[Following from the previous episode, the floor is cluttered with destroyed items of Cami's and a photograph of herself and Kieran is shown. Cami is lying on the floor of unconscious when Lucien stands from the sofa and opens the curtains]

LUCIEN: Ah, all the makings of a lovely day.

[Lucien walks around Cami towards the kitchen and turns on the gas, putting the kettle over a cooker ring, the clatter awakens Cami who immedeitly looks at the bite on her arm in horror and sits up, gasping. Lucien smiles over the bookcase and walks towards her]

LUCIEN: Ah, Camille! Finally awake! Perfect. You've got a big day ahead of you.
CAMILLE: You bit me.
LUCIEN: And sampled quite abit of your blood, actually. Very tasty, although more bitter than I expected.
CAMILLE: Oh my god, I'm gonna die.
LUCIEN: Yeah, apologies. But, to be honest your days were numbered the moment you caught Nik's eye. 'Tis ever thus for those who get close to the bastard. Myself excluded.

[The kettle whistles, signalling it's boiled and Lucien turns around]

LUCIEN: Ah, care for tea?

[Lucien returns to the kettle and Cami quickly starts russling in her bag]

LUCIEN: Oh, please Cami. Have you not learned? If you try to fight me you will always lose.

[Cami throws The Devil's Star towards Lucien, which embeds in his neck covering his body in short lacerations, distracting him as Cami runs away. Lucien pulls out the star and it drops to the floor as he slowly turns around smiling. Cami makes her way outside and stops against a wall to check on her bite, before heading towards the Mikaelson Compound]


[Cami is shown quickly hurrying into the Compound, panting]

CAMILLE: Klaus?!

[Klaus almost immedeitly appears before her]

KLAUS: What is it?
CAMILLE: Something happened and you're going to be angry, but Lucien wants you to be angry. He's trying to lure you into a trap.
KLAUS: What did he do?
CAMILLE: Promise me you won't fly off the handle and do something crazy. Promise me.

[Klaus turns his head and sees the bite on Cami's arm. He takes her arm and pulls up the sleeve, examininig the bite]

CAMILLE: Before you lose it... Klaus, look at me. I love you. And I won't let you get yourself killed.
KLAUS: Camille-

[Cami faints and Klaus catches her. Cami holds Klaus' face between her hands]

CAMILLE: I just need you to know.
KLAUS: I can tell you I love you tomorrow.

[Klaus picks her up and carries her further into the Compound]

KLAUS: You're not dying today.



[Camille is sat on the sofa, looking around wearily, looking considerably paler than before and seemingly cannot hear Hayley stood beside her calling her name. Freya and Klaus are near the doorway talking quietly]

HAYLEY: (muffled at first) Cami, Cami? Cami, hey. Are you alright?

[Hayley walks towards her and sit on the sofa opposite]

CAMILLE: Yeah. Considering.

[Klaus turns around from Freya carrying a cloth and an open jar, Freya following behind him]

KLAUS: Hold still. This is going to burn.

[Klaus sits on the sofa next to her and takes her arm, pressing the cloth to her bite. Cami gasps in pain immedeietly as the substance on the cloth irritates the bite]

CAMILLE: Ow, ow, what is that?
FREYA: I't a healing salve. Motherwort, white willow bark, the recipe's over a thousand years old.
CAMILLE: So the good stuff, huh?
FREYA: It will ease the pain, dull the symptoms, but it won't stop the infection.
CAMILLE: So I'm screwed?
HAYLEY: We're gonna do everythingg that we can, Cami.

[Elijah walks into the room followed by Vincent]

ELIJAH: To that end, a little assistance.
VINCENT: Cami, I'm so sorry.
KLAUS: You should be, this is your fault. It was you who turned Lucien into a beast.

[Klaus stands from the sofa and begins to advance on Vincent, Elijah stops him with a hand on his shoulder.]

CAMILLE: Klaus, stop. It's not his fault.
HAYLEY: Cami's right. We all need to work together to fix this.
KLAUS: Yeah, yeah I think I know how to fix it. Lucien has always been obsessed with me, he made himself like me, my bite is cured by my blood.
HAYLEY: Do you think his blood can save her?
ELIJAH: It makes sense. Lucien would want that power.
KLAUS: Allowing him to Lord himself over his victims.
VINCENT: Okay, so we got a working theory, now we gotta test it.
CAMILLE: Lucien's blood is all over my apartment, I sliced him all to hell before I ran.
VINCENT: Okay, I got this one, Lucien's got no reason to be on the lookout for me.

[Vincent leaves]

HAYLEY: Maybe we hedge our bets. Hope is a Mikaelson witch who carries the wolf gene, we already know that she's got healing powers.
FREYA: It's worth a try.
HAYLEY: I'll tell Mary that I'm coming.

[Hayley leaves and after brief eye contact with Klaus, Elijah leaves shortly after her.]


[Kol is seated on a stool hunched over the bar sipping at a glass in hand, when Davina marches in angrily across the floor until she in infront of Kol.]

DAVINA: You just leave, no goodbye, nothing!
KOL: What are you doing here?

[Kol stands quickly, stunned at her sudden appearance and sets his glass down]

DAVINA: I tried to use magic to track you, then I realized you were hiding somewhere magic couldn't reach.
KOL: Davina, you should go.
DAVINA: Why did you leave without telling me? Why would you come back if you weren't going to tell me? Why are you walking away?!
KOL: I didn't want to go, nor was it my intention to come back. The Ancestors won't let me leave. The second I got to the city limits I started to dessicate. I'm cursed, love. Those witch spirits have their hooks deep inside of me, they allow me no peace. Just a hunger that I can't control.

[Defeated, Kol sits back down and begins to drink from his glass again, as Davina inches closer tentatively]

DAVINA: There's got to be a fix, just promise you'll never leave me again.

[Davina's phone begins to vibrate, breaking their moment as Davina answers Marcel's phonecall]

DAVINA: (over the phone) I'm in the middle of something.

[Marcel is pacing in his loft during the phonecall with Davina]

MARCEL: Davina, we have a situation. Lucien went after Cami, now she managed to get away but he bit her.
DAVINA: What? Is she-?

[Davina shares a concerned look with Kol]

MARCEL: No, no, no, she's still alive. Klaus is with her at the Compound, I'm headed there now, let me come and get you.
DAVINA: No. I'll meet you there.
MARCEL: Be careful, alright? Lucien could be anywhere.

[Davina hangs up without another word, visible upset at the news of Cami's condition]


[Klaus is silently watching over Aurora's covered body, wrapped in a sheet hiding her face, while wringing his fingers together anxiously. The shadow of Camille slowly approaches behind him and begins to walk towards him]

KLAUS: You should be lying down.
CAMILLE: You should be getting me soup. It's the one advantage of being sick.

[Camille stop infront of him, standing silent for a moment as he continues to look down at Aurora's still body. Camille glances in her direction briefly before smiling up at Klaus]

CAMILLE: Or we could just stand here and stare are you comatose ex.
KLAUS: I was wrong to deny you the satisfaction of revenge.
CAMILLE: I know I'm supposed to be this big bad vampire, but all of a sudden I'm not so hung up on revenge. Am I angry at what Aurora did to me? Yeah, and I've been living in fear of what else she might do, but.. all of that anger and fear, it's not me. I'm the kind of person that helps people like Aurora. I'm not gonna let her take that away from me.

[Camille and Klaus silently look at each other for a moment]


[Davina is beginning to make her way out with Kol following closely behind her, clearly attempting to stop her leaving]

DAVINA: I'm not arguing with you, if I'm going to save Cami I need to go right to the source of the problem.
KOL: Lucien is an unstoppable monster made by the Ancestors.

[Davina suddenly stops walking and whips around in frustration to face him]

DAVINA: I have stood up to Klaus. I'm not afraid of some second-string copycat.

[Turning back around, Davina intends to walk through the door however Kol has blocked her way, holding out a hand desperately to stop her]

KOL: I cannot leave here, and I am not letting you walk into a fight by yourself!

[As she tries to walk past him, Kol quickly grabs her arm]

DAVINA: Let go!

[She holds out her arm and uses her power to send him sprawling across the floor]]'

DAVINA: You can barely control yourself. Now if Lucien is working with the Ancestors, maybe he can tell me what they've done to you.
KOL: (angrily) This is madness, you can't fight him!
DAVINA: I don't need to fight him, I need him to tell me the truth. And I know a way to do that, so just stay here. Wish me luck.

[Davina turns and crosses the threshold, walking away as Kol watches angrily from inside the club, looking around desperately trying to stop her leaving]



[Freya hurries down some stairs in the Compound and meets Klaus in the hallway, handing him a small vial]

FREYA: This will help slow the spread of the infection. In the meantime you need to keep her relaxed.
KLAUS: My talents do not lend themselves to play nursemaid.
FREYA: (sighing) Do you care about her?

[Klaus says nothing in response and Freya raises her head knowingly]

FREYA: Figure it out.

[Klaus quickly rushes away towards to give to vial to Cami whom he sees standing arms-crossed inside of the balcony, staring out into the sunshine]

CAMILLE: It really is a beautiful day.

[Klaus begins to approach behind her, although keeps his distance as she turns back around to face him]

KLAUS: Well, perhaps when we've got this all sorted we can go for a stroll. My sister gave me this concoction, she assures me it will put you on the mend.

[He sniffs the vial and grins, groaning]

KLAUS: Unfortauntely, she's not the mixologist you are.

[Cami walks forwards to sniff at the vial herself and pulls back with a grimace]

CAMILLE: Ugh, if I really am dying, there's no way that's going to be my last drink.

[She walks towards a table in the corner of the room in which holds full bottles of alcohol, although Klaus stands in shock at hearing her words]

CAMILLE: What can I get you?
KLAUS: Bourbon. Neat.
CAMILLE: Neat? Either you're extremely sophisticated or you've had one hell of a day.
KLAUS: Need the two be mutually exclusive?

[Cami approaches with the Bourbon in hand and begins to pour drinks]

CAMILLE: I loved being a bartender. That endless parade of faces.. each night someone new would come in with a good story. One guy's shy, the other won't shut up. Cheers.

[Camille and Klaus clink their glasses together, although Klaus is more concerned with watching her sadly as she begins another story]

CAMILLE: I used to think if you just give someone a little booze they'd tell you anything. Then I realized it wasn't the alcohol, people just want someone to listen.
KLAUS: Yes, well you're quite adept at listening. In fact, I would go so far as to call you a connoisseur of stories. Particularly mine.
CAMILLE: I should've published youre memoir, I would've made a fortune. Hey, will you do something for me? You'd think with current events I would've written a will, but.. no time like the present, will you write afew things down?
KLAUS: Camille.
CAMILLE: Look, I've made my peace with dying, I just don't wanna leave any loose ends, so.. Besides, I was your stenographer. You owe me.

[Klaus is visibly unhappy at Camille's previous words although as Cami smiles and holds out a book, he quietly sighs and takes it off her]


[Across town, Vincent has arrived in Cami's apartment and is kneeling on the floor, lighting candles in order to prepare for a spell using Lucien's blood, the dark object star Cami used earlier lying aside on the floor. Vincent jumps in surprise when he hears footsteps approaching behind him]

VINCENT: What the hell, man?
MARCEL: Elijah called, said you'd be here. I came to watch your back. How is she?
VINCENT: How do you think she is? She got pulled into a vampire vedetta and now if we can't make this work, she's gonna die, so she's scared, she's angry and right about now, she's probably wishing she never step foot in the Quarter.

[Vincent takes a moment to relax as Marcel knees down beside him and picks up the cracked photo of Kieran and Camille.]

MARCEL: You care about her, and so do I. And I know you wanna help her, so focus. Do what you gotta do.

[Vincent prepares for a moment before raising his arms and reciting a spell.]

VINCENT: Venez sanguinem au moi, Venez sanguinem au moi...

[As he continues to speak, Lucien's blood begins to rise from the floor and collect itself in a small bowl. After several seconds, Vincent suddenly gasps and begins to fall forwards slightly as he stops the spell, and indistinct voices can be heard.]

MARCEL: (worriedly) Vincent? What's wrong?

[He holds up his arm to stop Marcel interfering as he catches his breath]

VINCENT: The Ancestors are fickle. They don't want me using magic because they know I sided with vampires. Come on.

[Vincent begins to pack up the bowl with Lucien's blood and stands, presumably to return to the Compound]


[Loud dance music is playing in the crowded area, with a large group of partygoers dancing and drinking. A vampire is seen biting the neck of an unknown human before Lucien jumps on top of the bar and holds out a bottle of alcohol]

LUCIEN: Ah! Ladies and gentlemen make some noise!

[The crowd cheers and applaudes Lucien, raising their bottles]

LUCIEN: Come on, let the Mikaelson's hear you!

[The crowd once again cheers in response]

LUCIEN: Even now, they hide in their dreadful, outdated fortress while we celebrate the liberation of New Orleans! Klaus' tenure is at an end. I expect he will arrive soon enough, seeking his retribution. And when he does, the real party can begin!

[As the crowd cheers and celebrates along with him, Lucien kneels down on the bar top and sinks his fangs into an unknown woman's neck. Unbeknown to him, during his speech Davina has entered the bar, walking through the crowd with a small vial and begins to draw a line with the contents around the entrance's before standing behind and announcing her arrival. She holds out her arm, in which stops the music and all of the party-goers suddenly stop and look towards her.]

DAVINA: You know, it's not polite to stare.

[With a click of her fingers, all in the crowd inside the bar collapse to the floor, unconscious. All except for Lucien, however, who stands up on the bar top]

LUCIEN: Well! What have we here? Davina Claire.

[He makes a show of jumping from the bar and circles around with a smug grin on his face, motioning around the room]

LUCIEN: Tossing about sleeping spells. Rather clever, if somewhat of a buzzkill. Oh, speaking of killing.

[He growls and begins to charge towards her, his fangs bared, however she easily defends herself by holding out her arm and knocking him towards the floor. She digs around in her bag and pulls out a straw-looking doll, to Lucien's amusement]

LUCIEN: Did you really bring your favorite doll to a bar fight?
DAVINA: The Figure Veritas will ensure the next words you speak will be the truth.

[Lucien grins and winks at her, clearly unaffected]


[Klaus and Camille are seated in their earlier positions on the couch, with Camille dictating her will to Klaus, who has a pad in his hand, writing the information given to him]

CAMILLE: To Davina, I leave everything in my closet.. just nothing too revealing. To Josh, my records. To Vincent, my books and all of Kieran's files. To Elijah, I have an old game of Trivial Pursuit under my bed.

[Camille is beginning to tear up while reading off her wishes, although the two share a small smile at her last request]

CAMILLE: To Hayley, my dark objects. Will you make sure she gives them to Hope when she's old enough? Hope's a New Orleans witch, she should have them. And to you-
KLAUS: (angrily) Oh, enough!

[A tear has fallen down Cami's cheek as Klaus throws the pad aside angrily as he stands and walks behind his chair, looking somewhat calmer]

KLAUS: This is-is pointless! We're going to find a way to fix it.


[Lucien is pacing around the floor infront of an unconscious female, coming to stand infront of an unimpressed Davina]

LUCIEN: I suppose I should just fess up. Tell you all of my deepest, darkest secrets. I'm a Scorpio, I prefer wine to Whiskey, got abit of a sweet tooth.. Oh, my greatest joy is listening to the screams of my victims just before I end them.

[Davina quickly holds up the Figure Veritas against him and he holds up his arms]

DAVINA: Tell me how to cure Cami.
LUCIEN: So persistant. No wonder the Ancestors find you so annoying. How splended that they have a plan to shut you up for good.

[As indistinct whispering beings, Lucien suddenly walks towards her, easily crossing over the line she earlier constructed, intimidating her who holds out the Figure Veritas in fear. Lucien grabs this and breaks it in two, throwing them aside and stopping infront of her.]

LUCIEN: Oh, no need to point that hideous thing at me, love, I'm happy to tell you whatever you want to know.

[Davina looks around wearily, sputtering slightly]

DAVINA: How are you doing this?
LUCIEN: Oh, not me, love. I've got the Ancestors on my side, ready with a wealth of witchy woes for those who appose me.


[The door to the Compound opens with Vincent quickly heading inside although Marcel, who hasn't been invited cannot cross. Freya appears walking through towards them and waves Marcel inside]

FREYA: Come in, come in.

[Vincent hands Freya the bowl of Lucien's blood]

VINCENT: How is she?
FREYA: Let's just hope this works.

[Freya leads Vincent and Marcel further inside the Compound as she presumably heads towards Cami's location]


[Lucien still has Davina in close proximity to him as she questions him in confusion]

DAVINA: Why would the Ancestors help you?

[Lucien reaches out and strokes her hair softly, Davina is shaken and visably wants to pull away although keeps still as Lucien answers her question]

LUCIEN: I made them a promise. See, if they help me, we'd exterminate a certain family of vermin vampires. (mockily apologetic) Innocent's may get caught in the crossfire.


[Cami is starting to cough harshly and leans over the table as Freya runs up towards her with the bowl of Lucien's blood, pushing it into her hands]

FREYA: Here, drink this.

[Cami drinks from the bowl with Klaus, Marcel and Vincent watching anxiously from beside her]


LUCIEN: You silly fools with your unbridled optimism! Always hoping there's some way out. Some loophole to save you from your doom. Well the thing is, I don't believe in loopholes. My bite has no cure. Your sweet Camille is going to die.

[After his statement, Davina looks heartbroken and hopeless]


[Hayley and Elijah stop their car close to Mary's Cabin and they come to a stop at the front of the car, Hayley stopping infront of him as she swings her bag over her shoulder]

HAYLEY: Mary doesn't want vampires near her Cabin, it's probably better that you stay here.
ELIJAH: She is aware that you and Hope are under my protection?
HAYLEY: Unfortunately that didn't do much for her grandson, did it?

[Hayley turns and begins to walk towards Mary's cabin although Elijah speeds infront of her, stopping her in her tracks]

ELIJAH: You know I couldn't prevent that.
HAYLEY: Yes, I do. But here we are, again, with someone elses' life on the line. This time I'm taking my two-year old daughter into a warzone on the off-chance it might save my friend from dying. Do you see how insane our lives have become?
ELIJAH: What do you want me to do?
HAYLEY: I don't know, I just can't keep losing people. First Jack, now we might lose Cami, who's next? Klaus? Me? You?
ELIJAH: I'm not afraid to die. Neither are you. We fight for those we love.

[Hayley thinks about his words for a moment before bypassing him and walking away towards Mary's property, leaving a thoutful Elijah in her wake]


[In a darkened bedroom, Cami is lying unconscious as Klaus sits by her bedside holding her hand, Freya briefly appears behind him and watches the scene before her. Klaus' eyes are closed, looking away from Cami as we witness an illusion he has placed in Cami's mind. The two are seated opposite eachother in a cafe within the Quarter with a musician picking up his guitar and beginning to play. Several others are seated nearby and the Quarter is busy with people passing by outside the cafe street]

CAMILLE: Perfect day at a corner cafe. You really outdid yourself. If only it were real.
KLAUS: It will do to pass the time while we wait for the cure to take effect. And then tomorrow when you've recovered we can travel anywhere you like. Perhaps we'll go to Santorini for some vinsato, or to Rome for the perfect espresso.
CAMILLE: I've always wanted to go to Venice. Ride in a gondola down the Grand Canal.
KLAUS: Well then we must start there.

[The two smile and share a laugh]

CAMILLE: I wish I would've known you were sure a romantic, I wouldn't of played so hard to get.
KLAUS: Let us not speak of regrets. We're in the perfect moment of the perfect day. Let's try to enjoy it.

[Back in reality, Klaus is still in an illusion to Cami while Freya slowly turns away, returning downstairs to Vincent and Marcel who are waiting for news. Vincent stands with his arms outstretched in a questioning manner as Freya walks towards them]

FREYA: She's getting worse.
VINCENT: Okay, then we, uh, we gotta try something else. Marcel? The Strix. You mean to tell me they can't help with this?
MARCEL: The Strix don't have a solution for something that's never existed before.
FREYA: Lucien engineered a pure strain of wolf venom, designed to kill even an Original.. It may be that there is no cure.
VINCENT: Well I'm not giving up.
FREYA: Neither am I, but..
VINCENT: Okay, um, blood magic's not working. So what else is there?

[Hayley and Elijah approach behind them, with Hayley carrying Hope on her hip]

HAYLEY: How about a magical, miracle baby?


[Lucien clinks a knife against the top of a chair twice as he looks at Davina in irritation, Davina is still standing in the same position as earlier]

LUCIEN: You are going to wake them, aren't you? I've got a party to finish.
DAVINA: Go to hell.
LUCIEN: Ah, still smarting over the whole Cami thing? Well, if you wanted a happier tale, perhaps you should've enquired about my recent vacation to the Maldives?
DAVINA: Why are you doing this?
LUCIEN: Because I can.
DAVINA: If you have some sick rivalry with Klaus, then you guys can compete to see who's the most miserable, but you don't have to hurt Cami.

[Lucien suddenly, angrily slams a fist down against the table, startling Davina]

LUCIEN: Of course I do! Nik stole the love of my life!

[In contrast to his sudden anger, Lucien laughs bitterly as he begins to touch the tip of the knife he embedded in the table]

LUCIEN: A shattering defeat for most men. But I have since realized that love simply makes one weak, and I can prove it. When Cami dies, Nik will be struck by such overpowering grief, he will lash out at me. But I, being unemcumbered by something as mawkish of a romantic attatchment will end him. Now since I have been so kind as to answer all of your questions and you are by no means capable of stopping me, could you be so kind as to please go on your way?

[Davina backs away instantly, hitting the door slightly in her quick retreat although halts and turns back to him]

DAVINA: Why are you letting me go?
LUCIEN: Ah, my darling... you are not mine to kill. The Ancestors have something else in store for you. You should ask your boyfriend Kol about it.


[Seemingly several hours after their earlier cafe conversation, Camille and Klaus are walking down a busy side street within the Quarter heading towards the main street, a jazz musician can be heard in the background as they pass by several people seated at tables, and a drunken man stumbling into Klaus]

CAMILLE: This is my favorite time of day. You can feel the city coming alive. The lights turn on.. the music cranks up.
KLAUS: It's lovely. Save for the incessant parade of inebriated baffoons. I should've omitted them when I conjoured this.
CAMILLE: You don't get to delete the details that annoy you. If you love something you have to accept the good with the bad.
KLAUS: I prefer to shape reality to my will. That's a far better practice than simply accepting what's been offered.
CAMILLE: Even you don't get the micromanage the world. Besides, it's an unhealthy impulse.
KLAUS: It is for those who'd defy me.

[Camille and Klaus cross the road and the stroll down the pavement holding hands]

CAMILLE: Healthy, happy people get by just fine when they don't get their way. The whole revenge thing, the obsession with power... it's all rooted in fear.
KLAUS: I've been around a thousand years, I've endured as many horrors as I've committed. What could I possibly have to fear?
CAMILLE: For one, you're afraid of what will happen when I'm gone.
KLAUS: I don't want to talk about this.
CAMILLE: I'm just trying to enjoy my perfect day, and I will be able to if you allow me to make my point. Do you remember when we first met?

[The two have arrived at the outside gallery with paintings on display, similar to their first meeting]

CAMILLE: You were so damaged. Manipulative. People were just things you used to get what you wanted.
KLAUS: That's a harsh appraisal, though I admit accurate.
CAMILLE: But you wanted to show me you were more than that. So you showed me your whole life. You wanted to be understood, Klaus. That's a human impulse, and if you're capable of that after everything you've been through, then you're capable of everything else that comes with being human.. joy, hope, love. Do you know that, Klaus? You are loved. By Elijah, Rebekah, Freya.
KLAUS: Why are you telling me this?
CAMILLE: Because love will make you strong. It will make you the man I know you want to be. And you're going to have to remember that.. becauese I won't be here to remind you.

[A sudden wind blows and the people around them in the illusion suddenly disappear, due to Klaus' distraught emotions beside Cami's bed, before back in their illusion, Cami, while in tears, presses her hands to Klaus' face and makes her look at him]

CAMILLE: Hey, hey. Look at me. It's going to be okay.

[Slowly, as Klaus' regains control of his emotions, the people begin to appear again. Back in the Mikaelsons Compound bedroom, Klaus and Cami are shown for a moment]


[Davina approaches down the corridor and as she steps inside, she sees Kol seated at a table sipping from a blood-bag]

DAVINA: You lied to me.
KOL: I warned you there would be consequences.
DAVINA: The Ancestors tampered with the spell I used to bring you back, we knew that. But you didn't tell me how.
KOL: It was a dark spell to begin with.
DAVINA: They want you to kill me, right? They want revenge. Why didn't you say something?
KOL: What would you have me say? "Thank you for saving me from unending torment, I adore you with all my heart. Oh, and by the way, all I want to do is rip out your throat"? And the longer I hold out, the worse it gets.

[Davina appraoches Kol's table and stands infront her him, determind]

DAVINA: I can protect myself.
KOL: No. Eventually I'll give in. But there is another way.

[Kol stands from his stool and crossed towards his belongings, splayed over a chair and from his bag pulls out a White Oak Dagger and some Ash inside a small jar. Davina looks at the Dagger in horror]

DAVINA: Where did you find that?
KOL: The first thing I did when you brought me back was to hunt it down, to make sure that Nik wouldn't stick it in me the second I annoyed him.

[As he speaks, he unscrewes the jar and pours some Ash onto the Dagger before holding it out it for her to take]

KOL: I've always hated these bloody things. But we've ran out of options.
DAVINA: No. I can fix you.
KOL: I know you can. But this is to make certain that you're safe until you do. All right, think of it as a short sleep.

[He lifts Davina's hand and drops the dagger into her hand, closing her palm and positioning the dagger over his heart, Davina is clearly sadenned as she watches Kol closely]

KOL: Easy to undo. Knowing that you'll be waiting when I wake.
DAVINA: This isn't fair. I've waited so long to have you back.
KOL: Wait a little longer, bring me back when my mind is right. As it is, you can't trust me, which means you can't love me. Not as I love you.

[Davina leans up to kiss him, and as she does, pushes the dagger into his chest. As the White Oak takes affect, he slowly collapses onto the floor as his skin begins to desiccate]


[Freya injects a substance into Cami's worsening bite, Klaus is still sat by her bedside holding her hand, presumably still conjuring an illusion in her head. Elijah approaches quietly]

ELIJAH: Anything?
FREYA: I've tried everything that I know, including the power that resides in the blood of our neice. The infection has spread everywhere, there is nothing more we can do. Klaus can ease her pain, but.. she won't last much longer.

[Close up, Cami's skin is shimmering with sweat as an effect of the worsening bite, looking pale and sick, confirming Freya's words. Sometime later, Cami is visably deteriorating with a skin rash has forming on her chest as Freya dabs her forehead with a cloth. Vincent approaches in worry, still not giving up attempting to save Cami as Elijah stands silently in the background]

VINCENT: Freya, we gotta do something, alright? So channel me, cast a healing spell, and that will buy us time.
FREYA: It won't stop the inevitable.
VINCENT: Okay then put her soul in that damn pendant. It worked for Finn, it will work.
FREYA: Dahlia crafted the pendant, it will only work for our family. I could put her soul in another body..?
VINCENT: No, she'd have to agree for the transfer to hold and she wouldn't do that to an innocent person. Not even to save herself.
FREYA: Well, maybe we worry about that later.
ELIJAH: We cannot deny her the dignity of choice. Camille lived with grace, she will have it now.

[Within Klaus' illusion, standing in the gallery square, several jazz musicians are playing nearby as Cami watches the painters with intrigue as Klaus walks towards her. This scene is a somewhat reinactment to the "Pilot" episode of their meeting]

CAMILLE: The painter. The music, the crowd.. This is the night we met. You remember every detail. I must have made an impression.
KLAUS: You know very well you did.

[They both stand by and watch the painter, as they did that first night]

CAMILLE: We talked about the artist wanting to control his demons. Do you think he ever did?
KLAUS: Some demons will not be tamed.
CAMILLE: We just do the best we can.. and never give up.

[Birdy's "Terrible Love" begins to play softly in the background]

CAMILLE: I'm getting tired..

[She stumbles slightly and Klaus quickly grabs her arms to help her]

KLAUS: Camille?
CAMILLE: It's funny.. even though we're so different. I feel like I've always known you. Maybe it's because I've been in your mind, or maybe that's just how you know you love someone.
KLAUS: I do love you, you know?

[Her smile suddenly fades as the realisation of her impending death finally sinks in, and her eyes begin to fill with tears]

CAMILLE: I thought you were going to tell me that tomorrow..? I really don't have another tomorrow, do I? The noise, the people.. will you make it go away?

[Klaus turns slightly and the people, the noise around them vanish. Although as he turns back to her, she grips him in panic when the lights begin to flicker around them]

CAMILLE: Klaus? What-what-what's happening?

[Outside of their illusion, Klaus slowly turns his head towards Cami's still figure on the bed, emotion clear on his face as the sound of a soft heartbeat begins to slow. In the illusion, Camille is beginning to frightened at the prospect as Klaus turns to her]

KLAUS: Your heart is slowing. But it still beats. You're fighting, because you want to live.

[Camille begins to cry sofly in fear]

CAMILLE: I wanted to be brave. I wanted to handle this with dignity. But I.. I can't. I.. I don't want to go. I'm so scared.
KLAUS: I'm here. I'm here.
CAMILLE: So much for the brave bartender, huh? When I said I was ready to die, I was full of it. I just wish I had done more than to serve a few drinks and fail completely as your therapist.

[Her soft panting due to crying is impairing her speech slightly as the scene flickers between Klaus holding her hand on the bed, and illusion-Klaus attempting to console her]

KLAUS: Don't you think for a moment that you failed me. You stayed my hand. Quelled my rage. You inspired goodness in me. And unlike all of the souls I've encountered and forgotten in the long march of time... I will carry you with me.
CAMILLE: I guess that makes me immortal.

["Terrible Love" plays louder as she cries quietly, and outside of the illusion, Klaus is holding her hand as black veins begin to creep down her arm]

[Klaus sits Cami down upon the side of a fountain in the street as she begins to weaken]

KLAUS: No, no, no, no.. not yet, just stay a bit longer?
CAMILLE: Do you remember the Bible verse on John's headstone?
KLAUS: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."
CAMILLE: I was never naive enough to think that.. I was your light. But there is light in you. All that anger, the cycle of abuse that Mikael began, you can end it. You have to. So you can be the light for your little girl. For Hope.

[Tears fall down Klaus' face as Camille takes several breaths and collapses against his chest]

KLAUS: Do not be afraid. You go now where many have gone before you. And where even I will go in time. Just know.. there will be no more pain. No more heartbreak. You will find peace.

[As the street-light dims in the illusion, Camille's body is quickly being overcome with grey/black veins which creep up her chest and over her head, signaling her death. Klaus is kneeling by the bed and rests his head in his hands, tightly holding hers]

[Downstairs in the darkened Courtyard, Davina hurries through the gate and witnesses the solumn atmosphere with Freya and Hayley, with Hope on her lap, seated around a candle-lit table, Vincent standing behind pacing and Marcel seated around a seperate table with his hands pressed to his face. Davina, with tears in her eyes, turns to Marcel. "The Waiting Game" by Parson James begins to play in the background]

DAVINA: Marcel?

[Marcel turns around and stares for a moment before standing and hugging her tightly as he begins to cry over Camille's death]

[In the bedroom Cami has been laying, Vincent is seated by her bedside, weeping softly as he speaks to her body]

VINCENT: You got me at a loss.. See, all I can think about is how much the Quarter still needs you. How much I still need you, truth be told.. But I won't forget what we set out to do.. And I won't ever shy away from doing what needs to be done.

[Vincent stands beside the top of the bed]

VINCENT: If I stand against all that darkness, even if I do get chopped down, I know you're right there ahead of me. Keeping the fire warm and the beers cold.

[Vincent smiles softly and kisses his finger, pressing them softly against Cami's forehead]

VINCENT: Until then, sweet lady.. Until then.

[He leaves the bedroom, and Freya is shown leaning against a balcony of the Courtyard drinking from a small glass as Elijah approaches behind her, taking the glass from her hands]

ELIJAH: This isn't over.
FREYA: Not much in the way of comfort.
ELIJAH: Well there's work to be done. Lucien goes down.
FREYA: No rest for the wicked.
ELIJAH: No rest.
FREYA: Niklaus. Will he be alright?

[Elijah hands the glass back to her sharply, beginning to turn away]

ELIJAH: This isn't over.

[Elijah leaves Freya alone on the balcony as he searched for Klaus, and Hayley is seated beside Cami's dead body, talking softly]

HAYLEY: You know, I've been thinking how my little girl is never going to know you. It's not fair.. considering everything you did for her dad. You know sometimes I can't stand him, but I always figured if he liked you, he couldn't be that bad. This family owes you, you deserved better.

[Hayley sniffs quietly and wipes away her tears as she stands, lifting the bed sheets and covering Cami's head]

[On the Balcony overlooking the main street, Klaus is stood in silence as Elijah approaches and rests a hand on his shoulder, Klaus achnowledges him slightly with a turn of his head, yet the two continue to stand in silence]

[Vincent approaches Freya downstairs, who is lighting candles upon a table]

VINENT: What happened to her is on me, I did the spell that turned Lucien into... whatever the hell he is.
FREYA: And he used my blood. My family's magic. Which means we made him, now that we have his blood, we're gonna find a way to un-make him.

[Freya lifts up the bowl of Lucien's blood to Vincent]


[Kol's desiccated body is lying upon the floor in which he collapsed earlier, Davina leaning over him, watching his body and speaking softly]

DAVINA: I really wish I could talk to you right now.

[She reaches out as if to grip the handle of the dagger, although hesitates and pulls back. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through the Infirmary]


[The gust of wind blows throughout the French Quarter and indistinct whispers echo as with a sudden force, a crypt is cracked open and stones smashes onto the concrete]


[The sudden wind causes the Chandeleir above Freya and Vincent to shake, distracting Vincent's attention]


[Davina is still seated next to Kol's body, gasping as the earthquake-type force of the wind causes glasses to rattle on tables and the lights to swing]


[Lucien is briefly shown drinking from a glass and smirking while the party around him scream as the earthquake effects reverberate around the bar]


[Freya and Vincent desperately try to keep the table steady as their work begins to fall to the floor, Elijah appears upon the balcony]


[Marcel is feeling the effects of the earthquke, books falling piles around him and the window shaking, as he stares out at the French Quarter]


[As the ground shakes, Davina stands and heads towards the door. As her back is turned, the dagger in Kol's chest is slowly being pulled out by an unseen force. When Davina turns her head, she shrieks when a light suddenly blows from beside her, causing sparks to fly. When she turns back towards where Kol's body was, shock is etched on her face as she realizes he is no longer there]


[Davina inches closer and gasps softly, turning her head to look for Kol. Kol vampire-speeds behind her and as she jumps around, Kol is stood, his fangs bared and he growls before attacking her, forcing her against the bar and viciously feeding from her. Davina screams and weakly attempts to push him away, although quickly loses strength and dies as Kol continues his attack. Kol pulls back after several long moments, looking down at Davina's dead body in devastation as he realizes his actions]

KOL: Davina? No, no, no.

[Kol holds her face in his hands before biting into his wrist and desperately trying to feed her his blood]

KOL: Wake up! Wake up! wake up... wake up.

[Kol pulls her body towards his and hugs her tightly as he cries against her, begging her to wake up]

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