The old farmhouse in the woods in Fell's Church, where Stefan remains after the Halloween party, and Klaus was defeated in the Original Series.

The Awakening

During his escape of halloween party, Stefan is attacked by Katherine, drawing a lot of his energy, leaving him unconscious and in poor condition. To prevent anyone from finding Stefan, Katherine threw him into an abandoned water well, sealing with a great stone.

The Struggle

Elena, Bonnie, Meredith and Matt manage to find Stefan in the well, they manage to get him out but he was very weak. Stefan says that he does not know who attacked him.

The Fury

Meredith mentions that the tomb of Honoria possibly could be connected with the place.

Dark Reunion

Klaus,the Old One
It is the last place most important at the end of Dark Reunion and Original Series. After months of the defeat of Katherine, Klaus comes to town and use the underground connection to this place with the cemetery.

After discovering the one weakness of an Old One, Stefan meets with Klaus in this place, because the ancient vampire and Tyler had kidnapped Caroline. Stefan faces Klaus in a fierce fight, while Matt and Meredith confronted Tyler (in werewolf form), to Bonnie helps to Caroline. At first, the battle of the two vampires seems to be a draw, but Klaus reveals that only he has been playing and attacks Stefan leaving it in poor condition. Meanwhile, Matt is knocked out by Tyler, but Meredith decides to defend to Bonnie, and faces Tyler. Tyler is wounded, and Meredith is seriously injured, but before Tyler can finish with Meredith, Caroline hits the werewolf in the head, knocking him unconscious. In the fight against Klaus, Stefan is in poor condition and Bonnie tries to intervene, but Damon appears and attacks the Old One.

However, Klaus returns the attack, and Damon is beaten with a lightning directly. Bonnie is the only one left standing, she tries to defend Stefan, but when Klaus is about to attack, Elena appears alongside the ghosts of the place. Klaus makes fun of the dead, and Elena along with the ghosts attack the Old One, which is defeated.

Elena returns to life after the fight and ends the Original series.


  • This place does not appear in the series, however, shows an abandoned well where Mason Lockwood hides the Moonstone, and where Stefan is wounded by the vervain in the water.
  • Possibly, The Witch Burial Ground is a mirror of this place.

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