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Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena wakes up in Damon's bed. She turns on her side and looks at Damon who is sleeping next to her. She gazes at him for a moment before he speaks up.]

Damon: This would be so much more fun if we were naked.
Elena: That was your call, not mine.

[Damon opens his eyes.]

Damon: I was being a gentleman. [He rolls over onto his back.] You shouldn't have stayed.
Elena: I know.

[Damon gets out of the bed and walks over to his dresser.]

Damon: I should have made you leave. Sent you packing. I promised Stefan.

[Elena sits up in the bed.]

Elena: I know.

[Damon takes his shirt off and takes a fresh shirt out of his drawer and puts it on.]

Damon: You're sired to me, Elena. Which means everything that you think you feel; might not even be real.
Elena: I know, Damon, but it feels real.

[Elena gets off the bed and walks over to Damon.]

Elena: And I'm not ready to let go of that.
Damon: Well, I can make you. Invoke the sire bond.
Elena: So do it.
Damon: I told him I would set you free. Right after I didn't tell him that we slept together.
Elena: So, what do you want to do?

[Damon moves closer to Elena so that their faces are merely inches apart.]

Damon: I wanna throw you back in my bed and never let you leave.
Elena: So do it.

[Damon is about to kiss Elena, but her cell phone goes off.]

Damon: Saved by the cell phone.

[Elena rolls her eyes and takes out her phone.]

Elena: I have to meet Bonnie. She's teaching Jeremy how not to kill me.

[She walks back towards the bed and picks up her bag. She looks up at Damon.]

Elena: Wanna come?

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Klaus is in his parlor painting on a canvas. Stefan walks into the room and looks at the painting.]

Stefan: Looks like a giant snowflake.
Klaus: I prefer to think of it as an expression of postmodernism. It's my donation to the Winter Wonderland charity event.

[Adrian enters the room.]

Adrian: [to Klaus] You said it was urgent.
Klaus: Yes, take this to the Mystic Grill immediately.
Adrian: You want me to be a delivery guy?

[Klaus walks forward and closes the space between him and Adrian.]

Klaus: What I want is for you to do whatever I say. Without the attitude.

[Adrian grimaces and walks over to the painting. He picks it up and starts to leave the room.]

Klaus: And be careful with that. It's still wet.
Stefan: Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, you know.
Klaus: What is the point of my hybrids being sired to me if I can't maximize on the benefits of free labour? What are you doing here?

[Stefan walks down the stairs and into the room.]

Stefan: Elena is sired to Damon.
Klaus: I intuited as much.
Stefan: Which means I need to find the cure now more than ever and yet here you are making postmodern snowflakes.
Klaus: I've delivered.

[Klaus walks away and grabs a cloth to wipe the paint off his hands.]

Klaus: I retrieved the Hunter's sword from Italy which we'll use to decipher the map hidden in the Hunter's mark. You're the one who is supposed to deliver the Hunter and his mark.
Stefan: Well, Jeremy is the hunter, and he has to keep killing vampires to complete his mark, but we can't quite figure out how to keep him from killing us.
Klaus: Sounds like quite the chore. Which is why I feel perfectly justified doing a little charity work.
Stefan: Hmm, or maybe you're lying about having found the sword.
Klaus: Why would I lie to you, Stefan?

[Klaus strides past Stefan and towards a vault in the other room.]

Klaus: We're in this together.

[Stefan follows Klaus into the other room. Klaus turns the dial on the vault and opens it up. He takes the sword out.]

Klaus: The hilt acts as a cipher which we'll use to decode the marks on Jeremy's tattoo when he's killed enough vampires to complete it.]

[Klaus places the sword down on a table. He takes a seat on the sofa and props his feet up on the same table. Stefan picks the sword up and examines it.]

Klaus: I heard you moved out of your house.

[Stefan looks at him.]

Klaus: Bit of a martyr move, hm?
Stefan: I'm not here to bond, Klaus.

[Stefan places the sword back on the table.]

Klaus: Oh, on the contrary, I think right now I'm the best friend you've got.

Old Lockwood Cellar

[Adrian walks into the cellar where Tyler and Kim await him.]

Adrian: I'm sick of taking his crap. I should rip his throat out. See if he can boss us around without a larynx.
Tyler: You won't have to take it much longer.
Kimberley: You keep saying that, but here we are hiding, plotting a revolution that's never gonna happen.

[Hayley enters the cellar.]

Hayley: Never say never and never say I don't pull through. I found the witch that's gonna save your lives.

[Hayley smiles at Kim and Adrian.]

Adrian: Are you serious?

[Hayley continues to smile. Tyler looks from Hayley back to Adrian.]

Tyler: We promised you guys we'd free you from Klaus. You did your part by breaking your sire bond, now Hayley and I are gonna do ours.

Town Square

[In the town square, the Winter Wonderland charity event is in full swing, complete with fake snow. Caroline and Tyler and standing in the middle of the square.]

Caroline: You're going to do what?!
Tyler: Hayley found a witch strong enough to do the body jump spell. You know, the Klaus specialty.
Caroline: So, you're going to put him in someone else's body and then what?
Tyler: We'll encase the body in concrete then bury it.
Caroline: Why not just desiccate him like Bonnie did?
Tyler: Because to do that spell, you have to stop a human heart. I was a little short of volunteers.
Caroline: Well, who was dumb enough to volunteer their body to be a Klaus sublet?

[Tyler sighs but doesn't respond. Caroline's face falls as she realizes that Tyler is the volunteer.]

Tyler: Okay, don't freak out.
Caroline: Freak out! Freak out?! I'm about to hemorrhage! You volunteered?!
Tyler: It's not forever. Just long enough for the hybrids to be able to completely disappear.
Caroline: Well, I can think of better ways for us to spend our senior year then you buried in concrete, Tyler.

[Caroline has grown increasingly angry, but Tyler's face remains calm. He gently grabs Caroline by the shoulders and looks directly at her.]

Tyler: This started with me. This has to end with me.

[Caroline can't seem to bear looking Tyler in the eyes. She continues to look down at the ground.]

Tyler: I need your support.

[Caroline finally looks up at him with sad eyes.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Jeremy is outside of the house, chopping wood. He pulls the axe out of the log he just chopped and places it into a tree trunk where a small wooden stake lies. He picks up the stake and stares at it. He then throws it down, picking the axe back up and chopping another piece of wood with vigor. Suddenly, he sees Damon and Elena pull up the driveway in Damon's car. Bonnie hurries over to him.]

Bonnie: Jeremy.

[Jeremy walks in front of the car and looks at them. Bonnie stands right behind him.]

Jeremy: They shouldn't be here.
Bonnie: They're here to help you.

[Jeremy continues to stare at Elena and Damon.]

Bonnie: Do you trust me?

[Bonnie has wrapped her hands around the handle of the axe which Jeremy is still holding with a firm grip. Damon glances over at Elena who has a stony look upon her face.]

Jeremy: Yeah. Yeah, I trust you.

[Jeremy releases his grip on the axe and Bonnie takes it from him. She throws the axe aside and takes his arm in her hands.]

Bonnie: Let's go inside.

[Bonnie leads Jeremy back towards the house as Jeremy continues to look at Elena and Damon. Bonnie places her hand on Jeremy's back and continues to guide him towards the house. As they approach, Shane opens the front door and walks out towards Bonnie and Jeremy.]

Damon: What the hell is Professor Shadypants doing here?
Elena: I invited him.

[Damon looks over at her, clearly not pleased with her decision making.]

[Inside the lake house, Shane and Bonnie move around some furniture for the hypnosis they will perform on Jeremy.]

Prof. Shane: Okay, listen, we are ready to get started, but before we can do that, we need her.

[Jeremy looks out the front door and sees Elena and Damon approaching.]

Prof. Shane: In here.
Elena: This is your house now, Jer.

[Jeremy walks closer to the front door.]

Elena: You have to invite me in.

[Jeremy stares at Elena but doesn't invite her in.]

Prof. Shane: Go ahead, Jeremy. Invite her in.

[Jeremy continues to stare at Elena and hesitates for a moment longer.]

Jeremy: You can come in.

[Elena enters the house. She stops in front of Jeremy and looks up at him. She gently touches his arm and walks past him, setting her bags on a counter. Jeremy looks down at his arm where she touched him and suddenly grabs the small wooden stake from his waistband and attempts to stake Elena. Elena reacts quickly and grabs him by the wrist.]

Bonnie: Jeremy!

[Elena twists Jeremy's arm around and places it behind his back. She also manages to take the stake from him and puts him in a chokehold. Jeremy struggles to release himself from her grip. Bonnie, Damon, and Shane all look on in surprise, although Elena clearly has him under control.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan is sitting on a couch in the library, reading through some old papers. His phone goes off and he answers it.]

Stefan: Hey, sorry, I know I'm late.

[Caroline is on the other end, walking across the town square through the Winter Wonderland.]

Caroline: If I'm gonna be a friend in your time of need, then you to need to work on your punctuality. I'm in a crisis. Where are you?
Stefan: I'm at my house. Why? What's wrong?
Caroline: My boyfriend is a dumbass martyr. Wait, and why are you at your house? Aren't you trying to keep your distance from Elena?
Stefan: Well, she's not here anymore. Damon took Jeremy to the Gilbert lake house with Bonnie so I guess her house is safe for her again. Hey, listen, I got Klaus to tell me a little bit more about this Hunter's sword. You know that map in Jeremy's tattoo? The sword decodes it. It's literally the key to finding the cure.
Caroline: Klaus told you this?
Stefan: Yeah, why?
Caroline: And did he happen to hand over the sword for safekeeping?
Stefan: Uh, what do you think?

[Caroline sighs.]

Stefan: What's wrong?
Caroline: We need to get our hands on that sword. Like today. Tyler and his hybrids are taking out Klaus tonight.

Mystic Grill

[Outside in the Town Square, children are running around in the fake snow and starting snowball fights. Inside the Grill, Caroline is admiring the postmodern snowflake Klaus painted. She seems to notice she is being watched and turns to see Klaus looking at her. He smiles at her and she turns to face him.]

Caroline: Here to steal Tiny Tim's crutches?
Klaus: Dickens was a dark man. You would have liked him.

[Klaus walks around the table towards her, but Caroline makes her way to the other side of the table so that they are still apart.]

Caroline: Nice snowflake, by the way.
Klaus: Is my work really that literal?
Caroline: I'm serious. There's something...lonely about it.
Klaus: I'm gonna take that as a compliment. Can I offer you some champagne?

[Caroline turns around and starts to walk away. Klaus pursues her.]

Caroline: Can't. Too many adult prying eyes.

[Caroline turns around to face Klaus who has closed the gap between them.]

Caroline: Don't want to be a high school cautionary tale at the next town meeting.
Klaus: Well, then it's a good thing the high school part is nearly over.

[They stare at each other for a brief moment.]

Caroline: If we're going to be nice to each other, then I will need that glass of champagne.

[Klaus smiles and walks closer towards her.]

Klaus: Is that our thing?

[Caroline scoffs and rolls her eyes.]

Caroline: We don't have a "thing."
Klaus: Allow me.

[Klaus smiles at her again and walks away to get them some champagne. Caroline watches him walk away. When she is positive that he can't see her any longer, she takes out her phone and texts Stefan "He's here. Go."]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Stefan rips off the handle from the vault and places it down. He opens up the vault and sees that the sword is no longer there. He seems frustrated.]

[Stefan has apparently called Damon, who is still at the lake house, and they banter with each other over the phone.]

Damon: Well, he's not walking around with it. Check the rest of the house.
Stefan: I am. I haven't found anything.
Damon: Try the sock drawer. People leave the sketchiest stuff in sock drawers.
Stefan: I'm gonna need real ideas, Damon.

[In Klaus' family mansion, Stefan decides to continue his search and starts by opening up an old trunk.]

Damon: Here's two: Kill Tyler before he goes to Klaus or, since Klaus has suddenly become MVP in our relay race for the cure, tell him about the hybrids and he'll kill Tyler.

[Stefan picks up a handwritten letter reading "Mon Amour, Les jours passent trop long si loin de toi.", French for "My Love, The days pass too long so far from you."]

Stefan: Nobody's killing Tyler.

[Stefan picks up a long handwritten letter addressed to "My Love" from "Alphonso" and becomes silent as he reads it.]

Damon: Hello? Stefan?

[Stefan finally puts the letter down and talks to Damon again.]

Stefan: Look, I know it's a touchy subject, but do you know where Elena is today?

[Damon looks incredibly guilty on the other end of the line.]

Damon: I think she's running around...trying to figure out how to deprogram Jeremy.
Stefan: How'd she take it last night? You telling her to stay away from you?

[Once again, Damon looks like he is feeling guilty, especially since Stefan appears to be very sympathetic towards him.]

Damon: Not well.
Stefan: You okay?
Damon: Peachy.

[There's a moment of silence between them which Damon breaks quickly.]

Damon: Gotta go. Bonnie has enlisted Dr. Evil in her plan and I have to thwart him.

[Damon quickly hangs up his phone.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Inside the lake house, Shane has started up the pendulum of a metronome which ticks slowly back and forth. There are also candles lit. Shane tightens some thick leather straps around Jeremy's wrist which ties Jeremy down into a chair. Jeremy has his eyes shut and appears to be in a trance. Bonnie and Elena sit next to each other and across from Jeremy.]

Prof. Shane: All Jeremy feels when he sees a vampire is a burning desire to kill them, even if consciously he doesn't want to. As in your case [he looks at Elena] it's his subconscious that's calling the shots.
Bonnie: Persuasion helps reverse your subconscious thoughts.
Prof. Shane: Think of it as kind of a conditioned response, right? See vampire, kill vampire. What I'm doing is creating kind of a middle step. It's like a detour, where his subconscious learns to recognize you as someone he loves, someone he wants to protect. And that gives him a choice. He can choose to take the detour instead of the conditioned response.

[Shane sits on the table next to Jeremy and speaks to Elena.]

Prof. Shane: Okay. Talk to him. He'll listen.
Elena: I'm not sure what to say.
Prof. Shane: You chose to do this here at your family's vacation house, right? So, maybe just start by telling him why.

[Elena nods.]

Elena: Every holiday, we came here. This place was family. And when mom and dad died, Jenna made us come here and we thought it was an awful idea, but it was like they were here with us.

[Jeremy opens his eyes and looks at Elena. Bonnie smiles and looks from Jeremy to Elena.]

Elena: They would have wanted us to stick together, Jer. To fight for each other, no matter what.

[Elena becomes silent and Jeremy continues to look at her.]

Prof. Shane: Jeremy, how do you feel about Elena right now?

[Elena looks at him, eagerly.]

Jeremy: [Coldly.] She ruined our lives. She's not even my real sister. She's just the reason that everyone I've ever loved has died. She means nothing to me. I will kill her even if that means I die myself.

[Elena starts to get upset. Shane raps his knuckles against the wooden table which brings Jeremy out of his trance. He looks from Shane to Elena.]

Jeremy: Did it work?

[Bonnie, Shane, and Elena do not respond and look disappointed in the results of this hypnosis.]

Mystic Grill

[Stefan is leaning against the wall in the alleyway outside the Grill. Caroline approaches him and he stands up to face her.]

Caroline: Hey.
Stefan: Hey.
Caroline: Did you find the sword?
Stefan: Nope.
Caroline: What are we gonna do now?
Stefan: Klaus is the only shot we have at finding the cure. We need him. Tyler has to call it off.
Tyler: Well, that's not gonna happen.

[Stefan turns around and looks at Tyler who has appeared on the stairway. Tyler looks at Caroline.]

Tyler: You told him?

[Tyler walks down the remaining steps towards Caroline and Stefan.]

Tyler: I've had twelve hybrids sworn to secrecy for a month. I have Hayley and a witch risking their lives and you're blabbing my plan to him?

[Stefan steps forward, closing the gap between him and Tyler.]

Stefan: Look, all I'm asking you for is a little bit of time, okay?
Tyler: How long? An hour? A day? Because every minute that goes by that we don't do this, they're at risk. You and Klaus already served one of them up for Jeremy to kill.

[Tyler looks over Stefan's shoulder at Caroline, who looks down shamefully. He looks back at Stefan.]

Tyler: I don't owe you anything.

[Tyler turns around and starts to walk away.]

Tyler: I'm taking him out.

[Stefan uses his super speed and moves in front of Tyler, frightening him.]

Stefan: I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that.
Caroline: Stefan.
Stefan: [looks at Caroline] I'm sorry but I can't.
Caroline: Stefan!

[Caroline is looking over Stefan's shoulder. Stefan turns around and sees a half dozen of the hybrids standing on the stairs behind him. Caroline turns around and sees the remaining hybrids in the alleyway, blocking any means of escape.]

Tyler: Sorry man, but you don't have a choice.

Gilbert Lake House

[Elena is sitting on the edge of the dock by the lake, still looking upset about what Jeremy said. Damon approaches her with a bottle of bourbon in hand.]

Damon: You're not allowed to feel this sorry for yourself unless you're sitting on a bar stool.

[Damon sits down in a position so that he is facing her. He uncorks the bottle of bourbon.]

Damon: Fortunately, I travel with the bar.
Elena: It didn't work. I shouldn't have put so much hope into reprogramming someone's mind. If it were that easy, then you and I wouldn't be in this situation.

[She looks over at him and they stare at each other for a moment. Elena is clearly looking for confirmation from Damon.]

Elena: Right? [sighs] Last time I was here, I was so completely in love with Stefan. Now, it's barely a memory. Is that the sire bond? Or just that I'm so happy to be here with you?

[Elena places her hand on Damon's cheek. Damon looks as if he feels uncomfortable about this situation. Elena looks at him but he only glances at her.]

Damon: Maybe there's something else they can try.

[Elena takes her hand away from his cheek. Damon gets up and walks back into the house, leaving Elena alone.]

Old Lockwood Cellar

[Tyler takes a chain from on top of a box.]

Caroline: Tyler!
Tyler: Keep them down here until we're ready to bring Klaus in. [He drops the chains in front of Kim.] Use these if you have to.

[Stefan walks closer to Tyler.]

Stefan: Come on, Tyler, this is bigger than you. It's about more than revenge for us.

[Tyler closes the gap between them.]

Tyler: I know what it's about for you, Stefan. It's about the cure. You know what happens to a hybrid when he's cured of being a vampire? We go back to being werewolves; turning on every full moon. We could give a rat's ass about the cure.

[Tyler walks past Stefan. Caroline steps forward towards Tyler.]

Caroline: Tyler, come on.
Tyler: I needed you on my side, Care. That's all I wanted.

Gilbert Lake House

[Jeremy is inside, sitting on the sofa, looking through old family photos. Bonnie walks into the room.]

Bonnie: You okay? Shane wants to try again.

[Jeremy gets up and looks at her. Damon enters the room.]

Damon: Survey says: Ehhh. Professor Shane has been dipping into the magical herbs a little too much; if he thinks using a vampire to suppress the need to kill another one is gonna work on a Hunter. It's like dangling a cheeseburger in front of someone on a master cleanse. Just find someone else to attach your warm and fuzzy detour feelings to.

[Over the course of Damon's little speech, he has glanced at Bonnie numerous times, clearly hinting to Jeremy who he should place his feelings on.]

Damon: Gee, I wonder who that could be.

[Jeremy looks at Bonnie.]

Jeremy: You.

[Bonnie looks at him, slightly shocked.]

Jeremy: I feel that way about you.

[Bonnie looks at him with a small smile. Jeremy can't help but grin as well.]

Damon: Well, this isn't awkward at all. I'll be anywhere else.

[Bonnie sighs deeply as Damon leaves the room. Jeremy and Bonnie stand in the room together alone with awkward vibes coming off of them.]

[Outside, Elena is standing at the end of the dock, wrapped in a blanket. Shane walks up to her and stands beside her.]

Prof. Shane: It was good thinking using Bonnie as Jeremy's emotional touch zone. Damon is very intuitive. Yeah, Bonnie told me about your relationship with him. I don't mean to pry, obviously.
Elena: It's complicated.
Prof. Shane: Uh huh.
Elena: Any ideas how to hypnotize me out of it?
Prof. Shane: You know, in all my world travels, the one spell that I've never found is how to break somebody from loving too much. Trust me, I've looked.

[Elena looks at him, confused, which urges Shane to explain.]

Prof. Shane: My wife and son died. I was just – I was trying to figure out a way not to miss them.

[Elena's compassion begins to show when she looks upset. Suddenly, Damon starts to walk towards them with an axe in hand.]

Damon: If your hypno herbs work, we should be singing "Kumbaya" around the fire by dinner.

[Damon stops and stands a few feet away from Elena and Shane, holding the axe in front of him with both hands.]

Damon: So now, tell me why I'm not killing you?

[Elena takes a step towards Damon.]

Elena: Damon.
Damon: I'm serious. Why are you after the vampire cure?

[Shane walks forward a few steps towards Damon, not taking his eyes off him.]

Prof. Shane: I didn't say I was looking for the cure, but I can tell you where to find it.

[Damon closes the gap between them.]

Damon: Klaus' sword will tell us where to find it.
Prof. Shane: The sword will lead you there, sure, but so can I.
Elena: What? How?

[Shane continues to look at Damon.]

Prof. Shane: 'Cause I've already been there.

[Elena and Damon look at each other, shocked.]

Town Square

[Carol Lockwood and April are walking through the Winter Wonderland event together. April is wearing the Miss Mystic Falls crown and a sash around her shoulder announcing the fact.]

Carol: Instruct the guests to drop their donations at the gift tree in the Grill.
April: Yes ma'am.

[Carol stops and hands April a checklist of some kind.]

Carol: Excuse me.

[Carol sees Tyler walking her way.]

Carol: There you are!

[Carol grabs two glasses of champagne off a tray carried by a waitress. She hands one to Tyler.]

Carol: Quick. A toast before people can judge us.

[Tyler holds his glass up and Carol clinks hers to his. They take a sip, but Carol notices that her son's face expresses concern.]

Carol: What's wrong?

[A few moments later, Carol and Tyler are sitting on a bench together, away from the hullabaloo of the party. Tyler has explained his plan to entrap Klaus' essence in his body and then bury himself. Carol is silent.]

Tyler: Please say something.
Carol: But you'll miss graduation. Which I guess is a ridiculous thing to worry about.
Tyler: I'm their Alpha. They're looking to me to help them.

[Carol looks down and nods sadly.]

Carol: You do what you have to do, Tyler.

[Tyler looks surprised.]

Carol: Well, don't look so shocked, I'm trying to channel your father. He'd be proud of you, you know? You're a leader of people just like he was.
Tyler: Thank you, Mom.

[Carol smiles at him and although she is sad of the prospect of never seeing her son again, she wraps her arms around him, embracing him for what could be the last time.]

Gilbert Lake House

[It's nighttime. In the living area, Elena and Shane sit across from each other, while Damon stands next to the couch Elena is sitting on. Shane unwraps an old rock from a cloth.]

Damon: It's a rock.
Prof. Shane: It's not just any rock.
Damon: Hm, so is this that silly little wives tale that you told at the occult exhibit?

[Damon walks over to the bar behind the couch and grabs a bottle of alcohol.]

Prof. Shane: Right, long story short: Once upon a time, there was a witch named Silas who loved a girl, who wanted to be with her forever, so he and his best friend, another witch, made an immortality spell and then Silas' best friend witch got jealous and killed Silas' girl before he had a chance to make her immortal. Well, cursed to an eternity without his one true love, Silas finds a way to reverse the immortality spell and then before he has the chance to take it, his former friend buries him underground, leaving him and the cure to rot.
Elena: So, it's a cure for immortality?
Prof. Shane: Human blood is the life force of an immortal. No more immortality, no more need to feed on blood. You dig up Silas and you've got your cure.

[Elena and Damon look at Shane, still soaking in this new information.]

Old Lockwood Cellar

[The hybrids are still keeping Caroline and Stefan prisoner in the cellar.]

Caroline: Ugh, this is ridiculous. We are not hostages!
Kimberley: Sure you are, sweetie.

[Caroline glares at her and super speeds to stand right in front of her. Caroline and Kim stare each other down. Stefan's phone starts to ring. The other hybrids start to advance on him.]

Stefan: Relax.

[They all stop in their tracks.]

Stefan: It's my brother. [He answers the phone.] What's up?
Damon: Don't ask how or why or who, but I just found the answer to your Tyler problem.

[Stefan listens to the rest of what Damon has to say which is not heard by us.]

Stefan: You're kidding.

[Stefan hangs up his phone and looks at Caroline.]

Stefan: We don't need the sword.

[Caroline subtly raises her eyebrows at this revealing information.]

Gilbert Lake House

[The Hunter's mark that Jeremy had drawn of Connor's tattoo is lying on the table and Shane is telling Elena and Jeremy what parts of the mark mean.]

Prof. Shane: This is the mark of the Brotherhood of the Five.

[He points to the part of the tattoo on the hand.]

Prof. Shane: And up the arm, you have the murder of a girl by a witch. The symbols in the vines are your map, which obviously, you no longer need. When this mark is complete, it will contain the spell that we need to dig up Silas.
Damon: And where'd you say he was buried? Oh, I forgot, you didn't.
Prof. Shane: You've threatened to kill me, what, like three times already this week.
Damon: [nods] Yeah.
Prof. Shane: The location is how I'm gonna survive your bad moods.
Elena: And what's in it for you? If not the cure, then what?
Prof. Shane: I'm in this for Silas, all right? Up until this point he's only been myth.
Damon: So write a thesis.
Prof. Shane: Would you rather be the guy who writes about Noah's Ark or the one who sails it down the Hudson River?

[Shane stands up and folds the paper with the Hunter's mark drawing. Damon has his hand out for the drawing and he looks down at Elena as Shane places the drawing into his open hand.]

Damon: I'm not buying it.
Prof. Shane: You don't have to buy anything. [To Elena] You just have to believe that I can fix your brother. And when his Hunter's mark is complete, I'm gonna take you to the cure.

[Shane walks out of the room.]

Mystic Grill

[Caroline walks into the bathroom with Tyler and Hayley following her in. Caroline turns and looks at them.]

Tyler: How the hell did you even get out?
Caroline: I got out because even your idiot hybrids recognize the stupidity of your Alpha hybrid murder plan.
Tyler: I'm not going to fight with you anymore, Caroline.
Caroline: Oh, we're going to do plenty of fighting, the second that you shove Klaus into someone else's body.
Tyler: We've been through this; I don't have anyone else's body.
Caroline: Yeah, well I do.
Hayley: What? Who?
Caroline: Klaus' sister, Rebekah.

[Hayley and Tyler look at her curiously.]

Caroline: She's got a dagger in her. Stefan's been hiding her coffin in the tunnels. We dump Klaus into her body, bury her, we just killed two Original birds with one stone.

[Tyler continues to stare at Caroline and starts to smile at her brilliant idea.]

Hayley: It's too late to change the plan.

[Tyler and Caroline look at her for a moment. Tyler turns back and faces Caroline.]

Tyler: Call Bonnie.

[Caroline smiles.]

Tyler: Make sure it will work.
Hayley: Tyler!

[Tyler turns around and looks at Hayley.]

Tyler: It's a brilliant plan, Hayley.

[He looks back at Caroline.]

Tyler: You're a genius. I love you.

[He grabs her face in his hands and kisses her. Caroline giggles and kisses him back.]

Caroline: I love you. Even when I hate you.

[Hayley turns around and pulls out her phone. She sends a text to Shane saying "We have a problem" and another one saying "The plan is falling apart." Behind her, Caroline continues to giggle gleefully.]

Tyler: I gotta go find my mom. Let her know I might actually graduate.

[Tyler exits the bathroom.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Shane has received Hayley's text and looks at it. Shane texts her back the message "Fix it." He walks down the stairs and over towards Jeremy and Bonnie. Bonnie has hypnotized Jeremy again who has his eyes shut.]

Prof. Shane: How's it going?
Bonnie: I think we're making progress.

[Bonnie's phone starts to ring and she picks it up.]

Bonnie: Caroline, hey.

[The shots alternate between Caroline in the bathroom and Bonnie at the lake house.]

Caroline: Bonnie, I need you to think fast. I know that the daggers don't work on Klaus but what if we put his essence into Rebekah? It'll work, right? Say it'll work!

[Bonnie gets up and walks off so she can hear Caroline better.]

Bonnie: Slow down, slow down, what – what's happening?
Caroline: Just, come on, Bonnie. Will it work?

[Hayley looks down at her phone and reads the text Shane has just sent her.]

Bonnie: Yeah, I don't see why not.
Caroline: Uh, Bonnie Bennett, I love you!
Bonnie: Do you need my help? I can leave Elena here with Jeremy.
Caroline: Elena? She's there too?
Bonnie: Yeah, she came with Damon. Who's being slightly less horrible than usual.

[Caroline is clearly angered by the fact that Elena and Damon are still with each other.]

Caroline: You know what? I can't deal with this right now.

[Caroline hangs up on Bonnie. She turns and sees Hayley in front of the door.]

Caroline: She said it would work.
Hayley: I gathered. Congratulations.
Caroline: Thank you.

[Caroline walks towards the door and Hayley steps aside. Before Caroline can open the door, Hayley grabs her from behind and snaps her neck, temporarily killing Caroline. Caroline falls to the floor.]

Hayley: My pleasure.

[Later, Elena pulls out a box of holiday decorations from a closet. Damon is sitting on a table. Elena places the box on a table.]

Elena: Jer and I should take these decorations home with us. We could use the holiday cheer.
Damon: Look at you, suddenly poly optimist.
Elena: I think Shane's gonna get us through this. I trust him.

[Damon scoffs, shakes his head, and rolls his eyes.]

Elena: But you clearly don't.
Damon: Maybe because I think he blew up twelve people at the Young farm.
Elena: What?
Damon: Little tip, Professor, I heard you before you even took your first step.

[Shane is standing in the doorway behind Damon.]

Prof. Shane: I see we're back to the false accusation part of our relationship.
Elena: [to Shane] What is he talking about?
Prof. Shane: Damon discovered that I was in contact with Pastor Young prior to the explosion at the Young farm.

[Shane walks into the room over towards Elena, talking directly to her.]

Prof. Shane: And the Pastor was severely depressed. He had lost his wife to cancer and he sought me out for a little supernatural assistance. I tried to help but he was too far gone. I just – I never expected that he would take eleven innocents with him.

[Jeremy and Bonnie suddenly enter the room. They all look at them.]

Jeremy: Elena.

[Damon gets up and walks closer to them. Jeremy has a stake in his hand.]

Jeremy: [to Damon] It's okay. I think we've got this.

[Bonnie walks towards Elena.]

Bonnie: Elena, don't move, okay? No matter what.

[Elena sees the stake in Jeremy's hand and seems nervous.]

Prof. Shane: Jeremy, remember the detour. Choose the right path.

[Jeremy nods and starts to walk towards Elena. Damon intercepts him, blocking his way. Jeremy looks over at Bonnie who smiles at him. Jeremy looks down at the stake, then holds it up for Damon to take. Damon takes it from him and lets him walk over to Elena. Jeremy stops in front of Elena and wraps his arms around her. Elena wraps her arms back around him and smiles. Bonnie smiles at them as well. Shane looks at them for a moment then takes his phone out of his pocket. Hayley has sent him a text saying "I'll fix it. You'll get your twelve."]

Town Square

[Hayley is talking to Klaus in the middle of the square. Stefan sees the pair and watches them. Hayley walks off, leaving Klaus alone. Stefan walks up to him.]

Klaus: She doesn't like me much. Where have you been all day?
Stefan: I've been around.
Klaus: I'm not interested in vagary, Stefan. You've been dodgy and Caroline's been lovely, which I've come to recognize as a tool of distraction, now, do you have something to share with me or should I compel it out of you?
Stefan: I broke into your safe to look for the sword.
Klaus: Why?
Stefan: Because I don't trust you.
Klaus: I showed you the sword. I explained its value. I've been on your side the entire time. What do you want from me? A secret brotherhood handshake?
Stefan: I found the letters. You've had a few pen-pals over the centuries.

[Klaus smiles smugly at him.]

Klaus: Well, is keeping my victims' letters really so different from writing their names on a wall? Like you did, Ripper?

[Stefan doesn't respond. Klaus smiles even more smugly now. Suddenly, Klaus sees Adrian over Stefan's shoulder and his face falls. He walks past Stefan and towards him but stops midway. He turns back to talk to Stefan.]

Klaus: Loneliness, Stefan.

[Stefan turns around and faces him.]

Klaus: That's why you and I memorialize our dead. There's the briefest of moments before we kill where we literally hold their life in our hands and then we rip it away. And we're left with nothing. So, gathering other peoples' letters or writing their names on a wall is a reminder that in the end we're left infinitely and utterly alone.

[Klaus turns and walks off with Adrian as Stefan watches them go.]

Mystic Grill

[April enters the restroom and tries to open up the stall door, but it is jammed.]

April: Oh, sorry.

[April then seems to worry that something might be wrong in the stall and knocks gently.]

April: Oh, hello, are you okay? Um...

[April opens the door of the stall and Caroline's body falls to the ground. April backs away in shock.]

April: Oh my gosh!

[April kneels down next to her body and shakes her by the shoulders.]

April: Caroline!

[April places her fingers on her neck, trying to find a pulse, but can't seem to find one. She starts to panic.]

April: Somebody help! Help!

[April quickly gets up and frantically tries to leave the bathroom, but Caroline finally awakens from the dead and uses her super speed to get in front of the door before April can leave.]

April: Holy crap!
Caroline: Have you seen Hayley?

[April turns around and looks down where Caroline used to be, clearly confused. Caroline acts very nonchalant about the whole thing and takes out her phone to call Stefan. April looks back at Caroline.]

April: You didn't have a pulse. You were dead.

[Caroline glances at her but does not help April calm down by any means. In fact, she was probably about to make it worse.]

Caroline: Stefan, it's me. That little werewolf slut has lost her mind. Go to the Lockwood Cellar and make sure that Rebekah's body is still there. I'm gonna find Tyler. Hayley is trying to screw this up.

[Caroline hangs up her phone and looks at April with a smile. She walks over to her and gently grabs her shoulders. April looks at her, completely horrified. Caroline starts to compel her.]

Caroline: Forget everything you just saw and heard. You are Miss Mystic Falls and you have duties to fulfill.
April: [still scared] Okay.

[April quickly walks out of the restroom, not looking at Caroline as she leaves. Caroline breathes a sigh of relief. When Caroline walks out of the restroom, Matt intercepts her.]

Matt: There you are. Stefan's been looking for you. Adrian's leading Klaus to the Cellar.
Caroline: How come the only time April Young isn't following you around like a lost puppy is when I'm lying dead with a broken neck?

[Caroline pulls her phone out and looks down at it.]

Matt: April saw you?
Caroline: Yeah, it's okay, I compelled her.
Matt: No, she's – she's wearing Jeremy's vervain bracelet.

[Caroline looks up at him, horrified.]

Matt: She can't be compelled.

Town Square

[Tyler is on the phone and leaving a voice message for his mom.]

Tyler: Hey mom, I don't see you. Things have changed, it's gonna be fine.

[Tyler sees Hayley walking through the crowd.]

Tyler: I'll be back later. I'll pick you up.

[He hangs up and walks over to Hayley.]

Tyler: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be taking the witch to the Cellar.
Hayley: There is no witch, Tyler.
Tyler: What?
Hayley: I made it up.


[Kim and the other hybrids are waiting in the woods.]

Kimberley: Where the hell is the witch? Adrian should be here any minute.

[There is a rushing noise that all the hybrids hear. They turn around and see Adrian.]

Adrian: Kim.

[Suddenly, Adrian's heart is torn from his body.]

Kimberley: No!

Town Square

Hayley: I never intended for you to put Klaus down. I needed him for the sacrifice.
Tyler: The what?


[Adrian falls down on his knees. Klaus stands behind him holding out his bloody heart in his hand. He drops it on the ground. His face shows nothing but pure rage. He has the Hunter's sword in his hand and begins to rush at the hybrids, slashing at them with the sword.]

Town Square

Hayley: I don't know how to explain it, but I made a deal with someone who can help me find my family.
Tyler: What are you talking about? What kind of deal?
Hayley: There needed to be twelve for the sacrifice, Tyler.


[Klaus has slashed at one of the hybrids who falls to the ground, dead. Another hybrid jumps at him, ready to attack him, but Klaus slices her head off with the sword.]

Town Square

Tyler: Twelve what?


[Klaus slashes at another hybrid's throat with the sword.]

Town Square

Hayley: I'm sorry.


[Klaus throws the sword at another hybrid and pinning him to a tree.]

Town Square

Tyler: Hayley, what did you do?


[Klaus rips the heart out of the hybrid that is pinned to the tree.]

Town Square

Hayley: If you run now, you might make it out alive.

[Tyler looks at her with a mixture of horror and shock.]


[Klaus takes the sword out of the now dead hybrid's chest and slashes the throat of another one of his hybrids.]

Town Square

[Tyler continues to stare at Hayley while he backs away. He turns around and dashes through the crowd.]


[Klaus stands in the midst of all the dead hybrids. He breathes heavily and has blood splashed across the front of his shirt. He hears Kim crying and hiding down in the Lockwood Cellar. He proceeds to follow her. Kim trips down the remaining stairs and looks up from the floor as Klaus walks down towards her. She attempts to back away from him. She gets up and grabs the bars of the Cellar, trying to find a way out as she continues to sob. She turns and looks at Klaus.]

Klaus: Where is Tyler Lockwood?

[Kim continues to cry, but does not answer. Klaus points the sword at her throat and moves closer towards her.]

Klaus: You'd do well to answer me, love.

[Klaus places the blade against her throat and screams in her face.]

Klaus: Where is he?!
Kimberley: I don't know.
Klaus: Wrong answer.

[Klaus pushes the blade into her throat. Kim gasps for air, but Klaus successfully presses the blade through her neck and chops her head off. He turns around and starts to walk off. His face is not full of rage anymore but seemingly full of sadness and loneliness. He breathes out a sigh.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Jeremy, Bonnie, and Elena are rummaging through the boxes of holiday decorations. Jeremy pulls out a string of mistletoe.]

Jeremy: Hey, check this out.
Elena: Jenna used that to make out with Logan Fell.

[While Jeremy and Bonnie talk, Elena looks out onto the deck where Damon is sitting on the railing. She smiles at him and waves him to come in. Damon smiles at her but looks away. Elena grabs the strand of mistletoe and walks out to him instead.]

Elena: Of all the drama, you're missing the actual fun part.

[Elena holds the mistletoe over her head and Damon looks up at it.]

Damon: Elena, we can't. I can't.

[Elena lowers the mistletoe and looks at him.]

Elena: Damon, you can't keep telling me that this isn't real. I know how I feel and that you feel it too, so stop fighting it.

[Damon doesn't respond but looks into the house at Bonnie and Jeremy.]

Damon: It's good to see you like that. All normal with your brother. I want that again for you.

[Damon stands up.]

Damon: Christmas was always mine and Stefan's favorite holiday when we were kids. Not that I've celebrated it since. I kind of miss that.
Elena: You're thinking about how upset he'll be when he finds out that you and I are together.
Damon: I've been lying to him all day.
Elena: No, you were helping me with Jeremy.
Damon: The point is not what I was doing. The point is that I'm here with you. I was supposed to invoke the sire bond, Elena, send you away. I was supposed to do the right thing by you and the right thing by my brother. Which is what I'm gonna do right now.

[Elena frowns at him. Damon begins to invoke the sire bond.]

Damon: You're gonna go home.
Elena: What? No, Damon.
Damon: I'm gonna stay here with Jeremy. I'm gonna help him complete the mark. I'll teach him how to hunt, I'll protect him, and we'll kill vampires without you.
Elena: Damon, please.
Damon: I'm setting you free, Elena. This is what I want. This is what will make me happy.

[Elena looks at him with tears in her eyes.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Caroline walks into the parlor where Stefan is sitting on the sofa.]

Caroline: Matt can't find April. I can't reach Tyler. This is a disaster.

[Caroline sits down on the sofa across from Stefan. Stefan remains silent and Caroline looks at him.]

Caroline: Is this you in crisis mode? Cause it's a lot more subtle than mine.
Stefan: You know I thought I'd be happier watching Klaus get led away to his slaughter, but for some reason I can't help but feel kind of guilty.
Caroline: Yeah, you and me both. All day I've been trying to remind myself of all the horrible things he's done.
Stefan: See that's the thing, we've all done horrible things.

[Stefan gets up and stands next to the sofa, looking at Caroline.]

Stefan: And I'm sitting here, trying to figure out what makes us any better than him. And I think it's just that, we have family we can trust.
Caroline: Yeah, you're right, Stefan. Trust is everything. Have you heard from Damon?
Stefan: Yeah, he's still with Jeremy at the lake house.
Caroline: Did he happen to mention where Elena was?

[Caroline avoids his gaze until the end of the question, when she glances up at him. Stefan looks at her with a questioning gaze. He moves closer towards her.]

Stefan: Wait, why are you – why are you asking me this?

[Caroline looks up at him with a very meaningful look, but doesn't say anything. Stefan can guess as much from the look she is giving him though. He sits back down the couch.]

Stefan: They're together, aren't they?

[Stefan looks incredibly upset. Caroline also looks guilty and sad for Stefan.]

Stefan: How together are they?

[Caroline looks away and doesn't answer.]

Stefan: Caroline, tell me. How together are they?

[Caroline looks down at the ground and licks her lips nervously. She still doesn't respond, but Stefan finally realizes just how together Damon and Elena are.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Jeremy opens Bonnie's car door for her. They look at each other with a smile.]

Jeremy: Thank you.

[Bonnie hugs Jeremy. Jeremy embraces her back and closes her eyes as he holds her. Elena and Damon exit the house together. Jeremy and Bonnie pull apart and Jeremy smiles at her. Bonnie gets in the car and Jeremy closes the door for her. Jeremy walks back towards the house and waves goodbye to Elena. Elena smiles at him and turns to look at Damon as Jeremy walks in the house.]

Elena: I was ready to fight you on this, but suddenly every part of my body is telling me that I need to get in this car and leave you.
Damon: So do it.

[Elena looks up at him for a moment then gently kisses Damon's lips. Damon opens the passenger side door for her and Elena gets in.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Caroline is still sitting on the sofa, watching Stefan, who has stood back up and knocks over one of the chess pieces on the chess board gently. But suddenly, he knocks the board off the table with such force that it flies halfway across the room. He proceeds to knock the end table and it flies across the room as well. Caroline closes her eyes and starts to cry. Stefan breathes heavily as he stares blankly at nothing.]


[Tyler walks into the small clearing where all of the dead hybrids lie. He looks around at all of his dead friends with sadness.]

Old Lockwood Cellar

[Down in the cellar, Tyler sees Kim's dead body. He walks out of the cellar, clearly in anguish. He does not notice that April is hiding behind the wall. She is in tears and looks very frightened. She hears Tyler leave and walks out from behind the wall. She approaches the coffin lying in the middle of the cellar and opens it. She sees Rebekah daggered in the coffin and April starts to gasp for air.]

Town Square

[Carol Lockwood is leaving a voice message for Tyler.]

Carol: Tyler, honey, you're supposed to be my sober cab. I think I drank half the party.

[Carol hangs up her phone and sits down on the edge of a stone fountain. She puts her champagne glass down next to her and takes her shawl off. Klaus approaches her, his clothes and face blood-spattered.]

Klaus: Good evening, Carol. You're looking for Tyler. I'd like to have a word with him myself.

[Klaus has a bottle of champagne clutched in one of his hands. Carol looks up at him, terrified.]

Carol: Klaus, please, don't hurt him. He's my son. He's all I have.
Klaus: And you're all he has. There's a beautiful symmetry to that, don't you think?

[Klaus grabs Carol by the back of the neck. Carol screams, but Klaus dunks her head into the water surrounding the fountain. Carol struggles to fight Klaus off but he continues to hold her head under. Finally, Carol takes her last breath and the life leaves her eyes. Klaus takes his hand off her neck and walks away, leaving Carol's body in the fountain.]

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