants her to put him back in his body. Bonnie tells him she can't right away as she has to use her magic to attempt to bring Elena back to life. Klaus informs her that Elena is no longer his concern, but is convinced to let Bonnie try to save Elena in order to keep the Petrova Doppelgänger bloodline alive. While waiting, Mrs. Lockwood calls on Tyler's phone and informs Klaus of Caroline being taken. He rescues Caroline, but leaves Rebekah, to "keep them busy" calling her little sister, revealing that he is really Klaus.

After escaping Caroline is happy to see that Tyler is still alive and the two begin making out, however Klaus calls her "love" which leads Caroline to realize that it is really Klaus. They find Bonnie to complete the spell and while she originally refuses to use the dark magic needed, Klaus begins ripping Tyler's heart out, forcing Bonnie to do the spell.

Later that night, now back in his body, he returns to his home to get the last of Elena's blood, when Rebekah arrives upset that he saved Caroline, but not her. Rebekah upset over his betrayal and her realization that he will always choose his hybrids over her, destroys the blood bags. He grabs her and tells her that they are no longer family, he snaps her neck and leaves her on the floor unconscious.

In The Rager, Carol Lockwood calls Klaus and his last remaining hybrids back to Mystic Falls to serve as protection for Tyler. Although Klaus no longer cares, he isn't willing to let one of the few hybrids he has left die. He later meets Hayley, a werewolf who helped Tyler overcome his sire-bond, and discovers that Tyler has been keeping things from Caroline, thinking Tyler had an affair with Hayley while she helped him break the sire-bond. He joins Damon in the trapping and interrogation of Connor Jordan, where he discovers that Connor is part of a mysterious group of vampire hunters known as the Five. He then saves Connor from the explosion and also saves Elena from the werewolf venom she had drunk, claiming that she could be of some use to him after all.

In The Five, Klaus is first seen in the Mystic Grill when Rebekah was flirting on Matt and he told her she was trying to hard. He tried to get her to work with him after he told her that the Brotherhood of the Five still existed, but she was still mad at him for what had happened. He was later seen talking to Connor, who was tied up in his mansion, asking him for information. When Stefan entered, Klaus started telling him about the past. He remembers he was in Italy talking to his brother Elijah, when Alexander, one of the Five, showed in front of everyone a vampire, killing him by exposing him to sunlight, but Klaus didn't feel threatened by him. He later convinced Stefan to get Rebekah to his mansion, which he did. The three of them were having dinner when Klaus and Rebekah continue telling Stefan of when Alexander and the other members of the Five, who originally owned the White Oak Ash Daggers, daggered all of the siblings, but due to Klaus' werewolf side, it didn't work on him.

He killed all of the Five and undaggered his siblings, except for Finn. They told Stefan about the existence of The Cure, and Klaus said that the Hunter's Mark tattoo on Connor was going to lead them to it. He brought in Jeremy and ordered him to draw Connor's tattoo since he was the only one who saw it. Then Rebekah got angry after Klaus tells her he still didn't trust her and left. When Klaus later sees Jeremy drawing of the tattoo, he gets angry because Jeremy didn't do all of it, but he tells him that it grew each time he killed a vampire, and it wasn't complete yet. He then calls in Nate, one of his hybrids, and tells him to tell the girl to take Jeremy home and told Nate to make sure Connor stayed there and alive. Finally, he was seen again when Rebekah went to the Salvatore Boarding House to talk to Stefan, and he calls Rebekah a hopeless fool for loving too much, and daggers her.

In The Killer, Klaus was in Italy digging up Alexander's sword. He was first seen when Stefan was talking to him on the phone, telling him that Connor had escaped. He pointed out that Connor had werewolf venom, and since he was halfway around the world, he couldn't cure anyone since they had no access to his blood. He orders Stefan to make sure that Connor is kept alive at all cost, and also warned him to not tell Damon about The Cure.

He was later seen again when they had managed to find the sword. Tyler calls him and tells him that sending Dean to confront Connor was a suicide mission and that he should stop him, but Klaus threatened to tell Caroline about what he thought that Tyler had done with Hayley, so Tyler hung up and told Dean he could do it.

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Klaus was seen at the Lockwood Mansion along with his Hybrids, drinking in honor of Dean's death. Then after Caroline came to return all of Tyler's things and broke up with Tyler in front of him, he left the place with his hybrids to give them time alone. But as soon he left, it was revealed that Caroline, Hayley and Tyler faked it. Meanwhile, Klaus called Stefan and taunted him about ruining his plans for a hybrid filled future and asked him how Elena was doing with her hallucinations. Stefan asked him how he knew about that, and Klaus reminded Stefan that he had killed the original members of The Five, so he knew about it. Then he asked Stefan where he was. Stefan said he was at Elena's place. Klaus also came there and Stefan came out to talk to him. Klaus suggested for Stefan to hand over Elena, or else she'll kill herself before the end of the day. Meanwhile, Elena was hallucinating again and fled from the house, and Klaus took that opportunity to carry her away. Then Klaus put Elena in a windowless room. He said it was for her protection else she would take off her daylight ring and burn herself to death.

When Elena said she would never do that Klaus told her she would want to kill herself as he had once and he had to bear the torture for nearly 52 years. But when she asked him how he stopped it and he said it stopped on it's own. Later, according to Stefan's plan to rescue Elena from Klaus, Caroline came to distract Klaus when he was drinking at the Mystic Grill. Klaus offered Caroline a drink and asked her about the break up, but she brushed him off saying that wasn't his business. Then Klaus said that he would never allow Tyler to hurt her if Tyler was sired to him. Stefan texted everything to Caroline after losing Elena again. Caroline then confessed to Klaus what she was really doing and told him that they figured out a way to end the Hunter's Curse. Then Klaus arrived at the Lockwood Mansion when Chris was about to leave. He let Jeremy kill Chris, and the Hunter's Curse was broken. Later it was revealed that Klaus gave up one hybrid, (Chris), after Caroline agreed to go on a date with him.

In My Brother's Keeper, Klaus was first seen when Stefan was in the woods alone and Klaus came up behind him and threatened him for telling Damon about the Cure. He ordered him to help Jeremy complete his Hunter's Mark, or he would give him up as a victim himself to Jeremy. He was later seen when Caroline was organizing the Miss Mystic Falls Ceremony and he asked her at what time he should pick her up for their date to following day. When she refused the date, he reminded her that he was promised a date in return of one of his hybrids, so she had to agree. He was later seen at the pageant when Caroline was complaining about how the ceremony was going when he came up to her and asked how he was, and she said perfect, despite him being so annoying that she can't even look at him. He pointed out that Tyler and Hayley where there together, leaving her confused.

He was later seen when Caroline and Elena were arguing and he came to stop Caroline because she was making a scene, and he told her to go with him to have some champagne. They were on a bench together and they were talking about being human, and when Caroline asked Klaus if he wanted to be human, he asked why he would rather be human instead of being one of the most powerful creatures on earth. Then, he started joking with Caroline, reading out her previous Miss Mystic Falls application, and she was trying to stop him. They were laughing together. Later, he came up to Caroline and told her that he once wanted to be a human. He had seen a hummingbird, with it's heart pattering like a machine gun, and he realized how beautiful it was to work hard every day to survive and the feeling of satisfaction every day for surviving.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Klaus was first seen in his mansion drawing a painting of a giant snowflake to donate for the Winter Wonderland charity event and later told Adrian to take it to the Mystic Grill. Stefan came up to him and asked him about when they were going to find the cure, and he told him that he had done his part by finding the sword, now Stefan had to do his part by helping Jeremy complete his mark. Stefan told him that he didn't trust him about finding his sword, so Klaus showed it to him from the safe. He was later seen in the Mystic Grill when Caroline was looking at his painting and he came up to her to talk to her. He said she liked his painting, and he then offered to have some champagne together. At first she refused, but then she agreed, and asked her if that was their thing (having champagne together) and she replied they didn't have thing. It was shown that Tyler was planning to put Klaus in his body and then they would him in concrete. Hayley said that she had found the witch to perform to spell. They wanted to get rid of Klaus. Later, the plan had changed to put Klaus in Rebekah's daggered body. Klaus was later seen at night at the party when Stefan came up to him. He told him that he had broken in his mansion to find the sword, which he didn't, but instead he found his victims' letters, which he replied that it was his way of keeping a reminder that in the end we're left infinitely and utterly alone, which was like his way of writing his victims' names on the wall. Klaus saw Adrian and left with him.

He was later seen when Kimberley and the other hybrids were waiting for the witch, and Klaus showed up with Adrian and pulled his heart out. He started killing all the hybrids with the hunter's sword, and the last one left was Kimberley. She tried to run away in the Lockwood Cellar, but he followed her and asked her if she knew where Tyler was. She said that she didn't, and so he killed her by decapitation. It was revealed that Hayley didn't really have a witch, and she wanted Klaus the kill the 12 hybrids for the sacrifice.

At the last scene of the episode, Carol was the last one left at the party and was waiting for Tyler to pick her up. She sat down on the fountain, and Klaus came up to her, telling her that he was also looking for Tyler to have a word with him. Carol begged him not to hurt Tyler since he was her son and the only thing she had. He told her that she was also all that he had, and it was a beautiful symmetry. So, he grabbed her and drowned her in the fountain, killing her.

In After School Special, Klaus visited the lake house to check up on Jeremy's progress in growing his mark only to find that he hadn't killed any vampires since he was too busy being trained by Damon. Klaus chastised Damon for this, saying that there was a whole town of people he could turn into vampires that Jeremy could kill but Damon wanted to make sure Jeremy was all trained up before he began. Klaus managed to convince Damon that his way would be the most efficient and then proceeded to turn all of the townspeople, enjoying a quiet drink while the entire town was starting to transition.

In Catch Me If You Can, he returned to the bar where Klaus had massacred those innocents so Jeremy could kill them all after they'd transitioned and grow his mark.. Elena went to see Klaus to beg him to call off Kol. She convinced him that they were all on the same team to a point -- Team Cure Should Be Found. They only differed on how to use it. So Klaus called Kol and told him to stay away from Jeremy, and if causes any more trouble, he'd end up back in a box. Kol agreed that he wouldn't touch Jeremy but compelled Damon to kill Jeremy. Later, Klaus saved Rebekah from Kol almost killing her. Which shows that he still cares about his little sister. We also had to see Klaus come to Elena's to demand he house Jeremy now that Kol will undoubtedly come after him again. Elena and Jeremy opted for Jeremy to stay at their house, where at least Kol couldn't get in but he noted that his brother could burn it down. Klaus told Elena to tell when Kol returns, and he told Jeremy there was no shortage of people to turn or loved ones to threaten, so they'd finish their work on the mark the next day.

In A View to a Kill, Klaus comes to Rebekah's house to momentarily unite their teams against Kol, who now has the white oak stake as well as Klaus' set of daggers. Klaus knew Rebekah has the last dagger and some white ash, and he wanted it so he could put Kol back in a box. Rebekah didn't want to leave herself unprotected, so she told Klaus to get gone. Klaus asked Stefan to talk some sense into her: If they dagger Kol, Damon will no longer be compelled to kill Jeremy, and the hunt for the cure could continue.

Stefan apparently agreed to the Original's proposal, but only on the condition that he takes Stefan's place as Damon's "babysitter" at the Salvatore House while Stefan tries to persuade Rebekah. He is later seen with Stefan visiting Damon at his confinement.

Stefan told Klaus to give Damon a vial of blood every couple of hours so he doesn't desiccate. He gave him permission to bleed him out again, if needed. Damon told Klaus that Stefan was still mad at him for sleeping with Elena, and Klaus told Damon about catching Stefan sneaking out of Rebekah's bed. Klaus was inside the cellar with Damon villain-bonding. Klaus asked Damon how he gets Elena to overlook every horrible thing he's done: "What is it you say to her?" Damon knew what this was about: Klaus is afraid Caroline won't forgive him for killing Carol Lockwood. Damon gave him a real answer: Damon is the bad guy to things get done, Klaus is a bad guy just to be a dick. "If you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose; otherwise, you're just not worth forgiving."

Damon and Klaus, the latter of whom was infuriated by Stefan's lack of communication. "It's one of his trademarks, like his brooding and his hair," Damon said. Klaus entertained himself trying to wind Damon up. He pointed out how Stefan had fought so hard to fight Klaus' compulsion to feed on Elena that he was able to momentarily beat it. Whereas Damon couldn't resist Kol's to kill Jeremy. Damon may love Elena, Klaus said, but will Elena see that Stefan is the greater love when they find the cure? Klaus thinks that's what'll happen, and he believes Damon does, too. Kol called Klaus at that moment. He assumed that Klaus was in on this plan to kill him. Klaus, meanwhile, freaked out and asked Damon what Stefan and Elena were planning. Damon genuinely didn't know. Klaus thought he'd compelled Damon to stay in the cellar, but Damon had been drinking that bottled water Stefan gave him, which had vervain in it.

When Jeremy staked Kol, Klaus had shown up, just in time to see Kol ablaze. He had tears and anger in his eyes. Elena tried to play it off like they had no choice, but Klaus knew they'd set a trap for Kol if he was even inside the house. He said he was going to set the house on fire and kill them when they fled. Jeremy said Klaus would never get the cure then for Elena to make more hybrids. Klaus let something slip: He didn't want the cure so he could make hybrids. He wanted it so he could destroy it. He was going to kill them all as soon as he found it. Before he could make good on his arson threat, Bonnie showed up. She crippled him, then told Jeremy to invite him in. She put up magical barriers to keep Klaus trapped there.

In Into the Wild, Klaus was still trapped in the Gilbert house, forced to stare at his little brother's charred body. Tyler showed up, still furious with Klaus for killing his mother. He was gloating, telling Klaus that the others would find the cure and when they did, Tyler was going to shove it down Klaus' throat and kill him in whatever way he pleased. Klaus told him that he couldn't be sure that he wouldn't die too, since he was part of his bloodline but Tyler seemed certain that once Klaus was human again, all the vampires in his bloodline would no longer be connected to him. Caroline arrived and after chastising Tyler for baiting Klaus, covered Kol's body with a tarp, relieving Klaus of having to look at his brother's body. When Caroline showed Klaus that she had now given up on him, not feeling sorry at all for him, Klaus struck quickly, pulling her up to him before biting her. His hybrid bite was fatal too her so she hastily began developing symptoms and slowly dying. Klaus told Tyler that he wanted an apology for turning his hybrids and on him and after some deliberation, Tyler did so but Klaus still didn't heal Caroline. It was only after she told him that she knew there was still a bit of humanity in him that Klaus reconsidered and healed Caroline.

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Klaus remained stuck behind Bonnie's barriers while Caroline was on the phone with Elena, trying to figure out where the sword was. Caroline and Tyler, knowing Klaus wouldn't be going anywhere, found the sword at his house and brought it back to the Gilbert's. They found secret messages beneath the hilt of the sword that Klaus decrypted in an ancient language. It revealed that there was only one dose of the cure. Knowing that with one dose, they wouldn't be using it on Klaus, Tyler decided to flee and go into hiding, knowing full well that Klaus would kill him the moment he was free. Caroline pleaded with Klaus to let Tyler go and after some persuasion, Klaus submitted but only that he'd give Tyler a head start.

In Bring It On, Klaus saves Hayley from a vampire sent by Katherine to take her out for her part in the cure hunt. Klaus promises Hayley protection in exchange for her revealing to him all she knows about Katherine. Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus is visited by Damon who reveals that he knows about Hayley and wants to talk to her. Klaus refuses, although he does tell Damon about the vampire he attacked and that, due to the hybrid bite, does not have long to live. Klaus is later seen interrogating Hayley, after feeding her and she starts to reveal both her link to Katherine and her motivation: her desire to find her birth family led her to Katherine who promised that she could help if Hayley told her about the hunt for the cure. Klaus, enjoying the time spent with Hayley, then shows her his paintings and explains some of his motivations about art, namely his desire for control which he can channel through painting. Hayley then tries to convince Klaus to call off his hunt for Tyler, revealing that it wasn't resolve but the help of other people which would provide Tyler with his ability to escape him, just as Katherine had for five hundred years. Klaus later receives word from Rebekah that Hayley's attacker had been killed by Damon. He then tells Hayley that she can leave or stay. Hayley then reveals her liking for one of his paintings, saying that she liked it because it showed her how twisted Klaus really was, and that she could relate to it. The two then begin to make out before having sex. As Hayley is getting dressed, Klaus notices a birth mark on her right shoulder and reveals that the mark was common to all the members of a werewolf clan in Louisiana. Hayley asks him to tell her about her birth family.

In Because the Night, Klaus arrives at the Salvatore House where Caroline is cleaning up after the previous night's party. She is still sore about the events of that night, namely Elena's attack on both her and her mother. She is also angry at Klaus for refusing to call off his quest to kill Tyler and refuses to forgive him. Stefan then arrives and reveals that he believes that Silas had followed them back to Mystic Falls. Klaus, although originally not interested, is alarmed when Stefan and Caroline reveal Silas' plans to bring down the Other Side, which would bring back every single one of Klaus' dead enemies. They raid Shane's office to find information about the Expression Triangle of massacres that he is trying to perform. During the search, Klaus and Caroline continue their bickering and Klaus states his belief that every person, no matter how pure their heart is, will be drawn to the dark. Caroline then finds out that the Triangle required three distinct massacres: a human one, a demon one (hence the massacre of the hybrids), and a witch massacre. Realizing Silas' plans, they deduce the location of the final massacre at two potential location and split up to find them. Caroline accompanies Klaus and they continuously bicker, leading Klaus to ask her why she went with him instead of Stefan. She says that she doesn't want him to kill Bonnie (who is working with Silas) when they find her. However, they are not at the right spot. When they join Stefan, they discover a coven of 12 witches led by Aja trying to purge Bonnie of the Expression magic by killing her. Stefan tries to save her but Klaus won't let him because this would call for the death of the linked witches, which would perform the final massacre. However, Caroline kills Aja, and the other witches to save her friend, despite Klaus' attempts to stop her.

Klaus later buries the witches and is shown to be angry at a distraught Caroline for performing the final massacre. Caroline tries to defend her actions by saying that she couldn't let Bonnie die but then realizes what she has done. Klaus then tells her that she needs comforting but he refuses to comfort her himself because of her words to him in the day and her actions that night. After Caroline leaves, Klaus is surprised to find Silas at the site, thanking him for performing the massacre. Silas then offers Klaus a deal: they can find the cure together and Silas will take it to accomplish his goals and therefore ensure that Klaus while not be at the receiving end of the cure. Klaus then boasts that he isn't scared of Silas, despite his age. However, Silas reveals that he stole the White Oak Stake from Rebekah and that he knows it is the only thing that can kill him. Klaus tries to attack Silas but the ancient immortal is much faster than him and stakes him from behind with the stake, breaking off the tip inside him, badly injuring Klaus before leaving him in severe pain.

In American Gothic, Klaus was trying to get the piece of the white oak stake was still inside his back in a spot he could not reach. Caroline arrived. She touched his face. Instead, she said, "As much as I'd love to watch you die, you still haven't found me that cure." It was Silas. He can take the shape of whomever he wants you to see.

Klaus was sweaty and cowering on the floor when Caroline came in again. He started to think it was the real her when she quipped about how she should be running three prom committees at that moment. He told her about the white oak stake, and since he was hurt, she was the person to call. She found that hard to follow: He ran Tyler out-of-town and killed his mother. But, Klaus reminded her, if he dies, Caroline and everyone she knows dies. She had to help. He told her she'd need to cut the stake out of him. Caroline was having a difficult time getting the stake out of Klaus. Caroline finally smartened up: If Klaus wants her help, he's gonna have to let Tyler come back and promise not to kill him. Klaus could feel the splinters moving toward his heart and begged Caroline to help him, but she wouldn't until he promised not to hurt Tyler. He wouldn't do that because Tyler tried to kill him, but yeah, Caroline's right, Klaus has tried to kill most of them. This turned into a conversation about trust being the foundation of friendship, and Caroline angrily yelling that she should've turned her back on Klaus ages ago. That was a punch to the gut, but silver lining, Klaus' pain was gone. Silas had gotten into his head and made him think he was dying. Caroline had taken Klaus' mind off of it enough to break the spell, apparently. Seriously, if Silas can make Klaus think he's croaking, then what can he do to the rest of them?

Caroline was ready to call it a night after using all of Klaus' bleach to clean up. He thanked her for her help. She poked his chest when she told him if he needs anything else not to call her because she has a prom to plan. "Friends?" he asked. She asked if he was letting Tyler come back to town. He didn't answer, at first. But he did then say she might have noticed that he's not exactly scouring the earth for Tyler. She smiled a bit. So did he.

In Pictures of You, at Klaus' mansion, he and Rebekah tried to convince Elijah who should get the cure, and again, provide a little recap: Silas will torment Klaus until he gets it, but he'll also open the floodgates so every dead supernatural being returns to our side. Rebekah really wants to be human. Elijah, being sensible as always, told Klaus his personal discomfort wasn't enough of a reason to put the world in jeopardy. Klaus' smile turned to a frown when Elijah agreed to give Rebekah a shot at happiness, and he told Rebekah when she's dying and asking for his life-saving blood, he'll deny her and compel her to forget him.

When Caroline showed up, Klaus laughed at Caroline, obviously, but couldn't resist her when she smiled and begged him to go into his "creepy trophy chest of family collectibles" and find her a gown that would make her look "Princess Grace of Monaco" hot to which he did. Rebekah had given Elijah the white oak stake, and Elijah presented it to Klaus as a peace-offering. Now Klaus had nothing to fear -- except Silas' torment. Elijah said Klaus could outrun Silas if he had to, and that naturally made Klaus think of Katherine. Elijah asked Klaus to let him have this opportunity to feel and to love and Klaus refused. If he doesn't the get cure and ends up running, he's headed to kill her. He'll make sure Elijah is never happy.

Klaus had decided to go to the prom for some unknown reason and saw what had just happened. Rebekah argued that she'd acted with human decency and Klaus said no, the most human thing in that moment would have been if she could stomach standing by watching April die knowing she couldn't help her. Before this episode ended, he a letter from Katherine telling him about a witch in New Orleans plotting a move against him.

In The Originals, Klaus travels to New Orleans, concluding Katherine's letter about the witch planning a move against him. Once in New Orleans he finds a real witch amongst a group of fakes, he asks this witch where he can find Jane-Anne Deveraux, the witch tells Klaus she cannot tell Klaus where she is or it would be breaking one of Marcel's rules. Klaus then asks this witch were he can find Marcel.

Klaus goes to a pub to find his progeny Marcel, who is singing on stage. When Marcel has finished he goes to celebrate with his buddy's and spots Klaus in the corner of his eye. Klaus and Marcel start to argue before celebrating Klaus' return. Klaus is Marcel's sire, and Marcel has shared the secret of the daylight ring with his inner circle, who he considers family. How did he get witches to make them rings? Marcel said he has the witches wrapped around his finger. Klaus said he was looking for Jane-Anne. "Show time," Marcel said.

Marcel led Klaus and his inner circle on a walk through the city, where we saw vampires on balconies and rooftops. It was unnerving even before we realized there really was a mob mentality. They'd all gathered because Marcel was going to confront Jane-Anne about practicing witchcraft beyond the bounds of the rules set forth and enforced by him. She denied it, but he's aware of the witches' every move -- they can't do anything without getting caught. Marcel then killed her and before she died, Jane-Anne had exchanged looks with Klaus, who seemed disturbed by Marcel's display. Klaus was angry that Marcel had killed her before he could find out what she'd wanted with him. Marcel said he never wastes an opportunity for a show of force -- a lesson he'd learned from Klaus. He told Klaus he'd find out what Jane-Anne had wanted for him. Klaus asked if Jane-Anne had a sister.

He went to see Sophie, who was crying. She wouldn't talk to Klaus because two of Marcel's men had followed him. Klaus threatened to rip their spines out, then dropped a $100 bill so the blonde we'd later learn is bar-tending psychology student Cami could serve them. Klaus had gone to a wild party filled with vampires feeding on humans and dancing badly. He spotted a guy with a day ring, which means he's inner circle, and asked him where Marcel was. Klaus threatened him when he said he only answers to Marcel. Marcel broke it up and said nobody harms his guys. Klaus told him he doesn't need chaperons, and Marcel asked Klaus to just let the witch hunt go. They went out on a balcony, and Marcel explained that more hotels meant more tourists, which meant more fresh blood. He'd taught humans to look away. Klaus wanted to know how Marcel knows when the witches are using magic. Marcel wasn't telling. Marcel chose that moment to take vervain. He wants to limit the number of things he's vulnerable to. He's full of himself, which is why when they spotted clueless Cami walking alone at night below. If she was brave, he'd let her live, and if she was dumb, she was dessert but she proved to be brave. Elijah suddenly appeared on the balcony and told Klaus he'd found out who was conspiring against him. He took him to Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, where Sophie was waiting. "He's all yours. Proceed," Elijah said. She told Klaus that Marcel was out of control and she's going to stop him with his help. Hayley was brought out, and told Klaus he needed to listen to Sophie. Klaus laughed. How could they think this one night stand meant anything to him. That's when Sophie said she has a special gift, which is telling when women are pregnant. Hayley is carrying Klaus' child.

Klaus said vampires can't procreate, which is true. But Sophie said he was born a werewolf -- magic made him a vampire. So he's nature's loophole. Klaus blew up at Hayley telling her to admit she'd been with someone else. Hayley said she definitely would have confessed to sleeping around if she had, because it would have gotten her out of being captive. The baby is his. Sophie said Jane-Anne died performing the spell to confirm the pregnancy, and because of her sacrifice, the lives of Hayley and the baby are now controlled by them. If Klaus doesn't help them take out Marcel, Hayley dies. Elijah offered to kill Marcel, but Sophie said they have rules (and a timeline) that must be followed. Before Klaus could leave, Elijah told him to listen. Klaus could hear the baby's heartbeat. He finally said, "Kill her and the baby. What do I care?" Then, he stormed out. When Elijah caught up to him, Klaus insisted it was a trick. But Elijah saw it as a chance to take everything back. Here, now, is a chance for Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah to have what they always wanted -- a family. "This is us. The Original family," Elijah said. "And we remain together, always and forever." Elijah said he was asking Klaus to stay there. He'd help him, stand by his side. He'd be his brother and they'd build a home together. "Save this girl, save your child," he said. His response: "No."

Klaus went back to see Marcel, again wanting to know how he controls the witches. They had a pissing match during which Marcel called New Orleans HIS TOWN. He's the one who got rid of the wolves, silenced the witches, and made people look the other way. "I'm not the prince of the Quarter, friend... I'm the king!" he yelled. "Show me some respect." To establish his dominance, Klaus bit one of the inner circle. He told Marcel he'd broken one of his rules and guess what, he cannot be killed because he's truly immortal. Klaus smiled and left.

Klaus walked to Jackson Square, where there was live music and painting. He spotted Cami, admiring the same artist. She doesn't paint, but she interprets art: Every artist has a story, she said. This one was angry, dark, doesn't feel safe, and doesn't know what to do about it. He wished he could control his demons instead of them controlling him. He was lost and alone. Klaus was emotionally fragile enough from a truly confusing evening that he nearly burst into tears.

He'd gone to sit on a bench alone and think. So naturally, Elijah joined him. They talked about how they'd both hated leaving New Orleans -- it was one of the few places they'd ever been happy. "What is on your mind, brother?" Elijah asked. The walls were coming down. It was a different kind of scene than we've ever seen between them. Klaus said for 1,000 years, he lived in fear of settling in a town and having their father chase him out, which made him feel powerless. This town was his home, and in his absence, Marcel has gotten everything Klaus wanted -- power, loyalty, family. Klaus wants what he has. "I want to be king," he said. And what about Hayley and the baby? "Every king needs an heir," Klaus said. Later, Klaus gave his blood to cure the bitten vampire and said he'd like to stay in Marcel's city for a while if he's still welcome. He is.

In his last scene, he was on a street corner and left Caroline a message. He just said he was standing in his favorite place and hoped one day she'd let him show it to her.

Silas pretended to be Klaus in She's Come Undone, taunting Caroline in order to lure Bonnie out of hiding.

In Graduation, he saves Caroline, Stefan and Elena from the 12 witches that Caroline had killed. The night after graduation, Klaus and Caroline have a moment. He tells Caroline that Tyler is free to return to Mystic Falls. In the most charming moment of the night, Klaus points out that Tyler is Caroline's first love. Klaus intends to be her last however long it takes. Then he escorts her home. This will mark his final appearance in the show for now.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Klaus made his return to Mystic Falls. While Caroline is searching for Matt, she is reunited with Klaus. Klaus wanted to talk to Caroline, but she had no time to chat because Matt was buried alive. "I literally just whooshed at the sight of your face," she told him, using her vamp speed to get away from him. But of course he could keep up. He told her that Damon had let him know that Katherine had taken a tragic turn, so Caroline correctly assumed that he'd come to gloat. He also heard that Caroline and Tyler had broken up. She confirmed it was because Tyler had chosen his revenge fantasy against Klaus over her. Klaus wanted to know if he were to abandon his revenge against Katherine, would Caroline offer him the same choice as Tyler? Meaning, her. Caroline didn't want him to distract her when Matt's life was in danger, but Klaus assured her that he'd heard Matt's call for help and that Matt would be happy with his rescuer.

Caroline and Klaus continued their walk in the woods, and he told her he'd leave Mystic Falls without gloating over Katherine's corpse in return for one small thing. He admits the real reason he's returned. He wanted a confession. About him. He said as soon as they were done there, he was going to leave and never come back. She'd never have to again cover their connection with hostility and revulsion or loathe the darkest parts of herself that care about him despite all that he's done. He just wanted her to be honest with him. Caroline reminded him of her being in college and her future plans did not involve him whatsoever. Hurt, Klaus understood; but Caroline said he didn't and that he's right about her covering up what she wants. If he was serious about walking away and never coming back, she'd be honest about what that was. After making his promise, Caroline kisses Klaus, further leading to a passionate moment in the woods between them.

In Moonlight on the Bayou, Caroline, in a flashforward of three years from now, comes looking for Klaus in New Orleans, at St. James Infirmary with the twins. But the bartender - Sylvia, tells her that nobody had seen or heard from him for three years.

In present day, Klaus appears to Stefan in the St. James infirmary bar. He tells the bartender from the flashforward that Stefan is an old friend from Mystic Falls, and they start catching up - with Klaus aware of the situation in Mystic Falls, telling Stefan it was very noble of him to help the human faction as he did, and asking how Caroline is. Stefan then tells Klaus about the Heretics, the twins that Caroline gave birth to, and so on.

Klaus is doubtful that Caroline will just hand over the babies to Alaric without so much as a second thought. Stefan, who earlier got a phone call from his brother about the "werewolf predicament" he is in, asked Klaus if he could spare some blood for them. But just then, Stefan's wound starts to bleed through his shirt, and Klaus becomes enraged when he sees the X-shaped blood stain on Stefan's chest. He is saying that it's the mark of the Phoenix Sword, and reprove Stefan for making an enemy out of Rayna Cruz. Stefan is stunned when he realizes that Klaus know of Rayna, and finally tells Klaus the truth - that he is in town to hide from her. Klaus gets angry at Stefan for luring a huntress to a town full of vampires. He tells him that Rayna was born in N.O.L.A, and that she will find him no matter where he runs to. Stefan begs for Klaus' help, but the latter tells him to leave the city, or he will kill him himself for his lies. By accident, Stefan forgets his phone on the table, and Klaus answers Caroline, who just then called Stefan.

He talks to her and helps calming her down. Even offering his daughter old clothes, and a parenthood advice. He then offered his condolences to her for the loss of her mother, and she seemed touched by this. She makes him promise to protect Stefan, and gets surprised when the baby fall asleep like Klaus suggested. Klaus then saves Stefan by killing Rayna, and says that then need to leave as they are on werewolf territory in the Full Moon. Klaus then says that he will give him a ride to the train station, and the two have an honest conversation about their older brothers, Caroline, and love. Klaus then reveals he is taking Stefan to see a witch who might help him with his Rayna problem.

In I Was Feeling Epic, Klaus leaves Caroline a generous donation of three million dollars along with a letter that read: "Dearest Caroline, I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person someday. However long it takes. Yours, Klaus" was sent to the Salvatore Boarding School.

Throughout The Originals Series[]

In Always and Forever, Klaus is first seen during a flashback to the early 18th century. A crew is searching through an "abandoned" ship and finds the two coffins containing Klaus' neutralized brothers, Finn and Kol. Elijah and Rebekah appear, the latter having fed on and killed members of the crew, before introducing themselves. Klaus, suddenly appearing at the top of the stairs with a dead body in his arms and blood on his mouth, laughs with Rebekah about "leaving the best til last". In regards to introducing them, Rebekah retorts by calling him a beast as Klaus tosses the corpse down the stairs.

In the present, Elijah arrives in New Orleans in an attempt to find his brother and he heads into the bar Rousseau's, in which he strikes up conversation with the human barmaid. He tells her about his brother's paranoia that people are conspiring against him and asks if she knows of Jane-Anne Deveraux. Elijah, after finding out about Jane-Anne's execution, demands to know what she wanted with Niklaus from her sister; Sophie.

As Sophie tells her of Niklaus' predicament, Elijah soon meets Hayley and uses his tactile telepathy in order to show her memories of his human days. He shows her the night that Henrik died, when Klaus carried his body back to the village. He also shows her after their transition, he, Niklaus and their father, Mikael were in the woods when Klaus suddenly dropped, screaming in agony as he began to transform into a wolf, indicating he had recently made his first kill. Later, flashbacks show Mikael and Elijah tying Klaus to a wooden pole as their mother, Esther, cast a spell to suppress Klaus' werewolf side. Klaus quietly begged Elijah to help him, however Elijah followed his father's wishes.

Klaus is first seen in the present standing upon a balcony as Elijah appears behind him, telling him he has found out who is conspiring against him. As Klaus is told of Hayley's pregnancy, he is outraged, believing Hayley to have slept with somebody else and doesn't believe what they are saying is the truth. As he leaves, he snarls for them to kill Hayley and the baby. Elijah follows him outside in order to get him to change his mind. Elijah's words don't pacify him and he continues to deny the pregnancy and that it will not give him power, and that he isn't willing to be manipulated by the witches.

Klaus is then later seen with Marcel, observing the courtyard, the vampire's and loud music. He converses with Marcel over trivial matters, however begins to grow increasingly annoyed with the younger vampire when he calls New Orleans "his town". Klaus huffs that before he left 100 years ago, Marcel was a "pathetic little scrapper still trembling from the lashes of the whips" of those who brought him down as a child. Marcel knows he is jealous and snarls that it is his town, that he is the king. Klaus stands for a few moments, the music quietening down as people observe the scene, including Elijah from afar. Klaus smirks before quickly turning and biting one of Marcel's closest vampires, infecting him with his bite. He says to Marcel that he broke one of his rules yet he is immortal and cannot die, walking away saying "who has the power now, friend?"

The witches told Elijah that Klaus had until midnight to change his mind about the child and Hayley's life before they die - as Jane-Anne's spell linked Sophie and Hayley together. As Klaus is heavily drinking around a back lot in the quarter, he smashes a bottle upon the floor, knowing Elijah is behind him. Klaus tells him to stop harping on about the baby and Elijah vamp-speeds towards him, determined to knock some sense into him. The two begin scrapping and Klaus knocks Elijah off him before the latter returns, saying he will belt him like "their father used to", in order for him to regain his humanity. Klaus calls him pathetic and a "sentimental fool" as Elijah tries to mention family once more. Elijah walks off, leaving Klaus to ponder the events.

Klaus is later sitting upon a bench, seemingly having thought about things, when Elijah sits down next to him. Klaus solemnly reveals that the town was his home once and that he wants it back, that he wants to be king again. Elijah asks if that is all the child means to him before saying the child could change him, give him something he never believed he had; unconditional love of family. Klaus then looks at him and tells him to tell Sophie that they have a deal. The next day, Elijah is helping Hayley unpack things in their new house, which was co-incidentally their old house when they lived there and tells her he would always protect her. Klaus appears, taunting "noble Elijah, keeping his word". He then tells Elijah he healed Thierry, and that Marcel thinks he is on his side again.

Elijah and Klaus are talking in another room, taking sheets off their old belongings. Klaus says that they can destroy Marcel's army from the inside. Elijah asks about Rebekah. Klaus knows that Rebekah doesn't care and that he "shoved her in a box one too many times" and the elder brother says she will hopefully come around. Klaus, reaching down beside an object says he hopes Rebekah stays far away as there is a weakness in Rebekah that Marcel would exploit. Elijah asks what that is. Klaus simply looks at him and says "you" before quickly shoving a dagger into his chest. As Elijah desiccates, Klaus says family is a weakness and that if he is to win this war, he has to do it alone.

In House of the Rising Son, Klaus has stayed in New Orleans for three months. Klaus and Marcel are standing on the balcony of the Abattoir and Marcel is telling Klaus that they lure humans to his club and at midnight they feed on them, Klaus questions Marcel about what they do with the bodies and he reveals that they feed the vamp blood to avoid any suspicion. Thierry comes up to them and informs Marcel of that six of Nightwalkers has been killed in a bar.

Later at his house Rebekah has arrived, she demands to know what he has done to Elijah and he does not say but hints that he has daggered Elijah. He asks Rebekah if she was the one that killed the 8 Nightwalkers, which she admits to have done. Klaus brings up Marcel and his rules when Rebekah claims that he does not have any friends. He gets a text and is about to leave when Rebekah asks where he is going, he tells her is going to have drink with Marcel. Rebekah questions what part it has in his plan to undermine Marcel's empire and Klaus reveals that when friends drink they tell secret and he is hoping to learn what allows Marcel to control the witches and take it for himself.

He finds Marcel at a bar looking at Camille. Marcel tells Klaus that two of the guests from the other night are dead and are now in transition, (Josh and Tina). Klaus gets up and talks to Camille and he sets up a possible date between her and Marcel. Later Marcel brings him to a van with Josh and Tina inside. Marcel throws a coin and the one that pick it up gets to become a vampire and the other will die. Tina picks it up but Marcel kills her when she betrayed Josh. Klaus escorts Josh into a car.

At a bar Klaus is having a drink and Marcel comes in and is angry because he didn't tell him that Rebekah is back. Marcel asks him there is anything more that she needs to know, like if it was her that killed his 6 nightwalkers which he denies. Marcel then gets a call, saying there is a werewolf in town. Klaus returns home to find 3 dead and 1 living vampire at the house, because Hayley left the house. Klaus is furious with both Hayley and Rebekah and yells at them that they put his plan in peril, Rebekah defends herself by saying she was protecting Hayley and says that Klaus has done nothing to honor the deal that Elijah made for his child. He responds by saying he has done everything and tells Rebekah that since he came to town Marcel has not trusted him and has had his men ingest vervain, so when Marcel lost six nightwalkers he killed Josh and Tina and he compelled Josh into becoming his spy as he had not been given any vervain yet. Then he compelled Cami into dating Marcel and to be his spy. He drags Max into the house to drain him of vervain and compel him. Still angry with Hayley he demands to know what she was doing it Quarter in the first place. Hayley snaps and tells him that she was buying poison to kill the baby. Enraged by this Klaus grabbed Hayley by the throat and begins to choke her, showing that he cares about the child. Rebekah intervened and told Klaus that it is okay to care and to want something. Klaus sits down next to his sister and tells her that he gave Elijah to Marcel as a peace offering.

The next day he enters Hayley room to see if she took the poison or not. Hayley tells she didn't take the poison. Klaus asks her why didn't use it and she said it was because of that both her birth and adoptive parents abandoned her. Hayley asks what happened between him and Marcel. Klaus replied by saying he made Marcel what he is and treated him like a son and after Mikael chased him and his siblings from New Orleans, they all believed that Marcel had been killed and they mourned him. Then after he returned he did not only find that Marcel had survived, but he had taken everything that his family built and made it his own. And now he is living in their home, sleeping in their beds and the letter M that he stamps everywhere is not for Marcel it is for Mikaelson. Klaus also tells that he wants it back and if he has to push Marcel to get it, that is exactly what he will do.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Klaus sets the 3 dead vampires on fire and the next morning Hayley asks both him and Rebekah what the plan is to get Elijah back. Klaus say there is plan A: ask Marcel for Elijah back and then there is plan B: war. Klaus goes through with plan A and asks Marcel for Elijah back, but he says no and invites him to the party he is going to host.

He is later on the phone with Rebekah while Josh is draining Max of vervain. Rebekah tells Klaus that she is going to deal with Sophie and Katie the witch that rated out Hayley. Klaus walks to Josh noticing that he is not draining the vervain out of Max fast enough and drives a pitchfork through Max and compels Josh to do the same. Josh not knowing why he did it ask how Klaus made him do it and he explains how compulsion works. Rebekah calls him again and informs Klaus of that Katie is the girlfriend of Thierry, making him the key element in the plan.

Later Klaus and Rebekah were having a talk with Sophie asking her to do a tracking spell in order to find Elijah and Davina at the same time. They also ask her to play a part in their plan and have Katie use magic so Davina won't sense the locator spell. Klaus reveals to Sophie that Katie was the one that got he sister killed to motivate her.

Klaus has a talk with Marcel and convinces him that the witches a planning something and Marcel has Thierry bring some nightwalkers to do a rousting with the witches, all part of Klaus plan. Klaus later talks with Rebekah over the phone and tells her that he compelled Max to feed on Katie, which made Thierry attack Max and kill him and that will leave Marcel with no choice but to punish him and Katie will try to save Thierry.

Later Klaus attends Marcel's party with Rebekah and he sees that Rebekah has invited Cami as a distraction and payback against Marcel. When Diego tells Marcel what Thierry had done, Klaus just watched on as Marcel furies talked to Thierry and then he sent Josh to bring Marcel the spell to make daylight rings, saying that they found it in Katie's store. This left Marcel even more angry and he sentenced Thierry to the Garden. As Marcel and his vampires are escorting Katie shows up as planed to save Thierry, giving Sophie time to cast a locator spell. While Katie attacked the vampires with her magic, she got close to kill Marcel until Klaus saved him by killing Katie.

Klaus and Marcel later have a talk involving Thierry. Marcel then thankful for Klaus saving him will give him back Elijah. Marcel then asks how much Cami saw and Klaus tells him that she only saw a argument nothing that can't be fixed. Klaus walks into the bar and he sits down next to Cami and tells her that he needs her to give Marcel a second chance and compel her to do so. He returns home to hear Rebekah say that they failed which Klaus said is not true and he reveals that he was the one that killed Katie and he knew that she would try to take out Marcel. He also reveals that he was only using Sophie as she and the other witches only wants to have Davina and he is going to take her for himself before anyone can.

Klaus goes to Hayley to tell her that Elijah will be returning soon and as he is about to leave Hayley stops him a tells him that she thinks the baby is a girl and Klaus leaves the room with a smile on his face.

In Girl in New Orleans, Klaus offers Cami the job of write his memoirs, giving him time to compel her into spy on Marcel. Klaus tells Camille the truth of the war between vampire and witches, Cami reacts badly and Klaus compels her not to be afraid and she asks him how he made her feel safe. Klaus tells her about compulsion and then sits down and proposed that they talk more about Marcel.

Klaus goes to visit Cami and she asks how when he comes up to her she remembers what Klaus told her that he is a vampire and when he leaves she goes ask to thinking that he is a hot guy, with an accent and money to burn. He reveals that it is how compulsion works and he suggests that they sit down and that Cami tells her what she learned about Marcel. She tells him that Marcel has asked her to look after a young girl at the music festival and she says she said no. Klaus then asks her to reconsider without compulsion, Cami asks why he asked politely and he reveals that he likes her and how her mind works and believes that they could be friends under other circumstances. He then compels her into doing what he asked for.

At home he sees that Rebekah is still trying to use the internet to find Elijah. He how it's going and she tells him that she remembers that there was window shutters behind Elijah's coffin. He points out that it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Klaus then brings up that due to the delay of Elijah's return he believes that Marcel is no longer in charge of the situation. And because of that he suspect that Davina's loyalty to Marcel has been strained, perhaps Davina is open to other alliances. Rebekah the comments that as usual he is power is more important than getting back their brother, Klaus chose to see it as killing two birds with one stone. Take Davina and get Elijah back. Klaus later compels Davina's friend Tim to make Davina visit and he tells Cami to give Davina a note and say it was from Tim and sneak Davina out through the back door.

Later at a church Klaus sits next to Camille as they watch Tim play his violin and Cami brings up the killing of nine people that took place at the church and asks him if he has ever seen a man just snap and go on a killing spree. He tells Cami that he has seen a lot in his time and has learned that that the world is a awful place. Cami responds by saying that the world and people are not awful, they want to be good and something makes them bad. She also says that there is also signs of when someone is going through a psychotic break and the guy responsible did not have any. Klaus says she is well informed on the matter and realize that she knew him, Cami reveals that it was her twin brother Sean. She says that she can't sleep because she dreams about what Sean did and she hates it. Klaus tells her that they must all stand alone against with their demons and Cami answered by saying what if one day his demons they become mine to. Then Klaus compels her to leave and forget what happened.

Later he interrupts Davina and Tim and compels Tim to go sit down while he talks to Davina. Klaus tries to convince Davina to switch sides. He tries to convince her that Marcel is not her friend and that he is only using her and Davina respond to this by boiling his blood and Klaus grabs Tim and threatens to kill him. Davina tells him to let Tim go and breaks Klaus leg but i heals and Klaus tells her he will let Tim go but only if Davina will swear allegiance to him alone. Davina gets even more angry and lashes out at Klaus with her magic. Davina's lose of control knocked her out and when she woke up she ran outside to look for Tim giving Klaus time to talk with Rebekah over the phone who revealed that Hayley is missing and she was attacked by wolves and when she woke up they were all dead.

He tells her to keep looking and that he is on his way. Klaus then threw Tim down the church balcony. Then when Davina found the injured Tim. Klaus offers to heal him as long as she says please. She does what he asked and he healed Tim. He then compelled Tim to forget ever meeting him and Davina that night and tells Davina that she owes him a favor.

Klaus later arrives at the location of Hayley's disappearance and asks who took Hayley and ho killed her attackers she say she does not know. They then hear a wolf howling and they go outside to find Hayley. Klaus worried about the baby goes to her to make sure that she is okay and notice that she has completely healed and she says it's because she's a werewolf but Klaus she can't heal that fast. Rebekah tells him to leave her alone and realizes that the baby's vampire blood healed Hayley. Rebekah tells both of them that she has been in contact with Elijah and he has a plan. When Hayley gets up she almost collapses and Klaus catches her and brings her home.

That same night Klaus went to visit Camille. She invited him in and asked him if a vampire could have compelled Sean into killing nine people. Klaus then asks her to what end will learning what happened to her brother. Cami responded by saying that is the only reason she is on New Orleans. Klaus then tells it will bring her nothing but pain and it won't bring her brother back. He tells her the only way for her to find peace is for her to move on and forget. Cami understanding that he is going to compel her she asks him not to but he says it will only eat away at her and it will only put her in danger. Cami the says that he doesn't care about her he only wants her to be a good little spy. Klaus tells her he needs her loyalty but it is honor his brother the Cami asks what about her brother and says she needs to know who did it and make it right. Then Klaus compels her to move on and he promise her that he will find the one who harmed her brother and make them suffer.

In Sinners and Saints, Klaus grabs Sophie and brings her to his house accusing her of breaking their deal by letting Hayley be attacked by witches. Sophie swears that she did not have anything to do with it and it was a faction of extremists that were behind it because of a vision Sabine had about the baby. Klaus asks what she saw and Sophie reveals that Sabine saw that the baby will bring destruction to all witches. Rebekah asks how extreme the faction is and brings up that Elijah is talking to Davina. Sophie the says that Davina will have much to say about the faction and Klaus tells her to tell them what she knows and she reveals that she did not like the strict way she was raised so she left to travel and play, but she returned eventually and she learned from her sister Jane-Anne that hey are going through with the Harvest a ritual preformed every 300 years in order for the witches to keep their power granted to them by their ancestors. They are interrupted in the story when Marcel calls Klaus to tell him that there has been a attack on witches in the bayou and the injuries are consistent with that of a werewolf and he wants Klaus to come with him.

Later he is at the Big Auggie's Biker Bar and is on the phone with Rebekah and she tells him to stall Marcel from finding them. In order to do so Klaus asks Marcel some questions one being how he met Davina. Marcel reveals that it first started 8 months ago when he had a sexual relationship with Sophie and she to him about the harvest. The Klaus asked who Sophie turned to and Marcel reveals that Sophie turned to Kieran a priest, leader of the human faction and Cami's uncle. Kieran tried to convince the witch elders to not go through with the harvest, but to no success. In return for Kieran attempt to stop the harvest one of them put a Hex on Sean to distract him.

Later Klaus gets a call from Rebekah telling him that they went to the bayou and they were seen by a vampire who might be Marcel's informant Thomas and they lost him. Rebekah tells him to handle it and he says that he needs a distraction and Rebekah says that she is on her way. He then returns to Marcel and asks him what happened next. Marcel tells him that when the harvest was preformed the witches killed the chosen four, but before they could kill Davina Marcel showed up with his army and they stopped the ritual and when Marcel saw Davina being held by a witch trying to get free Marcel saved her and Marcel tells Klaus that there was something in the way that she fight to know and Klaus respond by saying I do Marcellus reminding him of how he once saved Marcel as a child. Marcel continues to tell the story and when the other three girls had been killed Davina was given all of their power and that is what makes her so strong.

Rebekah later shows up to stall Marcel giving Klaus time to find Thomas and snapped his neck. He then returned inside and asked Rebekah where Marcel is and she asks him the same thing and they realize that Marcel was stalling them.

Klaus the waits at the Abattoir for Marcel and when he shows up he tells his son that his attempt to stall him was pathetic and he taught him better than that. Marcel responds by saying that Klaus taught to protect what is his and says you will not take Davina from me and Klaus says that the strong always take from the weak. Marcel responds by saying if he is so strong why did he run from New Orleans, this enraged Klaus and jumped from the balcony and punched Marcel in the face. He says that he can take Davina when ever he wants and when Marcel is about to attack he is but not by Klaus, by Elijah.

The brothers later return home and Elijah gets the family to tell them that the reason that they were lured back to New Orleans was not because of the war between witches and vampire, it is because of Davina. He says that Sophie and Jane-Anne lost everything when Jane-Anne's daughter Monique was killed in the harvest and Jane-Anne sacrificed herself to bring her daughter back, so it is about family. He also tells them that Sophie is the greatest threat against them because she is willing to give her life to kill Davina and bring Monique back to life.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Klaus attempted to buy his brother's forgiveness by offering him a girl to feed on, but Elijah refused as forgiveness can't be bought. Then Klaus feed of the girl instead and left her body on the table. Afterwards the brothers began to ignore each other and sat down right in front of each other and read. Later Elijah rips out a page from their mother's spell book and he informs Klaus and Rebekah of that he intends to use Davina to break the link between Hayley and Sophie and he also reveals that their deal with Sophie no longer stands. Klaus is then told by Elijah to accompany him to the church and stay guard so Elijah can have some time with Davina.

Klaus and Elijah arrive at the Rousseau's and they find Sophie and Sabine knocked out. Once Sabine awoke they questioned her and she revealed that Sophie had been taken by Agnes. She refused to reveal where Agnes, believing they would kill her if they found her but when Klaus made it clear that he does not care about the harvest or Agnes she gave them her location.

They arrived at a crypt and found Sophie chained up and she revealed that Agnes used a cursed object on her that will affect Hayley and kill Klaus' baby. After learning this Klaus went to The Faction to ask them to find Agnes for him. When the leader Kieran asked him why they should to this Klaus reveals that Agnes is the witch that hexed his nephew Sean into kill himself and nine priests. This convinced Kieran to find her and he asked Klaus form some time and he screamed at Kieran that he does not have time, but Kieran didn't even flinch to it and stood tall against him this impressed Klaus and he gave him one hour.

Later he catches Kieran leaving the church and he offers Kieran a deal; Kieran will bring Agnes to the church and Klaus won't harm Camille. Kieran does what they agreed to and Klaus asked Agnes how to undo the curse she placed on Hayley. Agnes says it can't be reversed and his child will die. After Klaus learns that the link has been broken and his child is safe he tells Agnes that he is going to leave pieces of her at her family crypt, believing that it will send a fitting message; no one hurts his family. Then Elijah comes to the church and Klaus grabs Agnes. Elijah tells him to let her go and in return he will give him his forgiveness. He does as his brother asks and after he says that it is much like him to spoil his fun Elijah attacks and kills Agnes.

Klaus later goes to Cami to tell her that he learned what happened to her brother and he reveals that Agnes is dead which angers her because she did not ask him to make her part of revenge and she swears that she will find a way to undo what he has done to her.

As he is walking on the street Marcel confronts him and reveals that he knows where he lives and he saw Hayley. Klaus the hurried home to find that Hayley is gone and he tells Elijah that Marcel was there.

In Bloodletting, Klaus is at Marcel's Fight Night. Him and Elijah interrupt it to ask Marcel where Hayley is. Marcel doesn't know where she's at and tells Sabine to assist Klaus and Elijah. Sabine performs a spell and reveals that Hayley is in the bayou. Klaus and Elijah drive there together and search the bayou for any sign of Hayley.

Eventually, Klaus discovers Tyler is holding Hayley captive. Hayley fled into the woods. Soon after, Klaus and Tyler confront one another, argue and then battle. Tyler, being no match for Klaus, is defeated with little difficulty. He did however, manage to stab Klaus through the chest.

Later on, Klaus is found at the cabin by Hayley and Elijah and the three get into a heated argument about family and the recent events that are unfolding. Klaus, not pleased by Elijah, bites him which will make Elijah weak. He returns to the house and is talking to Rebekah about the situation. Rebekah informs Klaus that he never actually understood why Elijah cared for him and Klaus admits that he's in the wrong.

In The River in Reverse, Klaus is having breakfast with Rebekah. He is first seen filling a glass with blood from a woman's arm and whilst doing so he asks Rebekah if she has seen Marcel, intending to find out why he has been avoiding him and draw attention to Rebekah and Marcel's relationship. Klaus speaks to Rebekah wondering why she is giving him a "devil stare", assuming it is because he bit Elijah. Rebekah answers saying that she is worried Klaus would bite her also if she were to voice her opinion, however Klaus states that he would never bite her and that his preferred method of punishment is a dagger.

Next, Cami is recording Klaus' memoirs on a typewriter as Klaus speaks. Klaus is ranting about his disappointment in his siblings and he finds a mysterious drawing of Cami's; she mocks him by saying that it's a plot to destroy him and then a tattoo design.

Klaus then surprises Josh by turning up at a building where he is working on a car and says that he has the "role of a lifetime" for him. In a scene between Rebekah, Marcel and Josh, it is revealed that Klaus tried to compel Josh to steal a dagger from Marcel, however the compulsion didn't work because Davina removed the previous compulsion of Klaus from him. Josh does not get the dagger for Klaus but does what Marcel asked him by telling Klaus that Marcel has it on him.

Klaus goes to visit Cami's uncle, the priest, in hopes of getting him to persuade Cami to leave New Orleans. Afterwards he goes to confront Marcel, unaware that Rebekah had schemed with Marcel to subdue him. Before the start of the fight Klaus throws a coin and states that whoever picks up the coin will get to live, but nobody picks up the coin and the fight begins. Klaus kills two vampires that attack him and cockily puts his arms out. The tables turn on Klaus because chains are wrapped around his arms and he is dragged and then beaten up to the point of being on his knees. Klaus then growls and displays his hybrid eyes. He breaks free of his chains and begins to attack and slaughter the vampires around him. This continues but Marcel stops the fight, then he picks up the coin and pledges his allegiance to Klaus; after Rebekah tells him it is the only way to stop him killing everyone. At the burning of the deceased vampires from the fight, Klaus and Marcel have a conversation in which Klaus makes it clear that he wants his home back and Marcel agrees.

Klaus later feeling betrayed, holds a dagger to Rebekah when she confronts him after the fight, but then lets her go upon Elijah's arrival and demand. Klaus then says to Elijah that maybe it should be him he daggers because he feels that Elijah will replace him as a father to his child. Rebekah comments that they do not abandon him, he drives them away. Klaus then, hurt, says that he has done nothing lately but co-operate and bow down to Elijah while Rebekah is with a man she shouldn't be with, who stole their home from them. He also says that it was them who let him down by not believing his intentions for his child were pure. Klaus leaves with tears down his face to go to his reclaimed home with Hayley, stating that the child is the only thing that matters to him.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Klaus tries to gain trust of the quarter vampires by telling them that he has no intentions to create more hybrids which could harm them. To win their trust in this matter he allows them to kill off the werewolves in the bayou so that they could be sure that he doesn't want to use his child this way. He is still upset with Rebekah and Elijah and is taking away their furniture and seeks comfort from Camille. He compels her to write his memoirs as he is upset with his siblings. Camille is mad at him as she knows that Klaus uses her as therapist and blames him from messing with her mind. Klaus tries to confirm his grip over the down and asks help from Marcel. He confesses to him all the things he did to win his home back. He also asks Marcel's help to move Davina closer to him as he would like to have such powerful weapon close by. Klaus then has meeting with the human leaders who want bribe for their silence as vampires rule this city. They also want to set rules on Klaus how they want him to behave to protect the locals. Klaus laughs at their face and says that they are lucky to have whatever he wants to leave them, because other way they have lost their usefulness.

Soon after meeting the council calls him to tell him that they don't accept his terms ant they attack him and Marcel as they are in the bar with other vampires. Many vampires die and Marcel blames Klaus for it as he failed to make peace with humans. Klaus and Marcel call a human council meeting where they take revenge for their vampires leaving only father Kieran alive. Klaus tries to make Marcel his friend again and tells him that his decision to take over the city was not entirely his own. He reveals to him that the witches would have killed his unborn child if he would have refused their bidding. He says that he will not be a bad father to child, as his step-father was to him and admits that he was jealous for Marcel having created this empire without him. Klaus realizes that he can rule the vampires, but he can't win them so he asks Marcel to rule with him as his equal.

Later he has to deal with Hayley who is angry with him because of his order to kill the werewolves. Klaus tells her that he did it partly to ensure Hayley's safety as it lessens the threat to her from the vampires who otherwise would like to kill her. Afterwards he meets Rebekah and Elijah who declined his rules and ended the werewolf hunt as they found out that their clan is connected to their mother. Rebekah says that they are trying to make amends for their recent behavior and they found the clan of his father's bloodline. Though they ask for his forgiveness he asks them why would he want it and leaves them. He went straight to father Kieran to ask him a favor to protect the werewolves in the bayou from himself and other vampires without them finding out about it. In return he is asked to set Camille free. He goes to her and tells her that he is a monster and shows him memories from his past, but Camille feels sorry for him not disgust. He says to her that knowing about this world will only get her killed and then he compels her to leave New Orleans and forget everything she has learned about vampires. at the end of the episode he forgives Elijah and tells Elijah that when he and Rebekah are ready they are welcome to join him.

In The Casket Girls, Klaus calls Marcel as he discovers that Davina has escaped. As Elijah and Marcel are discussing how to get her back, Klaus has a plan of his own. They go to the Casket Girls Festival and Klaus searching for Davina. Klaus finds Davina's friend Timothy and kidnaps him to lure Davina out. Then he calls Joshua to send his message to Davina. Davina comes to Klaus to get Tim, but she doesn't cooperate and attacks them (Klaus, Marcel, Elijah) and overpowers them.

While Klaus is out cold, Davina leaves with Rebekah who wants to make her an ally. As Davina showed him clearly that she is not on his side Klaus had a back up plan. He had compelled Timothy before he was knocked, to poison Davina and Himself in case Davina doesn't return to him. As vampire blood is not curing the poison Rebekah calls Klaus to ask how to save her, but Klaus refuses to help her. Then Elijah and Marcel reveal to him their own plan which they made in case if Klaus goes to far. They had made a deal with a witch to protect Davina from dying which leaves Klaus still dealing with the witch problems. When Davina is safely returned to him Klaus takes her back without revenge on Marcel or Elijah for plotting against him. Later he meets Camille on the street and discovers that Davina has undone all the compulsion on her so she remembers everything.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, at the beginning of the episode Klaus is first seen talking with Elijah while Davina is starting to lose control over her power. When the earthquake starts, Klaus runs to Davina's room and discovers that she is coughing up dirt. As he realizes how great is Davina's power he soon begins to worry about the consequences and asks Marcel how to control her. Soon they find out that Davina's power is going to have four phases as she releases all the elements - earth, air, water and fire, making him worried about New Orleans. as they realize that the only way to stop Davina is to complete the Harvest and is trying to make Marcel agreeing with this. Marcel opposes him and doesn't want to hand Davina over for the sacrifice and takes her away from Klaus. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah combine their forces to find Davina before she destroys everything. He also tries to make sure that Hayley is safe and helps her with her plan to aid werewolves. He shows Hayley that he has already taken care for the werewolves and tells her that they are also his clan. Then he asks Kieran to help him find Davina. Klaus and Hayley are having a moment when he advises her to just apologize to Elijah to fix things between them. As Sophie's plan to get power from Celeste's bones fails, Elijah comes up with the new plan involving the Originals. They decide to make their mother Esther a New Orleans witch so they could channel her power and finish the harvest ritual. They bury their mother and take her power but something goes wrong and the girls who were killed for the harvest don't resurrect.

Marcel blames Klaus for Davina's death and this is making another barrier between their relationship. Klaus hugs him and tells him that he understands, because after he fled New Orleans he thought he was dead and it took him years before he could even speak his name. When he goes home he talks to Rebekah and asks her how did she find Davina so quickly and they share their regret over their failed plan to save her. When Rebekah realizes that this power could not have just vanish it leaves them with another problem to solve.

In Dance Back from the Grave, we can see flashbacks from his time in New Orleans from 1919. He tried to make arrangements with werewolves in this city, so his rule could remain hidden. But their meeting is soon interrupt by a witch named Papa Tunde, who demands to know how it would benefit for the witches. He demands a tribute as he thinks he is also the king in this city and brings them the head of the mayor who he has killed. Klaus doesn't like it and decides to find out who this enemy is. Klaus befriends him to find out his weaknesses so he could destroy him. With help from Marcel he finds out that Papa Tunde channels two twin witches who always accompany him and kills them to get rid of this rival. In the present time he is in very good mood after his trip to Mystic Falls. He frees Thierry at Rebekah's request. Then he informs other vampires in the quarter about Davina's death and the unsuccessful Harvest. He tells them that since Davina is dead they can't any longer control the witches in the quarter. So he orders them to keep them busy, until their power fades. He puts Diego on charge and is disturbed when Marcel doesn't join them. He talks with Marcel about his attitude but they are interrupted by Diego who has found some dead vampires. As they find two dead vampires, who are not even staked he wants revenge and make them suffer. He tells Diego to gather all the vampires and found out who did this, but most of the vampires are too freaked out to help. He realizes that others are so afraid of this new threat he decides to find the answers himself. On his way to figure things out he meets Sophie and finds marks of a dark sacrificial magic.

Soon he gets the call from Camille who tells him that Papa Tunde is killing Marcel. He runs to save him and confronts Papa Tunde himself, who is has all Rebekah's power so he is stronger than Klaus. He almost takes Klaus down, but Elijah and Hayley break the spell so that he loses power over Rebekah and Klaus overpowers him. He finds Marcel dying and tells Camille to find him somebody to give him blood. Camille volunteers, much to Klaus' dislike, but he allows her to save him. As he thinks the war with the witches has just started he asks the vampires in the quarter who will stay with him. Few leave, but most of them stay with him. He asks Sophie how could Papa Tunde return and finds out that it was because of the stolen Harvest power. As they learn that the Harvest might not be over he has Marcel back, because he will side with him to get Davina back and end this witch war. They want to stop him from killing more vampires and are alert that the garden is dangerous place if Papa Tunde discovers it, but they are too late. All of them are dead, leaving Klaus facing a stronger enemy.

In Crescent City, Klaus is first seen in St Anne's church with Marcel to celebrate the reopening of it. They want Father Kieran to find out all that he can about the witches. Klaus gets a call from Diego who informs him that Papa Tunde is dead and they start to understand that their witch problems are only getting started. When he gets a message from Camille he meets her at the church and she asks for his help with her uncle Kieran, who has been cursed like Sean. Klaus comforts her and tells her that her uncle is a good and loyal man. Camille asks his for help and gives him Papa Tunde's knife, which she was asked to stab into his heart, but she chooses Klaus over witches. Then Klaus and Camille are going to father Kieran and are bleeding him out so Klaus could compel him to overcome his dark curse. When this is done he goes to seek out the witch who hexed Kieran in the first place. He takes Monique for leverage to lure them out, but Marcel does not approve of his plan. Marcel attacks him so Monique could escape and when Klaus fights him off he drops the blade. When he turns around Sophie pushes this blade to his chest. Klaus is screaming in unbearable pain and then collapses, leaving him to the hand of of his the enemy.

In Long Way Back From Hell, Klaus is completely paralyzed by the blade inside of his heart. Genevieve removes the blade from his heart and Klaus awakens in a weak state. He asks Genevieve why she is so kind to him and she says he never did anything to her and she can't help but pity him in his current state. She gives Klaus a brew made with magic and he drinks it willingly and Genevieve reveals that she will show him his sister's betrayal and that is how she will have her revenge against Rebekah. She shows him how Marcel and Rebekah sneaked around behind his back and he already was aware of this and tells her if it's part of her plan to turn him against Rebekah it is ineffective. Genevieve says that is not even close to the full extent of their betrayal.

Genevieve later revealed that Klaus' fear of Rebekah and Marcel's love had led to them conspiring to get rid of him. He is shown that Rebekah had manipulated Genevieve into summoning Mikael. Klaus is greatly affected by this and screams to Genevieve that he has had enough of her lies. Genevieve says that he must have known that Rebekah was responsible for calling Mikael, or at least suspected and Klaus refuses to believe that Rebekah had taken everything he had accomplish away from him. Genevieve responds by saying that when she is done he will realize how wrong he is.

Genevieve shows him more proof of what Rebekah did and this time he sees when Genevieve cast the spell that called on Mikael with his half-sister and Marcel present. During the ritual he sees Mikael's blade that went missing when Klaus was a boy and Mikael beat him half to death because he believed that he had stolen it, and he should have known that Rebekah had taken it as she was so kind to him the weeks after the beating. After the vision has ended he knows the truth and screams out Rebekah's name in anger. Genevieve also shows him how Rebekah killed her.

Genevieve apologizes for what she did and says it was necessary for him to see so he can take his and her revenge. She offers him her wrist so he can regain his strength and he accepts it. She then releases him and gives him Papa Tunde's Blade. Klaus speeds off and begins to search for Rebekah. When he finds her she claims that it isn't true and he wants to believe her, but her face tells a different story and she begins to run.

Rebekah soon stops and Klaus comes down the stairs and reveals that he is no longer going to dagger her, he will use the blade on her and he describes what it's effects are, she tells him to do it. Klaus says that he is disappointed that she is not begging for mercy and forgiveness. Rebekah responds by saying that it won't do her any good and when Klaus asks how her father would look at her now, she attacked him and he threw her through a wall. Rebekah grabbed a metal bar and began to hit him with it but he easily defeated her and had her on her back. Marcel then came speeding in and Klaus threw him into a wall and was happy that he could kill him now. He tells Marcel that he will make Rebekah watch Marcel die and Rebekah claims that it was her idea to call Mikael and he turns to her and is about to stab her with the blade, but Elijah arrives and turns the blade on him and he is once again under the effects of the blade.

In Le Grand Guignol, Elijah removes the blade from Klaus' heart and asks Camille to look after him and slowly feed him her vervain laced blood, so he will recover slowly. When Camille asks him how he can hate his sister and he reveals that she has done something no one has done in over in a 1000 years; ripped his heart out. He begins to tell her that he allowed Marcel and Rebekah to be together and now realizes that he was a fool for not seeing their treachery, as they brought Mikael to town. Camille then assumes that he is consumed by revenge he will not achieve. Klaus responds to this by saying that he is not so sure because if they are going to run from him they will need a cloaking spell and for that they need a witch. Later, Klaus tries to get up but he is still weak and Camille stops him from doing so. After Camille makes a joke about him he tells Camille more of the story and reveals his relationship with Lana and it led to him getting tickets to the opera. Camille then says she is not surprised that he likes opera and he respond by saying that he has always had a soft spot for the Le Guignol and says it reminds him of what happened in 1919.

When he pours himself a drink, Camille then enters the room and when she mentions Elijah's name Klaus tells her not to speak to him about Elijah. Camille says that Elijah loves him and he agrees with her, saying Elijah proves time and again, even when Mikael enlisted Elijah to kill him. Klaus tells Camille that Mikael came to Elijah and wanted him to help Mikael to kill Klaus. Camille then interrupted him by asking him why he says kill when he is immortal and can't be killed, and Klaus reveals that he can be killed and Mikael had the one thing that could kill them; the White Oak Stake.

He continues to tell the story and tells Camille that Elijah refused Mikael's offer and said he would always stand by his brother and as a reward Mikael stabbed him with a piece of wood. Klaus says that Elijah often felt guilt for not stopping Mikael and Klaus would tell him not to blame himself. Klaus then received a text saying that Rebekah and Marcel have been seen in town. He then breaks a statue and pools out a stake. Camille asks what it is and he reveals that it is his own White Oak Stake.

Klaus is later feeding on a guy and Camille comes out to ask him what he is doing and he reveals that he is going to kill Rebekah. Camille then tells him not to kill his sister because if he does he will be filled with guilt and he won't survive it. Klaus responds by saying that he almost didn't survive Rebekah bringing Mikael down on him. Camille then tells him not to hunt down and terrorize Rebekah and Marcel, like he was terrorize, because if he does it he will become his father. Klaus then says he has been called many shades of monster but that was new and he says that Mikael was the monster that monsters was afraid of. He then grabbed her to show her something. He brought her to the location of the opera that burned down in 1919 and reveals that it was the work of Mikael. He tells her how Mikael sat behind him with his stake aimed for his heart and when Klaus said that if Mikael killed him he would fall proud of what he had achieved. Mikael then agreed with what he said and revealed that after he killed him, he would kill everyone that remembers his name. Then as the show started it showed that Mikael had compelled the audience to applaud to what they where seeing; Lana impaled on the scene and Marcel chained to a x. Klaus reveals that he tried to save Marcel but Mikael stopped him and Rebekah intervened and Klaus says he believed that she was trying to save him all those years, and now realizes that it was Marcel she tried to save. He continues to tell Camille the story and Elijah came to help them and together they ran and as they fled Mikael burned the opera to the ground along with Marcel they assumed. He says he lived but all that they built died as did the last shred of him that felt human and says that is what Mikael took from him that night. Klaus then assured Camille that he was not going to terrorize Rebekah and Marcel for centuries, nor will he torment, humiliate or dehumanize them, he will just end them. Klaus then speeds away before Camille can respond.

Klaus enters the cemetery and he screams for Rebekah much like Mikael screamed for him when they where leaving the city. He found his sister with Elijah and he told him to get away from Rebekah because she is his. He then puts his Hybrid face on and Elijah and Rebekah did the same.

In Farewell to Storyville, he is in the cemetery with Elijah and Rebekah. He holds a hearing for Rebekah and she confesses what she did in 1919. He shows anger and goes after her when he possibly can. Elijah defends Rebekah and tells him what Mikael also did to them besides Klaus. Klaus stabs Elijah with the blade and then goes after Rebekah. He confronts her again and she tells him the truth. He shows sadness and stabs Rebekah with the White Oak Stake. Revealing that he missed her heart, he asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants what she always has: a family and a home, and he exiles her from New Orleans and lets her live her life. He shows great sadness at her leaving though.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, after a month, he and Genevieve have become lovers. Elijah isn't happy with this relationship. He asks Klaus if he has forgotten that Genevieve tortured their sister and as a result she is now gone forever. Klaus responds that Rebekah harbored the desire to leave for quite some time. Elijah tells him that he should stop his ridiculous behavior and channel it into some action. He wanted to become king and now he must accept the responsibilities that come with that. Klaus clearly isn't interested. Elijah wonders what will become of his daughter if it so easy for him to abandon his home. Klaus is not happy with this remark. Elijah asks him if he has forgotten what it was like to live under the threat of violence. They must work together and make the city whole again. Klaus tells him that maybe the city is too broken to mend. Elijah tells him that if he will not do anything, Elijah will do it in stead.

Elijah wants to make a peace treaty involving all the factions. Klaus gives him some advice, Elijah should start with the werewolves if he wants peace. And if bringing everyone at the table is the problem, then he should just remove the table and throw a party. Elijah agrees and invites all the factions to a party at their home. Klaus attends to the party. He takes a specific interest in Jackson. He tells Jackson that his mother made a moonlight ring for his biological father that prevented him from turning. He could then access all the power he had as a wolf in his human form. Klaus tells Jackson he wants to give the werewolves rings like this so that they are strong enough to protect his unborn daughter. Vampires aren't loyal, werewolves however are. Family is very important to them and he wants the safety of that loyalty for his unborn daughter. Later Elijah wants Klaus to sign the peace treaty. Klaus however thinks the treaty will fail. At the end of the episode he's smiling as he looks at a painting he just made, the city of New Orleans with a full moon.

In The Big Uneasy, Klaus is seen painting Genevieve in the nude and then complaining to Elijah about the racket happening outside. Klaus is also trying to form alliances with the werewolves and the witches. He also asks Oliver to find Cary, which he does, and he asks Cary what stone the ring housed and to find out what it was. He is confronted by Genevieve about Esther's grimoire and he tells her that she doesn't have leverage over him. He comes to the witches' ceremony and presents Davina with a gift, for which she does refuse, and he apologizes for what he did to Tim, and she later accepts. She sees that it is a page from Esther's grimoire about how to make daylight rings. He then shows Genevieve the hands of the witch he cut off and she then tells him she was thinking about taking the hex off Kieran, but she changes her mind. He and Elijah also get into a fight, which ends with Klaus looking troubled. He later tells Cami that Genevieve won't take off the hex and that he will kill Marcel if he sees him.

In An Unblinking Death, he is seen looking for his mother's grimoire, but Elijah has put in a place where he can't find it since he knows about the alliances Klaus is trying to put together. He gets a call from Marcel about Kieran, and he goes over to the church. He then turns Kieran for Camille, but unfortunately he has to kill because the hex and the vampire lust took control and he has to save Camille, then he takes Camille to her home and calls Marcel to accompany her. He allows Marcel to come back for Kieran's funeral. He is then also given the grimoire by Elijah.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus is having a nightmare of being at Kieran's funeral and sees his daughter, unfortunately he is staked through the chest by Mikael. He wakes up and he later goes to Rousseau's. He is drinking a lot and tells Elijah that he has been dreaming about their father. Elijah is shocked and tells him that he has been doing the same thing. Klaus makes a call to Bonnie and she tells him the Other Side is falling apart. He attends the funeral with Elijah and Hayley as well. After Hayley briefly dies, he wants the baby to get out of her, but Genevieve tells him it will kill Hayley. He later confronts Marcel and he expects nothing less from him when Marcel tells him he'll fight till he's dead.

In The Battle of New Orleans, Klaus shows Genevieve the spell required to create the moonlight rings and tells her of the changes he wants made to them. He then promises her that, in exchange for her allegiance, he will give her his mother's spell book and protect her from all her enemies. When Marcel snatches Jackson and Oliver as they arrived with the black kyanite stones needed for the spell, Klaus deduces from Genevieve's inability to locate them that Marcel had a cloaking spell around him. Klaus threatens Davina (who cast the spell for Marcel) by biting Josh into telling him where Marcel is. He heads to the warehouse where he and Elijah find Jackson bound to a chair tied to explosives.

A timer makes them go off as Marcel's revenge for Thierry's death but all three make it out alive. They return to the compound where Genevieve tells Klaus that she needs something to bind the spell, ideally another wolf who can control his transformation and Klaus offers his blood. Klaus also reveals that he had a Plan B: he had asked Francesca Guerrera to find black kyanite for them as a backup.

As Genevieve performs the spell, Marcel and his vampires attack the compound. Marcel draws Klaus away and the two fight, while Elijah holds off the whole vampire army on his own. Klaus bites Marcel to kill him but at that moment, the werewolves call on the stones to prevent their transformation and drain Klaus of his strength. Marcel escapes and Genevieve later finds a weakened Klaus and tells him what she did: that the stones drew their power from him and that he would now be weak and in pain every time a werewolf drew on them to prevent their turn. She then knocks him out with magic. Klaus later wanders aimlessly through the streets of New Orleans until he hears Hayley's screams coming from St. Anne's Church. He realizes that Hayley and his child are in danger, Klaus screams up to the sky in anger.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Klaus is first seen in a flashback with Hayley, in which she allows Klaus to feel the baby kick. In present time Klaus arrives at St. Anne's Church and tries to save Hayley and the baby from the witches, but in the process he gets pinned to the wall by magic. Klaus remains pinned to the wall as Hayley gives birth to his daughter. He watches in shock as Hayley bleeds to death after her throat is slit. Klaus shouts out in anger as the witches leave with the baby, he gets his neck snapped and he drops to the floor. Elijah finds a devastated Klaus with Hayley in his lap, and Klaus says to Elijah that Hayley is gone. Klaus heals Elijah of his werewolf bites, he explains what has happened and they leave to go save the baby.

While in the cemetery Klaus and Elijah have a heart to heart about Hayley, and they continue their search for the baby even though the witches have put up a spell to form an illusion so they can't locate the witches whereabouts. Hayley shows up at the cemetery in transition. Klaus explains that she died with the baby's blood in her system and now she is transitioning into a hybrid. Klaus, Hayley and Elijah find the witches as the sacrifice begins. In the battle to save the baby from the witches Klaus kills Abigail but it is Marcel who rescues the baby.

Klaus follows Marcel and heals him of his werewolf bite as he saved his daughter. Klaus is later seen backing up Hayley's decision to send their daughter away to keep her safe as New Orleans is too dangerous for the baby to stay, (for now). Klaus suggests they fake the baby's death to keep her safe. ]Camille visits Klaus believing the baby is dead and he tells her they can't be friends anymore as he doesn't want to ruin her. Klaus is seen talking to Elijah and tells him to take their families mourning public to keep up the ruse. Klaus then takes the baby to a deserted area where he meets Rebekah. Klaus gives an emotional farewell speech to his daughter before handing her to Rebekah. Klaus knows that Rebekah will keep his daughter safe and he tells her that he trusts her with his daughter's life. Before Rebekah leaves she tells him that she will make his daughter happy and she asks Klaus the baby's name. Klaus says her name is Hope. He cries as he watches Rebekah leave with Hope.

In Rebirth, Klaus is first seen setting up a canvas, preparing to paint. He accidentally rips it and angrily throws it, as soon as Elijah enters the room. Klaus talks about not doing anything and says he needs to spill blood. Elijah informs him that the remaining twelve moonlight rings have been found. Klaus then leaves, hunting for the rings. He pays Marcel a visit and asks him to assist him in taking the rings. Marcel agrees to help and brings Joe Dalton with him. Afterwards, Klaus returns to the compound to inform Elijah of their plan. Eventually him, Elijah and Hayley attack the Guerrera Mansion. Klaus kills a few werewolves and saves their blood, painting with it the next day at the family mansion. Klaus and Elijah begin destroying the stones used in the moonlight rings. However, they realize that a witch crafted them and only elements can destroy them. Later on, he talks to Hayley about being a hybrid. Hayley expresses sadness, but Klaus lightens her up by calling her a queen. He then comfortably squeezes Hayley's hand and tells her that they can defeat their enemies by working together.

In Alive and Kicking, Klaus tells Elijah about a witch hunt him and Hayley went on. Elijah scolds him for his actions, but Klaus says he's helping her. Later on, Klaus and Hayley head out to the Bayou in search of werewolves. Eventually they find Oliver and many other werewolves. Klaus threatens him, but Hayley stops him, not wanting a fight. Oliver then insults Hayley and Klaus slams him on the ground. Eventually, the two leave, Klaus saying he's going to find a witch and "educate" her. Klaus is seen at the cemetery talking to Cassie (who was being possessed by Esther at the time) and having tea with her. He comments on the tea, saying his mother made it and he disliked it. Klaus them proceeds to tell Cassie how terrible and insane Esther was. Cassie stops him and questions him, but Klaus is offended, as she called him by his full name. He threatens to kill the werewolves in the room and leaves enraged. When he returns to the compound he tells Elijah that he studied her and figured out it was their mother. He says he is going to kill her. However, Elijah reveals that Mikael, their father is still alive and Klaus asks who they should decide to kill first.

In Every Mother's Son, Klaus, Elijah and Hayley are talking and there is a silver lid on a platter that starts to rattle and two starlings fly upward, and Klaus says it's an invitation from Esther. Klaus is staring at the invitation on the balcony and then notices Hayley laying on his bed. She says she's glad she didn't get to know her mother and says she'll glad add Esther to the body count. Elijah tells her no since they must know her intentions first before she finds a new host. Klaus is telling a caterer to skip the salad and picks a wine before dismissing him, while Hayley walks in.

She says letting Oliver lived paid off as she said that he informed her that Esther has another witch and Klaus suspects that she's building alliances to help her destroy them. Hayley wonders why she hates him since she has six kids and should have a maternal gene, but Klaus corrects her, and tells her that Esther had seven children, and at one time she loved them all very much. He says they lost a sibling before they came to Mystic Falls, and how Henrik's death pushed his mother over the edge. Hayley asks him what he believes about his mother and replies "I don't know. I just knew I wanted her dead". Hayley tells him every good story needs a wicked witch and it will satisfying when they melt her, which makes Klaus smile back. Klaus arrives at Marcel's loft and asks if he still has a necklace with a metal bird on it and Marcel says he does, revealing Klaus gave it to him when he turned 11. Marcel asks why he needs it and Klaus tells him he doesn't want him to be a part of his sprawling family drama and thanks him for holding onto the necklace. Hayley goes to Klaus and Elijah and updates them that Lenore is being held captive in the Quarter and Oliver's with her. Elijah is cut off by her and Klaus hands the necklace over to her and tells her that she needs find Gia, as she's getting another ingredient for the branding spell. Klaus and Elijah are both wearing fancy suits as they get ready for dinner with their mother. After threatening to tear her new body to pieces if she tries anything, Finn arrives and they don't recognize him as he's possessing a new body.

Klaus and Finn exchange banter with each other, tells both of them that Kol has been resurrected as well and says that change is inevitable. Klaus gets angry and flings at Finn, but he stops it with magic and says they have much to discuss. Klaus gets frustrated and demands that Finn get to the point and understands Klaus' cruelty, but not Elijah's as he should've been the most compassionate one. He says Elijah took his place as oldest and that instead of fixing the problems of the family, he produced nine centuries of failure. After Elijah tells Finn off, Klaus is seen giggling at the insults, until Esther walks in and says she's missed them. Klaus asks her to tell them why she's there so the night will end and Esther wonders why they look at her with such disdain as she was just trying to protect them. It is revealed that Esther was responsible for Klaus being weak in his human life, as the necklace she gave him was spelled to protect him, so he wouldn't activate his werewolf curse. He gets angry and tells her that she also did so it would hide her transgressions and says he always sought approval was denied as he thought he was a weakling, but then tells her that she was the author of what he had become. Esther then starts gasping and Elijah says she's gone. It's revealed she has possessed Lenore and Elijah wonders if they weren't the only ones she was trying to get to that night and then they go to where Hayley is. Klaus and Elijah finally arrive at Lenore's store and Esther says she didn't come there to wage war against them. Klaus tells her they won't accept any offer she has given, but she says in due time they will beg her for her offer. She then disappears as hundreds of starlings come through the windows. Elijah asks her what else Esther had to offer besides rebirth and Hayley says Esther blamed them for what happened to Hope and her. After Hayley leaves after she contemplates taking Esther's offer, Elijah tells him he was never weak and Klaus tells him to remain wise as the family could learn something from him.

In Live and Let Die, Klaus is seen listen in on Cami's conversation with Davina, and then finds out where she is hiding. The two go to a bar, and Cami is trying to convince Klaus not to kill Davina. Cami is trying to help him and talks to him about his parents. They both dance together at the bar. In the end, he agrees, and he and Cami then go to Davina's family cabin in Terrebonne Parish - to try to reason with Davina about Mikael. But before Davina and Kol can make a getaway, Klaus arrives at the cabin and threatens her to send out his father. Klaus is waiting outside, and Mikael comes out, with both threatening to end each other. After they fight each other, it seems Mikael gets the upper hand, but Klaus then stabs Mikael with Papa Tunde's blade in his chest. Cami then arrives at the cabin and tells Klaus not to hurt Davina, but he tells her she's okay and she notices Mikael on the ground. He tells her he took her earlier advice - not to kill his father, as it will do him no good, and will change nothing.

In Red Door, Klaus reunites with Kol. The Hybrid recognized his younger brother really fast, and the two had a brief banter, and after Klaus found out that Mikael took Cami, and called Elijah for help, Klaus demanded his brother to wake Davina, but Kol refused, so Klaus left his brother with a warning, and went to find Mikael. Klaus tracked down his father, but came too late; Mikael compelled a bunch of drunk humans to deliver him a message, and attack him. Klaus bested them all, and then found out from Hayley on the phone that Elijah was taken by their mother. So he left in a hurry to finish his business with his step father. Later he found Mikael with a bleeding Cami in his arms. Klaus and Mikael then have a showdown. Klaus is almost killed in the struggle as Mikael stakes him with the white oak stake. But Kol and Davina interfere, and manage to make the white oak stake temporarily powerless and saves Klaus in the process, so his bloodline won't die with him. Cami manages to pull the stake out of Klaus while Mikael is distracted. Hayley and Marcel come to Klaus' aid and Mikael disappears, leaving Klaus in a awe.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Klaus is trying to find a way to rescue Elijah from Esther. He was seen entering a room covered in blood, after torturing one of Esther's wolfs for her location. Hayley confronts him and tells him she wants to help find Elijah, but Klaus tells her not to, because Esther is to dangerous for her to handle. Later on he tries to desecrate Esther's true body by burning it in order to capture her attention. Esther uses a spell to make Klaus see Elijah, but Klaus finds out, and tells her to stop with her tricks, as he wants to talk to her. Esther appears and begins to talk to him about their past - she tells him about Mikael's love for his older sister; Freya. Esther tells him that she will give him Elijah if he listens to her. They have a long conversation about their past together with Klaus calling her a whore for sleeping with another man, and Esther slaps him hard, telling him to watch his mouth, as she is still his mother, and after more banter, she then tells him where to find Elijah. When Klaus arrives at the location he meets his real father, but doesn't seem at all happy about it. He leaves and finds Elijah in one of the tombs in the city of the dead, but Elijah doesn't wake up. Esther then appears, and Klaus asks her why he isn't waking up, and confront her about the man he saw earlier, doubting it, as he thinks that was not his real father, but an illusion she casted. Esther tells him she brought him back from the other side before it collapses, so he can teach him what it means to be a wolf, if Klaus agree to take the body of a mortal, and he refuses yet again, so she asks him why doesn't he accepts her offer, and Klaus tells her that his hatred for her has only grown since the day he killed her, because she tried to kill his child - he then chokes her almost to death, saying that he would make her suffer as after all he is his mother's son.

In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Klaus tries to wake Elijah by entering his mind, but he fails, and promises to free him from Esther's spell. He tells Hayley that Elijah can be freed from the sleep by a plant, as his mother used to put Mikael in the same magical sleep. He also warns her not to go after Esther. A while later he goes to the woods where he meets his real father again. During the time he is in the woods, Klaus talks to Ansel about why he didn't come for him when he was still human. Ansel tells him that Esther forbade him from seeing Klaus, so he waited for Klaus to trigger his curse, but when that happened Mikael found him first. They then find the tree with the plant, but the tree is surrounded by Vervain, so Ansel help Klaus take the plant. Later, at night, they both sit near a bonfire, and Ansel informs Klaus that he knows that Hope is alive. Klaus admits to Ansel that he would have liked to be his son, but since Ansel knows about Hope, he kills him. Klaus cries while Killing Ansel. Later on he wakes Elijah while telling him about how their were innocent once, their family's hope and his love for his daughter. After Elijah had recovered he tells him about meeting his father and then they are interrupted by Marcel and Hayley who tell them about kidnapping Kol and Finn.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Klaus and Elijah, tries to convince Finn and Kol to join them over breakfast. Kol agree so he can be freed, but then Finn refuses, and ask where Rebekah is, and that is when Elijah bites Finn. Klaus take him outside and tells Elijah not to kill them because they need them on their side. They are interrupted by a phone call from Rebekah who tells them that Esther has found her. Elijah tells Klaus to go to meet Rebekah, but Klaus convinces him to go instead, and makes Elijah promise to keep Hope safe no matter what. Klaus then talks to both Kol and Finn. When he talks with Finn, the hybrid finally learns why his mother tried to kill his child; so he and the rest of his siblings can be free from Dahlia's curse, unlike their older sister, Freya, who was taken by her. Klaus is shocked when he hears this, and tells Finn that their mother deserves a far worse punishment then death for what she did to their sister. He later talks with Kol, and convinces him to join them all, Klaus then tells his younger brother that he did care about him, and he did tried to avenge his death. He later locks Finn in a coffin after the latter refused to join him, and then he received a phone call from Rebekah. When Hayley asks Klaus where he is going, he tells her they are going to see their child.

In The Map of Moments, Klaus is shown in a flashback with Marcel and Kol, as he caught the latter stealing the Paragon Diamond. Klaus take the diamond from his brother, and have one of his witches lock Kol's allies in the Dowager Fauline Cottage forever. The hybrid then wishes his little brother merry Christmas. Klaus in present day drives to Arkansas, and is reunited with his daughter. Rebekah insists that they have a bonfire season, and Hayley and Elijah agree with her, much to Klaus' dismay. Klaus is then spends time with Hope, and Hayley interrupts him, saying it's time for them to light the bonfire. Hayley and Klaus have a cynical banter about her marriage to Jackson, and Elijah's involvement. Later Klaus lights the bonfire, and Rebekah wants him to take a selfie of all of them, Klaus is reluctant at first, but agrees, and the five of them take a picture. They realize they have to burn the photo, so no one will see it, and then Rebekah says she will take Esther's deal, and take her down with her. Klaus eventually agrees, and calls Kol, so he can be their leverage. And so he devises a plan with Rebekah and Kol to get rid of Esther; Klaus and Rebekah drive back to N.O.L.A, and Rebekah reproving Klaus for giving Kol the Paragon Diamond. Klaus shakes it off, saying he will deal with it later. After that he arrives to the city of the dead, demanding that his mother will stop the spell, but she refuses, saying she broke a deal with Mikael; so he can kill Klaus himself. Klaus is very hurt by this, so he kills Esther's body when the time for the spell nearly runs out. He later brings Rebekah's body home. In a flashback, Klaus daggers Kol for plotting against him. Klaus later informs his mother that she can't body-jump anymore, as she is in transition to be a vampire. He gives her a choice: to feed or to die. Later, over Rebekah's body, Kol gives Klaus the White Oak Stake.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Klaus returns to the safe house in Arkansas with Cami, and inform her that Hope is still alive. Later he sit with her and his brother, and informs them that he and Hayley will return home to deal with Finn, and unite the vampires and werewolves. He tells Cami that she will stay with Elijah, so Finn wouldn't find her. When he return to New Orleans, he is trying to make peace between the vampires and the werewolves. But Finn stops him from doing so; he angrily arrive at Klaus' house when he and Kol open a bottle of Wine, and demand to know where their mother is. When Klaus refuses to tell him, Finn traps the wolfs and the vamps at Klaus' house. Klaus turns to Kol for help, telling him to fix this. When Kol tells him there isn't much he can do, the hybrid motivates his younger brother by telling him that the vampires will find him very appetizing. Later Klaus is trying to talk with Hayley about Elijah, but she refuses. Klaus tells her not to tell Jackson about Elijah, and that: "It's not love on which the strongest foundations are built. It's the decency of merciful lies". Later Davina informs Kol and Klaus that Finn is channeling something big. After that Klaus get a phone call from Elijah who tells him that Rebekah is missing. Kol then informs Klaus that they need to distract Finn by telling him where to find their mother. Klaus find out that Finn made all the vampires hungry, so he calls him and tell him where to find their mother, so he he can let them all go. Klaus, with Kol and Marcel debating how to escape the compound. Later, Klaus stops Josh from feeding off Aiden, and then confronts Kol about Rebekah's whereabouts. When Kol doesn't tell him where she is, Klaus angrily storms off, leaving Kol with the hungry vampires. That night, Klaus is talking on the phone with Elijah, filling him in, and telling him to do nothing, and watch over Hope. After that, Klaus goes to the tomb where he left Esther, and finds her missing to.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Klaus is with Davina at St. Anne's Church talking about Kol. Klaus wants to know what Finn is up to. Davina uses her magic to cast some kind of a locator spell, and see that Finn is at Lafayette Cemetery, and informs Klaus that he's channeling their parents. She also tells Klaus that Finn is using Representational Magic. He gets ready to confront Finn, but passes out and collapses on the church's floor. His mind was brought to an astral plane along with Elijah and Kol. The plane was a cabin with several heads representing each of the brothers personalities. Klaus being represented as 'The Big Bad Wolf'. Finn wanted to know the big secret they were hiding. Which was Hope. Elijah realizes a flaw in Finns magic. If they are misrepresented. Then the spell can be broken. Elijah tells Klaus he is not 'The Noble Stag' Elijah finally admitted to Klaus he killed Tatia. Finns magic was being weakened and though Klaus was very angry he forgave Elijah. The spell was finally broken and they returned to their bodies.

In Sanctuary, Klaus and Hayley argue over whether to tell Jackson that Hope is still alive. To prevent Hayley from trying to stop him, he snaps Hayley's neck, after telling her that he does trusts her, but he does not trust Jackson. He goes to kill Jackson, and he beats Jackson to a pulp, with Jackson mocking Klaus that he is jealous of him for spending time with Ansel. Just before Klaus kills him, he asks him to help Hayley protect their people. He is prevented from killing him by Hayley, who tells him that she trusts Jackson. Klaus reluctantly agree, but before he leaves, he threatens Jackson, saying if he will ever betray their trust, he will deposit Jackson's head on the end of a spike. And adds that Perhaps he'll leave it in his grandmother's garden. Klaus decides to trust Hayley's judgment on Jackson and he agrees to let her tell Jackson about Hope.

In The Devil is Damned, Klaus talks to Rebekah and Elijah about Dahlia and Freya, getting angry at his younger sister for not collecting more information about Freya, the two start to argue, but Elijah stops them. Klaus then finds out from Aiden about Finn having Marcel, and informing his sister about it, but he grow frustrated as he doesn't know what to do about it. Just then, he and Rebekah are interrupted by Kol who tells them that he is dying from a hex Finn placed on him, and he needs Klaus help. Klaus is doubtful at first, as he knows his little brother to be a con artist. After agreeing to help Kol, and in return Kol will help him find Finn. But after he got into Kol's head, he finds out about the dagger Kol is making with Davina against him. Klaus is outraged; so Rebekah tries to calm him, but is interrupted by Kol who was sent by Finn to get Klaus' blood for a cure. Kol then accuse Klaus for not caring about him as he daggered him repeatedly. Kol thought that Klaus will kill him, but Klaus is telling him he is an idiot, he will never kill him, as they are brothers. Kol also tells him that he know enough about dark magic to know that he is hexed, and there is nothing to be done about it; Klaus seems heart-broken by it. Later, Kol is still sore that he haven't earned the right to share Klaus' secrets, and Klaus told him it isn't too late for him to try. Klaus, Rebekah and Kol search for Finn. While they are searching for Finn, Kol finds out that Hope was alive all this time. Kol and Rebekah does a spell to stop Finn from killing their niece where Klaus volunteers himself to help, so the two can channel him. The spell works and Klaus thanks Kol, admitting that family is power.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Klaus convinces Hayley not to go to Hope, as he already made sure she will be brought to them. He later visits Jackson in the Bayou, telling him he killed all the wolfs who refused to relinquish Finn's moonlight rings as a wedding gift for him. He then told the alpha (and Aiden, who was also present) to come to his house later. Klaus made arranges for Hope to come home, and told Hayley she will be safer with them at New Orleans, before presenting her to Jackson. Later, he talks with Elijah, telling him not to do a thing to dissuade Hayley from going through with the wedding, as they need her wolfs to protect Hope. He attends the wedding, and Elijah asks him what is he planning; he then realizes that Klaus plans on killing Jackson. The two banter for a while, with Elijah correctly deduce that Klaus is terrified that Jackson might be a better father then him to Hope. He changes his mind after seeing Hope, and he introduces her to the supernatural inhabitants of New Orleans, thus revealing to them she is actually alive. He then goes to a dying Kol's side. Kol dies, as Klaus is crying for him.

In They All Asked For You, Klaus is seen talking to Rebekah and Elijah on the phone. The three of them are arguing about the best way to protect Hope. Later he talks with Hayley and Jackson, saying it's time for them to use their werewolf army, finding Freya and Finn. Klaus and Jackson argue about the best way to use the wolfs, with Jackson reluctantly agree with Klaus' way. After that, Klaus talks with Aiden, persuading the wolf to go against Jackson orders, and move quietly. Later that day, Klaus is in Lafayette cemetery, searching for Finn. He finds him, and the two then exchange insults, and they fight. Klaus tells his older brother that for what he would have done to Hope, he's going to enjoy making him suffer. Elijah interrupts him, saying that the witches needs the body of the witch Vincent unharmed. Klaus say that currying witch's favor does not concern him. And then Freya shows up. She put Finn's spirit in her talisman, and when Klaus asks her what did she do to him, she tells her brothers that Finn is safe from harm, and that his hatred can't do to damage to their mutual cause. She mocks the two of them for arguing all the time, and when she acts familiar with Klaus, saying how their mother destroyed him, he gets upset, saying they know nothing of her. She shows the both of them the day she was taken. She tells them about Dahlia's powers, but Klaus remains unconvinced, and the two start to bicker, until she tells them that she made Mikael her ally. Elijah agree to listen, but Klaus leaves because he doesn't agree with their plan - involving Mikael. Klaus spends a moment with Hope, and then tells Hayley that if the werewolves don't do as he ask, and fight Mikael, he will kill them all. Later, at a bar, he talks to Aiden and convinces him he can be a better Alpha than Jackson; Aiden only needs to swear fealty for Klaus, and to protect his daughter.

In Save My Soul, Klaus invites Freya for a dinner party, so she can tell him, Elijah, and Rebekah her story. When Freya seems to gain his siblings' trust by promising to help Rebekah to remove Eva Sinclair's spirit from her body, he breaks her neck, fearing she is up to no good. Later, after bringing her to St. Louis Cathedral bell tower, telling her that she won't stay in his house, as only people he considers family can live there. She then tells him about her life with Dahlia and how she lost her unborn son because of it. He later on tells her he doesn't trust her and she tells him that she is here to stay.

In Exquisite Corpse, Klaus stops Eva from going after Hope and he talks to everyone about what to do next. He tells Marcel and Hayley what to do. He takes Freya to Esther because Freya, despite having the magic, doesn't have the spell. Klaus tells Esther about Hope being alive. Esther tells Klaus not to trust Freya, and Freya then breaks his neck. When he wakes up Esther talks to him about their broken family. He lets Freya do the spell in order to save their sister and defeat Eva. Klaus talks to Rebekah and when Rebekah thanks him he smiles. He and Freya then talk at a bar and she taunts him, and she then threatens him.

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Klaus tries to stop Dahlia while she threatens them. Later on when Elijah, Rebekah, Freya and Hayley are discussing their plan Klaus shows that he still doesn't thrust Freya and seems unhappy about the plan chosen. Klaus then goes to Davina and asks her to track Mikael down. Thanks to Davina's help Klaus finds Mikael and tries to convince him to join forces to protect their daughters. A few moments later Klaus and Mikael go to fight Dahlia but end up by losing the only weapon they believe that can kill her. Klaus then kills Mikael and tells him about their past.

In When the Levee Breaks, Klaus has breakfast with his siblings while talking about killing Mikael when Dahlia appears in Josephine's body and threatens them. Klaus then talks to Elijah where he tells him about his mistrust for Freya and goes to Aiden who is in his house. Then Cami appears and asks to talk to him but he tells her to go. He goes to talk with Cami. After this he goes to the bar where the werewolves accuse him of killing Aiden and Klaus admits. He then talks to Cami and admits he didn't kill Aiden and he only admit it to make the werewolves fear him. Elijah then talks to him and daggers him in front of Freya and Rebekah.

In City Beneath The Sea, Klaus is still daggered. Dahlia uses her magic to get Klaus inside of her head. She shows him his mother Esther betrayed Dahlia by falling in love with Mikael who was a Viking but also a murderer. She tells him the first borns in their bloodline are very powerful and they lose control of their magic. She tells Klaus she is the only one who can save Hope from herself. She shows him how out of control Freya was. She says that she will help. But he needs to kill Hayley. She blows some magical dust on him. He wakes up and pulls out the golden dagger. He overhears Hayley's voicemail to Elijah telling him thanks. But she's on the run with Jackson and Hope. And she won't be back anytime soon. He leaves without them noticing he's awake and meets Dahlia at Lafayette Cemetery. He tells her he will do anything to protect Hope. Even if he has to betray his siblings. He also tells her he never cared about Hayley. Dahlia puts a rain thunderstorm spell on New Orleans so Hayley can't escape the Bayou.

In Fire with Fire, Klaus is first seen in an ally way after he had drained about 1/3 of the festival attendees. Being daggered brings out his appetite, Klaus finally understands why his siblings really hated him so much for daggering them. Klaus makes his way to Marcel's place where he breaks his neck, hangs him upside down and drains the vervain out of his system. He also injures and possibly kills Marcel's Army. And drains Gia of her blood to get the vervain out of her system. Dahlia questions why he is going through all of this. Once the vervain is out of Marcel's system, Klaus compels him to go after Rebekah. During the battle in the compound, Klaus tackles his brother, Elijah and begins a fight between the two while Dahlia deals with Freya. Klaus restrains Elijah by forcing him against the railings on the second floor, while a compelled Gia walks into the courtyard and takes off her daylight ring, subsequently burning to death while Elijah screams and tries to get free from his brother so that he can save her. Elijah breaks free but to his surprise, Klaus impales Papa Tunde's Blade in Elijah. Just at the wrong moment, Cami walks in. Klaus rushes over to her to take a bite out of her neck. We later discover that Klaus gave Cami a message of his plan. Klaus and Dahlia make their way to find Hope. They turn up at the junkyard, where they find Hayley and her pack preparing to head for Alaska. Dahlia walks in doing a spell on the wolves. It turns out, Klaus had given Dahlia the Crescent Curse with a few changes so that it would work on Hybrids also. The entire pack begins to turn, uncontrollably in front of them. Klaus finds his daughter in a backseat in the truck. Dahlia appears and goes towards Hope with the intention of getting her blood for the spell. Klaus steps in her way, stopping her from getting to Hope. Klaus says that she isn't getting his daughter while she is able to sleep for a year. Once she has enough power, then she may channel her power. Instead, Klaus offers to use himself to link to Dahlia, as he is an Original Hybrid. He bites his hand and offers it to Dahlia.

In Ashes to Ashes, Dahlia is performing a spell to link both Klaus and herself together so that Dahlia can bypass having to sleep for 100 years. Once the spell is complete. They both get up and Klaus reveals his golden dagger, and impales himself with it, causing both of them to fall to the ground, neutralized. After Freya awakes and finds Klaus and Dahlia's bodies lying on the floor, she calls Elijah, he rushes there in literally a minute, where he asks Freya about Hope. Hope and everyone else go back to the compound. Back at the compound, Klaus' dagger begins to melt, Dahlia was the cause of this, it was too much power for the dagger to hold. Freya attempt to slow down the melting dagger but fails. Later, after finding the White Oak Stake, Freya is about to stake Klaus, hoping to kill both Klaus and Dahlia when the last bit of the dagger had melt, Klaus awakens and stops her. Now that Klaus is awake, so is Dahlia, she uses telekinesis and steals the stake from Klaus. She then reveals that during her nap, she had time to remove the linking spell, so that he can't try anything like that again. She then grabs Freya and they leave.

While all of this is happening, Dahlia's vines are growing and spiraling around the compound heading towards Hopes room, pricking Hope causing her to bleed a little. Klaus travels to the magic free zone with Hope and Marcel. He apologies to Camille for biting her and asks her to look after Hope for a while. He promises to make it up to her. After leaving Hope with Camille, he goes to his half-brother, who has a lot to say about burning Gia alive and turning Hayley into a wolf 24/7. Klaus says that they were all "collateral damage". Elijah punches Klaus and refuses to listen and says that he will no longer fight at his side. Klaus and Rebekah approach Dahlia as she is about to kill Freya, Elijah and Esther fall closely behind. Things are said between both sides before Dahlia points the white oak stake at Klaus. He responds with that she only has enough to take out one of them. She then raises it into the air, before destroying it, turning it into dust which surrounds the original vampires and the original hybrid, causing the original vampires and the original hybrid to choke on the dust, killing them from the inside out. Esther then, quickly intervenes, standing up to Dahlia, before then wrapping around her The Cursed Shackles around Dahlias neck, leaving a chance for Freya to force the dust out of their lungs, giving the chance for Klaus to stab Dahlia through Esther, subsequently, killing both Esther and Dahlia. A little time later, Klaus and Rebekah are seen celebrating with a drink. Klaus reveals that he plans to give the city back to Marcel so that he can focus on raising his daughter with the help of his sisters. Klaus leaves the compound to see Camille at the bar where he says that they will always end up together. Back at the compound, Klaus is with his daughter telling her the story of the wolf king who would do anything to protect his daughter.

In For the Next Millennium, for the past six months, Klaus has remained a good father to Hope and has begun to seek Cami professionally. But despite all Freya and Cami efforts Klaus still remains at odds with Elijah and keeps refusing to help Hayley and her pack break the curse. In one of his appointments with Camille he takes her to his art show, saying that now that Mikael is dead he doesn't see a reason why is work should remain in shadows. On the next day he opens his art show to public and is surprised when Lucien appears. He goes to have a drink with Lucien when he is interrupted by Cami who tells him that someone is killing humans in the quarter. Klaus tells Cami to talk to someone else. Later on, he asks Lucien why he is in New Orleans. Lucien tells him about the war between the sire lines and takes him to his apartment where Alexis shows him the prophecy. On that night Klaus goes to Cami saying that he needs to talk. Cami refuses. Having no one to talk to Klaus kills one of the critics from his art show.

In You Hung the Moon, Klaus receives a visit from Elijah and Jackson who tell him that Hayley is missing. Nik tells Elijah about the prophecy. Elijah asks Klaus to go with him but he refuses saying that he will stay in the Compound where he can protect Hope and showing no concern about Hayley. Cami shows and asks Klaus to tell Lucien to stop murdering people in New Orleans. Later on he interrupts Freya asking her to do a locator spell to find Hayley. He calls Lucien saying that or he stops killing people in New Orleans or he will kill him. Freya does the locator spell who leaves to nowhere. Jackson appears and stars turning into a werewolf but stops. Hayley appears and starts fighting with Klaus. On that fight Klaus stops because Hope is watching. Elijah appears. Elijah tells Hayley to rent the apartment next to their house. Hayley tells Klaus that now that the house is in Jackson's name he won't be invented in, which leaves Klaus unhappy. Everyone turns on him. A few moments later he sees Hayley and Jackson with Hope which makes him angry.

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Klaus tells Elijah about 1002 when Lucien asked Klaus to deliver a letter to Aurora but he didn't because he was dating her. They have a talk about what to do about Lucien and the prophecy. Klaus and Elijah decide to pay Lucien a visit but when they go there they see Alexis who shows them the prophecy. Klaus finds out that Lucien is with Cami. It is showed that Lucien was tortured by Tristan because of Klaus and Klaus tries to save Lucien but Tristan threatens to Klaus and Elijah. On present day Klaus shows up at the police station and tells Cami to leave but ends up having a private chat with Lucien. Lucien tries to convince Klaus that Tristan is the killer but Klaus doesn't believe him. In 1002 Klaus heals Lucien with his blood and Lucien goes to have revenge but is killed becoming the first of Klaus sire line. Cami tries to convince Klaus not to kill Lucien but it doesn't work. Elijah ends up by finally convincing Klaus not to murder Lucien. Its revealed that Lucien convinced Klaus to kill someone for no reason back in 1002. In present day Klaus tells Elijah that he should have killed Lucien but he didn't. He also tells Elijah that he won't fall by his hand.

In A Walk on the Wild Side, Klaus talks to Freya, Elijah and Hayley about the prophecy. Later on Klaus goes to see Lucien and asks him to talk to Alexis. When Lucien and Klaus arrive at Lucien's apartment they find out Alexis is missing. Klaus calls Freya asking for a locator spell. Freya does the locator spell reveling that Alexis is at Tristan's house. Klaus and Lucien go to the Strix gala's distracting everyone pretending to be drunk while Freya finds Alexis. A few hours later Klaus heals Marcel and talks to him about the Strix. He, Lucien, Elijah, Hayley and Freya talk to Alexis who reveals that the prophecy predicts Klaus dying.

In The Axeman's Letter, Aurora tells a person about how Klaus and Aurora fell in love, started dating in secret, and her finding out he was a vampire but still remained his girlfriend because of his letter. On present day Klaus and Elijah are talking about the sire lines when they find a dead body with a letter form Aurora. Klaus and Elijah start searching for her. Klaus finds Aurora's location and goes to meet with her. Klaus finds Aurora. They star talking. Aurora reveals that she broke his heart in 1002 because Elijah compelled her to after finding out that Klaus killed Esther. Klaus goes to talk with Elijah and they end up fighting.

In Beautiful Mistake, Freya finds Elijah and Klaus and asks them about their fight. They reveal that they decided to direct their rage to their enemies. A few moments later Klaus goes to see Aurora and takes her to lunch to get information about the Trinity. Klaus takes Aurora to the cemetery where she reveals that she still loves him. Klaus takes Aurora to his house and reveals that he still loves her too. Klaus and Aurora have sex. A few minutes later he finds out that the Strix captured Rebekah. Aurora tells Klaus about the medallion and how she has Rebekah.

In Out of the Easy, Klaus is seen kissing Aurora and when Elijah asks him he tells Elijah that he and Aurora are back together. Elijah and Klaus talk about what to do. Elijah tells Klaus to host a Thanksgiving dinner. Lucien, Aurora and Tristan attend at the Thanksgiving dinner and Elijah and Klaus reveal the reason why they host this dinner. They all start talking about what they did, revealing that the Strix are responsible for the murders and that Lucien has Cami. Freya appears. Aurora tells them that Rebekah is at the bottom of the ocean. Freya breaks Aurora's neck. Klaus talks to Tristan who reveals that he has only half of Rebekah's location. Later on Klaus breaks Tristan's neck, tells Aurora to reveal where Rebekah is and forces Lucien to give him the medallion and Cami. But he finds out that Cami is missing.

In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Klaus finds out that Aurora has taken Cami, and plays Aurora's game in order to save Cami. He breaks Lucien's neck when Lucien tells him to let Cami die, as she is a weak point that at the moment he just can't afford due to the war between the sirelines. Klaus then leaves, and finds Aurora and Cami in St. Anne's Church talking about him. He then tries to convince Aurora that Cami means nothing to him, but Aurora doesn't believe him, saying that he only tells her that so Cami won't die. He saves Cami, and later tells Aurora that he will end her for what she did to Camille, and saves Cami in the process. He asks Cami to move in with him to protect her from any further danger.

In Savior, Klaus talks to Cami about Elijah and the prophecy. Cami tells him that she has to go. Klaus follows Cami to Will's house. He helps Will dealing with Lucien's compulsion. Cami thanks Klaus for what he did telling him it was not nothing. Klaus and Cami go to Lucien's apartment to find the cure. When Klaus arrives at the compound he saves Hayley and Cami from Rebekah. A few hours later, Klaus attends at the Christmas' celebration where he according to Rebekah he seems merry. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah enjoy a moment at the bonfire where they talk about the prophecy and their enemies. Klaus says goodbye to Rebekah with a hug. A few moments later he talks to Cami about what he did and she asks him what he wishes and he kisses her. They kiss and enjoy a moment together. Klaus then falls asleep, and when he wakes up later, he finds that Cami is dead.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Klaus is seen in a flashback scene with Cami in one of their little chats where he talks about death. In present day, Klaus destroys most of the furniture in his bedroom grieving Cami. He then holds her dead body when she wakes up. After waking up Klaus explains to Cami that she is in transition since she had Aurora's blood in her system when she died. Later on, he talks to Elijah about taking down Tristan and Aurora. Elijah tells him about Freya's pendant and that it is missing and tells him to stay with Cami because she will need him. Nik then tells Cami to feed but she refuses. After this Klaus goes with her to her house and talks to her about vampirism being an afterlife. After being told that Jackson is dead and Hayley was kidnapped Klaus uses a spell, which Freya did, in order to lock Cami up and he says to her that he will be back before she starves and he also left her some human blood. He talks to Vincent, Elijah and Hayley about how to take down Tristan. With Vincent and Elijah's help Klaus locks Aurora. He then meets with the strix. He helps Hayley, Elijah, Cami, Vincent and Freya locking Tristan up. He talks to Cami and he begs her to drink human blood because he doesn't want to lose her. Elijah stops him and says to him that if he doesn't give her that choice she will never forgive him. He goes home with Freya when he finds out that Lucien helped Aurora escaping. He appears in Cami's house to see if she is still alive and he discovers she became a vampire and that she likes being one.

In Wild at Heart, Klaus discovers Cami left after finding a empty blood bag and goes to Elijah and asks him about Cami but Elijah is more worried with the prophecy. Then Hayley comes and tells them Cami left and that she cant sleep so she begged them to stay in their house. Klaus and Elijah tell her to stay while he says that is one of the benefits of being a part of their family. Klaus then finds Cami in a bar and gets her a drink. He tells her he wants to be her mentor. Klaus starts his lessons with her and it goes wrong because Cami wont stop drinking the blood. Klaus compels the guys Cami was feeding of to forget what happened and leave. Klaus tells Cami this is not her and she pretends to agree with him and then breaks his neck. He then finds Cami at Lucien's house with Will- who she compelled to get the dark objects back. Klaus takes Cami to the compound. They have a chat and Hayley appears and Hayley supports Cami. Elijah talks to Klaus about the prophecy and tells him not to worry about Cami. Klaus talks to Hayley and while they are talking he finds out what the weapon is. Klaus, Elijah and Hayley search for it but they cant find it because Cami took it. In a phone call with Cami she threats him.

In Dead Angels, Klaus goes to the cemetery to give Cami a few of the dark objects. In the cemetery he finds Vincent who is waiting for him. Vincent then tells him to get all the dark objects. Klaus talks to Cami telling her how she is putting herself in danger. Knowing he cant get close to them and having no other choice Klaus goes home to get all the objects. When he is collecting the dark objects he makes a lot of noise which makes Hope unable to sleep. This action gets Hayley attention and she goes to talk with Klaus. Both of them have a short conversation about Cami and Hope while Davina watches. When Klaus gets to the cemetery a witch named Madison stops them from hearing him. After this Madison breaks Klaus neck and gets the white oak from Cami. Then Vincent tries to find the white oak while Cami and Niklaus have a discussion. After this Klaus gets Cami home and mentions to her how she could have trusted him. Then while Freya tries to find the white oak Klaus and Elijah talk about who will Aurora go after first.

In Heart Shaped Box, Klaus is looking for Aurora and ends up by putting to much pressure on Freya in order to find her which causes some tension between them, as Freya doubted Klaus will treat Rebekah as he does her. Later on, he goes to talk with Hayley and asks her to help Cami deal with her new status as a vampire and protect her, saying that it isn't his job anymore. He then gets a call from Elijah who discovers that Aurora kidnapped Freya. Then he and Elijah end up playing Aurora's sick games in order to rescue their older sister. After a while they save Freya - Klaus digs her up from the coffin she was buried in. While doing this Aurora shoots Elijah, after that Klaus had to take the bullet out before it was to late. After promising he wouldn't leave Elijah he takes the bullet out just in time. The three of them confront Aurora, but the latter flee. After they get back to their house, Klaus tells Freya that she should never be surprised that he saved her, because she is his sister. Elijah walks into the room, agreeing with Klaus, and all of them have a drink and talks about taking down everyone who comes after their family and their loved ones.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, Klaus takes his old friend Stefan to Freya, so she can help him with her magic to escape from the vampire huntress who is after him; Rayna Cruz. He then talks to Elijah about going after Aya, Aurora, and The Strix. Hayley then inform them that she and her wolfs found Aurora. When the two of them arrive there, it's a trap set by Aya, and they get kidnapped by the Strix and their witches. Klaus and Elijah get spelled and their minds are sent to a Chambre de Chasse where they meet Aurora her brother Tristan. While they are stuck talking to Aurora and Tristan, Davina is trying to find a spell to unlink them from their sirelines. Freya, with the help of Lucien Castle, Marcel, Stefan and Hayley, then comes to their rescue and manages to get Elijah in time but not Klaus. Unfortunately Davina's spell works and Klaus gets unlinked from his sireline. He then locks Aurora up forever in the city of the dead, and even though she begs him to kill her, he does not, saying she does not deserves his mercy. Klaus then says goodbye to Stefan, asking the young vampire to do the right thing by Caroline. Stefan promise, and the two part ways. While he is saying his farewell he feels exhausted, and later asks Freya about it. She tells him not to worry, and rest for a few days.

In An Old Friend Calls, Klaus gets paranoid because he thinks now that his sireline is broken his foes will come for him like never before. But Elijah and Freya don't share his paranoia. Elijah tells him to see his therapist to relive his pressure. He goes to her, and two talk. On his way home he sees an old foe of his; the vampire Gaspar Cortez. He is then reunited with his younger brother Kol, who was resurrected as on Original Vampire once again. He explains to Kol his fears, and Kol tells him he can help. They do a spell that will allow them to track down Klaus' enemies. The spell reveals no immediate concerns but Cortez, and then Klaus receives a message from Cami saying one of his foes -Cortez- is in Rousseau's and is trying to find the white oak. Klaus shows up and kills Cortez, but before Cortez dies he tells Klaus that all his foes will come for him just like he had imagined. Having only a few people willing to protect him, Klaus has no other choice but to run and hide. Kol and Freya do a spell that will make all witches who do a locator spell in order to track him down think he is still in New Orleans. He says goodbye to everyone in his family. He also tells goodbye to Cami, who tells him she doesn't love him anymore. He then gets inside a car asking Hayley if she has said her goodbyes. She says yes, and that she doesn't have anything in New Orleans anymore. Klaus says that maybe they have more in common than they thought. Then they ride along with Hope and leave New Orleans behind.

In Alone with Everybody, Klaus and Hayley are on the run from Klaus' enemies. Hayley comes out of a gas station shop and asks for the car keys, and Klaus hands them over. She gives Klaus a hat with the words 'Mother Trucker' and he asks how much he will despise this plan of hers on a scale of 1-10, and she replies a solid 85. They enter a bar along with Hope and a staff member tells them they are closed, as they are closed to his kind. Hollis tells his staff member that he can handle them. Klaus starts to argue with Hayley saying she came on this road trip with him to be away from Elijah. Hollis tells them if they want to be discreet, they should not talk so much. Hollis tells Hayley about a werewolf named Kayla McInnis triggered her Werewolf curse by killing someone and tells her where to find her. Hayley wants to go help her, but Klaus does not comply, saying his life and his daughter's life is on the line, telling her that from now on they do things his way and leaves the bar. He puts Hope in her car seat and Hayley tries to convince Klaus that she needs to help Kayla, however Klaus does not agree and demands she gets in the car. Hayley tells him that one day their daughter might go through the same thing as Kayla is going through now. Knowing Hayley is right, he lets her go to help her. Klaus follows Hayley and she asks him where Hope is, Klaus replies that he trust her with Hollis, since he trusts her. Klaus thanks Hayley for convincing him that it was right to help Kayla, telling her that they should decide things together as partners what is best for Hope. Klaus spots something hanging from the tree, an Kingmaker Land Development ID card, and figures that the wolves are being hunted by Lucien. Elijah calls Klaus and tells him it is time to come home, and Klaus tells him he has made a discovery about Kingmaker Land Development and the targeted wolves.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Klaus and Hayley are on a search for what Lucien is up to. Klaus tells Hayley that Lucien has kidnapped Freya. Hayley tells him he should go back and help his siblings, however he opts to stay with her to find out what Lucien is up to. After 5 failed attempts at different Kingmaker offices, they finally find the right one as a receptionist calls the guards, and the guards are aiming a gun at them. They defeat all the guards and break an employees neck and gets into a secret room filled with werewolves and one vampire. They free all the werewolves and Klaus gets a call from Elijah telling him that their brother Finn is bitten by Lucien, he rushes home and give Finn his blood to heal. However his blood does not work. While their family continues to find options to save Finn's life, he tells them not to leave him as he is dying. The 4 remaining siblings gather on the bridge and each take a turn to throw his ashes off the bridge, Klaus tells Finn that he will be avenged. Hayley returns to The Compound and tells them that Lucien's venom is derived from 7 pack of wolves, giving Klaus a bite that he cannot cure. Freya tells them that Lucien had two bottles of the serum, therefore the spell might wear off, however Klaus thinks that he made another one for Aurora. He goes to Aurora's entombment and finds the bricks broken and Aurora broken free.

In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, Klaus grows restless as Freya has not found a way to kill Lucien. He goes out and finds Lucien but first stops by Lucien's Penthouse he should not invite him in, because it is not safe. He goes and finds Lucien with Papa Tunde's Blade and fights Lucien off. However he is stabbed with the blade by Lucien. He is taken back to Lucien's Penthouse and is chained up. Lucien leaves to find Elijah and Aurora stays at the penthouse. Klaus tries to convince her that he still loves her, however Aurora does not buy it, and drinks the serum that Lucien gives her. Aurora taunts him by asking how he would like to see her die, however Cami soon arrives, and then Aurora is ambushed by Hayley. Hayley is about to rip out Aurora's heart, however Klaus tells her that she drank the serum. Aurora snaps her neck and asks Klaus who should she kill first. Cami provokes her and she and Aurora fight, but Aurora quickly gets the upper hand, and pushes Cami into Lucien's uninvited penthouse, causing the young vampire to bleed, and Klaus tells Aurora to stop. Hayley wakes up and fights Aurora, while Cami injects Aurora with a needle that knocks her unconscious. Cami and Klaus look at each other and smile. Back at The Compound, Klaus thanks Hayley for her help today, however Hayley says he should really be thanking Cami.

In No More Heartbreaks, Cami walks into the compound calling for Klaus. He meets her immediately and asks her what's wrong. She tells him that Lucien wants him to be angry and that he's trying to lure Klaus into a trap. Klaus demands to know what Lucien did but senses the bite on Cami's arm. Cami puts her arms around Klaus' neck and says "I love you." She then faints in Klaus' arms. Klaus then puts a healing salve made by Freya on Cami's arm and sits next to her. When Vincent walks into the room he apologizes to Cami as Klaus jumps to his feet, blaming Vincent for turning Lucien into The Beast. Cami tells Klaus to stop and Hayley reminds him that they all need to work together to fix this. Klaus comes up with the idea that Lucien's blood may be the antidote for the bite. Vincent leaves to get Lucien's blood as Hayley gets the idea that maybe Hope can heal the bite.

Freya gives Klaus a vial of something that Freya hope will slow the spread of the infection in Cami's body but Klaus needs to keep Cami relaxed. He complains that he is not a nursemaid. He takes the vial to Cami to drink and she pours him a real drink as she tells him how she loved being a bartender. Klaus tells her how good she is at listening. But then Cami asks him to write her will for her. He starts writing everything she says down but finally slams the paper and pen down yelling "enough!" He tells her that they are going to find a way to fix it. Vincent brings Lucien's blood back and Klaus watches as she drinks. Cami then lays down in bed to sleep while Klaus holds her hand and enters her thoughts.

In her head, they sit at a corner cafe and chat while they wait for Lucien's blood to take effect. They talk about the world traveling they will do once she is well. They walk around New Orleans as the city comes alive, holding hands and talking. She tells him that he's capable of everything that is human: joy, hope, love. She tells him that he is loved. He asks her why she is telling him this and she replies "because love will make you strong". She knows she is dying at Klaus is visibly upset. The things in the vision start to disappear. But as they look at each other the people and things reemerge.

Klaus then takes them back to the night they met. Cami is surprised that he got every detail right. Cami says she's tired and her knees buckle. Klaus holds her up and whispers "Camille". They exchange "I love you's" and Cami asks him to make all the people go away. Suddenly they are alone and Cami is sobbing for Klaus. On the bedside, Klaus glances over at Cami's body laying in the bed. He goes back into her mind as she cries. He assures her that he is there for her. He tells her that she stayed his hand and quelled his rage; inspired goodness in him. And he will carry her with him. On the outside he can see that she is desiccating. Klaus sobs quietly into his arm.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Hayley brings Klaus the notebook that Jackson wrote with all the information that he got from Ansel about the ancient Werewolves, although she tells him there is nothing there that can help them kill Lucien. Hayley tells Klaus that they need to do something about Cami's body, as she knows that Cami wanted an Irish wake, telling him she can make the arrangements. Klaus told her that it doesn't matter what she wanted, as she's gone, and also that there is no time for that, as they are at war. Hayley agrees and leaves him be. Later, Kol and Marcel asks for Elijah's help in the resurrection of Davina. Elijah is reluctant to help them, as they are at war, but Klaus comes down the stairs, saying they will help. He then takes Kol with him, to clean him up. After that, Klaus, along with Freya, Elijah and Kol, stand in the living room, debating their next move. Freya says that she needs to channel an original in order to keep Davina safe.

She tells Kol that she can't use him, so Klaus and Elijah needs to decide. The candles on the desk lights and Freya says it's a sign that a NOLA witch is trying to meddle with one of them. Klaus says that Lucien has the new Regent at his beck and call, and it's him he is after. Suddenly, Rebekah's portrait catches fire, telling Freya that Rebekah is Lucien's new target. Klaus says that Lucien thought that killing Cami would have him charging into Lucien's lair on a suicide mission. When it didn't, he decided to go after Rebekah. Klaus adds that Lucien is kicking hornets' nests, until they will have no choice but to confront him. Freya says that now that the Ancestors are working for Lucien, he can find Rebekah. Klaus say he will go and get her, but Freya warns him that it's not safe. Klaus gets angry saying that if they stay at the compound, doing nothing, Lucien will: "...slides Rebekah's bitten corpse down the hall." Elijah then says that he will go, but Klaus tells him that he moved Rebekah, saying he did not like the two of them sharing secrets. Elijah demands Klaus to tell him where Rebekah is, and Klaus refuses, saying Elijah should stay and help Kol. He then storms off outside, saying that Lucien deserves their collective ire and that today, their grievances will be tabled. Later, when Klaus gets into his car, Hayley demand to come along, when he seems reluctant, she reminds him that she knows every inch of the bayou. Klaus then says that he will drive.

Later in the woods, Hayley is trying to comfort Klaus, but the latter says he don't need advice on healthy mourning from a girl who kept her husband's heart in a box. She tells him that she knows that he think that if he revert to being the cruel bastard that he was before he met Cami, he can pretend like she was never there. Klaus tells her that her husband may be dead, but they are not the same, as the person she share a connection with is still breathing. Elijah then calls Klaus, informing him that by sacrificing Davina, they will have the power to kill Lucien. Klaus tells him to look for another way, as by doing this, Kol and Marcel will turn against them, and he can't have that.

After he and Hayley find Rebekah's body, Hayley tells Klaus that it was nice what he did for Davina, even though he hates her. Klaus then tells her to talk with Elijah before it's too late, as the prophecy is still upon them. As they drive they talk about Elijah, when a car hits them. Lucien then appears, mocking Klaus, and the two of them fight. Just before Lucien rips out Hayley's heart, Elijah and Freya appears, and Freya strips Lucien of his beast powers, and so Klaus kills him, and they all burn his body. When they return home, a grieving drunk Marcel awaits them, saying he is not part of their family, and never was. He leaves in anger, with Klaus looking overwhelmed by his statement. Later, Klaus sits by his daughter's cradle, when Freya comes to comfort him, telling him Lucien was not his demons.

In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Klaus looks at the painting of the man he watched with Cami when they first met. He then attended Cami's wake with Elijah and Hayley. At Rousseau's, near Cami's coffin, Klaus talks to Will, and the human asks him if he knew her well. Klaus says he did. Will asks him how she died, and the hybrid tells him it was an accident. After that, Elijah tells Klaus to give Marcel -who just placed a rose on Cami's coffin- time. Klaus tell his brother that time won't bring Davina back, and that it's better to reach out to Marcel before his anger hardens into something worse. Klaus then go to Marcel's loft, where he finds him drinking. They talk about how Klaus and his siblings threw Davina to the wolves. Klaus then trying to convince Marcel that Freya and Elijah had no other choice, but Marcel remains angry, despite Klaus telling him that he is part of the family. Marcel tells him that he was his mentor, his savior, and his sire. But he's never been his brother. And that now he's nothing to him. Klaus looks hurt by this, and tells Marcel to give him one last chance to prove him wrong, and tells Marcel to come with him.

They go to the bridge where Klaus had Marcel scatter his father's ashes. Klaus reminds Marcel of the time he was newly turned and Klaus feared that the brilliant and kind boy he raised would be lost in a cloud of rage, so he brought Marcel to the bridge where their family crossed when they first brought him home. "The threshold between your past and your future" - as Klaus put it. Klaus tries to convince Marcel that he was always part of their family, and that Marcel is just like him; stubborn, and full of anger. But Marcel say that he is not, and that whatever debt's he owed Klaus, he paid them back a long time ago. Klaus then tells him that when he first returned to NOLA, he feared that Marcel would become his better, instead of feeling pride of the man Marcel had become. Elijah then show up, interrupting their conversation. Klaus tells him that his concerns can wait, but Elijah disagrees. Marcel and Elijah starts to bicker, and Klaus try to stop them, until Marcel pulls out Lucien's serum from his shirt. Marcel ponders to himself whatever or not he should take the serum, but Klaus cuts him off, visibly threatened by this turn of events. They start to argue, with Marcel reproving Klaus of his controlling nature. Elijah, now at the limit of his patience, order Marcel to give him the serum. Klaus tells Marcel that he can't allow him the means to destroy his family, with Marcel looks bitter, as Klaus finally admitted that Marcel never was part of his family.

The three of them start to shout at each other, with Klaus and Elijah siding against Marcel, with the latter swears vengeance against Klaus, until Elijah rips his heart out, and throws his body into the river, much to Klaus' dismay. Later, Klaus and Elijah stand on the bank of the river just below the bridge by a little fire, with Klaus saying that the current took Marcel's body. The two start to bicker, with Klaus saying that he could've talked Marcel down. Elijah disagree, but Klaus remains angry, and leaves his older brother by the river. Later, at the Mikaelson compound, Hayley talks to Klaus trying to convince him to forgive Elijah. She tells him that even after all the pain that Klaus have put Elijah through, Elijah has always forgiven him, and so Klaus have to forgive Elijah. Klaus then go to Marcel's loft, and tells Vincent and Josh that Marcel is dead.

In The Bloody Crown, Klaus stands in the courtyard of the compound holding Hope, talking to her quietly. He promises her that he will do right by her. Elijah interrupts his younger brother telling Klaus that he won't ask for forgiveness for killing Marcel. Instead he tells Klaus that he had no choice, as they protect the family no matter the cost. Klaus turns and faces Elijah and asks him if he thinks him unaware of the heavy burden of protecting their family. Elijah says that this time the burden may be too much for Klaus to bear.

Kol complains about hiding inside while Klaus' enemies gather at their gates. Klaus smiles at him and tells him that if they wants to die, let them come. The three brothers hear a noise and head towards the center of the compound. Their enemies swarm in from all sides and from top to bottom. In seconds, Klaus, Elijah, and Kol are surrounded. Marcel suddenly walks in saying that he never thought it would come to this, but the Mikaelsons made the choice for him like they always do. Klaus looks wide-eyed at Marcel and quietly says, "Marcel. How?" Marcel answers with more questions asking "how are we in your home?" and "how am I not a rotting corpse?" Klaus and Marcel stare at one another; Klaus says that he thought his friend was dead. Klaus asks him to send all of people away so that they can talk, just the two of them. Marcel tells Klaus that if he hadn't been one step ahead of him he'd be dead at the bottom of the river. Elijah then tries to take the focus off of Klaus by telling Marcel that his anger is with him, not Klaus. But Marcel tells Elijah that he has learned that if you take on one Mikaelson, you're taking on all of them.

Marcel then turns to the crowd around them saying that these are Klaus' sirelings and they are here to bear witness to the fall of the Mikaelsons. Kol tries desperately to reason with Marcel but he grabs Kol and bites his neck then throws him. Klaus watches with wide eyes and whispers, "Kol!" Both Elijah and Klaus rush at Marcel but he throws them off easily. They keep attacking, but Marcel flings Klaus into a cement beam, stunning him. Elijah continues to fight Marcel but he takes one of Elijah's arms and bites him as Klaus watches. Slowly Klaus stands, his eyes turning golden and his fangs emerging; the blood rippling beneath his eyes. He charges at Marcel only to be stopped by Rebekah, who at the last second, jumped between the two. She commands them both to stop. She tells Klaus to take their brothers and go so Klaus gathers Kol and Elijah and speeds away.

Klaus and Elijah arrive at Lucien's apartment carrying Kol between them. Kol tells Klaus that he's going to die, and Klaus tells him that he won't. Kol laughs and asks "isn't that what you said to Finn and Cami?". Klaus shakes his head at that and has the idea that since Lucien made his venom from the seven werewolf packs, maybe that's the key to an antidote. Freya isn't optimistic as none of them will be alive to solve that problem, as none of them will survives the day.

Elijah is suffering alone when Klaus approaches him. Elijah asks Klaus to please take care of Hayley. Klaus has tears in his eyes as he promises he will. Klaus tells him that he can't do this without him. The brothers tearfully hug one another as Elijah tells Klaus that he needs to be strong because they need him. Rebekah calls Klaus and tells him that his sirelings want his blood and Marcel was ready to let them tear apart the city to find him. But she's gotten Marcel to consider an alternative: Klaus needs to stand trial for his sins. Klaus tells her he will not stand before a jury who wants him dead. She tells him that if he doesn't they will hunt him down and show no mercy to anyone standing in their way. Just then, Klaus sees Hope. Klaus tells his family about Rebekah's plan. Elijah tells Klaus to take Hayley and Hope and get out of the city but Hayley won't hear of it. Freya comes up with a plan to save all of them. Freya tells him that she needs time so, to save the family, Klaus must go stand trial but he must come out of that trial alive. Klaus then puts an envelope with "Hope" written on the front into his daughter's diaper bag. He looks at Hope in her playpen. He apologizes to Hayley for taking Hope from her then asks Hayley to take care of her.

Klaus meets Rebekah at the compound. She tells him that for Freya's plan to work she can't go mad and he can't die. He reminds her with a smile that she once said that he could talk his way out of hell. They embrace and hold hands as they head toward the center of the Mikaelson compound. Klaus finds Marcel sitting on a makeshift throne. Klaus says loudly that he has nothing to hide. Marcel asks Klaus how it feels to be this hated. Klaus remains silent with a small smile on his lips. Marcel demands that he look at the people; finally Klaus complies. Marcel tells the stories of a few of the angry vampires looking up at Klaus. Klaus listens to each story, keeping a smile on his face still. Finally, Klaus bursts outs saying that his sins were terrible indeed, but they taught the world to fear him and that fear protected his family. Marcel says that Klaus once said that Marcel was part of their family. Klaus reminds Marcel that he took him in; made him all that he is. Marcel says that Klaus made every vampire there in his image: angry, paranoid, merciless. He accuses Klaus of making them into vampires, then abandoning them. Marcel then states, "And for that, you must pay".

Rebekah stands in the center and yells "enough!" Marcel lets her defend Klaus but she suddenly concedes; tells Marcel that he is right. She then says to everyone that she wasn't being honest. Klaus tells her that she isn't well, the curse has poisoned her mind. Marcel demands that Rebekah be allowed to continue speaking. She tells the crowd what Klaus has done to his siblings and that he ruins everything he touches. Marcel has heard enough and asks the crowd if they have come to a decision. The crowd starts yelling wildly. Klaus yells "enough!" and they all fall silent. Klaus tells Marcel that he is disappointed in him and he feels sorry for him for having to use his sick sister because that's not the mark of a true leader. Klaus points out that Marcel is clearly outraged by Davina's death and reminds him that in the end, she defied even him. Klaus then says that maybe Davina's death was Marcel's fault. Klaus turns to the crowd and tells them that he did indeed murder their loved ones. He tells them that each one of them is at this trial because he willed it to be so. Their immortality is a gift from him and a debt that they can never repay; it is one that far offsets all of his supposed crimes. He tells them all: "I owe you nothing", and that they will remember him as their maker.

Rebekah then bursts out saying that death is too good for him. She asks Marcel to make him suffer and to let that be his fate. The crowd screams "torture him!" Marcel stands, Papa Tunde's Blade in his hand and sentences Klaus to a fate worse than death. Marcel tells Klaus that this is for Davina, Diego, Thierry, Gia, Cami and the boy he used to be- the boy Klaus once called his son- and jabs the blade into Klaus' heart. Marcel then bricks Klaus away while he is the anchor for his family to cling to as Hayley searches for cures for all of them.

In Gather Up the Killers, it has been five years since Klaus was imprisoned at the hands of Marcel, however, Klaus remains angry that he has missed the last five years of Hope's life. In the dungeon below the Abattoir, Klaus provides Marcel with information regarding one of his sires, Alistair in return for blood.

"How difficult to be king. An outsider has the gall to question your rule and you have no one to offer counsel."
Niklaus Mikaelson

Marcel, however, returns a little while later, angry that Klaus had provided him with incorrect information. Klaus taunts Marcel about the difficulties of being the King, relating his own situation. However, after Marcel threatens Hope, Klaus agrees to kill Alistair and his entire faction. He later fights Alistair and his faction, losing at first, but getting the upper hand when Alistair too, threatens Hope. Klaus kills the closest members until he is subdued by Marcel.

In No Quarter, Klaus hallucinates Cami as a way of taking the pain away from the blade. As he listens to the hallucination, he's worried that Marcel with catch his family and kill them, so the hallucination Cami says he needs to find his own way out. While the hallucination of Cami tries to urge him to pull the blade and suggest he's afraid that when Hope sees him, she'll turn to the cycle of violence he dealt with, and gets angry, sending the hallucination away. He wishes Cami again as he tries to pull the blade out and admits he's afraid Hope will become like him and thinks she would be better off. The hallucination tells him that he owes it to Hope that he can change the narrative for both of them. While Freya chants a spell to break Klaus out, he continues to try to pull the blade out to help his family. He manages to succeed and stabs Marcel with the blade. He exits the drainage pipe with Elijah, Freya and Hayley and embraces his family. They are then confronted by Marcel again and before anything else happens, Klaus steps in and tells Marcel that he has won. While Marcel tells them that he's glad he didn't turn into them, he lets them go and tells them to never come back. While at the safe house, the family talks and sees Hope for the first time in five years, allowing her to sleep before reuniting with her.

In Haunter of Ruins, Klaus is first seen looking out into the distance while his family talks about what to do next. He argues with Freya, saying that they're not going anywhere and that he wants one day of peace with his daughter. As he says this, Hayley comes out with Hope in hand. They exchange small hellos before Hope runs off to play in the garden. As Klaus and Hayley watch, he asks her about what "terrible things" she might've told Hope that would make her fear him. However, Hayley reassures him, saying she only told Hope that he was a hybrid and that he was very old. She also says that Klaus is Hope's fairytale prince and that he has a lot to live up to which makes him smile. Klaus and Hope are walking through the forest with Klaus telling her stories about his childhood when they stumble upon a butterfly with a broken wing. Klaus watches as his daughter heals the butterfly using her magic and smiles down at her lovingly. The two continue their bonding and when they hug, Klaus realizes that Hope is trembling before bringing her inside.

Klaus is then sitting at the table, admiring Hope's artwork and complimenting her as Rebekah walks in. She explains that she has come to say goodbye on behalf of Kol, and when Klaus remarks that she isn't leaving, the silence leads him to understand that she in fact is. Klaus then admits that Rebekah was the only one that never treated him differently, saying that for centuries his place was by her side but now, it is by his daughter's and that Rebekah deserves to find her place in the world as well. The two share a tearful hug. Klaus continues to look over Hope's drawing and notices the drawings of a serpent eating it's own tail and is interrupted by Hope entering the room saying that something was wrong. She says she had a bad dream and her head hurts causing Klaus to call for Hayley.

In Keepers of the House,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In I Hear You Knocking,

In Bag of Cobras,

In High Water and a Devil's Daughter,

In Voodoo in My Blood,

In Queen Death, Klaus is sharing a table full of pastries and sweets with Hope, telling her about the story of his first beignet. Hayley comes in wanting to talk to him and informs him of Elijah's sudden disappearance. Klaus heads to Marcel's penthouse, asking him if their truce extends to his brother. Marcel comes to the conclusion that Klaus thinks he has Elijah, Klaus however admits that he doesn't and wants to know who does. After Klaus receives a phone call from Freya, he and Marcel argue about what their next plan is. The two are then seen with Freya and Hayley, listening to Vincent explain his plan to bury The Hollow. Hearing that it relies on the sacrifice of Elijah, Klaus is quick to put down the idea, not wanting to discuss his brother's death any further. Freya comes up with a way to possibly save Elijah using the pendant but there's a chance that he won't survive. Klaus, not wanting his brother to die, offers himself as sacrifice so that Freya can channel his death to trap The Hollow. And whilst he's stuck in the pendant, the rest can find a cure for Elijah.

Klaus is looking at his daughter play with Keelin through the doorway before Freya comes up behind him, telling him that it's time. He's now at Lafayette Cemetery along with Vincent and the two converse, with Vincent saying that Klaus is finally living up to the potential that Cami saw in him. Klaus processes these words in silence and puts the pendant on. The sacrifice is interrupted by The Hollow's followers. Klaus attacks, however, one of them throws the rose thorns into the fire which means that the sacrifice can't be completed. Klaus approaches Freya and Hayley at the abandoned shack where Elijah is being kept right when The Hollow shows herself to them. When The Hollow starts casting a spell on Elijah, Klaus tells Freya to put him in the pendant. Soon enough, Elijah is killed by the spell and The Hollow disappears, sending the other three flying back. Both Klaus and Hayley get up and run to check on him, asking Freya if it worked. She shows them the pendant in her bloody palm, broken. Klaus is then seen putting his brothers body in a coffin and looking down at him before angrily rushing out. He tells Freya to find Elijah's soul in the pendant and bring him back, refusing to accept that his brother is gone.

In Phantomesque,

In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken,

In Voodoo Child,

In The Feast of All Sinners, Klaus is willing to do anything it takes to save his little girl, even if it means to be separated from his siblings and from Hope forever. With Elijah's, Marcel's and Sofya's help, Klaus brings her back home and kills the followers of The Hollow in St. Anne's Church. Back to the Abattoir, Klaus sweetly talks to his daughter, asleep in her bed, while Hayley is watching them. Then he goes to the Lafayette Cemetery to talk to Marcel. While he is waiting for Marcel, Klaus looks at Cami's tombstone inscription. When Marcel arrives Klaus asks him to hear his confession. Klaus admits to Marcel that he was never a good father to him and that he failed him, to his eternal shame. Back to the Abattoir, before the ritual starts, Klaus talks to Elijah begging him to leave him to his fate, because he will aid their enemies otherwise. Elijah gives his word to him. After the ritual, Klaus should go away from Hope forever but he refuses to do so, before he knows that Hope will be alright. When Hope wakes up, in Hayley's arms, Klaus and his daughter look at each other, then Klaus tells her that he loves her and leaves, while Hope is desperately calling him. Later, Klaus walks into a pub in Manosque (France), where Elijah is playing the piano. Klaus puts a hundred dollar bill in Elijah's tipping cup, they briefly look at each other, and then Klaus leaves.

In Where You Left Your Heart, Klaus is currently is France. He makes occasional visits to Elijah. Even though Elijah does not remember him, Klaus finds comfort in speaking with his brother about his life.

Klaus has a man pinned to wall in a chokehold. Klaus says that he should let the man live to tell others about this, but decides he is already on a roll. He breaks the man's neck and flings the dead man to the floor. He smiles at his handiwork but then is pinned to wall himself by Caroline Forbes. She asks why doesn't he pick on someone his own size. Klaus smiles and says "Hello, love."

Klaus calls Hayley. Hope picks up instead. When he hears her say "Dad?" he stops and is surprised. After a moment of silence, Klaus finally says that he was looking for her mother. Hope says so are she and Freya. Hayley is missing. Klaus looks torn. He finally says that he is on his way back to New Orleans.

In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon,

In Ne Me Quitte Pas,

In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,

In Don't It Just Break Your Heart,

In What, Will, I, Have, Left,

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, Klaus struggles with the idea of not being present at Hayley's funeral alongside Hope. Nevertheless, Freya assures him that they have found a witch, Ivy, who is willing to help them with an astral projection spell despite hating him. The conversation between Freya and Klaus is interrupted, however, when Freya notices withered flowers — a sign that there is another Mikaelson in New Orleans; Klaus realizes that this is Elijah.

Klaus has the chance to speak with Elijah and the two argue over the phone. Elijah agrees to have his memories restored if it is what Klaus wishes, however Klaus refuses, citing that his brother is dead, and letting Hayley die has driven a wedge between them for an eternity, much to Marcel and Elijah's dismay.

Klaus becomes increasingly annoyed at not being able to be with his daughter, and returns to New Orleans despite the warning from Ivy. Hope tries to warn him off, but Klaus remarks that he doesn't care about the prophecy, but wants to ensure she is safe. Hope breaks down and expresses the guilt she feels about her mother's death, and Klaus is forced to console and comfort her. Later, at the funeral, Klaus stands with Hope as they watch Hayley's body float across the river. Klaus tells Hope that he loves her and that she will make him proud.

In The Kindness of Strangers,

In We Have Not Long To Love,

In There in the Disappearing Light,

In 'Til the Day I Die,

In The Tale of Two Wolves, Klaus overhears a conversation between Elijah and Marcel about the prospect of saving Hope — Marcel believes there is no saving her. After hearing the conversation, Klaus tells Elijah that the two of them will take a trip to Mystic Falls; Klaus has a plan to save Hope.

Arriving in Mystic Falls, Klaus talks with Caroline and asks her for her help. Klaus questions if Josie and Lizzie would be able to siphon the magic from Hope and therefore, cure her, but Caroline is reluctant to allow her children to get involved with the Mikaelson Family — even if it is Klaus' only hope.

After being reassured by Klaus that he will not let anything happen to her children, Caroline re-evaluates and introduces her children to Klaus. Before they are able to formulate a plan, however, Alaric appears and shoots Klaus in the back before locking him in a cell beneath the Salvatore School.

Eventually, Klaus comes around after being shot in the back and interrupts a conversation between Alaric and Caroline. In doing so, he pulls out the White Oak Stake and tells the two that he is willing to be killed after the magic is siphoned and put into him – it is the only way that they can ensure that the magic is gone for good.

Klaus converses with Caroline about the relationship between the two, it becomes clear that Klaus is not the guy that he was during their earlier encounters and now, Caroline wonders whether she would be able to kill Klaus at all; she jokes that it would be easier if he had stayed the big bad wolf all along.

In a surprising move, Klaus is shocked and scared when it is revealed that Hope cast a spell at the abandoned mill. Given the strength of the spell, she is holding on to life. Moments later, Hope's heart stops beating and Klaus begins pleading for Hope to return to him. Not long after, Hope's heart starts beating and she wakes up, citing that she doesn't want to die. The two embrace.

Later that night, Klaus and Caroline watch as Hope dances with Landon Kirby at the Mystic Falls Dance. Klaus thanks Caroline for the trust she put in her, and Caroline laments about a time she traveled to Mystic Falls when she was in trouble. The two embrace and a near kiss occurs before Caroline leaves the square.

As the night draws into a close, Klaus talks Hope through her first transformation into a werewolf. He tells her that she must let it in and run free, it will hurt less.

In When The Saints Go Marching In, he is about to stake himself until Hope shows up and stops him. He later awakens in the dungeon at the Abattoir and begins hallucinating Mikael and Cami due to the Hollow being inside him. He gets free of his bindings and is out on the streets during Mardi Gras. He still hallucinates Mikael and Cami as they try to convince him to kill Hope or being better than what he's doing. He is brought back home and sees that Elijah has some of the dark magic put into him to help as much as he could. Klaus tells him he wants to be alone and Caroline shows up to spend some time with him. At the bar, he and Caroline talk more and prepares a final goodbye, giving him a kiss and how to approach the final goodbye for Hope when the time comes. He then comes in the house and talks to his family before the time comes and spends time with them in a final dinner. They also do a final wish burning ceremony and Klaus wishes for a moment with Hope alone. He tells her he loves her and knows she will do right by their name.

He, Elijah and Rebekah walk around New Orleans and talk to each other as final goodbyes. Klaus tells Rebekah when the time comes, the cure will be waiting for her in Mystic Falls. After she leaves, the two brothers sit on the same bench years ago and talk more. They prepare to kill each other and they thank each other for being by each other's side. He and Elijah stake each other and their ashes scatter across the wind as they die.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

Season Four[]

In Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?, through incredible efforts by Ethan Machado and Landon Kirby, Klaus is able to appear to Hope, having found Peace. He muses what a gift it is to be able to leave her one last message. He tells her to carry it with her in the years to come. He wants her to know this–she will make mistakes in her life. That comes with being a Mikaelson. She will go through hard times, for no one with her power always knows how to use it properly. She will find love and lose it, for such is the burden of immortality. However, the most important thing about her life is for her to live it. She is his peace. He may regret a lot of things, but he doesn't regret a single moment he spent with her. He tells her how much he loves her, always and forever and disappears.


"I never answered your question, if I'd ever thought about being human. Once. I was on a trek in the Andes, and a hummingbird flew up to me and just hovered there staring at me. Its tiny heart was pattering like a machine gun. And I thought, what a thing, you know, to have to work that hard every day just to stay alive, to be constantly on the verge of death, and how satisfying every day must be that it survived. And that was the only time I thought about being human."
Klaus to Caroline about being human
While he was still an untriggered Werewolf-Witch hybrid, Klaus had a complicated life. He was close with his half-sister Rebekah, whom he affectionately called "Bekah", and with his half-brothers Elijah and Henrik. He also had a close relationship with his half-brother, Kol, but he did not get along at all with his half-brother, Finn, since childhood. However, he had a bad relationship with his overbearing step-father Mikael who was harder on him than any of his siblings. He was a victim of his step-father's physical and verbal abuse since childhood. Klaus even admitted to Rebekah that Mikael frightened him which made him constantly seek his approval without ever finding it. His mother Esther often tried to calm Mikael when he became angry with Klaus, but she never tried to stop him from humiliating or from physically/mentally abusing her son. Also as an untriggered werewolf, Klaus had the aggressive behavior of one, but he could not act on it due to his mother making him wear a magical necklace, created to weaken his strength and thus leaving him vulnerable to Mikael's abuse. These following reasons led him to resent both his parents and possibly to be jealous of his maternal half-siblings for having their approval. In the director's cut of the backdoor pilot of The Originals, Elijah pointed out that as an untriggered werewolf, Klaus was so full of love and life, and that all he ever wanted was to be loved in return, especially by his step-father. This belief that no one loved him and that he was doomed to be alone forever was the main factor that changed Klaus' personality.

"You were never weak, Niklaus. You are and you have always been the most fierce of us all. In a thousand years I have never seen anyone successfully stand against you, not even our wicked father. Not one of the countless devoted to your destruction. You will protect our home, even in the face of an adversary such as our mother. Because that brother, that, is what you do."
Elijah to Klaus about his devotion to family

When Klaus was just in the early stages of being a hybrid, he slaughtered six villagers. Which afterwards, he was devastated and cried into Elijah's shoulder. After finding out that Mikael is not his biological father, he was shocked and betrayed. Klaus is continuously described as being cruel, sadistic, careless, paranoid, reckless, impulsive, short-tempered, aggressive, volatile, unpredictable, slightly unreasonable, narcissistic, manipulative, jealous, obsessive and competitive. Though he shows little to no regard for human life in general, Klaus feels guilt and remorse for most of his actions, he just does not show it, and he also has morals. Despite his negative traits, Klaus has shown to be very protective of his younger half-sister Rebekah, who stayed by his side for centuries, and he is not pure evil, he is just sadistic. Unbeknownst to any, Klaus was not the son of Mikael, but the son of an alpha werewolf named Ansel, in another village which made Klaus aggressive, violent and angry. When he became a vampire, all these emotions were heightened and Klaus' temper became worse than ever. Years of humiliation and physical/emotional abuses at Mikael's hands and Esther's indifference, coupled with her rejection of him as her son, led Klaus to kill his own mother in revenge and for betraying him. After this, Klaus shut off his humanity to any but his family, killing any who crossed his path. Vengeful and power-hungry, he will stop at nothing to achieve his ends and remove those who stand in his way. However, Klaus does not believe that death is a punishment as seen when he denies Katherine death, instead keeping her alive so that she will suffer for having betrayed him. He will also place usefulness before pleasure and keeps people alive when it suits his needs. He has also shown a penchant for working with witches which was mentioned by Katherine in Know Thy Enemy. Klaus also has a sense of honor and will not go back on his word although, he will always look for loopholes in the deals he makes.

In 1933, despite the fact that his werewolf side was dormant at the time, Klaus still held werewolves in high regard. When he discovered August Müller, a vampire, had been massacring innocent werewolves as well as spreading his beliefs about the purity of species, i.e. that vampires are the apex predators, Klaus ruthlessly killed August and his followers. Despite this, he would spare August's wife and children.

Klaus has also shown a sadistic side notably when he deals with humans or vampires who have crossed him, such as Elena, Damon and Katherine (his sadistic nature is often mistaken as psychotic) however, Klaus' hunger for power actually hides a deep fear of being alone which must stem from his step-father's treatment of him. He wants the hybrids so that he will not be the sole member of his race as Esther intended when she placed the curse on him. He also desires, beyond anything else, to be reunited with friends and family as shown by his desire to have Stefan, his one-time friend, and his family back at his side. According to Elijah, Klaus also uses his cruelty to hide his fear of being alone. He has shown to have a softer side when he is around Caroline, or a member of his family, but rarely shows it around other people. Caroline brings out Klaus' humanity. He also holds grudges against the people who try to kill him, or members of his family, and rarely lets it go. Klaus is self-preserving whenever he is in a situation where he could be killed permanently, he reveals information that keeps him from being killed, like when he told Elijah that he didn't bury their family at sea, or when he told Stefan and Damon he is the one who sired their bloodline. Klaus rarely gets made a fool out of and also doesn't like to be made a fool out of either. He is rarely caught off guard. Klaus is highly intelligent, calculating, thinks of contingencies, he (secretly) admits he makes mistakes and learns from them as well, he is always two steps ahead of his enemies. Klaus is not a very forgiving person; as he rarely forgives people in general. Despite him being the world's most physically powerful immortal supernatural being, he often pretends to be arrogant to mask his fear of being alone, he is not completely fearless, he is afraid of the White Oak Stake, because it is the only physical weapon that can permanently kill him, other than the white oak stake, Klaus is also afraid of becoming like his step-father, Mikael. Klaus has a sarcastic sense of humor and he is sarcastic even towards members of his own family. Despite his lust for power, Klaus still cares about the remaining members of his family. Despite being manipulative, he does not like being lied to or manipulated. He does not take being betrayed very well, especially if it is from a member of his family. He is not tolerant of people who disappoint him in general. He has very little tolerance for disloyalty, if any of his friends or members of his family have try to kill him, or betrayed him to his enemies who wants him dead, Klaus disowns them and no longer see them as his friends or family; like Esther, Finn, Rebekah and Marcel. Klaus is ruthless and brutal towards his enemies, as he rarely shows any of his enemies mercy. Also if anyone tries to hurt or kill a member of his family, most of them will not live to regret it.

Klaus can sometimes be cold and ill-mannered, he is also not above killing children, if they are a threat to him or his family, despite this Klaus dislikes people in general who mistreat or abuse their children; due to how he was mistreated and abuse by his step-father, Mikael. Due to the fact that he was betrayed by Esther, Klaus does not trust people in general, he only trust those who have proven themselves trustworthy to him. He wants people in general, to be loyal to him and respect him of their own free will, he does not like to compel people to be loyal to him against their free will, he only does this if he believes they are plotting against him or his family.

Like Elijah, Klaus can easily be provoked when disrespected, as he has no tolerance for those that disrespect him, like his best friend Marcel, who spoke down to him. Klaus retaliated by biting Marcel's best friend Thierry Vanchure, to teach his best friend a lesson, to never disrespect him again or there will be consequences. Although he puts up a tough demeanor, deep down Klaus cares about his family; he just has a lot of difficulty showing it. Initially, Klaus hated being a vampire, after he was turned into one, but he eventually accepted his vampire nature, although he revels/embraces both his werewolf and vampire natures, there is still some part of Klaus, that resents Mikael and Esther for turning him and his maternal half-siblings into vampires against their free will. He later admitted to Esther that he forgives her for turning them and prefers them as vampires.

During his time in New Orleans, Klaus has grown to genuinely care about his unborn child, and was deeply hurt/enraged when Elijah and Hayley falsely accused him of using her to sire more hybrids; that he violently bit Elijah in retaliation. Although, he does still maintain a twisted sense of humor about his child as he once referred to his child as "that" when discussion how to keep it and Hayley safe from Marcel. Klaus is also shown to be more mellow as he was shown to genuinely regret daggering Elijah and went out of his way to show how sorry he was, even going as far as to spare Agnes for trying to kill his unborn child just so Elijah could keep his word. It is possible that being in his former home, with his family, has caused his humanity to show more. Klaus has also shown to have matured greatly as he no longer uses the White Oak Dagger to put down his maternal half-siblings when he disagrees with them like before but instead settles things in a civil and sometimes violent matter. As the baby's birth approached, Klaus became more and more protective of both her and Hayley. He even had a nursery built right next to Hayley's bedroom so she could be near her baby. His undying love for the child is evident as he willingly sent the child away from the chaos in New Orleans so that she could grow up properly in the loving arms of her aunt Rebekah.

Even if he is cruel, we can see he still has a part of humanity which is shown when he's about to cry when he sees his dead half-brother (Kol), when he admits his love for Caroline or when Hayley is pregnant of their child and he's fighting for her safety. Unlike Elijah, Klaus is far less calm, composed, and strategic in battle. Despite his temper, Klaus is shown to be very keen as he was able to figure out that Hope would be sacrificed at the cemetery because it was where the Harvest and the Reaping took place as well as the location of the ancestral witches' burial place. Klaus does seem to care about Tyler to a degree. When he told Caroline he defeated Tyler, he left out the detail that Tyler tried to kill Hayley and his unborn child. This could be due to not wanting Caroline to hate Tyler, however, it is very likely that he just wanted to keep his child's existence a secret as much as possible, as Klaus has made many enemies over the years, (until his child is old enough to protect herself). Klaus also did mention after Stefan watched knowingly as he walked into a trap by his hybrids, he wanted to kill Stefan but he fought the urge to and mentioned it took three days to finally lose the urge to kill Stefan, when he could have ended it in an instant by killing Stefan. In Season Two of The Originals, Klaus is shown to have developed strong paternal instincts since the birth of Hope. One such case is his belief a parent who trades their child for anything deserves a punishment worse than death. Klaus has also mellowed great deal a since season one, so much so he, in an ironic twist of fate, restrained Elijah when he lost his temper when Finn threatened Rebekah (and unknowingly Hope) unlike before where he would just let the blood flow. Klaus' main concern is keeping his daughter safe now that she has returned home.

Klaus has also developed strong friendship instincts. One example was when he gave up an opportunity to kill Mikael when he threw Papa Tunde's Blade at Camille and chose to safe guard her life over killing Mikael. Although he is paranoid and mistrustful, these traits have proven to be correct on more then one occasion, like with his maternal half-sister Freya, who he does not trust to begin with, due to the fact that she resurrected his maternal half-brother Finn, and indirectly helped the latter find Hope. Since the birth of his daughter, Klaus has become far more mature, responsible and selfless, and far less reckless, impulsive and selfish, as Hope has brought out the best inside him. Despite this, he still can be, though to a far less extent; cruel, sadistic, vengeful, ruthless, manipulative and jealous as when he declared only he will decide what is the best way to protect his daughter, not his maternal half-siblings or Hayley, and Dahlia picked up the fact that he fears Hope will grow up to call her step-father Jackson "Daddy". Klaus is a brilliant strategist, and skilled in making people suffer, traits he inherited from his mother. however, unlike Esther, he never underestimated members of his family, or his enemies, he committed immoral acts; he killed Elijah's girlfriend Gia, and daggered him with Papa Tunde's Blade, compelled Marcel to kill Rebekah, (who is in the body of the late Eva Sinclair) if she tries to escape the compound, had Dahlia reactivate the Crescent Curse on the Crescent Wolf Pack and Hayley. All these actions of his was partly as revenge/punishment for betraying him/for trying to take his daughter away from him, and mainly to gain Dahlia's trust to take her down.

Klaus still has guilt and remorse for most of his actions, however, he still refuses to show it; but he only shows his remorseful nature towards Camille. He also still has morals and a sense of honor. By the end of the second season, Klaus no longer has a sensitive side; as he no longer cares about what people in general think about him, particularly his maternal half-siblings and Hayley, with the exception of Hope. In his new role as a parent, Klaus has gradually begun to reveal an unexpected aptitude towards the demands of fatherhood by placing his daughter's needs above his own. In the act of abdicating his rule over the French Quarter and handing the reigns of control back to Marcel for the sole purpose of focusing his attention on raising Hope, Klaus exhibits a phenomenal turn-around in his priorities and power-hungry nature as well as in embracing the advent of parenthood and the experience of a new, self-sacrificing love. As a member of the North East Atlantic Pack by blood, Klaus does not get along with any member of the Crescent Wolf Pack at all, for good reason, with the exception of Aiden and Hayley, until the latter betrayed him; by trying to take Hope away from him.

In Season Three, Klaus is warned of a prophecy by Lucien Castle (the first vampire he ever sired) that the remaining Original Vampires will fall in one year, he initially brushed it off, but realizes that Lucien may be right about the prophecy. He also realizes he has to become the ruthless hybrid he once was (prior to him fathering Hope), he joins forces with Elijah and Freya to try to stop the prophecy.

By the end of the third season, Klaus chooses to sacrifices himself to save the rest of his family, going to his trial, for the sins he has committed over the centuries, despite knowing the fact that the trial was nothing more than a joke as Marcel and his former sireline already found him guilty before he was put on trial, condemning him for his actions that he had committed, while he claims he did it in order to protect his family. Klaus condemns them saying they would do the same thing. Klaus is upset that his friendship and family bond with Marcel had ended, as he understands Marcel's anger and vengeance, however, (silently) he cannot make excuses for his ex-best friend's behavior, the look on Klaus' face moments before Marcel stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade; clearly indicates that he plans to make Marcel suffer for his treachery against him and his half-siblings.

Even five years after his imprisonment, Klaus' personality has not changed much as Marcel had failed to break him emotionally. Initially, he did not want to be reunited with his daughter, as he was afraid that he would fail Hope as her father (as he did not want her to become like him) just like he did with Marcel, despite his best efforts. After some encouragement from Camille O'Connell, a manifestation of his subconsciousness in responses to the torture of the Tunde Blade, he overcame this fear.

When an entity known as The Hollow threatened his daughter's life, he reluctantly returned to New Orleans to deal with this threat once-and-for all, though he gained a disdain for New Orleans, due to the fact that it reminds him of all the horrible things that had happened to the people he cares and love for, such as Camille's death. Despite this, and in an effort to change for Hope, Klaus has become far more merciful. This is evident by the fact that he gave two of the Hollows' followers a choice; they could renounce their allegiance to their master, and leave New Orleans; or they can be killed where they stand, instead of killing them out right as he normally does when there is a threat to his family.

Prior to being rescued by his family from Marcel, Klaus has developed slight PTS (post traumatic stress) as he dislikes being locked up, even if it is for his own protection. Despite this, he shows no remorse for his actions in regards to others in the same aspect, such as with Marcel, knowing the feeling of being secluded for an extended period of time.

Attitude Toward Humans[]

Based on what has been seen throughout both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, like Katerina Petrova, Klaus has no regard for human life. However, like Stefan Salvatore, Klaus has been known to keep memoranda of his kills.

In The Originals, upon learning of his unborn child, Klaus was willing to allow the witches to kill his unborn child and Hayley to show that he will not be given an ultimatum. Klaus, however, realized what the child could do to his life and saved them, suggesting that he cares about his family. He is shown to kill humans if it suits to his advantage or for feeding. However, he is shown to care for some humans, such as Kieran O'Connell, someone he respected; prior to his death, and Camille O'Connell, his trusted therapist, friend, and a woman he was in love with; prior to her death.

Physical Appearance[]

Main article: Niklaus Mikaelson/Appearance

Klaus is an attractive man standing at a height of 5'11 (1.80 cm). Klaus possesses curled dirty-blond hair and dark blue eyes that contrasts with his pearl-white skin. His physical appearance is that of a man between 19-21, despite being over 1000 years old. As a vampire and a warrior from the 10th century, he is well-built. Klaus possesses a delicate and yet masculine face, possibly due to the fact that he was a nobleman between the 11th and the 18th centuries.

Klaus' clothing style is quite casual, usually seen wearing shirts, jeans and jackets, although he can also use a more classic and refined outfit if the situation requires it; i.e, during the moonstone ritual or the Original Ball thrown by Esther. He uses accessories, such as leather bracelets or necklaces.

Powers and Abilities[]

As an Original Vampire, later the Original Hybrid, Klaus is the second strongest of the Original Vampires, second only to his step-father. His Werewolf side has given him additional powers and advantages the others do not possess, making him the one of the most physically powerful immortal beings in the world. Although stronger than his maternal half-sibling due to his werewolf heritage, some of his siblings have been shown to be willing to fight with him with no fear, with Elijah actually able to do so on almost even terms, Elijah seems to have no difficulty trying to start and end fights with Klaus, usually having the upper hand on Klaus himself for a short period of time; before the latter turns the tables on Elijah. Klaus' step-father being notable for surpassing him and whom he initially feared greatly; made worse when Mikael had possessed the White Oak Stake.

Klaus' powers improve with the consumption of human blood, assuming his werewolf form or utilizing his lycanthropic enhancements and the full moon. In Live and Let Die, it is shown that Mikael was slightly stronger than Klaus, and it should be noted that Mikael was still affected with werewolf venom and Papa Tunde's Blade, therefore not even at full strength yet still demonstrated superior strength than his son. With the death of Mikael, Klaus was at the time the single most physically strongest being around, however, after Lucien and Marcel took the serum and become the Beasts, they had outmatched him in sheer power. Klaus currently remains the second strongest.

Even before Klaus became an Original Vampire, later the Original Hybrid, he was a fairly skilled swordsman, even though he rarely uses a sword, due to his supernatural powers, Klaus' swordsman skills have not diminished.

Klaus has shown to be an expert fighter even when unarmed; When Marcel's army took him on, despite being overwhelmed to begin with, he was able to fight them, almost evenly and overpowered most of them, through his fighting skills and original hybrid powers. In that single fight, he killed roughly twenty four non-Original vampires single-handedly, showing his skills as a combatant even further. Klaus is far less calm, composed, and strategic in battle than Elijah but has a better mind for coming up with long term plans and back ups, being nearly always one step ahead of his enemies. Due to his long existence, Klaus has seen countless battles and is very experienced in battle. In Fire with Fire, Klaus was able to take out six evolved werewolves without any difficulty, when he faced off against Hayley and Jackson, although he had some difficulty taking them both on at the same time, he ultimately got the upper hand; overpowers and defeats them.

His supernatural attributes aside, Klaus' greatest asset is his sharp intellect. His penchant for strategies and forming contingencies way ahead of time, despite the fact that Elijah's penchant for strategies and forming contingencies surpasses his, Klaus has outsmarted Elijah on more than one occasion, Klaus is able to discern a great deal of whatever or whoever is presented to him after only a few keen observations, he was able to figure out that Hope would be sacrificed at the cemetery because it was where the Harvest and the Reaping took place as well as the location of the ancestral witches' burial place, He was able to deduce that his mother was possessing Cassie, he also came up with a plan, to make it look like he has turned against his maternal half-siblings and Hayley, after Elijah daggered him, and after Hayley tried to take his daughter Hope away from him, in order to gain Dahlia's trust to take her down. According to Dahlia, Klaus is arguably the most intelligent of his maternal half-siblings with Elijah occasionally rivaling him.


Klaus has some of the typical weaknesses of an Original Vampire and a Werewolf.


Elijah Mikaelson[]

"Listen to me. You have to be strong. We need you."
Elijah to Klaus
Main article: Elijah and Klaus

Elijah is Klaus' maternal older half-brother. As humans, they were close, engaging in friendly sword fights, however their relationship became strained due to both falling for the same woman, Tatia. After transitioning into vampires, along with their sister, Rebekah, they made a pact to always stick by each other "Always and Forever". In 1492, their close relationship crumbled upon the arrival of the doppelgänger Katerina Petrova. Klaus wanted to use her blood to break the Hybrid Curse, but after her escape, Klaus was furious and blamed his half-brother. Although Elijah promised he would find her, their relationship never recovered as in 2010, Elijah planned to help the Salvatores and Elena Gilbert kill Klaus. After Klaus broke the curse, at Elijah's mercy, he revealed that he didn't kill their family and that their bodies were safe. Elijah saved his half-brother's life, however was neutralized in return. Their bitter relationship continued after Elijah was un-daggered by Damon Salvatore. However, the half-brothers became allies after their mother returned and were unsure of her intentions regarding their family. In the Season Three finale, Elijah bargained for his half-brother's body back and was clearly devastated by his "death". Throughout the trials and tribulations which threatened to rip their brotherly bond, they have recently begun mending their relationship and even though Klaus refused to grant Katherine freedom by Elijah's request, Elijah has stated he won't give up on finding Klaus' redemption.

Unfortunately, Klaus' relationship with Elijah takes a turn for the worst when Elijah chose to believe Tyler's lies over him, that he is (supposedly) aware that his child's blood can make hybrids, and he plans to use his child's blood once she is born to make an army of hybrids, to take over New Orleans, Elijah falsely accused him of only caring about his unborn child, so he could use her to sire more hybrids, Klaus became hurt/enraged by the accusation, he violently bit Elijah in retaliation, their relationship became damaged after this. Klaus eventually forgave Elijah, when he apologized to Klaus for his accusation. Despite the fact that their relationship is now repaired, Klaus is barely on speaking terms with Elijah.

Unfortunately, their relationship becomes worse than ever, when Elijah daggered Klaus and allowed Hayley to try and take Hope away from him, in retaliation Klaus kills his girlfriend, Gia, and daggered Elijah with Papa Tunde's Blade, their relationship becomes estranged/broken after this, as they both want nothing to do with each other any more. They reconcile by the end of the third season after allying together to stop the Trinity. When Klaus decides to sacrifice himself to destroy the Hollow, Elijah chooses to die alongside him, promising to be at Klaus' side for whatever may come next.

Rebekah Mikaelson[]

"He saved us."
Rebekah to Elijah about Klaus
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Rebekah is Klaus' maternal younger half-sister. Out of all his half-siblings, he is closest to her, and very protective of her. Klaus cares very deeply for Rebekah, but he seems to have a lot difficulty showing her that it is true. They are loyal to each other. Before she left New Orleans, thus separating, they had never left each other's side and stood by one another no matter what happened. After Klaus was "supposedly" killed by Alaric in The Departed, Rebekah was heartbroken over losing her older half-brother whom she loved and never left her. When she finds out in the Season Four premiere that he was still alive, their relationship started to completely and totally fall apart when he chose to save Caroline over his own half-sister. Rebekah confronted him about how she never stopped loving him through everything. It was always her that was there for him when Finn, Kol and Elijah weren't. She then realized that he truly doesn't love her when he told her they are no longer family, and disowned her. But later in the season, Klaus saves her when Kol nearly kills her with a White Oak Stake. Even when she hates him, Klaus shows that he still cares and loves her regardless of what has happened between them. After Klaus is again the King of New Orleans, she begins to form her own army and so to defeat Klaus and Marcel, since she tired of always being used by them. Nevertheless, Rebekah has tried to protect the daughter of Klaus at all costs. When discovering that it was Rebekah who brought their father to New Orleans, he decided to get revenge and wanted answers. She admitted that she wanted him dead as he robbed her of love and happiness. Klaus chooses not to kill Rebekah, but he exiles her from New Orleans permanently, possibly Klaus sees killing Rebekah too merciful; he indirectly threatens to kill Rebekah with the White Oak Stake, if she ever returns to New Orleans. Klaus decided to entrust the safety of her daughter to Rebekah, she returned to New Orleans to take Hope with her and care for her.

Kol Mikaelson[]

"You're desperate to be apart of this family, aren't you? All your mischief was just attempts for attention."
Klaus to Kol
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Kol is Klaus' maternal younger half-brother. Kol and Klaus both have a short temper. It is known that Klaus daggered Kol over a century ago. Kol and Klaus seem to argue every time they talk to each other, Kol even joked to Klaus about his dagger threats showing he was not over being daggered for a century. Even though he had been daggered for a century, he quickly got with times as he was seeing playing a video game perfectly. Klaus and Kol both like to drink together and have brotherly bond. Klaus cares deeply for Kol as he was rushing to his body when the Mystic Falls Gang daggered Kol. Kol seems to ruin many of Klaus plans like finding the cure for vampirism, by killing Shane and the newly turned vampires. In Every Mother's Son Finn reveals to his brothers that Kol is alive, and Klaus expresses disbelief that Kol would have gone along with Esther, stating that the only thing Kol listens to is his ego, but Finn confirmed Kol's supposed loyalty, saying that their mother's proposition had brought even the wildest of Mikaelsons onto her side. Kol later switches loyalties over to Klaus and Elijah. Klaus and Kol have been seen getting along at time since then, and fighting at others. They seem to banter often and in good fun. Klaus was furious with Kol for hiding where he hid Rebekah, and threw him to hungry vampires in his anger. But Klaus forgave him, when Kol was cursed by Finn. After all, everything Kol has ever wanted was his family to care about him. This wish came true when Kol died because of the curse. Klaus was there on his side, together with Rebekah and Elijah. Before Kol died he wanted Davina to leave him alone, but his three siblings came and Klaus said that Kol can't just flee from "Always and Forever". He died in their arms, as a part of the family. When Kol was brought back, Klaus hugged him even though Kol protected Davina who Klaus wanted to kill.

Hope Mikaelson[]

"My dearest Hope,
I do not know how this will find you. As a child full of wonder, a teenager full of opinions, or as a woman with the world at her feet. I write to tell you I love you, and to explain that in our family's darkest hour, I was called upon to save my siblings, and so I did. Please do not mourn me, whatever pain I endure, I do so in service of those I love. My sole regret, is that I will be away from you. Be good to your mother. I draw comfort knowing that she will protect you. And I know she will not rest until our family is united. Until then, my sacrifice will allow you to grow. To become the beautiful daughter I can now only imagine. Please remember you are the legacy this family has always desired. The promise we fought to protect.
You are, and always will be, our Hope.
Klaus to Hope in a letter
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Hope is Klaus' only daughter and child with Hayley. In the beginning Klaus wasn't happy with the arrival of his baby, then with time he started to change his mind and began to worry about her safety. He looked happy when Hayley told him that the baby would be a girl, then he began to fight for her protection against his enemies. Now he loves her more than anything and in order to protect her from the people that are trying to kill her, he and Hayley decided it was best to send her away. She was given to Rebekah, who would keep her safe. Klaus was reunited with Hope when her safety was compromised. Hope is now living at home with her parents. The supernatural community is now aware of her existence.

Hope and Klaus' bond remains strong during the rest of the series until they were separated due to Klaus sacrificing himself to save his family. Klaus feared that Hope would reject him upon being saved from Marcel's captivity. But, apart from some bad things he's done, Hope knows what Klaus is and isn't afraid of him. Hope's memory of Klaus was kept alive because of her mother telling Hope about her father such as his loyalty to his family, his love for her and his interests that she now shares with him.

They were reunited after five years and, despite some initial nervousness on both sides, they shared a lovely day together, it showing just how alike they are. Klaus shared stories from his long life, Hope showed him her magic when she healed a butterfly and they painted together. She knows how strong he is and, because of that, she believes he can keep bad things away.

Once he promised that nothing was going to harm her, Hope hugged him. Despite their time apart Hope calls Klaus 'Dad', showing that their bond is still strong. Because of her mother telling her about her father, Hope deems Klaus her 'fairytale prince'.

Hayley Marshall-Kenner[]

"Some time ago, I refused to trust you with our daughter. I took you from Hope. I was wrong. Take care of her."
Klaus to Hayley
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Klaus and Hayley first interacted in The Rager, when Hayley first visited Tyler in Mystic Falls, being the one who helped him break his Sire Bond. Klaus initially believed her to be a fling of Tyler's whilst in the Appalachians, however it was revealed she came to Mystic Falls in a deliberate attempt to have Klaus murder his hybrids, in exchange for information on her family. She succeeds and disappears, only to come back in Bring It On, where Klaus saves her from a vampire sent by Katherine to kill her. Klaus takes her back to his house, after talking a lot Klaus received a call from Rebekah, he tells Hayley that the vampire lurking around to kill her is dead. Even though she had to go, Klaus offers her to stay. She agrees and they end up having sex. Klaus tells Hayley he knows something about her family after noticing a special birthmark on her shoulder. Hayley ends up in New Orleans where she finds out that she is pregnant with Klaus' child. Not keen to the idea at first, Klaus has shown to care about his child in more than one occasion, fearing that someone might try to take her away from him. The relationship between Klaus and the mother of his child has evolved along the series, both coming to a mutual understanding, while Klaus also shows that he cares about her. After her encounter with Klaus' step-father Mikael on the other side and nearly killed by him along with her baby, Hayley is shown by Klaus their child's nursery after Hayley decides to move back to the compound. Klaus and Hayley share a moment in which Klaus asks her what Mikael has told her about him, Hayley tells him "Nothing true", which shows that they now have a good relationship. Klaus and Hayley are friends and they work together in order to keep their child safe.

Unfortunately, Klaus' relationship with Hayley takes a turn for the worse, when Hayley tried to take Hope away from him, in which Klaus became hurt/enraged by this attempt, that he had Dahlia place the Crescent Curse on Hayley and her pack, as punishment for trying to take his daughter away from him. After a few months Hayley is reunited with Hope but her relationship with Klaus remains fractured.

They became closer as they worked together to protect their daughter and their family. They fought against Lucien together with their family and defeated him, and by the end of the season, while Klaus is imprisoned, Hayley now searches for a way to reunite the family.

Marcel Gerard[]

"I'd have thrown you a damn parade."
Marcel to Klaus
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Marcel is Klaus' ex-best friend and former student. It's complicated, but they respect each other. There's definitely a history between them. It has been stated many times that Klaus loves Marcel like a son. Also, Marcel is very much in favor of embracing his true nature as a vampire and that's something he learned from Klaus and something they certainly have in common. When Klaus returns to New Orleans after 100 years, he finds that Marcel has taken control of the city. Seeing that his former student has used everything he's taught him and achieved glory, Klaus wants what he has, forming a rivalry between the two. But Klaus still sees Marcel as his old friend. After Marcel attempted to bury Klaus, he surrendered New Orleans to him and despite their still unresolved differences, Klaus asked Marcel to rule side by side with him. After finding out that Marcel conspired with Rebekah to bring Mikael back in order to get Klaus to run from New Orleans and for him and Rebekah to be together, Marcel was banished from New Orleans. His relationship with Klaus is currently broken as Marcel lives in exile and tries to find a way to get New Orleans back under his rule. After he helped save Klaus' child from being sacrificed, Klaus gave him some blood to cure the werewolf bite and they returned to being allies once more.

By the end of the third season, they have become enemies again, this time for good. As Marcel has put him in agony with Papa Tunde's blade. Even five years after his imprisonment, Klaus still has not forgiven Marcel for his treachery against the Mikaelson family, and mainly because he has missed five years of his daughter, Hope growing up.

Camille O'Connell[]

"Because you wished it. Because what's important to you is important to me. What makes you happy makes me want to keep you so. What scares you I want to tear apart. I do not wish to watch you from behind glass Camille"
Klaus to Camille
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Klaus and Camille's relationship together starts slowly. They first meet at Rousseau's, a bar in New Orleans. Later, they bond over a painter's artwork when Camille describes the artwork and the painter. Klaus is impressed by her and Camille is seen to bring out the humanity in Klaus. Klaus seems to have taken an interest in Camille. He first saw her when she was bar-tending, someone she later remembers as being the "$100 guy". However later on, after being given the news about his child, he was more interested in her when she was looking at an artist painting and she described the story she assumed of the artist. Her words about the man in the painting being "alone", caused him to show his humanity and seemingly change his mind towards the future of his unborn child. He later chose to withheld from her that his child lives, not wanting her to get further involved in the supernatural than she already is. She later found out that his daughter Hope Mikaelson, had survived and she watched over her for him for a short period of time. Camille is Klaus' go to girl when he needs support and she is more than willing to lend an ear and listen to his problems and help him deal with them. They both are shown to care very deeply for each other and have possible feelings for one another. After getting closer to each other gradually, they eventually share their first kiss on Klaus' balcony. However, Cami turned into a vampire due to Aurora's jealousy against Camille.

Caroline Forbes[]

"I know that you're in love with me. And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved."
Caroline to Klaus
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Klaus and Caroline's relationship has slowly been coming together ever since he saved her life on her birthday in Our Town. Klaus later developed an unrequited romantic interest in Caroline and invited her to his family's ball. At the ball, they danced and talked together and she soon discovered a soft side to Klaus. When she returned home that night, she found a hand-drawn picture of her and a horse, from Klaus. As the series progressed, Klaus fell for her even more because in his eyes, she's too smart to be seduced by him, she's beautiful, strong and full of light. Despite the constant attempts of her friends to kill him, with Caroline's help, who was trying to distract him, Klaus still cares about her. In My Brother's Keeper, Caroline and Klaus had a date that she accepted in exchange for one of his hybrids to save Elena. They had a fun afternoon where Caroline asks him if he would ever take the cure for become human again, but he evades her question by asking her if she would take the cure. Later, Klaus revealed to Caroline the only time he wanted to be human again, Caroline likes that. When Klaus returned for her graduation, he told Caroline that he intends to be her last love, no matter how long it takes. He believes one day that she will choose him and let him show her the world. After returning to Mystic Falls to see the supposed death of Katherine, Klaus is in the woods with Caroline and he asks her to be honest about her feelings for him and that as soon as they are done with the conversation, he is going to walk away and never come back. Caroline finally accepts that they have a connection and then they share their first kiss which leads up to sex.

Tyler Lockwood[]

"Which means I can kill your ass, and no one else has to die."
Tyler to Klaus
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Tyler was the first successful hybrid of Klaus' bloodline and Klaus' most trusted hybrid. Initially Tyler was very grateful as Klaus had taken the pain of turning on a full moon away. However due to being supernaturally loyal to Klaus. Tyler was forced to do things he did not wish to do, such as when Klaus made Tyler bite Caroline. After losing his friends and his girlfriend, Tyler vowed to break the sirebond so he would no longer hurt his friends, even if that meant breaking every single bone in his body a hundred times. Klaus was unaware that Tyler started a coup d'etat against him by freeing the other hybrids and claiming the title of the Alpha of the Hybrid Pack. However Hayley who had helped Tyler with this task, had told Klaus, which resulted the massacre of the whole pack excluding Tyler. This wasn't enough to satisfy Klaus' anger, therefore he killed Carol Lockwood in a fit of rage. Enraged by this. Tyler swore vengeance against Klaus, and headed out to New Orleans, to avenge his mother and his fallen friends. After a hectic battle, Tyler was shown to be a worthy opponent despite being outmatched, and was eventually defeated by Klaus, who compelled Tyler to leave and know that he meant nothing to him. Tyler and Klaus were arch nemesis' and had the most intense rivalry on the show. The current state of their feud now is unknown, and possibly ended now that the two have gone down very different paths. Klaus being a father, and Tyler being a vampire hunter.

Other Relationships[]

Events Influenced By Klaus' Goal Of Breaking The Curse[]

Katherine and Mason

Caroline and Tyler

Rose and Trevor

  • Rose and Trevor kidnapping Elena as a bargaining chip for their freedom.

Elijah and Isobel

  • Elijah meeting the Petrova Doppelgänger. Rose granted her freedom while Trevor was decapitated.
  • Elijah's deal with Elena.
  • The death of:
  • Elijah's revival, and trust for Elena.
  • Isobel's return to Mystic Falls (under compulsion of Klaus) and with the help of Maddox, retrieving the moonstone and capturing Katherine and Alaric. After Isobel's job was finished, she was compelled by Klaus to take off her necklace and burn to death in the sunlight. (The House Guest, Know Thy Enemy)

Jenna and Elena


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Changes from the Books[]

In the books, Klaus is of unknown age, but is at least from the Bronze Age. He seems to have fought in every major war through time, most notably in Alexander the Great's army, in the Trojan War, and in the wars that led to the Roman Empire's downfall (on the Germanic side). He then decided to stick around the general area of Germany where, sometime in the 15th century. In the books, Klaus was the one who transformed Katherine into a vampire, in the TV series, it ended up being Rose who played the part, and Klaus and Katherine's back stories have been completely changed from the books. Klaus shows great strength and durability at all times of injury and other vampires feared law. For example: Klaus manipulates the mind of Katherine to inform the brothers Salvatore's that he is dead (Katherine kills Klaus centuries ago, because he is no longer useful). Klaus continually avoids Elena messages or visions to Bonnie and Stefan. A vampire must be invited by someone to enter your home, but Klaus enters Vicki's house and violently murdered her without one. Stefan and Damon fight against Klaus, but do not do any harm. In the books, when everyone tries to fight against Klaus, all of the weapons used against him fail. Klaus more or less kills Stefan, and nearly kills Damon as well, until an intervention from Elena's spirit, leading an army's worth of unquiet Civil War ghosts against him. The ghosts carry a screaming Klaus away, and his current whereabouts (and state of being) are unknown. It was later revealed that when he had attacked Meredith's grandfather before the books started, he had in fact been trying to capture Meredith and her twin brother Cristian. He failed to capture Meredith who became half-human, half-vampire as a result, but got Cristian who became a vampire himself.


  • Klaus is a German variation of "Nicholas". From the Greek Νικολαος (Nikolaos) meaning "victory of the people". It's the name of a saint who is at the origin of Saint Claus legend. It is also a shortened name of Niklaus. In Ancient Norse: ᚾᛁᚲᛚᚨᚢᛋ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ.
  • Mikaelson is of of Scandinavian origin and means "Son of Mikael".


  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder - 'nuff said.
  • The Casanova - Katerina (a little) and, most recently, Caroline.
  • All Love is Unrequited - Caroline. Despite his attempts to woo her, and the fact that she knows he's in love with her, she is in love with Tyler and keeps refusing his advances. Still has chance to be averted, though is increasingly unlikely given the time he has left in Mystic Falls. See also Sympathy for the Devil .
  • A Day in the Limelight - Has an episode named after him. Due to his nature at the time, it also classifies as a Villain Episode .
  • Actually fits the Evil Brit accent trope - as the only character on the show with a British accent, this has not been averted nor inverted.
  • Monster Sob Story - Due to an illegitimate birth, his step-father Mikael is unjustly more volatile towards him. See Abusive Parents . See also Cry for the Devil .
  • Magnificent Bastard - Averted due to Villainous Breakdown
  • And I Must Scream - Shared with family. However, instead of being daggered, Klaus must literally be chained and desiccated. When Alaric was turned into a vampire/vampire hunter, Klaus could do nothing to prevent Alaric from staking his desiccated body with the white oak stake .
  • SelfMadeOrphan - Niklaus has killed his legal-father and mother.
  • Papa Wolf Overprotective Dad- Klaus is very protective of his daughter and has no limits when it comes to Hope's safety and well being. He even killed his own father in order to protect his daughter after he found out about Hope still being alive. Klaus trusts nobody apart from himself when it comes to Hope and his love for her has no bounds.


  • Klaus is one of the two main antagonists in Season Two (the other being Katerina Petrova) and a supporting antagonist/anti-hero in the early seasons of The Vampire Diaries.
  • There are similarities between Klaus and Kai's characters:
    • They are both different from the rest of their siblings, Klaus was born werewolf then turned hybrid, Kai was born as a witch without magic but has the ability to absorb magic.
    • They both have hurt most of their siblings. Although in Kai's case he killed most of them while Klaus prefers to neutralize his, although he still cares for his family whereas Kai does not.
  • Since Katherine had been turned into a vampire on April 6, 1492,[1] it could be assumed that Klaus' birthday[2] is some time in between January and April.
  • Rebekah assumed that Klaus' reasoning for making hybrids is due to his fear of being alone.
  • In Homecoming, Klaus said "I will kill you and every one you've ever met" to Stefan. This is what he said to Katherine before murdering her family.
  • Klaus is a Beatles fan, claiming that they made the 60's bearable in The Last Dance.
  • Klaus suffered the Hunter's Curse for 52 years, 4 months and 9 days. When he neutralized Rebekah in 1835, he left her daggered for 52 years.
  • Klaus has been daggered a number of times, but due to his Werewolf side, he was unaffected by the silver White Oak Ash Daggers. He has only been neutralized once with the gold White Oak Ash Dagger Kol created specifically for Klaus;
    1. By The Brotherhood of the Five in 1114 in The Five.
    2. By Rebekah in The End of the Affair.
    3. By Finn in Bringing Out The Dead.
    4. By Rebekah in Bringing Out The Dead.
    5. By Alaric Saltzman (via Kol) in All My Children.
    6. By Elijah Mikaelson in When the Levee Breaks (Neutralized).
    7. By Himself in Ashes to Ashes (Neutralized).
  • Klaus only feeds his blood directly from the wrist to females, for males he drips his blood into a container. He made an exception when he sired Marcel and let him drink from his wrist before killing him.
  • Klaus can read and speak Aramaic. He can also speak French, German, and Italian - although to what extent is unknown.
  • Klaus has a "birds of a feather" tattoo on the front of his left shoulder, eight bird tattoos on the left side of his chest and has a triangle tattoo on the right side of his back.
  • Klaus werewolf bloodline can be traced back to the beginning of werewolf history. As Oliver states he and Cary's Pack have been at each other since the beginning.
  • In The Big Uneasy, Klaus states that his pack is from the North East Atlantic.
  • In Every Mother's Son, Finn states that he expected cruelty from Klaus when discussing how he was left daggered for nine hundred years, this indicates that Klaus became cruel and vicious within only a hundred years of being a vampire. This process started when Klaus sired Lucien as they both enjoyed feeding and killing humans.
  • In City Beneath The Sea, Dahlia states that Klaus is the most intelligent of his maternal half-siblings, as he has no brute Viking blood in his veins.
  • Camille referred to Klaus as "the most ruthless vampire in history".
  • In Alive and Kicking, Klaus reveals that he loathed Chamomile tea which appeared to be his Mother's favorite.



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  1. Monster's Ball
  2. In Klaus, Niklaus celebrates his birthday in 1492 and meets, the then human, Katherine.

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