The Oath of Guardianship is an oath in the novels that all Celestial and Earthly Guardians make when being initiated into their duties and responsibilities as Guardians. After making their oath, their true Powers begin to manifest and they start to act in their duties as Guardians.

The Sequence of the Initiation and Oath of Guardianship

A Guardian must be chosen and trained before he/she can be intiated into being a Guardian as it seems for the Earthly Guardians. Afterwards, the Guardian is taken from their terrestrial home and is given to a wise man/woman to look after and train and guide before any powers can be administered. 

After a priest or a "wise man" has trained and given the Earthly Guardian the required knowledge, a Principle Guardian from an unknown abode (presumeably the Celestial Court, though, Principle Guardians have not been specifically detailed and shown to come from the Court). 

The Principle Guardian then asks the initiative to either accept or decline the responsibilities of the Celestial Guardians. The Earthly Guardian's answer - yes or no - is irrevocable, if the answer is "yes" - which is the usual answer - the Principle Guardian then slashes the palm of the new Earthly Guardian with a dagger, cutting an Infinity symbol into the hand, and while it bleeds, the Earthly Guardian is instructed to say an oath and when it is finished, the wound automatically heals and leaves a scar of an Infinity Mark which is the Symbol of the Celestial Court in the Novels. 

The Earthly Guardian is then given a task by the Principle Guardian (see Mylea).

Earthly Guardians

There are not many known Earthly Guardians, the only notable ones are:

  • Elena Gilbert
  • Andres Montez


I, (name of participant), pledge to use my Powers 'for ''the 

Betterment of the human race. 'I will gladly accept

 The tasks given me and see them to completion.

I will shelter the weak and Guide the strong

I acknowledge that my Tasks are for the 

Greater good and, should I fail to fulfill 

Them, I may be subject to losing my

Powers and being reassigned to

The Celestial Court .

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