The Parker House is the house where Joshua Parker raised his children. It was also the location where his son Kai killed four of his siblings and nearly killed his twin sister Jo. It possibly served as the headquarters for the Gemini Coven.


On May 9, 1994 Malachai Parker killed four siblings and nearly killed Jo, which resulted with his entrapment in the prison world.

In Fade Into You, Stefan, Damon and Alaric visited the house. They've found Joshua Parker who cast a clocking spell on Damon. In order to stop Kai from merging with Jo, he cast a spell to kill her. Meanwhile, Kai showed the house to Bonnie in the prison world. After he realized that he needs Bennett blood, he stabbed her and left for Mystic Falls.


The following is a list of former residents of the house:

Invited Vampires


  • The Parker House has a cloaking spell to hide it from any enemies. However, it has been shown that it is possible to breach the spell using by enchanted objects to break what is essentially a magical force-field. For example, the cloaking spell has been broken using Ms. Cuddles (which had Bonnie's magic stored in it) and by Kai's hunting knife (which had Jo's magic stored in it).


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