On the occasion of Nora and Mary Louise's Anniversary, Julian throws this party in Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

This anniversary was the first one celebrated in a hundred years since the Heretics were unable to celebrate in the prison world.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Seven

In Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Lily had forgotten it was her two adopted daughters anniversary until she was reminded of it. Julian quickly threw together a massive party for them and told the girls to have fun with the guests. Lily reluctantly allowed it as it was a special occasion and inform her sons along-with Valerie seeing it was their chance to get to Julian. Valerie witnessed the proposal and told the girls she was happy for them adding she needed to also talk to them with the rest of the family excluding Julian. Valerie told her story about why she became the first vampire-witch hybrid. Beau & Nora expressed disgust at Julian's actions while Mary Louise was in shock and had doubts about why Valerie would tell everybody now. Lily who has since come to believe Valerie ask her family's help in killing Julian. However Mary Louise allied with her adoptive father figure although it was implied she was conflicted about what she had learned. Julian gave Lily a sadistic choice to kill either Damon or Valerie, but she committed suicide in her attempt to kill Julian unaware it was all for nothing. Lily died after almost everyone expect Damon express forgiveness towards her.


  • This party was organized by Julian to celebrate Mary Louise and Nora's 133rd anniversary.
  • Mary Louise shows Julian a ring she brought for Nora, but Julian gives her ring he got from royalty to use instead.
  • Lily's gift to Nora was The book bound edition of The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd that Nora used to read in the 1903 prison world.
  • Mary Louise proposes to Nora outside by the lake where she says yes. However the engagement is broken off by Nora during the Heretics fracture after learning the truth about Julian.
  • Valerie finally tells the others the truth about what happen in 1863 courtesy of Julian.
  • Lily committed suicide by using a stake, thinking it would also kill Julian unaware that Mary Louise already unlinked them at his request.
  • Julian plays a piece of opera, asking Lily does she recognize the voice, she says she would never forget, it is revealed that the singer was Beau and that he was a beautiful singer.


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