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Oliver never lied. He was not like the other men who would come into the forest to chop down trees so that their houses could be bigger than other houses. He played music. He would lean against the trees and feel happiness. We fell in love. [...] Oliver made a great sacrifice; he became a vampire so we might be together forever. We decided to meet at the clearing where we fell in love so we could run away.
— The Unnamed Dryad fondly remembers Oliver in Malivore

Oliver is a vampire who appears on the fifth episode of Legacies.

Early History

At some point in time, he was a human who stood next to a tree and would play music underneath it. He and an unnamed dryad fell in love and turned into a vampire to be with her. Unfortunately, something happened and he had no recollection of the dryad and married a woman in the same place he met the dryad.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season One

In Malivore, he goes with Dorian Williams to a cabin in the woods since the Dryad had asked to bring Oliver there. He doesn't recognize the dryad and tells her his history of going to the area he met his wife, but has no recollection of his history with the dryad.


He is shown to be friendly, calm and soft spoken. He doesn't seem to hold any resentment or callous towards humans as he had no ill intention towards Dorian or Alaric. Another example of this is when he tells that the place he met the dryad was the same place he married his wife, who can be assumed to be a human.

Physical Appearance

He is a handsome vampire who has a tall stature and an athletic build. He has short, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He wore light and dark colored clothing and before he lost his memory of the dryad, he used to wear a golden circlet necklace.


Season One


  • Oliver is a masculine given name and a surname. It comes from Old French and Scottish origin that is generally associated with the Latin olivarius "olive tree planter".[1]


  • He is the first supernatural being shown in Legacies to have no memory of the other supernatural creatures that have been coming after the knife.



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